And the Final Countdown Begins…

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I?m almost in the home stretch with this pregnancy!! Finally, and I couldn?t be more excited :-). As my third trimester peeks around the corner, this newest little member of the Powell Pack is getting more and more active. Those little elbows in my ribs and powerful kicks to the side remind me every day that?Baby Powell (we?re keeping the baby?s gender a secret!) is already rearing to join us as we work to stay active and continue to transform lives. ?It?s in the genes, you could say. πŸ™‚

In between all of the rib kicking and feelings of overcrowding in my midsection, amazing things will continue happening with this little one over the next few weeks: eyes will open, bones will continue to develop, little lungs will practice breathing, fingernails will grow, and ? some serious weight gain (for both Mommy and Baby!). This miraculous process never ceases to amaze me. Four babies in the making, and I?m still in awe every single day over what is really going on inside of my belly. I?m growing a human!!!! What???!!! Yup ? it?s a true mindblower.

All you prego moms out there (past or present) can attest that these are a few things we experience (both ?get to? and ?have to?) as these months pass: swelling (you would die if you saw pics of my feet from my first pregnancy), increased tiredness, backaches, heartburn (all day, everyday, for me), more frequent potty breaks, wacky emotions (ummm…guilty ? just ask Chris), and intensifying Braxton Hicks contractions. While some of these might be fun and bearable for a while, I think it?s safe to say that we all reach a point where we?re using our word to coax that little baby to come out of our bellies! I?m not gonna lie ? with Cash being 10 days overdue, I was lunging, jumping, bouncing, running?whatever I could do to make these symptoms stop! Those were the longest 10 days of our lives ;).

In my eyes, there is no better time than NOW, the last trimester, to make some final preparations not only for baby?s arrival, but for our post-baby selves. Now, I?m not saying you should ever wait for this last trimester to begin preparing, BUT?I am saying that if you haven?t already, then let?s start preparing together today:

  • Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition. Even though baby is gaining weight rapidly, that?s not a free pass for us to overeat. Sorry ladies, we don?t really have to double our portions to properly ?eat for two.? Bummer, huh?? J Only consume between 300-450 additional high quality calories per day, and not only will baby be healthier, but we?ll be able to find our pre-baby bodies much faster. I always remind myself that I am ?building a baby??this helps me eat only the foods I want my little baby to be built from. Also, be sure to keep an eye on sodium intake to help prevent swelling, and stay well hydrated (I will HAVE to show you what excess sodium did to my feet during pregnancies! I finally learned my lesson though, and did pregnancy number 3 the right way ? lower sodium).
  • Exercise. Yes, we might not feel like running a 5K, but there are some things we can do, even in the final weeks, that will make labor, delivery, and recovery much easier. Walking is a simple and safe form of exercise for any stage of pregnancy. Wanting more? Check out these exercises?and stretches?from the Mayo Clinic for some other great ideas. (Please discuss any exercise or stretching program with your health care provider before beginning.)
  • Sleep. A Lot. Once baby arrives, sleep will become a rare commodity. Ask for help, if necessary, so you can get as many naps as possible, without compromising your daily activity that keeps you feeling alive and energetic!
  • Prepare siblings for baby?s arrival. Getting used to a new baby can sometimes be a bit tough for the other kids. Trust me ? Little Cashy keeps telling me ?NO!? everytime I talk about the new little baby! Here?s an idea: have the new baby give a gift to each of his or her siblings. They?ll think the new kid is pretty cool right from the get-go, and it will help ease the pain that can come along with a little less attention on them while we tend to the newborns needs. Baby Powell will definitely be doing this for Matix, Mars, and Cashy very soon now!
  • Finish final arrangements for D (delivery) day. Make sure the bags are packed and caretakers for the other kids are on stand-by. Also important for Chris and myself? A birth plan. This was something I never ever thought of for Matix and Marley?s births, but by having one typed up for Cash?s arrival, it was an easy reminder to nurses, docs, and family of what would make this day most comfortable for me. Now, don?t plan on the plan to a T ? things come up and emergencies happen. But it?s never a bad idea to have an idea to have a plan in place.
  • Take a break and enjoy this magical time?it will pass all too quickly.

Amen to that last tip. I am tearing up as I type this. As hectic as it can be gearing up for baby, not to mention uncomfortable at times, there isn?t a time in my life I enjoy more?and now I will miss dearly, than being pregnant. Elbows to the ribs, kicks through my belly, baby hiccups, ultrasounds, even Braxton Hicks contraction, are all things I will miss. I guess I should never say never, but Chris and I are thinking our family might be complete with 4 :-). Goodbye to pregnancy forever (I?ll miss you!), hello childhood, teenage year, adulthood, and grandbabies before we know it!

Let?s not get too far ahead of ourselves though :-). For now, bring it on third trimester!! I?m ready for ya!

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  1. Heidi..So happy for you and do know the sex because of Chris’s website. Wonderful ! Best of luck with the delivery..not an easy task. I raised 6 3-natural born, 3 adopted. I remember thinking everytime “I cant’t do this anymore” and then I did. I wrote to Chris for help and I really need it. I am 72, with Pulmonary Fibrosis and need to lose 35 pounds. Not much compared to Extreme people, but have been batteling since I was 9. Can’t exercise due to the pulmonary problem, hoping carb cycles will work anyway. Thanks for listening and would appreciate any advise you can give me. marti Saville

  2. I LOVE the information you post on here. I am 31 weeks…just 1 ahead of you I think. It has been so fun to follow along and relate to a lot of what you are going through. I too have 2 kids from a previous marriage, my husband is in his final year of collage for his BA in exercise science, and we watch your show religiously! We LOVE your family dynamic and never stop attitudes. You guys are such an inspiration to us πŸ™‚ #babypowell

  3. I wish more than anything you and Chris were here in South Africa to help obese people here too! You look radiant and happy on that pic πŸ™‚ stay well

  4. Heidi,
    I’ve noticed that it seems you’ve stayed extremely active and consistent on your workout routine while pregnant. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for over two years, I’m a runner and love working out. But the doctor has me scared that I’m making it more difficult to get pregnant by running 10-20 miles a week, which doesn’t seem like a lot to me. While going to a fertility doctor I pretty much gave up running out of fear. Needless to say the treatments didn’t work, so I decided to go back to being myself, which includes running 3-4 times a week. What have your experiences been while trying to get pregnant, or having “surprises”?
    You are gorgeous btw!

  5. You are an inspiration to ALL women!! I can’t believe you did that Warrior race with Chris pregnant, let alone so close to your third trimester!! You ROCK!!! Yes, it is a blessing and wow to phathom that you have a REAL LIVE HUMAN BEING living and growing inside of you!! How amazing is our God. :). Thank you for all you do for us. You’re so beautiful inside and out!! We love the Powell Pack!! God’s many blessings to all of you.

  6. Hi Heidi. I love you and Chris. You both give me and my family such motivation. We all eat healthy but have tended to overdue at times and could shed about 20-30 lbs each. My 22 year old daughter is pregnant going into her 3rd trimester as well with my first grandbaby. I love how you stated “I feel like I am building a baby” So true. This is what we have tried to tell my daughter and she is doing very well and has gained 20 lbs. We watch ever single one of Chris’s shows he is amazing. My daughter and I currently swim at the gym and when Baby is born we will start weight training and zumba classes again. Thank you for you and Chris’s inspiring life styles.God bless.

  7. Congratulations on your upcoming little one! You and your husband are such an inspiration to so many people. I feel guilty sitting on my couch watching the show, I feel like I need to be working out while watching! I think it is amazing to see how much you and Chris actually care about the people you help, it is nice to see someone as genuine as ya’ll! Keep up the great work!

  8. I just love the fact that you don’t let fame change you. Looking at your picture and seeing an unmade bed and a basket of clothes just makes you more down-to-earth, in my opinion. Please don’t ever change. :o)

  9. You guys are amazing. I have never been pregnant but if I ever do have a child I will for sure follow your helpful tips. 300-450 calories more than normal. I would’ve never known that because don’t most doctors say your eating for 2? You are such the perfect mom and Chris is the perfect father. You guys are the Perfect Powell Fit Family!!! πŸ™‚ Congrats! #2 Post for Choose More Lose More for Life…. Praying I win with all my heart!!!

  10. I love that you are an inspiration to new mothers. That you can be pregnant and stay healthy and exercise. I have friends that taught and took Zumba classes and friends that ran 5Ks throughout their pregnancies. Cant wait to see pics of your new bundle of JOY this fall!

  11. Thank you! It’s nice to know that pregnancy doesn’t HAVE to stop you from working out and taking care of yourself. This is something I feared.

  12. I am in awe of you Heidi! I had no idea you two were expecting again! Congrats! I am on a fitness journey to be a healthy weight for myself, my husband, and our kids. I hope one day to add to our family, but want to be a bit healthier before that happens. Congrats to you both! You two are amazing inspirations!

  13. You guys have such a beautiful family, and you guys are people too messy beds and all, also studies have proved that messy beds are healthier than made beds cause you trap all those bedbugs and bacteria everything under the blanket instead of letting your mattress breathe!

  14. I love that you are helping women all around understand the importance of good nutrition and exercise while they are pregant. I exercised the entire pregancy with both of mine. I had to have c-sections, though I still felt better a lot quicker. I truly believe that was from the exercise.

  15. You’re making me miss pregnancy! I had a really tough pregnancy with my son, including complications. The idea of an active, healthy pregnancy is a dream to me! Hopefully someday in the next couple of years!

  16. Not sure your due date…but you have my persmission to name it after me and hope it is a girl and you have her on my bday 11/18 You look beautiful!

  17. I wish I had advise like this 30 years ago when I was pregnant with my 3 children. I gained over 50 lbs with each. Thanks to determination and breastfeeding, I always dropped the weight as fast as it went on. But when I was heavy , I was miserable. I have good nutrition now, and a very healthy lifestyle, so I maintain a health weight with out a lot of effort. But I sure wish you and Chris were areound back then! XOXO

  18. Awesome tips!! I put on a lot of weight when I was pregnant! I’m lucky to say I’ve lost it all and in better shape now than BEFORE I had kids! You are looking amazing πŸ™‚

  19. Love that your bed isn’t made. Shows us that you’re human like the rest of us and still a HUGE inspiration! Thanks!

  20. Congrats! Being pregnant is so exciting, And it also really makes you aware of what you are putting in your body.

  21. This is great! I did not apply these rules when I was pregnant and I gained 60 lbs! I am thankfully back to my original weight and have a healthy 15 month old but it took a lot longer to get there. I will apply these tips next pregnancy for sure!

  22. Congratulations!! My kids are grown now and I’m hoping for grandkids soon. Enjoy all of this excitement while you can. It goes way too fast. You and Chris are such an inspiration to all of us that are trying to get into a healthy lifestyle. I look forward to every episode of extreme weight loss and can’t thank you enough for your inspiration!!

  23. Thank you for sharing your journey with us! There is nothing more personal and wonderful than pregnancy! Thanks again Heidi!! (PS, I’m starting my 3rd trimester today, so wish me luck!)

  24. I love that your advice is always so practical. I feel like I’m chatting with a close friend. I am amazed by you and Chris and your passion for helping people.

  25. I really wish I had remained active during my pregnancies. Unfortunately, like most women I used it as an excuse to sitting on my ass and overeating. I am not working to get those pounds off when I could have easily avoided it to begin with. Great article and great advice!

  26. Your such an ?nsp?re, when ? hear all the excuses from people just because they are to lay to workout. And ? see you doing your exercise keep ?n your mind, body ?n good Shape even during tour pregnancy ? can only say!! Thats the sp?r?t every body need to have. Love fo read and watch everything you post.

  27. Congratz!! Im so excited to see your new baby and you, happy smilling, stay amazing as you are πŸ™‚

  28. Congratulations on your upcoming blessing!! When I was pregnant with my twins (almost 22 years ago!!) I made sure I ate tons of fruits and vegetables, only healthy meals, and read every label to make sure I avoided certain preservatives. Plus, I exercised and walked every day… it paid off as I went full-term 39 1/2 weeks and they induced me because of the size of my daughters – 7 lbs 13 oz and 7 lbs 2 oz. With my second pregnancy I didn’t eat as many healthy meals (twin were only 1 1/2 yrs old) and didn’t exercise as much… I really notice the difference in the pregnancy and delivery. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a healthy diet and exercise prior to pregnancy, during, and after – made a huge difference! Thank You for being such an inspiration!! Many blessings to you and your family!!

  29. Your stunning. I wish I knew ur secret to looking so radiant near the end of my pregancy. Help for the now and next?:)

  30. Thank you for sharing a beautiful picture! I only wish I looked that good in my third trimester! My husband and I really want another baby but my first pregnancy was pretty hard on us because I had gestational diabetes, I am trying to lose weight and eat healthier so we don’t have this problem again! Keeping my fingers cross and trying to push that I can do it! I would love to get Chris book to help with that!

  31. Heidi,

    My boyfriend is to the point where he wants to have children and so am I. I am obese at the weight of 282. I am watching my diet and trying to exercise (it is difficult with a knee injury that I might have to have surgery on). We both want marriage and a life so much. If I continue to lose weight just on diet alone at first, could that lead to better habits while pregnant? I don’t want the chance to get gestational diabetes, especially since my family had a history of diabetes. What kind of weight loss while pregnant would be ok for me? And what kind of routine would be best? I am already starting Chris’s diet and plan on trying out for the next season of extreme weight loss. A lot can happen in a year!

  32. Congrats on the new addition to the ‘PowellPack’… And that baby bump is way to cute on you! I love that you give good tips for expecting moms and if god graces me with a baby someday I hope that I am as active as you while expecting!!!

  33. I have already had my children but I think it’s great that you work out and eat so healthy while being pregnant. I think your such an inspiration not only to pregnant woman but all women.

  34. Wow you look amazing! Babies truly are a blessing, one day I hope to join the Mommy Club! πŸ™‚ Many blessings & congrats on your newest addition to your growing family.

  35. How wonderful! I’m going to share your post with my daughter who is 18 weeks today. It’s her first and my first grandbaby. I had 5 babies and I loved being pregnant. Constant potty trips seemed par for the course to me. All of it was so temporary that I tried to enjoy even the tough stuff. All the best with your new little one. It’s kinda nice when you know what’s ahead isn’t it. πŸ™‚

  36. I’m trying to get into baby making shape. I need to lose weight so that hopefully I can have a healthy pregnancy soon πŸ™‚ you look great congrats on the new little one:)

  37. You look wonderful for being in your third trimester. I wish I could look that good when I was pregnant. I gained 50 plus pounds with both of my boys and I still can not get the weight off and the youngest is 11 years old.

  38. Great post Heidi! Babies are amazing and its really crazy to look our kids now (3 and 5) and think wow i grew u!

  39. I want a 3rd child bundle of joy. But until I lose my weight from my 2 previous children I cant have children. πŸ™ my health risk for me and baby would probably be life threatening so I need to get back to pre pregnant weight to even begin thinking about another chi I d. I wish I had the support and motivation from Chris or you Heidi to help me. You both are so inspirational. Thanks so much for the hope. Now I just need help with a push! Keep up your most God given gift to help others. God surly is working through you both to help everyone. God bless you Heidi and your husband Chris.

  40. Some days I miss those pregnancy moments so bad- the baby moving and that “I’m growing a human” thought… But with my three 9,11,14 the moment usually passes quickly! Just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy- everything will fall into place!!

  41. One of the most wonderful feeling, is when baby is moving in tummy and already being so active,what a wonderful life!

  42. I’m so excited for you and your family!! I’ve been following you for a while now, and have been so inspired to live a little healthier! You have some great tips and wonderful advice! I’m excited to try all your recipes!!

  43. Great advice! I have chosen not to have children but my BFF is having so many difficulties with IVF but her specialists stress all the things above! Thank goodness I have passed my passion for clean eating onto her and she has done an amazing job losing weight, getting active, and getting ready if it happens. I love her to the moon and back and she’s learned the best you can do is keep yourself healthy fit and strong!

  44. I have just found out that I am going to be a grandmother for the first time! I honestly thought I would have more children but now I get the joy of having children around without labor! LOL! Hope things go wonderful for you and your precious family!

  45. I am 39 weeks now and wish I had started a lot of that prepping earlier. But, better late than never! This week I am increasing my walking, with my hubby being my “coach.” He comes home and has me walk right away with him. I think it’ll also help for after delivery and trying to lose the baby weight (and then some…). Thanks for the tips!

  46. Thanks for keeping me motivated 15 more weeks to go πŸ™‚ I think November is a month for boys πŸ™‚

  47. Woo Hoo! Yes Heidi, to think that we grow a human being inside us for 9 months is so amazingly awesome! For people that do not think God doesn’t do miracles, happens every time a child is born! Congrats!

  48. I thought I would never get rid of my sciatica with my third child born this year.. But I eased into Crossfit for the first time and 4 months later, I am sciatica free! Congratulations to babe #4!

  49. Thank you for posting such an informative blog. I have someone I am close to who is expecting and I am definitely going to make sure she reads this. Congratulations on your pregnancy and I wish you continued health and happiness.

  50. Congrats to you and Chris on the next baby chapter coming soon! I loved seeing you and Chris together on the last episode of EWL with Alyssa. So cool to see you working together and especially because Alyssa wanted a woman to talk to. Great job as always!!!

  51. First off, congrats on the baby!! You look so beautiful! Hope you are doing well!
    I’m a teen struggling with weight and I just want you and Chris to know how much you inspire me. You two are truly blessings placed on earth to help people change their lives. What you do is incredible and I can’t thank you enough for being such amazing role models to me! I would LOVE a copy of Chris’s book! I enjoy reading and I’m sure I will be able to learn so much more from this book! It’s so great that Chris is willing to share his knowledge through this book! I hope I win! Thanks!!

  52. It’s sort of exciting to hear updates on the baby as I am in my first (and nerve racking!) pregnancy. I am in my third trimester as well. Your blogs are very inspiring and reminding me that although splurging just a little is okay, it needs to be done in the right way and the baby is not an excuse for junk food all the time! I am so ready for football season with our little man. Can’t wait to find out what your having! Do you have tips for us gals for after birth? I’ve heard it can be very difficult to loose the baby fat gained during pregnancy!

  53. congrats on your new baby! It seems like you pretty much have it down to a T and have great advice for new mothers!

  54. Hey you! I myself have a 20 month old and before I got pregnant I was extremely in shape and ate super healthy. I worked out my whole pregnancy but when I was breastfeading I was so afraid to burn too many calories that I’m just getting back into shape. You are an amazing person and I love watching y’all on Extreme and I follow y’all on instagram also.

  55. Excited to find out if it’s a boy or girl…. I still think Chris should try the simulated labour…. lol

  56. Congrats on your upcoming arrival. You have a beautiful family. I love the tips you included about pregnancy and what to do to help through it. My pregger days are over but its great info for future Mothers. Thanks Heidi!

  57. I remember entering the final countdown like it was yesterday, it was exciting, anxiety inducing, and the best moment of my life was going to come out of all of it. I couldn’t wait. I’m sure you know the feeling as you’ve already been thru it, but it still must be awe inducing knowing that this tiny human you’ve been carrying is about to enter the world and grow your family by 1. Congratulations and best of luck!

  58. Congratulations! You and Chris seem to have a wonderful relationship and family! Keep up the great work…love both of you!

  59. Dear Heidi and Chris,

    I love watching your show! You guys are so inspirational and I love that your whole family is super healthy. I am a diabetes nurse practitioner, so you can imagine how often I discuss the importance of practicing a healthy lifestyle every day! πŸ™‚ I personally need to lose about 20 pounds but I am already well on my way as I have purchased an elliptical machine and have been putting in 40 minute workouts 5 times per week and also hike in addition to that. I also have been logging all my food intake into an app on my phone which is so helpful. I am going to buy your book soon. Thank you so much for being so awesome every day in what you do.


  60. You look amazing! So excited for you and Chris to welcome another sweet baby to your family! This post is a great one that I’ll definitely share with friends who are expecting or will be! πŸ™‚

  61. Babies are such a wonderful blessing. Congratulations to you and Chris. You have such a beautiful family.

  62. I remember thinking I couldn’t wait to see my baby and how much I loved him/her. We did not find out what the gender was, it was all a big surprise. When Miranda was put in my arms I just couldn’t believe how very much I could love something/someone. She turns 17 in a couple of weeks and that feeling has never gone away.

  63. You are the epitome of a classy and healthy mama! Congrats to the Powell Pack! I hope your final weeks go smoothly.

  64. Congrats! I wish I would have been more health savvy when I had my daughter. My fitness and health journey did not start until after she was born, I as taking fertility meds to become pregnant and in retrospect it would have been a better release of stress to be more active at that time.

  65. I had horrible pregnancies; however, I loved all of those things about being pregnant! The moving to certain music, the hiccups while I’m trying to sleep and the movements. I loved feeling the movements…

  66. With my first pregnancy, I was blessed to have a pool in our backyard. During my last trimester, I would go swimming every evening after dinner. I really believe that helped my labor. Unfortunately, babies #2 and #3 were c-sections and I didn’t have the pool. But, I definitely recommend pool exercises if possible!

  67. Congrats to you and your beautiful family. You and Chris have changed hundreds of lives and shown how losing weight and getting fit can be done!

  68. been following your pregnancy journey via your posts. you’re still kicking butt even with baby on the way, and 3 young ones. absolutely no excuses for anyone – everyone has 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week. keep inspiring!

  69. Hedi… Just wanted to give you a shot and tell you Congrats. Best wishes to you Chris and the kids.

  70. I’m afraid if i have a baby I’ll wreck my body! Thanks for showing me that’s not the truth!

  71. I wish you all the best with the new baby! He or she is going to be one of the luckiest kids on earth to have to of the best parents ever!! All the best to you and your family as you wait for the new member of the
    Powell family!!

  72. Hi Heidi! You look fantastic!! You are a true inspiration for me! Keep up the great work you and Chris do!!!

  73. You are such an inspiration. I am a mom of 5, and reading Chris Powell’s choose to loose book now. And it’s such an eye opener!!! I’m learning a lot!! I work out 6 days a week, but I’ve been at a plateau for a few months! So I’m learning quite a bit about eating! Love you guys! Your FAMILY ROCKS!!!!

  74. So exciting! I had a cross country coach in high school who ran over 5 miles daily while pregnant up till the very end. She rocked! Can’t wait to hear how it goes! πŸ™‚

  75. I wish I would have made better choices during my pregnancy. It definitely would have made the weight loss easier! You look beautiful, Heidi. Wishing you a healthy third trimester and delivery!

  76. My rules for pregnancy cravings was 8 days. If I was still craving that food by day 8 I would allow myself to eat it. I had success getting my weight off in under a week. You look amazing- such a refresher to see someone fit while building a baby!

  77. when you are in the midst of pregnancy it is difficult to see beyond the belly, midnight bathroom runs, and emotional rollercoasters….but you are right…it passes by quickly and is just a small amount of time compared to the life of a child! Congratulations on your new addition to the powell pack!!

  78. My goodness, my next pregnancy I’m going to try to keep the cravings at bay, workout and just stay as active as possible. You look amazing! Thanks for all the tips!

  79. Seriously can’t wait to find out the gender of your baby!
    I wanted to thank you, i’m 4 month pregnant right now and I follow all your advice.
    I really like chris and you and your powell pack πŸ˜‰ you’re adorable!

  80. U are such a beauty! Sucess with the last trimester! Thank you for being as an example for all the world! U and Chris are my inspiration!

  81. You are so cute with your little baby bump! How are the other siblings taking it? Are they all excited?!

  82. Heidi, You look wonderful and congratulations on your LAST trimester! My youngest daughter and her husband are due in just 26 days with their first baby, a little boy who they are naming Jack! It is such a fun and exciting time for us all! Although I think she is just about done being pregnant and working 12 hour days as a nurse! I hope you will take the advice I keep giving her to slow down and relax! We can’t wait for Jack’s arrival but all in good time! Best of luck hon to you all on this final leg!!

  83. Just commenting to win a signed copy of Choose More, Lose More for Life! Here is my suggestion for names – Well, you have two Cs (Chris and Cash) and two Ms (Matix and Marley), so you should name the baby starting with an H so that you have two Hs.

  84. You are the perfect pregnant women!! I wish my second pregnacy will be more like yours than my first was!
    I will keep active!!!
    Best wishes for the baby to come!
    PS: would love to win the book!!! πŸ™‚

  85. It’s been a joy to watch your pregnancy! My 3 are 28, 25 & 23 and times does go to quickly. One thing is for sure is the last thing you wrote about taking time to enjoy and sometimes that’s hard when you’re so busy. My husband and I look back now and wonder we got the energy to do it all but God provides.
    Enjoy and thank you for all you and Chris do.

  86. Ok, I cannot get over how adorable you are, pregnant or not. πŸ™‚ I love how you and Chris are real and transparent to your fans. I think that it shows your true character and personality and I can’t love it enough. Thank you for being such a positive outlet! xoxoxoxo

  87. SO happy for you!! You and your family are just beautiful!! Thank you for sharing these precious moments and feelings with all of us.

  88. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips with all of us! I just had my son a few months ago and hope to have more in the future. When pregnant, it’s so important to properly take care of your body. I am still trying to get my pre-baby body back. It’s so hard balancing being an new mom, work, and exercise/health. Thank you for all of your tips and advice! I wish you and Chris the best with your new addition to the family!

  89. Love that you’re sharing this journey with all of us. πŸ™‚ We stopped at 3 (baby girl is now 6 months) but I loved being pregnant. <3

  90. My husband and I are stopping at four too. Halfway there. I can’t wait to feel a baby growing in my belly again. I love being pregnant. Thanks for sharing your feelings and advice πŸ™‚
    P.S. My feet were beyond swollen my first pregnancy too.

  91. Congrats to you and Chris!! You guys are beautiful people!! Keep up the good work you are doing! Any suggestions on reducing belly fat from 4 pregnancys?

  92. So beautiful, Heidi! Wishing you a healthy 3rd trimester! Can’t wait to see the newest member of the Powell Pack!

  93. Congratulations! You have such a beautiful family. These tips coming from a mom to be are great as you really know what your talking about and what the experience is like! Can’t wait to hear about baby Powells arrival!

  94. Congrats on the upcoming awesome addition. Your family looks like a very amazing, tight-knit group & I’m sure everyone is anxious to meet this new member.
    I agree with the exercise, walking & swimming were a huge help to me in my final trimesters with all 3 of my kids. Something about water making me so buoyant really upped my self-esteem & happiness, plus I could do so much more without feeling the weight of the little one pulling me down.

  95. Heidi,

    I had five wonderful, incredible, healthy, smart babies myself. I loved each pregnancy, rejoicing the same way you are rejoicing: the miracle of a new life growing inside of you!

    The stages of life go so swiftly ~ everyone tells us that, but we never really grasp it until the day comes when we are looking UP at our sons, instead of bending down to smile into their faces! I’ll never forget the day I realized my “little boy” had man-hands!

    Many blessings to you and your family as you enjoy this final journey to the birth of your new child!


  96. Congrats on 3rd trimester! So exciting! Love love your shirt in this pic! I wish I had your blog when I was preggers, lots of great tips!

  97. you look amazing for being pregnant. I wish I looked that good. I am paying for it now by trying to lose weight at the gym. So excited to see the new “Powell Pack” with the new baby

  98. Some great advice! During my second pregnancy I gained 55 pounds after having lost 98 to get pregnant. I had Gestational diabetes as well. I am hoping to have one more child going to start trying in about 6 months and this advice will hopefully help me have a better, healthier pregnancy for my 3rd child!

  99. I am in total awe of you! To be beyond healthy and still be down to earth! Many wishes for you and your family

  100. This blog brings back memories! I have a 19 year old and a 23 year old. Wow- does time fly! You are a beautiful mom-to-be! Happy times, those pg days! Even happier once they arrive! Congrats to you both- and I can’t wait to find out if the nursery is pink or blue! πŸ™‚

  101. It’s so wonderful to see such health and happiness in an expecting mother. I enjoy reading your blogs and follow you and your husband’s post as inspiration for a healthy, happy life.

  102. Heidi,

    Your bump is so small and cute. You are glowing! I hope you are embracing this wonderful experience and are enjoying every moment of your pregnancy! Take Care & All the best for a smooth and easy delivery! πŸ™‚

  103. Wish I would of had more self control in my pregnancies gaine fifty pounds with my second and seventy five with my first…still working on losing it all. You and Chris are huge inspirations in this journey! Congrats on the new little one!!

  104. I love that she posted this picture without the bed made, it shows that her and Chris ARE human…they aren’t perfect. And that’s what makes me love the Powell Pack even more. ( comment #2 =) I would love that book!)

  105. Congrats to you as you patiently await your newest family member. May they come on time, and be as happy and healthy as the rest of the fam.

  106. Hey Heidi!! Congratulations on the little one to come! I pray your last trimester will be memorable and healthy.

  107. Congrats! I don’t have children yet and have always been told that exercise is bad when pregnant. I know that’s not the case so thank you for confirming that:)

  108. My name is Elia Salinas and I’m 23 wks pregnant. Before I got pregnant I used to workout all the time trying to hit my goal weight. Since I’ve been pregnant I haven’t worked out once, Reading your blog makes me rethink why I didn’t keep on with my goal. I’ve been bad on eating all my cravings, and gained 27lbs of what I’ve lost when I was on my weight loss journey. I had lost a total of 50lbs. Thanks for the blog. It made me open my eyes and going to try to get back on track with working out, and eating right. After all I do want my baby growing in me to be healthy. Your such an amazing person πŸ™‚

  109. Thank you Heidi for sharing this! When the time comes, you’re tips and insight make it sound much more enjoyable (compared to the other stories I’ve heard). I’m hoping to win the Choose More, Lose More for Life book to help with my daily battles with nutrition. πŸ™‚

  110. Heidi, I couldn’t be happier for you and your family. You’re an inspiration and seeing alyssas episode I learned that its time to get my personal eating disorder figured out and fixed. Thanks for showing me its time…and it will be ok.

  111. I read this and saw the photo and just thought to myself – ha! completely normal stuff happening there and I love it ! I also love that you are using the rubberband. Been there! The shots that you posted from the hike the other morning also told me I really need to step it up. I felt tired just looking at it! One strong momma πŸ™‚ Keep up your awesome work.

  112. I can’t wait to get pregnant and experience all the things that come along with it. I have to loose some weight before I try though so I can be a healthier mom. Congrats! You look great!

  113. You look amazing!! You and Chris are an amazing power couple you see the love when you two look at each other!

  114. Blessings to you & family as you enjoy what may be your last pregnancy. I wasn’t expecting my 3rd (at age 40! LOL) so it was a very pleasant surprise and such a gift!!! Enjoy every moment (& even the pain) of it all!

  115. You look so cute. I wish I would have stayed so healthy during my pregnancies. It was a long road back but I am happy to be here! GL to you all, our family consists of two step kids and two of our kids together also. It’s such a happy mix! I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

  116. Amen! My oldest starts pre-k on the 19th and I can’t stop the water works. It goes too fast. I really would like one more (to make 3), but my hubby thinks living with 3 women is quite enough πŸ˜‰

  117. I have a friend due on August 26th and have been bringing her produce from my garden. I am thinking the baby will come out with muscles like Popeye!

  118. Wow! You guys are amazing! Love what you are doing and how you guys go out of your way to help people. I wish I had someone like you guys to help me and keep me motivated! Thanks πŸ™‚

  119. I am soo happy for you! You are so inspiring raising a family and showing the world how important it is to take care of your health.

  120. Congratulations to your family πŸ™‚ You and Chris seem like amazing people, and I’m so grateful for your happiness πŸ™‚

  121. You are beautiful. Pregnant, or not! You are such a strong, loving mother & wife, and I love following you on your blog, and watching you on Extreme Weight Loss Edition, with your awesome Hubby. You are so compassionate in every one of your callings in life. Love it. Keep it up, & best of luck with this pregnancy! I’m jealous! lol

  122. Congratulations! You look amazing! I unfortunatly used my pregnancies as excuses to stay unhealthy. Not anymore! I want to be a healthy happy mom!

  123. Heidi,

    Best of luck with the third trimester and the new bundle of joy to soon enter the lives of the PowellPack. You and Chris, as inspiring role models for so many, must be amazing parents as well. I love the outlook on life, fitness and total well-being.


  124. Wow Heidi! I am so excited for you and the Powell Pack! Thank you for sharing your beautiful family with us and good luck with the almost new one! Best wishes to you and yours! <3

  125. Its been many years since my last baby and many more since my first baby (she will be a senior in high school this fall). I can’t believe how fast time goes by.

  126. I can totally relate! I think we are due around the same time! I’m due November 11th. You are looking great and are such an inspiration!!!

  127. Thank you for this! I’m almost to my second trimester and hoping for more energy (and less puking!!). You are such an inspiration to me.

  128. You look amazing – may God bless you and your family as you get closer and closer to adding this amazing new addition!! <3

  129. I think you guys should have at least 2 more after Baby Powell. They are sooo cute!! Be sure to kept in mind the wonderful name Holly if you happen to have another girl.

  130. OMG! girl you don’t even look pregnant! congrats to you and your family! we just had our little boy 2 weeks ago πŸ™‚ new roommates are cool lol best of luck

  131. Heidi, love this post. Especially the last paragraph. Pregnancy is one of my all time favorite life experiences. It’s truly is magical everyday. All the best to you and your adorable family!

  132. It is a magical time as well as their childhood. πŸ™‚ Sometimes it’s not always easy to remember that. Smile, breath and love em! πŸ™‚ Good luck!

  133. You both have to be the most attractive couple I have ever seen, inside and out! Heidi you look amazing being pregnant! I looked like a house! LOL! You both are the best mentors for weight loss and health. I hope to see Heidi take a more predominant part in the Extreme Weight loss show after baby comes. BTW,Wouldn’t that be a great show? Heidi could mentor women that need to get back in shape after baby comes and how to manage the emotional roller coaster that can come after. I think you would get women AND men watching that if it is directed at the couple as a how to. Just a thought.

  134. Heidi, I sure wish you were around when I had my kids. I was surrounded by people encouraging the “eating for two” and don’t get up, don’t raise you hands above your head… all of the wives’ tales of years past. As my daughter enters her second trimester with my first grandchild, I am forwarding your information to her and am in hopes that she’ll be healthier and fitter for faster recovery from the birth and post-partum. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your life! You are wonderful!

  135. Heidi and Chris….I am so thrilled for you guys. You look so adorable…can’t wait to read the reveal post about the newest addition and his or her grand appearance! Thank you for a brilliant post I am going to save this to my notes as I want to be able to refer to it during my next pregnancy! Sending Love from England to you all!

  136. Just beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! I love the fact you are a normal person… rubber band and unmade bed!! Life is so good!! Prayers for your family for the next stage of your life πŸ™‚

  137. Love that you are enjoying this period of your pregnancy. As a mom of three teenagers there are days I wish the clock would turn back to little people with little problems! But, I am truly enjoying the emerging adults in my household. They know everything, right! Good luck to you and Chris…

  138. When I was pregnant with my twins, they were almost born at 27 weeks, then I was put on hospital bed rest for 46 days with only one wheel chair ride a day. Other than that,I was not allowed to walk as gravity was not on my side at this point. They ended up staying in until 36 weeks and the doctors had me eat so much more than normal, to help fatten them up in case the babies decided they were coming early. I was devastated what it did to my body because what I just read in your article is how I wanted it to be. I wanted to have a fit pregnancy and easy gentle recovery.I am so impressed by your amazing nutrition and health right up to your delivery. If I have another baby, I will definitely be coming back to these articles. I love you and Chris and you are truly and inspiration to me and my family.

    p.s. I’m 18 lbs down since June 7th and I’m finally starting to get back to my old self again. So happy!!! About 25 more pounds to go! You are definitely a part of my weight loss journey. I so enjoy watching you guys every Tuesday night! xoxo

  139. So exciting! We had a birth plan with my second (not with the first) and it was much easier for our midwives to have an idea of what we wanted. I lived for exercise my entire pregnancy and am pretty sure its what allowed me to have a drug free natural birth at home. So exciting for you. Huge congrats

  140. I just love you guys for being so real and down-to-Earth. I’m in my 3rd trimester, too, and can’t wait to meet my little man! Best wishes to your family.

  141. Great advice! We have six bio children, two sets of twins, and now adopted two teens. We love you both. Thank you for being pro-life and open to children.

  142. I entered my 3rd Trimester this week, and whew…I can’t believe that it’s been 7 months already! I have been exceptionally lucky with this pregnancy, being my first. No morning sickness, no swelling, not much for backaches, or heartburn even! Can’t wait to read more about the latest Baby Powell!!

  143. So exciting! This post actually reminded me of the Friends episode where Rachel is overdue. Hopefully this baby makes their arrival on time!

  144. Thank you for this post! My first pregnancy was kind of a nightmare, part in things beyond my control and a large part in things I could. I gained close to 70 pounds and retained water like crazy! I just finally lost all the baby weight and then some. I am exercising and eating better than ever. We are now trying for baby #2 and I am so afraid that I might get back to where I was. I just don’t know a ton about exercising and staying active during pregnancy. I loved reading your tips and hearing about your pregnancy journey! You are a huge inspiration. Thanks again for sharing!

  145. I am almost 29 weeks with #4 as well! This is our final baby! I have 2 girls and a boy…this one is another boy! Feeling blessed! I was just talking to my husband about this very stuff last night! How I honestly love being pregnant! I feel good and I LOVE feeling him kick and move and hiccup…fourth go around and it still amazes me too! I feel bad for people who have hard/rough pregnancies and miss the beauty in it.

  146. LOVE this post. I too, am in my third trimester. I am truly enjoying it and will miss it like you…. I am savoring each second, each kick and each I get to see her on the ultrasound!
    I wish you the best of luck! You look beautiful!
    XOXO Tina

  147. Heidi, you are amazing!!! I can’t wait to hear if it’s a boy or girl!!! Good job and being and staying fit and active!! You and Chris are such an awesome and INSPIRING Power Couple!!!

  148. I LOVE LOVE LOVE how real you and Chris are. You have a laundry basket and an un-made bed in this picture!! Love how humble and awesome you are!

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