3 Ways to Stay Fit This Summer!


I love summertime – endless sun, lots of swimming, and extra time with my kiddos! But trying to get a workout in with 4 kids out of school can be nearly impossible. After years of practice, and much trial and error, I’ve found a few tried-and-true ways to keep fit during the busy summer months:

1. Work out with your kids! I know this may sounds daunting, but it can be so much fun! One of my favorite things to do is make an obstacle course or scavenger hunt for my littles that we can all do together. Check out this post for ideas!

2. Water workouts! The AZ heat can be brutal, so staying poolside is a Powell Pack go-to during the summer. Combining swimming fun with a workout is one of my favorite ways to stay fit while still having fun with my kiddos. There are so many great exercises you can do in the pool from just swimming laps to water aerobics, the options are endless! Get some more ideas here.

3. Rise and grind!?When all else fails, getting up before your kids might be the only way to get a workout in. Although waking before the sun can be tough, by starting an early morning routine and sticking to it, your body will learn to adapt quickly and before you know it, you’ll be an early riser! Bonus: Getting your workout in before your kids are up leaves you the rest of the day to play and have fun!

What do you do in the summer to stay fit? I’d love to hear your ideas – leave them in the comments below!



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  1. Hi Heidi. I have seen Extreme Weight Loss Edition and love the show. You look amazing. I have read Chris’ first book and started the program, but I’m a diabetic and I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, it’s just I’m not losing weight. I’m actually gaining weight. I’m 4 feet 11 inches tall big frame was a former athlete and need a former athletes advice on how to handle this. I done yo-yo dieting. I tried this it seems to be working. I’m staying faithful. Can you help me. Please and thank you. My goal weight is anywhere in between 110-125 for my size. Is that an accurate number? Thank your for your time and God Bless you and Chris and what you guys do.

    1. Hi Alisha: It’s best to discuss carb cycling with your healthcare team and then follow any modifications they recommend for your diabetes. It’s also best to chat with them about what your ideal weight range is, since this number depends on several factors – bone structure and muscle mass being some of them. Make sure you’re getting all your calories, watch your portion sizes, exercise as outlined in the program, drink your water, include reward meals/days and the slingshot week, and you should be good go (and remember to follow your healthcare team’s recommendations). You got this!

  2. Hi Heidi,
    Guys anyone who can offer me thoughts, advice, anything! I have a son with very complex medical issues. This makes it very difficult for me to get the proper amount of sleep, leaving me severely sleep deprived! I’ve been dieting & working out & I was able to loose close to 40 pound on my own. Also, progress for that weight loss was incredibly slow in spite of doing everything 100% right! I think that the lack of sleep has much to do with my lack of results! Well I decided to get a personal trainer to switch things up. I’ve only had 2 sessions with him & the workouts were harder but not ridiculous ( I didn’t think) at the end of each session the last few minutes, I get incredibly dizzy, & light headed, nauseous. Driving home I’m so tired I can barely stay awake, I have to pull over to vomit, & I shake the rest of the day with a terrible headache. I can’t change the fact that I’m sleep deprived! Please help me & give me some ideas what I might be able to do to get healthy! My kids need me here! I’m so desperate! I’m at the end of my rope here! I don’t wanna give up! There has to be something someone can do to help me! I should mention, there’s nothing medically wrong with me, I hydrate before, during, & after. I start each day before workouts with a complex carb & protein! So I’m not dehydrated or over hydrated, not eating too much! If you want to check out to my son’s page to see more of what I deal with check out Lil Warrior Aid an on Facebook! Please help!

    1. Hi Amie: Congrats on those 40 pounds gone – that’s awesome! I’m wondering if you’re not eating enough? In Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program, women eat 1200 calories on low carb days and 1500 calories on high carb days. You can learn about their complete nutrition and exercise program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life,” and here’s a post about the basics: https://heidipowell.net/9060. And yes, sleep deprivation can be a huge problem, and here’s another post where Heidi talks about this: https://heidipowell.net/6003/sleep-is-overrated-not/. And if you’re still concerned, I’d chat with your healthcare team about these issues. We wish you the best!

  3. I have been getting up at 5:15 a.m. for about 6 years and getting my workouts in before my kiddos get up in the morning. They are 8 and 11 now, so I could sleep in more, but I’ve been doing it this way for so long now that I feel so groggy when I do sleep in. I just go to my basement and put in a DVD (mostly Kettlebell Kickboxing) and enjoy some sweaty, alone time before the day starts. It was hard when I first started, but I don’t think I would want to go without it now!

  4. While being a computer gamer I like to say 1 death = 1 pushup and 1 kill = 1 pushup. Every person can change the values to what they like and what game they’re playing 🙂
    A nice and easy way to at least do a little work-out.

  5. I have a gym membership that is my saving grace. Our local YMCAs have amazing childcare that is included in your membership and then there are also other areas for children who have aged out of childcare where they can play games, etc with other kids their age.

  6. I always go for walks with my son and my husband (my son is young enough to be in a stroller but not old enough to really go for super long walks). We go to the park, I run around the house with him etc. Ideally though I try and get up before he does. And when on schedule he is up at 6:30am at the latest. So i’m up at 4 getting the day started with a run. But when i can we definitly bring him along.

  7. Early rising IS the way to go- plus, if you have pups, this is the ONLY time to go. My little pitty girl is huffing and puffing at me to wake up and take her out first thing. We do a strenuous walk or a good jog. My own private accountabilibuddy! If you get your pets in on the routine they won’t let you skip!

  8. My husband and I are avid runners. Our children also love to run, but the 5 year old can only go so far and our2 year old has special needs therefore unable to walk and limited on distance he is able to comfortably sit in a jogger. We do all three of yours tips plus:

    1. #runnerswitch. My husband drives the children to a park during the cooler evening hours. They get to run around, play tennis or soccer, simply be active. In the meantime, I am RUNNING to the park. When I get there, I stay and play with the kids and my husband runs the reverse distance home. Hence the name #runnerswitch (the hashtag we use on IG)

    2. We also workout with our kids, but instead of always creating the game, run, obstacle course we have them create the fitness plan once a week. We use it as an opportunity to get our workout in, have the kids be active, but also TEACH them how to be active, what workouts benefit their body, how to fuel before a workout and so forth.

    Our youngest, who has a chromosome disorder unfortunately is not “active” for the workouts but we always including him however we can. He has intensive therapy here times a week, with multiple goals. When it’s possible we try to incorporate and teach the boys how to incorporate his therapy skills into our family workout.

    I feel you on how hard it is to get those workouts with 4 kids as I have 4 boys myself. When I can’t I don’t beat myself up about it. I don’t believe in the no excuses phrase because for me it’s not excuses, but obstacles. There are times I am too tired, too busy, kids come first and if it came down to a run or workout vs an extra 5 minutes with my kids I chose my kids. .

    Ultimately, in the end it’s a win win for all.

  9. Hey some great tips there – thanks! I literally cannot get up early enough to get early morning workout – eldest Bethan, 8, wakes up at 5am no matter if she goes to bed at 9pm, or 11pm! So I usually get a workout of some sorts in when they’ve gone to bed. AlsoI use my kids during the day for mini workouts (eg I literally bench press my kids 6 & 8.) Also this summer hols in UK in about 4 weeks we’ll be going hiking up some of UKs mountains in the Lake District, Kayaking, bike riding, Lake swimming for me when they’ve gone to bed and good old fashioned rowing boats. Incorporating the kids with workouts is always key!

  10. I go for a lot of walks and work out when I can with my kid or when I am working I try to get a workout in I love watching the show I missed the the three wedding couples a few weeks ago it the NBA on it thank you for the motivation

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