No More Paci for Cashy!


So, I have been meaning to post this for quite a while now and keep forgetting. I don?t know HOW I keep forgetting?I have barely anything going on these days?not ?.

A topic of discussion for quite some time now has been just when (oh, when) will Cashy stop needing a pacifier. In all honesty, my Facebook fans weren?t the only ones worried ? I was too! Cash was nearly 2 ? years old, was speaking full sentences, could sing the National Anthem (um?yes, he can), was no longer the baby of the family, and still relied so heavily on his pacifiers. Yes, we were starting to notice his orthodontic consequences for still using a paci, but more than anything we worried about enabling an oral fixation habit, which can lead to food addiction later on in life.

Well, I am happy to report (if you haven?t noticed from recent pacifier-less posts) that the paci habit has officially been broken!

It was so much easier than I thought it would be too! Cash ?bought? a toy he has been wanting for a while (Jake and The Never Land Pirates, of course) with his entire bag of pacifiers (instead of money). Watch this video to see it go down!

For all you moms and dads wanting to try the same thing and wondering if he missed his pacis: yes, he did ask for pacifiers every so often after we made the ?purchase?. We simply reminded him, ?Cash, don?t you remember you gave your pacifiers to the girl at the store and she gave you your pirate treasure chest?? After a moment of contemplation, he would nod his head and say yes, then go play with his new toy ?.

Now, 4 weeks later, we are 100% pacifier free?even 100% free from him asking for them ?.

Worked like a charm!

Yay for Cash!!!

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  1. awesome! I hope his pacifiers weren’t part of Target’s hacked user information last month 🙂 You’d have to get a new one!

  2. The Paci fairies are taking my daughters paci one week after her 4th birthday. I know I have left it super late. I just hadn’t the heart to do it sooner. How is Cash doing without his?

  3. That is amazing! The video brought tears to my eyes. II guess that is the possitive about them being older to break the habit. He was able to understand trading them for his “pirate’s booty”. Way to go!

  4. My husband I did something similar with my youngest, who was almost 3. We had a huge gift bag (a Lightening McQueen car) and had him collect all his pacifiers around the house; put them in a zip locking bag and throw them away in the outside trash can in order to get the gift. He never asked for them again, because he still had his favorite blanket and his new toy. 🙂 (learned it from Super Nanny).

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