#BabyPowell Giveaway: Ergobaby Performance Carrier

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Congratulations to our Winner, Annie Browne
Watch for the next Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway this coming Sunday.
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Enter to win an #Ergobaby Performance Carrier at http://heidipowell.com/4334 in the #BabyPowell Giveaway #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

If there is one thing I wish I had from day one of Cash?s life, it would be an Ergobaby Performance Carrier. With all of the hiking, trekking, moving, and walking the Powell Pack does, this sure would have made our life easier.

I was introduced to the Ergobaby Carrier this last summer in Colorado. A friend and I were taking our combined 5 kids (6, if you include the baby on board ?) for a hike in the beautiful mountains of Canon City, CO, and Cash ? bless his heart ? was being the usual Cashy Boy?super rambunctious! I didn?t have any desire to pull him up those mountains with the risk of him running over a ledge. Nor did I feel like carrying him on my hip the whole way. I was 6 months pregnant for crying out loud!

Ergobaby to the rescue! Much to my surprise, the Ergobaby Carrier my friend lent me not only carried Cash?s 2 year old body on my back, but carried him comfortably for both of us. And until this point, Cash had NEVER been a fan of carriers!! EVER.

I?m sold.

After doing some research of my own, I realized Ergobaby has a line specifically designed for active parents like us! I thought the one I wore was comfortable for hiking?I can only imagine how comfortable the Performance Carrier is. I can?t wait to try it out!

You can win one of these $135 amazing carriers for yourself!

Ergobaby has been kind enough to offer up a carrier from their Performance Carrier line for Baby Powell?s 12-week Baby Shower Giveaway for one of my lucky readers. Thank you, Ergobaby ๐Ÿ™‚

Here?s what you had to do to win:

1. Comment on this post ? tell me about your favorite hike, or how you plan to use the Ergobaby Performance Carrier.
2. Like, Share, and/or rePin my #BabyPowell Giveaway posts on as many social media channels as you can: Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, and/or Pinterest.
3. Follow Ergobaby on Pinterest ?and/or on Twitter.

Random winner was announced on Wednesday, October 23, 2013. Thanks for participating!

Heidi ๐Ÿ™‚

Enter to win an #Ergobaby Performance Carrier at http://heidipowell.com/?p=4334 in the #BabyPowell Giveaway #PowellPack #HeidiPowell

566 Responses

  1. As an active family, we used slings/baby carriers (Bjorne) SO MUCH with our daughter Chloe! Like you, I WISH I would have realized how awesome these Ergobaby carriers were. They are a bit pricer than I can afford to just up and buy, but after wearing one my sister-in-law let me borrow, I would have GLADLY saved up for one of my own! Being the spouse of an Army pilot, I am blessed to be able to stay home with our little girl, but with only one income we are always budgeting. We buy what we NEED and not so much of what we WANT….this carrier is definitely in the WANT ZONE, considering that there are ones that do the trick for less money. The Ergobaby brand provide SO much support for your back AND really relieve you of doing everything one-handed, haha! As a mama yourself, I know you know how wonderful having TWO FREE arms can be!
    Anyways, hubby and I are trying for our second child and I would LOVE to have one of these this time around!!! I can already see us taking family walks with the dog and hiking our favorite trails- baby in tow! I love what you’re doing to inspire women and I will be stalking your page for pregnancy health and fitness tips in the future!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. As an active mom of a nine month old baby wearing would be my savior. I have been using a pack that I got in the beginning of my journey with my love (my daughter) buts she shifts her wiggly self all over the place in it. Currently working as a nurse it is early mornings for us… 430 it is and if I am lucky the little one sleeps until 5 so i can sneer in a quick shower and make lunches but if not it is in the pack she goes as we rush about our mornings… Having a nice secure pack where she doesn’t shift will not only allow out mornings to be more comfortable and run more smoothly bit it will also allow us to continue our wearing to the outdoors that we love so much without the discomforts and back soreness that our current carrier provides ๐Ÿ™‚ we all would be so thankful for that! Aghhh a breath of fresh air!

  3. We would plan to use this for walks, shopping, and getting stuff done around the house. As a new, first time mom of an almost 4month daughter whose been teething for several weeks, she has just wanted to be close to mommy at all times. This would allow me to get things done, while having her feel comforted ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Having a carrier not only will allow for better access to trails, shopping, or just wandering around, but while my little one gets tired she puts her head on my chest and that’s the best thing in the world.

  5. We plan on using this carrier for our baby now and any more we might have. We plan to use it for adventures we do as a family or for taking the kids to the park, zoo etc

  6. My husband and I lead very active styles and we just welcomed our first child into the works one month ago tomorrow!! My husband races motorcycles, dessert racing and Endurocoss, so we are always at races and it would be awesome to have one of these to carry her in!! Additionally, we LOVE hiking up in the Big Bear mountains and I’ve been researching what carrier to buy so w can start doing family hikes! I absolutely log what you and your husband do for people, I have m BS in Kinesiology a cd would like to get masters in Nutrition to help lower both childhood and adult obesity! Thank you for taking your time to consider me!!!

    Erin Lanza

  7. A friend let me borrow her ergo when we went camping t his past weekend for our 9 month olddaughter and it was amazing! I would love to have one of my own to take when we go camping!!

  8. As a newly pregnant mom with a 7 month old daughter I’d use the Ergo Baby on our city adventures to the parks and happily eliminate lugging around her huge stroller.

  9. Absolutely the only way I will be able to successfully grocery shop ever again is with a carrier like this!

  10. We don’t live by any mountains bit we love walking through the marshy nature center close to us. I’d use the ergo for my new little babe.

  11. My favrite hiking trip with my baby was when I took him off roading with his stroller thru the woods, so he could see waterfalls for the first time ๐Ÿ™‚ if I had an ergo, I would have to drag the stroller, and he could experience so many more waterfalls with me!

  12. I would give this to my daughter who just had her second daughter. It would help her to get in shape. She and her family love to go to a local farm that has acres of trails to walk. Dogs are welcomed!

  13. My husband and I love taking our 5 month olds to the local park. We use the moby buy now are looking for something a little more supportive since she’s getting bigger! Come next spring we plan on taking her hiking at Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire along with many others!

  14. I absolutely adore you! I love following you – you are such an inspiration! Congratulations on baby #4…you look so amazing! I would love to win! My husband is in school and finances are tight…this would be such a blessing! I would use this every single day…I have heard the best things about the Ergo carrier! I would use it to run errands, do things around the house, and of course hike Camelback Mtn! It is finally cool enough! Thank you for the fabulous giveaway! xo

  15. I am a full time mommy of 5! We love to go hiking but like you we have a hard time with big cliffs:) our favorite hike is about 45 min from our home it’s called amacalola falls.. It’s the beginning of the Appalachian trail in Georgia. I would love to hike with my children and try the ergo to keep curious minds safer from the edges while still enjoying the view:)

  16. I would give this as a GIFT to my brother and SIL for Christmas for their little ones. I had one and they are FAB!

  17. I would use the ergo carrier with my newborn baby girl Amelia. She is most comfortable in my arms and the carrier would sure make getting things done easier!

  18. I would love to use the ergo baby carrier to go shopping, walking, or just for hanging out! My baby loves to be worn and I love that ergo baby can be worn front and back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. I plan to use an ergo for hiking. my favorite hike so far has been Mt Pilchuck in Washington. I’m on baby #3 and plan to use the Ergo on a daily basis as well, shopping, walking, around home, etc.

  20. I have heard TONS of amazing things about ergo! I feel like a baby carrier is essential and useful anywhere you go, whether it be the mall or grocery store (my son despises the stroller and the shopping cart) and also for walks at the park, beach, or up the mountains! Basically anywhere in public where you want to keep your little one close! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I would use the carrier every weekend to go hiking every weekend in AZ. Especially the West Fork hike in Sedona.

  22. I would love to use this ergo carrier with my sweet Willow baby…6 moths old this week. I loved taking my older 2 babies (ages 3 and 4) on runs and walks in our double jogger, however having a third child has totally thrown a wrench in our active lifestyle. W/out a tripple jogger or baby carrier I have not been able to get out for our daily walks and runs….and not only do I miss this, so do my children. I would LOVE to get out there with Willow in a new Ergo baby carrier and her older brother and sister for our favorite family past time – outdoor adventures!!! Thank you for considering our family ๐Ÿ™‚

  23. We just had baby #7 and I would love to have it for hikes and exploring when we go to Colorado every 3 month’s for my husband’s doctor appointments. We live in Nebraska. Obviously I would use t all the time with that many kids!!

  24. We live on a military base in the high desert and there are some great places to hike around here but have never had the chance to with our two little ones. My husband will be getting back surgery soon and there will be quite a bit of rehabilitation for him afterwards and this would be an amazing item to have while him and I embark on his recovery process together and get back into our active lifestyle together! Thank you for the motivation you and Chris spread to so many around the world to live a healthy, active lifestyle!!

  25. Would love to use this Ergo on a nature hike in my area. The leaves are changing and I know my baby and I would have a great time appreciating nature while baby wearing in comfort.

  26. My favorite hike is around Hinckley Lake in the Metroparks. Its a gorgeous 3+ mile hike through the woods around the lake.

    penniespinched AT gmail DOT com

  27. We adopted our son in March of 2012 and are just starting the adoption process again. We would love to have this carrier to take our littles on hikes when we are out in the Black Hills in South Dakota where we live or when we travel and go camping!

  28. Hey Heidi!
    You look stunning first of all. I had my son, Nolan, three months ago and am kicking myself that I did not stick with working out while I was pregnant. I am currently in the process of losing my baby weight, and would love to have this carrier to take him on walks anywhere and everywhere. I have had my eye on Ergobaby carriers since I started doing research, but I quit my full time job to stay home with my son. I love the Powell pack and the fact that you live healthy lives and set such a good impression for your family, it is truly an inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to read my submission, and thanks for the opportunity!
    Noelle S

  29. Growing up around Salt Lake City, Utah, I have been so blessed to have the most amazing Rocky Mountains literally at my doorstep. From Zion’s in Southern Utah to Logan Canyon in the north, Utah is the perfect place to hike around with my three little kiddos. With two preschool boys (right there with you on boys being rambunctious!), and my sweet 4-month old girl, I would love love LOVE the chance to take all three hiking together! Thank you, Heidi, and Ergobaby for the opportunity to win this awesome carrier!

  30. This would allow me to carry my baby Gus around with me while I do chores around the house and walk in the park across the street from our house!

  31. I would LOVE the Ergobaby Performance Carrier for my next baby! My husband and I are very active with our two kids and with #3 on the way we plan to stay that way! We love to go hiking, our last trek was 5 miles and I kept thinking to myself that this time next year I will need a perfect comfy carrier to carry our new addition on these hikes!!

  32. My favorite hike was to a place called Ice Lake with a couple of my co-workers. It was 16 miles round trip and probably the most beautiful place I’ve seen. When we got to the top, there was the clearest most beautiful Lake..Ice Lake..I never would have thought there would be a Lake at the top of the hike!! I will never forget that day as we stripped off most of our clothes and jumped in the lake….and the name holds true…cold as Ice!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. I just had my third baby and would love a ergo carrier so that I can get outdoors with my two boys who are 7 and 4. Both are extremely active so I am sure they would love if mommy could get out and about more to get rid of their energy.

  34. My husband and I like to hike, but is not easy as my husband has split discs in his back so the Ergobaby Performance Carrier would make it easier for my husband to carry our baby boy while we hike. Also, it looks a lot easier to lug around than a stroller which would help when I’m on the go with my son. ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. I would love to have the Ergo to hike the nearby hills and see all the trees changing colors! I shared on Facebook and Pinterest. I follow Ergo on Pinterest. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. Truth be told, my wife and I just learned 2 weeks ago that we’re pregnant with our first child! We were excited and quite shocked as we’ve been trying for almost 4 years with no success. It wasn’t until the end of this last year (December 2012) when we realized and decided that before we could be ready to take care of the health and needs of a child, we needed to take care of ourselves (which we both had neglected to do.)

    So here we are, after focusing on learning how to become fit and eat healthy, my wife has lost over 75lbs and I have lost over 45lbs. We feel great, look great, but most importantly know that we’re ready for this new part of our journey.

    With that, we don’t have ANYTHING yet for the baby and our first ultrasound is in a few days. So we’re both ready to start the buying and with our focus on health and fitness, the first things we want on our list are things that help us keep actively doing the things we love: walking, hiking, running, and biking. So, with a love for hiking (and the beautiful Appalachian Trail in a 2 hour drive nearby, this would be awesome for us!)

    Plus, this one’s mainly for me (as I’m the primary hiker,) and I think it looks awesome myself! But, could be a great gift for my wife too!

    NOTE: As we’re not publicly announcing our pregnancy until after our first ultrasound, if you don’t mind, I’ll wait for the pinning, tweeting, sharing, and posting until after that! Just wanted to post this while I saw it for the chance to win!

  37. So I’m SUPER excited to see this support for Ergo! I also am a personal trainer and LOVE that my job allows me to be active all day long. I am currently 20 weeks pregnant with my first and couldn’t be happier to welcome this baby into a happy healthy lifestyle. The Ergo will most likely be used daily in my life. My personal training business is just me and my client and soon to be baby so he or she will be toted along with mom for workouts and I can’t wait!!! I would LOVE to win this awesome giveaway!

  38. We love going for hikes at Red Rocks and Mt. Charleston! If we got the Ergo carrier we would use it for our new addition and continue our hikes that we love so much:)

  39. Heidi, I would love to win this as I am pregnant with Baby #3 and one of the first things my husband said was, “I guess YOU’re not going camping & fishing next summer!” LOL We are a very active family (kids ages 4 & 2) and based on your recommendation, the Ergobaby Performance Carrier would be perfect for our family! I would love to be able to wear my new baby everywhere I went, whether its hiking, fishing, or camping!!

  40. I have a pretty “chunky” 3mo old daughter she weights 30 lbs and its hard for me to carry her on our long hikes where we cannot use the stroller. I also have sciatica and bulging disk that presses on my nerves and sometimes it makes it impossible for me to even pick her up. We love outdoors but I haven’t been able to anything lately due to these problems. I think a carrier like that wold make it more comfortable for both of us

  41. I love my Ergo and use it everywhere we go with my 15mo. Favorite hike visiting my brother and sister in law in Superior CO and showing them to carry their then month old daughter. They go hiking every weekend and I would love to give them a new Ergo to go with their growing daughter. The original is great, but they need performance for hiking in CO!

  42. I’m currently on an amazing weight loss journey. I’m getting married in Feb and want to hit my goal weight by then! Me and my little man Parker go on walks every day, and there are days where he just doesn’t want to walk. Having something like this amazing carrier would be just perfect for us!

  43. Would love to use this while hiking or walking at our trips to Blue Mountain, Ontario. As well, as when we go visit our family in Montreal at St-Sauver, Quebec for those incredible hiking trails.

  44. I have a baby bjorn that my daughter loved but I have been looking at the ergo carriers since they seem to be easier on your back & can carry up to a higher weight. I would love to win one!!

  45. I have a 1 year old and a 2 year old with my third baby on the way! I am due February! I would love this carrier so I can remain active with all three kids when this little princess arrives. We live going to the parks and just going for long walks with our dog. This carrier would do amazing things for my family!

  46. this would great for me. we live in the country. walking daily around our farmor shopping at the mall. this is one of making sure your little is safe & you don’t have to run after them. great!. thank you.

  47. I have a big 2 month old (he was 11 days late too) and we moved up to northern Idaho on to a ranch… This would be amazing to have and use so I can get out more since I can’t use a stroller. We have dirt roads and gravel for our driveway. We live on 25 acres and it would be so wonderful to have one!

  48. I would use the carrier for my little one who ALWAYS wants to be held and refuses to sit in a stroller or cart these days. Shared your site also!

  49. I’m in love with these packs, but can’t afford one. I live in NM and do tins of hiking in the Sandias. My little guy is a year and a half and carry him every where, with this carrier it would be awesome, and make hiking and even grocery shopping so much easier.

  50. Don’t hike much but walk a lot and baby doesn’t always like riding in her stroller. The pack would be perfect and she could see everything. A two year old is so curious to see it all and she cold with this. Thanks

  51. My husband and I hiked the volcano in Arenal Costa Rica just after getting engaged. Everything was so lush and beautiful. It was amazing. Now we hike down to our neighborhood Park with our twin daughters. We would love to take them to Costa Rica someday!

  52. Heidi,you are so motivational for women and especially moms to be. I would love to have the ergo baby carrier for our long walks and hikes in beautiful Vancouver Canada. Our summers are spent outdoors and having a comfortable way to bring baby along would be amazing and would make for an even better workout!

  53. I love hiking but havnt been able to go since I’ve had my baby boy! I am surrounded by beautiful mountains and we take an annual camping trip to bass lake California and this would allow me to do so much with my miracle baby!

  54. This would be awesome to carry my now 2 month old in so I can still have free hands to chase my 5 & 3 year old with:) we love to go on family hikes on weekends…especially in the fall weather!!

  55. My husband and I love the outdoors. Living in the smoky mountains and expecting our first baby, ergobaby would be perfect for our new little family.

  56. Liked and shared on Facebook, following on pinterest. Please pick me! Love being active with my little one. There’s a bunch of great trails around my home, but I don’t have a great carrier, I’d love to get out more and use his weight to help burn off some extra calories. Being a single mom I’m struggling to find the balance of working out, spending time with my little one and finish some schooling before I go back to work. Thank you and good luck to everyone!

  57. Every parent needs one of these! We love family hikes. Probably the most memorable was 6 years ago when the entire family including grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all met in Turkey Run State park for 2 days of camping and hiking the trails. The best part was everyone was together for tons of family time & memories and the kids loved it!

  58. I plan to enter this drawing to be able to give my good friend who is pregnant this gift. We have gone on many hikes together and I would love the chance to go on hikes with her and her new baby!

  59. I’m so glad you posted this. I recently had a baby and trying to go on hikes this summer was so hard on my body (not just because I am a little out of shape, but the carrier I have, kills my back.) Friends of ours have a big backpack for carrying your child while hiking, but I like the design of the ergobaby because it is more compact. I love that you said it was comfortable for both if you. It sounds like just what I need!

  60. My favorite hike was almost two years ago because it was my brother and his son. We don’t get to have quality time like that anymore, now that we’re both adults and have our own responsibilities. It was a hill at Rising Park in Lancaster, Ohio. It wore me out because I wasn’t in shape then. I was 73 pounds heavier than I am now, so I was beat, but it was an amazing feeling when I reached the top. It was a wonderful, much needed brother-sister time. Looking forward to doing it again soon, especially now I’m a lot more in shape.

  61. I have recently started my weightloss journey and am excited to be doing fun outdoor activities. I have a rambunctious 2 yr old that I would love to take on a hike! I am in Mesa, AZ and so we do close things like the Wind caves or A mountain.

  62. My favorite hike was in Big Sky Montana! I can’t remember the exact name but it took about 3 hours to get to a gorgeous lake. I’m in live with MT.

  63. I would use it on our trail walks. We live next to an airport and my son loves being outside looking at the airplanes.

  64. Heidi,
    My husband and I are working to get fit. Two years ago he was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Failure caused by high blood pressure and diabetes. At 38 he continues to work towards weight loss so he can get on the donor list. Your BMI needs to be 35 to be on that list and right now he is at a 39/40. So as a family we are working to get active. We walk nightly and enjoy getting our 4 children out of the house. All boys!! Three weeks ago we were blessed again to have been chosen by two of our boys birth mom to take their little brother. So at 42, we are proud parents of a 3 week old. The Ergo Pack will be used to make sure we keep our new baby close to assist with bonding and to keep us moving.
    Living in Oregon, our favorite hike is around the Columbia River Gorge and Silver Falls. We also like to do urban hikes around the area.

  65. We love hiking and anything outdoors! When I lived in Duluth, MN my daughter was just born and my cousin introduced me to the carrier. Absoutely love it! My daughter lived in it from a few wks old til well 3 years old sometimes lol. We could always use another for our son;)

  66. My favorite hike is the one I can do without kids LOL but I look forward to one with kids ๐Ÿ™‚ I plan to go on my workouts with my new little one I am 3 months along and I am looking forward to getting the weight after this baby is born in May ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I would give the ergobady performance carrier to a girl at work. She is very active . Her and her Husband hike most weekends. They would not be able to get something this nice on their own .

  68. We would use it to carry baby around as we garden, attend farmers’ markets, go hiking, attend festivals, etc. We’re an active family! ๐Ÿ™‚

  69. I would love this carrier. My cousin has one and loves it. We can’t afford to buy one but I would use it all the time with my 4 month old. I have 5 kids and I babysit 4 others. I would use this carrier every day to walk my boys to school. We love to go camping and hiking. My favorite hike has to be when 2 of my sisters and my self decided to go camping with the kids without our husbands since they had to work. My brother came up and said we should go on shirt hike to the top of the mountain and see all the lady bugs. It was not a short hike and we had between the 3 families I think 20 kids. The hike was hard but the kids loved the lady bugs and it was so worth every step.

  70. I love to go hiking and love involve the children in my family. This past February my second niece was born. I can’t wait until next summer to get her out and climbing mountains with us.

  71. I would love to win this carrier. We do lots of hikes as well as farmers markets and festivals…not so stroller friendly. This would be a big help. My boys are 10 yrs apart. It would make it easier to involve the little one safely in big boy activities like hiking ๐Ÿ™‚

  72. This would be great for hiking and switching off with my kids being in it (at least two, maybe three of them would fit!) I would also use it for grocery shopping and trips to the park and church and pretty much everywhere!

  73. I would use that thing not only on hikes but just being out and about! I’ve gotten so many carriers and have not found the right one for us yet…would LOVE the Ergo!

  74. I’ve been wanting this! I’m pregnant with baby number three and already have two very active toddlers!! We go hiking at our nature center at least once a week not to mention our almost daily walks/park trips and more!! Would love to win!!

  75. I first want to start off by saying I love you and your husband! You guys are truly an inspiration to me! They way you have focused your life on helping people is wonderful ! This carrier would help me in my every day life at home as well as family outings. I have a 4 month old that is super sensitive to new environments and the only way he stays calm is when I hold him. Being that he tips the scales at 20 pounds. My arms get a great workout as well as my back ๐Ÿ˜‰ Having this carrier would take away my anxiety when we go places. Everywhere from parks with my 2 year old to the grocery store. Not to mention he would be super comfortable and supported correctly. Thanks for the chance to win! Hope all is well with your burnt belly! ๐Ÿ™‚

  76. We are a military family and next year we are moving to WA. I’ve heard they have some amazing trails. Would love to use this with our 1 year old! We are also trying to expand our family and would love to use this when we have another baby. The hubby would love this since he can wear in on his back

  77. I would love to win this for my daughter in law. She just had there 6th baby 2 weeks ago. She walks everywhere with those kids. She does it to keep healthy. Shes amazing. She would love this.Thank you , Heidi, keep up the good work.. Nora

  78. I would love this… For everyday! I have 3 year old, a 2 year old and new born. Would love to carry my baby and be hands free to tackle my 2 little dudes.

  79. Which baby #2 on the way just 1 year after my first, I will need to baby wear while chasing my son around!!

  80. We have an almost 3 yr old and a 7 mo old and we are working to get back to our active lifestyle. We have a Baby Bjorn, but I think the baby will too big for it soon. Would love the ErgoBaby to have for some upcoming trips so that we could carry either of the kiddos if we needed!! Also, we go camping A LOT and this would make going on our trips and hikes SO much easier

  81. oh, I plan to use this a whole bunch with my 2 year old on every day excursions. I have 4 girls from 11-2 and need my hands. Littlest bit doesn’t like to sit in carts or always hold my hand, so this would be fabulous for everyday!

  82. I will be due in may and would love the chance to use a baby carrier such as this! May will be perfect hiking weather when I am ready to get back in shape! Hiking up “A” mountain on Mill ave is a steep hike but has the most gorgeous view of the valley at night!

  83. We love going to parks and festivals and a carrier is so much easier than the stroller, which me daughter always wants out of so she can be held. I would love an ergo!

  84. I’ll use it to carry the 2 year old while I hike the trails. We went without a carrier yesterday and he made it a mile, but that’s hardly a workout for mom! Plus, the heavier he gets, the more weight training it is for me! Woohoo!

  85. Love this!! My husband and I have three boys under 6, and we currently still back wear our 3 year old, because it’s just safer when we are out in large groups. He is currently in a Beco, but it’s just not comfortable for him or us anymore, this one looks like it would be a much better fit for our always active family!

  86. I am in love with this! my husband and I are very much into outdoor activities, whether it be cycling, hiking, running & swimming to name a few. With a little one on the way,this would make our hiking and other similar adventures & daily activities so much easier! Thank you Heidi & Chris!

  87. I would LOVE one of these! I have older kids all grown but we are planning to adopt two little sweethearts from China and this would be wonderful to take with us to carry them around in while we do all the paperwork and climbing The Great Wall!!

  88. I take my daughter on multipul walks a day since the day she was born. We used a wrap that she has now out grown and it wasn’t a big deal since we could use the stroller this summer. Now that winter is coming up I want to continue to take walks with her but need to find the best way to do so. We live in a small town and have one car so I don’t have a car durig the day. There are not many places by use to “hike” to, but we are looking forward to moving to Colorado to be by family and have many new adventures.

  89. I’m about 4 weeks away from having baby number 4 and will be using carriers pretty much just for survival. Nothing would ever get done if I couldn’t carry baby!

  90. I would’ve LOVED this for my boys, but I would LOVE to surprise my brother with this! He is expecting his second son just before Thanksgiving and has a 19mo as well. He loves to hike around Borderland State Park and frequently vacations in New Hampshire and hikes there as well. This would give him a little more “freedom” to continue to do the things he loves and allow the boys to be raised in an active lifestyle!

  91. Would love to have one of these. I would use it on hikes, walking to everyday things and even use it at home to get things done!!

  92. I would love to give this as a gift to my sister who is expecting her first baby in January. Her and her husband walk and hike a lot with their dog. They recently moved and have a trail access in their neighborhood. This would get a lot of use!

  93. I have heard so many raving reviews about these from my friends and love to see them able to be so active with their little ones and do so many things I never thought possible with a little one. I’m 5 months along with my first and would love to use an Ergo wherever I go and around the house. From hikes in our beautiful Idaho mountains to street fairs downtown, I look forward to trekking everywhere with my new little guy and allowing my husband to feel comfortable packing him around too!

  94. I would use it on a hike in Yosemite! Especially since I only life an hour or 2 away and it’s beautiful there!

  95. I am the mother to a 13 month old boy with our 2nd due in February! (It still overwhelms me thinking about it!) my husband I have always lived a very active lifestyle from either running marathons, to daily strolls, or run/walking the stairs, to coaching a jump rope team. Living in WA state we have always been an on the go family enjoying the mountains that surround Seattle. This Ergobaby will not only make our transition from a family if 3 to a family of 4 easier, it will allow us to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

  96. On my weightless journey I completed the Crazy Horse Volksmarch which is a 10k hike to the to the top of the monument in June when I was 7 months pregnant with my now three month old! It was an amazing feeling and to complete the hike again with him as a baby would be amazing! A carrier like this would definitely help me along the way.

  97. My favorite place to walk is at the beach. its so beautiful and Peaceful. i would love to win this so much because I have heard many great things about ergo baby. I’ve heard how its great for weight distribution and comfortable. That’s great especially since I have back pain and I’m trying to lose weight. Winning this would give me the chance to be able to put one to use ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. I would love to win this !!! I have been wanting one so the baby can be close to me and see everything while my arms can rest ;))))) my left wrist went out on me while I’m breastfeeding …. Waited 12 years for my first baby …..precious baby boy born 8/20/13 5 pounds 1 ounce born early he is now 9 pounds :)))) would love to wear one of these and go out walking and enjoy this CA weather …. This would make life wonderful….

  99. With a 3 and a half year old and a one year old, I would use the carrier everywhere I go! The older thinks she is too big for a stroller and the little wants to be carried all the time. It would make grocery shopping a breeze…or just easier.

  100. There is no better of a day with my baby girl than spent outdoors being active with her. I plan to use this Ergo Carrier to teach her the importance of keeping healthy by using it to stay fit with her every day! I live in BC Canada on Vancouver Island where we have some of the most incredibly hiking around and cant wait to experience all the great places a stroller cant go! Miss Madilyn would LOVE an Ergo ๐Ÿ˜€

  101. Heidi you and I are due the same day and its been a pleasure to follow you throughout your pregnancy. I have been researching carriers and have my heart set on this one. My husband and I are both very active and recently moved to the base of some beautiful mountains. I can’t wait to use the ergo baby carrier for when our little guy gets here and also take our two other children to explore our new surroundings. Thanks for sharing yours and Chris’ life with us- you are truly an inspiration.

  102. This is an awesome carrier! My note one year loves to be toted around. It would make doing some common household chores ALOT easier on me!

  103. I would love to have this! My baby is due in Feb and I can’t wait to get outside and run/hike with her. I live in Northern AZ and would use this all summer long!

  104. I plan to use it during stroller strides. My 4.5 month isn’t thrilled with staying in the stroller the whole time so I figure if I wear him (which a lot of moms do during class) he’ll be a happy camper.

  105. I always want to go out hiking, walking, discovering and anything outside! I have a 2 year old and an 8 month old and I’m always discouraged when I feel like I don’t have a way to make a hike work with them both. My husband is a firefighter and is gone 2-3 days a week and I want to be able to go by myself with the kids to explore! I live in such a beautiful place with lakes all around and I would love to be able to take the kids out to see all the beautiful sights. I love your blog and your husbands work that he does. So inspiring! Can’t wait to see pics of your new addition.

  106. If we can get one, I’d love to sue it for our next vacation to the Grand Canyon or just walking around my great city of Denver! You’ve helped me a lot. Thank you!

  107. Our favorite place to hike is the Tahoe Rim Trail, but we can be found hiking and being outdoors all over CA. The Tahoe Rim Trail may be a bit much for a new baby, but we spend the majority of our time outdoors, so it will be well loved. We love this carrier because it is so much better for babies!

  108. I have so much hope to win this giveaway! I have 5 children with my oldest being only six years old and I have been in the market for a carrier for my 4 month old. Like I said with all of my children being tiny, I dont have a stoller big enough and would use this carrier for my two year old. Pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  109. I don’t have a favorite hike out here in yuma, but I do love to hike anywhere. But if I were to win this I would probably give it to a friend of mine who has 4 little boys,

  110. I would love this carrier! There is an arboretum and nature trails close to our home. I would love to go there frequently with my 16 month old but the stroller just doesn’t cut it. I’ve been on a journey to improve my family’s health for a few months and this would help immensely!

  111. I am currently pregnant with my 3rd child! I would love to have an ergo baby carrier so that my hands are free to take care of my 2 older children while having the new baby close to me. We are an active family. Lots of walks around the neighborhood, trips to the park and the zoo! Having an ergo would make those things much easier to enjoy with all 3 of my loves!

  112. I love to go hiking with my 2 little girls and this would be perfect as the jogging stroller doesnt go on all hikes because of the terrain.

  113. I have a three month old son who we recently took to disneyland. He is a bi boy and has trouble fitting into carriers. While we were there I had to walk around carrying a 20 lb baby when he didn’t feel like being in the stroller. When I saw your photo of cash in the carrier I knew it would be perfect for my little guy. We love disneyland and would love to go again.

  114. LOVE anythign to do outdoors… my husband and i are both very active but our fave hike by far was our first one with our little guy when he was 5 months old ๐Ÿ™‚ such a great time and hes gonna love being active as much as us!

  115. can’t wait to try my one out when my new baby
    arrives . have two other children so
    will be a great help on Rainey days when doing
    the school drops and not having to pull the pram
    from the boot . and our trips to the park & zoo
    we can all just potter on hands free !!

  116. I would love this carrier. We like to hike and be outside so this would be great to help us stay outdoors more.

  117. We love to hike in Southern California! From San Diego to rancho cucamunga! Our little one goes with us on all our hikes! Would be amazing for for anniversary hike at the end of the month we will be married 8 years on the 29th!

  118. I live in Alaska and love to hike in the great outdoors! My favorite hike is in Seward AK, on the Harding Icefield trail! You hike 3/7 miles and you arrive at a view which is beyond imagination. As far as you can see, there is icefield and glaciers pouring over mountain tops.
    I just had my first baby in January (2013) and am expecting my second in June 2014! I think the Ergo performance carrier would be perfect to carry my new baby around in, while chasing my 1 year old around! :)Both around the house and on hikes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. This looks fantastic! I am looking for a great carrier for when my daughter is bigger in the spring so we can walk everywhere! Even big sister to school!

  120. I would love to use this with our youngest on all the outdoor activities and trails we plan on doing this summer here in Idaho. We are new here and heard the outdoor life is amazing here. Hope to find out this summer and the carrier will definitely be a blessing in helping with that!

  121. Trying to have a baby, My husband has a bad back and I know I will be doing the majority of the carrying. We have two teenagers (13, 14) from my husbands previous marriage that I am in the process of adopting. I am always on the go and the Ergo will be making each day a little bit easier!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. I love my Ergo carrier! I purchased it late for my first baby but have used it from the start for my second. It’s great for the outdoors, errands, nursing or even an intimate snuggle!

  123. A carrier to carry a 30 pound 34 inch toddler in it at times – AMAZING. We have gone on many hikes in the Catskills and having my child on my back is so comforting. We have always borrowed but would get so much use out of our very own.

  124. Hi! I plan to use this on every hike I go on. My newly wed husband and I love to hike in Montana at Glacier National Park – I especially enjoy hiking Logan Pass. With all of the cliffs and steep hills this would work great to use on my youngest nephew, age 2. We plan on having children in the near future and I know this would be sooo helpful!!!

  125. We live 800 miles from our family and don’t get to visit as often as we like. But whenever we go home to Ohio we go to the Cleveland zoo. It is a fairly large zoo with lots of hills. Even though trams are available to transport people through out the zoo we always opt for walking or “hiking” as my daughter calls it. We race and stop to look at the squirrels and trees as we are walking from enclosure to enclosure. We live in a costal beach town so there aren’t many hills and my daughter loves running up and down them with her brother. I would love a carrier that I could keep up with the kids and not have to use a stroller for our baby due in may.

  126. We would love to win this ergo baby. We would use it all over the great state of Arizona from Tombstone to the Grand Canyon. We like to get out of the valley and see our state. I would also wear it shopping, at the park with my 3 year old and any other place I want to be hands free with my 2 boys. In addition to our 3 years old we also have a 3 week old.

  127. Would love to win, just to get up and out and about and stay moving with the newest, and first, addition to our family!! Liked on Facebook and Instagram and Retweeted. Already a fan of Ergo on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks!!

  128. Like you, I’m six months pregnant and still going strong with my ergobaby ! I typically do the back carry now although I miss my snugabug up front (who’s 21 months old now). I’ve used the classic ergo since he was about 4 months old. I can honestly say I rarely used my stroller and now that #2 is coming it’d be great to have a new and improved version of the ergobaby. Thanks for the chance to win!

  129. I love hikes with the family. I live in WA and it is hard to choose one favorite hike. I love to hike foothills state park.

  130. We like to hike up mt. Monadnock. It’s one of the most hiked mountains in the world and lucky me only 15 min away ๐Ÿ™‚

  131. Oh wow!!! Thank you for this opportunity! I have been looking at things carrier for a long time for my infant and toddler. My husband and I vowed starting this fall to start hiking/camping almost every weekend at the various parks in the area. One we have tried before and just loooooved is the fort worth nature center. I am so obsessed with this place. It has a variety of trails at different experience levels and terrains. I just really want to be an active outdoorsy family and it’s my goal to instill that love of nature in my kids. I had a moby with my first and although I love it it was soooo hot especially here in Texas. That’s the biggest reason I have been eyeing this carrier!!!

  132. I have a very high demanding 4 month old that has to be in my arms all of the time, she even sleeps on me. I have 4 other children to care for but holding a baby all the time makes that very difficult to do. I have tried all kinds of carriers and spent too much money but she hates them. I would love to try the Ergo but just can’t spend anymore at the moment. It would be nice to have my hands free but still hold my baby and comfort her.

  133. We love outdoor walks!! And the little man likes to be carried as opposed to stroller riding. Plus I’ve heard only good things about Ergos. We want more kiddos so I’m sure it would come in handy then too ๐Ÿ™‚ It makes me wish we were closer up CO trails or other similar areas.

  134. I would love to have an Ergo, because I haven’t owned a structured carrier yet, and it would be perfect for more active activities — not only because there’s more support for the baby, but because the baby’s weight is distributed over the back and it would allow for better posture on my part!

  135. We do LOTS of walking at the Disney parks and all over Central Florida! I would LOVE a performance carrier for the hot summer days spend the the theme parks and nature walks we go on.

  136. My favorite hike has been Monoa Falls in Oahu. I would love to one day take my son there as well. I want to take a picture on every trail, hike, and national park that we go to carrying our son in the ergo performance and make an albumn of all the places he has been and that one day he can revisit all those places.

  137. I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old. We also have a dog. I would use the carrier for my baby while we take the dog for hikes each day behind our house. My toddler does not like to sit in the stroller anymore and the baby loves to be worn. I would use Ergobaby Performance Carrier to carry him in the house, for daily hikes with our dog, while grocery shopping, pretty much all of the time to have my hand free with the toddler. My husband also likes to wear the baby – so if he could use a super comfortable carrier like the ERgo, he might just wear the baby most of the time. Thanks for the opportunity to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Moved to Utah several years ago but my family has never been down to the amazing southern Utah. There are so many hikes that I would like to do and having a one year old this would be wonderful to have.

  139. I would use the Ergo Performance Carrier hiking in TN. We have a lot of beautiful hills to climb here. We love to go to Burgess Falls State Park–what a refreshing waterfall at the end!!

  140. I would plan on learning how to breastfeed while wearing and just easier managing in general because I have a five year old who is so busy with sports and all kinda of other programs plus a two year old nephew that I frequently have I need the hands free solution and that would be the best way to start

  141. we love to hike in the mountains with our kids. with just 3 montohs left of this pregnancy, i’m excited to take along our new baby next spring when the snow is melting!

  142. Love hiking during the autumn, but its been difficult since our kiddo can’t really walk yet ๐Ÿ˜› This would be perfect!

  143. We love the outdoors and hike whenever we can. From easy hikes in local parks to mountains on the east and west coast, we’ve done some pretty awesome hikes so far. Having our first baby won’t change that and this carrier could help us continue with our outdoor travel adventures!

  144. I would love this! I just had twins 4 months ago (surprise! and in addition to my 1 and 3 year-old) and would love this so my family can get back into hiking! We have been out of commission since I was pregnant with my 1-year-old. This would be the best birthday present! Hope I win!

  145. My hubby and I love walking together but hate bringing the bulky stroller! We would use this to hike Starved Rock State Park in IL.

  146. We love to travel and explore new sights. We would use this while on our cruise coming up specifically in Puerto Rico. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the chance!

  147. My favorite hike so far has been up a local mountain with my little boy. He gets so excited about all the sights and sounds. I can’t wait to take him and his new little sister together!

  148. We are adopting a little girl from Colombia, and this would be perfect to carry her around the city (and have some sweet bonding time!).

  149. My husband and I are huge outdoor enthusiasts and try to get outdoors and hike as much as possible. The rugged terrain of the Catalina Mountains is typically our stomping grounds. We would use the Ergobaby performance carrier for everything from hiking, to day trips to the zoo, and even mission trips abroad. We loved having the original Ergobaby carrier when my daughter was little but have since given it to a family in need who was in and out of the hospital with their baby boy (it’s been a lifesaver for them too!). Would love to replace that one so we can keep up our active lifestyle with our new 3 week old!

  150. One of my favorite hikes was in Georgia. We hiked down into a beautiful ravine. We often hike a small trail at a park in my home town. An ergo performance would be perfect.

  151. We are very active and are planning to hike on our vacay coming up I’d love this carrier to carry my 1 year old!

  152. Favorite hikes…we love hiking around some of the lakes in Rocky Mountain National Park! We have used a mei tai hiking but would love a Performance Ergo!

  153. I would definitely take my son on hikes in addition to the everyday activities around the home and errands neighborhood.

  154. Would love a carrier from ergo they look and seem amazing I’ve read so many reviews and have watched so many videos I once owned a very inexpensive carrier four years ago when my first was born and the clip broke off while I was putting her in it luckily nothing happened if I was to win this carrier it would help out alot with our little adventures we visit alot of farms and go on alot of day trips to boston and visit my sister in the big apple in the summer with a spring baby on the way I am sure going to need it hoping to win ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. I would use the ergo performance at Runyon Canyon here in Los Angeles. Maybe baby Mark would have his first celebrity siting there.

  156. I love my original Ergobaby and STILL carry my daughter in it at two. She loves to be close and my husband and I love to walk, so what could be more perfect than an active carrier?! We live in Denver, so we have access to the mountains and many trails. I don’t think there will be a time that this carrier doesn’t accompany us on our many adventures. Here’s crossing my fingers to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. This would be really handy when our family goes hiking at a nearby forest. Lil’ guy gets distracted easily and loves to be held while someone else does the walking! ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. The fact that I could use it with my 2yr old is huge! I would use it all the time just to be able to keep up with him!

  159. My family LOVES hiking and anything outdoors. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 3 month old who is getting bigger and heavier every day. She will soon be ready for an Ergo, which will make trips to the park and weekends much easier! Really, my husband needs the Ergo. He just looks at me like I’m crazy when I pull out the RS and ask him to put it on!

  160. We go walking all the time at the park and around our house. I have a 5 year old and 8 month old twin girls. I carry one on my chest in a moby wrap but i dont feel comfortable to put my other twin on my back in a wrap and all the carriers are so uncomfortable for me and my twins. They hate them so im looking for something thats comfortable. I would love to get an ergo baby carrier but we just cant afford it. :'(

  161. I am a singl mom to two beautiful kids using an Ergo carrier would be a life saver! In addition to carring two very young, 15& 2 months old, kids I also have to lug around their double stroller and baby essentials in the diaper bag. Now picture an 105 lb mama struggling to get a double stroller out of the trunk of her car, lol not a pretty sight. I have made myself a wrap given that money is tight and my youngest hates it, n top of that I have no idea how to put my oldest in it or if she’d even fit! I’ve read plenty reviews and asked many other mamas what they reccommend and Ergo was their answer. To have an Ergo would be the best, we would use it at the park, on walks, play dates, uncles football games, doctor visits, you name it! This is a necessity for my family because with one running everywhere and the other sleeping all the time carrying one would definitely put ease to their mama ๐Ÿ™‚

  162. We have four kids. My oldest is 3 years old. We love to geocache as a family and the performance carrier would give us an opportunity to go again with so many littles!

  163. I am not an exercise nut, though my family and I all love the outdoors and being active. I have several pounds to shed to be healthy however, and need to lower my probability of having gd with a (hopefully) second child. I live in MN and with winter coming fast upon us it means a six month appointment with the YWCA. This year I have Elvie, and I can only imagine how much easier (and the likelihood I will DO them) my walks will be with a carrier designed for activity. I don’t think my ring sling is an ideal match or ideal solution to carry her.

  164. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I also have a 2 year old who hates being carried, but then gets tired…..we live in beautiful Cotswold countryside with commons stretching across the top of numerous valleys, and this means exercising with the wee man would just get 100% easier

  165. Every year we travel somewhere to hike. Last year we drove out west from IL and hiked at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Saddle Mountain in Orgeon. This year we went to Acadia in Maine and The Bruce Penisula in Ontario. Yosemite was by far my favorite! I will use the Ergo carrier to show my son this beautiful earth we live on!

  166. My favorite hike was in the absolutely breathtaking Kauai. We hiked part of the 11 mile Kalalau trail (one of the 10 most difficult trails). Hard terrain but the views were completely worth it.

  167. I just had my 3rd and final baby, he is 7 months. My oldest is 7, middle 4…Would be great to do more outings all together…We live in MT so you can imagine the outdoor lover in me is screaming for this!! My favorite hike is out my back door. Up the hills in our property. I so need this!!

  168. My favorite hikes with my Ergo are when I was visit my childhood home. We go on a walk down through the field and across the creek where I have picked blackberries every summer since I was old enough to walk. It is such an awesome feeling sharing that with my daughters. I plan to share it with my son(14months) too.

  169. I used to hike almost everyday before I had my son. I haven’t been able to go on hike with him because I don’t have anything comfortable so I can take him in! ๐Ÿ™ fingers crossed!!:)

  170. My husband and I visited Yellowstone a few years ago. The hikes we had there were my favorite. It was gorgeous and I’d love to go again!

  171. Wow, this would be great for all the walking homeschool field trips I take our toddler and fourelementary age girls on!

  172. I love to wear my children and they love it as well! Just bought my first Ergo about 5 months ago to wear my little girl who is now 13 months. She loves it! I wish that I would have had one with my oldest son, 4 1/2 and youngest 23 months. So with two young boys and a little princess…we are on the go! We go everywhere. My husband and I love the outdoors and camping. We haven’t really got back into the groove of camping since we started having children but we really want to and they are excited as well. Perhaps this Performance Carrier is the answer! My hubby and wear one little one and I can wear the other. We would love to try it out!

  173. I would love to win this for my baby girl due in December. We’d use this on walks around our neighborhood as well as the nearby trails on the Charles River.

  174. I have a 3 year old and one on the way (due in December) and we love baby wearing in our family. The ERGO performance would allow me to carry my 3 year old- even now while pregnant- along with after, so she doesn’t feel like only the baby gets held on walks. We like to walk through our neighborhood and all around the parks of the neighboring towns, so it would be great to not have to lug a stroller anywhere.

  175. I love the ergo and living in North Phoenix there are hills all around for hiking with the family! Having two older boys in sports I know it will be used at plenty of football, basketball, you name it games ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. Following Ergo on Pinterest and Twitter. 4649miranda

    Thanks for the chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS: Wasn’t sure if I was supposed to comment separately for each thing, once for everything, or once per number. So I went with the middle option of once per number. ๐Ÿ™‚

  177. I plan on using my Ergo all year round. Rather it’s going shopping or going for one if out long walks around the neighborhood, forest preserve or down town. Because I plan on nursing I also plan on using it everyday around the house so I can hold my baby & still be hands free.

  178. I love ergo. I actually bought one but later found out it was a fake so out the money and no money to get a new one. I love walking with my 5 kids. We walk every day and love to go to the zoo and mall to walk having this ergo would make it so much easier because our zoo is not very stroller friendly. Follow ergo and you on pinterest. Also will share on facebook.

  179. We live in Chicago and strollers just don’t always fit. We can walk the baby to daycare and would love to have this carrier for our walks. When Spring comes around we plan to get out on the trails outside the city!

  180. I would love to take our little one hiking through San Lorenzo Canyon. Would also be nice to have when we’re hiking around Quemado Lake!

  181. We live in the Green Mountains of Vermont and there are so many hiking opportunities. We would love to use the Ergo to climb up Camel’s Hump, a perfect little mountain that we can see from our living room!

  182. we love going to parks and camping out. Sometimes my poor little toddler can’t keep up so we wear him! He likes to watch me cook too and wearing him on my back keeps me hands free

  183. I have a 3 year old that loves to run and not hold hands, an ergo will come in handy when I need to have both hands available for her and for going through the airport. Babywearing through security is a must because of the million of other things I am trying to pay attention to!

  184. I plan to use it any time my daughter needs to be held and I need to use two hands – I have learned to accomplish many task one handed but not all

  185. My hubby and I are super outdoors people. Our most recent hike was up Whiteface mountain in Lake Placid New York! IT was so beautiful on the fall day we went.

  186. Our favorite hike is going to the nature center in our area, it’s a lot of fun. We love being outdoors!

  187. I have four children, two who are ergo size!!! I am in desperate need of an ergo! My 15 month old is not old enough to hike without being carried and I have a 1 month old who wants to be nursed constantly. So this ergo would get used alllll the time indoors and outdoors!

  188. Our family loves the outdoors. We love to camp and hike, and with our new baby we have been wondering when we will be able to all go on a hike together again. We are about to move to an area with a lot of hiking trails, and I would love to be able to carry baby in one of these carriers.

  189. we love going to the farmers markets and volunteering at a local farm. it would mke these activities more fun and doable as a family!.

  190. Love you guys and your giveaways! I am a very active mother of a 15 month old daughter and would love one of these carriers.. it would make life so much easier! I prefer carriers like this over a stroller for the extra workout and not having to lug around a bulky stroller. Finances are tight so I would appreciate the giveaway very much! Now I’m going to go follow them on Pinterest! Thanks for your consideration!

  191. Our favorite hike is the hiking trails close to our house at Thunderbird Conservation area. We typically do a short 2.5 mile hike 2 mornings a week before work and at least once a weekend we do a 5 mile loop hike there.

  192. I love my ergobaby carrier! I have used it since my son was born with another on the way it would be great to have one from me and my husband!

  193. My favorite hikes are from when I lived in Hawaii. My most recent one was in Utah, hiking the Y. I carried my 4 month old in my boba wrap. I made it, but it would’ve been nice to have an ergo ๐Ÿ™‚

  194. We love hiking, try going every weekend when we can get a sitter and we would love to be able to hike with our little guy!

  195. Mt Humphreys is an amazing hike in Flagstaff, AZ! Count on an entire day of hiking; the top is the best part!

  196. I am a huge outdoor enthusiast, with a two year old and one on the way (due late January). A carrier like this would allow me to still be very active with my daughter, while also carrying the new kiddo! I have one very energetic toddler on my hands already, so I need to adapt to having another child, because she certainly isn’t going to slow down anytime soon!

  197. I plan to use for EVERYTHING, everyday! My 8 month old loves to be close to me all the time, which makes things like going to the park or even just washing dishes very hard to do. With the Ergobaby Performance carrier, we could get out and really enjoy the fall weather that is to come. We have great parks in our area and I am excited to get out and enjoy those knowing she is happy, comfortable and safe on my back (or front). I wouldn’t have an excuse anymore to not shed the baby pounds or to keep my house spotless! All kidding aside, this would be awesome for us, especially since it can be used all the way through toddler years!

  198. We moved to Alaska this summer. There is so much of the outdoors to explore, this would be the perfect way for my 21 month old son to come along with us. After the winter we plan on making the 2 mile (and very steep) hike up Alyeska Mountain and I can’t think of a better way for him to experience this Alaskan adventure with us, and help us to continue being an active family setting good examples.

  199. My new husband and I just got married in September. We are both
    In our late 40s. We took custody of my cousins baby Between us we have 5 kids, the youngest being 18.
    We are planning a honeymoon to Mexico and what better way to carry her on our
    Forgetful older bodies than with this.

  200. I plan to use the ergo baby carrier during my three month old daughter’s first vacation! It will be a life saver in the airport and while exploring the beaches of Florida!

  201. Hey Heidi, I’m a 19 month old (not-so-little) little guy and I keep my mommy VERY busy! I have been attached to my mom like glue since the day I was born but we’ve had our share of disappointments when it came to the various carriers we tried using so I could hang with mommy all day. We’ve since heard that the Ergo carrier is top-notch and would love to try one out, especially on a nice autumn hike!! I’ve got my eye on a spot full of sand dunes just south of our town because it has lots of things I can point at and say “wassat?” and the sandy ground will help mommy burn even more calories so it’s definitely a win-win situation! We’ve shared your awesome page with our Facebook family and mommy tells me she is looking forward to doing your “Nasty 9’s Pregnancy Workout” in the future when baby #2 is on the way. (I hope it’s not TOO SOON, but I’ll be a great big brother when the time comes – and I’d even let the new baby share my Ergo!!) Gotta go – heading to the park to play with my buds before nap time! Have a great Tuesday!

  202. Heidi, thanks for sharing your recommendation for a carrier! I am 5 months pregnant with my first, and really want to stay active once I am a little more restricted being a mom. I live in the Salt Lake valley, 20 minutes from three canyons and LOVE to hike and trail run as cross training. I will definitely be in the market for a good carrier for my little guy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  203. Love it! Just had a baby almost 2 months ago and could use this. Haven’t been able to find a carrier that does not hurt my back. We have two small kids and do love to take them out into nature to hike. We try to find spots to hike that are easy for the kids or have paved path.

  204. Hi Heidi! I would love to have an Ergobaby carrier! I am currently pregnant with our 4th baby, who is due to arrive in early Dec! I’ve tried every carrier out there but have not found the right one! I read your reviews on your website and this baby carrier seems to fit our lifestyle! We travel alot for my son’s wrestling tournaments and kids sporting events; we also travel alot for leisure. We take walks/hike in the parks in the DC area and do site-seeing in the DC area as well. This baby carrier would be perfect to be walking/hiking with our new baby and at the same time be hands free with for my 3 other children. Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  205. My husband and I like to do different trails on the weekend. My 1 year old gets tired of riding in the stroller so this would be great!

  206. We have an amazing 11 month old that was diagnosed with achondroplasia. She is the light of our life. Despite being short she is super determined and active. We would love this be amazing for our hikes as both my wife and I love to be outdoors. Haddie would love to come along on out hikes. We love hiking thunderbird park! Shared on Facebook and Twitter!

  207. Mt. Rainier in Washington has beautiful trails. My 3 year old som loves walking and doing anything outdoors and especially loves waterfalls so we love to find new places to hike. Now with our new son being almost 2 months old I’m looking forward to taking him out more as a family!

  208. Hello! I would love a carrier for my friends Megan and Andy Hoard. 2 days ago I had the pleasure in being a birthing coach for the delivery of baby Clara jean! Andy is 6 ft 5 Inches tall and he can not wear any of the other carriers. So I beg and plead that I be the winner, even a 50% off coupon would be a huge blessing! I will be the nanny come February and I will be strapping baby Clara on while working in the housekeeping field. Having the ergo will save my back! Bless you for the give away and may whoever win this gift be truly grateful for your gift! I know I will!!! Thank you very much

  209. We have a great park near us with trails and a creek. My 2 year old son loves collecting rocks and sticks there. I would love yo get out there more with him and my 9 week old daughter. This would help a lot when she gets a little bigger. ๐Ÿ™‚ Shared on Facebook!!

  210. This is awesome, I do alot of walking/jogging and just moving around the house.. I have been limited since having my son.. he is now 19mos and this would make getting back in shape SO much easier ๐Ÿ™‚

    Candi Shaver

  211. I love this backpack! I would use it to go hiking in the wasatch mountains with my kids. I have 3 little ones, so any extra “hand” is helpful.

  212. Hi Heidi! My husband and I used to live in California and would go on the most beautiful hikes on the weekends. Three years ago we moved to Chicago and have had 2 babies since ;)… We keep up on our exercise individually, but we would love to get back out there as a family. My biorn kills my back and this Ergobaby looks perfect! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!

  213. I do not yet have a favorite hike here as we just moved to a new state, but work I g on the baby, and would love a carrier to put to good use for awesome hikes once the snow melts next year!

  214. I would love to have an Ergobaby carrier! I am currently pregnant with my first baby, a little girl, due on Thanksgiving! Before finding out about our little arrival I was working hard towards getting to a healthy weight. I’ve maintained my healthy eating habits and been doing as much exercise as allowed. (I had a complication in the beginning of my pregnancy which has limited the types/amounts of exercise I am allowed to do.) And when my precious girl gets here I want to get right back on track with ALL aspects of my healthy lifestyle. The carrier would allow me to take her with me for walks and hikes. Being an example of a healthy lifestyle to my daughter is one of my top priorities. I never had that growing up and had very unhealthy, self destructive habits until I decided to change for myself. Thanks and blessings to your impending arrival!

    PS: Shared on Facebook and Instagram. And following Ergobaby on Pinterest!

  215. Living in the city, I think that Babywearing is going to be extremely helpful to keep my little one close, and not be dealing with pushing a stroller through crowds. This carrier is all about versatility though! My husband and I walk trails through a park near our home, and this would also be awesome for our outdoor adventures!

  216. Oh my goodness i am so glad i saw this post on facebook, my family and i are heading to Maui for our first ever family vacation (our son is 14 months old) and i have been trying to decide what to buy to carry Benjamin around in! Stroller — too bulky, baby bjorn — outgrown, carry him on my hip — not likely! so if i am not lucky enough to win this ergobaby carrier then i will know what to buy for our trip! thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. My favorite hike would be the time I spent in Estes Park hiking and snowshoeing with my husband on our honeymoon. This carrier will make it a little easier to carry the third baby in our family as I chase the other two and keep up with being an active mom!

  218. I would so love love love to have one of these. I have Heard that the are so much better than other less expensive carries for babies joints and growth. It would also help to keep my and my three year old more active. I could wear my 1yo while out playing and scootering in the streets with my older boy. oh how I would love to have one of these! My husband and I could even take day hikes again!

  219. In a couple months we are taking my kids to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Las Vegas. I don’t want to carry the 11 month old the whole time! Tossing her up on my back would make this Trip a breeze!

  220. I shared on FB. Pinned on Pinterest. Like on Instagram. Follow Ergo baby on Instagram, FB, and twitter ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. My family and I love to go geocaching out on the trails of Eagle Mountain Park in Saginaw, Tx. I’ve been needing a carrier for my 14 mth old, so this would be perfect!!

  222. I keep the family very active…we do 5K’s together, we have great trails around Kansas City MO. We are trying for number 2 at the age of 40. I want to make sure that I stay active and keeping your hands free is the key things with having more then one.

  223. I was JUST telling my husband I need one of these so we can go “Christmas Tree Hunting” here in Pennsylvania! I have NO desire to try to look at which tree is the best AND have to wrangle the 2-year old (along with my 6 and 8 year old too!)

  224. As a busy mother of 5 kids under 8 years old I am always on the go and looking for something to free my hands! Honestly, what mom doesn’t wish she could have extra hands!? We don’t hike very often living in Kansas but we are always going on family trips to the park and local zoo. We are also avid campers and enjoy a good walk through the woods ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the opportunity to win something that is not only super cool but also really helpful!!

  225. My family loves hiking but our old hiking carrier would hurt my back and so my husband would end up using it. I’ve heard these are great carriers, even for short women. I would love to have one to use on hikes (my husband will be deploying next year so I need to find a carrier that works for me). I also think it would come in handy in day to day life. This is baby #2 for us so keeping her close while I try to do things around the house or play with our oldest would be a huge blessing.

  226. I’m due in February with our first and I can think of numerous ways to put this carrier to use when the nice weather rolls around! It would be one thing off my long list of baby supplies to buy! ๐Ÿ˜€

  227. I live in Kansas so there isn’t much to “hike”, but me and my wonderful husband find different walking trails and take Beau, our Great Dane, out for some exercise. This would be absolutely perfect for us with the upcoming arrival of Baby Saiz!

  228. I love to hike. I hike a lot in all different places and I never take my 15 month old with me, but this would make it possible. And I can just imagine the benefits of the added weight of holding him.

  229. I would use it for our family trip to Disneyland this winter. And to hold on to the 4 month old while keeping/chasing after the 2 year old.

  230. I am always looking for more comfortable ways of enjoying the outdoors with my kids. It is difficult to do hiking with a stroller and my back doesnt like when I carry my baby (have a bad back). This would help so much for me to enjoy the small things in life with my family. I love to be outdoors.

  231. We go on walks frequents, and even hike the Everglades on occasion, but my favorite place to hike is at my father-in-laws. Beautiful views.

  232. Would love to win this for my wife who is due to have our 3rd baby in May. When I was stationed in Hawaii my wife and 2 boys and I would love to hike every weekend, our favorite hike was Makapu’u Lighthouse. Trying to get stationed in Hawaii again this summer so we can enjoy those wonderful hikes again. Having that Ergobaby would make it so much easier to take our new addition with us on those hikes.

  233. Love taking the baby outdoors he lives to find trees, birds and play w/rocks. I would use this carrier during our favorite desert spots like Sabino Canyon, Saguaro national park, or Mt. Lemon!

  234. I have a health condition that makes my arms weak after holding our LO and this would help me to hold him close without having to put him down so soon. I’ve been wanting to try baby carrying but we can’t afford one right now.

  235. Hi Heidi!! My daughter will be having hip surgery next month and this will be a great help to us. She has bilateral hip dysplasia. She will have one hip done in November and the next in January. She will be in a spyker cast from November until March. We will not be able to use a stroller while she is in this cast. But, we do not want to stop doing any family activities together outside of the house. I have recently found out the Ergobaby makes a carrier that will fit Elise’s needs. Please choose us!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  236. I would give this carrier to my daughter in law who is having my second grandson! They do a lot of hiking and I know she would just love this!

  237. On January 25 I gave birth to the most amazing baby boy a mom could ask for! My son became the inspiration for my life; the opportunity to become the best mom and woman I could ever be. He became my reason to change for the better. While pregnant, I faced so many obstacles!: pregnancy challenges, exercise restrictions, 75 lb weight gain, moving to a new state, moving back in with my parents, and worst of all, losing my husband to a serious mental disorder. The past nine months have been anything but what I had dreamed of for my first motherhood experience. My husband and I had shared so many wonderful memories hiking the Rocky Mountains together and were looking forward to creating more with our son. Now that my husband can no longer be with us, I want to be able to create new memories with our son and along the way, share stories of how his mom and dad fell in love hiking through the rugged trails of Rocky Mountain National Park. The Ergobaby Pack would truly be a blessing of health, family, and loving memory!

  238. I plan on using this with my toddler! Actually, I plan on letting my husband have it so we stop having to readjust the carriers every time the other wants to wear one of our children!

  239. I would take this with baby up the Kerry mountains in Ireland with my dad who has sworn to make this trip and would love to do it with him

  240. Me and my husband currently have a 7 month old who loves to be outside and wore. I have a ring sling which isnt used for our hike at the local national parks. Tends to hurt my back so the adventures have stopped for a while till we find a new carrier. We do take walks everyday in this stroller but would absolutely love to start going on hikes again. Highly missed

  241. This would be PERFECT for my husband and me! We’re currently 22 weeks pregnant with our first child and we have been searching around for outdoor equipment that are perfect for avid hikers and rock climbers that provides comfort and convenience.
    When it comes to rock climbing, hiking to the perfect spot can be tricky and somewhat off the beaten path…literally! Keeping Junior safely in tow ensures that we can still do our favorite outdoor activities. ๐Ÿ™‚

  242. I love to hike at the White Tanks in Arizona! The waterfall hike is m favorite, when there’s actually water out there it is especially beautiful! I took my daughter with me the last time and used a jogging stroller, and that was even difficult. I’ve been wanting an Ergo but the price is hard to swing for me being a stay at home mom, my husband is in the Air Force so our income isn’t great but definitely doable most days. I’m planning to try for another baby soon and having the Ergo for baby number 2 would be fantastic! Everyone I know that has an Ergo raves about them. Hopefully I can be one of those people too! TIA! =)

  243. This carrier would be so beneficial when I have my second child. Especially having a toddler, hands free will be my best chance of surviving ๐Ÿ˜‰

  244. I plan on wearing my ergo if I won whenever I can. Shopping, haning up clothes, whatever. I also Tweeted and followed on Twitter and Pinterest.

  245. My favorite place to hike is in the provincial park by my house…. its safe and beautiful and a great walk. I would use the ergobaby performance carrier for lots of great walks!

  246. there’s a hike near my home that i’ve yet to attempt – not hard, but hard to find time. overlooks the highway, so i’ve seen the spot from below many times. i’d love to do it with baby in the ergo performance!

  247. I love hiking in CO. My favorite place to hike with the kids is the nature trail near Boettcher Mansion.

  248. I’ve only recently started hiking since I’ve moved to Tucson. My favorite has probably been Madera Canyon. There are quite a few hikes there, but it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s like you’re not in southern Arizona anymore!

  249. I am a single mom with two kids, 3 year old daughter and a two year old son. My son is very much attached to me compared to his elder sister, and this makes it difficult for me to go out for exercise. I love outdoor activities, before I had my kids I used to go hiking, camping in the rainforest jungles in my country (I live in Malaysia, we have lots of tropical forests here) and I went mountain climbing in Sabah, conquered Mount Kinabalu which is the highest peak in South East Asia. I would love to start again with the physical activities and I believe with Ergobaby carrier, I can bring my son along and not having to sneak out early in the morning when my kids are still asleep just to go out for a jog.

  250. liked your fb page, tweeted, repinned.
    Follow you on instagram, pinterest and twitter.
    Followed ErgoBaby on pinterest and twitter.
    Can you tell I realy want to win!! lol
    Thank you!

  251. We’ll be going to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park soon and this would come in handy in addition to the usage around home just carrying baby so I can get some chores done. Thanks for this giveaway!

  252. My husband and I love to hike in the woods near our house. There’s a great path along an old horse track. We’re expecting our first, so this would help us continue our hikes with baby!

  253. My hubs and I like to hike Temescal Canyon here in SoCal. Would love to have the Ergo to take our little man (on the way and due in 1 week) with us!

  254. I am FINALLY able to get back into shape cause for some dumb reason I was stuck in Lazytown for way to damn long and here I am 100lbs over weight and a weird looking post 2 babies body. My favorite hike was over 12 years ago in Colorado up Bear Mountain, best school trip ever! My goal is to climb Mount Washington here in the next year or so, CrossFit will make that happen! I would definitely use the carrier to climb some smaller “hills” here in New England and yes to the top of Mt. Washington! I love playing with my son outside so it will help with that too!

  255. I’m pregnant with my first and I’ve had my eye on this carrier before I was even pregnant! It’s the perfect carrier for my active family. My husband and I love to hike in national forests near our home. Our favorite hike was in Cinque Terre, Italy. We plan a lot of our vacations around where we can hike. We call them active vacations.

  256. We LOVE hiking as a family. We have used the regular Ergo carriers on our hikes to carry our 3 year old (when I was pregnant as well). I would love the performance carrier for our new addition (born 10 days ago!).

  257. I would use the carrier to be more active and to help me on my weight loss journey. Including my kids in that journey is important. I have been overweight for both pregnancies. I have quite a bit to lose still and want to be an example for my kids. I have a boy who will be 3 in November and the newest member is 5 weeks old today. Both are pure joys and I want to be an example and be healthy for my family.

  258. oh my, this would be too amazing to win! my husband and i are avid hikers, we live in utah and we enjoy heading down to the red rock as well as up the mountains in our back yard on the daily!

    cant wait to try this darling pack out ๐Ÿ™‚


  259. We’re expecting baby #4 in April, and one of our favorite things to do as a family, is hike the amazing, scenic, mossy trails of the Portland, OR area. I’ve tried many carriers, but have heard such amazing reviews of the Ergo! The hubs gets to stay fit with MMA, and I look forward to keeping myself and the kiddos fit by getting out and being active daily – a carrier would help! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  260. I would definitely use the carrier on small hikes in Oregon when we visit/move back but it would be super helpful everyday to carry my 20lb 4 month old while trying to keep up with my 5 year old!

  261. My 6 month old loves to be close, and I have not been able to find the “perfect carrier” that holds her well, that she likes, and that isn’t hard on my shoulders and back. I have heard great things about the ergo carriers but have not had a chance to try them.

  262. This would be great to carry my newborn in and would last us quite a while! He loves to be snuggled and close to mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  263. I would love to add that to my collection for my museum tour. I signed up for weekly mom and baby classes at the ROM and would love a performance carrier to lug my big boy around in.

  264. My favorite hike has been (repeatedly) at Sweetwater Creek State Park here in metro Atlanta, Georgia. We usually go as a family, and my son has loved it since he was 6 weeks old!

  265. Love this. My daughter needs this for her 2 yr old. When we hike she ends up carrying him and it is difficult. We recently hiked at Glenrose Dinosaur Park. It was beautiful on the Paluxy River.

  266. My favorite hike is in Boise Idaho, it’s the Tablerock trail and you hike up to the top and you can see the whole valley! It is absolutely beautiful! I have a 5 week old baby and would love to get back into hiking so the ergo carrier would be perfect because all of my favorite trails are not stroller friendly and I would love to have my baby cuddling me the whole time ๐Ÿ™‚

  267. My husband is from Idaho and we love to hike the Teton mountains! We just had our first baby, she is four months old and this would be perfect for her to hike with us!!

  268. I want to babies to carry my super chunky 17lb baby hands free when we go on adventures with my two older step children! They feel left out since we had her in July and I want to be able to do things as a unit again! (: this would be perfect for nature walks around the lake and walking on the beach exploring.

  269. We have a beautiful nature preserve here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My husband and I love to take our kids hiking to the Redbud Valley. We’ve been taking my son (now 3) since he was 6 months old – always in the Ergo, and now he hikes with us while one of us carries my 7 month old daughter in the Ergo. We love using our carrier to take us places that strollers would never allow!

  270. im pregnant with my 3rd child. i have two boys age 4 and almost 3 (in jan) i would love to have this carrier so i can take my kids to the science center trails, blue hills and my new favorite place turkey hill ! if i have a great carrier i can conintue to take the boys out in the woods and walks without limiting them to where they can go cause i need a stroller ect.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  271. My husband and I are expecting our first baby in March. As much as I would love to use the ergo performance carrier while using our sup boards, I will be finding a sitter and that will be time for just hubby and I. We will be using the carrier for hikes and nature walks next summer. I love that both mom and dad can easily use this carrier… I couldn’t see my husband using one of those fabric wraps!


  272. My youngest son is 14 months. there is a total of five of us in our family now and we love to go exploring trails in our state and its been hard on our backs carrying him around. we really need one of these to make it easier on us. Thanks.

  273. We like to take the boys and our dogs to our local state park in SC. Mts woods rivers- it doesn’t any more beautiful or eclectic than that ๐Ÿ™‚ Our third is due in June

  274. Our little family welcomed our first baby, Cecilia Jean, this August. We live in Honolulu, and love to hike- I hiked all the way up to my 8th month! We love our original Ergo so much, but it?s not made for our active lifestyle. Poor Cici and I get so sweaty! An Ergo performance carrier is exactly what we need to stay active and cool on our little hiking adventuresl!!!

  275. I can see myself using this just about every day! With 3 lityle ones this would be a lifesaver… I have been wanting one for quite some time now!

  276. Out little family welcomed our first baby, Ceculia Jean, this August. We live in Honolulu, and love to hike- I hiked all the way up to my 8th month! We love our original Ergo so much, but it’s not made for out active lifestyle. Poor Cici and I get so sweaty! An Ergo performance carrier is exactly what we need to stay active and coo on out little hiking adventuresl!!!

  277. I’ve wanted one of these FOREVER! Wish I had this, like you said, from day 1!! ๐Ÿ™‚ we love to go fishing and hiking as a family and this would be perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚

  278. I love the Ergo’s versatility! I plan on doing as much ‘outdoorsy’ stuff as possible with my little guy. Winter is coming and he’s only 2 months but come spring he’ll be the perfect age to take on any sort of nature hike or outdoor adventure! Even the trek up to the local shopping area (since i don’t drive) would be more comfortable with a carrier like this. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win this wonderful carrier. #babywearingrocks ๐Ÿ™‚

  279. I would use my Ergo Performance carrier walking with my precious baby boy. I love to be active outdoors and with the carrier I can take him with me!

  280. Favorite hike is through red rocks the day hubby and I got engaged!! I would love to show baby Jacob that exact spot!!!!

  281. Would love this Ergo carrier! We live in Colorado and hike often as a family. My favorite is Red Rocks Open Space where we can choose different paths and enjoy lunch at Rudy’s BBQ afterwards! I’d use this Ergo to keep on hiking with our newest addition as a family.

  282. I have 4 girls under 6 yrs old and under, so I need a carrier to keep my hands free! W love to take our girls out walking and bike riding. I would LOVE to win this awesome Ergo!

  283. I would use this baby carrier to tote my youngest around to all the outdoors activities that we do with my Girl Scout troop! This would be much easier than trying to get the jogging stroller through some of those trails!

  284. I plan using it on my nephew… he will b making his presence known by january. I can’t wait. I already have like 20 nieces and nephews but newbies make me melt?

  285. I would love to take Jax up Ediwanda reserve with the ERGO. He’s already 20lbs at 7 months old <3 I bet this would help a bunch in getting rid of my baby weight.

  286. Currently I have a front carrier in which I take my son hiking with my dogs every sunday on Mt rose in Nevada. But he will soon grow out of it and I need something that I can carry him on my back. I am extremely active and I want to teach my son the same thing

  287. I have been eyeing this Ergobaby carrier since the day we found out I was pregnant! Our baby boy is due in March and we would LOVE to win this giveaway. I hardly enter these type of things but money is running low so even if I have a slim chance of winning..I’ll do it!

    PS..I love your new workout routine the nasty 9’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. I have been wanting a carrier for my almost 14 month old. For the last few months my 4 year old, the baby, and I have been going and hiking the trails at our park, but it’s a huge pain in the butt with the stroller. Plus the baby won’t quit climbing out of the stroller. Even when you buckle him in. ๐Ÿ™ it’s frustrating having to constantly stop and make him sit down. I need a carrier! Ha ha

  289. Heidi! My husband and I are expecting our first baby and we are so excited!! We hike Squaw Peak and Camelback Mountain weekly and would LOVE an opportunity to bring our new little one along when the time comes. Would you recommend to wear during box jumps?? ๐Ÿ™‚ Just kidding. Best of luck to you and your last month of pregnancy!


  290. I have a special needs little boy who can’t crawl or walk… And may never be able to. He would love this and it would make life so much easier for the both of us!

  291. My most memorable hike was in Montana. We were Letterboxing. (Which your family would LOVE!) At a place called Moose Creek. We thought it’s be a relatively short hike and fairly moderate. So we left our backpack with snacks and our headlamps in the car. Needless to say it was not the hike we were expecting with several nearly vertical hills and it ended up taking quite a bit longer. Especially since I was packing my baby and my hubby had the exhausted, sleeping 5 year old in the backpack carrier. We ended up hiking back in the dark with only the tiny light from my husband’s keychain. In truth it turned out to be one of those memories of an awesome hike we will never forget! We were lucky there were no accidents or problems. We learned our lesson too!

  292. This carrier looks amazing! Part of my decreased activity level has been due to managing my two year old and two month old. I haven’t been able to afford most of the options out there. It would be great to win this and hit the local trails where strollers aren’t allowed. (We go where I can use the stroller and I’m great foul but it limits us. There are so many other options when a stroller isn’t required.)

  293. I have a 3 year old daughter and a 3 month old son. The only way I get anything done is by wearing my son in our front carrier. Seriously, I get laughed at a lot. Grocery shopping, house cleaning, cooking, errands, playing with my daughter, walks, outings, AND many days I wear him while I work out. Unfortunately, our carrier is not the best and leaves my back so sore at the end of the day. We are a very active family- took our first hike as a family of 4 just 2 weeks after baby boy was born in July. I know we would use this everyday and for hikes as well. It would be so nice for me to have a carrier that doesn’t hurt me! Thanks for the giveaway and all the advice in your blog. I live EWL and think you and Chris are some of the nicest people.

  294. I live in Utah! Some of the best hiking there is! In general, I’m all over baby wearing. My friend loves her Ergo!

  295. I am on the hunt for an Ergo for baby #2 — I think it will be critical for staying active and being able to go on walks as a family!

  296. I would use the ergobaby carrier to help me get back in shape and loose the 100lbs after my third child 4months ago. I would start walking with my baby and exploring the new state we are moving too next month while my other kids run or ride there bikes on all the new walking trails by the new house!

  297. Can I just say how long I have been dying to get this??? Its just soo out of my range $$$wise!
    If I win this ill be the luckiest new mom!
    I go walking every day with my 6 month old. She usually sits in her stroller but a carrier would be soo much easier for me and more fun for her! If I get to win this it would mean more activity/hikes for me and baby!!

  298. The Ergobaby Carrier is extremely important for the connection between parents and baby. We are in the process of adopting a newborn!!! Actually…we are just waiting to be picked. We will definitely use it for baby kangaroo bonding with the baby so that the baby can get used to our heart beat, warmth, and smell.

  299. I gained 50lbs with my son and I’ve been struggling to lose weight. This ergo would help me wrangle him in while I stay active. He hates being restrained in strollers. He is 7 months now and it’s time for me to get back in shape!

  300. We live in Wisconsin, and love to get outside for hikes, and take our dog to an amazing dog park that requires a lot of walking. Our 2 oldest girls (5 and 3) love to go for hikes in the “forest” and this carrier would be perfect for our 11 month old!

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    Liked on FB
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  302. I love to hike in the White Tanks ๐Ÿ™‚ And I love baby wearing ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚

  303. I would use the Ergobaby Performance Carrier for working out with my 7 month old son. He is getting too big for the front carrier– the bigger he gets, the harder the workout! His favorites are lunges down our long driveway and squats. ๐Ÿ™‚ The coolest place we’ve been hiking is Whidbey Island, Washington.

  304. Washington State has some great hiking places. There are a couple state parks where we go hiking often. I am in the process of getting my foster care license and having an Ergo would be so nice for these hikes.

  305. My wife is pregnant and one of our favorite vacation destinations is Sedona, AZ. We?ve been there several times and are planning on returning next fall. What do you do in Sedona, AZ other than drink wine and watch sunsets? You hike. Nonstop. That?s what we do at least.

    If you?ve ever been to Sedona you know the mystique of the red rocks is mesmerizing and lends an aura of enchantment to your life that everyone should witness. People often ask us why we constantly return vs. choosing another destination. Our answer is always the same ? we?re in love with it so why not?

    Hiking the mountain trails. Hiking the canyon trails. Visiting the Native American sites. Oak Creek Canyon, Bear Mountain, and on and on.

    The one thing missing from our vacations in the past was the third member of the family. Now we?re going to have it?only unable to walk. Cue the Ergobaby. A perfect addition!

  306. This would be an amazing gift ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband and I love being active + this carrier would make being active with our 6 week old very convenient and fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

  307. I would love this so my family and I could go on hikes and exercise without my little one getting to tired, and wanting to be held. I think he would love this since he always wants to be in mamas arms!

  308. Hi Heidi, I just love, love hiking! It’s an activity for just about anyone. One of my all time favorite hikes is the Camino de Santiago! I am fortunate enough to live in Spain for a few years so my 2 friends and I have done the Camino de Santiago every year in April for the last 3 years! It’s such a beautiful hike, not only for the views, but for the people you meet along the way. This year, I will have to skip the April hike as I am due with out first child! I know I would use the Ergo Baby carrier for many local hikes around Andalucia to introduce our baby to the natural beauty of Southern Spain!

  309. This is perfect! My sister is expecting her first in early March!
    She and her husband are birders in Tucson, AZ and are constantly going on hikes and outdoor adventures! I would love this for her:)

  310. I would like to win this for my daughter. She is due to deliver on October 31 and this would greatly help her since this would be her 3rd baby and it could help her get fit following this pregnancy.

  311. My family and I live hiking near our house at Multnomah falls and would love to win a. Ergo baby carrier to tote around our youngest.

  312. Favorite Hike is in Colorado Springs Colorado called Hanging Lake. I would pack my 4 month old and take her for many strolls to help keep our family of 4 active ๐Ÿ™‚

  313. I would like to use the Ergobaby Performance Carrier in any of the hundreds of possible hikes in the mountains of Mendoza, Argentina, near the Aconcagua, the highest mountain on the continent!

  314. I plan to give the Ergobaby Carrier to my sister-in-law, who is due on Thanksgiving Day with my 2nd nephew. ๐Ÿ™‚

  315. My 1-year old and I go for long walks, at least once a day! It’s my favorite time with him…exploring, singing, chatting about all the things we see out and about. My little front pack is getting a bit small for him now that he’s getting so big. A comfy pack like this would be perfect! Congrats on that new baby, and thank you for the opportunity!

  316. Would love to have one of these. Will be moving out in the country soon and it has a lot of hills to go anywhere. I think this would work great for me since I have 3 others that I will need to push in a stroller.

  317. Would love to win this carrier! I have a 3 month old and a 23 month old that this would come in handy for our many grocery trips, hikes, and walks around the neighborhood. This would definitely help keep us active as a family instead of being stuck in the house! Thanks!

  318. My favorite was in a state park in Texas with the young women from our church. We hiked about 8 miles the first night, camped out and then hiked back to the cars the next day. It was really tough having to carry all of our equipment, I can just imagine having to carry a baby! I am currently 5 1/2 months pregnant and I would LOVE to have a carrier for me and my baby.

  319. I would love to have this Ergobaby carrier to take our babies on adventures galore!! My husband loves camping (he’s working on me) and this would be perfect for the little guy!!

  320. I have wanted to get the ergo carrier but could never afford one. I have a 17month old and another one due in may!! I am super excited. I am doing things different with this pregnancy and staying active which I didn’t do with my first. I go to a bootcamp with a great group of woman and help watch the kids at the park one day a week so the moms can work out. I would definitly use the carrier for hikes, and also to hold baby#2 at the park while I watch the other little ones. One that I do regularly is Usary Pass park to hike to the wind cave!

  321. I followed Ergobaby on Pinterest and Twitter. Also liked and shared the giveaway on Facebook (I already liked your FB page a loooong time ago), pinned the giveaway on Pinterest, and liked/retweeted on Twitter!

  322. Oh I would put this carrier to use alright! We love to hike in our Utah mountains. And this would make it so much easier to take our 18 month old. I would love this! I liked on instagram and facebook and shared on fb and instagram..

  323. Would love to win this. My 4 month old hates his stroller. This carrier would make our family walks, hike, trips to the park, etc much more enjoyable for all!

  324. My husband and I absolutely love hiking. We have some great places to hike around our house with trails that overlook the Missouri river. We are expecting our first baby in less than two months!! I would love the Ergobaby for everything that we do to stay active, or even just going to the grocery store.

  325. I would love to have an Ergobaby carrier for my son when we go camping near South Pass, WY. It would make life so much easier without the hassles of trying to take a stroller and keep an eye on my older daughter. Not to mention, the fact that it will be useful when we have our third child!

  326. I want to win this to carry my toddler on our hikes through the parks and our walks to the gym. We don’t have a car during the day so this would be much easier and safer than a stroller on our busy street.

  327. Followed ergo baby on pinterest and twitter, retweeted your tweet and shared the link on facebook.

    We have a really great trail super close to our house that connects to my cousin’s house a few miles away. I could see us walking and meeting halfway for play dates.

  328. I would use the ErgoBaby for hiking around our local woods and cave systems as well as to attend festivals and go on charity walks.

  329. We love to hike in the mountains here in Utah. Our favorite hike is to a place called Stewart falls. Amazing! Love being in the mountains! I have four kids and the youngest is 5 months. This would be awesome for our hikes! Thanks!

  330. I have heard great things about this carrier. With my first daughter I bought the cheapest carrier around because I thought “what difference does it make?” We obviously with my aching/weak back a world of difference! I can’t wait to try this out with our baby due early next year when we take our puppy out for walks.

  331. My husband and I go to Rocky Mountain National Park every year and get some hiking in. We would love to be able to take our little one with us on our adventures.

  332. I have an active 3.5 year old son, and an 8 week old daughter. We love to be outside!! With the Ergo, I could have my hands free to push my son on the swing, or walk with him while he rides his bike through the trails!

  333. My husband and I love the outdoors and enjoy staying fit and hiking together. We really like hiking in the Northeast this time of the year with the beautiful weather and leaves changing. Our first baby is on the way and this looks like a perfect item to use so our whole family can continue being active outside.

  334. One of my favorite hikes is Camelback in AZ. Challenging in parts but completely achievable by anyone who tries it. Fingers crossed we win the Ergo – thanks Heidi!

  335. I love the Ergo performance carrier!!! We used it with my son in Hawaii when we walked everywhere, including when we hiked from our hotel to Diamond Head (total six miles) and we were able to put my four year old daughter in it too for a bit. We hike a lot out here in the Northwest and it would be the perfect edition for us as my husband and I like to take our kids ๐Ÿ™‚

  336. My husband and I live in China right now and we LOVE to hike around and see the amazing landscape here in China, but our stroller isn’t cutting it! There are some amazing Temples around our apartment here in China and since we just moved here, we want to check them out but don’t have a way to carry our 6 month old other than in our arms. So we would definitely put the Ergobaby Carrier to good use! We not only are going to be climbing mountains but traveling on airplanes a few times this year and having that in the airport would be awesome!!

  337. I WANT TO WIN THE ERGO BABY CARRIER is for my friend who just had a baby. She is a single mother and I know it would help her out a lot with getting things done around the house or if she needs to run errands; go on walks whatever she can do with free hands. On top of that she has another son who is in grade school. I just want to help her as much as I can. She is going back to school too right now and enrolled in a couple of classes to better her family she wants to be an RN. This girl is amazing I admire her everyday for not giving up and keeps pushing past the barrier. Please consider me to help out my friend. I am a fitness trainer and I met her through my workouts so I attach to single moms immediately because I once was a single mom. I understand the hard days and needing to juggle so much. Thank you again and please pick me so I can help her.

  338. Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite place to hike is Thunderbird mountain in Phx, AZ. It’s not too crowded and has beautiful views.

  339. My husband and I hiked South Mountain today! I’m six months pregnant and we started talking about hiking once the baby arrives and how we will tackle our active outdoor lifestyle! This would definitely help us out!! Xoxo

  340. I would love to have something like this! I am a bit out of shape and I hate going to the gym because I miss spending time with my two-year old. I want to be active with him and this would be a perfect start! He gets so bored in the stroller when I push him on walks, this way he could see and be happy. Not to mention the extra 30 lbs I would be carrying, its like a happy little weighted vest!

  341. Yes, please! Oh my gosh, this would be perfect for my first on the way. My favorite hike is Camelback Mountain in Phoenix, though I’m not sure how doable that is with a baby strapped to myself, but I’d be willing to give it a go. ๐Ÿ™‚

  342. I shared on Facebook and Instagram and I also started following ergo baby carriers on Pinterest. I would use this carrier to go hiking witch I now have to usually pass up If I don’t have a baby sitter because like you I don’t want to risk my currious daughter getting hurt or having to chase her when she goes off the trail. I would also use it at disneyland we love going but sometimes it’s really hard to keep my daughter in line and it’s hard on me to hold her on my hip when she’s wanting down. It would also be great to carry her in while going for a walk I think it would help make me work harder in turn helping me with my weight loss journey

  343. My son is 16 months old. I love being outside hiking, climbing, camping, you name it I was regularly participating in it before my son was born. I dream about taking my son hiking around crater lake in Oregon. It is by far the most gorgeous trail I have had the pleasure of hiking. Hiking up to the top of the crater you pass meadows with wild flowers while crickets and cicadas fill the air with a constant melody. When you reach the top the water in crater lake is so clear and blue it almost looks painted. It is one of those hikes that you want to plan extra time to appreciate the beauty.

  344. Love the higher weight limit. would use it where a stroller is annoying to me or others. living in Utah it’s hard to pick a favorite hike!

  345. Living here in AZ we have LOTS of beautiful places to hike, but the one my husband and I do the most is Superstition Springs/Lost Dutchman because it’s so close by us, but we have never been able to bring our kids! Every time we go I say how much I want the kids to be active in hiking like this, but because all four of our kids are so young we worry about the same things you were saying you worried about with Cash! So we really could use one if these to start getting our kids out and enjoying the beautiful earth we live in too!

  346. Been wanting an Ergo more and more….and getting rid of my Baby Bjorn. I know I’d use it more – especially for some trails by my house that I can’t use my stroller on.

  347. Been researching carriers, as I am days away from having number 2! I am mainly looking for the best way to not let having a second baby prevent me from being able to take my first to the park and play with him like he is used to. But be worried about walking away from the new one! Ease at grocery store, cleaning, trips to zoo’s and so forth!

  348. In January 2014 I am going to be a grandma, this is our fairest grandchild. I would be giving it my son and daughter in law. They like to take walks

  349. I have been on a weight loss journey, I plan to use this on long walks with my little peanut when I don’t want to lug the stroller and also when we head to the city and visit grandparents! I have wanted an ergo for sometime, but just wasn’t able to spend the extra money… Hope I am the lucky winner ๐Ÿ™‚ I shared your giveaway on FB and pinterest and am following ergo on pinterest!

  350. I would love the Ergobaby carrier! I have 2 dogs that I would love to take for a walk at the same time as I go with my son. Currently I have to either wait for my husband to be home to get to walk them both at the same time. His job in the military takes him away from home a lot, so sometimes it’s weeks before I can take the dogs along for a long walk.

  351. We live in SF and I commute all week 120 miles round trip a day. On the weekends we don’t step foot into the car and venture around SF by foot. This would be a GREAT way to include our soon to be son ๐Ÿ™‚ I planned to get some sort of a carrier (so much better to bond with baby) and this could be the one!

  352. I’d love to use this to take more walks with my 6 month old. He likes the fresh air, looking at the trees and leaves changing color, but the stroller blocks his view!

  353. I’m a mom of a 2yr old and 5 month old, and I am trying to get out be active as a family and lose weight and would love to ditch the stroller. I’ve tried so many other carriers and wasn’t impressed. this one is out of my budget to buy but I would love to win it! PICK ME ๐Ÿ™‚

  354. I would absolutely love to get this carrier for my third baby! With my first two I never had a comfortable carrier. This would be perfect for my hiking in Ramona CA and also when I hike along the coast.

  355. I want one of these so bad! I am expecting our second baby and was just looking at these online today. We live in the mountains in AZ and love to spend time outdoors hiking and exploring. Liked on Facebook, liked and shared on Instagram, like and pinned on Pinterest.

  356. I plan on using this for my neice whom I watch several days a week, so that I can continue to walk a mile or two a day!

  357. I am expecting this January and have just been diagnosed with lupus. I refuse to let this keep me from being active. The ergo would be great to be able to comfortably carry my little man around and still be active. I need something that is designed to be comfortable and not place any more strain on my body especially so I can stay active even on days I don’t feel like it. This has been number one on my wish list since I found out I was pregnant and now even more with the news of my diagnosis.

  358. I am so excited for this giveaway. My husband and I are in the process of adopting a baby and it will be our first baby. Since adopted newborns can come from a stressful pregnancy environment it is highly recommended to do 6 weeks of solid skin to skin contact. Since we will still need to do everyday life in that time I have been looking at carriers. Ergobaby carriers is my top pick. This would be such a blessing. Thanks so much!

  359. I would use this ergo everyday just to go for walks for daily exercise! My little one hates being in his carriage so it makes it very difficult to go for walks . This would be the perfect answer!

  360. I love that the max weight is 45 lbs! My little boy isn’t really content to be inward facing with our other less-heavy-duty carrier but I recently read that placing them forward facing can cause hip dysplasia. Eek!

  361. I would love to have an Ergobaby carrier for our Summer hikes in Montana. Last Summer we were unable to hike at all because we had my daughter and no carrier that would fit in our luggage. I would also love It for short workout hikes here in Phoenix!G

  362. We LOVE the outdoors especially hiking. We live in Utah and there are so many great hikes to choose from. I would love and Ergo for those hikes!

  363. We are an active family who loves to baby wear!!:):) An Ergo would be amazing to have and would be used daily!!:):)

  364. I wanted the Ergobaby carrier because the weight max is high allowing for more than just a year use out of it, especially for someone who has bigger babies. I would love to be able to walk my dog and walk with my child at the same time instead of only being able to when I have a extra set of hands. It would also make my life so much easier at home, being able to walk to the grocery, go to parks, and all that fun stuff!

  365. We love to go hiking and we hope to add a new little one to our family soon through adoption. Our favorite hike is Sweet Creek Falls in Oregon.

  366. I just had boy/girl twins and would love an Ergo Baby carrier for our hikes! We are fortunate enough to live in Colorado. We have some beautiful trails right out our back door! Staying healthy is my #1 goal for myself and my family. Thanks for putting up this give away! Ill keep my fingers crosses!

  367. I am a nanny and am always taking long walks with the kids. I have been working really hard on losing weight and gaining confidence and I would love this carrier to help me continue training even when at work!!

  368. We love the outdoors and it feels like we are moving all the time. We are about to have baby #3 and this would be amazing to have to help us with our busy lives and stay active!!

  369. I have 3 girls and am 12 weeks now. I’ve never had a super nice carriers and we always go hiking as a family. In southern oregon we have two little mountains called the Table Rocks (they are flat up top) and I would use this a ton on those hikes and the other beautiful places to go in southern oregon!!

  370. Love hiking through the woods in east texas and wouls love to take my first grandchild with me for some awesome grandma/grandkid bonding time.

  371. Like you I am currently pregnant with baby #4! My back has never been the same after the 1st! This would really come in handy when taking the big boys (I currently have 3 boys, don’t know what #4 is yet) out to the park and to their other activities without breaking my back and it doesn’t seem as hot as some of the others can be which is nice when you live in humid SC.

  372. I’m pregnant with baby #3 and have been eyeing this exact carrier for awhile! Other than fun adventures, I really want it to be able to let bambino see the world and not lay flat in a stroller everywhere we go. So nice!

  373. I love wearing my little man, and the Ergobaby carrier would make our hikes totally enjoyable. In Ohio we are blessed with a beautiful park system, so we hike quite regularly (not to mention all the “hiking” I do around the mall!). Winning this give-away would be a real treat!

  374. Whenever my husband is home on leave, we love to go on trips and explore. He will be home for good soon so we’re hoping to start a family when he gets back. Between our love for camping/backpacking, exploring, traveling and the opening of our own crossfit gym, we’ll be on the move all the time so great carrier will be a must. An Ergo would be perfect!

  375. We love to hike bash bish falls down the road from us in ct. Its not ordeal for a stroller by any means and I need a better carrier for our daughter and myself so were both comfortable.

  376. My hubby and I and our 4 children live in Bham AL and hike a lot at Oak Mountain state park. We would go more often if our 1 yr old didn’t have to go in a stroller every time. Would love to win!! Sharing and following next!! Thx!


  378. Love any arizona hike!! I’m a fan of all of them! And especially right now with the gorgeous fall weather and my one year old ๐Ÿ™‚

  379. My husband and I are finishing out licensing to become foster/adoptive parents this month and the Ergobaby carrier would be amazing!! We will be getting little ones and we love the outdoors, camping, hiking and can’t wait to take our precious babies to enjoy it with us!!! Hope we win ๐Ÿ™‚ going over to follow them on Pinterest now ๐Ÿ™‚

  380. I would absolutely LOVE this Ergo carrier to bring my 7 1/2 month old on hikes, walks, and adventures!!! He outgrew his other carrier and is getting too heavy for me to carry for a long period. Winning the Ergo would be amazing!!!!!!!

  381. Definitely hiking the foothills of New Mexico is a favorite for us. AND with baby #3 on the way having 2 free hands and a grip on baby makes it so much easier and safter!

  382. I LOVE the Ergobaby carriers!! I am always on the go with a very active 4 yo and 2 yo, so having one of these would help tremendously when baby #3 arrives around New Years!! Not only would I use it on hikes at Umstead Park, but also at the playground, running errands, and even around the house!!

  383. I have 2 children. A two year old and a 4 month old. We are a military family and do a lot of moving. Of course it is so much easier to move a carrier than a stroller, but who needs easier. I am in the process of training to lose my “baby weight” and would love an Ergobaby Carrier. I have been saving for one, but have had to buy other things that were more in demand. Hiking is something we do once a year in Tennessee or somewhere near us depending on where we might be. I would love to be able to go more often than that. I will have one of these one day soon!

  384. We just went on a hike yesterday here on Long Island ๐Ÿ™‚ Had some beach and trails with our two 19 month olds. This would make hiking the hillier terrain up north a whole lot easier.

  385. I would love this. My youngest doesn’t walk yet, but my oldest LOVES to be outside. This would allow me to carry my youngest and be out with my oldest and play with him.

  386. If I won this I would pass it on to a friend who is very outdoor active with her husband and four kids plus one on the way. Good luck to all!

  387. Oh I love the ergobaby carrier, it look so comfortable for both baby and parent! I would definitely use this for hiking in the great smoky mountains and on vacations.

  388. My favorite hike was 9-1/2 miles on the Appalachian Trail in NYS with my hubby and 3 kids. That was 2 years ago. I would gift this to my daughter-in-law to carry my new grandbaby-to-be on future family hikes!

  389. I like to hike in Northern GA and especially in fall. I would use the carrier for walks with my 19 month old and then with baby #2 so i could cook dinner and exercise.

  390. I have the sweetest baby girl who absolutely loves to be outside, but hates to sit in the stroller. I’ve been using a Bjorn carrier, but it’s definitely time to upgrade…at 20 pounds, it’s just not comfortable for her or me anymore. The Ergo Performance carrier would be a perfect fit for both of us! We love to get out and go for walks around the neighborhood and parks, but now that the weather has finally cooled down enough that mosquitos won’t be an issue, I can’t wait to do family hikes on the weekends at one of the many trails that are close by to metro Atlanta ๐Ÿ™‚

  391. We love baby wearing! My 4 month old loves to be outside and snuggled up against mommy and daddy! The ergobaby carriers have the best support for their little hips and are so comfortable! I do not own one of my own but we will be so excited if we win! We love to hike in our local areas (small mountains) and the beach as well!

  392. I live in AZ where there are so many beautiful places to Hike. I’m expecting Baby #4 in March and could definitely use this regularly! Come summer time we spend a lot of time in the White Mountains where we go hiking, fishing and spend a lot if time outdoors this would be perfect for my baby and me ๐Ÿ™‚

  393. Being a mommy of twins (boys, 9 months) and a busy 5 year old beautiful girl, every day is a hike! ๐Ÿ™‚ To go anywhere is an ordeal. I would especially use this in church as we usually end up standing in the back holding one of the boys on a hip. We are also an active family and the ergo baby carrier would be used frequently and with much gratitude! Living in Northern California, there are many beautiful trails – I would love for the boys to see the trails from the back of mommy or daddy rather than a stroller.

  394. We plan to finish more 14’ers here in Colorado when our little man arrives in March! My husband spends most of the year deployed in Afghanistan but when he is home we hit the great outdoors that CO has to offer!! He returns back from Kandahar next Saturday!!

  395. I live in AZ where there are so many beautiful places to Hike. I’m expecting Baby #4 in March and could definitely use this regularly!

  396. I’d love to win this. My husband and I Are very active, but our daughter is beginning to outgrow her more traditional carrier. My husband loves wearing her during all kinds of activities because he feels it is so much more convenient than hauling a bulky stroller around.

  397. I would love an ergo baby! All my friends bought one and I thought I could get away with a cheaper version of one…I was wrong. I tried their ergo baby and have been wanting one ever since! With a new baby on the way and a busy toddler this would be great for family hikes and everyday chores in the house.

  398. My husband and I love to travel! His parents just moved to Equitorial Guinea ( a small island off the western coast of Africa). We plan to take our baby girl to visit them in 6 months or so (once he immune system is good and strong!) would love to take the Ergobaby performance with us. The climate there is hot and the views are gorgeous, it would be perfect to allow us to bring our baby along for the fun

  399. My husband and I have just gotten into hiking the last couple years when we moved to North Carolina and one that we have done multiple times is the hike up Hanging Rock. It is a good workout and the end view is beautiful no matter the time of year. Our Chihuahua likes the hike too (with a lot of help from Ryan) and we can’t wait to be able to share it with our baby girl this next spring.

  400. We live in Washington close to Mount Rainier So I would use this to go on homes there as well as using it around town or when we go to the farmers markets.

  401. I’m a first time mommy & both my son & self love being outdoors. It becomes a hassle trying to lug around a stroller. We have a beautiful park nearby with wonderful hiking trails. This carrier would make a world of difference + his birthday 1st birthday is coming up in November & this would make a wonderful present :)…
    Commented on actual post, shared & followed in Pinterest.

  402. Hi Heidi,
    I’m a new Mum to a beautiful baby girl, mastering the juggle! We have two Australian Shepherds who require over an HOUR of exercise each day and they love to hike the trails New England has to offer us as much as I.
    This carrier would allow me hand and worry free fun on any of the many hiking destinations nearby! Our favorite is Ravenswood Park, there are trails with scenic views overlooking our hometown’s harbor in Gloucester MA. It’s absolutely stunning.
    Between studying to become a personal trainer, instructing spin classes & working as a health and wellness coach at our local YMCA- ANYTHING to help ensure my family (including the furry) gets the daily exercise we need would be amazing. We are dedicated to the lifestyle we live and are excited for our daughter to appreciate the same values ๐Ÿ™‚


  403. we love to hike too and with our youngest being the same similar story to yours I worry about her falling or getting hurt so I have been eyeing these for awhile and would love to get one for our family of 6 walks and hikes ๐Ÿ™‚

  404. My husband and I love to go hiking around Northwest Arkansas, where we live, and this carrier would be perfect for toting around our 5 month old daughter!

  405. I loved my Ergo carrier when I had my twins. I would love to win this for my pregnant sister and her active family. We love hiking the Liberty Lake trail to the waterfalls.

  406. Hi heidi! One of our favorite hikes is right outside our door in south mountain park. Beautiful territorial view of the Gila river reservation and a “semi secret” hike at that as you have to cut through the neighborhood to get to it (vs the heavily trafficked telegraph pass hike. So excited to share the beautiful az outdoors with our little man. He is almost four months! Go Devils!

  407. I’m a Foster parent. .. so nor alot of money. We live in Colorado and live hiking everywhere. Probably or favorite is Estes park or Bailey. We are constantly on the go and with being Foster parents, we have many little ones to show the outdoor world