Halloween Hangover

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Each year, Matix, Marley, and Cash come home from trick-or-treating with loads of candy?enough to feed an army! Or to make an army sick, I should say. I must admit, I totally overindulged (compared to my normal sugar intake) this Halloween, and woke up the next morning with a severe blood-sugar crash. Even after breakfast, I was seeing spots, had a stomach ache, and was wishing I hadn?t consumed so much sugar the night before. Don?t worry ? I remedied the situation by bypassing the oats I had eaten with a quick shot of OJ to bring my blood-sugar levels up to where my body thought they needed to be. Ugh?

The worst part of all of it is that I still have candy galore laying around our house now, and Cash is constantly walking up to me with his puppy eyes, saying, ?Mama, trick-or-treat?? This means he wants to trick or treat in our pantry. ?

Time to break out the Powell Pack  Family Tradition. What is it, you ask?

While we do believe that the kiddos should indulge a little, and not be restricted from sweets of their choice every now and then, we also feel it?s a good idea to guide them to choose health. This tactic has been a miracle worker in our home: we buy their Halloween candy! Chris and I offer them the option to save 10 pieces of candy (of their choice) to enjoy, and the remaining pieces are purchased by us at a nickel a piece. For 60 pieces of candy, the kids receive $3.00 to use at the local dollar store.

They love this, and I think they have more fun choosing toys at the dollar store than they could ever have eating candy!

I have never been more ready to buy (and throw away) so much candy?

Daddy, get ready to open up your wallet?for a good cause!


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  1. We put ours out for the “switch witch”. Same concept, trade candy for a small toy. However, we don’t throw it away. We mail it to a US soldier. I’ve also heard some dentist’s offices do a trade and also ship their candy overseas to soldiers. I hate wasting or just throwing it away…so this is a good way to get it out of the house without the guilt!!

  2. I love your idea of buying candy from them. I’ve heard about the candy witch (she comes in the middle of the night and takes their candy and leaves a toy in it’s place) but I feel that it is unfair and takes away their right to choose for themselves. I think we might have to buy candy from our kids too.

  3. Such a good idea about “buying” the candy back. I too, had a serious sugar overload stomach ache the next morning! An unpleasant reminder that I have come so far and don’t need to do that to myself again. You guys are awesome!

  4. I have found a website naturalcandystore.com where I can get candy without as much of the bad ingredients like HFCS and hydrogenated oils. I usually use this for Easter, valentines Christmas or other special occasion, it’s a rare treat. I JUST found out about a brand called Unreal that has 40-48% less sugar, and only natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and they add fiber in the form of organic inulin. I feel much more comfortable giving my children this candy over other candy. Unreal makes their own version of snickers, M&M’s, and peanut butter cups. They won’t feel deprived eating a whole candy bar with almost half the sugar of a traditional candy bar and added fiber for improved digestion. And it tastes great!!

  5. Hey Heidi! I heard of a really cool alternative to throwing away Halloween candy that you might wanna consider. Some friends of mine box up all the leftover candy and ship it away to deployed troops overseas. It’s a win-win situation and a great way to make others happy! Wishing the best to you and your family! 🙂

  6. When my kids were little the Halloween deal was; on Halloween they could eat as many pieces of candy as they wanted. They thought this was a great deal but never ate as much as they really thought they wanted. After Halloween, the rule was one piece of candy a day. And each day, I would throw out a piece of candy. This lasted about two weeks before they were “candied out”.

  7. I’ve been happy to see a better variety of things to give out for halloween besides candy- I bought little packs of goldfish crackers and pretzels all dressed up for halloween. Now the big challenge will be getting the parents to start buying this kind of stuff instead of candy.

  8. Oh my word that is a great idea!! I was having an issue with the whole candy thing- that is all they ask for! I think I am going to try your idea. Thank you!

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