Starbucks Coffee Swap: What Is My Coffee Order?

In case we haven’t met, I’d like to introduce myself to you: Heidi Powell. Business woman, mom of four, and Starbucks addict. I mean…maybe “addict” is a bit much, but it’s definitely getting serious between me and the Sbux. 😉

I’ve been ordering the SAME drink almost every day for over 10 years (yes, I’ve added up that cost, don’t remind me!), and it’s one of the MOST ASKED questions I get on social. So today, friends, I am sharing my tried and true, healthy coffee order. Get ready to fall in love, either with my drink or Ruby’s cute voice. Either way, this is a video you don’t want to miss!

Here’s a breakdown of what I order 100% of the time:

  • Grande Iced Coffee
  • 1 pump mocha
  • No classic
  • Heavy cream on the side

This little cup of heaven is about 130 calories total, and you can use less cream to drop that calorie count even more!

Outfit Details:
Lululemon leggings, Sports bra (similar here)

Points to keep in mind:

  • “No classic” basically means you don’t want any sugar added to your drink! “Classic” is the liquid sugar at Starbucks, and it adds about 100 calories!
  • Heavy cream is going to have more fat than half and half, so keep that in mind!
  • Sugar-free mocha is an option, as well! It will be about 5 calories as opposed to about 25 calories from the regular mocha.
  • If they ask you if you want to leave room in the cup for your heavy cream, say no! That way you can taste the coffee when you get it and decide how much heavy cream you do want to add.
  • Less is more when it comes to heavy cream! If you add the whole thing, you are going to be adding HUNDREDS of calories to your drink, so keep it minimal! I seriously only use a tiny bit of the cream.
  • For non-dairy friends, you could order this same drink but ask for almond milk instead of the heavy cream. This is also going to be a healthier, lower fat option for anyone if you want to decrease some of that sugar and fat that most drinks are going to have.

What is your current Starbucks order? I’d love to see what your go-to order is, and who knows? Maybe I’ll include it in a blog post soon!


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11 Responses

  1. Ok, So I?m 50 pounds overweight. I have a protein shake (Orgain) and try to do no carbs for the rest of the day. Started this a month ago. Feel good but thinking the boosters would be good in afternoon. Are they sugar free? Also think I?ll switch to your protein powder. What should I order to get started? BTW, your my FB friend and most are hilarious. You go momma! You?re killing it??, Kelly

  2. I don’t usually drink Starbucks. Coffee at home. A little French Vanilla creamer with a teaspoon of cinnamon. I froth it & add my hot Coffee. I occasionally get a Starbucks & never know what to order. So this recommendation is great for me! Thanks!!

  3. Hi, ive emailed a few times and heard no response! I am asking for a refund , as I purchased the 6 week after baby program and after following Heidi already I feel the program is not really beneficial to what I already know from what I have already learnt from Heidi,
    Please can I have my refund and for someone to respond to my emails, thank you

    1. Hi Hayley: I sincerely apologize for this issue. Please email [email protected] and include the email address you used to purchase the program, and we’ll get your refund taken care of. Thank you! 🙂

  4. I love to splurge on a tall Almondmilk Honey Flat White! I don’t get it every day, only rarely but it is divine!!

  5. We’re twinsy’s….I do an iced coffee, sugar free syrup, cream on the side. If I let them put the cream in its more cream than coffee. Girl, I’m here for the coffee!

    By the way, I lost 30 pounds over the holidays a few years back thanks to you and Chris and carb cycling. I’m working to lose the baby weight from my last little one but its not moving this time…..I nearly died having our little guy and my body seems to just want to hold onto that weight for dear life!

    1. Just so everyone knows, the sugar-free or “skinny” mocha was discontinued some months ago now. The sugar-free syrup options are vanilla and cinnamon dolce.

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