Friday Faves: Top 5 Spring Essentials!


Spring time means warmer weather, outdoor workouts, and fun in the sun! Here in AZ, we’re not yet at that unbearable heat that makes your skin feel like it’s melting clean off your bones, and we’re past the frigid winter (mid 60s!) temps. To be honest, it’s felt like spring, with maybe even a hint of summertime, for over a month now, but for those of you still experiencing winter weather, I’m sharing my 5 favorite spring essentials to help you transition from freezing cold temps to bright and sunny warm weather!

Ray Ban Classic Aviators in Pink/Gold – I’ve shared my love for these classic sunnies before, but with the sun shining bright again, I had to declare my love for these perfect glasses one more time! These glasses are practically weightless, super stylish, and stay on during long hikes or outside workouts. I can’t say enough about these perfect Aviators?definitely my top spring pick!

Reebok ZPump Fusion in Coral – Remember those killer pump shoes back in the 80s/90s? The ones you begged your parents for because you were absolutely positive they would make you jump higher and run faster? These are nothing like those… ha! Seriously, guys, these shoes are my new obsession! I love the look of them, and the technology is pretty surprising. Instead of pumping you up to reach new heights like their ancestors did, these bad boys pump up to custom fit your foot, making them essentially a custom made shoe just for you! Don’t be put off by an 80s flashback?the pump is making ?a comeback!

Coppertone Sport AccuSpray Sunscreen (SPF 70)?- Don’t make me preach the importance of lathering up and protecting your skin! Whether it looks like a sunny day or not, those UV Rays can still do some major damage to that pretty skin of yours, whether it’s just a painful sunburn or something as serious as skin cancer. If you’re planning any outdoor fun this spring, I highly recommend throwing some of this sunscreen on before you head out to play. It’s water and sweat proof, goes on easy, and is SPF 70 ?perfect for springtime workouts.

Reebok Pineapple Capri – Pineapples, coral, and navy, oh my! Reebok knocked it out of the ballpark with their spring line, and these perfect capris are no exception. A fun summery print, slapped on the most comfortable, lightweight work out pants! Killer combination. {Update: This capri is no longer available, find a similar one here.}

Reebok Pineapple Tank?- I got this shirt about a month ago, and I think it’s about time I order another one! Seriously, I wear this shirt all the time?working out, running the kids around town, out and about with Chris, or paired with jeans for a quick work meeting! I love the graphic (catching on to my love of pineapple yet?!) and I love the flowy, soft material. Definitely a spring essential! {Update: This tank is no longer available, find a similar one here.}

What’s your favorite way to work out outdoors during these perfect spring months? Share your fave outdoor activities in the comments below!



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  1. I have problems with plantar fasciitis. Would these shoes help with that problem? I currently wear New Balance hiking shoes. They seem to do fine, but I need a new pair of workout shoes. If these will help my plantar fasciitis even more, I’d love to give them a try. I’m very overweight, and I’m beginning my weight loss journey. One of the biggest obstacles (other than losing motivation) is that my feet and calves hurt even after just a walk. Plus the super cute color with be motivation to show them off by going out for a walk! 🙂

  2. Heidi!
    I just wanted to let you know that you should check you Sol Tan sunscreen! I travel to the UK every summer to get this brand of sundscreen from the store boots when your in Europe (UK) check out Sol Tan sunscreen. It has a nice lotion scent and I always get compliments and questions about where I get my sunscreen!
    All the best,

  3. Love love the Ray Ban classic pink/gold aviators! I never liked the weight of sunglasses, especially on a long hike or run. These are so light weight and even stay in on a long warm AZ run! Very cute…and everything looks better through rose colored glasses!

  4. I would love to trade aviator men’s Sun glasses any ideas would love them many different kind cool green shaped ray bans let me know sneakers hey bur one get 1 pair famous footwear son gets his converse I get coral Reeboks it’s my favorite color single mom budget gotta make it happen your the best I love your couples workouts

  5. I love the fashion picks, and totally gets the importance of sunscreen…but PLEASE check the ingredients in this sunscreen…it’s got toxic chemicals that have been linked to all sorts of diseases and disorders! Please look into safe and healthy sunscreens, to match the rest of your healthy lifestyle. The same goes for you and your family’s personal care products. Check out’s Skin Deep site for much better, safer choices!!!

  6. Ditto on the sunscreen!!! I live in Colorado and the sun here is intense, AND I have fair skin that burns to a crisp very quickly. I’ve already had one abnormal mole removed from my arm. So I’m serious about sun protection. My daily skincare contains sunscreen and in the warm months I keep a bottle of sunscreen in my kids’ backpack that we take everywhere. I also love the big sun hats they sell at Costco around this time of year. They look kind of dorky, yes, but they are perfect for protecting my babies’ skin. I also just bought them the most adorable UV Skinz swim outfits to wear at my parents’ outdoor pool. Am I a little obsessive? Maybe. But skin cancer is serious stuff and I would prefer to avoid it thankyouverymuch.

    Those Reeboks are pretty spiffy sounding! I will have to check those out. I’m in the market for new workout shoes and I have weird feet that need a lot of support.

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