Our family’s time in Hawaii has proven to be incredibly fruitful…literally! Pineapple and coconuts GALORE, and way too many banana pancakes! But who’s complaining? Not me.😉

While I’m not used to being 30 minutes from the nearest iron gym, I happily welcomed the change in scenery when we swapped squat machines and dumbbells for a good old fashioned sandy beach and waves!

My Beach Bum Workout was one of my favorites of the Hawaiian vacay, targeting the glutes, quads, and hams while allowing the kiddos to play nearby.

Beach Bum Circuit

Perform one round of the moves below. If you feel up for it, repeat 2 or 3 times.

1. Banded Squat Walks: 20 each direction

2. Banded Forward/Backward Walks: 20 each direction

3. Side Jump Squats: 20 each direction

4. Walking Lunges: 20 each leg, 40 steps total. Go uphill for an extra challenge.

5. Jump Squats: 20

6. Full Glute Kickbacks from Knees: 20 each side

7. Fire Hydrants: 20 each side

8. Kickback Pulses: 40 each side

Whether you’re at the beach or not, give it a try next time you need a killer bodyweight workout!

What are your favorite ways to exercise at the beach?



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