Baby Powell Chewbeads Giveaway

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Congratulations to our Winner, Kristin Guidry!

Be sure and watch for the next week’s Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway prize from Munchkin!
11 more prizes coming your way!

Enter to win Chewbeads in the #BabyPowell Labor Day to Labor Day 12 Week Giveaway at

#BabyPowell Chewbeads Giveaway!

Any Mom, Dad, Grandma, or nanny knows this: EVERYTHING goes straight to Baby?s mouth during the teething stages. Yup – and if you are anything like me, this is terrifying! I had nightmares of them choking on a broken bead from my necklace, and stressed constantly about the unwanted chemicals and paints that I knew were being consumed by my little ones as they chewed on jewelry.

Eventually, I became one of those moms that just stopped wearing jewelry all-together until Matix, Marley, and Cash made it past the ?everything-to-mouth? phase. Because it kept them safe, I didn?t mind. But I?m not gonna lie ? I longed for the days when I could wear cute accent pieces again, or for the nights out without Baby so I could dress up and feel like a woman again!

I was BEYOND excited to hear about this adorable jewelry line that makes it possible for Mom to feel like a woman, and for Baby to be safe?AND have a chew toy!! Chewbeads brilliantly created fashionable and chic jewelry that is soft, non-toxic, colorful, and (most importantly) safe for babies! Also exciting? The bracelets can be used as a reminder for which side you?ve just nursed. Sorry if TMI?but I must admit that as a nursing mom, this can be incredibly confusing! Especially with no sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰

#BabyPowell?s Shower Gift of the Day!!

From Chewbeads, TWO Stanton Link Bracelets, and ONE Hudson Necklace Duo (two necklaces). Color choice of winner! This #BabyPowell Shower Gift is valued at over $110.00!

How to Enter

1. Follow me and share this post on Twitter, Facebook,?Instagram? and/or Pinterest (Pin the image above to your board using the link below or your browser Pinit Button) and be sure to include the hashtag #BabyPowell. The more you share, the more chances to win! (Enter up to 4 times!)
2. Leave me a comment here on the blog for each SHARE before 11:59 pm Tuesday, September 3, 2013 and include which social media channel you shared the post on and include your @username so I can visit you! ? (If you shared 4 times, make 4 comments.)

Random winner was announced on Wednesday, September 4, 2013.?

707 Responses

  1. im having issues trying to post and enter to win……idk if its my phone or not….also ive shared this on facebook and shared with my sister…..

  2. I shared this to my Pinterest! It was great meeting you a while back at the IAC series! I am looking forward to talking to you again sometime! After I talked to you about Andrew and I hopefully getting engaged soon, he proposed the next day! I will always remember it! Hopefully I win some of these for our future kids (I am so excited, can you tell?!?) thanks!

  3. Hello Heidi!! I added it to my, Shellie Mason, FB Wall. Also pinned to my, shellie_mason, Pinterest page as well as Tweeting it to twitter @shellie_mason, and last but not least added it to Instagram, shellie_mason. So excited! Glad I was able to participate! Even at the last minute!! Good Luck to all of the ladies involved!! I love all that you and your husband do!! Both of you are true blessings! I can’t wait to try the sweet potato brownies!! Tonight was amazing!! I can’t believe he lost as much as he did, but the finish, watching him do the fitness test for work, and complete it!! Wonderful!! I am always in tears by the end!! Wish we could see more Heidi!! ๐Ÿ™‚ God is Good!! Blessings!! <3

  4. I just got some very exciting new today! I am now expecting grand baby #5!! Feeling ever so bless and very happy to have found this site. I’ve already shared it with my beautiful daughter-in-law and mommy to be.

  5. My husband and I love watching your show!!! Just when I feel like giving up on losing weight and becoming healthier you two come back and show us how it is done! Thanks for being so inspiring!!!

  6. You both are such an inspiration!! I’m getting induced with baby #3 on this Friday *anxious* but excited to get back in shape!! Thank you for all you both do *powercouple*

  7. 5 kids 5 and under!! Would love some #babypowell blessings. Shared on hashtag Instagram ;)! Blessings to you and your fam, such an inspiration to SO many including myself!

  8. As a first time mom to a 6 month old who has 2 teeth already, these chew beads would be awesome to have:) I retweeted on username is Kelsey Yarbrough.

  9. Shared on Instagram – brownsugarshoppe

    Would love to win! I have an 11mo old who puts life in his mouth ๐Ÿ™‚
    Congrats on the baby! Praying a safe & quick delivery!!

  10. These would be wonderful for my sister-in-law! She is pregnant for the first time…with TWINS!!! So exciting! I would love to give her a set of these!

  11. I would love to have this jewelry I’m a hair stylist & I can’t wear jewelry because my baby breaks them.

  12. My grand daughter was born on Friday and these would be great for her and her mommy. I pinned on Pinterest @sherryc68. Thank you for all you and your husband do!

  13. What an awesome gift to give to others!! You are very inspiring and motivational. As someone who does NOT have any children, I am entering this contest, so if I win, I can give the gifts to my doctor. She is SOOOOO awesome and I would like to do something to give back to her. #BabyPowell’s

  14. I want to win, I want to win, I want to win cause I want to give the gift to my doctor who has helped me sooooo much!!! #BabyPowell’s

  15. This would be great for my granddaughter, who just turn 6mos old on the 1st. And she puts everything in her mouth since she is teething. And I have another grand baby coming in April 2014.

  16. I have been following you on facebook. I shared this on facebook as well. You look amazing! I am excited to see if its a boy or girl =) #BabyPowell!

  17. I’m a new mommy and I would love to accessorize again but always worry my things will scratch/ Hurt baby! I’ve been looking for ways to dress myself up again that are baby friendly! My little guy is only 3 months old!

  18. Thank you for all you do! You have inspired me to lose those 30 pounds hanging over my head. So far, 17 of them are gone! Bless you for helping so many struggling with their health.
    I hope to help teach my granddaughter to live a healthy lifestyle…she should make her appearance ANY day now!

  19. I hated it three times. Being new to the giveaways I believe I shared once by accident without any comments, second with #babypoewll and third #BabyPowell’s
    Excited to see if I can get these for my three month old!!

  20. I also shared on Twitter @karinamaza and Pinterest @Samantha Elisa (my alter ego, no profile picture) Fingers crossed. I sooo want these

  21. Shared on Facebook . I love following you and baby Powell. I just had my 1st Grand baby 2 months ago. WouldLOVEthe beads!

  22. Heidi I think you are an absolute inspiration. I am have just had my second baby and made sure to eat clean and healthy and be active the entire pregnancy to ensure I kept the 80lbs I lost prior to having her. I am on an full transformation now along with my husband who himself has lost over 100lbs. You and Chris are incredible. Also my baby is teething like CRAZY and this is a much necessacity for her. Love love love

  23. Baby friendly jewelry! What a great idea! I am currently using a hair band to keep track of what side to nurse on. How very unfashionable? (Amy Antonetti shared on Facebook and pinned)

  24. Hi Hedi Powell! I am a new mom to be who is 8 and a half months my fiance and I are expecting a girl! So this would be a lovely gift for me. My fiance and I watch your husband show every Tuesday we are huge fans of him. God bless your family. Much love from Texas!

  25. Heidi Powell, I am following you on Instagram and I posted with #babypowell! The teething bracelets are a wonderful invention! I would really like one, as my daughter (almost 5 months) has just started teething!

  26. shared via pinterest and facebook and instagram! #BabyPowell! love this family…love your blog thanks for everything! hugs!

  27. Our little guy is working on his second tooth n loves chewing on/pulling my jewelry! My mommy friends have these and they’re currently on my Azon wish list but I’d love to get them sooner!

  28. Love ways to integrate being a mama and caring for that baby while still getting to feel pretty. I have 4 daughters, ages 14, 4, 3, and 1.

  29. This looks very cool. I work with infants and avoid jewelry at work as with 8 little ones it is one less thing to worry about.

    I pinned it on pinterest.

  30. I also liked you and the beads of facebook. You can find me with my email address. Thanks Heidi for finding these cool kid and mom friendly chewbeads!!

  31. Love this idea! My 5 month old teething little man would appreciate these!! I could have a little sense of style as a new Momma!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I wonder if #BabyPowell will have a set of these ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. i would keep ond necklace, but this is for my niece 18 who is going to be a mother due october 9th. i love her eith ever fiber in my body and would love to help her anyway possible thank you

  33. Pinned at Amy Nielson. LOVE the idea that baby can get some chewing out of something so cute for mom! Thanks for all the hard work you guys do. Love watching extreme weight loss! So motivating to keep moving!

  34. You are such a wonderful inspiration to so many woman. You have got it all going on, family, health, wellness, help the unfortunate, your own company. You go girl!!

  35. Shared on Facebook, don’t have twitter anymore, don’t know how to share on Instagram (been trying), and about to pin it on Pinterest. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have 4 kids 3 and under so REALLY could use it! The almost two yr old still puts everything in her mouth and my almost 6 month old twins are teething! Could really use this. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Put the #BabyPowell in a comment because I hit enter too soon. Congratulations on your beautiful family and thank you for everything you and Chris do to inspire people to be the best they can be.

  37. Shared on Facebook @pinkrebecca00
    Shared on Pinterest @pink_rebecca
    Shared on Twitter @pinkrebecca
    Tried sharing on Instagram but not quite sure how! @pinkrebecca00

    Thanks! <3 Rebecca

  38. This is such a great idea! It’s good for babies but I have a son with autism and he has oral sensory issues so he chews everything! Shared on Instagram! Username chelslake05

  39. Posted on FB! I have to agree with you, I haven’t worn any jewelry besides my wedding ring since my first son was born. (2 years in Oct) and now with my 1 week old I don’t see myself wearing more anytime soon! These are great!

  40. shared post for the chew beads on Facebook! Christina Martinez from Klamath Falls, Or ๐Ÿ˜‰ one time

  41. This is amazing shared on Pinterest! My little guy needs to have something like this! Having so many sensory issues this is such a great find for him! I can actually wear jewelry! That would be great!

  42. Made a new Pinterest Board just for the baby shower contest. Hoping I win some prizes, or at least gain some good ideas for my little sister’s baby shower coming up in a few weeks!

  43. My daughter is teething right now! How perfect for this to be your baby shower giveaway item!! I retweeted your post this morning. @doubleN_Jenn

  44. I put a post on Instagram this morning! These are amazing, I had no idea there were cute options like this out there. If I don’t win, I might have to do a little shopping! Yay for babypowell!!!! You can find me at @jennjohnson2.

  45. Freebies are always welcomed! Keep spreading all that positive energy. You and Chris are inspirations. I shared your Labor Day give away on Instagram- username melanialynn79

  46. Freebies are always welcomed! Keep spreading all that positive energy. You and Chris are inspirations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared your Labor Day give away on Pinterest.

  47. Freebies are always welcomed! Keep spreading all that positive energy. You and Chris are inspirations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared your Labor Day give away on twitter. Username: chiarastella12

  48. Freebies are always welcomed! Keep spreading all that positive energy. You and Chris are inspirations. ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared your Labor Day give away on Facebook. Username: melanialynn.

  49. I shared on Pinterest as Jenn Schenk under my board “Mommy Time.” So excited for a chance to win these beads! I’m expecting number 3 around New Years and have never had something like this before! My previous babies broke so many necklaces of mine I just stopped wearing them until they got older. Great giveaway!

  50. Shared on facebook. My cousin, her oldest is expecting her first son. She was married on March 23 of this year. She is twenty one, the day after her wedding her husband was killed in a car accident. She was married physically for 24 hours. Her son will be named Chance.

  51. Shared this on pinterest! Username hannah aspenson… on board… inspiration for gavin! So would love to win this!

  52. I just want to thank you for being such a supportive wife and amazing mother!! You are truly an inspiration to all of us!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared on Facebook! ๐Ÿ™‚ my user name is Chelsey.holladay thanks again!

  53. Shared on Facebook!! Username spankae! I’m so excited about these!! My 7 month old chews on everything and I haven’t been able to wear jewelry because of it…

  54. Shared on Pinterest! Sorry for leaving my last name out of the last one that I put about sharing on Facebook! Oops!

  55. Shared on Facebook! I’d love these for my second child, who is 4 months, only God knows how many bracelets and necklaces my now 2 year old tried to eat and ruined in the process!!

  56. I enjoy following you and Chris. Thank you for posting real motivational ways to stay fit and healthy. I have a five month old and am freaking out about everything she puts in her mouth. These look amazing to try. Hope I win!

  57. My little guy is 8 Months old today and he’s teething! EVERYTHING goes in his mouth..I’m always afraid to see what he has in his mouth!

  58. I posted on facebook. With my baby just turning 5 months I would so love these and I would wear them everyday. Your so right about not wearing anything through this stage, it would be so nice to have something you can wear and safe for baby. Thanks and pick me.