Top 10 At-Home Exercises for Total Body Toning

A few weeks ago I shared my 11 Life Hacks for Moms relating to all things LIFE, more specifically how to balance the nutrition side of it as a busy mom…no scratch that…as a busy “human” (mom, dad, man, or woman). This week, we’re talking about the “E” word…the word that scares most moms because we have no time to fit it in!!! I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…exercise. #Eeek. Don’t you feel a bit overwhelmed just at the mention of the word? I get it…I used to be the same way until I realized I didn’t actually HAVE to carve out a full hour at the gym to meet my fitness and body goals. I mean, let’s face the reality…we just don’t have that kind of time most days!!!?Luckily, being fit and feeling good about your body doesn?t require an exorbitant amount of time spent in the weight room.


Along with my good friend and fellow mommy (of 6!),?Deborah Goodman?(go follow her if you don’t already?I love her), I?ve compiled a list of our favorite total body moves that can be done in the comfort of your own home whether your kids are running around you or not. Each of the movements requires minimal equipment or can even be done with just your body weight.



With some basic knowledge of these movements, you can structure phenomenal workouts to get you the results you are looking for…AT HOME! PS: Even if you are in great shape already, these moves will kick your booty when done right!


To make it easier for you to understand movement standards, I made a couple of vids for you, with a recap and notes below each. First up…the?stability ball!!!!

    1. Hamstring Roll-Ins: These will activate your posterior chain better than anything else I’ve done at home. Nice and controlled is the name of the game here.
      • For Extra Glute Stimulation, add a Band: As you roll the ball up, press outward with your knees for additional medial glute stimulation.
      • Advanced: Single Leg: This one can be tricky, so be patient with yourself.
    2. Plank Ball Roll-Ins: The muscles targeted here are the shoulders and the core. Balance and coordination are also challenged.
      • Beginner: Tuck?
      • Advanced: Pike
    3. Stability Ball Push Ups: These chest, shoulder, and tricep moves take balance to another level. πŸ˜‰
      • Beginner: Hands on Ball: Activates core and challenges balance.
      • Advanced:?Decline with Hands on Floor: Only attempt these once the beginner ones have become very easy for you.
    4. Toe Touches: No, not cheer jumps! These toe touches are core and ab moves. WARNING: Those with Diastasis Recti should NOT do this unless cleared by a doctor.
      • Beginner: NO BALL: Simply lift toes into the air touching with your hands.
      • Advanced:?Pass ball from hands to feet, then feet to hands as you contract your abs.
    5. Standard Ball Crunches: Diastasis Girls…these are okay to do. Ensure you breathe out and?draw in as you contract! Focus on pausing and squeezing vs fast quick pulses.
      • Beginner: Ball High?
      • Advanced: Ball Low: Feel free to add weight.

Note: Don’t have a stability ball? Get an amazing one here.

Next up…resistance?bands!!!

    1. Lateral Squat Walks: Keep toes pointed forward and knees pressing OUT, over your toes. Be aware of keeping weight in your heels.
      • Modification One: Stay Low: This helps keep that burn the entire time. I do it this way half the time, and the vacation above half the time.
      • Modification Two: Forward/Backward: Keep your weight in your heels as much as possible, and stay low.
    2. Air Squats: By adding a band to this simple move, you will activate your glutes MUCH more!
      • Advanced/Cardio Modification: Pop Squats: This can be done with an aerobics step as well, but when I band these, I do them on flat ground.
    3. Hip Thrusts: Traditionally done with a bench, I take it to the floor and just use a band occasionally. LOVE THESE…you will control the resistance with the amount of pressure you give with your knees pressing outward.
    4. Squat Kickbacks: I’ve found that by using a grippy band for these, the band will stay high and not drop to your feet. Great for the booty!!
    5. Side Hops: Takes those lateral squat walks to another level by adding in a cardio component.

NOTE: The bands I’m using in the video are listed below…

Orange SlingShot Hip Circle (size Small/Medium)
Black Grippy SlingShot Hip Circle (size Large/XLarge)



You can add weights or dumbbells to many of the exercises above for added resistance and load. If you don?t have dumbbells and don?t want to spend money on them, use gallon water jugs. They?re the cheapest 8 lb weights on the market! πŸ˜‰


Look at each of these moves as a la carte menu items that you can mix and match as you please. My recommendation is to pick 3-5 each session and perform 3 sets of each for starters, working up to 5 sets of each. An appropriate number of reps for each set is anywhere between 10-20, and make sure to take a day of rest between each muscle group. So if you are working predominantly glutes and legs one day, do upper body or cardio the next day before working those hot buns again.


So ladies…get your band and your ball, and get moving!!



What I’m wearing:

Tights: Reebok Dance Shattered Glam
Shoes: Reebok Hayasu

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60 Responses

  1. Hi Heidi…thank you for continually inspiring us all to be better! You’re always trying to motivate people to reach their optimal wellness and health goals. That’s an amazing thing! Thanks for all your advice!

  2. Hi Heidi,

    How tall are you? I’m 5’8, 135 lbs, I like to think I’m slim, but I have a hard time building muscle. I’ve been doing the butt workouts with mini bands because I developed snapping hip syndrome, so doing squats is painful. I saw some of your old pictures. You look so amazing now, muscular and defined. I eat pretty clean, but I also have lactose intolerance, so whey protein is out. I just want to build muscle. Please advise.

  3. Heidi,
    I loved the exercises you posted. What size stability ball would you recommend for a 5’8″ woman? There were three sizes in the link you posted?

  4. This is terrific, Heidi! I ordered the resistance band to challenge myself more as my husband and I continue with the America’s Fittest Couple Challenge! ?

    Instagram: Maintaining_Weight_Loss

  5. Thanks for the videos. you need both bands or would either work for all exercises shown?

    Thank you!

  6. Thank you Heidi. I will totally use this at home. I hve been doing wrkouts at home but been thinking about trying to get back to gym b/c I feel I am not getting bulk enough. I have weights and stability ball but not bands. I will get those. I do cardio a few times a wk (Mon, Wed, Fri I do 10 min HIITS on Treadmill and Sat 20 mins on Elliptical or ARCH machine & Sun, 15 mins on Treadmill.) What do you recommend a woman my weight and height & what I am wanting should do cardio wise. I weigh 118 lbs, size 0. I am 5’6 but I have been working out for years doing Hammer & Chisel, 22 min Hard Corps and of course following you and doing some of your exercises. I am basically wanting your body. That’s my goal!! I don’t take BCA’s but I have been told that is important. I do eat clean through wk at least 6 days a wk. Please help b/c you are truly what I idolize on body and of course your gorgeous hair.

    1. Hi Kristi: You’re doing awesome! It’s hard to give an answer to how much cardio you should do to reach your goals since your body composition could be different from someone else your same height and weight. If you do too much cardio, your muscle gains can suffer, if you do too little cardio, that can affect our goals negatively also. It would be best to work with a certified personal trainer who can help you put the correct program together for your goals and your body composition and who can help you make tweaks along the way. You can totally do this! πŸ™‚

  7. Glad to see an article geared to woman that have to work outside the home full time plus at home full time. Being at one time when I did not have to work full time, I loved my hour gym time. Since then I have had to let go of thinking that I needed a full hour and get my workouts in as I can. I will take my 20 -40 minutes rather than none. I wish there were more blogs and support groups for those in similar situation. Thank you!!

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