For our Warrior, Jami!

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We had the honor and the privilege of witnessing a true transformation within you, and it has changed our lives forever. You came from a place of such darkness and despair, and from a single inkling of belief in what ?might be? possible for you . . . you have soared to such incredible heights with your health, your career, and most importantly the love and appreciation for yourself.

You finally see what we all saw from the beginning: a beautiful, intelligent, witty, and unrelenting warrior! πŸ˜‰

Thank you for trusting in us, letting us into your life, and believing in what ?might be? possible for you. You are unstoppable now.

We are so proud of you, Jami!


Heidi and Chris

62 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I watched this program with Jami tonight on Holland television and wow what does Jami looks like me!
    I’m also adopted en want to ask if Jami can contact me?
    My emailadres is: [email protected]
    Or my Facebook: Rosalba Echeverri Kat

    I really hope to hear from her!

    Greetings, Rosalba πŸ™‚

  2. Jami was my favorite transformation so far! What an amazing woman with such an inspirational story! Way to go, Jami!!!

  3. Jami’s transformation is by far my favorite. Congratulations Jami & best of luck in the amazing future that awaits you. Nothing is beyond your reach… keep soaring high Jami!

  4. Jami is, so far, my favorite transformation yet. She makes me want to be a Warrior! I love that she chose healthy and strong and fit over “skinny”. And what an amazing self transformation she went through as well!! Struggling with weight can really be a dark, depression place. I know this first hand. But she has really inspired me and shown me that life doesn’t have to be dark and depressing! Thanks for the inspiration, Jami! This is my favorite Living post!!

  5. All of the transformations are AH. MAZING!!!! But Jami’s story is so touching to me. I work in a mental health facility. Anytime someone is shown their true worth and chooses to LIVE is a true victory. During her transformation, you could see her confidence begin to shine. Her smile is absolutely infectious! Heidi, you and Chris are such a blessing to those that you have helped transform personally and also to those you haven’t met who you have inspired to begin the transformation through the work that we have seen (such as on EMWE). It must be so incredibly hard for you to be separated from your spouse so many days out of the year. What you both do is appreciated by so many more than you could even imagine. Thank you for changing lives, as well as saving them.

  6. This particular transformation truly touched me and I am so glad Jami had to opportunity to be under your guidance and support. I have been in the dark places Jami was in and it had me in tears remembering that kind of pain. So thankful, she had the chance to break through that pain and realize how beautiful she is, inside and out!

  7. Although I love any transformation show, this show in particular was very special to me for two reasons. Chris, you believed in Jami and listened to what she said with no judgement with your heart open and you offered her, her life back something I strive for daily. The second reason is the connections you made possible for her and her biological mother and her adoptive mother, I too am looking forward to the day I can meet my biological family. You helped two bonds become stronger just by offering Jami a chance to choose life and for sharing that I will be forever grateful, because you and Heidi have opened up your hearts and home to those in need and you didn’t have to. Thank you!

  8. I cried when I watched Jami’s story. I have been overweight/ “morbidly obese” for most of my life. I had Lap-Band surgery almost 4 years ago, and lost nearly 100 lbs. More than looks, I felt good and had decreased some health conditions that I battle, as well as decreasing my risks for heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, which are in my family. About 2 years ago, I had some difficulty with my Lap-Band and worsening of some other health conditions, which necessitated loosening of my Band (I could take the medications by mouth that I needed to take, but I also could eat A LOT more. So I gained back all the weight I had lost, plus a few extra pounds. The health conditions that I had been struggling with only got worse, and I began sinking into a deep depression. I could have gone to have a Lap-Band adjustment, but I really didn’t care about myself enough to even take that small step to help myself. In Fall/ Winter 2012, I began having suicidal thoughts nearly daily. I am a Registered Nurse, a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt…. I could reach out to help others, but in spite of having the knowledge to help myself, I just didn’t care enough. There are many times that I would have taken my own life, except for the thoughts of leaving my mother and my son. When Jami talked with Chris about her suicidal intentions and his shock and dismay showed so clearly, it really brought home to me how close I had been at times to leaving my family, friends, and loved ones behind- scared, angry, and hurt that I couldn’t/ wouldn’t trust them to reach out for help. Jami’s brave confession about her intentions gave me a greater resolve to “pick myself up by my bootstraps and go on.” When you’ve reached rock bottom, you either have to go up or out. So I’m climbing up out of the pit. I have changed jobs, changed some of the friends I have, and have started to make time for myself. I had my Lap-Band adjusted to help me with portion control. I am working around my health conditions to become more active, and am seeing a difference on the scale and in my clothes, but more importantly, feeling a change in my attitude about myself. I appreciate Jami’s openness regarding her suicidal feelings, and I deeply appreciate the love and care Chris and Heidi showed her, not being judgmental or making her feel bad for the feelings she had in the past. To me, your show isn’t just a TV show, it’s a ministry to others who are watching, so that we can see there are others who care where we are and what happens to us. So many times people just skirt the weight/ health/ mental health issues (I’m guilty myself), but the world needs you guys to reach out with that hug, with that reassurance that yes, you can do this. You can feel the love and caring while watching the show. For all you guys do, Thank you!!!

  9. Heidi,
    I’ve been thinking for a very long time about my own needed transformation, but after seeing Jami’s, I’m actually acting on it. A sufferer of degenerative disc and fibromyalgia, I know that losing this excess weight would be nothing but beneficial (both physically and emotionally).
    Thank you to you and Chris for all that you do to help people live better, healthier lives, and thank you to all those you have transformed who now pay it forward in their own ways.

  10. Seriously amazed at how much Jami changed her mindset and life!! What an inspiration to young girls everywhere!! My daughter is 14, overweight, and so sad all the time. I saw so much of her in Jami! I wish I could help her the way you all have helped Jami, but she turns me away and it breaks my heart!! But I will never give up!!

  11. Jami’s story was so very powerful to me. The moments when she was so low, especially in the bathroom – I just cried because I was there once too – and to revisit those feelings was hard but important to remember why I’m on this journey. So thank you Jami for putting yourself out there to be vulnerable. You are such an amazing woman and you have done an amazing job! Congratulations on your success!

  12. Jami’s story was very heart touching. Goes to show how important it is for people like Chris and Heidi to find as all either through the show (lets as know how we can relate to there stories) or through Chris’ books (gives us Structure). Allowing us to see within ourselves we have the willingness to change our life. And in our journeys with ever step we take, we are being saved. I love all the stories. Jami’s I believe touched on a subject that is never talked about. This relates to so many people. I am very new to your blog Heidi Powell. I enjoy all the new post food ideas, fitness, and living stories. I personally enjoy your post about your family. There is something about y’all. Down to earth and seem like a normal everyday people.(these are all good things I promises). all the things y’all do for others is beyond amazing! It can’t be put into words. Thank you for all the Powellpack do.

  13. This was an AMAZING transformation! I love how Jami chose to weigh in at the end of the show in a bikini! So many times women get so caught up with what is wrong with their bodies that they forget to look at what is right. She embraced her new body and wanted to show it off!! Love it! Heidi and Chris, you inspire me to want to help people change their lives! I recently graduated with my B.A. in Health Education and will soon take my ACE Health Coach Certification Exam. Thank you!!

  14. I so much enjoy this show and watching Jami’s story hit home with me in so many ways. I have recently been trying to figure out a lot of things with my problems and watching her story inspired me to finally buy the book and work on myself. Thank you Chris and Heidi for all you do!!

  15. Chris- I too have had the opportunity to know I saved someone’s life- it is amazing! Watching you with Jami brought all those great feelings back to me! You are a true inspiration! I am finally, at 37, changing my life-working on my transformation!!! Thank you!!!!

    Laura- CT

  16. My little Powell Pack, I love and miss you dearly. Chris and Heidi – thank you for opening the door and letting in a little bit of light. Because of it – I was able to find the way to the outside. And a world of possibilities.

  17. Jami is such an inspiration to me, she taught me if you believe it will happen. I have just begun my journey and it’s hard but I believe!

  18. I wach the show every time ,Heidi and Chris u are a rol model for me in every way Love love love u guys kip up with the good work and god bless u!!!!!

  19. Hola Heidi y Chris, los admiro mucho y me gustar?a que me dieran una rutina de ejercicios y me orientaran que maquinas de ejercicios debo adquirir para poner un minigimnasio en mi casa, si pudieran obsequiarme una ser?a fantastico, que Dios los siga bendiciendo.

  20. My wife & I watch your show religiously and saw the episode with Jami. She did an amazing job with changing her life around. It wasn’t just a body transformation, it was a life changing/altering experience. Chris did an amazing job coaching…and Heidi, I am sure you were in there as well. As much credit goes to Chris and you, Jami get the majority. To come from such a dark place and find hope, just a little light she saw, and went for it and has come out a star. Regardless of what we look like, we should never feel worthless. We all have value…

    Great job everyone. We love the transformations and stories of the lives you change. Keep them coming…wish we could be part of your team to help you. In a way we are very similar…we contribute in our own small way to assist others in changing their lives for health reasons. Unconditional support is a great gift to give.


  21. I absolutely fell in love with Jami, cried with her and feel that God Blessed her completely! Beautiful person inside and out….she will continue to make a difference in all the lives she touches going forward. Best wishes to her forever!
    Judy Richardson
    Kennesaw, GA

  22. Just when I was feeling like I couldn’t sink any lower into depression about my weight, Jami really inspired me and gave me hope – I have as much to lose as she did and now I am ready to try my hardest. I just turned 50 and my doctor just put me on blood pressure pills and next will be cholesterol pills so thank you Jami for your beautiful story and inspiration

  23. You don’t know me from Billy Bob to Anna Marie lol but I am extremely proud of ur transformation! You are a beautiful woman with the heart and mind that won’t let anything get in the way of what u want. You pushed urself and got it! More for what I can say for me. Im over 350 lbs and I cant seem to lose cause I cant do exercises because of 2 ruptured disks (L4 and L5). Just keep telling urself that uve made it and tell doubt to kiss ur foot. Keep up he good work!!! Hugs!

  24. Jami’s story is one that is so real and hits home. I hate looking in the mirror to see what’s in front of me. It’s hard when you don’t love yourself, feel unworthy, and life feels hopeless. When watching the show, I felt like I was looking at me. However, you transformed and I stayed that same person. I’m so proud of Jami. What a blessing you are Chris and Heidi!

  25. Hi, I just seen your transformation and I think you look amazing. You truly are an inspiration to those that are trying to lose weight. I myself is currently struggling to lose weight. It is so hard without motivation. Thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Thank you so much for posting this! I am still in the beginning stages of my journey and seeing inspiration like this helps me to remember my goals and try harder each day than I did the last.

    Thank you!

  27. I am so sorry that I missed this episode and hope that I can find a way to view it. I have read many, many incredible comments about this strong woman – Jami! I would like to know her story and be inspired. She looks beautiful from the outside and her inner light shines thru that smile! Congrats to Jami! Please tell me if/when this episode will re-play.

  28. This was one of the most amazing episodes you have had. I was just amazed as to how the two hour unfolded on TV. Jami’s strength is unbelievable and she is definitely a roll model to look up to. Congratulations.

  29. Jami
    i watched this show of you just last night,i am so happy for you, you did a great job and i am so proud of you. I to have always had a weight your life and be happy with yourself.

  30. Jami is sooooooo amazing! Her journey reminded me of myself and my journey of emotional health and physical health. I too was so depressed that I had a plan of suicide but someone ‘ruined’ my plan without realizing it just as Chris did for Jami. I’m so thankful!

    Jami, I’m so proud and happy for you! I wish I could give you a big hug! May God richly bless you!

  31. Hi Heidi..

    i am a big girl, like you was before. Everything was bad for me. And When i saw your result of your trying lose your weight, i got upset. Coz you had a chance, which not anyone can got a chance like you and so do i. i writed to Chris and Ryan to ask a help, but everything i had was hopeless. But i tried to find any chance, i will follow everyone who on this program, who had a chance like you and Ryan. Coz i trustin God, God will give a person who maybe you are or anyone can help me. you know? i really hope to see you reply.

  32. This episode made me cry. I feel the same way about myself as Jami did. Seeing her transform was inspirational.

  33. What an inspiration she is. It makes me so happy to see people have that success in their lives. God Bless her! I to struggle but I’m in a different situation, I was paralyzed from the neck down after an unfortunate surgery that went bad. I have been blessed with some return I AM VERY BLESSED, however with my significant limitations I don’t know what or how to do it. Hopefully one day it will come together but in the meantime WAY TO GO JAMI!!! I’m proud of you and I don’t even know you!! =)

  34. Jami is a amazing beautiful young lady. What a amazing journey she is an inspiration to me I thank you for that. Thank you Chris and Heidi as well for helping inspire those who think there isn’t another option and being real.

  35. Jami , Heidi , and Chris ….
    You all are an inspiration to me !!! Jamie you made me cry through your episode yet you 3 have given me the kick in the ass I need to finally get my weight off !!!

  36. She is a true warrior…such inner strength waiting for the right chance and the two of you gave it to her. Y’all are such an amazing blessing.

  37. Jami’s episode really hit home. I guess the only thing I would have wanted was to know how, if you are that low, you find your spark without that support to do so? That would have been helpful to those of us who aren’t on the show, but are in the same place, or darker places. It always hits me that Chris just doesn’t get what he means to someone who is overweight. It is obvious, from the way he looks at you to the way he’ll actually hug you, that he doesn’t see that. He sees the person inside that, honestly, most of us cannot see until it is shown to us. I have written letters for three years and thrown them away, tried to apply for three years and chickened out because I couldn’t face making the video of myself, and yet I still watch every last episode because Chris ignites this little spark each time I see him with someone who needs his help and I wonder, just a little, if perhaps I could get there.

  38. This was such an amazing episode it was a once in a lifetime experience to be able to see such an inspirational transformation. Good Bless you all. And ours just such a beautiful thing to see. It had me tearing lol. Thank you

  39. I feel happy, very happy for this person. If some day God gives me the opportunity to see this couple I will Thank them for Changing everyone’s lives.
    Thank you so much for helping others! I hope to meet you guys some day!

  40. I enjoyed this episode so much. She worked so hard to transform her life. Every time I watch I am encouraged about changing my life. I need to watch every day though to keep that encouragement going. Heidi and Chris are such blessings.

  41. Wich i had the oportunity to be in the show, but trying to do it by myself and making a piggy bank for the surgery! Jami you are an inspiration! Keep on the good work!! You rock that bikini!!!

  42. I watch every week I’m very inspired, however; I was informed by Chris staff he can’t work with me because I have medical issues if he can’t help then I guess I really do have no hope. I’m so glad you get to have a second chance at life. Unfortunately theres no hope for me.

  43. She made a real turnaround. Her confession took me by surprise. I think that we sometimes forget to focus on the small goals and tend to focus on where we are instead of how far we’ve come. Things like less pressure on our knees and having more stamina and energy are more important than aesthetics. Good job Jami!

  44. Oh my goodness, you look more than amazing! Congratulations! I am soooo in need of Chris and Heidi Powell in my life! They are my facebook inspiration and now you are as well! πŸ™‚

  45. I couldn’t help but tear up last night, while watching Jami’s transformation, as I tend to do while watching EW. But this was different. As Jami told Chris that he “wrecked her plan”, you could see how it effected him emotionally, as he realized that he literally saved her life. This episode was a beautiful testament, pulling out the inner beauty that had been pushed too far inside of an incredible young lady, that she herself didn’t even know existed. Well done, Jami and best wishes as you continue moving forward and realizing your beauty and place in the world.

  46. What an amazing transformation! This was one of the most powerful ones that I’ve seen. I was smiling through my tears! Both you and Chris are truly amazing people!

  47. I watched Jami last night and just love her! She looks amazing and her determination is incredible. Such an inspiration. Life is beautiful so live your beautiful life, Jami!!

  48. Wow!!!!!!!!!! If she did that, I know I can totally do it..thanks jami for your encouragement

  49. I want to congratulate you on the show last night was one of the best I’ve seen.

    I’m struggling with overweight, I have only 39 years old and already suffer from diabetes, high pressure and cholesterol, I feel very depressed and hopeless.

    ?? but when I see your program lifts my mood and I know I can, but I need help …. I would like to know how to eat and that routine ejercisios do, I have not.
    idea. Blessings!

  50. This show is the most amazing thing that has happened to my life!!!!! First Meredith and now Jami has been more than an inspiration to me you and Chris are 2 awesome ppl doing awesome things!!!!! ?

  51. I think Jami’s story was one of the most inspirational transformations. When it comes to weight loss, many people don’t understand how being overweight can significantly affect someone’s self-esteem. Jami’s journey of learning to love herself and seeing her spirit go from being so low to soaring way above the clouds was magical! God bless Chris for picking her for the transformation. He is an angel on earth!


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