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Twenty-five ways to keep them active and entertained.

Summer has barely begun, and if your kids are like my kids, you might have already heard, “Mom, I’m bored.” Let’s be honest, it’s kind of hard for our kiddos to make the change from a school day routine to the freedom of summertime, so here are some fun ideas to help bust that summer boredom:

  1. Have each child make a summer bucket list. It’ll be a great go-to when boredom hits. Make a family bucket list, too.
  2. Do a summer-long family fitness challenge. Include exercise, nutrition, friends and extended family members. Put the kids in charge of tracking everyone’s progress.
  3. Find healthy recipes together, and then teach the kids how to cook. They’ll learn a valuable skill, and you won’t have to cook as often.
  4. Dance together. Zumba is fun and great exercise, too!
  5. Write letters to our soldiers.
  6. Go on a picnic. Let the kids plan the menu, help prepare the food and choose the activities.
  7. Work on a summer scrapbook.
  8. Go to the zoo.
  9. Do science projects.
  10. Lie in the grass and look at the clouds.
  11. Go on a nature walk.
  12. Play Hopscotch, Freeze Tag, Red Rover, Hide and Go Seek, Kick the Can, Dodge Ball, etc.
  13. Do a weekly Random Act of Kindness for someone you think needs it.
  14. Teach the kids a new skill. Have the older kids help teach the younger kids.
  15. Organize a mini-Olympics—have the kids come up with the activities and invite the neighborhood kids.
  16. Go on a scavenger hunt.
  17. Play in the sprinklers.
  18. Put on a neighborhood parade.
  19. Participate in the summer reading program at your local library.
  20. Make and fly a kite.
  21. Go on a bike ride. If your city has bike trails, go exploring!
  22. Grow a vegetable garden. They’ll love eating what they grew!
  23. Be hometown tourists.
  24. Learn about other countries and cook their native foods.
  25. Train for and walk/run in a local charity race. Many offer kids’ races for even the tiniest of tots.