Stretch Marks – Can They Be Prevented During Pregnancy? + GIVEAWAY

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Lauren Parisier and Kelli Kenny, founders of the award winning expectant mom skin care line, basq, weigh in on the battle of stretch marks during pregnancy. They’ve even donated some of these amazing products for this week’s Baby Powell Giveaway!

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When it comes to stretch marks, everyone wants to use a product that truly works. The truth is, when you become pregnant your skin may or may not mark- but, prevention is key! The good news is specific products can prevent stretch marks, bad news- once you?ve got them they don?t go away you can only make them smaller.

What you do in the early months is critical ? building skin strength early on is your best bet for a mark free pregnancy. Collagen and Elastin are the fibers that keep your skin strong and stretchy. You need products that go beyond moistuirzation to fuel the build of collagen and elastin so it can stretch more and hopefully avoid breaking (which is what gives you the marks). Remember, while stretch mark prevention isn?t instantly gratifying because you can?t see what would have been ? it?s better than the alternative. There are a few easy steps to dramatically improving your skin?s strength and stretch-ability during those early glowing months:

Step 1: Exfoliate

Exfoliation preps skin for better product absorption and it kick-starts your skin?s natural repair process, key for stretch mark prevention. But when it comes to exfoliating, not all polishes are created equal. Stay away from salt scrubs? they are drying which equals more damage. Many everyday scrubs have clary sage, rosemary and caffeine ? these should be avoided in pregnancy. Loofahs and shower mitts can deliver exfoliation that is too hard, causing micro tears which harm skin instead of helping. We created basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish for pregnancy-safe exfoliation. The natural sugars gently smooth while rich oils and butters nourish. Focus on mark zones for best results: chest, belly, thighs and hips.

Step 2: Stretch Mark Ingredients Proven to Work

It is important to look for ingredients clinically proven to work. For real stretch mark care you need your products to work deep down where damage happens ? surface moisturizing isn?t enough. Feed your skin ingredients that it can break down and use to build collagen and elastin, which support strength. At basq, we spent a long time working on a butter that could blend the oils your skin wants and needs with ingredients proven to work. The core stretch mark ingredients in the award winning, basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter are Algesium C and Darutoside. Both have been proven in clinical testing to prevent and repair marks. Plus it contains omega rich Borage and Grapeseed oils and a rich Shea Butter base ? it?s all you could want and need in a stretch mark butter.

Step 3: The All Over Stretch

Marks mostly happen on the chest, belly, hips and inner thighs but don?t forget the rest of your body. For head to toe care, we recommend oils that are rich in Linoleic Acid needed to build Collagen and Elastin. Remember, not all oils are created equal. We blend the highest grade Omega Rich oils to absorb completely so there is no greasy feel or worry about clothing. A little bit goes a long way, oils are the smart choice when you?re looking for less to do more. The basq Resilient Body Oil has been an editor and celebrity favorite (Heidi Klum is a fan!), but if you remain an avid butter user, our Ilipe Body Butter is the product for you.

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For this week’s #BabyPowell Giveaway, Lauren and Kelli are giving away my favorite Basq products ($100 value!):

  • Basq Resilient Oil, and
  • Basq Citrus Sugar Body Polish, and
  • Basq Advanced Stretch Mark Butter

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  1. I’m almost done with my 5th pregnancy, of all big babies! I guess I don’t have the genetics because my stomachs covered in stretch marks!! Would love to win this and try to get my skin back!!

  2. Love the steps to prevention here (although preventing my stretch marks are a little too late!) Sure would feel great to use some of these products though 🙂

    thanks Basq and Heidi!

  3. Heidi, I lost 155lbs 4 years ago and now I have all of this loose skin so the product I am interested in that I found on their site is the Illipe Body Butter. It helps tighten up that skin and tone you so I’m definitely interested in that as well as anything to help with my stretch marks and helping my skin be young and beautiful looking! I also, shared on all 4 social media sites and I just hope I did it right! Thank you. 🙂

  4. I would love to try the Resilient oil, my whole stomach is covered in stretch marks from my first pregnancy and any help to make them less noticable would be wonderful!

  5. Great giveaway and great product!! I’ve had two kids (and have used every stretch mark cream known to man), I got a few stretch marks. However, we are wanting to try for a third soon and I really don’t want to get anymore! Would love to try this. Love your site, recipes, exercise tips, all of it! Such an inspiration to so many women! THANK YOU!!!

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