Record Breaking Transformation! Congratulations Mehrbod!

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Where do I even begin? WHAT a year it was, friend. I feel like the luckiest person
alive because I got so much of you in AZ!!!!! Happy times :).

You created one of the most incredible transformations I?ve ever seen ? part of what
made it so incredible was your struggle midway. Isn?t it funny how life?s biggest
challenges and ?mess ups? end up being our hugest blessings? I am a firm believer,
and I know you are too, that the mistakes we make DO define who we are: are we
courageous, or are we a coward? YOU, Mehrbod, are courageous. I can only image
how difficult it was for you to come clean . . . not only to us, but to America. The
respect I have for you is immense.

Mona, I?m not leaving you out of this! Not only are you one of the most gorgeous (on
the outside) woman I have ever met in my life, you are equally as gorgeous, kind, fun,
and adorable on the inside. I?m so happy the world got to meet you too! Even
happier am I that you guys are forever friends.

Love you both more than you know, and can?t wait for more dinners in OC with you
two love birds!

Now go get married and have some babies for the Powell Pack to play with!


Heidi (and Chris, of course . . . we are one!)

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  1. Wonderful transformation! I love watching the show as it gives me inspiration in my own struggle with weight loss! Keep up the good work!

  2. What an amazing transformation. I watched the show last night and when he sat down with Chris to confess the lies and that he cheated… I just cried my eyes out. He is such an amazing man and him being so enthusiastic in the first phase with all that energy and motivation.. it made me wanna get off the couch and workout even though I just finished my workout an hour before. He is an amazing man with an amazing women by his site and he looks incredible! You guys are amazing at what you do and how you help other people!

  3. that story was so amazing. When people fail and get back on track, you can see their true colors. Mehrbod, thank you

  4. You should probably do another update when they do have babies; those are going to be the most gorgeous kids ever! (or maybe 2nd most gorge, next to yours and Chris’ kids!). 😉

    This was my favorite episode yet, it made it so much more “real” seeing someone still struggling with food addiction despite having one of the greatest weight-loss opportunities ever. Very relateable to what many of the viewers go through at home. So happy for Mehrbod, he did great!

  5. Wow!!! What a transformation.. Great pics that they don’t show on the tv show also. Would be killer to have Chris as a trainer for a year like this. I know I need it.

  6. Hey Heidi!

    What an inspiration Mehrbod was! None of us are perfect and its comforting to see that other people struggle AND are able to get through it. Gives me the hope that I will get through my struggle to. I can’t wait to see an update on Mehrbod and hoping for his health and happiness in the future.

  7. Watching the transformation of Mehrbod was truly inspirational. I lost nearly 100 pounds on my own – and understand his struggle in phase 3. I enjoy your post as it is what we make “mistakes” on that help us become better for it in the future! Way to go Mehrbod – great work Chris and Heidi!

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