No Gym, No Problem: Workouts on the Go

If my life had a theme song, it would probably be “On the Road Again.” Seriously, between business trips, family vacations, and everything in between, Chris and I travel A LOT, so finding workouts that work anytime, anywhere has been essential! For years, I was caught up in the mentality that I needed a hotel gym or some fancy pieces of equipment to get a real workout in, but the truth is, you don’t need any of that stuff! Forget the latest and greatest workout classes, equipment, and the big, bad, weights?you really can get in a solid workout without all the barbells and whistles. No gym, no problem!

The moment you realize that being fit doesn’t mean being in the gym for hours every single day is the moment your life will dramatically change!

Pack that little nugget of knowledge inside that carry-on bag and get ready to learn how you can still get in a great workout while you’re on the go!

Why Bodyweight Exercises Work.

One of the key ways to ensure you get a quality workout when you can’t get to the gym is to go harder in your movements. I’m talking about busting out more reps, more sets, and using the best weight you can find?yourself. Body weight movements are effective and already give you everything you need in one: You! All it takes is 10-20 minutes of focused, strategic exercise, and you’re set for the day. Not only will you feel accomplished, but you’ll jump-start your metabolism and keep it kicking as you go about your exploring, work meetings, or anything else that pops up on your agenda.

Workouts on the Go

My tried and true Hotel Room Workout gives you five body weight moves that you can literally do anywhere! In your hotel room, the office, or even at the airport if you don’t mind the stares!

10 Minute Hotel Room Upper Body Workout.

Do 5 sets total!

  • 20 Dips (use a chair or mattress)
  • 15 Push Ups (modify to your knees if you need to!)
  • 15 Pike Press


20 Minute Hotel Room Abs + Booty Workout.

  • 100 Forward Banded Squat Walks (weight in heels, press out with knees)
  • 100 Backward Banded Squat Walks (same)
  • 100 Banded Squat Kick Backs
  • 50 Kick Backs with Band on each side (100 total)
  • 100 Banded Standing Abductors
  • 100 Banded Side Steps each direction (lead with heel)
  • Squat Pulses for 3 Minutes Straight (resting when needed, weight in heels and adjust balance to where you feel it in glutes)

Don’t forget to keep your core engaged with every single move! Squeeze those abs! ๐Ÿ˜‰

You can find all of these moves plus so many more in The TRANSFORM App. It’s perfect for travel, especially since you don’t have to pack anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Take me and Chris with you wherever you go, and we’ll help you get through every workout every single time! You can customize it to fit your goals and ability level, AND there’s even a home workout session plus plenty of modified moves if you don’t have access to gym equipment.

Bonus: Right now, if you want to give the app a try, we’re giving away your first 30 days for only $1! Just go to, find the app, and enter ?1dollarapp? to get your first 30 days for just $1!



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27 Responses

  1. Awesome! Love doing planks and variations of planks on vacation. No equipment needed and can be done just about anywhere ?.

  2. Heidi you are fantastic! Leaving on vacation in a week and I will pack you in my bag for sure! Favorite vacation exercise is waking but I?ll add these for sure because we don?t have a gym! Thank you ?

  3. Fav on-the-travel workout is definitely burpees (for a quick all over) and ?box jumps? on ledge outside!
    Love these extra tips!

  4. Thank you! I just got those bands (omg no more rolling up bands), and with a toddler our routines have been changing on the daily. Going to try this tonight! Lol hope I can walk tomorrow.

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