Baby Name Dilemma

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Thanks to my inability to filter this mouth of mine, it is now known that the Powell Pack will be bringing a baby GIRL to this world in November ?. While we are beyond excited (who doesn?t love ruffle buns and bows?), I am totally stressing about one of the most important parts of having a baby: choosing the name!

I am asked on a daily basis if we have names picked out yet. I feel bad answering NO each time, but let?s be honest ? there is some pressure to this decision! A name is important. Once we choose this name for our little girl, she is stuck with it for life ? or at least for18 years, at which point she can go change it if she doesn?t like what we chose. LOL.

Let?s face it: humans are judgmental creatures. If a name is tease-worthy, you better believe that little 6 year old is going to get teased on the playground. What parent in their right mind wants to give a child a name that might add to their risk of getting teased or bullied?

As adults, we also judge based on names. Before we get to know a person, the only bit of info we have to judge by is their name. Some names sound powerful, some sound weak. Some sound prissy, and some sound sassy. Some are boring, some are wacko. As a parent, how can I be sure that the name I choose for this little innocent bundle of joy helps her more than it hurts her?

Oh the joys and stresses of parenthood.

I need your help with some suggestions! Please, please, PLEASE comment here with your baby names. Heck, I?ll even throw in a prize of some sort?I don?t know what yet, but if you throw out a winning name, and you’re the first one to suggest it, I will contact you after the baby is born and send you something awesome ;). Be sure to suggest a first, middle and last name!

Other Things to consider:

Matix and Marley both start with M. Cash is a C (obviously). Does baby #4 need to start with a C? If her name starts with an M, will Cash feel left out?

Marley and Cash both have names that come from famous musicians ? Bob Marley and Johnny Cash. Poor Matix is left out. Will we need to make sure NOT to give baby #4 a name that can be related to a famous musician?

So much to think about. When you share your name suggestion, if there is a significance in why you picked it, be sure to let me know!

Comment away!!!!

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  1. I love y’all to death. You have such a beautiful family. I really like the name Carly. Or you could be different and use a K and spell it Karly. Just my thoughts. Have a wonderful day!! <3

  2. I like Cadence or Chloe but honestly, don’t fret over a name just yet!! Have a few in mind and when you finally get to meet her…she will name herself!!!!
    As soon as you hold her and look at her…you will know what to name her!!!

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