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Two painful addictions, one incredible woman?Mitzi’s story is truly remarkable. From the moment we met, I fell in love with everything about Mitzi: Her zest for life, determination to make a change (in herself and others), ability to love unconditionally, and her constant positivity. She is just one of those people who you want to keep with you all day, everyday, and who has a way of making you feel like everything is going to be alright in life.

Mitzi’s biggest fear of being on the show was allowing her hoarding addiction to be known by so many people. She knew she needed help changing her life, but was terrified that judgement and criticism of her home would overcome the joy of transforming her body. I vividly remember the day that she resisted allowing me into her home. I remember the fear in her eyes as I opened the front door. I also remember loving her more once her door opened, and I saw what she had been calling “home” for so many years. My heart truly did hurt for this beautiful woman (and I cry as I type this, just remembering the moment). Someone so kind, giving, loving, warm, and caring to everyone else did NOT deserve to have to call this home!! Mitzi deserved so much more, and we knew she simply needed help getting out from under the possessions she had allowed to control her for so many years. Mitzi needed help letting go of it all and taking control of her life.

Clearly, she did an incredible job. Clearly, she took all of the required steps to clean out her home and her life. Clearly, Mitzi is a very different woman today. Clearly, I love this woman tremendously!!! Judging by the feedback on social media, it appears I’m not the only one who loves Mitzi ;).

You’re in luck today…because I have a fun little vid we shot with Mitzi right after her finale (below). Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

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  1. Hi Heidi and Chris – somehow every time I watch your show, the forecast is always 100% chance of happy tears. I love you both and what you do to help so many people, and how you love everyone so much and do so without judgment. Like Heidi, I feel that I have found Mitzi as a favorite. I was wondering if you could please tell me what Mitzi’s Mantra was that she recites towards the end of the show; it was really inspiring. Thank You so much for your time and for the positive message of love that you are leaving in this world.

    1. Hi Kristine: I would love to share Mitzi’s mantra with you:

      I am likable, capable, unique, and valued.
      I can treat others the way that I wish to be treated.
      I have strengths and capabilities and people who care about me.
      And I believe and know I have a purpose.

      It’s so inspirational – enjoy!

  2. Love your show, it is a motivation, to get back at it. I ran a 5k in early March, then sprained my ankle in end of May, I literally just got back out on the track,this week. I am doing 30/60 over 3 miles, to build my strength and endurance back up. I watched Mitzi’s show just in time, as I have been sore and a little deflated. But God is using your show to keep people trying, we are faster than all those who choose to stay on the couch. Philippians 4:13. Is my go too. And I love the dress Heidi wore on this show, where can I found it?

  3. I just watched Mitze! I am 52 year old woman overweight by 50 lbs and overwhelmed with lifes clutter. although I am not a hoarder, I am behind in my daily chores and struggle to get off the couch. I have seen every episode and love you both so much! I never make comments or write letters but I was so moved by Mitze I just had to make the time to thank you and HER!!!! I am forever grateful you chose a woman in her 50’s and now I KNOW it’s never too late. I know I have to work harder at my age but I also know I have the maturity to do it. Mitze ‘s struggle was so moving and so raw that I am no longer afraid to admit and face my lifes challenges. I have always wanted to learn how to dance. I never ever thought someone like me stood a chance. although I know I will never be on TV for such a thing, I now want to try! I no longer care what someone might think. Chris and Heidi you are angels of hope and life. Mitze you are an inspiration and a gift. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!

    1. One of your BEST shows…I watch it all the time!
      You both ROCK…Mitze shows so much self confidence now!
      Do you know anyone in Canada that offers this type of service.
      I need to bring out the person that I was 15 years ago….
      So happy for Mitze…she is an ‘AWESOME’ person 🙂

    2. Hi Deb: I don’t have any resources for Canada, but you can begin your transformation with the same program Chris and Heidi use on EWL – carb cycling. Learn more about their program here: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Give it a try – you can do this!

  4. Great show. It is me over and over again. Watched your show while feeding me face. And cry thru your shows so mad at myself. Where do you start on myself? I hurt to even go for a walk. Doctor says go to a gym. I have no extra money. Yes i am overweight 100 or more lbs. I am a hoarder. I have a few medical problems. I have been a single parent for 28 years. I have had a love affair off and on with my high school boyfriend for 33 years although he has been married 32 years. I am a mess.

    1. Hi Lori: Thank you for your post. Here’s where you start: https://heidipowell.net/8679. This is Chris and Heidi’s #1 transformation tool. Once you’ve got that step down, here’s a link to the rest of their carb cycling program – the same program they use on EWL: https://heidipowell.net/9060. The exercise part of their program requires no equipment and no gym membership, so you’re good to go there! And be sure you discuss their program with your healthcare team first, and then follow any modifications they recommend. You can do this!

  5. I watch Extreme weight loss on a regular basis. I wanted to thank you for last nights episode with Mitzi. It really helped me to understand parts of my family dynamic regarding hoarding and being over weight. I live away from my family. But, I have observed years of weight struggles for most of my family along with hoarding. Mitzi’s attitude was truly inspiring. It gives me hope to see change within my own family. My hat is off to Mitzi for putting herself out there to encourage and inspire others, especially at her age. Thank you for creating amazing transformation and inspiration on TV.

  6. OMG!!! I loved your show before but Mitzi’s transformation is mind blowing. I am amazed at how you two change people’s lives. All I can say IF she can do it ANYONE can including me! Starting today I will no longer struggle with my intake vs. PT (physical training). More than ever I am committed and determined to reach my goal weight and stay there. Thank God for you both and what you do for everyday people! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you…?

  7. I have been suffering in ways similar to Mitzi and this episode has given me hope and I feel maybe there can be hope for me also.

    God Bless you Mitzi and I am praying for your continued success. You are truly an inspiration.

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