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Five years with you. On one hand, these 5 years seem like the longest 5 years of my life, no offense. This is ONLY meant in the best way. I always joke that our marriage is like that of a dog’s life, in that each one year equates to seven. And with all that we have accomplished, explored, created, built, endured, battled, and conquered together over the last 5 year, I think it’s safe to say we have done the equivalent of 35 years’ worth of loving, fighting, laughing, crying, and bonding. Despite some pretty low lows we’ve experienced together (where, let’s be honest, I didn’t deserve your kindness and love), life is beautiful with you. I am beyond grateful for each of these “35 years” I’ve gotten to spend with you.

Now, on the other hand, these 5 years have just gone by in the blink of an eye. Where on earth did those years go? Just like that, we have 2 documentaries under our belt, 5 seasons of Extreme Weight Loss, almost 3 books, 2 DVDs, a few additional fitness certifications, an appearance or two (maybe more) on a few news/talk shows, some magazine features, 3 different condos/homes lived in (starting with a small room in my parents’ house), a billion and a half memories, and most importantly…2 more sweet babies, equaling 4 total, to complete the 6-Pack.

I swear, it seems like yesterday that you and I were both sitting in that self-improvement seminar. You, striving to find your footing in life as a struggling trainer having just moved out of your car. Me, a newly single mother of two experiencing one heck of an identity crisis and trying to find nutritional balance after years battling an eating disorder. We found each other at the lowest points in both of our lives, and we were raw, vulnerable, authentic…and dare I say, courageous. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. As Rascal Flatts brilliantly said, God definitely “blessed the broken road that lead me straight to you…”

I love you, Babe! Happy Anniversary!!!!


Now to all of you…thanks for bearing through the mush. The story of how we met, straight from our very own mouths :).

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