Fueling the Fire: Why I CrossFit while Pregnant

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell working out while pregnant - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/3567

Fueling the fire over?pregnancy?and?CrossFit. See the debate go down on whether or not I should continue CrossFitting at?32 weeks?pregnant.

Weigh in on the debate at HuffingtonPost.com.

Inquiring minds must know: did you workout during pregnancy?


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  1. Baby Day – November 16, 2013 1:24am

    I worked out with both of my pregnancies and believe that it helped prepare my body for labour. I still say that I would go through the labour process a thousand times over I had such great experiences…my husband said of the birth of my second son “its a good thing the midwife was there because he came flying out!”

  2. I was always told to workout during pregnancy if you feel like it especilly if your use to it. It does make it easier With my first I walked alot and they broke my water at 1200 and she was delivered at 1240 3 pushes and she was out no pain at all. my second I was in the military and I ran 4 miles every other day and did push ups and sit ups and he was difficult but still came 40 mins after they broke my water the same with my last. Some pain but not a lot it depends on the person as well.

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  4. I’m so glad that you all have shared your experiences with pregnancies and working out. A few months ago, I modified my workouts to accommodate being pregnant. I significantly reduced the amount of weight I was lifting but I was still working out 4x a week. I was following precautions of heart rate, listening to my body etc and later miscarried. Of course it is rare to be able to pinpoint the cause of miscarriages, but the dr I saw informed me that while pregnant I shouldn’t have been lifting more than ten pounds. Ten pounds is nothing, especially when my son is over 30 pounds. Anyways, it always amazes me that there are so many different opinions even amongst professionals as to what is and isn’t safe. I personally don’t feel that working out was the cause of my miscarriage, I think that the important thing to take away from my experience is that you need to listen to your body.

  5. Sheesh. Mommy wars never end…. Just keep your eye on the incredible labor you have been training for! Prayers for an intervention free labor, delivery, and recovery this time! Natural birth is so amazing! 🙂 Please do share your birth story as I am a birth story junkie.

  6. I’m almost 17 weeks and have been working out, HIIT style, 5x a week the entire time! I’m gonna keep going until I the end I hope! I feel so much better after working out!

  7. Nope! I didn’t work out while pregnant. I started off the pregnancy walking 3 miles a day.. then morning sickness hit, and I started getting pains when I was walking, so I stopped.. very early on.. and I regret it! Next time.. no ands ifs or butts about it.. I am drinking LOTS of water and walking/exercising DAILY!

  8. love this article! Heidi Powell is one of my heroes, she inspires me. I am 24 weeks pregnant with baby #3 and I have been working out 4-5 days a week this whole pregnancy. I was overweight with my other 2 pregnancies and gained about 32 lbs wit each and did not workout at all.I lost 62 lbs after my last pregnancy and got fit. So i hope to gain a healthy weight and maintain my strength this pregnancy and so far so good. Exercise does great things for your body.

  9. Glad this was said! When I was pregnant I had an active job, up and down ladders, lifting heavy things and racing about like a mad woman for 9 hours a day. The women I worked with were on my back the whole time berating me for ‘putting my baby at risk’ and lectured me that I should be resting. I didn’t dare tell them I was still exercising after work too (Not to Heidi’s capacity or anywhere near it – but exercise none the less!) Finally, I spoke to my Doctor who basically said that I was absolutely fine to keep doing what I always did before I was pregnant provided that I felt good doing it. He pointed out that it was not a time to decide to start training for a marathon or taking up an extreme sport but if, like Heidi and many other amazing women, you’re already doing it then keep it up as long as you can! He gave me a medical certificate to wave under the noses of my colleagues and I went about my business in peace until my body told me it was time to put the ladder down and take it easy (about 4 weeks before I gave birth) thanks to staying active and eating healthy, nourishing food, I recovered very quickly after the birth. Respect for Heidi to opening herself up to criticism and encouraging women to have active pregnancies and to look after themselves. Pregnant women aren’t delicate little flowers after all!

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