Okay, I’ll admit it. I am not exactly what you would call a sports fanatic, but somehow my oldest son Matix has become one of the most sports savvy kids on earth, reciting stats and facts at the drop of a hat! He seriously lives and breathes sports. In an effort to combine my love of family workouts with my kiddos’ sports interests, I came up with a fun, outdoor March Madness themed workout. We’re lucky enough to have a basketball hoop right in our backyard, but these games + exercises can be done anywhere you can find a hoop. Here’s what we played:


An oldie, but a goodie! Super simple, yet super fun and it’s easy to learn. The best part about this game is that it gets the kids moving and packs plenty of laughs along the way. This is a game meant for 2+ players and only requires a ball and a hoop as equipment.

2016-02-29 17.07.07

To begin the game, one player shoots from anywhere on the court. If the player makes her shot, the next player in line must also make the same shot player #1 previously made. If the second player does not make the shot, he receives the first letter in the word “PIG.” If any players miss enough shots to spell out the word “PIG,” they are out of the game and the other players continue. The last player standing wins!

2016-02-29 17.08.45

A simple game, but it provides a ton of fun and can actually take quite a bit of time depending on how good your players are! For more info on how to play, click here.

Dribble Tag

After a few tears from missed shots, we decided to mix things up a bit and focus on some other basketball skills with a little game of Dribble Tag! Again, such a simple concept, but it had us laughing and sweating the whole game through.

2016-02-29 17.21.02

The only equipment needed for this game is a ball and your kiddos—no basketball hoop required! To play, one person begins as “it.” Just like in regular tag, the player who is “it” attempts to run and tag the other players to make them “it.” However, in this version, the “it” person must continue to dribble the ball the entire duration of his turn until tagging a new player to be “it.”

2016-02-29 17.21.41

For littler kiddos, try having them just hold the ball and run if dribbling isn’t a possibility. My kids had a blast with this one, and I love that it can be played virtually anywhere!



For anyone that grew up playing sports, you know this sprinting drill well…and you that it’s a staple of almost every practice for nearly every sport. Honestly, I have a serious love/hate relationship with this drill!! It’s an incredible cardio workout that really gets the blood flowing…and it quite the “race” game for little kiddos.


For this workout, all you’ll need is a body ready to run and some lines drawn on cement—using chalk works great, or even a few cones will do. First, you’ll need to create a first sprint line, a second sprint line, and a third sprint line—each line placed at double the length of the previous line, making each sprint twice as long as the last. If you don’t have lines on the ground, you can use cones, or really anything of markers.

2016-02-29 17.14.59

The how-to is simple: first, sprint to the first marker (for us, the foul line on the court), then back to the beginning (underneath the hoop). Then sprint past the foul line to the half court line (or the second marker), then back to the hoop. Finally, sprint all the way to the other side of the court (or the final marker) and back. Repeat this 5 times for a major burner! Trust me, this one will have your family working hard from start to finish…and you’ll ALL be taking naps afterward. #YoureWelcome

2016-02-29 17.22.59

So while I might not be the BIGGEST sportsaholic in the world, I can play a mean game of PIG, Dribble Tag, and Suicides!! Try these out with your family and tell me what you think below!! Also, share any other sports-related games that you love!



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