Chantell ? Mediocrity is Not an Option

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?One year ago, I was headed to a life of mediocre existence, and now?I plan on living my life to the fullest and taking every risk possible.
I want to take the road less traveled now. ?I?m ready. And it doesn?t scare me, it only excites me.?

? Chantell Johnson

Enough said, Chantell. You truly are an example of striving to live up to your full potential. Chris and I knew from day one that you were nothing close to ordinary. You reached for the stars and believed in your own power within. You never expected a handout or a ?magic pill?. You knew very well this journey would take work?you knew life would take work. And you worked for every bit of recognition and accomplishment that you achieved.

You, Chantell, are what we call ?extraordinary?.

Beyond this, you are a beautiful woman, a soul wise beyond your years, and a hilariously amazing friend. I still laugh at some of the talks we had in those hills of Arizona ?. Some of them, Chris will forever thank you for ;).

I love you so much, and am forever grateful for your existence in my life. I have no doubt this is only the beginning for you. I can?t wait to see which star you reach next!


Heidi and Chris

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  1. I loved watching Chantell’s episode because I could relate to her so much. She was going through some adversity during her year-long weight loss journey and it was truly inspiring how she perserved and didn’t let any of it distract or derail her.
    You are guys are the best, Heidi & Chris. Congratulations Chantell!!

    PS I am on a weight loss journey myself. Down 35lbs! πŸ™‚

  2. One of my favorite episodes. I loved the “running is my frenemy” comment and can identify. However, she never stopped. I watch the show and KNOW I need more cross-training but I hate it so much. Seeing the results in others though, has led me to step up my game and I just need to push a little harder (okay a lot).

  3. I loved this episode SO much! I related to Chantell as I am also a college student struggling with weight issues! Running through Paris!?! I mean talk about a challenge that is picture perfect! Her run was long and exhausting but where in earth would you rather run!? I dream of Paris…yeah I teared up when I saw the Eiffle Tower at night and when she finally made it to the end if her run!! What an inspiration!!

  4. I didn’t know you “Hung out” with the participants as well. That’s very cool. I would imagine it’s great to have a female trainer along sometimes.

  5. No time for mediocrity doing Shapers @ the gym. I plop down all 260 pounds of me in front of huge mirrors & stocky fitness trainers. With every rep, set & grunt, I ride

  6. This episode was my favorite of all that I’ve seen; I can relate to her on many levels, the only place we differ is she is so positive & I seem to lack that. After watching this I admit that I’ve been totally inspired by Chantell, she gave it her all & as a result all her hard work paid off. I’m going to keep this episode in mind when I decide to embark on my own weight loss journey. I love this show & all that it stands for.

  7. I must say I watch anything that has to do with weight loss and Chris and Heidi are more inspiration than I have ever found. To see these amazing transformation gives me feeling that I can do this!!

  8. I truly loved this episode! I loved how she showed her struggle with balancing school and her self improvement journey. It was very relatable.

  9. You go girl!!! I can’t imagine running a marathon, you’ve inspired me to start small and next year I will be doing a Color Run 5K

  10. This girl is AMAZING! Motivated, inspirational, funny, smart…. The list goes on, I completely fell in love with her. Not to mention that running a marathon is hard enough, but doing it with out the support of a crowd and thousands of other runners!?!! That is a whole new level of achievement. Bravo!

  11. I could relate to Chantell on so many levels. I’m always putting aside my own dreams to do things for my family. It’s time for me.

  12. What an inspiring journey, it is possible to lbe up to your potential. Congratulations. You give me hope

  13. loved this transformation. no excuses. no giving up. her successes and achievements made her want to ACHIEVE MORE. so much determination throughout the journey. she set a new bar for what it means to be motivated!! congrats chantell

  14. This transformation totally hit home for me. The fact that not everyone in her family supported her decision to be healthier and that she was the rock of the family. I suffer with this on a daily bases. Trying to find my own way to a health and happy life. Very hard road to travel.

  15. Oh my gosh, this was such a good show. Chantell was so determined not to give up. Made me want to do that marathon with her. My goal is to do a mud run when I’m healed and healthy again.

  16. I absolutely loved watching this transformation! What an incredible sense of self! Nicely done Chantell! Congrats on all your success! πŸ™‚

  17. I was so motivated by this and every episode… I loved to watch the transformation, and enjoyed her positive, outgoing spirit… It is an amazing thing that these lovely people let us into their lives for a couple of weeks to gain encouragement, insight and to see a bit of ourselves in each of you… Thank you for sharing with us… It’s a gift!

  18. I can not get enough of watching Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition! I wish I could go on there πŸ™‚ I have lost weight but it is going slowly.. It is really hard when no one educates you on proper eating, cooking, etc and then you have to cook for your family and they want to eat fried foods, fast foods, red meats.. ugh it is pure torture.

  19. This girl is fierce! Loved the episode and found her to be very inspiring! When Chris asked her to run a marathon…by herself…I freaked out right along with her. YOU GO GIRL for getting it done–much to be proud of!

  20. I loved this episode. Not just for the physical transformation but for the emotional strength and the insight that Chantell showed. It takes a really smart woman to see that two of the most important relationships in her life were not healthy for her, and a really strong woman to either put limits on those relationships or end them. In short, Chantell – you ROCK!

  21. Chantell, you are AWESOME! I loved watching your episode and how confident you became in your self and how amazing you were through your weight loss journey! Heidi and Chris, you are truly a blessing in the way you give your time, advice, knowledge and life experiences to help others for the better!

  22. This was definitely an inspiring episode. She faced adversity like we all do and kept focused. I love that she took getting evicted and turned it into going back to school. She stayed the weight loss course while taking college courses! Kudos.

  23. I absolutely loved chantell’s episode. I loved her attitude. She was going to get to her goal with nothing stopping her. I’m about to start school and I’m worries I will gain wait when I need to lose 46 more! I have confidence that I will do my best and hope and pray that I will not gain but lose πŸ™‚

  24. I loved her so much and I was yelling at the tv b/c her family was so unresponsive and ignorant about her choice to live better. I just wanted to huggle and snuggle her!

  25. Chantell,
    I loved watching you transform πŸ™‚ you gave me courage to keep working out. you go girl πŸ™‚

  26. So inspiring & I LOVE that these “contestants” or “TV show participants” actually become lifelong friends!!!!! That shows that this is beyond a tv job for the Powells – but an actual passion of LOVE!!!! Amazing blessings!!!

  27. Chris and Heidi,
    last night show was so powerful. I can relate to Chantell very much. I am a female going to be 50 years old this years. I have been over weight my entire life. Ran 3 marathons and played rugby. the last 2 years have been hard on me I had breast cancer and just had my left knee operated on. I am 6feet1″ in height, my weight is 320 pounds. I can’t stand to look at myself any more. Can you please help me with a training program that I can start. I have very limited access to a gym Rowing machine, bikes, some weights and a pool. can you please help me
    Thank you Chris

  28. this just brought tears to my eyes! chantell, I am so happy for you and so grateful to your new friends, Heidi and Chris! I love you soror! shine like the sun.

  29. Chantell reminded me very much of myself, and I wish I hit record last night. It was truly inspiring. I hope to make my own mediocrity into something extraordinary!

  30. Chantell was probably my absolute fave person on EWL ever! I completely fell in love with her attitude and her never quit never give up take on everything she does. Life sent many obstacles to her but you never heard her complain, she just did what she had to do. A true inspiration!

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