Summer BBQ Workout – 3 Exercises for Your Buns and Thighs

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PHOENIX — Buns and thighs — also known as the glutes, quads, and hamstrings — are some of our biggest trouble spots. When covered by the blanket of energy we call body fat, they can look dimpled, thick, and unsightly! When properly toned, however, these are the biggest and most powerful (and most beautiful) muscle groups in the body. When we shape and develop them the right way, they can quickly become our biggest asset — no pun intended.

I?m going to share my top three exercises for buns and thighs to maximize shape and development so you’ll look your best in those skinny jean.

Exericse 1: Squat
Proven to stimulate more of the glutes and hamstrings than any other exercise, the squat is the go-to exercise.

Try starting with 3 sets of 15 repetitions. You can use a chair or, for a bigger challenge, do air squats.

Exercise 2: Lunge
Lunges are a huge compound movement for the glutes, hamstrings?and quads. You?ll feel these more than any other movement, not just during the exercise, but for the next two days.

Try starting with 3 sets of 15. You can hang on to a stable object or, for a greater challenege, do them in an open space.

Exercise #3: Bridge Up/Marching Soldiers
This is a wonderful fine-tuning movement that really isolates the glutes and hits the hamstrings hard.

Try doing 3 sets of these in a slow and controlled manner for 60 seconds each and you will not be able to ignore the burn. Get your glutes to talk to you!

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