To Mike, The Superhero!

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Mike?aka Superhero,

Unlike many of the people we work with, you had an epiphany within the first week of your journey ? when your medical exams disqualified you. Instead of giving up in defeat, you fought back and refused to leave. Mike, you had something to prove, to yourself and to your family?and boy are we glad you did.

You turned out to be one of the greatest transformations we have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. Part of what makes you so incredible is that you always made the best of EVERY situation?no matter how much life rained down upon you. Even in the worst of times, your mantra remained ?I?ve never had a bad day in my life?. And more than anyone we know, you truly lived it.

Mike, although we may have taught you a new perspective on transformation, YOU have taught us so much about patience, work ethic, determination, and perseverance. You are a true inspiration, and we are so excited for the world to finally meet such a unique and beautiful person.

You will always be someone that we look up to. We will forever be lifelong friends. We love you, Mike!

Heidi and Chris

18 Responses

  1. Mike radiated a positive energy from the get go and his wife and family were so supportive. What an example. My favorite transformation to date. God bless the Powells.

  2. Watched the show yesterday. It was so inspirational to see Mike’s determination and faith. I used to be an elite runner up until 2 years ago when I sustained a pretty serious injury to my hip. It has healed now, but I packed on a few pounds (well, more than a few) due to the fact that I was used to eating SO much when I was training. It’s been such a struggle trying to cut back when I’ve spent my life eating as much as I wanted. After seeing Mike’s incredible transformation, I am done making excuses to indulge myself. If he can make a come back after 20 years, there’s no reason I can’t do it after 2!

  3. You were such an inspiration. Way to go Mike!!! I myself have taken on a new transformation this year and although I don’t have that number yet I am stronger, healthier, and better this go round than I ever was before on the yoyo diet. Thank you for showing that it is possible.

  4. I love your show so much I have lost 35 pounds and have 65 left to go I know I can do it… look at Mike wow what an inspiration.. I am getting flabby too I wish I could get help with a tummy tuck when I am done I am very low income so I don’t see how I can but that’s something that maybe you and Chris could help ones with what do you think Heidi???

  5. Wow what an inspiration. 😉 it’s amazing what influences like Chris can make in people’s lives. It really shows that being happy with your life is different then to be happy with yourself!! I call myself a skinny fat person. I’m thin but I’m not fit. I eat healthy but tend to eat fatty foods to please others. If I eat healthy at a celebration people make fun of me. Society puts a lot of pressure on skinny people as well as big people. They believe we are not happy cause we starve. Not true. We are all built differently. And we all love food. Thanks for the show. I love it!!!

  6. Thank You Mike my fellow New Jerseian!! I was so inspired by you determination that I went and got my tread mill out dusted it off and went back to work. I have no desire to become a boxer, but I would love to ride horses again, hike and kayak too.. So at 47 and 317 lbs and with no excuses left I’m off my butt and moving.

    Thank you again Mike and thank you Chris and Heidi for choosing him and for giving all us fat people hope!! Much love to all of you!!


  7. By far the most amazing and encouraging transformation I have ever seen. Mike didn’t let anything get in his way. He had a crazy amount of determination, which has encouraged me to hit the gym again. My husband and I were saying “That could be us in 19 years”… It won’t be.

  8. You have such beautiful words….you must be a truly beautiful person on the inside as well as the outside. I can see why you and Chris make such a great couple. You such decent people….

  9. Wow! What an inspiration!!! At first I thought, well he’s going to backslide big time into his old ways when he ate the birthday cake but I’m so glad I was wrong. Awesome story, awesome man!!

  10. I loved watching Mike’s episode. He was so inspiring to watch and his zest for life is beautiful! Congratulations Mike!

  11. Mike was the best transformation I have seen. After seeing his transformation, he has inspired me to start today on my own transformation today. I was already reading Chris’s books and watching
    EM, but his story was the one who inspired me the most Mike.

  12. Its amazing how you can help influence and change ppl’s lives….you both ROCK…!!! God bless you both!

  13. You are an example of dedication and inspiration. You showed us that there is no excuse. Having a family, having a business, being busy should not be a reason for not working out and transforming yourself. Thank you for sharing your story

  14. My fav one yet! Thanks Mike for taking away all of my excuses and reminding me just how important it is to focus on my health. You are an inspiration!!

  15. This episode was so fantastic!! Great job Mike!! What an inspiration he is 🙂 my friends and I were talking about it this morning. It’s refreshing to see someone with such a great attitude and such dedication!! Thank you all for helping to motivate us!!! 🙂

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