On the Road: Avoiding Fitness Failure

500 meter row (with Baby Ruby in the background!)
500 meter row (with Baby Ruby in the background!)

What?s a girl (or a boy) to do when she finds herself in a foreign country with very minimal fitness equipment, minimal time with a work schedule, and two little kiddos in tow?

A fast, fun, high intensity circuit, of course ?. For me, it?s always important to maximize the limited time I do have to workout, so these are always a wonderful go-to.

This workout came straight from Crossfit?s home page a few days back and was perfect, considering my travel circumstances. I started with a 5 minute treadmill warm up, then did the following as quickly as I was able:

50 burpees
500 meter row (the workout called for 50 pushups, but I wanted something to counter balance the pressing motion from my burpees instead)
50 jumping jacks
50 swing ups
50 second handstand hold

To finish? A nice and easy stretching session while my muscles are still warm.

Although this wasn?t the hardest workout I have ever done, it was nice to know that with so little equipment and time, I was still able to get the workout in that my body was needing.

Travel can be tough, but doesn?t need to be an excuse for fitness failure! Something, even this quick circuit, is better than nothing ?.

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  1. Heidi- I love this article! I live in hotels 50 out of 52 weeks a year (I’m a tour manager with the NFL Style Lounge) and the challenge of eating clean and getting workouts in less than ideal hotel gyms is half the fun! Thanks for the tips – looking forward to a fit, healthy, muscle building 2014! Best!

  2. Heidi, ok so in Chris’ book you guys have the 9 minute missions and shredders. Is this circuit workout kind of like a cross between those 2 things? Because you are getting your heart rate up but also strengthening with a couple of those moves.

    Also, what is a swing up? Is that like a sit up, but you swing your arms all the way above you as you lay down?

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