You may have seen me post about my beloved Marshmallow Dream Bars (aka “MDBs,” because we’re tight like that) one or two…or a hundred times! 😉 So naturally, National Rice Krispie Treat Day is a holiday I MUST celebrate. I feel like I’d be going against my religion if I did NOT pay tribute to these delicious, crispy, gooey, DREAMY bars of heaven.

So many people have asked why I have such a massive love affair with these treats and how often I fit this “cheat” into my nutrition plan? To be totally honest, I “cheat” every single day…if you can even call this macro-perfect treat a “cheat.” Believe it or not, this gluten-free indulgence is low in fat and high in carbohydrates, which our bodies need to build and maintain muscle mass as well as keep our metabolic rate sky high. Not only do I fit this into my daily nutrition plan, but you can fit it into yours as well! Chris and I even made sure it was included in our TRANSFORM App programs too. 😉

Having a “daily hug” can help you stay on track, fight cravings, and eat healthy the rest of the day just by allowing yourself one little daily reward. Depriving ourselves of anything—whether it’s that delicious pepperoni pizza with the golden, buttery crust or that fudgy brownie with cream cheese frosting—will only make us want it more!!! Oftentimes, this leads to us obsessing over those exact foods. And we should NEVER give food that power over us!

My key to success? Indulgence…in moderation. Creating a plan that allows me the freedom to occasionally (okay, once a day) enjoy the foods I love has been a game-changer for me. This has helped my relationship with food turn from one where it controlled me, to one where I control it. While this may not be the key for everybody, it sure has worked for me, and I invite you to give it a shot if you are one of the MANY attempting (and most likely failing at) the “deprivation game.”

Although MDBs are my go-to, there are several other brands that I stray to to spice things up! Here are a few delicious rice krispie treats, some healthier than others, and you need to get your hands on them! 

If you are curious about the stats on my highly recommended, heavenly, Marshmallow Dream Bars, here they are! Calories: 240, Fat: 4g, Carbs: 43g, Protein: 2g. I do have one disclaimer (and you probably know what I’m talking about if you have loved MDBs as long as I have): Starbucks recently changed the recipe! While they are still my go-to “hug,” they are not quite the same as the sweetness level is now a bit overpowering. Once I found out about this change, I may or may not have made a quick trip to my local Starbucks (and any Starbucks I can find) to stock up on the original recipe, and I’ve loaded up my freezer to make them last as long as possible!! That being said, I will forever be loyal to the MDB, and I will certainly be “indulging” today in celebration of National Rice Krispie Treat Day!



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