Baby Powell’s Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway

Baby Powell's Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway - Learn more at

Follow along each Monday, starting on Labor Day, Monday, September 2nd for our very first contest and prize! I’ll be showering you all with over $1,000 in fabulous swag over the next 12 weeks! Check in each week to enter and play to win!

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  1. So excited for you and your family! I just had my first baby 4 weeks ago. Little Eliana is such a blessing as I know your baby will be!


  2. How fun, Heidi!! You and Chris are such wonderful people!! ? I will be sure to check in. I’m 32 weeks, pregnant with baby girl #2.

  3. Hey Heidi, I just found out that I am pregnant 🙂 I’m 7 1/2 weeks and i can hardly wait to find out the gender. I am a huge fan of you and Chris, you are an amazing mom and I hope I can be that amazing of a mom to my first baby on the way.. Good luck in your labor and I am really looking forward to pictures of your expanding family.

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