TheListShow.TV: The Fit List: Chris Powell Reveals 5 Fitness Trends with Staying Power

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Originally published on?TheListShow.TV.

Celebrity Trainer Chris Powell Reveals 5 Fitness Trends with Staying Power - Learn more at

The Thighmaster and Ab roller were infomercial hits, and the list of fitness gadgets that claim to get you in shape is long, but which ones really work? We talked with Chris Powell from the ABC show Extreme Weight Loss, and his wife Heidi for their list of workout trends with staying power.

  1. Crossfit – This style of training exploded over the last couple of years. It’s seems there is a new Crossfit gym everywhere you go, and for good reason. Chris said this style of training yields phenomenal fitness results by incorporating a multitude of functional movements from gymnastics to power lifting, weight training to endurance – all done at high intensity.
  2. Hot Yoga – Yoga has been around for thousands of years, but the “hot yoga” movement is rapidly sweeping the nation. Heidi said the rationale behind it is pretty simple: The warmer your muscles are the more pliable they become. In addition, taking your body through movements in the hot temperatures stimulates your body to sweat… A LOT! This can help the skin (the largest organ in your body) detox and remove toxins. It’s a one-two punch of wellness. If you decide to give it a try, make sure you stay hydrated.
  3. HIIT (Hit Intensity Interval Training) – This style of training has gotten increasingly more popular over the years under the premise that 1. It gives you incredible fitness results, and 2. It delivers an increased metabolic after burn for hours after training. Both of which Chris said are true.
  4. Dancing ? Exercise doesn?t have to be boring, dancing is a great way to burn calories and get in shape. Heidi said it can be any kind of dance, hip hop, Latin heat, ballroom even Zumba. Regardless of the kind of dance, it moves all the muscles in your body and works up a good sweat. Dancing can be challenging whether you?re a pro, beginner, male or female.
  5. Suspension band training (TRX) – This has been a craze for a couple years now. It has taken body weight training to a whole new level. Chris said, unlike doing push-ups, pull-ups, and squats against a fixed object (ie. the stable ground), suspension training adds a whole new challenge of stability.

You can read more fitness and diet tips in Chris’ new book ‘Choose More, Lose More for Life’, it can be found at major retailers nationwide.

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