Examiner.com: ?Extreme Weight Loss? Trainer Chris Powell Teams up with Vemma for Bod-e Shakes

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Vemma Bod-e Meal Replacement Shakes - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/3001

?Extreme Weight Loss? trainer?Chris Powell?and his wife, fellow trainer Heidi Powell, have worked with Vemma to come up with a line of meal-replacement shakes that include 16 grams of protein and 7 grams of soluble fiber.

The?Vemma Bod-e meal replacement shakes, which come in chocolate and vanilla flavors, are designed to work with Powell?s carb-cycling way of eating, where you cut down on carbs some days and pump them up on other days, depending on your weight-loss and fitness goals.

His entire plan is outlined in his latest book??Choose More Lose More for Life?.

The protein comes from whey concentrate, organic pea protein and organic brown rice protein. It?s sweetened with rice syrup solids, organic cane sugar and stevia extract, and the fiber comes primarily from maltodextrin and inulin. In addition, you?ll get nearly a multivitamin?s worth of vitamins and minerals in each two-scoop serving, which is 200 calories and can mix with water or any kind of dairy or non-dairy milk.

We tried the chocolate and were impressed with the flavor and its ability to keep us full between meals.

The Vemma Bod-e weight loss program also includes other products, like an energy shot and a cleanse drink, but the meal-replacement shake is available on its own.

There also is a phone app for iPhone and Android, which helps you track your high-and low-carb days, your weight loss and your fitness. It also includes 84 daily video tips from Chris and Heidi, daily text reminders, and motivational messages.

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  1. Can someone tell me how I can get a sample? I’d like to try this instead of a similar drink I use and I haven’t been able to find a way to get a sample.

    Thank you.

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