Love Can’t Weight: The Newlywed Game w/ Tiffany + Cain!

How could you not just fall in love with these two?? Not only are Cain and Tiffany totally inspiring and hardworking, they are hilarious, fun-loving, and the life of every party! I have to say that working with them was like working with two of our closest friends. They pushed and encouraged us to be better as much as we pushed them. Love these two, and hope you did too! Enjoy this adorable and totally-laughable Newlywed game they played for us in the video below…

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Oh you two…you both could have Chris and me rolling around in laughter for hours. You never cease to bring the fun, the love, the laughter, the motivation, and the inspiration. I couldn’t be any prouder of what you both have accomplished, both individually AND as a couple (now a?married couple! Ahhh!!). Thanks for being some of our best friends over the past year…I know this is just the beginning for the Powells and the Myers. Hurry up and have some babies now, so all of our littles can play!



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  1. Hi there! I loved this episode. It had both my husband and I in tears (of joy)!

    You are all so inspiring. I have been on my fitness journey for about 2 years. I managed to lose 50lbs. and have kept them off for over a year and a half!

    Heidi, I love your style. I was wondering if you can be kind enough to let me know where you got your outfit on the Mia Hamm segment (the muscle top and the camouflage leggings.)

    Thank you in advance,

  2. Loved this episode. It’s inspired my boyfriend and I to start our journey together! Any suggestions how we can work together as a team to accomplish our fitness goals?

    1. Awesome! Always cheer each other on, understand that some days will be harder than others, plan ahead of time (meals, workouts, etc.), be positive, and realize that you are two different people and that what might work for one of you in certain circumstances might not work for the other one. You got this!

  3. I love love love this show ! They look great! I loved this episode and their story. 🙂 Can you tell me if they follow the carb cycling program to get those dramatic results ? I have been following it and losing weight , just curious if that is the same program they followon the show? Thank you !

    1. Chris and Heidi do use their carb cycling program on the show. And congrats on those pounds you’ve lost – that’s awesome!

  4. Hi Heidi.. I have crohns disease and was curious how you and Chris handled her diet after Tiffanys flare?? So many foods are off our food choices and I want to eat clean and healthy. I missed the show if you covered it there. Was hoping you and chris have some pointers. I know each person with my disease are individualized with diet, but turning 50 I’ve gained weight in places I’ve never even seen. Love all your inspiring posts.

    Thank you. Joy

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