Diaper Bag Debacle

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Baby Girl is almost here, and I have yet to choose a diaper bag! I would totally use the same one I am using for Cash, but?I want a little more of a feminine touch for my little angel ?. And the one I am using for Cash is technically not even a diaper bag. It?s a gym bag that I loved.

Time for a true diaper bag purchase, for sure, but I need help! So many cute ones to choose from, it?s making my head spin! Below are my fave 5 so far. Tell me your favorite of the bunch! Or give me your own suggestion ?.

Pick the perfect diaper bag for #BabyPowell at https://heidipowell.net/5289

1. Storksak ?Olivia? Nylon Baby Bag ? At first glance, I feel like this is the one!!! Not sure though, because with online shopping you can never tell. I love this purple color and think it will add ?pop? to my wardrobe. And the nylon seems like it will be great for regular kid wear and tear. I will be using it for both little ones?is it too girlie for Cash? Or better yet, for Chris to carry? Gosh?I would totally carry this with or without a baby! Sporty and fun.

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom ?City Carryall? Diaper Bag – In all my days of mothering, I?ve never had a Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag that I didn?t love. And this is, as Cash would say, ?adobable?. Love it. Classic, chic, a little glam, and black?which hides lots of dirt ?. Spacious enough? This is my only question.

3. Storkak Diaper Bag Tote in Grey ? This is super cute and stylish, but a bit pricey. After having used quite a few diaper bags in my day, I do know that you get what you pay for. Has anyone used this one before? Is it worth the money spent?

4. Babymel ‘Camden’ Carryall Diaper Bag ? Okay?could this get any cuter or squishier??? Reminds me of how babies should be?chubby ?. And there?s that purple color again. Looks SO cozy!

5. Babymel ‘Amanda Quilted’ Diaper Bag ? Loving this line that I have never heard of before! Well-priced compared to some others. And this (yes, purple again) pattern is amazing. Fun and cute, but subtle enough to wear everyday. Once again?adobable.

Post your comments below! Let me know which bag I should choose for Baby Powell. If none, don?t hesitate to give me advice on what you like!

Thanks, friends,
Heidi ?

334 Responses

  1. Although stylist is a plus … after receiving a Petunia Pickle Bottom after my first baby, I was over the moon. So chique & lots of pockets. But after a few weeks, I soon realized that there is NO SPACE! I don’t even use it anymore. I if ally ordered a new diaper bag online, that is more of a gym bag too. For me space, pockets & a big strap are a must. Good luck!

  2. I like the look of #2 and it is not too girly for chris to use…just tie a pink or purple scarf to it and people will know for sure πŸ™‚

  3. I like 3.. I like how you can use it for different things after you are done with it.. all the other ones you cant. But if you just wanna use it for a diaper bag then 1

  4. Choose the Storksak grey leather bag. It is a classic shape, leather is durable and easy to clean. This bag is not too girly and can be your overnight bag or tote when you no longer need it for babies.

  5. #1and #5 – love the designs & they look like they are roomie enough for both little ones. Congrats and blessings to you and your fam!

  6. I would go with #2 – I have used their bags in the past and loved them! Plus black goes with everything πŸ™‚

  7. I have 2 kids under 2 and ended up using my backpack from college. It’s easier on my back and shoulders, I have use of both hands without worrying about a bag flopping off, and holds a lot more than standard diaper bags. I went through 2 other bags before I gave up and switched to my trusty Jansport!! πŸ™‚

  8. Hi Heidi i think you should go with bag number 5 it looks really roomie and Girlie..i have twin girls that are now 7. All the best

  9. I like #5 too, cuz of the size & looks like you could carry your personal stuff in it too. Color & design is quite pretty. Looks soft too. That would be very comfortable to carry anywhere.

  10. I’m with you, I like the first one too but why limit. Get a couple do that you can coordinate with your destination. One for fancy outings and one for everyday.

  11. I like no. 5, BUT….have you looked at the Vera Bradley line?

    BEAUTIFUL!!! And SO many prints to choose from! Good luck!

  12. I LOVE #2 or #3…they are both very chic & go with everything! If I had to pick just 1 it would be #2:)

  13. My 2 cents as a mom of 6: I would go for #1. Seems the most practical, without sacrificing style! LOVE the outside fabric. I know my poor diaper bags gets a workout, thrown around, etc, so the nylon fabric is a big plus! Downfall of number 2: the attached changing pad. Would NOT use that past a few months. Not only will the baby grab hold of the strap, try to get into the bag, but once they get bigger, there is barely enough room on the changing tables in restrooms for the kid. #3: wouldn’t want leather. Does it at least have ‘feet’ on the bottom? #4: ummmm…just reminds me of The Michelin Man. Sorry! And #5: just not a ‘quilted’ person. Think that outside would be hard to clean too.
    I have a Kate Spade one, and LOVE it. The Stevie diaper bag.
    Hope that helps! And CONGRATS on your newest blessing!!! πŸ™‚

  14. #2 would be my first choice, maybe call and ask for dimensions to find out how big it is on the inside.

    #1 would be my second choice, hard to tell the true color though. I find online or catalog photos are nothing like the real thing.

    Good luck! And you have great taste! These are all great looking bags!

  15. #2 Gotta love good old Petunia! As a mom of three soon to be four, I have loved my Petunia through two of those three. Just love it!

  16. I choose bag #2, it looks stylish and for someone who has other little ones the pockets on the outside would be handy for grabbing keys or cell phone when you need them quick. Good luck choosing one!

  17. I chose a diaper bag by how it closes on top. And how it hangs on my body. For me a diaper bag has to be easy to strap across my body and/or shoulder so I can use my hands for the kids. I do not like #4 because it would be easy to snag it with other stuff, especially with older kids. I wonder about the length of the straps for #1 and #5. for my last baby I knew that my husband would be lugging him around a lot so I actually got a “diaper dude” bag. It is black, lots of pockets, and a dragon on it. and it is designed to be slung across the body.

  18. Personally don’t like the look of #3…looks too much to me like luggage from the 60’s. I like the name of #4 as my 6 month old boy is named Camden, but as far as looks go, I like the look of #5 a lot. I think I like how it kinda cinches near the top. Basically, other than 3, I kinda like them all, though.

  19. I have #1 in black and LOVE IT!!! I also have 4 children (my youngest is 15 months) and this is the very first bag I haven’t had to replace!!! I have washed it several times and all seams are still perfect!! It’s BIG (perfect size for me) and has a ton of pockets in it. I would just order them and check them out for yourself. You can always return what doesn’t meet the criteria of what your looking for in a diaper bag (or turn it into a purse… something I have actually done LOL)!!

  20. I like numbers 4 & 5, love the purple, too. Number 4 looks like a bag that you would carry since you and Chris and your pack spend a lot of time in the outdoors.

  21. Hey, QVC IHas Vera Bradley bags on SPECIAL VALUE today. Large tote with ditty bag, PERFECT for a mommy bag. Great price too!

  22. #5. It is quilted and reminds me of cuddling my kids in quilts when they were small. Plus it is probably washable more so than the other ones if needed.

  23. I think you should try a backpack… You’re a n active family, and it would probably work better with your lifestyle. Plus you can have the extra room to throw some of Cash’s extra clothes/snacks/etc in there and just have one bag. πŸ™‚ I have 3 three and under and the backpack is the BEST! πŸ™‚

  24. I think number 1 it has great reviews, if you narrow it down to a few google the name of the bag and try to read the reviews from other sites. Most times they sell it on amazon and there are a ton of reviews that will help you make your decision. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

  25. I think its between 1 and 5. Love them both. Which one has more pockets for better organization? Thats the one I would go with. 2 and 4 look too small to me and three well you said it too pricey. Yes yoy get what you pay for but it is still just a diaper bag. Practicality and organization and space win out to price..good luck. Cant wait to see baby girl powell..

  26. Those are all pretty, but I vote for a backpack. It’s so much more practical when toting a baby carrier and a toddler around.

  27. I say number 1 or 5…. love them both! I agree you guys are a colorful family! Site I gave you is my etsy site… check it out Heidi watch your husband and you sometimes on the weight loss show he does… Extreme weight loss love the show!

  28. totally number 2, I love all the outside pockets, so many things you can carry, including Cash’s things.

  29. Check out the company 31. They make great bags of all kinds which can even be personalized. I was given a 31 diaper bag as a shower gift and I love it. It’s fashionable and functional.

  30. I like 3 the best. It will not clash with anything and has a purse look, so it is not just assumed you have a diaper bag. Looks easy to wipe off too for easy clean up. Very classy!!!

  31. They all look pretty small and a little to girly for chris but if it was just for you. I would do 3.. love it πŸ˜‰

  32. I would suggest the Vera Bradley baby bag. Went through lots of bags with my 1st and couldn’t find the perfect one. Got the Vera bag with our 2nd and used it the whole time! Big and washable…lots of patterns and now she uses it as an over night bag!

  33. #1 for sure. #2 is boring; you’re not boring and neither is Chris. #3 is gray, that’s depressing, you need color you’re such a colorful family! add some color for that baby girl! #4. Not cute. it looks like a winter puffy jacket, you don’t want to carry that all the time in the hot AZ sun! #5. Is cute, but it will clash a lot with your outfits! Too many patterns!

    #1 is multi functional! Go with it! Chirs is manly enough he can been seen carrying anything and he still looks like a hero.

  34. I like #1 because of the color and it looks like it could be a cross body? Speaking as someone who has neck and shoulder issues I feel like that is your best bet!

  35. #5 is the most diaper baggish looking. I’m a fan of the more traditional look. On a side note, I gather Chris doesn’t get any say on this subject since they’re all rather feminine but that’s okay given the fact you’re having a girl and you get the pleasure of carrying her for 9 months. Keep it girly! πŸ™‚

  36. I agree with several people below forget the regular diaper bag and get a back pack. They have tons more room and since Cash is still little you can pack stuff in it for both of them.

  37. I would pick #2. Pockets on the outside are a plus for the toys, keys, binkies, bottles, and a shoulder strap allows for 2 hands for the baby.
    Hope this helps!

  38. A diaper bag should not be bought based on looks alone. It needs to look nice, but also function as a diaper bag well. I looked up all the reviews and #1 is the most functional. That is my pick.

  39. The first one! It’s timeless and classy – and such a beautiful color! It will always be in style and looks like it will hold up nicely with kiddos! Go with that one!

  40. 1, 2 or 3 … but leaning to 1 or 3! πŸ™‚ 3 is prob my fave, cuz it’s a classic color to go with everything!!! CONGRATULATIONS … no matter which you pick, they are all awesome!

  41. We always used a backpack. We got one with the mesh on the sides to hold the bottles and you can throw that sucker straight into the washing machine. My daughter is 10 now and we still have a backpack in the car for extras. Love it!

  42. #1 all the way. Love it. It is a nice deep plum color which is TOTALLY ok for boys and girls. That would be my choice.

  43. Ditch them all, and get a Timi and Leslie bag…they are absolutely amazing!! I have a Timi and Leslie “Charlie” and it is so stylish, roomy, and doesn’t look like a diaper bag at all. They are super durable and come in great colors! Good luck,and I hope you find one that you love!

  44. Well they are all cute. I personally like the 2nd the best. It seems the sturdiest. I would stay away from the first one though only because it seems floppy and personally I absolutely hate a floppy diaper bag, especially when you’re trying to dig through it and the sides keep collapsing in.

  45. I love number 1 and 5 the best. I have two little ones and it is always nice to have something a little bigger so I don’t have to carry two bags. I am so excited for you guys!

  46. hi. i would personally go for 4 or5. but as u mentioned. will Chris be ok with walking around with one? so I asked my guy. and a manly man at 197cm telling me he would go with 4. well there’s my gold star winner. xx but ……. might argue 5anyway. wish u well . can’t w8 2c little princess soon. x

  47. I am totally in love with #1!! My husband would say they all look too “purse-ish” so I would have to get a second, more manly bag for him. The diaper bag was a huge issue for us when I was pregnant with our daughter. Good luck πŸ™‚

  48. Number 1 . Perfect color, chic, girlie and looks like your style. Outer pockets will make items like bottles and wipes easy to reach. My first choice.
    Number 5. Very cute, looks large enough and the color is very appealing. I like its stylish look, my second choice. The first bag wins because it looks more like a handbag, where as 5 is clearly for the baby’s needs.
    Hope this helps… My motto is… When I can’t decide, I buy more than one… Life’s short, buy the shoes… Clearly this is the same situation..;)

  49. I vote #1 because it is cute and has all the pockets and room for everything. It also comes with a lot of inserts that I like. Also, I think Chris could carry it…no problem! (I really love the look of 3, but dang…that is pricey.)

  50. a 1 n?o tem a grande al?a, ? ruim para carregar, a 2 ? perfeita, a 3 tamb?m ? boa, mas tem poucos compartimentos, a 4 parece n?o ter espa?o, e a 5 tem um tecido fr?gil.

  51. My suggestions go for big, especially if you are using it for two. Avoid nylon… I found that it splits from the seams so much. Make sure its washable because you are going to have spilled this or that inside.. A removable liner would be great because then you can just pull out the inside to throw in the wash. I think you should get a small one for those short trips (#2) and a larger more durable one for the longer outings (I like #5) Happy Shopping!!!

  52. I think they all look great but my favorite Diaper Bag is JuJuBe’s Be Prepared. I have two boys who are 18 months apart and it was a life saver!!!! It fits everything you need for two. Now that they are older I still use it for swimming lessons or when I need to carry extra clothes in the car. You can attach it to the stroller or carry it messenger style. It is a little pricey but so worth it!

  53. I am going 5.. functional and roomy yet still chic and doesn’t look like a traditional diaper bag. NO to the squishy one, why add any more bulk than you have too, after all you will be carrying the diaper bag and a baby carrier which both can be like 1,000lbs #2 is pretty cool, but does it expand in case you are on a day long outing and need 3 burp cloths and changes of clothes? I vote 5, 3 looks like a duffle bag, not girly enough. #1 is cool, I just don’t like that material, like a parachute or something.. obviously I still vote 5.. IMHO

  54. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Storksak ?Olivia? Nylon Baby Bag. I think it could transition into a purse for later use and still be just as handy. I also think it’s something Chris could carry and not have girly diaper bag jeebies! It is my favorite. Plus it has good reviews. However my next top pick would have to be the Petunia Pickle Bottom ?City Carryall? Diaper Bag. I never had one, but have always heard good things from them. Its a good and reliable brand! But my only draw back is that it looks like a diaper bag.. which might be harder to carry off as a purse/gym bag later on.

  55. I really like #1. Don’t worry if it is too girly for Cash. He doesn’t carry it…Mommy does! πŸ™‚ I also think it could be used as a regular bag after baby. Honestly, all of them are wonderful. Tough call!

  56. I say Petunia Pickle Bottom. I have the small diaper caddy and love it!!! It’s great to just grab and go if you are only stepping out shortly or as the babe gets older. I had a all leather coach diaper bag which to this day I still love as it has all the cimpartments/diaper pad etc. of a diaper bag but looks like a big oversized purse. I even used it after both babies and no one knew the difference. well worth the $ spent on it.

  57. I was originally going to say 5 but after thinking about it for a bit and weighing in who it is for my suggestion is #1, it’s more your style and can be used if your dressing up or just going to the gym. Not to mention it seems to have a lot more pockets and carrying options… it’s nice to be able to wear it like a backpack if need be and keep your hands free for baby.

  58. Me and my 10 yr old daughter vote for number 1. My 7 year old daughter votes for number 2. I did have a thought on those though. In the pic it looks like they have a round strap. I have a hand bag with a strap that looks similar and when filled it can be painful/annoying on the shoulder. In that case I would vote for number 5 which is my second choice πŸ™‚

  59. Heidi, as much as I would like pick for you (#1) would be my choice but after dealing with broken foot, a back pack type would keep both hands free if needed. So if I were you I would look for a back pack type. Totally your choice though!

  60. I’d say #1.. Love the outside pockets (crucial) and the the color is just awesome. At first glance my choice was #3 because it’s super stylish and I love grey.. But I still think #1 is more practical! πŸ™‚

  61. By the look alone I love #5. But I have the Perunia Pickle Bottom bag similar to this one but I have the “weekender” bag which is bigger and I love it. I have 2 boys, ages 23 months and 2 months. Plenty of space for both. Although I wish I had a smaller bag for smaller trips, not all day events.

  62. None of those! I have a lug and it’s the best!! Using it for 2 years and it still looks brand new and holds a lot

  63. Look at the Timi & Leslie “Charlie” bag. We just got it in (at my work), super cute and can actually be a purse when you’re done needing a diaper bag. I love it in pewter!

  64. Does any of the diaper bags have a hot/cold storage area. My old diaper bag had one that I could carry bottles in. I would warm up 2-4 hot packs surround the bottles and have warm bottles for 4-6 hours. Great for traveling.

  65. I personally love #3 but #4 would be a great color for you! Because I know you so we’ll?! Anyway….I think it’s super cute.

  66. I’d say 1 or 2. I have a 4 month old, my 4th. I got the Coach diaper bag. Its waaay too big. Its like carrying a duffel bag sometimes. Gotta think about that.

  67. 1 or 2 would be my top pics. 3 4 and 5 don’t look like they have enough outside pockets for mommy quick access convenience. Let’s face it a mom on the go doesn’t have time to stop and unzip her bag every time she needs something. There are some things that need to be just a quick reach away aka cell phone, burp cloth, snack.

  68. They are all cute, but I say 3. You can dress it up or down and if Chris has to take it, still awesome enough for him to rock as well.

  69. I love number 3, the great part is it doesn’t look like a baby bag so you could always use it in the future for just a travel bag or suit case for her since y’all travel a good bit! I think it’s different and so cute! My little girl is 1 1/2 and she has to take all her babies everywhere we go so a big bag is always needed!

  70. I like #5. Coach has some really nice ones, very reasonable if you have an outlet store near you πŸ™‚

  71. I have to say #1! It’s stylish, roomy, color goes with most everything and not too gender specific if Chris needs to carry it. Super cute! I love it!!

  72. Number 1. I like the size, all the pockets, the straps all the extras and the way it hooks onto the stroller. If you didn’t watch the video you should see it. Looks great and organized. Winner winner. I love the mulberry but you could go with the moss instead if too girly.

  73. #5 is awesome. That is one I would choose if I were to have anymore kiddos, but 5 is the limit for this gal! Good luck!!!!

  74. All nice choices. 1 and 4 initially caught my eye. I agree the Olivia bag (1) looks like a cute handbag – Lovely. The Camden bag (4) is different and fun – but reminds a bit of a winter parka. So, 1 is my vote.

  75. I like 3. Mainly because its a nuetral color that will look good if you or Chris has to carry it. I really like the style!

  76. I don’t think it matter what it looks like when Chris is carrying it. I’ve seen men carrying pink diaper bags with their baby girls. The diaper bag matches the baby so girly it must be. I too vote #5 (Plus, purple is my favorite color)

  77. In my opinion I would go for diaper bag number 5 cause it looks like its reasonably waterproofed, and its got the most room in it which is always good cause it can hold more of what the baby needs when not at home. Plus the straps look adjustable, and the diaper bag is fashionably adorable works with most outfits. But at the same time i would pick out two diaper bags so that you always have a back up in case of emergency use.

  78. I love #5 and #1. Maybe you can get both. #1 is a bit more dressy or purse like and #5 a bit more casual πŸ˜‰

  79. How about the baby bag from Coach .When you do not need it for the babies you can use it for a tote bag for yourself. and Chris would be able to carry it also!!!

  80. Oh goodness! Number 4 is adorablebut number 5 just seems to ‘POP’ so perfectly. A little girly for Cash and possibly too girly for Chris’ wardrobe, but he it’ll bring out his eyes! I would definitely go with number 5 just because it looks great, could easily be mistaken for a large purse or stylish gym bag and looks easy to clean.

  81. Question…which one has lots of real useful pockets…not just for the heck of it pockets, but ones you wl really use to keep things organized? That would be my favorite! Based on looks I think my favorite is #1 or #5….and that’s saying a lot because I have ALWAYS wanted a Petunia Pickle Bottom one, but could never afford it and it’s actually not my favorite! Huh, go figure! It looks good, but like you I need it for all of my babies so need it bigger!

  82. I think you should go with #2. The thing I remember about having a diaper bag is the fact that you can get a big bag, and it ends up holding more junk then is absolutely necessary. The essentials don’t take up that much space, so go with what you know. πŸ™‚

  83. I’m all for number one as that is VERY similar to the one I have and I LOOOOOVE it. It looks like an oversized purse (but not too pursey as my husband carries it occasionally) yet with so many little compartments to store all the needed diaper bag essentials! I like #2 but if Chris plans to carry it may be a bit too much like a purse LOL

  84. Hey Heidi! For me, I’m stuck bewtween #4 and #5 LOL… All of them are “adoable” (^_^) Good luck and God Bless!!

  85. I like them all especially 1 and 5 for a little girl! But I had to show my husband #3, I love it and right now we don’t know if we’re having a girl or boy and I feel like it’d last through a few children!

  86. I personally would chose 2 because my husband is the type of guy who helps with the kids and i wouldnt want him to have to carry a girlish bag around doesnt seem fair

  87. At first glance, I love #1 and #5. Although the pattern on #5 is super cute, I think I would still go with #1. It looks really spacious inside and if you ever have to run to the store and don’t want to transfer all of your stuff to a purse, you won’t have to feel like your carrying a diaper bag. I think #5 would still look like a diaper bag.

  88. Hi Heidi, I would choose #2. It’s not that big, that’s my only question. It’s a stylish bag that’s fits with many clothingstyles and situations. My second choice would be #3, if I could afford it πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your last pregnancy days!!! Big hugg from the Netherlands

  89. No 1 or 5 because they are a beautiful and would go with lots of things. I must say that none of the 5 are manly in any way. LOL…. You may have to get Chris his own daddy diaper bag.

  90. I love #2 and #1 I like #1 BC of the purple for a girl but I feel Chris would carry the #2 bag BC its black lol but than again it looks like a purse.I say get em both.

  91. Definitely #2. I have 3 girls and my favorite bag was a black one I got with my 3rd. Never showed dirt and always looked great. Unlike the cutesy pale colored ones that looked trashy after a while. And as I found with my 3rd one, I didn’t need as much ‘stuff’ as I thought I did and loved carrying around less. You can always have a ‘back-up’ supply box in the car.

  92. My vote is for #5. It’s spacious enough to hold all of the baby essentials, as well as random things that Cash throws in there. I love the pattern, and the color isn’t too “girly” that Cash would turn up his nose at it. The price point is good too – I feel like something that has the potential to baby goo on it shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. While the other ones are cute, I feel that #4 looks too much like a puffy winter coat, and the other 3 look more purse-like than diaper bag. When it all comes down with it, go with your gut. You’re the one that’s going to be using it the most.

  93. I am in love with #5. So cute, so girly, not too formal but not too casual. Second choice would be #2. Love Petunia Pickle Bottom!

  94. #2 cute and stylish and black!!! Which goes with everything and definitely hides the stick fingers and anything else that gets on it πŸ™‚

  95. I don’t know if you guys have them in the states but I’m in my fourth bag and it’s the best!!! I’ve got a pacapod! They have compartments that can be used on their own so if you’re just popping to the changing room you can just take the nappy pod rather than the whole bag. It’s been awesome! Helyn, Riley Hope’s mummy!

  96. Heidi,
    Love love, number 2………..Adorable, and baby is due in the winter.black is your color….congrats………

  97. Heidi,
    I know that it isn’t one of your choices, but I’ve found a diaper backpack is much more practical. It gives the option of having both hands free. Over the shoulder bags tend to slip a lot. The hubby’s like it better too!

  98. I love #2. It’s fashionable and Chris can carry it without feeling too girlie.. Blessings to you and Chris.. Thank you for all you do..

  99. For the girly look definitely Nr.5. But Nr.4 goes well with your sport clothing which you mostly wear. So I would say that you need both. πŸ˜‰

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