I Can’t!

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I’m sure this incredible woman needs no introduction to those that watch Extreme Weight Loss religiously. But for anyone that may have missed one of our most jaw-dropping transformations every, meet Jacqui McCoy. Not only is Jacqui an inspiration to the millions that got to know her on ABC last summer, but she is also one of my biggest role models in life. Jacqui McCoy is beautiful inside and out, and has words of wisdom beyond her years.

“I Can’t”
by Jacqui McCoy

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The two most hated words of trainers and coaches every where are the word?s: I can?t. I know every time I was presented with something very challenging, especially in the beginning as much as I tried my hardest not to utter those two negative words they often did slipped out of my mouth before I could catch myself. Chris Powell and his wife, Heidi,  as well as my local trainer, Matt Franco, would be pretty frustrated when I would tell them I can?t do it. These are some things I learned about saying ?I can?t!?

1) Don?t say you can?t do something unless you try it first. Sometimes I would defeat myself mentally before I even gave it a shot. Give it your best try and see what happens. You may surprise yourself! Most trainers will not ask you to do something you can?t physically do but they want to challenge you. The challenges change your body and empowers your mind.

2) What I can?t usually truly means is: I?m scared. It is SO ok to be scared. I know my trainers would have been way more receptive to me telling them that the truth was that I had fear and anxiety and was way out of my comfort zone. In fact once I started owning up to being afraid they found ways to coach me through it and help me face my fears. One of my biggest fears was box jumps. In fact I refused to do them for a really long time. I did box step up?s instead. One day another trainer of mine in Arizona, Aj Richards, just would not let me get out of it. He knew I could do it. I told him I was terrified of the tripping on the box. So, he made a stack of weights for me the same height as the box and said ?ok, now try it, you can?t trip on these.? I was still afraid but I did it, and was amazed I could actually do it! It was a huge victory and I was so glad he helped me face my fears.

3) Sometimes you really can?t do it. There were things that no matter how hard I tried I just wasn?t able to do what was asked of me. I wasn?t at the fitness or strength level to complete the task. However, I never say I can?t do it anymore. I say I am not able to do it YET, but I will keep training until I can. Changing your mindset really will change your health and your body.

Extreme Weight Loss Jacqui McCoy - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/2678

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54 Responses

  1. Great insight. I know at age 50 I have joints that pop that never used to! However, I have joined the rec center at the college I work at. I’m spending lots of time in the pool swimming laps. There was a time when I would have said “I can’t” just at the sheer horror of being in public in a swim suit. However, I don’t care because it’s all about ME!

  2. Love this because I have seen this in many. I recently took my mom water walking and before this she said she couldn’t get in the water, and now I can’t get her out.. 🙂

  3. This is something I truly struggle with. I was at the gym this morning and used I can’t. Even though I was working by myself (and talking to myself…LOL), one of the trainers yelled at me…yes you can!. Sometimes I get so frustrated that my body will not do what I want it to do. It is easy to get defeated. I took a quick break to reset and then did it. Super proud of myself

  4. This was a great blog post with such great tips! I’m personally at that point where changing my mindset is going to make the difference for me to get to the next level of my weight loss and health transformation. I needed to hear these tips and read this tonight. Thanks Jacqui for inspiring me!

  5. Jacque,You are so very right about saying your scared,when you say I can,t. You see the Doctors told me I would never walk again if they didn’t,t amputate my leg,as it had been broken in 27 places a 5inches of Tibia missing,after a Motorcycle accident in Big Bear Lake Ca. I tied elastic around my foot and worked it for two years while in the wheel chair.Today not only do I walk on that leg,but I have taken the Chris Powell weight loss challenge! And I work out with that leg every day! “I can”

  6. I am TERRIFIED of box jumps! Nice to know that I’m not the only one! I somehow have to conquer that fear! You’re awesome Jacqui. Gives me hope that I CAN let me repeat that: I CAN do box jumps. 😉 Thanks for your article!

  7. “He made a stack of weights” what did that look like? I’m having a hard time picturing it. Thank you. I’ll work on catching myself say “I can’t.”

  8. I prefer using “Can I” over “I Can’t” when facing new challenges every day because “Can I” is best defined as:

    “Constant And Never-ending Improvement!”

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