Get Smart: Tonal Home Gym Review

Like most people, 2020 rocked my entire world—including my fitness world. COVID and quarantine were tough emotionally, physically, and financially. It cost millions of people their lives or quality of life, and it even resulted in enormous shifts in our culture. Beyond all that, it truly changed how we all exercise. Gyms around the WORLD shut down for months, if not indefinitely (which does break my heart).

And because of the big D (I’m talking divorce, guys), I unfortunately lost literally HALF of my gym equipment, the machines and equipment I’ve spent decades acquiring, pinching pennies to save for, and invest in. So, going from having every piece of equipment I could ever need (including the dang cable machine that I didn’t necessarily love but DID rely on) to scrounging for odds and ends here and there to try and do my regular workouts was TOUGH, to say the least. As with most areas in my life, I had to completely pivot my fitness routine. But I do want to add that if there’s one good thing that came out of this pandemic, it’s that we ALL learned how resourceful we can be.

I’ll be honest, it was brutal in the beginning. I literally used whatever I could find in my pantry or cabinets to do a few curls (like most of you, I’m sure!). I have done more body weight exercises in the last year than I had probably done my entire life, and I generally just wasn’t getting the same experience and results from my lifting sessions that I’m used to.

And then the heavens opened up and dropped a little piece of its divine beauty right in my lap.
The Tonal.

A few weeks back, I posted stories highlighting my beautiful garage organization, and my new Tonal happened to show up in the background. Holy cow, you guys, my DMs have NEVER been so flooded asking about a particular product! Seriously, the response was overwhelming and unexpected! It became very apparent (based on the numerous demands for a detailed review, questions about the worth and features, and Tonal workout requests) that you guys were just as desperate for quality, easily accessible home gym equipment as I’ve been. I wasn’t quite ready to share my thoughts just yet because I wanted to be sure that I fully understood and had taken advantage of ALL the incredible features and was certain that it was worthwhile for you guys too. BUT NOW, I can proudly present to you one million and one reasons why I LOVE my TONAL.

What is Tonal?

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It is the ONE piece of equipment that takes the place of EVERY other piece of gym equipment you could ever need, allowing you to perform every move you could ever dream of! I am NOT exaggerating when I say you will NEVER need to step foot in a gym again OR purchase another piece of gym equipment if you have a Tonal. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first because I truly didn’t realize that it would be possible to do ANY move using the Tonal, but you CAN!

Ok, ok, so I could rave about how I obsessed I am with my Tonal all day long (it truly is So. Much. Better. than I could have ever imagined!), but I know y’all need specifics when you’re deciding where to invest your hard-earned money, so without further adieu, here. you. go!

The built-in virtual spotter

No workout buddy’ No problemo! When the machine senses that you’re struggling to complete your reps, the Spotter will lower the weight until you finish the set OR you can even hit a button to automatically release the weight for you. You guys, how friggin’ incredible is that?!?!

Since the Spotter acts just as a real-life spotter would, you can also test yourself, knowing that the Spotter has your back—and the rest of your body—at all times. I definitely find myself pushing my limits more when I’m using the Tonal as opposed to using dumbbells or free weights because I just feel more comfortable knowing I have a little extra support! So, no more taking it easy on yourself at home because your trusty Tonal will keep you safe.

Easily track your progress

Tonal has a handy dandy progress tracker. Tracking progress during workouts is absolutely key to achieving your goals, but it’s often overlooked because it can be so dang tedious. Tonal offers strength analytics, which essentially means the machine will calculate your progress by muscle group and specific areas of your body. It is SUCH an incredible feature! I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it on a piece of home equipment. It’s also constantly measuring things like range of motion, power output, and your overall strength so that it’s easy to see how you are progressing. In addition to tracking your progress, Tonal has two additional features related to moves:

  • Form Feedback
  • Movement Guide

Form Feedback:

Deadlifts are a favorite move of mine, but it’s a move that requires a lot of focus on your form. You want to make sure you have a neutral spine so that you don’t put undue stress on your back and cause injury. That’s just one tiny part of the form, and form itself is one of the things that can hold us back…until now!?

Ever wondered if you’re doing exercises correctly? I actually know that this fear of doing movements incorrectly holds MANY of you back from going to the gym because you don’t want to be embarrassed. Now you can work on perfecting your form with just you and your Tonal! PLUS, injuries can happen so dang quickly if your form is incorrect, which can take you out of your workout game for weeks at a time. In fact, it was reported that 468,000 workout injuries happened in 2019. You don’t have to become one of the painful statistics because no matter what move you’re doing, Tonal will provide you with feedback to help you improve your form and help to eliminate potential injuries.

Moves Catalog:

Ok, this one might be my absolute fave. Your Tonal will come with a massive catalog of 170+ workouts and trainers to keep you motivated, encouraged, and progressing every single workout. I haven’t checked out all the trainers yet but because I use our app, The Transform App, and free flow with my own programming, but there is a whole library of trainers who each have their own unique style and flavor. One thing I fell in love with when I started playing around with the programming is that when you choose which attachment you want to use (either a handle, rope, or bar), you are provided with a list of EVERY single move you can do with that attachment. Or, you can even choose the body part that you are looking to work out, and the library of movements for that particular body part is displayed! You guys, no matter what type of program you like to follow (cross training, bodybuilding, circuit training, etc.), the Tonal incorporates EVERY type of programming you could imagine! It’s insanely genius.

The Ultimate Space Saver

You guys, before I even get into WHY Tonal is the ultimate space saver, just take a look at this photo!!! Tonal is nicely tucked in the corner while the rest of my gym equipment takes up the entirety of my garage.

Even if available space kept you from creating your own home gym pre-COVID, the Tonal takes care of this space problem once and for all. If you have 7 feet of free wall space, a 7X7 foot square of floor space, and at least an 8-foot-tall ceiling, then you now have space for your dream home gym! You can even modify some of the movements if your space doesn’t quite meet those specifications. And with a Tonal, which includes up to 200 lbs of resistance in 1 lb increments (try and get those increments from any set of dumbbells or workout equipment!), you’ve got a mighty, workout-customizing gym in a super small space, allowing you to do lower, upper, core, and total body workouts. At home.

Oh, OH! And the one thing that I thought it was missing but it totally isn’t a bluetooth speaker with integrated music capability!!! It is completely WiFi enabled! You guys, it really is the singular piece of workout equipment you’ll EVER need.

Three workouts. One piece of equipment.

Wanna’ know how I know it’s the ONLY piece of equipment you’ll ever need? Well, for one, I am a proud owner, use it religiously, and am OFFICIALLY obsessed, but number two, I created a couple of workouts using only the Tonal with moves I bet you’d never guess you could do using this thing. Check ’em out:

Lower Body (3 sets of 15 reps each)

  • Single Arm Single Leg RDL
  • Lunge Alternating Overhead Press
  • Deadlift with Bar
  • Front Squat with Bar

Upper Body (4 sets of 12 reps each)

  • X Pull Down with Rope
  • Pull Through with Rope
  • Upright Row with Rope
  • Straight Down Lat Pull Down with Rope

Core & Glutes (as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes)

  • Pullover Crunch (core AND lats!): 15 reps
  • Kneeling Cable Crunch: 15 reps
  • Barbell Glute Bridge (added band for extra resistance!): 12 reps
  • Bulgarian Split Squat: 12 reps (each side)

So, let’s be real for a second. The Tonal isn’t something you can buy with the spare change in your couch cushions. It’s a true investment. But it’s one I genuinely, wholeheartedly feel is 100% worth it. I broke down a little cost analysis, and I’m telling you, it truly does feel like a bargain when you factor in the astonishing amount of features and benefits the Tonal provides.

Total Cost: Is It Worth It?

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Even when a global pandemic isn’t happening, gym memberships, personal trainers, and even creating your own home gym can be costly—if you can even get the equipment! Here’s a breakdown for comparison purposes:

  • Average cost for gym membership: $696/year + an initiation fee + an annual fee + possible other fees. Keep in mind that higher end gyms can cost double or more!
  • Average cost for personal trainer: $35-$90 per hour in the US. Cost also depends on experience and whether or not you use a gym-based trainer or a trainer who comes to your home.
  • Average cost to set up a home gym: $1500 or more, depending on the equipment you choose.

However, that home gym doesn’t come with form feedback, a spotter, progress feedback, or a move catalog. And all that equipment takes up a LOT of space!

Another thing to keep in mind when making comparisons is the travel time to and from the gym. Time IS money, after all. Plus, with one subscription, you can add as many users as you’d like, so if you are a household that has more than one user, the value becomes clear very quickly.

Tonal’s base package is $2,995, which doesn’t include any accessories, membership (required for 12 months at $49/month), shipping, and installation. The accessory bundle is $495, which includes smart handles, a smart bar, a bench, a mat, a roller, and a rope (if you already have your own accessories, Tonal does offer adapters).

Click here to learn more about their membership plans and payment offers →

Tonal also offers a payment plan: $149/month for 36 months at 0% financing, which includes everything you’ll need to create your own home gym: the Tonal itself, the $49 monthly subscription (for 3 years), shipping, installation, the accessory bundle, + all the amazing “Smart” features I’ve talked about above. When you compare that $149/month to the cost of a gym membership or setting up your own home gym + the cost of a personal trainer, the Tonal is really a “Smart” deal!

Whew! That was a lot of information, but I just had to share how much I’m loving my new Tonal. As far as I’m concerned, it’s the perfect, space-saving, goal-achieving, smart home gym that can work for anyone and everyone, no matter what your fitness goals might be. To learn more about Tonal, go here.

Tonal Giveaway: **Giveaway is closed and winner has been notified**

To get yourself a jump start, I’m giving away one full Tonal (value $4328). It includes:

  • Tonal
  • Smart Accessories Bundle
  • Shipping and Installation
  • 1-year membership

Enter to win by doing the following:

  • Follow me AND Tonal on Instagram
  • Like my most recent post on Instagram and tag your favorite gym partner (I know, we all miss seeing our friends this workout season!).
  • Comment below with your biggest at-home workout struggle and how you think Tonal will help you be stronger this year!

The giveaway ends at midnight PST on1/29/21, and the winner will be notified on Monday 2/1/21. **Giveaway is closed and winner has been notified**

Ok, enough gushing over here. Does anyone else feel like 2021 is the year you become your strongest self? I hope the answer is a very loud YES!


**Thank you Tonal, for sponsoring this post! The opinions shared and discussed in this post are my own.**

5,108 Responses

    1. My biggest struggle is not having the equipment or the space for the equipment that I would like to have to go as heavy I’d like, especially for lower body. Having a Tonal would be a blessing and a game changer.

  1. This machine looks like a one stop shop. I have a few hand weights at home, working out in an empty bedroom while wearing a swimsuit. Talking about motivation. Lol!

    1. My biggest struggle is knowing how to mix it up to do different exercises for different muscle groups. Would be great to have access to all that info and instruction.

    2. The gyms in my city are closed since last march. I REALLY MISS woking out with gym equipements and i need so motivation to get back on track . The tonal could really help me reach my goals

    3. What i would give to own one if these! After being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases they have taken a toll on my muscles and because of covid the guns are closed. I would LOVE to have one of these in my home!

  2. Definitely looks like a great piece of equipment! It would be great to have it for post partum as that?s one of my biggest concerns of getting back to working out after recovery. As always, great content!

  3. Yes! 2021 is going to be a year of focusing on healing my soul! 42yrs old w/parkinson’s & 2020 stripped me of EVERYTHING. Need to maintain my progression. Exercise & medication is key. LOVE this idea for working out as im isolated in an apartment. SO HAPPY I RAN ACROSS THIS & YOU AGAIN!
    ?, Melissa
    “Michigan Girl stuck in a Texas world”

  4. This machine looks awesome, especially given the situation that we’re in right now. I love that you can track your progress and move forward in your exercise goals.

    1. Wow what an amazing give away. Honestly motivation is the biggest issue for me. I love the compactness and effectiveness of the tonal system. I don?t have a story of why I deserve to win the giveaway. But it doesn?t hurt to try!

    2. I would love to be able to win this!! (Not sure if my other comment went through so trying it again)
      I feel like this would help me a lot to stay motivated and accountable for working out! I fell off the band wagon of working out and want to get back to it and dedicated!!

    3. My biggest struggle is not having all the different types of equipment to do some of the workouts I want to do. This would combine those all into one ?

    4. I struggle with the motivation to workout and come up with something to do that will give me the burn I need. My job as a counselor mentally exhausts me and during quarantine I’ve found it hard to make my work space, my workout space. I put some mats down and grabbed the only dumbbells I can find and am trying, but I have a lot of work to do!

    5. My biggest struggle is not having the space to workout at home and not knowing what to do for workouts. This would be such a blessing!

  5. I got used to using the cable machine at the gym and now our gyms are closed.

    Checked into tonal because of your recent comments, but it?s not available in Canada.

    Now I?m sad again!

    1. This machine is amazing and would love to have one. I have been trying to figure out the last 6 months how I can fit this into my budget. still not able to purchase

    2. My biggest struggle is not having enough space to workout in my apartment. This will eliminate the struggles when I don?t feel like driving to the gym. Looks like it could fit right in my space!

    3. My biggest hurdle has been my age. It?s so important to keep up with the strength training. At age 55 it?s a constant battle to keep up with it. With the Tonal at home I could continue the training! Thanks for the opportunity Heidi and Tonal!

  6. I would love to try this! I have Cerebral Palsy and have had 22 surgeries throughout my life and I also struggled with weight gain with my pregnancy gaining over 80lbs! I worked hard and lost weight but I need to gain strength and muscle especially in my legs. I wonder if this machine would be a good fit for me??

    1. My biggest struggle is motivation. I lost both of my parents within 19 days this summer and my workouts came to a halt as I gave in to the grief. I?d love to get back on track and feel better about myself and learn to deal with grief through exercise not eating crappy.

    2. Oh a TONAL wound be wonderful!!!!
      As a healthcare provider it has been a rough year.
      I would love to have a way to workout at home between my kids on line school (on the days I am off ) and before or after work would be such a stress relief.
      It would allow me to show my young teens the value of putting me and my health first- both physically and mentally. Health of all kinds plays such an important role in our lives.

      Thanks for working hard to get this AMAZING deal!!!!!!

    3. I would LOVE to have this in my home!! it would be such a space saver. My biggest struggle at home workouts is what to do! Such a great machine !!

    4. I would love to have tonal at home. As a full time working mom, I feel guilty leaving my Kids to go to the gym since I?m away from them a majority of the day. I would love to get back into working out

  7. This is exactly what I need. I have a very small apartment and the gym in my building does not offer the tings I need. Plus, I use to have a trainer for the structured workouts. So this would be really great to have. Thanks Heidi!

    1. My biggest struggle is space. I don?t have room for the weights I need and with COVID I don?t feel comfortable going to the gym.

    2. Not having the money for good equipment, and not having the space for equipment. Also not knowing how to use the equipment if I had it.

    3. After going through IVF in 2019 and feeling like my body was weak and broken to giving birth knowing my body is incredible and strong. I?ve been the most consistent about moving my body with purpose since the birth of my daughter to show her what health looks like. My husband and I moved back to my home town and downsized so our daughter could grow up around family, which we feel like is the most important thing in this life. The tonal would be an incredible gift to boost my fitness journey.

    4. Biggest struggle working out at home is having all the equipment that I need. Having a tonal would change my lightness life! I would love to have one!

    5. I struggle with not having equipment and I need step by step workout guidance. Having a Tonal would solve both issues.

  8. I would love this machine I don?t have time to get to a gym being a single mom but need to tone and lose weight!!

    1. Your review of the Tonal is AMAZING! It leaves us with NO unanswered questions. Thank you.

      I purchased one of these for my daughter after she had our first grandbaby so she could continue her passion (power lifting) as well as continue to maintain her mental health without having to leave the baby. With the Tonal she is able to do so all from the comfort of her spare bedroom ?. I thought this was the best gift I could give her, especially after all the things (mentally, physically,ect.) us moms experience during&post pregnancy. She ABSOLUTELY loves hers! Too bad she lives an hour away, or else I would be over there using her Tonal. Instead I am still using my water jugs, bands, and food cans, ???
      Whoever the lucky person is that is chosen to receive their very own Tonal will no doubt be FOREVER greatful to you and Tonal. Thank you again for explaining this “miracle machine” to all of us so well!

    2. One of the biggest struggles is finding time to go to the gym having kids. This would allow me the equipment and support needed to be able to bring the gym to my own home.

    3. My biggest challenge is equipment. I don?t have any due to finances. I believe this would truly help me by giving me strength and energy to help my mental health as well. I want to be the best mom possible to my two kids!

    4. This machine looks absolutely amazing especially since you can literally workout every part of your body with just one equipment. Tonal would make a huge impact in my life because I am struggling to try to keep up my workout routine at the gym. I’m a nurse and it’s extremely stress full with all the COVID and non-COVID critically ill patients, now more than ever I need the gym to destress. It’s hard to make it to the gym because I have a little one at home and on my days off work, I don’t want to be away from her. Tonal would be a life changer for both my husband and I.

    5. I could really use this. I?m limited on space and this would be such a great set up. I?ve heard so many amazing things about this equipment!! I can?t get to the gym cause stupid SoCal is still in lockdown. Being able to workout at home with this would be amazing.

    6. I love working out at home, but like many, have limited space for a lot of equipment. I love that Tonal could give me access to classes, trainers, and efficient equipment in such a small space…AND I get to stay at home to use it! Wins all around!

    7. This would be amazing to have to help give me the motivation to workout again! I have 3 boys 3 & under with another one on the way! It?s hard to get to the gym & workout for me. This would give me the push I need to get back in shape & healthy for my boys!! Would be so blessed to be able to win the Tonal! Thanks Heidi for doing this giveaway with Tonal & giving people the opportunity to win one!! God bless you Heidi!! Again thanks for this opportunity!!

    8. Heidi & Tonal… help! I need my gym fix! Along with everyone else with gyms closed or restricted to social distancing rules, it?s been a struggle to maintain a healthy weight training routine. The Tonal home gym has just the perfect hours my busy third-shift schedule demands! My muscles are starving for a Tonal one on one sesh! It?s the answer to my gym fix!!

    9. My biggest struggle is not having the equipment or the space for the equipment that I would like to have, especially for how heavy I’d like to build up to on my lower body. Having a Tonal would be a blessing and a lifesaver.

    10. After going through IVF in 2019 and feeling like my body was weak and broken to giving birth knowing my body is incredible and strong. I?ve been the most consistent about moving my body with purpose since the birth of my daughter to show her what health looks like. My husband and I moved back to my home town and downsized so our daughter could grow up around family, which we feel like is the most important thing in this life. The tonal would be an incredible gift to boost my fitness journey. My biggest at home struggle is being a stay at home mom and not having an abundance of equipment to get the best workouts. My husband who spent a lot of time at the gym is really struggling not having the equipment he was used to using at the gym. We?re committed to staying home to keep our baby safe, but missing a little bit of sanity.

  9. Ah this equipment looks so powerfully beautiful, just as you. While reading this I went through my house envisioning where I would install one ???.. it would be nice to own one.

    1. I’ve done some reading and digging into Tonal for a few months now. Quite a few reviews out there especially comparing it to other products. I loved your review and sincerely appreciate you taking the time to help educate us with your perspective. You are a role model to many of us and carry a different weight no pun intended when giving feedback compared to a random review site.

      I’m in the technology field and have been a long time so this speaks to me more than ever. I can only imagine how much better it will become with continued development and adoption. A smart gym that can be updated via wifi with new content etc is huge..

      I’m very hopeful to one day have one of these bad boys and be a faithful user enjoying the heck out of it.

      Thank you again Heidi for the awesome review!

    2. Ok I have never seen a contraption like this before it looks and sounds amazing! I think my biggest hurdle with working out at home is the lack of equipment. We are a military family and lugging around all the equipment for an awesome home gym from state to state every few years is just A LOT. This solves that with its tiny footprint! Thanks for the in depth review. Adding this to my Christmas list for sure!! ????

    3. My biggest struggle is coming up with a plan to workout – to have pre programmed workouts and moves the Tonal guides me with would be awesome! No more winging it!

    4. Same I would love to try it. My biggest problem working out from home is not having the proper equipment to do so.

    5. My biggest at home workout struggle…where do I start…..I see things that need done around the house I start there and don’t stop…or what do I do when I do have time….I have the motivation if I had a plan and the equipment to do it!

    6. Mom of 4 too here!! Since my youngest I have had the HARDEST time losing the weight. Covid closing kids care at all the gyms in my area haven?t helped either! When it comes to working out at home I struggle because I don?t know what to do. Where to start. I need A little direction. Guidance… I feel this would do just that! I also think it would be amazing for my kids to see. To influence the importance of taking care of your self. I have a daughter that is starting to struggle with her weight a little bit. I want to be a positive example to my kids we can do hard things. ?? When we were going to the gym my kids go to kids club. They don?t see what I?m doing. This would be amazing.

    7. I?m a busy mom of 5. Getting to gym is just not in the cards on a normal situation but add covid to the mix thief is just no time. I do what I can at home with weights and bands. This would be an amazing piece of equipment to be able to add to my home gym!

    8. My biggest struggle working out at home is not having first of all the equipment and it’s always a plus having a guided work out. I don’t always know what I’m doing so winning this machine would take my fitness and health goals beyond where I am now. This would be such a blessing ???

    9. As a working mama of two girls around Ruby?s age, I would love to utilize the Tonal machine to further improve my health and set healthy examples for them. Girls ARE strong. We are all home together working and learning virtually and this would be a wonderful way to spend additional time together away from computer screens to exercise. ????

    10. This equipment would be AmAzInG! I do not have a spare inch in my house for a home based gym are. I also homeschool and watch children at my home. With a single income household and the inability to drag kids to a gym a gym membership is not an option right now. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to be able to bring this awesome contest drawing to us Heidi! Good luck to everyone!

    11. My workout struggle is that I don’t have heavy enough weights to push myself and even if I did I’m alone working out and would be afraid to hurt myself.

    12. @Tonal and @Heidi
      What a amazing gift you are giving the recipient .

      I was hesitant about Tonal but with Heidi honesty and information . The Tonal would be a welcome addition to my home . I want to live my best life and movement will help me get there .

    13. Working out is my passion. I used to get to he gym at 4:00 am and put my mind at ease. Since being at home I find myself inside my own head and I struggle with the dedication since I don’t have what I am missing from the gym. So I’ve had to overcome my inner struggles with all things and find new ways of putting my mind at ease when working out at home with minimal equipment and minimal exercises I’m capable of. The tonal home gym is part of my bucket list.

    14. The hardest part for me to work out at home is having the space for the equipment. My husband works from home and kids at hime like so many other people, but we had to cconvert out garage into a living space for my disabled mom that I help take care of (not that i would have her anywhere else but with us). Im also a full time student returing as a 40 year old to finally achieve the job I’ve wanted since high school. This doesn’t leave alot of extra money to purchases equipment even if I had more space. Tonal looks like it would be a great option (but not the price tag right now ?)

    15. My biggest at home workout struggle is my one year old son, Axel, and another baby on the way. I try to put myself first and my fitness love but alot of my equipment isn’t quite babyproofed and take up all my space. I’d love to have something more compact so my kids have more room to play while mommy does mommy!

    16. I would love having the Tonel in my home. I struggle with home workouts because I?m so indecisive on where to start and what to do. I also have an empty room to put it in. Please pick me.?

    17. Lack of space to purchase equipment and limited physical functionality to work out effectively while I cannot go to the gym.Not as effective working out on my own using just my body weight. This machine would be s game changer and enhance my overall mood.

    18. Phew.. I finally made it here to add a comment! So exciting to see so many people excited about Tonal because of you Heidi! I?ll keep this short and sweet since someone might have to read all of these comments lol. I struggle with space and motivation when at home. After reading I cannot believe that Tonal even offers a spotter! It?s like having a personal trainer at home and honestly I like having people motivate me. I am a mom in my mid 30s and after having kiddos had no problem getting back to my weight. I started working out and gained almost 30 pounds in muscle and yes some fat. After covid, I lost 10lbs since I was unable to lift heavy. My goals now are to continue to stay healthy and active physically and mentally and Tonal would be a blessing. Ok sorry not sorryy message was longer than expected.

    19. It would help me tremendously since I don’t have very much space in my house! I love to get back in shape after knee surgery

    20. What i struggle with the most is energy and motivation. I was forced to stop going to the gym because of covid. I have health issues so i cant go. Well this equipment would be a life saver for me and allow me to get back to working out like before.

    21. All the equipment I need takes up too much room and it?s hard to find! This solves it all.

    22. I have always had a ton of workout dvds and now streaming apps, but a struggle I?ve had is looking up at the tv from the floor and straining my neck. Maybe my TVs are too high but it?s hard to keep form when you have to turn and look up to make sure you?re doing everything right. I like to try a variety of workouts but that means I?m constantly a beginner and really need to follow an instructor. I like that a lot of things can be done at eye level with Tonal and that they count the reps for you.

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