Halloween Hangover Cash Digging for Candy - Enjoy more adventures with Cash at http://heidipowell.net/5090

Each year, Matix, Marley, and Cash come home from trick-or-treating with loads of candy…enough to feed an army! Or to make an army sick, I should say. I must admit, I totally overindulged (compared to my normal sugar intake) this Halloween, and woke up the next morning with a severe blood-sugar crash. Even after breakfast, I was seeing spots, had a stomach ache, and was wishing I hadn’t consumed so much sugar the night before. Don’t worry – I remedied the situation by bypassing the oats I had eaten with a quick shot of OJ to bring my blood-sugar levels up to where my body thought they needed to be. Ugh…

The worst part of all of it is that I still have candy galore laying around our house now, and Cash is constantly walking up to me with his puppy eyes, saying, “Mama, trick-or-treat?” This means he wants to trick or treat in our pantry. ☺

Time to break out the Powell Pack  Family Tradition. What is it, you ask?

While we do believe that the kiddos should indulge a little, and not be restricted from sweets of their choice every now and then, we also feel it’s a good idea to guide them to choose health. This tactic has been a miracle worker in our home: we buy their Halloween candy! Chris and I offer them the option to save 10 pieces of candy (of their choice) to enjoy, and the remaining pieces are purchased by us at a nickel a piece. For 60 pieces of candy, the kids receive $3.00 to use at the local dollar store.

They love this, and I think they have more fun choosing toys at the dollar store than they could ever have eating candy!

I have never been more ready to buy (and throw away) so much candy…

Daddy, get ready to open up your wallet…for a good cause!