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Halloween Hangover

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Halloween Hangover Cash Digging for Candy - Enjoy more adventures with Cash at

Each year, Matix, Marley, and Cash come home from trick-or-treating with loads of candy?enough to feed an army! Or to make an army sick, I should say. I must admit, I totally overindulged (compared to my normal sugar intake) this Halloween, and woke up the next morning with a severe blood-sugar crash. Even after breakfast, I was seeing spots, had a stomach ache, and was wishing I hadn?t consumed so much sugar the night before. Don?t worry ? I remedied the situation by bypassing the oats I had eaten with a quick shot of OJ to bring my blood-sugar levels up to where my body thought they needed to be. Ugh?

The worst part of all of it is that I still have candy galore laying around our house now, and Cash is constantly walking up to me with his puppy eyes, saying, ?Mama, trick-or-treat?? This means he wants to trick or treat in our pantry. ?

Time to break out the Powell Pack  Family Tradition. What is it, you ask?

While we do believe that the kiddos should indulge a little, and not be restricted from sweets of their choice every now and then, we also feel it?s a good idea to guide them to choose health. This tactic has been a miracle worker in our home: we buy their Halloween candy! Chris and I offer them the option to save 10 pieces of candy (of their choice) to enjoy, and the remaining pieces are purchased by us at a nickel a piece. For 60 pieces of candy, the kids receive $3.00 to use at the local dollar store.

They love this, and I think they have more fun choosing toys at the dollar store than they could ever have eating candy!

I have never been more ready to buy (and throw away) so much candy?

Daddy, get ready to open up your wallet?for a good cause!


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  1. My guys saved their favorites (when they’d go trick or treating, they’d decided they were too old a couple of years ago) and then give their big brother his favorites (as “payment” for him taking them around), let his friends take what they wanted and then dumped the rest into the bucket of stuff we were handing out.

    I don’t buy the sweets and junk… I started when they were little so they got used to not having it in the house. This allowed my MIL and FIL to “treat” the kids with whatever (sugary cereal, fruit snacks, etc) an it was never a big deal because it wasn’t something they got on a regular basis.

  2. Great idea. I started the tradition 6 years ago to do gingerbread houses annually for Christmas. My trainer gave me the idea of instead of buying all the candy to decorate the gingerbread houses – have the kids save their Halloween candy. Worked great because when Christmas is over the Houses go to the trash with all the candy on it.

  3. My parents did that with us too! Right when we got in from trick or treating, we dumped out our candy, chose the 20 pieces we wanted to keep, and then they bought the rest for either a nickle or a dime a piece (I can’t remember).

  4. I love it. We have been buying our kids candy for years. I’d much rather they buy a toy than have all that candy around the house. Although our kids are getting older and a nickel a piece doesn’t work any more. It’s still worth it. Glad someone else does it too.

  5. OMG I am totally doing this!!!! I have three teenage daughters so they will want a little more cash but what an awesome idea!!!! Thanks so much!!!

    Danna Philpott
    Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada

  6. We have a local dentist that buys the candy from kids in the area (of course the kids keep a little) each year for a dollar a pound and then the dentist sends it to the troops. Maybe there is something like that in your area. Then the candy does not get thrown away and it helps someone that did not enjoy Halloween.

  7. Have you ever thought of donating it. Local Army soldiers will send it over sea for thr soldiers to hand out. It help kids trust our soldiers.

  8. Great idea! We have used the treat fairy for the past 10 years, since my oldest had his first Halloween. The children also get to pick out a few candy keepers, the rest go to the treat fairy. In the morning, the candy is gone and replaced by a brand new book. Win win! The children love getting a book rather than keeping all the candy. πŸ™‚

  9. That’s a great idea…at our house “Glenda the Good Witch” comes on Halloween Night, the kids indulge on their candy that evening and choose 10 pieces to keep, but the rest is left out for Glenda to pick up and in exchange she leaves them a gift. The candy is donated! Works for everyone!

  10. Great idea! Some dentist do candy buy back too! Also, my daughter has the same purple pumpkin bucket too πŸ™‚

  11. This is an AWESOME idea!! I’m going to try it on my 11 year old tonight. I’m trying to make better eating choices, and it’s so hard with all the candy laying around. Thanks for the tip..;)

  12. This is awesome:) I do have one suggestion that someone else told us. Instead of throwing it away you can donate to a food bank or homeless shelter. This is such a treat for those who don’t have money.
    I am definitely going to ask my kiddos today. Its not really them that I think will have the problem, but I’m more concerned for their

  13. What a great idea! I’m definitely remembering this for someday down the road when I have kiddos! Clean eating for the win!!

  14. We had a small bucket for our girls to fill for the next several weeks lunches and donated the rest to a ministry at our church. We exercised for it, earned some and shared the rest (my girls didn’t even argue). They are so caring and giving!

  15. this is so cute Heidi! … when i was younger my parents used to encourage me to give my every piece of candy to homeless people and in return i could get a prize like a toy or a family trip… it was fun and i guess that is part of the reason that i do not have such a sweet teeth, but being mexican , i do love my tacos…wonder what would had happen if instead of canys i got tacos for halloween ..totally different story!

  16. You should donate the candy to a cause that sends it to the military. Candy is not best to eat but being a military wife I know how much getting candy means to a soldier. Just a suggestion rather than throw away the candy.

  17. I love that idea. I kind of wondered how you’d incorporate holidays and outings like sporting events with maintaing a balanced, healthy lifestyle and also For lack of a better term, letting kids be kids.

  18. Love the idea!! I will def try this with my daughter for when she gets a lil older… as of now shes only 6 months so I still got some time till she reaches the candy age πŸ˜‰

  19. Another method… The ‘Switch Witch’. Tell you kiddos they can keep 10 pieces of candy, and then trade in ALL the rest for a new toy that the ‘Switch Witch’ will bring them! Start talking about this in the weeks leading up to Halloween so you can have an idea of what the ‘Switch Witch’ should leave for your kiddos.

  20. We put ours out for the “switch witch”. Same concept, trade candy for a small toy. However, we don’t throw it away. We mail it to a US soldier. I’ve also heard some dentist’s offices do a trade and also ship their candy overseas to soldiers. I hate wasting or just throwing it away…so this is a good way to get it out of the house without the guilt!!

  21. I love your idea of buying candy from them. I’ve heard about the candy witch (she comes in the middle of the night and takes their candy and leaves a toy in it’s place) but I feel that it is unfair and takes away their right to choose for themselves. I think we might have to buy candy from our kids too.

  22. Such a good idea about “buying” the candy back. I too, had a serious sugar overload stomach ache the next morning! An unpleasant reminder that I have come so far and don’t need to do that to myself again. You guys are awesome!

  23. I have found a website where I can get candy without as much of the bad ingredients like HFCS and hydrogenated oils. I usually use this for Easter, valentines Christmas or other special occasion, it’s a rare treat. I JUST found out about a brand called Unreal that has 40-48% less sugar, and only natural ingredients, nothing artificial, and they add fiber in the form of organic inulin. I feel much more comfortable giving my children this candy over other candy. Unreal makes their own version of snickers, M&M’s, and peanut butter cups. They won’t feel deprived eating a whole candy bar with almost half the sugar of a traditional candy bar and added fiber for improved digestion. And it tastes great!!

  24. Hey Heidi! I heard of a really cool alternative to throwing away Halloween candy that you might wanna consider. Some friends of mine box up all the leftover candy and ship it away to deployed troops overseas. It’s a win-win situation and a great way to make others happy! Wishing the best to you and your family! πŸ™‚

  25. When my kids were little the Halloween deal was; on Halloween they could eat as many pieces of candy as they wanted. They thought this was a great deal but never ate as much as they really thought they wanted. After Halloween, the rule was one piece of candy a day. And each day, I would throw out a piece of candy. This lasted about two weeks before they were “candied out”.

  26. I’ve been happy to see a better variety of things to give out for halloween besides candy- I bought little packs of goldfish crackers and pretzels all dressed up for halloween. Now the big challenge will be getting the parents to start buying this kind of stuff instead of candy.

  27. Oh my word that is a great idea!! I was having an issue with the whole candy thing- that is all they ask for! I think I am going to try your idea. Thank you!

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