Day 5: Thank You for My Mom and Dad

Day 5- Mom and Dad

Today, I?m grateful for more wonderful people in my life: my Mom and Dad. They may have been young when they started having kids (18 and 19 yrs old), but they did a dang good job. I?m sure they both had moments where they questioned if they even knew what they were doing (how could you not, so young!), but their ability to love us (and everyone in their lives) deeply and unconditionally made okay any mistakes they may have made.

I?ve never met two people that complimented each other so well. My dad brought out the best in my mom, and my mom brought out the best in my dad. Until the day my dad passed away in 2011, their relationship was incredible. Not perfect?but incredible. The way a relationship should be. He treated her with more respect than I had ever seen a man treat a woman. And she appreciated and respected him more than life itself. Anyone that experienced being in a room with these two knew that what they had was something different than most. They truly loved each other, made each other strive for greatness, and were what I have always hoped to model my relationships after.

They had their trials together, believe me. But they fought harder than anyone to make it through. Seeing their support and love through all of it was unbelievable. Only best friends could endure what they did.

Because of this one-of-a-kind example we kids had in our lives, we all thrived as individuals, and as a family unit.

I am forever grateful for the lessons Mom and Dad taught us, the people we have become because of them, and for the years of wonderful memories we have to look back on?all thanks to those two ?.

I?ve always said this, and it remains true?I feel like I hit the family jackpot in life.


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  1. What a testament of family love and a great legacy you parents have given you. And though I don’t know you personally (it always feels like I DO know you and Chris lol) it seems your both great parents also. How blessed your family is. And the great thing is. Is you seem to know this and appreciate it.

  2. It is a rare thing nowadays to see two people who truly value and respect one another. Glad you experienced that and may the Lord bless you in your marriage as well.

  3. Sorry for your loss, but glad you had him for as long as you did.. No family is perfect but sounds like yours came close… Thanks for sharing.

  4. Truly incredible story. I lost my daddy fighting his battle with cancer at age 48 [ I was 12 when diagnosed and 16 when he died ] and I can truly say Daddy and mamma were so happy before all the sickness transpired.

  5. You’re very blessed. And the fact that you are sharing and caring for all of us , makes us very blessed too! Much love to you and your family. Thank you for being such a light in so many lives. 🙂

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