Catch previous episodes of Extreme Weight Loss Season 3 each Sunday

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Catch Season 3 of?Extreme Weight Loss?re-airing each week! Check your local listings for Sunday afternoons on ABC!

24 Responses

  1. I absolutely love this show. You both are an inspiration to many. I’d love the chance to meet you both one day.

  2. Just wanna say what a inspiration you are. But it takes more then that…. And I can’t seem to find it 🙁

  3. I record and watch each Extreme Weightloss episode. I enjoy seeing other reach their goal and hope that what ever clicks for them may be the thing that clicks for me. I’ve lost 130 pounds but still have about 200 more to go. Unfortunately I’ve been at my current wait for several years and I feel it’s time to really do something about it. Thank you both for giving so much to inspire us all to just do it!! I love the compassion you both have for us that deal with the weight issue. Thank you!!!

  4. I cry every episode but it motivates me. I gained 30 pounds the last year and a half. Now I am on Chris’ program for the last 2 weeks. My energy is better and I am motivated to get back to being me!

  5. Me and my family have seen almost all the Extreme Weight Loss episode on demand. They are so inspiring one one way or another. But the one I loved was the one from Alyssa. When Chris was eating the junk food she was eating. He was in so much pain for eating that kind of food .That it makes me think of the things we put in our body. Loved the way you two see each other with that love and kindness. I’m very proud of that.

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