NO EXCUSES! Ms. Fitness International Talks Overcoming Obstacles & Living Your BEST Life Against All Odds! | Whitney Jones

How easy is it to use excuses—as valid as they may be—to keep us from achieving our goals? In this episode of LIVE with Heidi, I’m sitting down with Whitney Jones, an inspirational powerhouse, who has overcome more obstacles than anyone I know during her journey to become her best self.

Her “No Excuses!” mentality has helped me and so many others to view our obstacles as blessings that propel us to achieve our goals. I’m so grateful Whitney was on this episode to share her powerful words of wisdom with all of us!

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Meet Whitney:

Whitney Jones is a single mom to two incredible boys, owner of Pro Physiques—the largest personal training gym in the state of Arizona, a personal trainer, and a contest prep coach and fitness choreographer to athletes who compete across the country at NPC & IFBB sanctioned events. Whitney and her team have turned out over 100 pros!

She also owns and runs three additional companies including The Pros (an online training business), FEARless by Whitney Jones (a fitness apparel and lifestyle line), and The NPC Whitney Jones Classic.

Alongside fitness, Whitney’s passions are snowboarding, skydiving, watching comedy shows, and Oreos. Especially Oreos. She is the sweetest and most caring person you’ll ever meet, and she connects with everyone she comes in contact with. And she has the best laugh!

Some questions I ask:

  • Why is it important to share our trials and struggles with others? (24:36)
  • What’s one important thing your mom instilled in you that has led to your success in all areas of your life? (36:45)
  • With all the struggles you’ve had in your life, what is one thing that has helped you overcome them? (37:32)
  • What are some things you do when you really miss someone who has passed away? (44:07)
  • What are your tips for finding balance? (47:12)

Some key takeaways from this episode:

  • Sharing your trials and struggles with others helps them realize they can overcome their own. (24:36)
  • “You’re either making excuses or you’re making progress.” (36:45)
  • Everything is a choice: “I have to do this” vs “I get to do this.” (37:32)
  • Why you should be the person your dog thinks you are…or who someone important to you thinks you are. (44:07)
  • Prioritizing, planning, and being flexible are keys to finding balance. (47:12)

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3 Responses

  1. I’m really tired of people in the fitness industry saying “Stop making excuses.” Referring to what holds people back as “excuses” is just another way of demeaning people for not being where they want to be in life. The verbiage “Stop making excuses,” if someone said that to my face, it would make me feel anger towards that person and would not motivate me at all. If only life were that simple, “Stop making excuses.” I only wish all the people who like to say that only knew how stupid it makes them sound and out of touch with what people who are struggling are going through. Do we tell people who suffer from depression to stop making excuses? Do we tell people with disabilities to stop making excuses? Do we tell people who live in poverty to stop making excuses? That phrase shows me that people who say it either have never had a weight problem or they are so consumed with wanting a great body that they are willing to sacrifice whatever they need to to have the body they desire in order to feel accepted by others. So on behalf of all the overweight people in the world who are sick of hearing that phrase, please stop telling us to “Stop making excuses.” It’s just not that simple.

    1. What we are in charge of is our choices every single day… we may not like out options but there are choices to do better.

    2. Hi Janice: Thank you for your comment and for sharing your thoughts. The idea behind “No Excuses” is for when we KNOW we could be doing something/doing more and we choose not to. It has nothing to do with valid excuses/reasons, such as the examples you shared with depression, disability, and poverty. If you haven’t watched Whitney’s episode, she dives deeper into how “No Excuses” has served her very well. Hope that helps clarify things. 🙂

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