Mommy/Daddy & Me Workout: Stroller Edition + My Biggest Giveaway Ever!

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Thankfully, the temps here in AZ are dropping?a bit?so we?re finally able to spend more time outdoors taking in some amazing scenery. I LOVE this time of year, and I love working out outside even more! And while my amazing Ergobaby Performance Carrier is still handy for little Miss Ruby (remember all our babywearing adventures?), she kinda? wants to be her own little self and not ride on my back anymore (wonder who she gets her independence from?!) ๐Ÿ™‚ So?I was left with a bit of a conundrum: How to get in some incredible workouts AND continue to spend some quality mother-daughter bonding time with my little miss in the beautiful out of doors.

Lo and behold, Orbit Baby (my trusted stroller/car seat brand) totally outdid themselves! Legit, I have used their strollers and car seats since Cashy was a newborn?and have NEVER veered. While their original stroller travel system was always a fave of mine, they have since come to my workout rescue with their brand spankin? new Orbit Baby 02 Hybrid Jogging Stroller (which hit the market THURSDAY…and they are so kindly giving one away to one of you!!!!). And let me tell you?this stroller is a dream come true! Not only does it have the modern and sleek look that all Orbit Baby products have, but it also has mega storage space (which any mother needs), an adjustable handle (in case you choose to share it, but you totally might not!), a 360-degree rotating AND adjustable seat (City Mode for strolling and Performance Mode for exercising – this sold me from the get-go), an easy peasy fold up, and shock absorbers and sturdy tires for an ultra-smooth ride for both you and your little. It. Is. A. Dream.

Okay, so let?s get my latest and greatest Mommy/Daddy & Me Workout! The inspiration for this one comes from one of Chris? and my all-time favorite workouts: A Burpee Run. We love this because we can do it anywhere?hotel, airport, beach, park, driveway?and it?s an amazing, total body interval workout. So I thought, why not make a Burpee Run: Stroller Edition?! Don?t worry, I removed some burpees and added in some fun stuff! Here you go:


Mommy/Daddy & Me Workout: Stroller Edition

What you?ll need:

Stroller and little one (if you don?t have your own, borrow a friend?s) ๐Ÿ˜‰
Water bottle/sippy cup/bottle for both of you. And if your little one is like Ruby and likes the binky a little too much, grab your WubbaNub. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Warm up: Do some whole body light stretching plus the following (take these nice & easy):

  • 15 Squats: Be sure to lock the stroller?s parking brake for this. Use the stroller as a counter balance, but be sure you are not pulling on the stroller as you lower. If you feel safer, go ahead and step away from the stroller and do free-standing air squats.
  • 15 Push ?n Pulls on each side: Remove the brake for these. Standing sideways with feet about shoulder-width apart and holding the stroller tightly with one hand, simply push the stroller away from your body (but never let go), then pull the stroller back, engaging your lats. Repeat.
  • 10 Side Kicks on each side: Put the stroller in park. With feet together and both hands on the stroller, simply kick one leg out to the side, keeping your toe pointed forward and engaging your glutes. Squeeze at the top, lower leg, and repeat.
  • 10 Kick Backs on each side: Stroller still in park, and in the same position, simply kick your leg behind you with your toe pointed down and glute engaged.


*As you might know, I?ve been a bit booty obsessed lately, so I couldn?t help but throw in a few of my fave moves to lift and build our Mama booties!

The Workout:

  • Set your stopwatch, and run (or walk) for 2 minutes. When the timer is up, perform:
    20 Walking Lunges (10 on each leg) – can back lunge with parked stroller, if preferred
  • Run again for 2 minutes, then:
    20 Push Ups – park stroller and keep baby close
  • Run again for 2 minutes, then:
    20 Squats – can park stroller and air squat, if preferred
  • Run again for 2 minutes, then:
    20 Bench Dips – park stroller and find the nearest bench
  • Run again for 2 minutes, then:
    20 Swing Ups – find a grassy area?or, if you run into a mound of ants, like I did, use the concrete
  • Run again for 2 minutes, then:
    20 Burpees – finish strong!!


This entire workout should take about 15-20 minutes. While you can sure start by doing this once through, repeat this workout often enough to build your stamina and endurance, and before you know it, you will be more than capable of repeating this workout 2, or even 3 times in one outdoor session!

NOTE: If your toddler does get a bit wiggly, go play for a bit, and then get back to working out!

Cool down: Repeat warm up.


Handy tips:

  • Don?t do the same exercises two days in a row. Your muscles need some time to heal and get stronger in between workouts. Try doing this Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • If you can?t finish the suggested number of reps, stop for a few seconds, shake out those tired muscles, and then try for a few more reps.
  • Remember to put the brake on for most of these exercises. We don?t want your little going on a solo trip!
  • Don?t lean on your stroller, simply hold on to the handle for a bit of support.
  • Since all strollers aren?t created equal, if you feel like your stroller won?t offer adequate support, park it (remember about that brake!), and do your exercises beside your stroller holding on to a park bench or railing for extra support if needed.
  • Keep your core tight during all exercises, including while walking/running. Why not get some added core work at the same time?!
  • Watch your posture throughout your workout: Stand up straight, hold in those abs, keep your chest up, and keep the stroller close to you.


Now?to the REALLY good stuff. My $1000 stroller giveaway!! Since this is?by far?the biggest giveaway I?ve ever done, you?re gonna? have to work a bit to enter this one. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Be sure and follow ALL of the instructions below, and good luck!

Orbit Baby 02 Hybrid Giveaway Instructions:

  1. Make sure you’re following me on social media and share this post on all your social media channels using the hashtag #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway – tag me too!
  2. Since love makes the world go ?round?or orbit (Lol) ๐Ÿ˜‰ ?do a Random Act of Kindness for someone.
  3. Comment on any one of my social media platforms (IG, FB, or the blog) with what you plan on doing, or tell me about a RAOK you did already today!

*Extra Credit! If you snag a pic of yourself doing your RAOK or just the Random Act of Kindness itself, upload it on social media and again use that #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway hashtag and tag me in your pic!

Only one entry per person, please, but do as many Random Acts of Kindness as you want!

You have until Tuesday, September 29, 2015, 12 midnight PST to enter. One winner will be randomly chosen and announced on Wednesday, September 30, 2015. The winner will have 24 hours to shoot me an email at [email protected] to claim this amazing prize. Now go and do some kindness! ๐Ÿ™‚




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530 Responses

  1. Hi Hidei I’m a mom of three I am currently a stay at home mom not by choice do to money not being the best I really need another stroller for my one year old son I would be a great blessing to my family to get this stroller
    Thank you Hidei and God bless you and your family
    Jodi Cooper

  2. Heidi! It is such a great idea to have this giveaway. My wife and I are expecting our first baby in January. I would love to win this stroller for her. She loves being active and is excited to include our new baby in her active lifestyle. She plays volleyball now and plans to keep playing up to and after the baby comes, so our baby is gonna be used to keeping up with her even before it is born. She likes to hike and do any activity that allows her to stay active outside. These workout ideas are great and she always loves experimenting with your tips and tricks. This stroller would sure make that easier when our little one comes! It was awesome to hear from you the other day! Thanks for this chance to win and make my wife’s life!

  3. I love stroller workouts, I’ll have to try this tomorrow! I’ve got three crazy energetic boys, well two energetic ones and one two month old, so they will love riding their bikes alongside me! Thank you for the ideas and inspiration!

  4. So very excited! To introduce us, I’m Maegan, first time mama and my little one is Aubrielle she is 3.5 months old today and she is the happiest baby. She LOVES to be active and plans on going straight to walking cause crawling wont be fast enough. She also loves our walks to the park and to our local spot here in Exeter California, Rocky Hill where her daddy runs every week. She has been telling me that she’s getting older and it’s time to look into a jogger for when she’s old enough for mum to run with dad. So here goes nothin! Hope we get to be the lucky two!

  5. I’m so excited for this. I have 4 boys my littlest has kept us in primary children’s a good part of this year with kidney failure. I can’t go to the gym with him because a little cough to some kids is a hospital stay for him. He’s connected to his feeding tube so I can’t leave him with anybody unless it’s my husband or a nurse. So it doesn’t happen often. I love working out played college sports and have done crossfit for years. Your so inspiring Hedi thanks for always being a highlight on my feed.

  6. Hi Heidi! Entering this giveaway becausenid love an active stroller! I’m a first time mama, due in March, living in NC, thousands of miles from any family. Running and fitness Kees me sane and at 20 weeks, I ran my 18 half marathon (just 7 months after breaking my left ankle that required a pretty hefty surgery). Can’t stop, won’t stop! And a stroller like this would help along my journey!
    Keep your motivation and inspiration!

  7. I live in Phoenix and my husband and I love taking advantage of the amazing weather (most of the year) and taking our little girl outdoors. She loves going on hikes, jogs, to the park and pretty much anywhere outside! We would definitely make use of this awesome stroller! Thanks for the opportunity ?

  8. Being an Arizona resident, I know all too well the importance of having a great jogging stroller (and right now it’s struggle city!). My littlest little Ezra is about to turn 18 months old and in about a month I am due to give birth to my fourth (and final) baby, a girl. As the mom of three boys I am constantly on the go. My husband is an Army Ranger (for over 19 years now) and we live out in the desert of Yuma. On our tiny military base I choose to walk everywhere either wearing my baby (still at 8 months pregnant!) or take the stroller. We like to walk or jog out to the terminal to see daddy in the mornings when it’s not yet 120 degrees (3 miles each way), and then do a little resistance training before returning home (while baby is snoozing comfortably in the stroller). I’ve never had two babies so close together in age, but I do imagine I will be doing a lot of babywearing of one whilst I push the other in the stroller. This new stroller would be a godsend, especially since we don’t have the means to get a double jogger. As a fellow mama of four littles, you know how real the struggle can be to get your workout in and how often those littles need to be right by your side while doing it.

  9. I would love yo win this for my little one. He loves going for walks and shopping. We would also live this stroller for a future little one.

  10. Hi I’m @karlatoes on Instagram. I am a expecting first time mom with a baby girl due in January! I’ve been blessed with an easy preganancy so far. This stroller workout looks intense can’t wait to try when she arrives

  11. The first thing my son does when he gets up, is crawl to his shoes and bring them to me because he wants to go outside!!

    He would love to come with me and he deserves to be comfortable. He’s always smiling…we would go way more often because it would be easier for me with that perfect stroller, whether it’s while staying elsewhere or at home in the land of snow and colds !

  12. Stay at home mom of 4 wonderful blessings. Ages 9 yrs, 6 yrs, 1yr, and 5 months. Married to my sole mate. This is an amazing giveaway. Right now my husband and I are enjoying participating in the fittest couple challenge. We love being outside walking our fur babies and taking the kids on bike rides. We love our orbit baby infant seat and double stroller but winning this jogger would be ever more amazing. Thank you for sharing!! Crossing fingers I win this beauty.

  13. I would LOVE to win this stroller me and my little one love going on walks together and I would love to have a stroller that would help me get back into running and I know my baby Bowie would love to come along outside with me more!

  14. Hi!!!
    I would love to win this! I just started running and would love to run with my lil lady. She’s so adorable and sweet, I feel so blessed to be her mommy. She loves to snuggle and crawl on my bed before I put her in her crib. She used to go with me to Crossfit when she was born, but I have since stopped going because it’s so expensive here ),:

  15. What an awesome thing you are doing! I live in the Colorado Rocky Mountains and my family leads a very active lifestyle. I spend a lot of my time with my girls hiking, biking aan running on our local trails. I know we would be able to put this stroller ( or buggy as we call it) to great use! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Like you, we have a blended family of a 10 year old, 2.5 year old, and a baby on the way. All three are gorgeous girls! We could use the stroller to help us get back into our pre-baby fitness. I want to be a great role model to our girls about healthy fitness and wellbeing.

  17. Hi Heidi,
    I am a first time mom to a wonderful 4-month old little boy. He is my world and I fall in love with him more each day. I would love a chance at this stroller to help me continue in my journey towards health. I want to provide my kids a good example.

  18. My daughter is Aubrey Sophia, she will be 8 months old in 2 weeks! She just started crawling yesterday and has such a great personality already! Her smile is so contagious and she snorts when she laughs:) she loves going backpacking with me and enjoying the wonderful outdoor adventures here in Colorado!

  19. Hi Heidi!
    We have five “littles” ranging in age from 23-2! Our littlest little is something special ๐Ÿ™‚ She loves to ride with me as I run in our second hand store find stroller. When I was pregnant I had gestational diabetes – completely diet controlled. Our oldest son says that’s why she likes the foods she does… her favorite things (at 2 yo) are red peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, and yogurt. She’d choose grilled chicken over pizza! Trying to teach her a healthy lifestyle and love for her to be with me whenever I run or workout!

  20. My daughter is having her first baby in March! Having had 4 kids myself, and back to my previous pregnancy weight after each of them, I know the importance of dedication to getting there! My daughter could really use this to help her when her little arrives! (It’s a girl….eeek!)

  21. My daughter had her hands full with three children, ages 8, 5 and 2. She graduated with a Master’s degree and had a successful career as a 7th grade teacher. After the birth of her third child, she had her tubes tied. Well, SURPRISE!!! She now has a 4th child. (After he was born, they removed her tubes, which she requested to see for herself after the surgery.) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    She has put her career on hold to be a full time Mommy and of course I help out as much as possible. Having an amazing stroller like this would benefit both of us. I could take the baby strollin’ for a workout and give her time for a nap with the two year old. And other days I could watch the 2 year old while she got her exercise in.
    We are so amazed and inspired by this new little miracle who was unplanned but never unwanted. It just goes to show you that if God has plans for your life, nothing can stop Him. Someday this little boy may cure cancer. We know that everything happens for a reason and are so blessed to have him in our lives.
    Thanks to Heidi and Chris for helping so many people! Love watching them on tv and following them on FB, IG and blogs.

  22. My little one is a grown up 5 year old. I used to jog with her…. it’s hard work! My sister is just starting her baby journey. She is due in February and would get good use out of this stroller. She loves to run and has been by my side through 1 dirty girl run and 2 warrior dashes!

  23. This would be such an amazing stroller for my 2nd bundle of joy expected May 2017! We live right across the street from the Lackawanna Heritage Trail and since the weather will just start to nice, it will definitely come in handy to shed the pregnancy weight! Living in Northeast Pennsylvania, that will be a great time to walk and try this workout.

  24. Hi Heidi! I am SO excited you are doing this! I entered one of your DietBets at the beginning of the year and a week later found out I was expecting!!! My husband and I were so excited after I had miscarried the month before, that we were again pregnant! Our daughter is now a month old and is healthy, happy and perfect! I have always strived to live a healthy lifestyle and after my emergency c section where I almost lost my life and my daughters due to me having a pulmunb embolism, my health is more important than ever!! I have always enjoyed running as my release after long hours at the office and my husband away during his military trainings. I never knew how much pregnancy changed a women’s body. As I am still recovering from delivery, I am excitedly awaiting my doctors ok to exercise again. I am “perfectly imperfect” but excited to feel like me again.

  25. I am a mom of 5 who has recently begun to love to run after stopping 10 years ago . I’m running 3 days a week with my 6 month old using a cheap jogging stroller neither of us like. We live on one income while my husband goes to school so replacing it is not an option right now.

  26. Hi Heidi,
    I am a first time mommy to Livia Jane (almost 14 months). I take her out jogging almost 3-4 times per week with a used stroller handed down from my fianc?’s first marriage. ? Not the most ideal situation but I needed a stroller so that I could maintain my fitness level and sanity! Livia absolutely loves bein outdoors and allows me the time to get a workout in – sometimes up to 7 miles! She’s a trooper! I’d love to have a stroller that protects her better from the elements. I’m currently saving for one but would LOVE to win one! And if I do, I will donate mine so that I can pass on rhe gift of health and wellness! Thanks for this opportunity, Heidi! You are an inspiration.

  27. Hi Heidi,
    I am a new mommy. My baby girl Mary Lillian (a.k.a. Lilly) is 6 weeks old. Prior to my pregnancy, I was in the process of a healthier, fit lifestyle change. I participated in your dietbets, a 5k, and a spartan race as well as followed some of your recipes. I lost approximately 20lbs in under a year. I remained active throughout my pregnancy, including Zumba and boxing til I was 5 months pregnant. I believe that due to that, Lilly is a very happy baby. She only cries when she needs something. I hope to teach and raise her to be healthy and active. I would love to introduce that lifestyle by using this stroller while she is still small and young where she is with me on my own health and fitness journey.

  28. Hello Heidi! I have an almost 2 year old and we are planning on another one in the near future! I love following you and your sweet family on your Facebook posts. My husband and I try and live active lifestyles and this stroller would make it even easier! My little love bug is a funny, sweet little girl who loves adventures and being outside. We go on hikes and jogs and adventure walks all the time. She would love this stroller! Thanks for the opportunity! ?

  29. Hi Heidi!!!!

    So in Nov 2013 I received gastric bypass and kind of did like a buddy thing with my mom. Well my surgery went well and I got rid of my diabetes and thyroid problems and lost a little over 100 lbs. While my mom passed away from complications Jan 27th 2014. When my mom died is when it really hit me that the surgery was supposed to help so it caise me to be more proactive and determined to not go where I was. Fast forward to today and I am now pregnant with a little boy and I haven’t been able to keep active due to preterm labor and complications. Thankfully I havent gained much weight, healthy weight but not out of control. I’m def going insane as I’m used to working out daily with my hubby who is a gym lover. After I have this baby in a few more eerks, I am more then motivated to get back into shape. I think the stroller would be an awesome addition so I can go back to my running and getting out with baby

    1. That is awesome that you’ve lost so much weight! I am sorry for the loss of your mother. And I know it is so hard to not workout when you’ve been told by your dr not to. I was on bedrest for a couple of weeks and it was emotionally draining. Good luck to you with your health journey and on the upcoming birth of your son!

  30. Our little is should be here May 18 2017 and it can’t get here soon enough!! I’m not going to lie, we are not the most athletic. Although, we know we should be and are always saying how we want to get back into shape. So we decided to start taking walks around the block and get into a routine. This stroller might be a little overkill, but would be cool to have to use in our mission to get sexy together:)

  31. This is such a great workout ! I’d love to win a stroller like this for my 10 wk old daughter Charlie, we love to get out and enjoy AZ with our 2 dogs when the weather permits ! I have about 40 pounds to lose that I won’t blame on baby weight but instead on some less than healthy food choices during my pregnancy. I know what it takes to lose the weight because a few years ago I lost 70 pounds and kept it off after falling in love with weight lifting, ready to get back into my pre preggo clothes ?

  32. Hi Heidi! My little one isn’t born yet but we are 24 weeks in and due feb 21st. We’re hoping she likes to be active like her parents and would love this stroller to keep mama going while baby is young!

  33. Wow this stroller looks amazing!!!! This would be perfect for me and my little girl to go on runs with! Fingers crossed

  34. This stroller would be awesome!! I have a 3 & 1 year old and to get out and about (and be active) with this stroller would be so nice!!

  35. I would love this stroller because we only have a double stroller at the moment and this seems like an amazing single stroller to run around with. My youngest, Everett, is two but we want to have more kids once our Hudson goes into maintenance with his Leukemia treatments! I’ve had my eye on this stroller so it’s funny that you posted this! It was nice to meet you the other night!

  36. Hi Heidi! I love watching and reading about all your workouts and family values. I have 3 amazing boys who are my whole world and we do everything together. We hike and go on long walks, Runs every weekend. We recently found out we will be expecting in early May and it was a bit of a surprise but we are thrilled and so are our boys. we got rid of all our baby stuff so this stroller would come in handy and most definitely get used with all our outdoor activities. Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you and your family have an awesome weekend!

  37. Love both you and Chris and all you do for others fitness and health! I have 2 kids, a very energetic 4 year old and a 8 month old who just tries to keep up! We go to a local crossfit gym here in Savannah and both kids go with me! The baby loves watching everyone jump rope and my oldest just loves to play superheroes with his buddies!

  38. Owning one of these would be amazing! I’ve had my eye on the Orbit strollers for some time now, but have yet to have the extra money in the budget for one, so thank you for the opportunity to win this! I have 3 kids: a 5 year old girl, 3 year old boy, and a 9 month old baby girl. I would definitely get good use out of it. ??

  39. I have two babies, a 2 and a half year old and a alm9st 7 month old! We still only have one stroller which makes excursions complicated! We would love to win this! Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  40. I love the stroller! My little’s name is Savanah. She is a special 10 so it’s hard for us to walk together because she has gotten to big for most of the regular strollers I’ve found. It would be amazing to win so that she and I could exercise together. Thank you!

  41. This is a great stroller and workout! I have a 16 month old little girl that is very energetic and loves to copy the things she sees me and other siblings doing. She loves being outside! We try to go for a walk and play at the park every day. I love your tips and exercises for how to get both in at the same time!

  42. I wish I could say I have a Little One of my own to use this with, but I don’t yet. I see a lot of jogging mamas around the neighborhood and made a commitment to also jog when I have kids (I’ve already started). So while it may be a little ways away yet, this stroller would get a lot of anticipation and use from me!

  43. What an exciting post and contest! I have a regular everyday stroller that I’ve been using. With my baby (toddler really ): ) being 18 months old, I finally got back to jogging for 35 minutes but this time up hills and with the baby/stroller! I never knew I’d be so excited about strollers, but here I am :)!

  44. Hi Heidi! My little is 5 months old today. She is the love of our life. She smiles and laughs all the time and is the best workout partner. I wear her in a carrier while I work out.

  45. My 3rd child (now 5 month) is always along for the ride! His older siblings are 7 and 9, and he goes wherever we go! We try to be active in sports, our community, and our church – and this stroller is amazing! !!

  46. This stroller is amazing! My grandson’s name is Peyton. He is three months old, can roll from his tummy to his back and loves to play with his feet. His mommy is a labor and delivery nurse and would make good use of this versatile stroller several days a week.

  47. My little girl is due in January and I can’t wait to meet her! I’m 24 and having my first baby. My husband and I are so excited to see what this new adventure will be like. We have been incredibly blessed by family helping us get everything we need for our little one, but we do not have a stroller yet. I want to start getting in shape as soon as I can after having baby and workouts like this will be so helpful! I love how much you give away free workouts and recipes so young people like me who don’t have much money can still be healthy! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to receive this stroller!

  48. My kids are 6 and 3.5 and we are expecting a baby in January. They love to go go go and explore…flashlight walks when daddy gets home from work, events on our Army post, festivals around town, and walks on the local greenway are all major adventures to them. I’d love to have this super fancy stroller for their baby sister so she can join in comfort:-)

  49. I might be the only one who doesn’t yet have kids and wants to win this! I was just thinking the other day that I would absolutely need an awesome jogger for when I have kids. And given I’m 31, I need to start doing all the planning I can! I think bouncing back mid 30’s won’t be as easy ๐Ÿ™‚ so, I may not be like others and need this immediately, but I plan on getting great use out of it in the future!

  50. Wow this is amazing and how sweet of you to give this away! I would love to win this so i can go outside with my daugther Caithlyn. She is 7 months and loves to go outside so i think she would enjoy this so much. ?

  51. My little is 5 months and he makes me smile everyday. I would love to win this stroller so we can spend some time together and I can teach him how to take care of his health! Monkey see, monkey do!

  52. Martin is 4.5 months old… he was born via emergency C Section and since that day I have been searching for ways to get back in shape without leaving him behind… I have not been able to find something that fully involves him… I am just not able to be apart from him <3 these stroller work outs are the best ideas for me to step up my compromise with myself and involve him… and more importantly set a great example for him to imitate … having him grow with hard work and a healthy lifestyle as an example is my #1 priority!

  53. I’m in love with this stroller!! So I currently have a 14 month son, John, and he is the funniest baby. He does everything on his time (even being born). He was 16 days late and weighed 10lbs 10oz and I was able to do it all natural with a midwife! He is a true joy and we are already trying for round 2 ?? So I know I could put this stroller to good use.

  54. My LO just turned six weeks old. I’m so happy to have found a group of active, new Moms in my neighborhood I can workout with when I’m fully healed. We have our local metropolitan bike path right at the end of our street and a beautiful park too. My goal is to get in better shape than j was when I got pregnant, I’m so glad my sister shared your page with me!

  55. Also I can’t upload a picture here, and I haven’t updated the page recently since I’ve been behind on orders and can’t encourage more until baby is here and I’m back to earning money for the shipments, but is my raok non profit. Today my kids and I got a sweet treat of hot cocoa and bought one for the folks behind us using one of the hey stranger cards :’)

  56. I’m mama to 5, including the one I’m due with any day. The big ones are out of strollers, but I’m hopeful to use this little one as my sidekick to help me get back into shape for one of my biggest goals, a 50 mile bike race.

    I love baby wearing, but could use the ability of mixing it up a bit with a stroller workout. ๐Ÿ™‚

  57. I would love to win this stroller for my 3.5 month old! We’re moving out to the country and I’ll have more difficulty getting to the gym. Would love to have this stroller to make my at home workouts easier! Dirt roads anyone? My little boy is obsessed with his Mama so I would love to have a stroller where he can face me! Please please please!

  58. My little one in this case is my grandaughter. She and her parents recently moved to Interstate to be closer to me. They pretty well sold everything they owned, including their pram. This stroller would mean so much in so many ways.

  59. Another Mom Jessyka and I do a family Bootcamp once a week at our church . My Little (big actually 25 lbs and 33 inches tall) 13 month old son has be my workout partner since he was 3 months old we have run a 5k s together (2 were actual races) . We have a half marathon coming up next year in March so excited to include him and the community around with health and fitness ???? I have lost over 30 lbs from eating better and exercise since January of this year .i still have a little more to go to reach my complete goal for weight but fitness goal will be consistent and continual through the rest of my life. I want to encourage other and inspire others that they can reach their goals no matter what if they will stick with it and see it as a lifestyle change ?

  60. This is way super nice of you! Thank you for this opportunity! I don’t have a crazy story for ya, but my sweet, wild, crazy and most beautiful baby boy Gunner Kay is a year and half and definitely keeps us on our toes!! He is so dang cute and makes us laugh like crazy! This stroller looks amazing and very comfortable! I know it would be something That could possibly make him want to sit still and stay in it! Haha! I love going on walks with my kids (when it’s not 100 degrees) this would be pretty amazing to have! Once again thanks for this opportunity! ??
    Ps. I’m really jealous that my husband got to meet you guys at Mod Pizza a couple weeks ago! ?

  61. Hey! Is there ever just a little to say about our own little? Idts. Anyways to start off, my son, Zaine James is 17 months today! He is a BIG boy and right now I wear him in our Ergobaby Carrier. Let me tell you, lately it?s been rough since I am now 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I have a gut feeling that it?s a girl this time! Fingers crossed. If she?s anything like her brother she will be a wild child that is full of energy and constantly having mama run to catch up! This stroller would be great for Zaine right now so we can take nice walks before it?s too cold out without feeling like my back is breaking and when baby comes so I can do a stroller/baby wearing workout! Sounds intense but I think this beauty would definitely pose as a little motivation to get out there. ? Wish us luck Heidi Powell! I hope you pick us and if you do, when we?re done with this lovely stroller we will follow in your footsteps and hand it down the line to someone else that truly deserves it! Thank you for an amazing giveaway!

    Love Zaine, Stella and Myself ?

  62. I don’t have any of my own children left that is age appropriate for this stroller, but I run a home daycare with several children who would fit in this. My own stroller is so old I put my friends baby in it and the strap disintegrated when we tried to buckle it up! ?. Hope I win!!!!

  63. Wonderful Stroller!!!

    My little guys name is Blake. He’s an adventurer and loves doing things with mom and dad. We ran our first color run with him this year and I am looking forward to doing it again. Anything that would help motivate me and dad to bring him with is. Our strollers front wheel locks when we try to run with it. Blake would love this!!! Besides he gets to look at us and not elsewhere which means we could communicate with him.

  64. My wife and I are expecting our first child in April, but the second to our family, as we rescued our fur baby Sadie a Belgian Malinois five years ago. We live in the Rocky Mountains so we are a pretty active family, always running, hiking, skiing and climbing outdoors. The Orbit would be a great addition to our active lifestyles

    Thank you for this opportunity and we appreciate everything you and your family does for everyone.

  65. I’m would love a stroller like that! I have a 6 years old little boy and a new baby on the way. I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant. I beat my depression and anxiety by starting a strict workout plan of 2 hours every day, and a strict diet for over a year and a half. We then decided to get pregnant. I almost lost thia baby at week 6, so on doctors orders, had to stop my workouts. I am so excited to start back up and having a stroller like this would make it so much easier. My 6 years old is very inspired and loves to show us up with jumping jacks, sit ups, and push ups. He’s a very active little boy and is excited to eventually start going to the gym. I would love to have a stroller like this to get my post baby body back!! I watch your show every chance I get and I credit a lot of my success to you and Chris!!!

  66. I have two sweet littles…. one is Ruby’s age and is Mr. Independent. He doesn’t let me push him much but he loves to run, bike or walk next to me. Little number two is still a wee-one. I had a grace jogger from our first baby and it doesn’t work very well. I’m definitely in the market for a new stroller.
    Our boys are so much fun!! They love to watch is workout and pretend to exercise with us. Our oldest has the same weight bench that Cash has. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s fun to watch him on it!!

  67. My little is 4 months old now and is our 4th kid! It has been such a crazy rollercoaster adding the 4th to the mix! I am currently having thyroid issues that are making losing the baby weight difficult…. but I know that exercising and adding muscle will help tremendously. Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  68. Hey! Is there ever just a little to say about our own little? Idts. Anyways to start off, my son, Zaine James is 17 months today! He is a BIG boy and right now I wear him in our Ergobaby Carrier. Let me tell you, lately it’s been rough since I am now 13 weeks and 4 days pregnant! I have a gut feeling that it’s a girl this time! Fingers crossed. If she’s anything like her brother she will be a wild child that is full of energy and constantly having mama run to catch up! This stroller would be great for Zaine right now so we can take nice walks before it’s too cold out without feeling like my back is breaking and when baby comes so I can do a stroller/baby wearing workout! Sounds intense but I think this beauty would definitely pose as a little motivation to get out there. ? Wish us luck Heidi Powell! I hope you pick us and if you do, when we’re done with this lovely stroller we will follow in your footsteps and hand it down the line to someone else that truly deserves it! Thank you for an amazing giveaway!

    Love Zaine, Stella and Myself ?

    1. Idts is I don’t think so. It looked like I was trying to say idiots and I didn’t want anyone to think that! Lol

  69. Hey! Love finding your blog! I’m such a fan of your precious/fit family! I have four little ones. Ages 6yrs, 5yrs, 2yrs, & 3.5mos. We are a crazy & fun/busy family who live on a farm. My kiddos are all extremely active & energetic & love trying to workout with me. My 6 & 5yo are on the swim team, & my 6yo is also on the gymnastics team. My 2yo loves just being nuts & running around, & occasionally helps with housework?. I homeschool my kiddos, & we attend church regularly. Other than that we are just trying to survive (well I am trying to survive, but my kids are great!??) They also love to help their daddy farm.? I’d LOVE to win this stroller, but I also am just super happy to have found your blog! You’re a super big inspiration to me as you have 4 kiddos, too, & look absolutely AMAZING!!!!

  70. Although there is no little one yet, my sister is expecting her first baby girl. I know that she would love to have a stroller like this one to get back in shape post baby and provide the best for her new little one! We are so excited to meet this little miracle!

  71. Hi! First off, thank you so much for
    this amazing opportunity! My daughter is 2 and the highlight of every day. She is a sassy, strong willed, big hearted sweet little girl sent straight from the lord. She loves everything to do with being outside, but suffers from allergy induced asthma so we have to watch her so she doesn’t over do it. We have been looking for a stroller for a while on facebook trading groups, garage sales, and Craigslist so we can workout with her and also have something to take on the hiking trails with us as that’s something the whole family loves! We would love love love something like this that swivels so we can keep an eye on her if she’s having an episode, and also give ourselves a better opportunity to get and stay fit! Again, thanks so much!! ?

  72. This is amazing! Who ever wins this is gonna be very lucky! (which it won’t be me, cause I never want anything)lol…? Well I have 3 wonderful kids Jennifer-11,Traidon-9 and Mia-2. I’ve been trying to get back in shape. So I would really love the strollers so I could go for a walk with my little one. It’s kinda hard to walk with the stroller I have since we live on a dirt road so I get stuck in holes all the time. Who ever wins is gonna be one lucky mommy! ? By the way you have such a beautiful family? y’all are such an inspiration!

  73. This is an amazing give away .. I have a 7 yr old son in 2nd grade that is very active.

    I nominated my sis in-law/ Comadre for the stroller .. this is her first baby and they love to travel and go fishing or hike … it would be a big help with an amazing stroller like yours.

  74. I’m 23 years old and experiencing a lot of life changes all at once. My husband and I will be married for 3 years in December. We both graduated from Brigham Young University last April and have moved back to my hometown in Nevada. We live in a trailer on my parents farm and I currently have a job teaching math and PE at the high school. I gave birth to our first little boy in July. He will be three months old this Sunday and is the happiest baby I’ve ever met. All he needs is to see your face to light up with a giant smile! My husband is currently the caregiver of our little one Monday through Thursday while I teach school. We currently have no stroller and I am in desperate need of a good sturdy stroller I can push across the dirt roads of the farm to take my little one out with me on runs.

  75. My sister is having her first baby and her husband and her are both very active and work out. This stroller would be such an amazing present to give them. It’s an amazing thing you and Chris do, inspiring and giving so much to others. Congrats to who ever wins the stroller.

  76. Baby Lennox is 6 weeks old today! He is a very healthy, HUGE babe. Ironically today I was finally cleared to begin excercising again too. He and his almost 3 year old brother, Declan, keep me very busy. We just moved to stubbing Boulder, CO where the weather allows for outdoor excercise year round. I would like to begin training right away for the Bolder Boulder but I do not currently have a good jogging stroller. You and Chris are truly inspirational. We ran into you last year at a fitness competition near Denver and found out your Ruby is almost exactly the same age as Declan. Keeping my fingers crossed that we can enjoy our beautiful new surroundings in this stroller!

  77. I am currently pregnant with a baby girl. I have been pregnant 4 times and only have one son. He is my world and we are excited for a little girl. I am having a hard time finding the prefect stroller.

  78. Seriously, what an awesome stroller! My little boy’s name is Hank. He is our little miracle. He was born at 29 weeks weighing only 1lb 12oz and 13 inches long. He’s beaten all the odds and has been through so much. He is now a super happy, healthy boy. He totally deserves a comfy, cool stroller to cruise around in!

    1. My littlest one is Duke Arthur. He is my fourth baby via c section and what a blessing this stroller would be!! He was born 3 months ago and is the king of hand me downs!! A new stroller for the boy would be perfect. He is our best baby yet, so easy going and just fits perfectly into our family! Before I had him I got into the best shape of my life by working out and eating healthy. Having a jogging stroller would be amazing to help me to be able to workout with my little one!!

  79. My little one paisley is 5 months old and we live in New Mexico! This is such an amazing opportunity! My husband and I are both active duty military and this stroller would be so incredible since working out is such a huge aspect of our life to stay in shape for our yearly pt tests. Our Chico key fit stroller is starting to feel like the wheels are about to fall off every time we even attempt to go for a walk ๐Ÿ™ we try to do stroller work outs and this would be super helpful! Thank you for the opportunity heidi!!

  80. Wow! What a blessing this will be to someone and their family! I am pregnant with our third due in April and just under 2 years ago, I actually started enjoying fitness! I grew up in a very fit family and have always been healthy, but lifting and consistency were not my forte. A friend started a free mom group workout and I started going to just get out of the house. Then I joined her gym and started small group fitness and truly feel in love with working out! I am a better wife, mother, daughter, and just a better me because of my commitment to my health. This stroller would help continue that love and commitment. Thank you for the opportunity, Heidi!

  81. Hi!!!! I am so excited that I came across you on social media!!! I’m truly inspired!!! My LO is 18 months and she truly is mommas daughter. She loves to go on runs with me and she is absolutely the best little coach, she started saying “go go go!” Every time she wants to go faster! I know for a fact that she would love to log tons of miles on this awesome stroller and she would be much more cozy and I would have better peace of mind. Even thought she does have a pretty great rated graco jogging stroller. But every momma wants the best for they’re babies! Good luck to all!!!

  82. What an amazing stroller! My little baby Mason is 3 months old and I have a 4 1/2 year old little boy. It’s been a struggle to lose the weight I gained this pregnancy with diastasis recti and a hernia plus all the crazy schedule of the family hadn’t allowed me to go to the gym as often as I’d like. I used to go every day and I miss it so much! With the stroller I could work out at home and get moving!

  83. My little is 10 months now. Her name is Ashlee she just started walking and runs all over the house! Her favorite place to be is outside with her older siblings. I’m currently working graves and being a mom full time during the day. My physical exercise is all outside right now to keep my babies entertained! This would be amazing for me to try to get back in shape after 3 kids. And Ashlee would love our walks/jobs past the horses by us everyday!

  84. I have two young guys, 4 and 2, welllll, after my second little one, Evan, my husband and I were SURE we were done having babies because he was so difficult. We sold everything!!! We have our crib and a swing lol, lo and behold we’re 11 weeks pregnant! We couldn’t pull the plug and say we were definitely done and we’re not getting any younger, so we decided to try for one more and it happened much faster than expected! We live in soggy and gloomy Ohio, but our hearts are in Hawai’i so at the very least, we try to take advantage of being outside as much as possible throughout the year as it’s refreshing and good for the soul! This stroller would be great to do that as well as help financially!! And no matter what, I think it’s awesome how giving you guys are in every way!

  85. My little is 18 month old Landon James, a chubby little sweetheart who loves watching Mickey Mouse, eating pickles, and going for walks! He goes for a walk everyday, sometimes 3 times a day, in his little umbrella stroller. To have this stroller to hold his cup, face him in the other direction, and make his ride a bit cozier would be so amazing. I’m sure he would LOVE if mommy started jogging with him and he got to go even faster everyday ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Love your blog. I have a 15 month-old daughter, Lily. We live in Phoenix and I’m grateful that the temps have come down. She’s loved being outside since she was very little and we’d sit in our front yard for a few minutes every day. I began to work out when she was about 4 months old and I’m proud to say that I’ve so far lost 40 pounds. Now I do 5k walks with Lily every other day and she loves them. I’ve integrated lunges into our walk but reading your blog, I’m going to do the burpees as well. I’ve signed up to participate in my first Spartan race in February and, I don’t know if you know, but if you can’t complete one of the obstacles you have to do 30 burpees. So this is perfect!
    Lily’s stroller is rather banged up. It’s uncomfortable for her to sit up straight, which is a bummer because she likes to pick flowers as we go. This jogger stroller would really improve our walks.
    Thank you for the inspiration and for the awesome overnight oatmeal recipe you gave Johnjay ?

  87. Such an amazing giveaway for one amazing winner. my friend has a daughter who is always in the hospital due to health issues, and she tries to also fit in exercise at the same time between hospital visits, her own health issues, and also her other child, an adorable little boy. She could so use this stroller in her life. YOU help out so many people and this giveaway could help her out

  88. This is the best giveaway I have ever seen! I am on the hunt for a new stroller!! I have a 2.5 year old and one on the way due in May! We are a very active family and I need a good stroller to keep us going! You are such an inspiration I’d love to win!!

  89. So my sweet hubby and I don’t have a little yet, but we are both finishing school in December and want to start trying! We first met trail running and have been running ever since. We yearly challenge ourselves to run 1000+ miles and with this stroller once baby comes we can still hit our goals! ????

  90. Hi Heidi! My son is currently 4 months old. He is my one and only, we went through hell and back the first couple of months. From recovering from a very traumatic birth, to seemingly endless breastfeeding problems, to not being able to return to work or my normal routine for much longer then I expected, it’s been rough. Things are finally starting to look up for us and I would love nothing more then to start taking my son on walks and slowly work up to my pre-pregnancy routine. It’s so important for my physical and mental health to take care of myself. I want to be the best mom I can be for my beautiful baby boy. Thank you for taking the time to hear just a piece of our story.

  91. My comment-WOWZERS!!!!! I little bit about my little one-to-be and myself. When I discovered I was pregnant, I actually thought I was going through menopause! It has just been my daughter and myself for the past 18 years when surprise, surprise…..I found out I was pregnant. My daughter had just started college when I discovered I was pregnant with my 2nd child. Shoot! I was starting to plan for retirement and moving down south where I could finish my teaching career and get out of this cold weather. Not now. Our new little bundle of joy is expected to join us on May 6, 2017. It will be 19 years since I gave birth. I’m scared out of my mind! You see, I just had a total ankle replacement in May of 2016 and was planning on having my other ankle done this coming May. I guess God just had a different plan for us. ? I worry A LOT about my age, I’m 41, and trying to lose the weight I gain with this pregnancy after I give birth. With my ankle replacement and the other one needing to be replaced, I really struggle to lose the weight. About 10 years ago I lost 120 pounds, but I’m
    not sure my body is physically strong enough for me to do that again.

    I truly thank you for this amazing opportunity to win this! On a teachers salary and having a daughter in college and now another baby on the way, there’s no way I could ever afford something like this.

    You and Chris are gift and inspiration to all of us! Thank you!!!!

  92. Hello! My husband and I are trying for babies and I would love this stroller! We love to workout, walk out dog and run!

  93. I currently have 2 kids. Lexi who is 3 and Braxton who is 20 months. I am pregnant with my third. My kids love to be outside and in the summer on the boat or in the water. They are so active and keep me on my toes. Thanks for this giveaway!

  94. I have a friend who I really want to win this but I can’t tag her because she is not telling about her little yet. I want this for her so bad because she is an awesome and positive friend who cares more about everyone else. When my son wanted to run a half marathon she volunteered to train with him and was a great source of encouragement and support to him. She loves to stay active and is constantly moving and shaking and is not at all interested in using motherhood as excuse to slow down but looking for ways to include her baby. This would have been awesome for her

  95. What a great contest! My little guy (Nash is his name, so I think Cash is a pretty cool name too) will be 2 in February.
    Like most little boys, he’s incredibly busy, but I’m so lucky to have him!

  96. I just had my last baby ?. So sad but this time around its so different, I’m getting the opportunity to be at home with him, I wasn’t afforded that luxury with my daughter cause I had to work as a single mom! i have a daughter who is 13 (she’s gorgeous) and now a handsome 3 mo old boy Aidan! Fitness is now my top priority to be the role model for not just 1 but ??? Kiddo’s ??

  97. My first Little is due this Spring! I couldn’t be more excited! I have always been a half-hearted runner until I decided to run a a 1/2 marathon (which I completed ahead of my goal time, woohoo!). After that race I had a foot injury that sidelined me but I desperately want to make sure that after Baby is born I get out and job with them now that my foot is healed. After making my first registry I’m having some sticker shock at how expensive everything is, especially a quality jogging stroller. This would be a great addition and be a huge financial help!

  98. I have two little ones, Noah (5 years), and Cody (5 months). They are my everything and can’t imagine life without them. Life as a working mom is tough but we’re making it work, it’s great to see you doing it all and still being an awesome mom! Gives us all something to strive for. Thank you for being a strong role model for women.

  99. Hey I’m a mom to four beautiful children 6, 4, 3, & 9 months old. They are all four all very active children. I would love to have a awesome nice stroller like that. Thanks for this amazing giveaway.

  100. Love this giveaway!!
    We have a 10 yr old son, and just adopted a sweet baby boy!! So we are kind of starting over! Would love to have such an amazing stroller to stroll our little man in while I get myself in shape all at the same time!!!

  101. The stroller would be used for our precious baby girl who is our foster child and who we took home from the NICU after spending her first 4 months there. It was so sad to hear that she was born 1 pound 3 oz. Because her mom went on a drug binge. She was born with brain bleeding, holes in her heart, and on the ventilator. She is doing amazing now and slowly but surely growing each and every day!! She is now 7 months old —technically only 3 months old ggestational age and she is making so much progress! This stroller would be used to take her to her 5 doctors year around and all of the many trips we take as a family!!?
    Thank you so much for this opportunity!??

  102. My little is almost 18 months old, baby boy named Beckett. He LOOOVES to be outside, but my jogging stroller has flat tires and is being held open with a zip tie. No lie. I’ve been jogging over our bumpy sidewalks with a regular stroller.. not ideal.

  103. I have 3 little ones. All 3 have a unique story, but our newest is 6 months old today. He is our miracle baby. Before I had him I had lost 70 pounds and was training for my first figure competition, I was in the best shape of my life!!! During my pregnancy I was extremely sick and could only hold down carbs, I gained 60 pounds during my pregnancy! ๐Ÿ™ after I had baby I found a jogging stroller for $20 at a yard sale… oh. My. Gosh!!! If I hit a slight bump it turns extremely fast and tries to run off the road. I am finding it difficult to be able to jog with this due to the baby not liking being thrown around like a rag doll. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I would SO appreciate having a better stroller, I would put it to good use and I think baby would love it also!!!! ??

  104. I have a 20month old and 6month old little boys. Having two so close together (and both being c-sections) have left me feeling kinda fluffy :-/ . My boys are so sweet and fun, but CRAZY! (In the best sense :-P). They are VERY active and rambunctious, and keep mommy and daddy busy, and are so bright and loving. We love going on walks, but it gets hard to do when you only have room for one in the stroller and need to carry (ok let’s be real – chase) the other. Family outings could be much more manageable with an extra set of wheels! Thanks for this opportunity

  105. My little one is 16 months old and she has always loved the outdoors. I used to take her outside when she was 2 months old and she would just lay in my arms and watch the leaves on the trees sway in the breeze. She still loves gazing up at the trees. She is a wild, free spirit. And now she has two cousins due to arrive in April. I would love to use this with them and with our next baby!

  106. I just had my 4th and final baby 4 weeks ago today! I’m thrilled to be almost cleared to begin working out (I miss jogging!!) to get back to a healthier weight and lifestyle that I won’t derail with another pregnancy. I have older kids who I need to be a better healthy example for.

  107. Hi Heidi,
    First of all I would like to tell you how much you and Chris Powell inspire me. I use to me involved in vemma and that’s where I first heard about you. Now I follow you on Instagram and follow your blog. As a mother of 4 you are an inspiration as a mother,Friend, wife and so involved in fitness and health. Your nutrition and fitness blog are always so inspiring and help alot. As a mother myself I am pregnant with baby number 3. I have a 4.5 year old and 3 year old son. We were trying to have a girl but we have recently found out we are having our third boy. I was dissapointed when we found out it wasnt a girl but I am still happy baby is healthy and everything is good. I have the same stroller from my first son and I hated it. I would love a awesome jogger stroller to get out with baby and stay active. Before this baby I recently lost 40 llbs with the help of vemma and also started training with a personal trainer. I want to bounce back after baby number 3 and stay healthy and fit and live this lifestyle with my husband and 3 sons.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. The Powell family is aweosme.

  108. I would Love this stroller! My hubby and I are expecting our first baby. The road hasn’t been easy but we are so so excited to become parents. We have struggled with fertility issues for a couple years and unfortunately lost our first baby about a year and a half ago. We were devastated but hopeful for the future. We can’t wait to meet our baby in a few months!! My husband and I were very much into fitness and then pregnancy struck. I’ve struggled with working out as this pregnancy has really been a struggle. Looking forward to getting back in shape after my delivery and this stroller would comtribute so much!

  109. I tried to conceive my sweet miracle for ten years. She will be two months old on the second. I beat pcos. No matter what the doctors told me I knew a healthier lifestyle would prevail & it did. I would love this stroller!

  110. What a great giveaway!! Tell you a little about my little- well I just had my newest little 2.5 weeks ago! I now have 3 boys!! My 2nd & 3rd are 21 months apart. I was actually 6 weeks in to my 12 week prep for my first ever NPC bikini comp when I found out I was surprisingly expecting again! So, with 2 littles I may find it hard to get a good workout in. So this jogging stroller will come in handy so I can take one kiddo with me while two stay with dad!

  111. Hello! I have two girls 7 years old and 4 months! Why such a big gap?! After having our first at 19 years old and 18 yikes! We decided 4 years after we were ready for another one! Unfortunately that was not gods plans! We had to go threw lots and lots of reproductive assistance! All which was out of pocket! Finally IVF (invitro fertilization) was what we had to do! We got our little lady bug Scarlett out of it! Unfortunately IVF medications reap havoc on your body and WEIGHT! So we are getting healthy again and daddy is training for his first marathon this year! He will run in January at Disney World in the full marathon! GO DAD! This would be wonderful for dad and myself to take our newest addition on evening runs ! And for Disney of course when we cheer dad on!

  112. I am a new foster mom to a handsome little guy . I have PCOS and I’m trying to get my body ready to start fertility treatments again after suffering two miscarriages last year . IT would be a great to have a stroller like this to help me achieve my goals while giving him some outdoor time !

  113. Hi! I am a mom to 5. 4 amazing boys and 1 little girl. I am still using the stroller from my oldest who is 12 years old. I have always tried to eat healthy and stay active but my newest little love has slowed my journey back to being fit. I’m a vegetarian and am trying to eat my best as my little who is 9 months is nursing and refuses to take a bottle. This has put my baby weight loss on hold as I’m afraid if I do anything that’s too intensive, I will cut my milk supply. The one thing that she loves are walks. It gets her outside and allows her to get some fresh air and it allows me to burn some calories on a lower intensity. I love your idea of a stroller workout! I never knew it was possible. I would love this stroller because this little sweetie is most likely my last and I am in desperate need of a stroller that functions as well as it looks. My wheels currently have no traction left and my cup holders and snack rack have long been gone.

  114. I have two girls, 22 months apart to the day:-). My youngest is 4 months old. She is the happiest little angel! I’m following your meal and workout plans from Americas fittest couple now and would love be to bring my little along for some cardio:-)

    Thank you for the opportunity!!!

  115. I have two older children 7 & 8 and was surprised with news of a new little coming in April! I am so excited to be a Mom to a baby again, but starting all over again as I got rod of ally baby gear, including my beloved BOB jogger. Your gorgeous stroller would far from make up for that !!!!!

  116. I have a one year old who loves the outdoors! We take him trail running and it helps my husband and I train for the Spartan races we’ve been running. We’ll take turns pushing our son up and down hills and he absolutely loves it!! It’s awesome family fitness time for everyone!

  117. I am a new foster mom to a handsome little boy ! I suffer from PCOS and am currently working on getting my body ready to try fertility treatments again after suffering 2 miscarriages last year. A stroller l I keep this would make it so much easier to get my workout in while letting him enjoy the outdoors!

  118. I have 2 little ones. After i had my first one i decided to get myself together and take care of my body. I went to crossfit 3x per week and brought my little one with me. I set her up in the playpen and went about my workout. It was great. On jogging days id bring my stroller and shed come along with me. It was HARD! Mystroller wasnt meant for jogging! Fast forward 3 years I’ve undone all i worked so hard for. I have another little baby and my attempts at getting myself together are not going as smoothly as I’d like. I NEED some motivation and I need to get back at it!!!

  119. So I am doing this for my amazing sister!! She has a almost 3 year old and a baby on the way! She has hit some hard times and her and her husband have split up but are determined to remain friends for their children’s sake! She is so deserving! She has put herself through school for her masters degree so she is drowning in student loans and unable to get any type of luxury item for the new little baby. She has also been huge into health and this would really help her stay active with her two kiddos!! Being a single mom working full time is a lot but she’s amazing and will make the best of her new life! My nephew is the cutest little ginger in the world!!! I could squeeze him all day long!! I can’t wait to find out what the new baby is!! Please consider her!!

  120. Hi! So, my little is still in my belly. ๐Ÿ™‚ She will be my first but certainly (God willing) not my last. I have always had a hard time managing my weight. I either dieted or ate everything in sight. Since getting together with my husband, we have gotten into some really good routines. I have kept my eating under control in this pregnancy but have not been as active as I would have liked. I look forward to easing back into things and getting my activity level back up to where it was prior to pregnancy and this stroller would definitely help me get to that! I love your show and just all that you do to help people. Very inspirational.

  121. Heidi,
    I love all your workouts and try to incorporate them into my workouts when I am able to sneak away. I have an 11 month old little boy, named Wenly, who keeps me moving and makes it difficult to find time to go to the gym, so we have to get creative at home. We love to go for walks and do so multiple times a day. We have almost worn the tread off my stollers tires we are outside so much. The stoller would be a dream come true!

  122. Hi Heidi! Super excited about this awesome opportunity! My name is Jeann? and I’m a SAH/homeschooling newbie mommy to two kiddos and am expecting my third baby in 2 weeks. This pregnancy has been a little challenge but no complaints–baby and I are healthy and on track for a full term delivery. I ran cross country in high school and needless to say running is a favorite past time. I’m super excited to hit the trails with my newest bundle of joy to shed the 21 (and whatever the next two weeks add) lbs and bond with my newest love. I live in Colorado and we make good use of all the beautiful sunshine and views daily. This stroller would be a huge help and much loved addition to our home. Thanks again for your awesome and accessible workouts! Being a single income family and also a gal that just prefers to workout outside vs in a gym, these workouts are just what is needed to stay motivated! Fingers crossed ? ??

  123. I would be so blessed to receive something like this! My son and miracle baby Noah is now 2 and loves walks with mama .. I’ve been battling my health and weightloss for years now but have been more motivated since having him at age 38 to get healthier.. A good walking/ jogging stroller makes a world of difference .. Still struggling with the battle my body is stuck at an unlovely weight but I want to keep pressing forward so I can be my best and be around as long as I can for all of my kids .. This looks like such a fun stroller! We would both love it! What a generous gift to be giving away!

  124. I’m currently 16 weeks with our fourth little one and would love to win the stroller so it makes getting out so much easier with my little pack ? My children are 4,2, and 17 months so my hands and heart are both extremely full. Already planning on many stroller walks once baby comes to lose five years of baby weight. I’m looking forward to this workout also… excited to give it a try!

  125. I love Extreme Makeover! My name is Sarah Bartley and my husband and I are expecting our first baby this February. My husband and I were duel college athletes (He is basketball and track, I am soccer and track) and met during track season. Now with the baby coming very soon, I cannot workout as hard (and he chooses not to either to show me sympathy). We are so excited to meet our bundle of joy, but also can’t wait to get back into shape and get an extreme makeover ourselves! I will have six months to get into shape after birth for our wedding, and this stroller would really help make the transition easier. This is my dream stroller, thanks for the opportunity!!!

  126. I have 3 littles, none of which are in school yet. My newest one, Mason, is almost 7 weeks old. I could REALLY, use this stroller. Before my pregnancy I was in the best shape of my life. I was eating well and going to crossfit regularly. I was hit with a terrible case of hyperemesis during the pregnancy and was even hospitalized. The baby got everything he needed, but I could literally feel the muscles in my legs and booty dissipating. I think I started to understand what atrophy meant. I couldn’t exercise the whole pregnancy, and couldn’t keep down much of any healthy food once I got the vomiting sort of under control (the nausea and vomiting never really went away. Now that my little guy is here and I am physically somewhat healed (still dealing with diastisis and strengthening my pelvic floor), I don’t have a way to get out and exercise unless my husband is home. So, that leaves me one day a week. There is no child care at our gyms on post (military family), and I don’t have a single stroller to use with the little one in order to get outside to workout. I have a double, but my others are too heavy/big (3 1/2 and 5 years old) for me to push as I lost lots of my strength. Having some sort of stroller would help out immensely with getting my health back. It’s something i desperately need as it is affecting me physically, mentally and emotionally. Diet and exercise is the best way for me to deal with postpartum depression and my body image issues, so I’ve really been struggling since I haven’t been able to find a way to get out and start running. That stroller would hold up to these crazy streets here in South Korea. Thank you for this amazing opportunity! I really look up to you guys and all that you do!

  127. Love this!!!!! I could so use this stroller!!!! What a blessing it would be! My little is 13 months old. We are technically her foster parents but she’s our baby and we are her parents. Her biological parents are wonderful and we will be one big family once the adoption is final. But my little would love this be able to see mommy while we walk and workout! Fun!! Super awesome!! Oh, back to baby.. she’s spunky, sassy, runs around everywhere, super smart, loves the park, animals.. ?????

  128. Yes that workout is super doable! Baby Bizzie will love to be able to see mommy do all those things looking silly. Let see it I get a awesome stroller like that I’ll be really getting down! Living in AZ and will finally get to work out outside!

  129. My little is 8 months old and now having 2 it is so hard to find time to wash my hair let alone work out. Thanks so much for reminding me of this workout. Now I can make booty gains and spend time with my littles at the same time!?

  130. Heidi- I would love to get this! My girl loves to join me on my runs, but our jogger only lets her look at me in her car seat carrier, so she isn’t too happy about that! This would be perfect for us ?

  131. Hi Heidi, I would love to have this stroller for me and my little guy Ryan.. I gained 65 lbs with this pregnancy and need to lose the weight!!! I’m a mama to 5 little munchkins!! thanks

  132. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

    Hey Heidi (and Chris),

    My little one (and last ?) just turned 1 and is full of energy. He loves to be outdoors so this Orbit Stroller would be perfect for getting both my body back into much needed shape and my adventurous baby outside. Jogs, walks, Burpee Run Stroller Workouts would be perfect with this Orbit Stroller. Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway– I would be one thankful winner.

    Much love,
    Brittney Onesti

    P.s. My RAOK today was paying for the car behind me at Starbucks. ?? I wonder if they purchased a sticky bun? ? I know those are one of your favorite cheats. ?

  133. I don’t ave a little and it would be for my friends. They have 3! One is 10, the middle is 4 1/2, and the baby is 9 months. This would prob be used for middle and baby. The kids are amazingly happy and inspirational. The family has had a set back but they are trying to get back into a fun routine that involves all 3 kids.

  134. Hey Heidi,
    ALL my 4 amazing kiddos are too big for strollers but I am entering for my sister who is 6 months pregnant with her rainbow baby. Also for my niece who is expecting her first little one in January.

  135. Well this is awesome , I’m having my baby in feb 2017 , I will love to have this stroller so I can get back in shape before getting pregnant I lost weight 30lbs was difficult since I have hormones problems but still I pushed harder everyday , what am planning to do is to start running again with my baby Nicolas and work out as much as I can with his company he is going to be my motivation to loose more weight and to take care of my health I have to be healthy for him every day this stroller will be great for us !! Blessed

  136. Love this stroller workout. I especially love that your baby can be enjoying the outside while you are enjoying a workout. Also… I need this stroller in my life. It’s amazing.

  137. Hi Powell family! I’ve enjoyed following your family posts for years. I love how you are so real and honest, and inspiring us daily to be our best. My husband and I are both teachers and I have two sweet boys. Aaden is 8 and Jack is 4 years old. We found out a little while ago we are having a baby girl!! We are all so excited. ? We are looking into baby gear and I just love the Orbit brand! I’d love to have their new jogger. ๐Ÿ™‚ Our baby girl’s name is Charlotte Jean. Named after my grandma. ๐Ÿ™‚ Can’t wait to find out who wins!!!

  138. My sweet baby boy Ryan is now 8 months old and he just loves going for walks with his mama! He is such an active little boy, crawling and standing up whenever he can. I take him for walks in his stroller every morning, but the wheels are starting to wear ๐Ÿ™ To win an amazing giveaway like this would be incredible for us!

  139. My little Baylee Rose was just born October 20th. Shes a tiny little newborn and i look forward to starting working out again soon. I’ll hopefully start with stroller walking and light weights . Once i get cleared i plan on full body workouts, lifting heavy and stroller jogging. Need to get back to doing pull ups, hitting the iron and showing this amazing little girl that she has a strong mom .

  140. My niece is expecting her first baby in November and wants to stay active after baby is born. She has been looking at these strollers and they are so pricey. She would definitely benefit from this giveaway!

  141. Hi Heidi! I commented on this earlier but I don’t know where it went. I think it’s great how you’re giving away your stroller. My husband and I would greatly appreciate it. We are foster parents and we are currently fostering an adorable babu girl who was born addicted to drugs. We foster because we are unable to have children and cannot afford to adopt. So we have decided to open up our hopes and hearts to this little ones even if it’s just for a short period or even forever. Thank you once again.

  142. Hi! I have a 12 month old and he is always on go! Before I got pregnant I could run 6 miles. I was so proud of that, because it took me a year to get there and I never was a runner. However between juggling my son Colton and my husband on second shift I haven’t have the chance to get back at it like I would like. This stroller would be great!! I could so see and my little guy chugging away and getting the miles done. I wanna be a positive influence on him!

  143. Hello Heidi! I just love what you and Chris do, and I love the example your family sets for all of us with blended families! My husband and I have a blended family as well! He had a daughter, I had a son, then we had two girls, and just 7 weeks ago we had our last, a sweet little boy! After having to have him early at 36 weeks due to preeclampsia he spent a week in the NICU. My blood pressure is still elevated, and I’m at my heaviest weight in my life. I’m at a point in my life that I desperately need change. I would love the opportunity to receive a blessing so huge! I never win these sorts of things but would love to start working on my fitness in style! Thank you so much for considering me!

  144. I love the step by step work out routine you have for new moms. My niece Ashley Simpson would be the perfect and a very grateful person to receive this stroller! She was working out and getting healthier before her bundle of joy Abram blessed their lives. Weight has always been a struggle for the women in our family but she has always given everything she has to push through the pain to help reach her goals. Seeing her mom (my sister) battle and ultimately lose her fight to breast cancer she is full aware of the importance of taking control of your health. I know this would be such a blessing to her on her journey! Thank you for always being so generous!

  145. My baby is due in April. I have 2 weddings within 10 weeks post baby. I will need help shedding that baby weight to look great for those weddings. This would be an awesome way to do that!!

  146. After 3 boys, we finally had a girl 6 months ago. We have no stroller, we live in our ergo. It’d be so cool to have a stroller and the boys could ride their bikes along side us in our neighborhood as I get motivated by your awesome IG posts and get moving!

  147. I would love to win the stroller for my daughter. She is pregnant with her fourth child which was not planned. They decided not to have anymore children because they were in the process of building a house but God had other plans. So they do not have all of the things that used to have for their three boys this would be a great gift for her. My daughter Christina is a very giving person it would be nice to have something given to her for once. ??

  148. Hi Heidi!!! Of course like every one else commenting I’m a HUGE fan! I am 16 weeks pregnant with my first little one! You and your modern family are such an inspiration to my husband and I! Our friends and family hosted us a gender reveal this weekend here is a link to the 11 second video of our reveal (we did not know so it was a true surprise)!

    I travel for a living and will be taking a step down (and a pay cut) once our little one arrives. It would be a blessing to win this awesome stroller! I also love to run! Just ran the Dallas tough mudder (12 miles) this past weekend!!

    Christian Montalvo

  149. Hi my name is Amber and I just as my 3rd child last Friday. His name is Berrett. I already have 2 beautiful daughters at home. Between this child and my last I have gotten myself in pretty good shape and lost 75lbs. When my body gives me the green light I am ready to get fit again. I find it so much easier keeping up with small children when I myself is in shape. Berrett was born at 36 weeks wanting to see the world a month early. He is happy and healthy and ready to begin his journey with his two big sisters.

  150. Hi Heidi!! This is a wonderful and exciting giveaway! Your husband and you have inspired me and my husband to get active and healthy. We have changed our life style and are working out and eating healthy( well trying to ). Our 22 month old son, husband and I all love to take longs walks with our collie. I love your ideas on how to use the stroller for your workouts. I have been wanting to start a new exercise routine besides the same weight lift, elliptical, jog and walks. Thank you for the amazing opportunity!!!

  151. Hey Heidi!
    I am a mommy of 3 boys ๐Ÿ™‚ 4,2, and 1 month.
    The gym I belong to does not baby sit until babies are 6 months old. So after having my first son I got the baby blues pretty bad, but I came to realize getting outside kicked the baby blues in the butt real quick. I would find time to run at least 5 days a week and ended up completing my first half marathon.
    With children comes more confidence in myself because I feel I have a bigger reason to live and be healthy.
    After baby number 2 I trained for my first full marathon, worked part time, and went to school at night. I am pursuing a career in dental hygiene to have a stable income for my family.
    Two years later, and actively preventing, I became pregnant with my third son. At this point I would alternate running and strength training.
    I am happy to say I am done with my prerequisite classes and will enter dental hygiene school in 6 months.
    The newest addition to our family would LOVE this stroller to tag along on my runs and to do workouts like the one you just posted while we play and watch his big brothers at the park. I would promise to put SO many miles on this stroller it would not be wasted! Thank you for being an inspiration to us mommies who love fitness and our families.

  152. A little about myself….
    Almost 4 years ago I started my weight loss journey losing 85lbs in 8 months (I went from 240lbs down to 155lbs). Shortly after reaching 155lbs, I became pregnant with baby #3, and gained 50lbs during the pregnancy. I worked my a$$ off and got down to 165lbs a year after having my son. Again, shortly after we found out we were expecting baby #4.
    So here I am, 7weeks post partum and starting on my journey all over again. I know that I’ve done it before and I can do it again. I gained way too much over this pregnancy (it was extremely painful to walk for me), and out of the 60lbs I gained, I have another 30 to reach my pre-pregnancy weight and then 20lbs to reach my goal. I will get there. It’s not a matter of “if” but “when”.
    Truth be told, had I not starting watching Extreme Weight Loss, I may not have started my journey when I did. I have all your books and love them. You gave me the drive and the motivation, and made me realize that my goal is reachable. And I thank you for that.
    Winning this give away would mean the world to me. Having four kids (6yrs, 4yrs, 2yrs, and 7weeks), it can be hard to find time to workout, but I’ve learned you need to MAKE the time.

  153. This stroller is the bomb! Its so awesome that you are giving it away. Let me tell you a little about our little man, Carson. He is 5 months old, almost 6. He was born on May 16,2016 . He is my first born . My husband and I got married in May of 2015. He is 6 years older than me and we had dated for a few years before we got married so we knew that after we got married we wanted to try for kids as soon as we could . The only problem is we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to have kids due to my past history of Anorexia and being hospitalized for months . It all started when I was 12 but took me til I was about 30 to completely recover. We were all worried I wouldnt be able to conceive because of all of the issues I had had with my body . We told my Dr. were going to try as soon as we could . He told us not to worry or get upset if nothing happened and in about 8 months or so we could look into testing if needed. At that moment , we left it in God’s hands and said whatever happens, happens. Then on Sept. 6th, we found out we werr pregnant . The biggest miracle and most exciting news ever ! Everyone was shocked but excited at the same time . For 3 Years, I had worked so hard to take care of my body because I knew I wanted kids and it definitely paid off. I was the healthies I had ever been. I ate healthy and was very active my whole pregnancy. I did bootcamp up until 3 weeks before he was born . I also now own my own business where I teach people how to lose weight the healthy way so that they never go through what I did . I got my Masters degree in Dietetics in 2005 and knew that I could never really do anything with it until I myself was completely healed and happy. We are so blessed and I would to have this stroller for our little guy. He loves outdoors and its important for me to teach him to be healthy and active and I want to start while he is young . Thank you for your time !

  154. I’m due Jan.23 and my little is a boy! His name is Caleb. Caleb is our rainbow baby and our first. Last year at this exact time my husband and I had a miscarriage at 13 weeks. I wanted to work out during this pregnancy but my doctor put me on restrictions. I would love to have a stroller I can work out with to lose this baby weight while entertaining my son! Thank you for the opportunity and daily inspiration.

  155. This is my entry for @coach_heidi1, you should see the girl rock her workouts at 8 months pregnant!
    Also, she’s an amazing mom.

  156. Hi Heidi!
    I would love to have this stroller to go on runs with my little guy! He is 14 months old and loves watch and running with his daddy! Running is my passion and would love to share that with my son!

  157. Yay!! I didn’t even know they made a jogger! I am a mama bear to two littles, 3&1. I love this workout! I’m a Fit4Mom instructor so stroller workouts are my jam! ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh and I live in Mesa too. ?

  158. Well… My little is still very little. She is due in February. However we are already great workout buddies. She does exactly what I do and never complains. I would like to keep my workout buddy come February and this stroller would definitely help. I also take very good care(ocd) of my things and would love to pay this stroller forward when my little gets to be a big. Thanks-Rachel

  159. I am a mother of four whose husband is gone 6 days a week for work every week. My kids are 7,5,3 and 8 mths. Two girls and two boys just like you ?. I struggle with my weight like everybody else but my kids are my top priority. The stroller would be most beneficial in getting me moving while still caring for my little ones.

  160. My little girl just turned 4 months!! She is the highlight of my life! This stroller would be awesome for next summer so I can get my body back!!

  161. I am a registered nurse on an orthopedic unit, I have a 2 year old and a 9month old. My 2 year old loves to be outside riding his “motorcycle” (tricycle). I love fitness but since my daughter was born I’ve fallen behind. This stroller looks absolutely perfect to carry my daughter while my son rides his tricycle at the park!

  162. This stroller would be so wonderful to have! My husband runs all the time marathons ect. So this would be perfect for you little guy so we could take him on runs with us. He loves being outside with his momma and daddy!

  163. Hi Heidi!
    My little one and I would love to give Ruby’s stroller some more love! My sweet little girl Elliot is my Rainbow baby and I spend as much time as possible giving her the love and affection that my husband and I weren’t able to give our first sweet girl. We currently spend our mornings walking with our local Hike-it-baby group and this stroller would be a great to switch her too now that she no longer seems to want to ride in her infant seat attached to her stroller. BUT I am absolutely positive that anyone who wins this stroller will be just as excited. Good luck ladies!

  164. This stroller give away is awesome!
    I have 5 little one 8,6,4,2 and 5 months they keep be busy.
    I would really like to give them a mom that can keep up with them health and fit and I think that this stroller would help me with that.

  165. My husband and I waited a long time for our baby boy. Finally after 12 years of marriage we adopted our son. The day he was born was the best day of my life. The year before his birth we both went through a weight loss transformation. My husband lost over 150 pounds and I have lost 80. We are so happy to be the parents of this perfect little boy but finding time to focus on health and fitness has been a bit of a struggle. Having an awesome workout stroller will help us continue our healthy lifestyle with him and be examples to our baby.

  166. Hi Heidi, my kiddos are 4 and 5 and one on the way! My last stroller was a double stroller. You stroller is perfect for workouts. Good luck everyone!

  167. Heidi, you are such and inspiration! I would be beyond excited to have a stroller like this for my 11 month old, Zoey, and I to use for work outside! I need to get my fitness back! Thanks for the opportunity!

  168. So excited about this giveaway! My 11 month old, Zoey, and I could use it for some workouts! I need to get my fitness back on track! I still have 20lbs of baby weight. Plus, Zoey loves the outdoors so this would be perfect!!!! You inspire me so much!

  169. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you Heidi for sharing this! My baby girl is turning 2 next month. She is miss independent and says constantly “me do it mama” ?? She says she doesn’t want a brother or a sister but if we ask her if she wants a baby to play with she says yes and she says she wants a girl not a boy ??

  170. This morning I ran a 5k for the first time in 4 years. A girl ahead of me started walking so I encouraged her to keep running and not give up. My baby girl is 11 months. She is full of energy and loves to laugh. This would be great for our runs. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  171. My little Gloria is almost 7 months old. We recently finished the 22 push-up challenge to honor vets, and Gloria participated in the push-ups too! You have to start them young! It would be wonderful to have a stroller like this to be active with her!

  172. How cool is this?! My little is ETA early May 2107. This would help me to get back into shape after baby ๐Ÿ™‚

  173. Hi Heidi, I’m recently married and about to head to Phoenix for my final Physical Therapy Internship. My husband and I are working on our baby making. I do have a brother and sister in law that would love your stroller. Keep up the awesome work!!

  174. Soo excited for this giveaway!!! I’m a mama to almost 3 I have two very active boys and 28weeks pregnant with a girl! About to go on bedrest with my third since all my babies have been premature ๐Ÿ™ so about to take some good needed time off but excited to welcome a third baby to our family and I know we will be on the go as soon as she’s out so this stroller would def come in handy for workouts, school drop offs and then busy life of a family of 5! Excited to enter thanks so much for all you do you’re such an inspiration!

  175. Hey Heidi !
    You’re so sweet for giving your stroller away! My daughter and I have done this workout multiple times! (So many that the jogging stroller I have is on its last leg!) She’s 2 and still loves to be in the stroller cheering me on, when she’s not doing push-up and squats right next to me lol. Being in the military I have to stay in shape and we’d love to win this stroller to take our workouts to the next step! Thank you for the chance to enter!

  176. Hi Heidi!
    My son is 18 mths old and was diagnosed with BPES a month after birth. This was was the beginning of my weight gain due to PPD. I’m now learning to pick up the pieces and work out for my son. To be there for him. I used to run and want to get back into it.


  177. My little guy will be 6 months on he 4th and I’m 13lbs from my prepregnancy weight. Currently breastfeeding and trying to figure out how to incorporate workouts that won’t hinder my milk supply.

  178. Hey Heidi,

    My hubby & I are currently doing the #fittestcouplechallenge, but this workout looks like something we could do together on Saturday for fun while pushing our son (Hunter who is 18months)….. That is if we had a working stroller…. We recently flew from Edmonton to Vancouver where Air Canada actually broke our strollers axel during transport, so winning this would be AMAZING!!!!

  179. Would LOVE to win this stroller – expecting my fifth baby in March! My current stroller is from when my second was born – it’s seen better days! I love your blog/show/tips/family and would love this awesome gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

  180. I am due in 2 monthes with my first baby. I have always been an active running up until this year when I had emergency back surgery and went into recovery and healing mode. I have started to get back to “running” or more of a light jog as a heal in the last 2 months. My husband is a firefighter and also an active runner. We both are looking forward to encorporating running with spending time with our little one! Especially when he is on shift for 2 days straight each week, my workouts with need to be with this little baby boy and running is the perfect activity for our family structure. This stroller would be an enormous help in that, especially with having a smooth and high quality stroller for my back as I still heal. It would mean so much to our family to have the opportunity to utilize this stroller into our regular activities. Thank you!

  181. I would love to win this stroller. My hubby and I have five kids! My oldest is 9 and my youngest is just 7 weeks. Four boys and one girl! I love having a big family and now that I am past the having babies phase of my life it’s time to take care of me and get back in shape and lose the baby weight. There is almkst fours years between my youngest two and with the older four in Elementary school and preschool this stroller workout would be awesome to do on my free mornings with only one kid. We thought we were done having kids at four and so we got rid of all our stuff, including strollers. Winning this would be a huge blessing!

  182. I just had my second baby girl 4 weeks ago. Eastyn and Emersyn are the best parts of me and they deserve for me to be the best me I can be for them. This would help jumpstart my back into shape when I’m able to start exercise again. My littles are the sweetest and I can’t get enough of all that they do.

  183. My Eli is 20 months old. Loves to be outside. We would make great use out of this jogging stroller. I’ve been getting out for walks and slowly staring to jog more. This would be a great tool for our mommy and me fitness journey!

  184. Hi Heidi-

    I know this is by far a long chance of winning this stroller. I’m a mom of 3 kids. 5 year old girl, 3 year old girl and a 2.5 months old baby boy. I’ve been getting your ideas of workouts combined in other different workout ideas that I’m planning to start in November. I’ve been through a really tough time through out my life and eating was my thing that helped me through the stuff I should have never gone through. I guess you could say I’m a emotional eater. With having kids, I want to live a longer life and be around them. I miss being active. I want to be able to play with the kids, do fun things with them and etc.

    If I win this stroller, I would be able to take my kids on walks more often and encourage them to workout with me. Walking used to be one of my favorite thing to do. When I’m not in need of the stroller anymore. I would donate to someone who really needs it. Maybe a special needs mom or a mom with brand new born baby in NICU would appreciate the stroller.

  185. I’m a homeschooling mom of four (8, 6, 2, 4 week old). I’ve been overweight for too long and this whole pregnancy I have been mind prepping for after she was born. I only gained 25 pounds the entire pregnancy and am only 5 pounds away from when I got pregnant. I need something like this for my handful two year old/baby when the doctor releases me to exercise. I am a huge believer in the work that you guys do! Thank you for your generosity!

  186. I would love to win this stroller! As the Mom of 4 kids I am never above hand me downs haha. My fourth baby was born in August 2016. He has two big brothers and a big sister. He is adored by all of us and completes our family perfectly! I would love a stroller that is easy to push like this one so when I’m out and about with his crazy older
    siblings I am able to keep up with them even when they are running all
    over the place!

  187. Hello! So a little about my little(s)! ๐Ÿ™‚ My current youngest son is 17 months old and is just such a joy and such a ham. He’s full of adventure, a daddy’s boy to the extreme (c’mon son, I carried you for 9 months AND a csection to boot… give momma some love!), and he himself will become a big brother in about 4 months! Baby boy #3 is on his way! And so is csection #3 per doctor’s orders across the board. Thankfully, this baby is due in cooler weather (Arizona girl here… so we both know that our winter is like spring and winter pretty much doesn’t exist), so walks will be all I can do for exercise for at least 6-8 weeks post baby. I work out very diligently, so this forced break to heal is never something I enjoy. I’m thankful to be delivering at a time when walks with baby boy will be something manageable to do outside, and this stroller would be quite the ride for baby boy! And in the mean time, my other son would get great use out of it as well! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  188. Love these workouts. As a full time nurse and mama of 2(3 year old and 6 month old) finding time to work out is so hard. I’m always trying to do things while we are playing or walking. This is another nice routine I can get into

  189. This is such an awesome giveaway! I am a Veterans wife and we have three beautiful girls (6yrs, 5yrs and 9 months old). I’ve been needing a jogging stroller for our youngest Eliana, so I can start working out more. She is the sweetest baby girl, so well behaved (we hear it every time we go out). When she gets mad she actually rolls her tongue (rrrrrrrrrrr) lol she is such a smiley and loving little girl! We would love to win this stroller!!

  190. I would love that stroller for my third (5 months), Brin. Everyone knows by the time your pristine stroller is on the third babe that it’s not to nice anymore!! Love following your family on social media, you are very inspiring!! E

  191. We’re actually in the market for a new stroller and this stroller would be a total dream! I’m a mama to a 9.5 month old energetic little boy named Grayson. He loves being out and about, running errands with me but we also love going for family walks in our neighborhood (or down the street to our local Starbucks ?). I would love a stroller to keep him safe and secure while we visit the zoo, browse the mall or walk to dinner.

  192. Honestly I don’t know much about “my little” yet. We will be delivery any day now. I’m currently 38 weeks pregnant with baby #5 (4th boy)! But I can tell you a little bit about me. I have been a mom for nearly 10 years. I have a son with Autism and epilepsy, he is 8 years old. We spend a lot of time going to dr. Appointments and events for him. We try to stay an active family. We love to spend a lot of time in the out doors here in Montana! Our kids love it here ๐Ÿ™‚ a good stroller would be an awesome addition to our family!

  193. Hi Heidi!
    My name is Brittany, I am deaf, stay at home mom, and expecting a little girl in few weeks. I have a son who’s 3 and half years old. My husband is set to deploy, his 4th one, in January! It will be hard handling a preschooler and very young infant by myself!

    This is an amazing giveaway! One mama will be lucky! Thank you!

  194. Heidi!!

    Thank you for putting this stroller up for grabs. I love reading your blog and following you on Facebook. You are the Fit Momma all of us hope to be. My little is due February 2017 and is already the love of my life. Before I found out I was pregnant I was about 2 months away from having weight loss surgery . I believe that this little nugget is God’s way of telling me I can do this on my own! Keep posting and keep motivating! ??

  195. Heidi ? Our brand new baby girl and I would love to get our sweat ? on with your and Ruby’s jogger!! It’s been a long pregnancy, 41 weeks to be exact ?!!! But now that our Maizy Grace is here, this mama with her sweet little 9lb 7 0z pumpkin pie (fat free of course ?) are ready to get this party started!! Please consider us! ? We love you and your family!

  196. Hey hiedi I have an adorable 6 month and an almost 3 year old. My 6 month old is full of joy and so calm and easy going. My 3 year old is full of energy and is a hand full lol. I’m sure you know. I try to do as much outdoors with them as I can. We have a cheap Walmart brand stroller which I’m thankful for from my family but it would be nice to have one that is actually meant for outdoors

  197. This would be a dream! I’m determined to get fit again after I have my second little boy next week. I would love to be able to run with the baby instead of having to walk because the wheels just won’t work!

  198. Hey Heidi! I am a mama of 3 so far. Just gave birth to my son Jack River in late August!! He is adorable and putting on weight, learning to sleep and being entertained by his big brother and sister! I’ve been working on getting back in shape and so far it’s been slow but encouraging. The stroller does look amazing! Here’s to hoping we win!

  199. I love reading your posts! You give me such inspiration!!! My son just turned a year old and I love our walks in the country. I love teaching my son about nature and its beauty when we are on our walks! This stroller would be awesome!!!!

  200. I have a 10 yo and 9 yo daughters … and then I have a 20 month old son who is all over the place :)( all boy). We love to be outside 24/7. The girls love to help with our son as well.

  201. I am so excited for this giveaway since I found out I’m expecting #2 next year. With my son we were always walking and I joined stroller strides. I would love an amazing stroller to use again for fitness with my new little one. It’s so exciting!

  202. My little guy is 19 months old and love to be outside. He is also love playing and kicking balls. He has no since for fear when trying new things ? . Which being my first scars me all the time. But I gusse that what little boys are supposed to do to their moms. He brings me joy everyday.

  203. Hi! I am pregnant with baby number two and I would absolutely love to win this for him! We have a 20-month-old at home, and our current jogging stroller is not very good to say the least. ๐Ÿ™ I feel like if I had a better jogging stroller, I would be more motivated to get out and workout more with the baby! With our current jogging stroller, it makes working out not very comfortable! I would love to use this with our little boy who is due in May!

  204. Hi Heidi! I love following your inspirational life! Thanks for this giveaway what an awesome heart you have. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I have 4 kids, my littlest is 4 months old, her name is Clara. She was a tough one to get here, we thought we’d be blessed with just the 3 kids we had, but 5 years later she finally came! We have never been happier to finally have her safe in our arms. Because we lost a bit of hope trying to get her here, we may have gave away all of our baby gear! Oops! So this would be an extra blessing to have this amazing stroller to keep up with our lifestyle and stay active.
    If we get lucky and this stroller makes it to our home… you better believe we will pay it forward when we are done with it! Thanks again for your kindness!
    <3 Jenni P.

  205. Since I’m still pregnant I don’t have any stroller yet and wow, would love to rock this stroller and do this workout to get me fit again after our first baby arrives. This stroller looks amazing. I live in Denver and go to the Anschutz Health and Wellness Center since it’s by my work and loved when you guys were filming there. So cool to be even remotely a part of the amazing transformative work you do. Thanks for all the inspiration! Suzy @wewhowanderarenotlost on IG

  206. My little girl is a handful and with an older sibling involved in sports and being on the go a lot, strollers are a must. Ive never thought of incorporating one into a workout though. Nice!

  207. My youngest (of 6) is 13 months old and I’ve so been wanting to take him on a run while my older kids play at the playground. He’s such a sweet, happy, and lovable little guy! It would be a blast to be able to take him running!

  208. Hi Heidi!
    This is awesome what you’re doing and we would be extremely grateful if you were to pick us. My husband and I are foster parents and we are currently fostering a beautiful little girl who was born addicted to opiets. We foster because we are unable to have our own children and we cannot afford a normal adoption. So we decided to open up our hearts and home to give these children a loving place weather they stay forever or just temporarily. Thank you once again for this amazing opportunity.

  209. My little is due March 1st 2017! She is my first baby and I am super excited! I am really into health and fitness and have been crossfitting through my whole pregnancy so far. I workout at SinCity Crossfit and actually met you a couple years ago when the Extreme Transformation was shooting her episode in Las Vegas. I have not purchased a stroller yet, but would definitely like one that supports my active life style. The Orbit Baby looks like a great option! I enjoy following you and your family on Instagram.


  210. Such a great article!! We just had our 4th baby and during my csection I had my tubes tied. The finality of having our kids all here had actually been a great feeling. I’m excited to be able to concentrate on my body and continue to become healthier and an example to my four kids. Our baby is also named Ruby and she is three weeks old. This stroller would be amazing!

  211. I have a baby boy on the way and I’m 19 years old! I’ve played soccer my whole life as I am playing soccer at Utah State (but red shirting this year!) I spend almost every day in the summer running to prepare for season so I’d love a great stroller to help me prepare for next year with my little boy whose due in January.

  212. Hey heidi you asked for a comment about my little one. Well I don’t know own that a comment could properly describe her. She is simply put amazing. First of all she is adorable, everyone who meets her loves her. Her personality I think is one of her greatest gifts. She knows no stranger and loves everyone she meets but being the youngest of 4 she doesn’t take any attitude from the older 3. She’s not afraid to let you know exactly what she wants wwhich is quite the challenge for a baby. She is so sweet and loving to everyone she meets. She is sooooo observant. She loves to just watch people and places and will already try to replicate things she’s sees. She is truly a joy in my life and has taught me to slow down and enjoy the small things

  213. Heidi,

    This is awesome! Thank you for doing this!! So my little girl is almost 5 months old now! Time flies! Her name is Ellie May! Even though she is just a baby we can already tell that she loves the outdoors. One of my favorite things to do is run! I just ran a half marathon last year! But now that I am back at work I realized how hard it is to go on a run because A. I don’t have the time and B. I want to spend every moment I can with Ellie when I get home!! I would LOVE to be able to share my passion for running with little Ellie May and take her with me! This would be perfect!

    And thanks for all of your constant encouragement through your social media! I am so amazed how in shape you are with sooo many kids!


  214. Hi Heidi. I loved watching you and Chris on Extreme Weight Loss and I love viewing your Facebook, Instagram and blog. I also love the workouts you are demonstrating above with this stroller. My little one is 5 months old and he loves to go for walks. He is a very active baby, always wanting to be held, and loves to look at his surrounding. He loves to smile, laugh and make all kinds of crazy sounds. He hasn’t quite learned how to crawl yet but he is definitely getting there. His current stroller was a hand me down from his cousins so it is a bit older and needs an upgrade. I think this stroller would be great for me to take him on walks and to entertain him and for me to use to workout with my little man, Wyatt. The stroller looks very easy to push and lightweight. It would definitely be easier to take in and out of the car then our current stroll which is bulky. I’m a tiny 4 ft 9 inch mama, so this stroll would be great, as my little man is a big boy, weighing 18 lbs and standing at 27 inches or so. His daddy is tall, standing at 6 ft 2 inches. I like that the seat can easily rotate 360 degrees so that he can either look at me or watch the surroundings where we are going, which as I mentioned he loves to do. This stroller would also definitely help jump start my weight loss, as i have gained weight since having my little Wyatt, and need a little motivation to go for walks and workout, as being a mama is sometimes tough and you don’t get a lot of me time. I hope you’ll consider us in your decision making.

  215. I love this stroller! Graham is 2 days shy of 3 months old. He was born at a hefty 4lbs 5oz and is the light of our lives ? I ran the Marine Corps marathon in 2010 and since having the baby, I’ve struggled to get back out there. Running has never been easy for me, but it always brought me clarity and a little peacefulness. As a new mom, I definitely need that again. ?????

  216. Hi Heidi,
    You are always inspiring me to work harder not just in the fitness world but also to be a better mom and even the not always so simple task to just love myself! I would love to have this stroller it sounds amazing! I have a 4 year old daughter and a 16 month old son both of them love rides in the stroller and my daughter has even started running with me and in a group with other kids her age!
    Thanks for all of the inspiration!

  217. Hi Heidi! I’m currently 15 weeks pregnant and I’ve been monitoring my weight very closely. I’m not restricting but trying to stay careful. I lost about 30 LB’s before my IVF transfer in August and luckily it worked! I love this workout suggestion. It gives me hope that after the baby I can remain healthy and workout with my baby! Can’t wait to try it out.

  218. What a thoughtfull giveaway! The sweet babe I would be jamming with in this stroller would be my 8 month old Kora. She is my 3rd and joins her big sissy Lyla (2) and big brother Sawyer (3). I lover getting all 3 of my littles outside in ouregards home Prescott, AZ (just a short drive north from you!). Kora is the sweetest, happiest, most easy going baby. Her easy gummy Smile just added it’s first tooth. And she just loves her brother & sister and can’t wait to be able to keep up with them. Thanks for the chance of this giveaway!!

  219. I just had my 4thand last precious baby! I have never bought a jogging stroller due to the cost. I would love to have a jogger stroller as now that the temps are cooling down I try to get out Walking with my little guy everymorning! My little guy is 5 months old and everyday I can go
    Just a little bit further in my non jogger stroller! I would love to
    See how far I could go in Ruby’s stroller!

  220. Hey Heidi! I’m a happily married wife and mom of three littles-5, 3 and 1. I’m a cardiac nurse and about to finish obtaining my real estate license. I love being at home with my family and love decorating. Exercising has become a passion of mine over the last 3 years. The gym is my home away from home and my stress reliever. I’m always encouraged and enlightened by your blog!

  221. This is such an awesome giveaway!! I currently have a 3 year old and am about to have another baby. Winning this stroller would be so nice since this will be my 4th baby and I am due for a new stroller. This will also be my last baby and I plan to kick my workouts and nutrition into high gear. I to live in arizona and when the weather permits it we are out side all the time. Thank you and thank you for all your advice and support and amazing example.

  222. Love this!! I am currently pregnant with my first child. So I don’t know much about him except that his name is Wyatt James and he will be such a stud! I’m all about running and fitness so this is the kind of stroller I need! I will be a stay at home mommy, hopefully certified by then to be a PT ๐Ÿ™‚

  223. Would love to win little Ruby’s Stroller! 8 months pregnant and a little ahead of weight gain schedule blah. But I know I can get back at it!

  224. I have the prettiest 11 week old girl. With a two year old, we are always on the go and our old stroller is not holding up. The stroller would be well loved and would help with the weight I’m working on losing. We would love to win!

  225. Ahhh such an amazing giveaway!!! You’re the sweetest and love this workout! My youngest is 6minths and my twins are 5! This stroller would totally simplify life as a busy mommy!!! Thanks for always being so generous with your advice and giveaways! Xoxo from PA!

  226. Would love to win this awesome stroller for the little boy I help raise. He has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and we use a stroller a lot for him. The one I have is very hard to turn. This would be awesome for him!

  227. I would so love this stroller! I have 3 little ones but my youngest is 1.5! He is the calmest boy but can take off so I usually keep him in the stroller while I chase around my 2 year old and 5 year old:)

  228. THIS IS AWESOME!! My little guy is 15 months old. He loves outside and he loves going for strolls in our neighborhood. He enjoys all things nature..sticks, rocks, pinecones, you name it. It would be so nice to have a better jogging stroller to take him on my runs.

  229. My little is a year old and we both love to spend time outside! This stroller would go great with our lifestyle!

  230. I love this stroller. I have 3 boys and my youngest is 4 months. They are very active and love to be outside. This would be a great addition for our family.

  231. I have a 5 year old and a 5 month old. My baby girl is the easiest baby on this planet and after a medically special needs child she seems so easy to take care of. Had a hard pregnancy with her but worth every day of bedrest and every minute of sickness. She would absolutely love to go on these runs with me in style and comfort!

  232. I am a stay at home mom to four amazing kiddos! My step son jaycob (9) step daughter jaicee (6) my son Easton (5) and our newest addition Evanee (5 months) I have struggled with weight gain and loss pretty much my entire life but after my son Easton I was able to stay in shape until having my daughter. After two csections and busy lifestyle I’m struggling to lose the baby weight and get back to where I was. This stroller could do wonders with helping me get back in shape to play with my kiddos more!

  233. Hi Heidi! I have followed you and Chris forever!! Love you both. I would love this stroller. Looks amazing!! I just had my third baby. Sweet baby boy Eli is 6 months old and this momma is working hard to get my fit body back. Eli loves walks in the stroller and we’d definitely get a good use of if it. I also have two older daughters. Bri is 6 and Abby is 4.

  234. My little girl is 2 1/2, and won’t be able to fit this for long (but it would be so perfect till then) … but I am expecting another one in March, so it would be SO perfect for baby #2!!! Would so love to win!

  235. What a great opportunity to even be offered! Would absolutely love something like this for our baby! We are pregnant with our 5th – in the market for all new baby gear since we got rid of everything. This stroller would be amazing with our busy and active lifestyle of running and sports with the kids!

  236. Yes yes yes!! I’m due in March and already trying to plan out my postpartum workouts. I’ve been researching specifically jogging strollers because I know I will want to be out and about in the pretty spring weather!

  237. Hi Heidi, I personally want to thank you for all the blessings you’re family continues to pour on the world.
    I recently changed our lifestyles, so working out is a must and with a recently turned 1 year old it can be quite the challenge! We are a military family serving a tour overseas on Guam! The little tiny island in the middle of nowhere! However being in the middle of nowhere, is where we’ve learned to Improvise In just about every aspect. Everything, for my sweet girl was used or worn. It’s not difficult to ship to Guam but it is a tad bit more expensive. I would, my sweet Norah would absolutely LOVE this turbo jogging stroller. Our current situation isn’t good, but we are healthy and striving. I would love to start being able to start running 5k’s and going on walks. I love the workouts you’ve provided, you are awesome! ! You probably already know that.
    May God continue to bless you family.
    Always Rebecca Horton

  238. What a great giveaway! You always give me the motivation I need to get out and exercise! I’m a mother of 2 active boys who love being outdoors! We go on walks everyday and this would be perfect for my 7 months old son! Thank you for your example and a great opportunity!

  239. I’m a mama of two beautiful boys I just had my second six months ago, and after being born with some complications he’s turned into the sweetest, strongest, happy little boy. My husband and I putting our heart and soul into living a healthy active lifestyle I’ve lost 40 pounds so far but I still have quite a bit to go this would be a fantastic way to stay active with the boys!

  240. Hello. My name is Elle. I am 23 years old. I have a 9 month daughter named Riley. She is my entire world. I am a stay at home mom. I am working on losing weight. I’ve lost 59 pounds since I had her. I would love to have this stroller. I would be able to do more workouts. The stroller have now isn’t really good for outdoors. The wheels are cheap so they don’t do good in dirt or rocks. I love hiking and going for walks. Riley enjoys the outdoors with me. She’s just learning to walk with her baby walker. It’s amazing watching her grow. Thank you ?

  241. My husband and I have been trying to conceive our baby for over 3 years. It was a huge battle emotionally. We are 2 weeks away from delivery! I am really big into running and working out. Before I got pregnant I worked out 6 times a week. I’ve always tried to improve my routine. I have been looking into macro dieting. Trying to figure out what to do after baby is born. I have always loved following your ideas, but mostly your drive and motivation you give others! I believe in uplifting others along their health journey no matter how long or hard it is. My first baby I gained 87 pounds. It took me 18 months to loose it, but I know if you believe you can you will. This is an awesome give away! I would love it. I am sure whoever gets it will really appreciate it! Thank you for being so great at helping other feel better about themselves! I wish more people understood the concept!

  242. Hi Heidi,
    What a wonderful giveaway!!! I am a mom of 4 wonderful kiddos and I’m trying to soak up every last bit of baby-hood from my littlest, Lucy who is 16 months. She is independent and loves to do everything on her own. However, she LOVES being in a stroller. This would be a wonderful way to stay active and have my little Lucy with me!

  243. Hi Heidi,
    First, thank you for your generosity. I think it’s wonderful to pass on what we cannot use anymore to others. To give without recieving makes such a statement in today’s culture.
    I am a mother of 3 boys. Jayden 4, Ja’kobe 3 and Julius 9 months. I do my best to stay in shape with and for the boys, but I’m not going to lie it’s difficult being outnumbered since Julius came along. I would love to put Ruby’s old stroller to use ? Thank you for all the good you and your husband do (I’m a big fan of your show) and have a happy Halloween weekend!

  244. Hi! I would so love this for me and my son Mason. He is 13 months old and the true meaning of a fighter. He was born with CDH – had surgery at 5 days old and spent 45 days in the nicu. He is my 3rd baby and my healthiest pregnancy! I gained weight while living in the hospital for those 7 weeks eating hospital food and sitting in a recliner holding my sweet boy. Since coming home I’ve been struggling to loose the remaining weight and have been looking for a jogging stroller! He had surpassed every obstacle and overcome every hurdle. I just want to be healthy and fit for my kids!

  245. Love this idea!! And thanks for the different exercise every other day for muscles. Didn’t know that. ?

    1. I have 4 girls, and my youngest loves being outside and riding in a stroller. Hoping for one more baby ? So a new stroller would be great!

  246. I just had my 2nd baby 2 months ago, I’m getting back to the gym after being off for 2 months. I continued crossfit throughout my pregnancy up until 38 weeks and then it just got too uncomfortable. I would love to win this stroller so that I can take my littles on a run with me as my husband wants me to do a Spartan race with him next year I need to start training!

  247. So nice to give this away my babe is 14 months and she loves to be outside. She’s a mama’s girl totally. I think she’s love being able to see me while we walk or run!

  248. I have 5 babies in all but my last two are just a year and 15 days apart and these last two years have been (needless to say) exhausting. I have neglected my health although before I always tried to get in some kind of exercise. My 2 year old’s name is Ruby (too) and her little sister’s name is Swan. They love being outdoors and this stroller would be just as fun for them as it would be for me. I have always enjoyed being outside for workouts and this would be great motivation for me to get back on track.
    Thank you for this great giveaway and good luck to all mommies and daddies!

  249. I love that you are giving away your stroller! Perfect way for a mama to have no excuses! I have 3 kids and working out is so important to me but has definitely gotten harder with each child. I love to try to incorporate my kids into my workout. And outside workouts are awesome for me and the kids!

  250. I love being a mom! It was always my dream to have babies and raise wonderful, loving people. My kids are 7, 3, and 4 months. I am home with them and do my best to use this time to show them how much I love them by taking care of our family, our home, and myself! I workout when and where my kids can watch and see what hard work is. I love to follow your family. Keep up the good work!

  251. My 18 month old is battling brain cancer. We live in Denver and stay at Children’s Hospital often. He has been battling since 15 months. We walk him in his stroller all the time around the Anschutz campus. He starts high dose chemo and bone marrow transplants this Monday the 31st.

    I lost all my pregnancy weight from him using your Extreme Weightloss book and carb cycling program. Unfortunately, I have gained some back because I have given all my strength and time to my son, Luke.

    Anyhow, I’d love to win this stroller- not only as a way of exercising while we are stuck at the hospital, but a constant reminder that with the help of Heidi and Chris, I can focus on healthy again.

  252. I have a 2 year old and i would love to have this stroller for workouts and running in the park. Ive been trying to keep active but my son is too attached to me. He loves running so he would love to ride in style. Thanks for the chance to win!

  253. Oh Heidi, I NEED this stroller! And by need, imean…I really really want it ;). About a year and a half ago I fell in LOVE with health! I’ve struggled with weight and self confidence ever since I was 14 years old. You know the typical story, chubbiest of the girlfriends, the girl who never had a boyfriend through high school, trying EVERY way (but being healthy) to lose the weight and failing every time. Fast forward 8 years and my son, and first child, was born (actually right around little ruby’s birthday!) in novemeber of 2013. I had gotten up to my highest weight at 194 (at a height of 5’5″) and struggling with pp depression I felt at my lowest of lows as a single mom. It wasn’t until my son turned 1 when I was sick of playing the blame game and decided to take happiness into my own hands and change! I fell in love with health and fitness! I started eating right, portion things out, and cut waaayyy back on the pizza ๐Ÿ˜‰ and found a love for running and lifting! not only did I fall in love with health and fitness but I finally fell in love with myself. After a lot of hard work and self discipline, I reached my personal best of a 133 weight and size 2-4 jean! I NEVER thought I would have seen the day, but I did because I believed in myself. Now I sit here 7 months pregnant with my second child and couldn’t be more excited! But, even though I am eating correctly I am not running anymore due to extreme sickness in the first and beginning of second trimester, then I was scared to start back up again. I do my kettle bell work outs, and other small work outs but I know ive climbed back up the weight scale 27 pounds and I am SO eager to start running again, but I’d love to run with my new baby girl in style in that stroller!

    I just want to thank you and Chris for being an inspiration to me and tons of other men and women out there! You two truly are AMAZING, and I miss getting to watch your show every week. I also commend your blended family! As I am starting a blended family of my own, I can only hope that my first childs father will come around to be one big family for our son with my significant other and our daughter.

    Thank you, Heidi!

  254. Hi Heidi!

    I am so thrilled to have a chance to win Ruby’s Orbit stroller! My name is Julie and I am a 45 yr old single mom to a miracle baby. Having been told in my early 20’s by 2 different doctors that I would never be able to have my own children, and then in 2013 being diagnosed with cervical cancer and having a hysterectomy, I had come to terms that God had other plans for me, and it was not being a mom. Fast forward to 2015 when God had me sell my home, buy a new one in a small town to volunteer with a local homeless program… This is when I met a local homeless woman in March of 2016. I had been bringing toiletries to her every couple weeks during her pregnancy, and on July 30th, she asked me to adopt her baby. She said she realized what a kind-hearted and loving person I was for giving up my time to visit her and bring her toiletries on my own time…and that she knew I would give her baby a good, loving home. She allowed me to be in the room when he was born and he has been with me ever since!!
    Being that he was not planned, I had no savings for the adoption social worker fees, adoption attorney fees, hospital fees, etc. Friends and family have been awesome helping me get setup with the necessities. God is in total control of my financial situation and I have no doubts He has me covered…not asking for any money, it’s just part of our story.
    Back in 2015, I had decided it was time to work on me…I hired a fitness trainer/nutritionist and began to eat healthy and work out daily. I went from 235 lbs to 159 lbs. However, since I brought my son home and have been on adoption bonding leave, I have gained back 30 lbs. I am set to go back to work November 1st and am looking forward to getting back in to the gym. I am also looking to get back into running with my son in a stroller as soon as I can. I learned I actually love running and miss it! Ruby’s stroller would be an awesome blessing to Nathan and I so we can begin our outdoor fitness together.
    Thank you for listening and for the opportunity to win Ruby’s stroller.
    God Bless,

  255. This would be for my first grandbaby! Her name is Ashlynn she is 6months old and lives in Louisiana! I would love to win this for her since her mom is trying to get out more and loose weight! It would go to very good use.

  256. Hi!!!! Love love love your posts and tips!!! My lil man is 28 weeks and he’s a big boy! 19.10lbs!!! He is such a happy baby and LOVES going outside but sadly I don’t have a stroller yet to take him on walks! Been looking at them but there so expensive!!!! I been wanting to start running again so a jogging stroller would be amazing!!!! Still have done baby weight to work off ?

  257. My little is 3 and we are expecting another in the spring. After my son was born I started running and lost quite a bit of weight. After this one I would love to get back into that kind of shape. That stroller is SO awesome! Thank you for having give aways like this and blessing others’ lives!

  258. I am pregnant (39 weeks) with my third baby in 3 years! We would
    Love this stroller!! I have pretty bad DR so my husband would get the most out of it! Thanks for the possibility!

  259. Heidi- you are such an inspiration! I’ve loved following your instagram for daily plugs of fitness inspiration- definitely mom goals! I have the sweetest 1.5 year old, and another little on the way due June 2017! Fitness is a passion of mine, but I never could bring myself to splurge on a really nice jogging stroller with my first. I wish I had- I would love to win this stroller!! It’s amazing watching how working out around your kids can be inspiring to them- my little will pick up her one pound weights and stretch out with them and lift them in the air when I have mine. It’s adorable- and such a good reminder of how we need to seta good example for healthy living from the start!
    Hope I get the chance to put on some miles to this loved stroller!!

  260. Holy cow what a stroller!! We currently use an old bumpy graco. We love love love rollerblading and have tons of paved paths in our neighborhood. My daughter has a bit of a rough ride in her stroller right now when we get moving. My daughter is 8 months old and she moves non-stop. I would love and appreciate a gift like this. Thank you!!!

  261. What a great giveaway!

    I have 2 kids – my daughter will be 4!! in less than two weeks ?, and we have a 5 month old boy! I always wanted 2 girls because I grew up with brothers, and always wished for a sister. When I found out baby #2 was a boy, I cried for days!!! Haha. Now that he’s here, I cannot imagine life without him, and am so grateful God knew we needed him in our lives! He is the sweetest little guy, and a total Momma’s boy! ?

  262. I have two beautiful girls (5&7) that both ran their first Spartan race this summer. I also ran two OCR’s this summer. Then we climbed up to “the top of the world” at sun peaks this summer together. They motivate me as much as I motivate them. My older sister is now pregnant, due in February and she also likes to be active. I hope this stroller will also keep her motivated to never give up. Xox!

  263. I am pregnant with my second baby sshhhh it’s a secret! I would love this stroller! It’s something I normally wouldn’t treat myself to ?

  264. This stroller is awesome and so is this workout! I entered to win. I have a 2 year old boy and I’m 13 weeks pregnant with baby number 2. Winning this stroller would be amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  265. Hello there Heidi! I’m a single mother to a beautiful 17-month-old (no longer a baby) girl named Sophia. She is extremely active and loves being outside. She started walking at 7 months, so now she is climbing, dancing, and cannot be contained! BUT I think with a stroller like that, she could watch the world go by while I finally get a little workout in. Love following you and Chris and your beautiful family. Thanks for all the inspiration!

  266. Our littlest little is three, Autumn Rose. Both my husband and I have dark hair and dark eyes but somehow she got sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. She is sassy, sweet and fearless. We recently went to a farm and let her ride on a horse. I thought for sure she was going to want to ride the little pony. NOPE. She got on the big horse no problem. I’m so proud of my strong girl!

  267. Hi Heidi!
    I’d love, love, love to give your stroller a new home! I have a 15 month old and am expecting baby #2. I had a very long and rough recovery after having my first little and my second came as a huge surprise! I’m grateful to be having a baby in the spring, so I can have a summer to help me get back to myself again! ????

  268. This is great you would give this amazing stroller to someone. My daughter in law is having our first grandchild in the next few weeks. This would be a such a wonderful gift for them to get. She loves to try to keep in shape. After being sick for the last 9 months I know she would love to get out and run and do some of the exercises you show here on your blog and still be able to be with her sweet baby girl.

  269. I tagged Makayla Neely. As a single teenage mom who works full time, recently graduated from high school and is planning on becoming a dialysis technician. Makayla is a strong person and has sacrificed so much for her little girl Lillian and her family. While Makayla and Lil live at home with her parents, Makayla also helps her mom who has serious Heath issues. She had a liver transplant 20 years ago. Grandma help watch Lillian while Mom works. Money is tough for this family and having the ability to work out/ take walks/ runs for Makayla would not only help this new mommy shed her baby weight but help grandma in her fitness program. ??Super sweet of you Heidi to think of others.

  270. Love this stroller!!! I have a 6month old baby boy (my first) who loves going on walks and runs! Would be awesome to win this stroller.

  271. My babies are 9 months and 2 and the 2 year old is always wanting to walk and I’m stuck pushing a gigantic double stroller. This mama needs a single stroller and to get back in to shape!!!

  272. Hi Heidi, my name is Amy and I have 2 littles. One little boy 3- almost 4 yr old and one little girl who just turned 2. I joined Fit 4mom about 5 months ago and love being able to workout with my kids! Stroller strides has changed my life- and the kids love working out with me!! the stroller I use now is a hand me down and has gotten it’s use out of it! Thank you for the opportunity to try to win such an amazing stroller!

  273. My husband & I are adopting a little in December & I can not wait to incorporate him into my daily workouts & runs! We are so lucky to be able to adopt & become parents, this stroller would help us tremendously & be one last thing we have to worry about as we become new parents to a toddler!

  274. This stroller looks fantastic! When AZ finally has weather dipping below 100, I can’t wait to get out and take my three littles for bike rides and stroller walks. Thanks for the giveaway HP.

  275. Heidi, I am a mom of 5 kids . The age of them range from 9 yrs to 9months . Bela is 9, Audrey and Kelsey are 7, Dane is 4 and Bryson is 9 months . Bryson is the perfect baby , calm quiet and loved to crawl and play . If we were to get the stroller I would pass it on to a person that would need it when so done .

  276. All of my five babies are grown up, but I know some wonderful moms that would be so blessed to receive this stroller. <3

  277. Hello fellow Arizona resident! I too am very excited the temp is finally dropping. My son is 16 months old, and I would love to go out on more walks and adventures with him. I’ve had my current stroller since he was born and it is not really designed for outdoor terrain. Since January, I have completely changed my eating habits and have lost 62lbs! I have lost all I can from the diet part of the equation but it is now time to add some exercise to get toned up and add muscle definition. Ian truly loves anything to do with the outdoors so this stroller would make mommy and baby very happy ?. He is becoming such a sponge and is starting to mimic everything me and my husband do so I would love to start him on an active lifestyle now. Thank you for even considering me, this is such a great giveaway. You are the best!
    ? Ashley Thomas

  278. This stroller looks amazing. My 7 month old baby loves to be outside so this would be great for both of us:) I could get some exercise and she would get some fresh air:)

  279. Hello Heidi, my name is Ashley. I’m a stay at home mom to my beautiful 1 year old daughter Penelope. We are from Nebraska. I love watching you and your husbands show on tv. I also follow you both on instagram and your blogs. I recently started my own weight loss journey after realizing I needed to make a change for not only myself but my daughter. I have completely changed my eating and work out habits. I don’t have as much to loose as your extreme weight loss clients but I’m happy to say I’m down 35 lbs and 25 lbs away from my goal. I would love to win your stroller. It would be such a nice ride for my daughter as I take her on all my work outs. I don’t belong to a gym so everything I do is outside! Thanks you for all you and your husband do to inspire people like me to get healthy! You guys have been such an inspiration to me!

  280. Such an amazing giveaway! I am a mother of two boys (23 months and 2 months) and have been looking for a new stroller! We live in Texas, and walking distance from a lake! This stroller would allow my family a chance to get out and be more active!

  281. I would love to win this stroller for by beautiful niece, Teagan. Her mommy, my sister is the most amazing single mom, doing everything she can to make sure my sweet baby T has everything she needs.

  282. Awesome tips for working out with littles! My babies are 16, 18, and 20 years old now. We love to go on walks and do fun stuff together!

  283. I will definitely be following this workout routine with my newest little one, on the way, hopefully with this amazing stroller! My other two go to the gym daycare so momma gets her gym time aka sanity time…but the new baby can’t join until 18 months so this momma has to get creative with the stroller on the track ๐Ÿ™‚ Xoxo! Thanks for all the tips Heidi!

  284. Thank you for the mommy/daddy work out tips! We love going on family walks and a stroller is helpful for my youngest and sometimes my middle. ๐Ÿ™‚ our stroller has been through 3 kids so a new one would be wonderful!

  285. My daughter Millie is 6 months and always comes to the gym with us on Saturdays. We would love a stroller like this so she could be with us while we workout. For now we just take turns watching/holding her

  286. My sweet little, Mackenzie, just turned 2 earlier this week! She is a silly girl and loves to workout with Momma. Still trying to get the hubs to records us doing our push ups and her hanging on while I do in and out squats! LOVE that you guts incorporate the kiddos into your workouts!!

  287. This is such an awesome giveaway!! I’m 28 pregnant with my third child this one however is 6 years younger than the other two so we are starting from scratch so this would be an awesome place to start!!

  288. Super awesome giveaway!! I love reading Heidi’s posts, and now have been finally motivated to comment ๐Ÿ™‚ My littles are 3 and 1 so I could still get quite a bit of use from the stroller with my youngest… and any futures babies we have! (As could the friends I tagged!) We’ve been stationed in Tucson for almost 2 years and STILL cannot get used to the heat, but this would be amazing for our dedicated outdoors time to get our fill of (sweaty) vitamin D ๐Ÿ˜‰

  289. Heidi! Mom of 3…5, 3 and 7 weeks! Absolutely LOVE following your blogs and Facebook post. You and Chris are incredibly inspiring to myself but also to so many around the globe. I am always amazed at the transformations you share. After baby #2…well 15 months post baby, I decided to get my heath in order and lost 31 lbs, making me smaller than my high school weight! I advocate healthy eating, breastfeeding and exercise to all the moms who ask for help. Now that I have a 7 week old, I’m back at it with 20 lbs left to lose. Would LOVE this stroller….but I’ll be using your workout tips with the one I have currently haha! Thanks SO much for bringing a real approach to healthy living.

  290. My little one is 2, and he is so much fun! We would love to have a stroller like this to be able to run along side his big brother and sister on their way to school in the morning!

  291. My littlest little will be here in 2 weeks and This stroller would help me get back into shape! I spent all of 2015 losing 106 pounds and cannot wait to lose this baby weight again!

  292. This is so awesome! My name is Casi Stauffer! I am totally on my own weight loss journey right now and a jogging stroller would be awesome! My husband and I joined prophysics bc you guys are so inspiring. When I was just getting info about the gym and a tour, you and Chris were working out there. I thought to myself ok if they train here that this is the place to be! I have a one year old daughter who is seriously the best thing ever and she teaches me daily. Sometimes the only lessen I learn is patience but still that’s something. We are just starting our family and that stroller would get some serious use! Dani is my daughters name and she’d give Ruby some stiff competition on who rides in the stroller best ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha I’m just joking but I hope you’ll consider my little Dani Oaks for the stroller! We’d love it.

  293. I love that stroller! My bio littles are 9, 8, and 4 so way too big for it. But it would be the perfect size for my foster kids!

  294. This is such a fantastic giveaway! Just the other day I was wishing I had a jogging stroller because I was trying to run with my little one is her regular stroller. I would absolutely love and appreciate the opportunity to have this stroller. I am trying to get my health back after have such a rough pregnancy and birth. I was diagnosed at 28 weeks with preeclampsia and at 32 went into HELLP. I was rushed in for an emergency c-section because of my blood pressure and my liver was shutting down. I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl who spent 5 long weeks in the NICU. She was on a ventilator for the first week and respiratory support for pretty much the whole time. She will be a year next week and this momma has been trying to get back to running after gaining 75+ lbs from being sick.

    You guys are an awesome family and I love following your social media accounts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  295. I have 2 little girls a 2.. year old and an 11 week old! I’ve run 4 half marathons and am ready to get back running again. I would to bring able to bring one of my little ones with me on my runs using this stroller!

  296. I am the very proud single mama of my 7 week old little man, Henry. This stroller would be great to start getting that baby weight off with as I continue to recover from the c-section. You are so inspirational with everything you do with your kids and the healthy life that you all live. Winning this stroller would mean the world to me!

  297. I actually have three littles! 4, 2, and 1! It’s funny because whenever I see posts about ruby I can totally see my 2 year old doing that in the near future ??! We are an outdoorsy family! And try to take turns to get our workouts in for the day! Your posts are always so motivating, you really manage to do it all! Thank you for showing that you can be a great mom and also love yourself!!

  298. Heidi, this is such an amazing post. Working out as a mom of 2 is a real challenge. I love going out with my boys and living in Southern California allows me to spend a lot of time outdoors with them. I have a 4 year old and an 18-month old, both boys so they love exploring. You and Chris are such amazing inspiration! Keep doing what you do.

    I would love to have this stroller!

  299. I have most recently had my second blessing.. this time a little girl and have been so keen to work out. I have finally been cleared by my doctor and have been doing lots of workouts as little one sleeps.. but she is getting bigger and we are wanting to be outside more.. this stroller is perfect for doing just that!!! I follow on instagram but am super excited about this stroller workout you have provided to help me get fit for myself and health, but also as a great model to my littles!!

  300. We are expecting a little surprise after we thought we were done with our 2 boys! It’s been so long and we either sold or gave away all are baby gear so we are starting over. This stroller would be amazeballs!

  301. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway
    Today I ran across a man standing with a sign at the end of a local retail store, asking for food, work or a ride. I had just purchased a sub sandwich and water to take to my husband, I gave the food to this man instead. I went home and made a lunch out of leftovers to take to hubby instead.

  302. my RAOK for today was paying for what a young lady couldn’t afford in the grocery line. She had gone over by $12.93 and I could see that she was trying to decide what to put back. I have been there.

  303. Wonderful giveaway and I plan to start this routine with my son. My RAOK was helping an elderly man at the store load his groceries in his truck.

  304. Absolutely adore you Heidi! Thank you for always being example to us! I shared this via Twitter! My good at was there was a handicap gentleman on the corner of an intersection, begging for some food or money. I just purchased chick-fil-a sandwich, but you could tell that this gentleman wasn’t particular need. I asked him if he was hungry and he said yes, starving. I handed over my sandwich and he says God bless you. I hope I made his day a little brighter! Crossing my fingers for this giveaway. It would be a huge blessing!

  305. What a nice giveaway and some workout. I will do a RAOK tomorrow- sending a thinking of you note in the mail to a far away friend! I’ll also jump on any random act I dream of during the day. .. how fun!

  306. So I just responded on Instagram. And while my fb and Instagram are private for safety I know you said to post here instead to qualify.

    Honestly while reading all the other comments throughout the days I debated whether to post or submit at all, because others have such heart warming stories. My driving force however for me to post is my daughter. My gift. My girl. My battle buddy…

    My husband is a marine. He’s be away for most of my daughters life. (She’s 2) I cannot describe how hard it is to be a single parent to a child experiencing loss. I myself lost my father at seven. So I truly can say I know how excruciating it is to miss your dad. So needless to say this deployment has been gut wrenching. We live in AZ and my stroller is my best friend. Lol my daughter is my world. She comes everywhere with me. My stroller is a hand me down as my husband and I are both paying for our bachelors and money is tight around here. Working out with my little girl is our thing. It’s our routine. We run and I do stroller workouts just like the one you posted. We just found out my husband will be returning only to be leaving for another half a year. We are so devastated. And my stroller isn’t going to get to see another az winter as it is falling apart. And as I’m sure you guys know az winters are the best! And it’s my favorite time to be outside, since moving here from Ohio three years ago. All I can say, is that I need fitness in my life. I need it for my faith, some me time (the most me time I get is while running with my stroller and two year old lol), I need it to be a better mom, to be a better guide to get her through this stuff. And to do all that I need to be able to bring my girl. There is no hand book for being a military mom. And I know that I need fitness and running and our park times to be the best version of me. I’m so honored to get to be my daughters mom. I want to always be the woman and roll model that she deserves. This stroller would be such a gift. And so appreciated.

    My random act was reaching out to a mom who had late term miscarriage. She is a fellow marine wife who just moved here. Her pain is immeasurable. I offered her a friend, to talk, a coffee break, a meal or just to be whatever she may need. I’ve experienced tragedy since moving here. And I was completely alone with no one. And I was some of the hardest times in my life. I just never want anyone to feel that way.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, Heidi. You’re changing the world. I truly appreciate you.

    Ps I think it’s pretty rad how you mention working on your marriage thru posts. Mines taken so much faith work communication and prayers and unwavering love. It is nice to see you putting out there how it is work and humbling. But so worth it. Thank you.

  307. My random act of kindness isn’t random. It happens whenever I get coffee, if there is a uniformed police officer or military waiting, I will buy there drink. We (husband and I) are dropping off lunch at our local precinct this next week. I love how you have incorporated paying it forward. Much respect.

  308. I shared you IG post via Twitter and tagged you! @katieschott is my handle!

    My RAOK was buying coffee for the car behind me at Starbucks! I’ve never done that before and it felt so good!!

  309. Hi Heidi! I want to share with you the RAOK that we did. So we were at a local restaurant waiting for our food when we are approached by a man asking for spare change. He had been going around every table asking for the same thing. He said he just wanted something to eat. That is all. So I had a few dollars and gave it to him I asked my husband if he had more so what he did instead was get up and asked the man to accompany him to the order counter. So once there my husband told him to order whatever he wanted. After ordering, he couldn’t thank us enough. He was so humbled and very appreciative at what we had done for him. He almost cried and he went on to tell us he had not eaten a meal in days. As his meal arrived and ours too we sat down to eat. I noticed he ate his food so fast but at the same time enjoying every single bite. It just made me appreciate more how blessed we are to have food on our table and a roof over our head.

  310. My RAOK was at my doctor’s office on Monday. I was in the restroom when a lady walked in with her 4 small kids she was trying to 3 of wrangle them while her little boy was trying to reach the sink to wash his hands. I lifted him up (I asked her first lol I’m not a creep) so he could rinse them. His little giggle was adorable. Thanks for the opportunity, this stroller could definitely come in handy in a few months! ?

  311. my two girls and I made cards for our local police and firefighters and delivered them to the various stations around town. It was amazing to see my girls’ faces light up when talking to these true heroes.

  312. After baby #2 is born in April we ate going to need a archive stroller! We prefer jogging strollers with their bigger wheels they get over tough terrain much easier! I definitely see tons of family adventures in our future and this stroller wild help! #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

  313. Hi Heidi! I think it is awesome that you are giving someone the chance to win this amazing stroller! We all know as parents time is limited to be able to get work outs in and this stroller would make that much easier! A RAOK that I did today was letting a man behind me in line at the grocery store go ahead of me. Every Friday I also take my elderly neighbors trash cans to and from the curb and my husband and I try to help him in any way we can as he has no family here and has become close to us the last 3 years we have lived in our home.

  314. My husband and I have been watching EWL since it started. Ever since the first episode we have fallen in love with the amazing opportunity you all have given people. But not only did we fall in the with the show, but your whole family. You all have inspired us to become better people and to help us support family member and friends who suffer from obesity. You guys helped us realize that they is more to be obesit then just being over weight, that their is something behind their good addiction. We have started our own journey with my sister in law in her fight to losing weight, but not only losing weight but fighting her good addiction. Everyday it is a struggle for her, but we know she will get through it. But because of you guys we wanted to help her change her life, everyone deserve to have the best life that they can have, and I love that you guys give people that opportunity. With that said I recently just had a baby boy who we nAmed Kash Joseph. We again we inspired by you guys and your little boy cash. We think it is such a strong name for a little boy. He is now 3 months old and as been one of the most amazing gifts we could ever ask for. I am now on my own journey right by my sister in laws side trying to get back into the healthy life style that I want to live. Even if I don’t win the stroller, thank you for everything that you guys do for other people, and thank you for being an inspiration to my family to want to live a healthy life style.

  315. I believe in carma and i always try to do random acts of kindness.. Even if it’s from giving a nice complement to someone or buying a coffee or helping someone in need.
    Although today since it is national coffee day I went with buying a coffee. Here in the north west we love our coffee so it always so nice to have some one randomly buy coffee, and I felt as today was a suitable day to do so. ๐Ÿ™‚

  316. First of all, I LOVE what you and Chris do! Thank you! My RAOK was that I offered to keep a set of 21 month old twins overnight to give their single dad a break. My other RAOK was that I paid for the next car in the drive through. I LOVE to see RAOK all over!!! Thank you for inspiring so many.

  317. Hi Heidi,
    I already posted on all your Social media accounts and in going to post here as well. I’m really wishing to win this soo bad! I’ve been without a roof over my own head for the past 4 months. Been living/sleeping wherever we can find a space I gave birth 3 weeks ago and it’s been an uber tough year. I’ve been very much into my fitness but sadly I let my situation take over my life and I fell back on my fitness a lot. Winning this will def push start me to get back up. Been drooling over this jogger ever since I saw orbit was gonna release it. I try to do daily RAOK usually I’ll end up in the nursing home playing with my guitar it makes me feel good that with something so small I can make these old ppl smile for a long time! Xoxo

  318. For the last few years I have tried every day to do at least one act of service or kindness to someone outside of my own home. Of course as mothers and wives we do many things all the time for our own family but I wanted to be the kind of person who always thought about those outside the walls of my own home. This week it has been taking dinner to two different families who were in need, watching my neighbors kids while she went to a doctors appointment and a few emails and phone calls to friends and family you are struggling and need encouragement. The small and simple things can help so much!

  319. My brother has adorable twin girls who have cystic fibrosis. Him & his wife work so hard everyday to keep them healthy with treatments & medication etc … They never have a split second to relax! I made them dinner & took little presents for the twins. They are the sweetest family & hopefully we can find a cure someday! My sister in law is having a baby soon & I know she would love this stroller!! Thanks for all of your awesome workouts! Nice to have workouts you can do with your kids:) thanks for this awesome opportunity!!

  320. I would give this to my younger sister Camille. I have seen this and have thought of what I could do to enter to win it. I tried to plan a few thing but my life got in the way. Today I realized my sister does random acts of kindness all day everyday. She has a 2 year old boy and is 8 months pregnant. Today she offered to watch my two kids while I had a work training. Not only did she then color and cut my hair for me to help me feel better after having a baby she was also making dinner for a family who just had a baby. She did this all with no reward in mind just because she genuinely loves and cares for people. While I had to think of something to do here is my little sister doing it everyday with no reason too. She is my example and she deserves to know she is appreciated.

  321. I would absolutely love to win this! I just joined my local Stroller Strides group and it’s been amazing! My recent act of kindness was paying for persons coffee behind me in the drive through on National Coffee Day!!!

  322. Would be honored to be a dad rocking this new Orbit.

    My mother-in-law is a very tender, yet strong single mom (grandma) and I am going to surprise her by building shutters and window boxes from fence pickets soon.

  323. I love you on IG but hardly ever make it over to your blog. I’m so glad I did! I love the stroller workout, can’t wait to try it tomorrow. I’m pregnant with my 4th and was so sick the first 2 months but I finally ran yesterday and it felt hard but amazing!! I would love a new stroller for my new babe. Thanks Heidi!

  324. My RAOK is donating my daughter’s gently used toys to the local domestic violence shelter. We have a new baby to make room for, so it’s kind and helps our family too. We try to do at least one big family kindness project a month.

  325. My act of kindness was today at work. One of my co-worker’s did had anymore money to buy lunch today so i shared my lunch with her. She has been a single mom for a while. She struggled to raised her kid. I like to put a smile on her face. Heidi thank you for all you do or others.

  326. Today at work, one of my coworker didn’t had money to buy food for lunch, so i shared my lunch with her. Money is really tied since she has been a single mom for years. She was just having a hard time today. Im alwAys trying to make her smile. Thank you for all you do for people.

  327. It’s been 3 days since this post & my family & I have really taken RAOK to heart.. Everyday we try and doing something nice for someone whether it be letting someone cut in line, or give away a parking spot, to donating baby supplies and leaving coupons on items in the grocery store… I also just found out my sister is expecting so I will be giving her my old britax travel system ? Thanks for your motivation & inspiration ??

  328. I really want to win this for my sister. She lost a lot of weight about two years ago. She’s pregnant with her third baby and due next month. Her husband is a firefighter and away from home 90% of the time. This has been her healthiest pregnancy and she wants to stay healthy after baby. She has everything she needs but a stroller. She has been looking for a good but affordable jogging stroller and hasn’t been able to afford the one she wants. I would love to be able to buy it for her. But winning it would be the next best thing.

  329. I love to knit hats, mittens, socks and scarves year round for the homeless. When it starts to get cold, here in Ohio it starts about October, and I take the boxes and drop them off. I knit baby blankets for any babies at the domestic violence shelter.
    I also tutor for American Sign Language.
    Both of these are a huge passion of mine. It is part of make me who I am.
    Being a very busy mom, it gives me an outlet- when I do find the time

    Love the workout!

  330. I live in a very tourist driven area in a super small town. Today while parking downtown I put money in all the meters that were expired so that visitors don’t get a ticket! It’s a small gesture but I know how much it sux to come back from a nice lunch or breakfast to find a ticket on your windshield!

  331. My RAOK: I’ve got all of Zaines old clothes together along with whatever else we don’t use and we are dropping them off at near by shelter for battered women and children. It’s stuff I’ve needed to get rid of anyways so why not give to someone who really needs it? It’s so crazy that little feeling in your stomach you get of doing something good for someone that makes such a difference.

  332. I have a severely handicapped brother who keeps my mother very busy, and uses much of her of energy, she also works while he’s at school, so my random act of kindness is to Clean the house and get all her laundry done, so it’s off her plate!

  333. Awesome giveaway! Just had a son after 14 yrs at 41. With your mentoring this outdoors workout and stroller is definitely a ? up. Wishing everyone good ?.

  334. I juuuust found out I’m pregnant with my first. Words can’t explain how ecstatic I am. I can’t do enough reading and educating myself on how to stay fit during and post pregnancy and I love that you created this post. My RAOK today was recreating a family friend’s resume. He was recently let go from his job and is hoping to get back in the work force, but didn’t know how to go about creating a resume, so I’ve created him one!

  335. My RAOK was helping an elderly woman in the gym. I love getting out and being active with my kids. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway.

  336. RAOK; Making custom goody bags for a friend in needs child’s birthday party! All 12 are done and filled with tons of goodies for the kids to enjoy this weekend! ??

  337. This is an awesome giveaway! I’ve already shared on FB!

    My RAOK was bringing coffee in to a coworker this morning! Coffee makes the world go round!

  338. I love this give away! I have always wanted a nice stroller to take my love bug/bugs jogging after work. This would inspire us to get more exercise in. As far as raok we are always looking for opportunities to help anyone in need. I will give a friend a helping hand when it comes to watching children,cleaning, helping out etc. Help my grandparents clean,cook, etc. Just being there sometimes to listen when someone needs it. I have always believed in being kind and loving towards everyone!

  339. Good morning powell pack! Iam registering for the #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ iam a mother of 7 beautiful humans! I have 4 step daughters that my husband and i have custody of and we have 3 together 1 daughter and 2 boys!!! Busy busy house hold…. i cant just write down 1 act of kindness because with a large family and a husband i feel i do quiet a few during the day =) my husband works 40+ hours a week i work about 16 hours a week to get me out of the house and to talk to adults. I started a lovely healthy life bc to be honest i have to be around along time and keep up with all these guys =) i started at 315lbs and iam currently at 184 within a year and have 29lbs to go! I have a treadmill but to be honest working out inside gets boring and we have a wagon for my little guy but its a pain in the butt to pull him in that!!! I would LOVE a jogging stroller!!! We love yall and wath you religiously ? also i dont know how to tag a picture in these comments to ill private IG send it to you! Have a good day!!

  340. Loved this! You are so inspiring. I watch all of your shows. I would love the stroller but I guess I’ll have to wait, haven’t announced that I’m expecting on social media yet, so sharing this would kinda do that. lol however, this was very inspiring for when u have the baby. It would be fun to workout with someone, even if it is a baby who doesn’t even know what I’m doing! lol do you have any ideas for workouts while pregnant? Thanks for all you both do.

  341. My RAOK is helping elderly or anyone else having issues to push out and unload their groceries into their cars when I see them struggling. It is so appreciated by those I help. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ol Heidi gostaria muito de ganhar se eu ganhar vou levantar fundos para investir em uma viagem para conhecer voc?s e ter instru??es de estilo de vida meu sonho conhecer voc?s.adoro voc?s.

  342. Would love to gift this to my nephew and his girl that are expecting their first in December. Both are very active and this will allow them to continue to be! My RAOK was paying for someone’s gas that only had $2. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

  343. My RAOK today was giving someone who just adopted a puppy a coupon for 50% off a doggy bed. I’ve always believed in good karma and that even when you have very little, you still have something you can give. Although I can’t buy their pup a new bed, I helped save them some money on it.

    Thanks for hosting this amazing giveaway!

  344. I know this is technically a RAOK but I feel it was just the right thing to do. My 5 year old had soccer and it was our turn for snacks. Of course there was extra because we always take enough for brothers or sisters watching too. We had to go by the store when we were done. As we were leaving there was a man at the back of the parking lot going through a garbage can. He was only wearing pants rolled up to his knees. No shsirt, no shoes. So I gave him our extra snacks. We did cheese sticks, fruit snacks, uncrustables and gatorade.
    Later in the day, I came across someone else homeless and gave them all the change out of my car.
    Seeing people like this always makes me choke up. I know they aren’t always legit but but these 2 I’m sure were.
    My next raok…. will be a girl that is on my Facebook but I don’t actually know. We have many mutual friends and she lives in the same town and went to the same high school I did. She’s having a surgery in a few days. I’m going to send her some random little things in the mail while she’s recovering. Maybe it will help her feel better. If nothing else at leaSt a smile while she recovers.

  345. <3 this stroller!!

    RAOK: Taking dinner to a new mommy and daddy! Already having a few meals prepared helps out so much with a newborn!!

    Thanks for doing these giveaways!

  346. RAOK – My husband and I signed up with our toddler to pack backpacks for the food4kids backpack program. It is to help families who do not have enough food to feed their children throughout the weekend and depend on their children being fed at school during the week. We cannot stand the thought of anyone, let alone children, not getting the nutrition they need and deserve.

  347. I love everything about this post. I love the workout that I can incorporate with my little guy and hopefully an little one in the future. It is exactly what I need!! I love that you asked for RAOK from everyone entering. I love that maybe there is a tiny small chance that I could win this fabulous stroller! I shared this on my IG and FB. I left my RAOK on my IG account (Sarrahkeyes) Thank you for the chance to win Heidi!

  348. Great work out ideas! Can’t wait to do them. I would have use for this stroller as a mother of six active kids. My RAOK was picking up trash from neighbors yard after garbage pick up. Also living in AZ and love the weather ahead of us!

  349. What an amazing prize that is sure to change someone’s life. I try to do a random act of kindness everyday, Today, I am entering my friend Karen into this contest. She and I began our “marathon running” friendship sixteen years ago; however, she stopped running five years to answer God’s call to welcome more children into their family. Karen is an awesome mom to three children under the age of four and two grown teenagers. She home schools all of her children and gives her whole self to nurturing them. She hopes to begin exercising soon, and I know this stroller would help her balance her life and keep her strong and healthy.

    Thank you for the opportunity, Heidi.


  350. Today I gave a single mom client of mine a huge discount on my services because of hardships I can’t even imagine. She was very grateful & thanked me. I hope I made her day a little easier!

  351. I an a nurse and when I was at work today I noticed an elderly woman who was alone and checking in for her chemotherapy treatment. I decided to sit with her as she found out how her cancer was progressing and what her new regiment will be. She was so happy to see and talk to someone who treated her like a human instead of a patien. After an hour of talking, she invited me to her 75th birthday party. I told her it would be my pleasure and I am totally going!
    Sometimes people just need other people.

  352. Wow! What a wonderful thing you are doing for us Momma’s. This would certainly come in handy for me to use with my little girl out here in Phoenix as the weather is getting nicer. My RAOK is…I was leaving the mall from an eye appointment as I saw this woman and her toddler sitting outside in the heat. She said she is having a really bad day and didn’t have any food or water for her little girl. Being a mom I usually always have food or something with me but didn’t have the kids with me for this appointment. I left and purchase some food and water for the lady and her daughter and went back to the mall to give it to them. Nothing breaks my heart more than seeing a child in need. The mother was very thankful and hopefully it helped her situation somewhat.

  353. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway Hi Heidi first off you look amazing and I would love to win this stroller so I can try and look maybe 1/4 as good as you! I have a jogging stroller I bought second hand and would love to win this one so I can start taking my 6month old baby girl on jogs and workouts with me! I live in So Cal so the temps should be dropping soon and I can enjoy some stroller workouts with my sweet girl! I wanted this stroller so bad but I just don’t have the funds for it so it would be so awesome to win! I’m a NESTA CPT and would love to start incorporating stroller workouts into my workouts and training! My RAOK is to donate my old stroller to a fit Mom in need so they can get their body after baby! Anyways you are such an inspiration to me and hope I could one day be half of who you are! Thanks for all you motivational and inspiring blogs and tips you post! You rock!! #HeidiPowell

  354. I think the stroller is awesome and would love to win it! Really appreciate this work out, planning on trying it tomorrow. It’s so nice to receive fresh ideas on work outs, especially when they include our babies. Mine just turned 3 months old so this is much needed!
    For my RAOK today I heard about a lady from my kids school who has five kids and her husband lost his job recently. They just had a brand new baby so I went through my three month olds closet and gathered up all of her new born and 3 month clothing. I drivers them as well as a box of diapers from Costco to the family. They were very grateful and it made me feel good as well!!

  355. Hey! Busy mom of three over here and would love a stroller for my baby girl!!
    My #ROAK today was offering to keep a friends kids so she could get some cleaning and laundry done!
    We made chocolate chip cookies today to eat and share with friends!

  356. My random act of kindness would be to give this to a family I know who is in need of it. They are extremely generous and caring. I love that they would do anything for anyone no matter what. They have helped me in ways that I am beyond blessed for. Always there to listen even though their family is going thru a lot at this time. I think they deserve this so much and I would love to be the reason they got a random act of kindness. This family is not only working full time, taking care of a baby but also a sick family member. They go above and beyond for those closest to them and it’s so amazing to see first hand. They deserve something special to happen for them. Something that shows appreciation for all the good they do for everyone else that they put first. I would love to put huge smiles on their faces with an amazing stroller to go on family adventures with ??! Thank you for such an amazing opportunity to be able to share stories with you about random acts of kindness.

  357. My RAOK is that I paid for someone’s parking when I had seen it expired at the hospital today! I was there for a check in because I was having some pregnancy problems and noticed their light on the meter blinking!

  358. Thanks for the giveaway! It’s too late tonight to do my RAOK so tomorrow I plan I doing a lot of things. Buying coffee for the person behind me, handing out water and change to the homeless and who knows what else I’ll do!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  359. Today while checking out at the grocery store I noticed a woman struggling getting her groceries out of her cart. I helped her and made small talk and helped load her bagged groceries in her cart. Small act but it felt good to help and was hopefully a good example for my kiddos! Winning this would be great as my jogger has been through two kids in 5 years and is on it’s last leg (or wheel)!

  360. Hi Heidi! My husband and I love watching you and Chris change lives on tv! I am mom of 4 kids…the youngest being 10 months. I have a jogging stroller but it is so hard to put away. I would absolutely love this stroller! I would use it everyday to get more exercise with my little guy. Thank you so much for all you guys do!

    1. We volunteer at a free diner for low income families and homeless once a month serving 200 or more people a night. Our oldest son goes with us and it’s a great experience to share.

  361. Hello Heidi,
    I just wanted to let you know that you are an incredible women. I love your blog & show extreme weight loss. I want to let you know that niece jessica, is a heart warming,loving mother after 5 years of trying. When Madison came into the world the whole family was so in pressed by her determination on being a mother. She went through so much to have Madison, she showed me how if you want something bad enough you will get it. My RAOK is for a little old man I seen every day,but one day I didn’t see him so I thought maybe he was gone. The next day I went to check on him and low & be hold he had fallen in his bathroom & couldn’t get up I called the police they came with an ambulance & took him. Turns out he was fine. The police asked me how I new there was something wrong I said I see him every day. When I didn’t see him I new something was wrong. Police said if it wasn’t for me he would of probably died in his bathroom cause he couldn’t get up. So I was the one that saved his life. And every day sense he has made it a point to see me & say thank you. Thank you for reading.

  362. I gave a homeless man some food so he would not go hungry for a day. I also payed for the next person in line hair cut.

    Would love to win this stroller. Big outdoor person in the AZ winters

  363. I would love to get back into fitness with this stroller after 9 long months of pregnancy! It’s hard to find the motivation and I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog! My RAOK – I am bringing dinner and dessert to a friend that just had a baby 1 week ago. Everyone knows the first couple of weeks post partum are the toughest and there’s nothing like a nice home cooked meal ๐Ÿ™‚

  364. Love the workout idea! I would love the stroller to work out and get in shape with my babies. We go on walks every night but this would make it better! My RAOK was to give money to out student who is going to a conference and was worried about being short. Great give away!

  365. I am currently tucked into bed. I also will tell you about my RAOK — Buying lunch for a police officer at chick-fila. A small act of thanks for all they do.

  366. I work in a children’s hospital. I have a patient who has been in for a few weeks a the mom is pretty sad. Going back at the end of my day to talk/hang out/distract her is the least I can do during this troublesome time

  367. Thank you for offering this give away! My RAOK was to pay for an older brother needing school supplies for his younger brother. He was waiting in the grocery store, and he was asking people for money. I stopped and asked him what was going on, and he said he needed money to pay for school supplies for his younger brother. Since I don’t carry cash on me, I told him to go get the supplies and I would pay for it with my card. He went off int the store, and he came back to where I was standing with notebooks and pencils. I paid for it and he was very appreciative.

    I did this RAOK before learning about your giveaway, but it seemed like kismet. I hope that you will gift me with this amazing stroller. I am due in January. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  368. My daughter and I are baking cookies for police officers and firefighters to thank them for all that they do for us ๐Ÿ™‚

  369. Wonderful workout!
    It’s a bit difficult without a running stroller, but definitely doable!
    (I get uncomfortably close to the basket on my stroller while running).
    Thank you for posting! And just in time for me too!
    If I win, I’ll be able to run more confidentially.
    If I don’t win, I still plan on using this workout to get ready for the Spartan Sprint!

  370. Hi Heidi! Thanks for having this give away contest. And for liking my refrain on IG ( I’m insta_al3x_) And thank you for posting your orbit stroller workout even if I don’t win the stroller I will definitely use this workout once i get a stroller. I just had my third child 3 weeks ago we had already given All of our baby stuff away (including the strollers) a few years after I had my daughter who is now 5 and a half. Then in Jan surprise! I found out I was pregnant with number 3. Sorry I’m getting off track… Because this post is about the RAOK that I am doing. Today my husband and I are making dinner for my parents. They do so much for us and we wanted to thank them with a home cooked meal. ๐Ÿ™‚

  371. I am impressed with this workout! My RAOK today was helping a neighbor by taking their trash cans in. A small act but never a fun job!

  372. As both a fitness fanatic and an expectant momma on a budget, winning this stroller would go leaps and bounds for my family! I am a huge believer in ‘do good, feel good.’ For this entry, I paid for breakfast for the stranger behind me as I overheard him explain to the cook he was just getting off of work and had a hard night. Fingers crossed!

  373. I LOVE these ideas and I am always looking for new ways to stay active and fit. I am a mother of 9 month old TWINS and have worked my butt off to lose my baby weight and just started strength training. I usually stroll with one in the stroller and one in my ergobaby, but I would love the option to go for a run. Getting a babysitter to watch 2 is not always an easy task and I would much rather bring them along to explore beautiful upstate NY. This is an amazing opportunity to get them involved!

  374. My RAOK is sending a card and flowers to a lady in my church who taught me some Bible study. I haven’t talked to her in some time but I heard her brother just passed away and my heart hurts for her and her family.
    Another RAOK is I am making some freezer meals today for a few friends who are pregnant and just overwhelmed with life. Hoping this can make their day a little less stressful. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My Instagram is “CHICKIEFRIEDRICE”

  375. This is a really cool opportunity to begin planning a work out/lifestyle regime for when baby #2 arrives! This is also my first time entering a giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ I plan to contact store managers at places that I received outstanding customer service and let them know of their employees’ impressionable work. I see and hear too many people complaining and it’s a negative cycle. I hope to bring some uplifting and positive vibes to people’s lives!

  376. Just had my 2nd boy he’s 2 months this would be so helpful for me I made a promise to myself I would get in the best shape after I had him for myself! It’s hard to get to the gym at times so with the stroller it would help me get out and do exercises like you!!! Very grateful to have entered !! Thank you so much for giving an opportunity to win this amazing stroller !!!! Thank you again

  377. Hi Heidi!

    I would LOVE to win this stroller! My running stroller accidentally got left behind on our recent move to Utah and I’ve been since attempting my runs with my umbrella stroller…yikes, haha. So, just now I was outside doing this exact workout ironically, and thinking about what my RAOK would be so I could enter this giveaway. I saw a group of little boys who were trying to get their wall ball out of the rain gutter and I heard them say, “our arms aren’t long enough!” So I went over and told them if they said a little prayer first, maybe my arm could reach. They did, and I was able to grab their ball, and they thanked me. I was running back home to wash up and heard one of them say, “my prayer worked!” Kids are the best.

  378. My RAOK was so fun and rewarding! I had a couple of motivation cards laying around and filled some out with motivational mother quotes along with my own words of encouragement. I took those with me wherever I went and whenever I would see a mommy that needed that extra little bit of motivation and love I passed it on to them. I have met some beautiful, loving mamas at the grocery store, in the middle of the mall, out at the park, gas station, and bank. This is definitely going to become a monthly tradition for me. Thank you for the motivation and the giveaway!

  379. The RAOK that I did was I was at the gas station and saw a girl counting change at the pump. I finished pumping my gas and went over and asked if I could buy her some gas. She looked shoked and didn’t want me to. I told her I wanted to bless her and put in my debit card. While the pump was pumping I was able to encourage her and hear a little about her story. I just want to thank you for making me be more alert when I’m out and about to look at how to help others and not just focus on my life. God bless you.

  380. My RAOK…..ever time we take Wyatt to Chuck E Cheese 4 games, we try to teach him sharing. So we have him “share” his tickets with the younger kids. He’s 3 and has no siblings. So our RAOK today will be to give most of his prize tickets to another child. We hope this teachable moment really shows him that giving to others makes them happy and in turn makes you happy. This may be the silliest RAOK but he hasn’t responded to us giving away left overs from restaurants or buying food for people. I think this is mainly because he is a super food driven kid. I hope my RAOK parenting moment is ok.

    1. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

      Please forgive the horrible 1st sentence in my RAOK….I cannot type on my phone with auto-correct. “Ever time” should say Every time…..

  381. My ROAK is passing along items to our freecycle site instead of selling them. I love giving items free to those who can find a use for them and hopefully making someone’s day a bit easier/happier.

  382. Would love to win this! Love orbit and so excited they have a jogging stroller. Expecting our first baby in December and exercising with him is going to be a priority for me and my sanity!

    For my RAOK I plan to pay for another friend’s pedicure, who is expecting, and in the rough phase of it!

  383. This is an amazing giveaway for mommies everywhere ??. Random Acts of Kindness are honestly done everyday for me, because I always go by “do unto others as you would like done unto you”. I bought a pack of tamales from a friend who was selling but I drove around my neighborhood to find this older lady who I always see going through the dumpster to find things she needs just so I can give it to her. I have everything in life I NEED (roof on my head, food in my fridge and an awesome family who I love), everything else is just based on wants. But with baby #3 on the way I would LOVE to have one of these to get back into my old clothes ??.

    1. My little is named Kai, he is almost 2, and has come with me on every workout, Im due for our second in 5 weeks, so we would love to have this stroller fpr our 2nd. Kai is an amazing boy, a runner, a swimmer, ( by himself without floaties) and a very happy and social child, just hope he’s ready for his brother Aiden to show up

  384. I really need to start getting outside to exercise. I am getting burnt with my treadmill and this will help me for sure! #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway my RAOK was paying for the person behind of me in the drive thru line!

  385. My son is 4.5. He’s a miracle baby. For 16 years I was told I couldn’t and wouldn’t have a child of my own. But I did. I developed hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, some other hypothyroid issues, all the symptoms that go with it all, then my thyroid started dying. It’s been hard and he’s been my angel and reason for getting up and through each day. He goes for walks and jogs with me. Has done a few 5k’s (mostly in his stroller) and is just an all around good kidlet. I live being able to exercise, or try to, with him. I’m not the best runner, but I love sharing it with my kidlet. I love how sweet and kind he is. I try to teach him to help others and to always be nice to others. And he is. We open doors for others, help worms off the sidewalk and into the shade, picks flowers and gives them to random people….. It warms my heart to see him spread kindness and to help as well. He spreads joy and love wherever he goes.

  386. Thank you for the workout and the Huge giveaway!! I would love to have it for our kids and the baby that we are expecting :), it looks so sturdy and practical! Great for working out and have a fit pregnancy!

    My random act of kindness of today was giving a nice pink rosary with beads shaped like hearts to a little girl that was playing at church with my kids ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thank you for inspiring us Heidi and Thank you Orbit for the great giveaway and quality products!
    God bless you and your family always Heidi ๐Ÿ™‚

  387. Tweeted! What an amazing giveaway! RAOK – held the door open for several people when we went out to eat after church – small, simple gesture ๐Ÿ™‚

  388. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

    Ever since my brother was in the Army, I’ve been a member of a group that sends birthday cards overseas to deployed soldiers. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’ve also always wanted to buy food for someone in line behind me. This has motivated me to do it for some this week!
    I would love this stroller so I can LOSE THE BABY WEIGHT!!!! <3
    Thanks for the motivation and opportunity.

  389. My RAOK is I made food for a friend who just had a baby! This stroller looks amazing! I ran my 1st half marathon in May and plan to run another one next year! This stroller would help so much with training!

  390. I absolutely love this giveaway. What a great way to use your platform to ecourage others to help people around them!

    My RAOK was taking dinner to one of our church families who’s wife is on bed rest. They have 2 girls under the age of 3 and she is on bedrest for the next 3 months.

  391. Hello,
    I have a 5 year old boy and I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant. With my first son, I gained about 50 pounds and I haven’t lose them yet. I feel very sad, depressed, and insecure about my weight. I’m currently 70 pounds overweight and I’m afraid of getting more extra weight with this pregnancy. I feel tired all the time, even before being pregnant. So my plan is to take care of myself as much as I can in this pregnancy, and once the baby is born, focus on getting to my ideal weight, recuperate the energy of living and to feel happy with myself so I can enjoy my family more. I love your show and I admire you and Chris for the work you do helping all those people. I wish I could be one of them some day.

  392. I forgot to add the hash tag! So as I already said for my RAOK I bought food for a woman who was standing behind mgr at the store because she was really struggling. I would love to win this stroller as I watch my Brice arrival days a week and we aren’t in the position to be able to buy a stroller right now.

  393. I love these workout ideas!

    I just had my second baby two weeks ago on Monday (perfect timing for a new stroller! ) My mom has selflessly spent the past 2 weeks with our family helping with practically everything. She’s helping me recover from a c section, she’s helping with my toddler, she’s even doing laundry, cooking amazing meals, doing dishes, and everything else in between.

    Tomorrow my husband and I plan on getting her a special thank you gift before she hops on a plane to go back home. We want her to know how much we appreciate her! Every time she visits, she raves about this lotion and fragrance set that I use. I even heard her dropping obviously stong hints to my dad the other day about wanting the set. So tomorrow she will finally own one!

    Thanks for the chance to win Heidi!

  394. So for my RAOK today I bought some food for a woman behind mgr at the store because she was really struggling financially.

  395. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway – I would love to win this stroller! The 360 ability is awesome!! RAOK – I recently gave a huge bag of my son’s clothes he outgrew to a friend who really needed them – I love seeing them go to someone who will appreciate them!

  396. I sent two large boxes of baby clothes to a friend having a baby…it made her day, but also made mine knowing that the clothes I loved so much were being put to good use. That is the awesome part of RAOKs, they make both the recipient and giver feel good ๐Ÿ˜‰

  397. Hi there. I am trying to win this stroller and would love to have it. I am a mother of two; 12 and 10. My husband and I had a little surprise baby. I am about 7 months pregnant and I don’t have any baby stuff. It was all sold or given away. I have always worked out and ate healthy. I am a school teacher and am finding it very difficult to exercise after my work responsibilities and running my kids to various activities. I miss running. I miss sweating. Lol. I would LOvE this stroller.
    ROAK- I work in the special education department and we can all use a pick me up on a daily basis. I am going to use this week to tap into my coworkers needs and find something nice to do for each of them. Thanks for the motivation.

  398. As I was getting things for my family at the grocery store, I decided to put the coupons I wasnt going to use (double coupon day) next to the products. However, the coupon for migraine medication I used it to purchase the medication for my neighbor that suffers from migraines. Little things make a big difference in someone’s life! ?

  399. #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway For our RAOK my older daughters and I made care packages for families at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egleston. In the past 5 months we have spent 120+ days in the hospital with our critically ill daughter, Mary Beth and it was truly a blessing to bring joy to those around us during this difficult time. We would love to have this stroller for our little heart warrior!

  400. My miracle baby, Mary Beth was born on May 12th, 2015. Mary Beth was born with critical congenital heart disease. She is a MRSA survivor as well! She went into cardiac arrest after her first OHS for 40 minutes before being hooked up to ECMO. By the grace of God she survived but has some brain damage from the trauma she went through after OHS. She has a long road ahead of her and we would love to have this amazing stroller for when she comes home from the hospital! Over the past 5 months we have spent over 120 days in the hospital. I have 4 beautiful children to take care of so therefor I know I need to be taking care of myself so I can be there for all of my babies! My ROAK was my two older daughters and I made care packages and took them to Children’s Healthcare of Altanta Egleston and passed them out to other heart families in CICU. It was such a blessing to bring some joy during this difficult time for them and for us as well.

    If you would like to follow her journey here is the link:

  401. My raok was I was out with a good friend this weekend and she is getting married.. She was trying on wedding dresses and I picked the dress she loved.. Only problem was that she didn’t have any money for down payment and it was a clearance dress meaning should could not order it.. So I put the down payment down for her so she could have her dream dress.. Every girl deserves to feel like a princess on her big day! #powellorbitgiveaway

  402. My RAOK.. My coworker is a single mom and has been struggling financially. The other day she was talking about how she can barely afford groceries let alone be able to get her son a Halloween costume this year. The next day I gave her a giftcard for her to be able to get both groceries and a Halloween costume for her son. LOVE that you’re doing this as many people do RAOK daily and get no recognition for them and don’t even think twice about doing them. You guys are awesome.

  403. My RAOK was giving all mine and my kids clothes that we have out grown, them due to actual growing and me due to losing weight to a local womens’ shelter.

  404. This would be amazing, I had lost 30 lbs before getting pregnant cant wait to get back at. This would be so cool to do workout with the baby!

  405. My son was born with a rare bone condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta aka brittle bones.. I’m a single mom who just started working on my fitness journey be healthy and be around more years to come. Down 20 lbs now. .We are always in and out of therapy and treatments at the hospital are always traveling for his medical care. Osteogenesis imperfecta awareness is May 6 and next year we plan on doing a walk to help raise awareness and money for the OI Foundation to continue research to fine a different treatments or hopefully a cure one day. In the mean time he is my little workout partner at the track and at zumba ?

  406. Heidi! Your workouts are amazing and you are so inspiring! I cant believe you are giving? ? away a stroller worth $1000! #?PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway Thats an amazing prize!!! One of my downfalls is my morning coffees but I think it will make me feel a little less guilty if my RAOK is to pay for the person behind me when I stop in the morning! Thank you for being a great example of giving back!!!

  407. This is a wonderful way to pay it forward!!! I love reading all the comments! My raok this week: a friend of mine was saying on fb that her son was getting teased for not having name brand shoes on the bus and that she just didn’t have the funds to buy him some. The post was to let everyone know about the bullying. I msged her to find out his size and went bring her some name brand ones that my son wore for a short while and outgrew. Her son was so thankful!!! Later in the week she posted a picture if him wearing then and it made me smile ๐Ÿ™‚

  408. Hi Heidi this stroller would be a perfect gift for my niece Nikki she is having her first baby and she is due in November and I love all the exercises you can do with this stroller I am so inspired by you and I would love to give this awesome stroller to her I live in Toms River Nj and this would be the perfect gift thank you for the opportunity to win this stroller sincerely susan ?

  409. ?#PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

    One of my friends missed bible study so I picked up her study for her and dropped off so she has it for the week.

    I’ve dreamed of having a wonderful jogging stroller!

  410. I paid for the Starbucks order of the car behind me. I’ve had people do that for me in the past and it brightened my day.

  411. This is incredible! My RAOK is giving a printable quote that I am framing to give to a lady I go to church with. I immediately thought of her when I saw it. This stroller leaves no excuse to not get out and active!

  412. I think you guys go above and beyond to help others and change people’s lives! You are such a true inspiration to everyone especially me! I am a stay at home mom and have been struggling to lose my baby weight after the birth of my daughter.. I try taking her on walks with me and involving her in my workouts. She thinks it fun while I love the bonding time as well as extra weight to lift.. It’s so funny sometimes while I am on the treadmill she will try to imitate me running.. I would love to win the stroller .we do not have one and it would be much easier to take her with me! it would be a great blessing! Thank you guys so much. And thanks for being such inspirational people.

  413. I helped an elderly woman with a walker, load her groceries into her car today. I also moved since things around for her that were pretty heavy, so she could pick up her friend! #RAOK

  414. Love it. ? ?#?PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway? I was bicycling today and I passed someone with a flat tire. I stopped and asked her if she needed help. She was not prepared for bicycling at all. I patched and pumped her tire. The most important part of my stop was that I convinced her to wear a helmet from now on.
    Heidi Powell you inspire me daily. Thank you

  415. i live in Tucson where it’s super hot. So I always carry extra bottles of ice cold waters and when I’m stopped at and intersection or just see a homeless person I give them a cold water.

  416. So amazing! I’m currently cleanings/folding my baby clothes to donate to a friend. It’s bittersweet! #PowellOrbitBabyGiveaway

  417. This giveaway is amazing! I would definitely love to have this for my 3rd little bundle on the way. Fingers crossed!

    Ps. You are amazing!!!!

  418. I always pick up clothes or other items that customers have left all over stores so that the busy tired clerks don’t have to. My grandma worked retail for decades so I know first hand that people don’t treat store workers well, they expect them to be maids. It’s just rude and unnecessary.

  419. I bought a girlfriend coffee a couple of times last week. She is a super busy mommy of 3 girls, all under the age of 5 so I wanted to do something nice for her since she is always in mommy mode. If it helped her feel special (as she is) well then, mission accomplished!;)

  420. I’m baking cookies this weekend to take to the local Veterans home best weekend (along with a few ladies from my social group) just to brighten their day:)

  421. Hey Heidi! I miss watching yalls show, it’s definitely my favorite, I love seeing the transformations! Anyway, I’m a nutrition freak, but working out hasn’t been as easy for me with my two little guys 3 and 15 months. But we recently moved and have a huge hill on our property, so I’m starting a workout where I run up and down the hill during nap time! It’s a start! Thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  422. I would really love to win this stroller. I really need the added exercise and since I spend so much time with my young grandson, this awesome stroller would be an added bonus to help get my diabetes under control. Thanks Heidi for your inspiration. You always make exercise look fun. Lots of dedication but definitely fun.

    For my RAOK, today I am helping my elderly neighbor with some much needed yard work on this warm Sunday.


  423. Hello!
    This is an amazing giveaway! ROAK is such an awesome thing to do and can make someone’s day so much brighter! My ROAK for today is helping my next door neigbor who is a widow and older lady help with gardening work, paying someone’s drive through coffee and just helping a hand if I can. ROAK does not have to be something big, it can be helping a child get up from a fall at the park, opening the door for someone, helping my nieces with their homework or saying hello with a smile to others! I just try to do what I would like others to do for my parents, for my child and how I would like to be treated. Thanks for such a great opportunity! This would be awesome to win to keep our family fit, healthy and safe for my son!

  424. I love teaching my children kindness. My little one is too small for walks so this would help out tremendously. I am a single mom and this would be a great way to unwind with my kids. Thank you so much for helping moms and being a great role model for kindness.

  425. Heidi,
    What an awesome giveaway!
    My baby and I would love this stroller to help us workout together!
    My RAOK today will be to hand write and mail out “little notes of Sunshine” to a few friends in my life that I no longer get to see very often due to us moving away. A hand written note is so nice to receive!
    Thank you for this opportunity!