Behold…the 18 Week Baby Bump!

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Okay, okay. You asked. So here it is. My 18 week baby bump!

Now in case you don?t know this, a baby at 18 weeks is ONLY 5 1/2 inches long and the size of a small bell pepper?weighing in at less than 7 oz. Also, I should note that Chris and I aren?t very big, therefore we will never have big babies. So?if you?re feeling like my bump isn?t big yet, well it?s not?but TRUST me, it gets BIG!!!!! You?ll have to wait and see this miracle of growth happen (both the baby and my belly!)

I should also note ? that is a shirt wrapped around my waist. Yes?I had Chris take the first few pics and couldn?t believe my once-muscular butt was kind of dimply and droopy!!!!!! As my upper thighs and boobs grow to sizes they have never been before, my butt is sagging lower than ever before too!! It?s amazing?and scary at the same time.

This is pregnancy number 4 for me, and it will never be an easy or a normal process. While there is no time I love MORE than being pregnant (I mean, come on?I?m growing a HUMAN INSIDE OF ME!!!), it never fails to be an incredibly hard process for my eyes and my brain to accept. Here?s why ? I work so darn hard, in the kitchen and in the gym, getting my body into the shape that I feel the happiest and healthiest at?then in a matter of weeks, it seems to all disappear.

And I?m not just talking about my physical form (trust me, it?s all relative. Anytime you gain 10% of your body weight in 4 months, it?s a tough thing to face, no matter your current weight), but also my physical fitness levels. They have gone from my fittest ever (50 burpees in 2 minutes and 15 seconds) to not as fit as I feel I work to be (today, 50 burpees in 3 minutes and 35 seconds). EVERYTHING seems harder: push ups (once from my toes so easily is now from my knees after 20), running (OMG ? the bladder pressure is insane already), to even just walking with Cash in my arms! I find myself breathing so heavily that I can?t believe it!

But there is hope! To all you moms out there going through this (or hoping to at some point) ? DON?T WORRY! This is a reminder I often have to give to myself as well. Sometimes, being pregnant can feel the same as when you are sick. You know, as you are puking with your head in the the toilet you feel like you will never ever be the same again? You almost forget what it is like to be healthy?to be normal. Well, pregnant ladies, I feel your pain on this. It is SO easy to forget what it feels like to be ?normal?. But coming from a mom that has done this three times, I?m here to assure you that we will ALL be normal again. In fact, I KNOW (although there are days I forget and don?t believe it)  it is possible for ALL of us pregos to be fitter, happier, and healthier post-babies?no matter how many we have had!

So for now, let?s enjoy this miracle we are creating. Because this process truly is a miracle. And for some of us (probably me) this might be our last time experiencing it.

Prego Tip for Today: Be active! (But only if you were active pre-baby, and check with your doc) I, like many of you, have days were I wallow in my sorrows and feel bad for myself and my recent lack of energy. These days, I want nothing more than to sit inside and work away. I will come up with every single excuse for WHY I don?t need to work out. Let?s get real, has there EVER been a time where we?ve forced ourselves to be active and we?ve regretted it? Most likely, not. In fact, as soon as we get up and start moving, we feel SO much better! And remember, this is good for baby too. Studies have show that women that are active during pregnancy are more likely to carry full term.

I make moving easy by committing to just 5 minutes. That?s it! If I do my 5 and am feeling good, I?ll do more! But I feel great knowing that, regardless, I got my 5 minutes in. Don?t kid yourself, 5 minutes can be tough. Here was my workout yesterday ? it kicked my butt.

Set the clock for 5 minutes:

Perform as many burpees as you can in that time.

  • You can modify these to accommodate the growing belly by just going to hands and knees, then standing up.

Set the clock for another 5 minutes (because I was feeling AWESOME after that):

Perform as many pull ups as you can in that time.

  • If you can?t perform body weight pull ups, use bands for assistance or the lat pull down machine in your local gym.

Week 19, here I come!

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  1. Hey Heidi!

    This blog post is DEFINITELY what I needed! I met your beautiful family (beautiful meaning from the inside out! You have amazing hearts!!!!) when working at Starbucks on McClintock and Greenfield a couple of years ago. I have since moved to a different area in Mesa but have watched your family grow, from when Cash was born until now! Since leaving Starbucks, I have taken my fitness to another level. I have been running endurance events for Team in Training and raising money to fight blood cancers. My husband and I have been trying since January and recently found out we are expecting! I went from running an easy 10 miles a day to running for 40 minutes and taking a nap afterward! This is my first and reading your honesty in your blog reminded me that it isn’t about my next marathon race, it’s about doing what I can to make sure I fill this little baby with love and take care of the little bean to the very best of my ability <3 Thank you so much!!

    **(not that I think you will share this but we haven't announced it to anyone, even my family! because we want to surprise them in person when we visit Wisconsin the first week of August! So if you do happen to mention it, take out my name :))**

  2. You look amazing Heidi! That’s a lol bump for being almost 5 months. Soo many blessings to you and Chris and the family

  3. I love this post. It’s easy to compare myself to others, especially when I am at this weight. I really think it’s important to remember the “relativity” of our bodies. Pregnancy is not easy, though it is wonderful and amazing. You are so beautiful, Heidi.

  4. Thank you Heidi for being so human and vulnerable to sharing with us. It’s interesting to know you are as self-conscious of your bum, as I am of my arms! Even more interesting enough, is I would guess that virtually no one (or less than .005%) would even take notice of what you describe as your once muscular bum! I think you look great and that your hard work definitely shows!!! Keep being beautiful!!! Namaste’!

  5. Hey Heidi,
    First and foremost congrats on the baby! It is a miracle and a blessing that occurs when a women conceives, no doubt about it! I’ve been reading your blog off and on and I couldn’t help but comment on how you described the feeling of normalcy for you and it hit me. I’ve been overweight most my life, I can’t realize my life any different, although I want to change it, it’s very difficult for me. How do I knock this notion of being overweight as normal for me? I’ve lost over thirty pounds already just by eating more fruits and veggies but ultimately I’m still in this funk. What advice can you give me, I’m on the verge on getting Your hubbies books but with me being the only one working in the family I’ll have to wait probably until the middle of next month (I’m sure I will get great life changing advice there). In the meantime help!

    1. Veronica, sometimes we just fake it until we make it. However, you sound like you’re well on your way in your transformation. Congratulations on losing over 30 pounds! That’s wonderful! The trick is to allow yourself to become comfortable being uncomfortable. Staying “normal” will simply keep you where you’re at and you are not normal (in a good way). Keep eating healthy and get some good endorphins flowing with some exercise. You’ll be out of your funk before you know it. 🙂

  6. First – you look great! Second – I’m 22 weeks preggo and THANK YOU for this post. I haven’t found any other blogs, books or forums that speak to how I’m feeling in terms of putting on baby weight. I was active before pregnancy and (this being my first time) am now struggling with “am I being lazy?” or “am I being pregnant?”

    Thank you for offering 1) hope that there can be an even fitter body awaiting me post baby and 2) ending with a helpful, realistic tip for women like me who want to stay active. The vast majority of people are quick to suggest pregnancy as an excuse to eat to abandon and be stationary, and it’s hard to stay motivated when that’s what’s surrounding you.

  7. Heidi! You probably won’t remember me, but we met a long time ago…in the era of Kim Eaton. haha! Anyways- just wanted to pop in and say hello. I LOVE your blog and especially this post. I am 30 weeks with my 4th kiddo and go through these EXACT emotions. Anyways-so glad to see you happy and healthy and well. Take care!

  8. Thanks so much for posting this! When I got pregnant with my #4 it was hard to think of all the changes my body would go through. I had worked so hard to get back in shape after my first 3!
    Blessings to you and I wish you a happy, healthy pregnancy!

  9. Congratulations to you both on the bundle of joy …
    I’m so happy you share your pregnancy with us…

    I’m in the process of getting the body I’ve always wanted and the fittest I’ve ever been. . I was scared to get pregnant and gain all the weight back.. Looking at you proves that one can still be pregnant and be fit. ..

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