Skinny Pancakes

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Skinny pancakes? Yes, please! I?ll take a wheat-free, banana-packed, absolutely delicious breakfast ANYDAY?and so will your family! These yummy cakes are easy enough to make with your kiddos alongside you. Tomorrow?s breakfast dilemma is solved!

Skinny Pancakes
Serves 1 ? so double, triple, or quadruple for your family

What you?ll need:

2 egg whites
1/2 cup uncooked gluten-free oats
1/2 banana
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
A dash of cinnamon

How to make them:

1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or blender. Blend for 15-20 seconds or until mixed.
2. Spray hot griddle with non-fat cooking spray.
3. Pour batter onto griddle and cook until edges are golden brown. This should make about 3 small cakes.
4. Top with spray butter (if desired) and all natural syrup or agave nectar.
5. Enjoy!

What?s in them:

In one serving (3 small cakes): 246 calories, 2.9 g fat, 41.6 g. carbohydrate, 13.1 g protein.

185 Responses

  1. This was a good recipe. I used to make these a lot , minus the oatmeal. Being on weight watchers I only used 1/4 c. oatmeal. This was a yummy 2 point breakfast. I topped them with fat free whipped topping .more cinnamon and some blueberries. Thanks for the recipe

  2. Thank you Heidi! My girlfriend and son loved them with maple syrup and apple sauce. I even had mine with nothing on it and still was tasting great. And the best part! You don’t feel hungry anymore afer eating one of these. Certainly a great breakfast before a good physical activity. Thanks again!

  3. Made these for the frist time today topped mine with PB and blueberries they are delicious and I like the idea of making your own batter therefore there are no additives or preservatives.

  4. Could i eat these for lunch on a high carb day? (I’m on a slingshot week and looking for variety!) Or should I stick with these only for breakfast?

  5. I have a quick question…I am a mom and have a full time job outside of the home so to ensure I can workout 5 days a week I get up at 4:30 to head to the gym. In the carb cycling plan it indicates to eat within 30 minutes of waking…however, that would be when I am already at the gym. Would it be a killer to the overall plan to eat after I get home from the gym or on my way to work? I just don’t want to start carb cycling off on the wrong foot and not get expected results because I am not working with the plan. Any advice would be well recieved. Love watching Extreme Weight Loss and how you help ordinary people transform their lives!

  6. I found another banana pancake recipe that is super simple like this one, and my kids love it.

    Whip one egg with one mashed banana. Cook with some cooking spray. They are a little tricky to flip, let them cook well on the first side. So easy?so good!!

    Heidi, thanks for all the great tips and insight you share on your site!! I love your Vemma Strawberry Cheesecake Shake and your Chicken Chili. Yum!! and thank you!!

    Jill LaFond
    Vemma Platinum Leader
    Tampa, FL

  7. I freeze my bananas all the time because I buy them and then of course don’t get through them and my one son decides he is over bananas. My question is have you used defrosted bananas in this recipe ever? Have you notice a difference in the pancake if you have? If not I will give it a try & let you know how they worked out.

  8. So since fruits are apart of the carb category I find that fruit ends up being my carb option with my meals on high carb days. My question is should I limit my carbs from fruit intake and stick more towards the other carbs like the whole wheat pasta, breads, brown rice, etc.?


    1. It’s good to eat a variety of carbs (although those tasty and sweet fruits are so yummy!), so try and spread different ones throughout your high carb days.

  9. On the turbo cycle. Or really any cycle, is flavored water (zero calories and 0 sodium) or water with lime and cucumber okay to have rather than just drinking flat water?
    Thanks πŸ™‚ Team Powell is awesome

    1. With flavored water, if it’s sweetened, make sure it’s sweetened with Stevia or xylitol. Other than that, you’re good to go! And thank you – we do our best! πŸ™‚

  10. Hi Heidi!
    I am doing the carb cycle, so when I saw this it made me start wondering all over again. I have searched everywhere in yours and Chris’ web stuff (and read his book Choose to Loose) and no where can I find a number on how many carbs you can have on a low day and a high day. Is 41g of carbs ok for 1 meal doing this plan?

    1. In carb cycling, we don’t count grams of anything, we count portion sizes (and calories, if you’d like). Carb cycling is formulated so you get the number of grams of macros you need automatically, so when you follow the program, you’re good to go. There’s an awesome graphic in this post (as well as some other helpful info) that will outline for you how to put together every meal in carb cycling:

  11. Hi ,
    My 12 year is type one diabetic. We keep her at 30/60 carbs or less per meal. Even meals with protein carb and fat. Do you have any low carb meals kids would love ? Or any “free” under 5 carb snacks ?

    1. I do this almost exact recipe but 2 egg whites 1 whole egg, 1 banana, dash vanilla and treat then like crepes it usually makes 3! Then add whatever you want for me is either just sprinkled with cinnamon sugar or berries and whip cream! I love them and the only carbs are the banana!

  12. New to plan. Is gluten free a must? Do I have to use it? Are the gluten free oats comparable in cost and availability?

    1. That would probably work! I imagine they would keep for a few days, so give it a try! Enjoy!

    1. You can use pumpkin as well. Great way to have pumpkin other than the fall holidays.

    2. Cottage cheese! I made these wonderful pancakes from the beyond diet website and I couldn’t even believe the look and taste of the pancakes. A must try!!! I know Heidi and Chris would approve of the ingredients! I had them on my HC Day. Hope this helps!

    3. I’ve made these with applesauce (unsweetened) and canned pumpkin. Would these be Powell approved? I add pumpkin or apple pie spice depending on what I use.

  13. Heidi, I love you as a person, trainer and nutritionist.
    Not only dare you a heart-warming person but you also have a broad knowledge of what to eat to keep a healthy diet. Thanks. I find all your advice very helpful.

    1. I am a 69 year old lady who has been on a diet so far lost 30 lbs and I am a diabetic and have 3 stents in my heart with high blood pressure…I go to 2 gyms, one for cardio and one for working out with weights..I am having a hard time with my diet, I guess I am not eating enough, I would like to know if you might have a good diet I could follow..The machines in one gum I don”t know how to you have any ideas? I love your show and am always looking for ideas from it..I drink a low protein and eat a lobe carb diet which contains mostly vegitables, salads..hardly any ,meat…
      I would appreciate any help you can give me…shirley

    2. Hi Shirley: I’d suggest you check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn all about it here: And as with any nutrition and exercise program, please discuss this program with your healthcare team first, and then follow their recommendations. As for the machines in your gym, you can ask a staff member to help you learn how to use them – they should be more than happy to do this!

  14. Hi,
    Totally new to carb cycling! I am writing out recipes so I can batch cook this weekend in preparation to start on Monday πŸ™‚
    Just wondering if these pancakes would be considered a high carb meal or low carb? And how do I tell the difference when looking at other recipes? I am creating a box full and would like to have a section of low carb and one for high carb so they are easily found when needed.
    Thank you!!

    1. These would be the protein and carb portions for a high carb meal. When looking at recipes, compare the ingredients to the approved foods list. Any fats are part of a low carb meal, and any carbs (whole grains, fruits, root/starchy veggies) are part of a high carb meal. If a recipe has both fats and carbs, it would be part of a reward day/meal. Hope that helps, and happy carb cycling!

  15. Looks delish. I really enjoy the banana egg pancakes going around on Pinterest but the texture doesn’t alway work out and I end up just scrambling them instead of making them look like pancakes. Hopefully, the oats will help me keep them looking like pancakes.

    Also, I hate to waste an egg yolk. Is there any harm in using the entire egg?

    1. If you’re carb cycling, the egg yolks would count as healthy fats, and since there are also oats and banana in this recipe, with the yolks this would become a reward day meal. If you’re not carb cycling, you can use the yolk, but the consistency might change a bit, and the nutritional info would also change. Enjoy! πŸ™‚

    1. By putting aln the ingrediens into a blender/processer, the oats will become oat flour since oat flour is ground oats. Hope this helps! πŸ™‚

  16. Just tried these today and i love them. I was nervous to try them because i can`t stand the texture of oats but with them grinded up and adding banana, its not bad. Thanks

  17. I’m always researching pancake recipes to try that are healthier than our favorite fattening pancakes! Can’t wait to try these!

  18. Love it!! I make something similar often with my kids! Actually been making it since they were babies. I’ve always made their baby food, and it started out as their “baby banana bread” which was just blended banana & a little blended oat flour baked as a thin flat sheet that I cut into squares. Never tried with just whites though! Genius! This as a dinner! Yummo!

  19. I realise you guys can eat oats but is it possible to post some high fibre gluten free recipes that don’t include oats? Many people with Coeliac Disease can’t eat oats because it’s protein structure is similar to gluten and we react to it.

  20. I used to make something similar but instead of vanilla I use Maple extract and I also use 1/2 cup cottage cheese and put everything into a food processor. So very yummy!

  21. Making those before hitting the gym tomorrow!!!!! You have great ideas!!!!!! You guys should publish a recipe book

  22. Hi Heidi:

    The hardest part of getting healthy is food for me. I hear so often about good tasting healthy food. I rarely come across these recipes! I am going to try some of the ones I find here on your website. Do you have anyother sites for healthy, GOOD tasting recipes! Appreciate any help you can give.

  23. Since the spray butter / natural syrup / agave nectar is not listed in the ingredients, I’m assuming the calorie count does not include any amount of this?

  24. Reading this reminds me that I really need to invest in an updated blender…mine is so old and bulky-I’m sure there are much better ones on the market. Can’t wait to try these!

  25. I love pancakes. Would I eat these on a high carb day? Can I add blueberries, raspberries or strawberries? I warm these frozen fruits and it makes kind of like a puree and use it for syrup. MMMMMM Can’t wait.

  26. I have been trying to find new healthy recipes. I cannot wait to try this one! I can’t believe how many great things are on your site…

  27. Thank you!!! I love pancakes but hate the guilt that goes with them!!! We will try them for sure!!

  28. thanks for posting wonderful recipes…..and here i thought that getting healthy meant sacrificing on foods i love such as pancakes and cookies

  29. Mine did not turn out fluffy. Not sure what I did wrong but I trying them again this weekend. I will master these sooner or later πŸ™‚

  30. Thank you for posting this! I have been looking for a quick and easy recipe! Your posts are awesome! I am excited to try these. Do you have a fitness app that you use for calorie counting?

  31. I’m so excited to try these! My husband is an excellent cook, and makes divine wheat pancakes with fruit syrup, but I’m sure they are still pretty fattening so it is only an occasional treat for me, and even then, I never have a whole one. Will be trying these soon.

  32. made these for breakfast the other morning…and then told everyone I work with to make them! Cant wait to try them again!!

  33. Wow! I wish I could prepare this tomorrow morning for breakfast but I need to go grocery shopping for some uncooked gluten free oats first. I usually make my pancakes with granny smith apples but I want to try adding other fruits to my pancakes

  34. Sunday morning before church tradition in my household… Pancakes with the kiddos and hubby… Anxious to try your healthier version. Thank you!

  35. I have been buying gluten free pre-made frozen waffles and sticking them in the toaster. I heard that the same brand of gluten free pancakes are not good so I haven’t bought them. I love pancakes and have been wondering what I could do to substitute for my favorite wild blueberry pancakes like Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Restaurants make. Now, I can get my fix and save money, fat, calories, and carbs and not feel stuffed and bloated from gluten. YAY! Thanks Heidi.

  36. I was struggling a bit the other day because I always crave pizza. I usually make some homemade but didn’t have the ingredients to do it. Instead of going right to ordering one, I looked up some nutrition facts on a popular pizza company. I was so disgusted. I made skinny pancakes, egg whites and lean breakfast meat instead! πŸ™‚

  37. These are sooo yummy! They are definitely a new breakfast favorite in my house. Even the hubby liked them – which says a lot as he really despise oatmeal.

  38. These look so delicious and such a smart way to get protein for breakfast, which is always so hard for me.

  39. I totally want to try these!! I always love reading your recipes! Im on week 3 of Carb Cycling now and I find that my main challenge is finding a variety of low carb recipes so that I don’t get bored eating the same things each week. I’d love to see more low carb recipes from you and chris! x

  40. These have been such a big hit in my house. They are so easy to make and so quick. Pancakes are no longer a weekend only breakfast.

  41. I shared this one with my weight watchers group – love this now I have an option for pancakes without blowing all my points for the day. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  42. Going to have to try those! I love your recipes. I am trying to get my kids to eat a more natural, healthy diet…your recipes help me do that. THANKS!!!

  43. Heidi,

    I love making the recipes you share on yourblog! I am using the Choose TO Loose Program to loose 25 lbs. Can you please note on your recipes if they are approprtiatge for Low Carb or High Carb days? I am Guessing this is a high carb breakfast option????

  44. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!!! I can’t wait to try it. Pancakes are my favorite weekend breakfast food

  45. Hi Heidi, I just bought the Choose To Lose this week and working hard to understand and get with the program. I thought you could only have one serving of carbs and protein each meal. This recipe has two carbs. Is this okay? When can you have two carbs in one meal and when can you only have one? Thanks, feeling confused.

  46. We just made these and WOW! They so SSSOOOOOOO Good!!!!!! My 1 year old even loved them πŸ™‚

  47. Hi – These look and sound amazing. I’m allergic to wheat, grains, soy, milk… I do not have celiac but you would think I did. If you have any suggestions to share or more recipes that would be fantastic!


  48. Thank you for sharing your recipes always done weight watchers diet which is ready meals. but still have belly fat so am interested In learning a new way to eat healthy.
    Can I buy a receipt book which explains the way it works in the uk
    Plz I watch all the obese save my life in a year shows on sky and really enjoy them keeps me motivated .

  49. Hi Heidi! I really appreciate all of the great recipes that are posted throughout your blog! I am always looking for delicious and (more importantly) easy recipes to try. I am still a work in progress, I’ve lost over 40 pounds and I still have about 20 to go πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work that you and Chris do–I loved last nights episode!! Awesome πŸ™‚

  50. If you need to use a stand mixer, you may want to buy oat flour then since the blender makes the oats into powder (as opposed to being mixed/stirred together) so it turns out correctly.

  51. Made these the other night & they were amazing! Only thing is… mine didn’t look nearly as pretty as the picture lol. Oh well, still tasted Awesome!

  52. I’m choosing this category for my entry because I’m all about good food. And I love the sweet and healthier ways of having a yummy breakfast. Bananas, gluten free and tasty goodness. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

  53. I really want to try this recipe. My son LOVES pancakes. Knowing that there is a healthy recipe out there makes me a happy mommy.

  54. These are so awesome!! I can’t wait to try them out with my daughter as soon as she comes home from summer vacation! πŸ™‚ Thanks for all the awesome recipes!

  55. @Heidi Powell… so great to see such a simple Gluten free pancake option… my kids won’t feel like they are missing out anymore! BTW, I bet you could make these ahead and refrigerate/freeze?!

  56. I love the fact that these pancakes are Gluten Free. I have a niece that is gluten intolerant and she misses pancakes so this is something that we make for her. I also like that fact that it has 2 of my favorite ingredients of oatmeal and bananas. The best part of it is this is easy to follow.

  57. I am so excited about trying these with my girls. We keep a stock of the HearTy muffins around at all times and love them. Your blog is so awesome, I started out as a Chris fan and your blog got me hooked on Heidi! Everything a healthy girl needs is on here! Love, life, food, fitness, and a positive attitude!Love your pack. Chris is what got me inspired to lose my weight while my husband was in Iraq and get healthy, you’re what inspires me to maintain, which is much harder!

  58. Thanks for the wonderful recipie, i love pancakes and when i can make them a little healthier i don’t feel as guilty eating them πŸ™‚

  59. It’s hard to pick just one part of your blog I like the most. As someone whom is extremely overweight your blog and post on Facebook (both yourself and Chris’s), keep me inspired every day to get up, get moving, make healthier choices and do the best I can to be the best version of myself. As someone who is always on the go, I would love to see a few more easy to fix recipes like this. I love these pancakes. I feel like I am cheating, even when I am not. πŸ™‚ Again, I want to thank you both for helping me, even though you do not realize what a change you are making in my life. Without you, who knows where my life (and health) would be headed.

  60. I have never really liked pancakes, always been a waffle kind of girl, but these are delicious! I may have to take back all the times I said ‘I hate pancakes’ πŸ™‚

  61. Have to say this is one that sticks out big that most interest me due to my kids and hubby are BIG pancake eaters and I always try to stay away but with this recipe it wouldnt be as bad as a normal one!

  62. Made these for the first time this morning and they turned out perfect!! And so delicious! Thanks for this healthy and easy recipe!

  63. This is awesome! My hubby LOVES pancakes but I never want to make them because I do not like how “unskinny” most are. Thank you!!!

  64. I love this post! My 3 year old and 2 year old sons love pancakes and this is a great healthy version! Thanks for sharing!

  65. This recipe looks so yummy, I am planning on making a large batch and freezing for a quick go to breakfast. Thanks for this and all of the other amazing recipes. You guys are amazing.

  66. Love all of your recipes ESP the quick and easy breakfast ones. I have 4 yr old twins and mornings are quite the rush but your recipes are quick and awesome

  67. Love your site…. I am on the Chris Powell-Vemma weight loss program, but it’s always great to have a many varieties of food and recipes!! thanks πŸ™‚

  68. I made these yesterday and they are so good! I added a handful of walnuts, a tad of shredded coconut, and topped with strawberries and agave, and yum! I made and pre-packed a few days worth, so all I have to do is pop them in the microwave at work. Thanks Heidi!

  69. Great recipe! My 4 year old will review them for me tomorrow lol
    ps-protein profile? Noticed it was missing from the list, just curious. Thanks!

  70. Wasn’t too excited about changing my pancake recipe. No flour? No sugar? Even so, this recipe was tasty. We tripled the recipe for us three and were all very satisfied and full. Plus we got to start our day out right and felt great! Thank you for this recipe. We’ll be making it again next weekend.

  71. Curious where the 13.1 grams of fat is coming from? Also, can you make them with regular uncooked oats? (We have no issue with gluten in our house.)

  72. Heidi – In one serving it states there is 2.9g fat and 13.1 g of fat. Is the 13.1g fat supposed to be 13.1g protein?

  73. These really are amazing! Better than your average batter-prepared pancakes when it comes to flavor (and, obviously, nutrition). Just a note (an edit that needs to be made): you list under “What’s in them: 2.9 g fat and 13.1 g fat…? I think that should be 13.1 g protein!!! Thanks for sharing.

  74. I think there is a typo maybe you mean it has 13.1g of fiber because you listed fat or maybe u mean 246 cal 2.9g protein 41.6 carb 13.1g fat? anyways i like it.

  75. I’ve even made these without using the oats and they are yummy. Just mash up a banana, add the eggs whites (or a whole egg) and use some non-stick spray to cook. Turn the heat down a little and watch closely as they will brown quickly because of all the sugar in the banana.

  76. love it! my boys love waffles and pancakes, we will definitely be trying these tomorrow morning.. thanks

  77. Love this! Would this work for breakfast while carb cycling, or is this better for the treat day? Thanks!

  78. Hi Heidi! These sound great. I make a similar version that substitutes 1 scoop of the Vemma Bode shake powder in vanilla for the oats (and leaves out the vanilla extract)! They are so delicious!
    Hope you all had a fun Fourth of July!

  79. Hey Heidi..thanks for sharing this yummy recipe. I LOVE pancakes and since my new lifestyle change (eating healthy and exercise) has taken over, I haven’t been able to enjoy pancakes. So thank you for sharing this. I’m wondering on your nutrition facts though, the “13.1 g fat” at the end…is that supposed to be 13.1 g of SUGAR?

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