Halloween Hangover

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Each year, Matix, Marley, and Cash come home from trick-or-treating with loads of candy?enough to feed an army! Or to make an army sick, I should say. I must admit, I totally overindulged (compared to my normal sugar intake) this Halloween, and woke up the next morning with a severe blood-sugar crash. Even after breakfast, I was seeing spots, had a stomach ache, and was wishing I hadn?t consumed so much sugar the night before. Don?t worry ? I remedied the situation by bypassing the oats I had eaten with a quick shot of OJ to bring my blood-sugar levels up to where my body thought they needed to be. Ugh?

The worst part of all of it is that I still have candy galore laying around our house now, and Cash is constantly walking up to me with his puppy eyes, saying, ?Mama, trick-or-treat?? This means he wants to trick or treat in our pantry. ?

Time to break out the Powell Pack  Family Tradition. What is it, you ask?

While we do believe that the kiddos should indulge a little, and not be restricted from sweets of their choice every now and then, we also feel it?s a good idea to guide them to choose health. This tactic has been a miracle worker in our home: we buy their Halloween candy! Chris and I offer them the option to save 10 pieces of candy (of their choice) to enjoy, and the remaining pieces are purchased by us at a nickel a piece. For 60 pieces of candy, the kids receive $3.00 to use at the local dollar store.

They love this, and I think they have more fun choosing toys at the dollar store than they could ever have eating candy!

I have never been more ready to buy (and throw away) so much candy?

Daddy, get ready to open up your wallet?for a good cause!


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  1. This is awesome:) I do have one suggestion that someone else told us. Instead of throwing it away you can donate to a food bank or homeless shelter. This is such a treat for those who don’t have money.
    I am definitely going to ask my kiddos today. Its not really them that I think will have the problem, but I’m more concerned for their dad.lol

  2. What a great idea! I’m definitely remembering this for someday down the road when I have kiddos! Clean eating for the win!!

  3. We had a small bucket for our girls to fill for the next several weeks lunches and donated the rest to a ministry at our church. We exercised for it, earned some and shared the rest (my girls didn’t even argue). They are so caring and giving!

  4. this is so cute Heidi! … when i was younger my parents used to encourage me to give my every piece of candy to homeless people and in return i could get a prize like a toy or a family trip… it was fun and i guess that is part of the reason that i do not have such a sweet teeth, but being mexican , i do love my tacos…wonder what would had happen if instead of canys i got tacos for halloween ..totally different story!

  5. You should donate the candy to a cause that sends it to the military. Candy is not best to eat but being a military wife I know how much getting candy means to a soldier. Just a suggestion rather than throw away the candy.

  6. I love that idea. I kind of wondered how you’d incorporate holidays and outings like sporting events with maintaing a balanced, healthy lifestyle and also For lack of a better term, letting kids be kids.

  7. Love the idea!! I will def try this with my daughter for when she gets a lil older… as of now shes only 6 months so I still got some time till she reaches the candy age 😉

  8. Another method… The ‘Switch Witch’. Tell you kiddos they can keep 10 pieces of candy, and then trade in ALL the rest for a new toy that the ‘Switch Witch’ will bring them! Start talking about this in the weeks leading up to Halloween so you can have an idea of what the ‘Switch Witch’ should leave for your kiddos.

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