Baby Powell’s Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway

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Baby Powell's Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway - Learn more at

Follow along each Monday, starting on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd for our very first contest and prize! I’ll be showering you all with over $1,000 in fabulous swag over the next 12 weeks! Check in each week to enter and play to win!

102 Responses

  1. First kid due in March after fighting lymphoma for five years. Your family is a huge inspiration in way you live. Would love to win prize

  2. Shared on Facebook – Dustin N Tina Francis

    What a lovely prize for us Moms or anyone for that matter πŸ™‚ I know I speak for a lot of people when I said thank you for what you do… You’ve inspired so many of us πŸ™‚

  3. We have a 5 month old son and it is such a blessing. I love watching extreme weight loss, it is such a motivater to lose my baby weight. Congrats to you both.

  4. I already have 2 kids 16 yrs old and 10 yrs old .. what a great ideas you are doing ! You guys really have inspired alot of people .. you guys have a great heart ! Congratulations on your new baby coming soon and cant wait to see the whole new powell family !

  5. We are expecting a little surprise in March! This is our 2nd and there will be almost 6 years between our little ones. My birthday, our son’s birthday, and this ones will all be within a week of each other. My due date is March 4th, my birthday is the 5th, and our son’s is the 8th. Lot’s of parties in March πŸ™‚

  6. What a great giveaway! Thank you! We are expecting #4 in November and are starting to realize we may need a few more things that we though!

  7. I have 4 babes 4 and under so my body has been through a lot! Grateful for this inspiring show to get me going and get back inshape after each pregnancy!!

  8. Just had a baby boy and have been following your blog as I try to lose those last few baby pounds! You and Chris are so inspiring!

  9. My best friebd has had a hard life and just found out she is pregnant with twins and deserves soo much. I would love to do this for her.

  10. I’m excited for you and Chris!!! Love watching you two help so many
    people!!! Can’t wait to see the baby πŸ™‚

  11. I can’t wait to see if our babies share the same birthday!!!!!! Due at the same time πŸ˜‰ yay!!!!!! Sending you and your family lots of love ?

  12. I love you both and I’m excited to hear that your new addition is due in nov.
    Its a busy month for us too. My own birthday is 11-15, my daughters birthday is 11-19 and my sons birthday is 11-29. So will be really awesome if your new bundle of joy will will arrive on one of those days.

  13. Love you both I got started back at crossfit after having my little girl love it thanks for the motivation!!!

  14. I love you both, its amazing how much you bless you views.. your child is so blessed to have such amazing parents that care so much for others.. God Bless!

  15. Love love love both of you such caring peps as well as role models! Congrads on new bundle of joy coming!!!!!!

  16. I like to enter to win
    I like to say the last 3 weeks I been watching my self and keeping my calories right under 2000 and drinking my water
    And my clothes is getting bigger lol
    The scale could be a night mare
    I read Chris book
    Trying to do some moving more and it’s been working feeling better

  17. I think this is pretty awesome that ya’ll are doing this! I would like to try and win something for my doctor who cares about me SOOO much and just had her first baby!!!

  18. I just want to say that I think very highly of what you do for others. You and your husband have an amazing chemistry and can’t wait for this weeks show and next seasons too.

  19. I love you. You and you and your hubby are such an inspiration to me. Congratulations on the new addition to the already beautiful family!

  20. I’m due with baby #3 on Halloween and am so excited to meet my little man! I’m also excited to get back to my running!

  21. Heidi,

    This is so thoughtful of you! Whoever receives these gifts will be very blessed. You have such a heart of gold to be thinking of other Mommys out there while you are pregnant yourself. I don’t know what I did with my time before but I wouldn’t change one minute of the past 8 months… My son is my whole world and I would give my life for him. <3

  22. I want to join your baby shower, what do I do? Congratulations to you and Chris by the way. So excited for you guys!

  23. I’m a Nana, or should I say “Nena” as my 3 yr. old granddaughter says. I’m putting this in to bless my daughter new and grandson with..:)

  24. Hi Heidi!
    Congrats on you new bundle of joy! Currently I’m just at my six month mark with my own little boy that Drs. Said I wouldn’t be able to conceive without help but I did and super excited about my first child who is due 12/27!

  25. I don’t really know how this works, but I would like to enter the baby shower give away to win ,I’m pregnant aswell and due in Dec ,wish me luck ;)) I also wanted to thank you and your husband for being so giving and taking time to change peoples lifes God bless you and your family now and forever,Good luck with the birth Heidi take care and take it easy love you ,,,,<3

  26. Oh this is great ! I am on my 3rd and she was unplanned so I had gotten rid of everything ! Hopefully I win πŸ™‚

  27. My husband of 3 years and I are expecting our 2nd son at the beginning of November. We are so excited!! Congratulations to you and Chris on your baby!!

  28. Can’t wait wife and me are expecting in December 5th. Excited and little nervous this will number four for us.

  29. What a fantastic idea!! You are so thoughtful! I think what you and your husband do is so inspirational. I made your peanut butter power fudge the other day, it was amazing!!

  30. I’ve been lurking for a few months now, never really commenting…I just wanted to say this is awesome and I wish you the best of luck! <3

  31. Very nice of you to share in your joyous moment with other expectant moms. Hopefully I can win something for my little sister. She’s pregnant and due Valentine’s Day. Congrats Heidi and Chris.

  32. How awesome are you! I am also due with our second boy in early november. This just makes the next 12weeks that much more exciting. I will be checking in!

  33. Hi Heidi! I love your page! I wish you a healthy pregnancy. This is awesome you’re doing for all of your fans! You and your hubby are a great inspiration to many. If I win anything I would definitely give it to friends or family that are expecting!

  34. So excited for you and your family! I just had my first baby 4 weeks ago. Little Eliana is such a blessing as I know your baby will be!


  35. How fun, Heidi!! You and Chris are such wonderful people!! ? I will be sure to check in. I’m 32 weeks, pregnant with baby girl #2.

  36. Hey Heidi, I just found out that I am pregnant πŸ™‚ I’m 7 1/2 weeks and i can hardly wait to find out the gender. I am a huge fan of you and Chris, you are an amazing mom and I hope I can be that amazing of a mom to my first baby on the way.. Good luck in your labor and I am really looking forward to pictures of your expanding family.

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