Reebok All-Terrain Shoe Giveaway!

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UPDATED 2/26/2014:


My Picks:
Corinne Doughan
Tricia Tucker
Stephanie Rader

Chris’ Picks:
Jeremy Johnson
Keith Christensen
Mike Lyons

There have been so many great comments and curious minds asking questions about the Reebok All-Terrain Series shoes Chris and I keep talking about, so we figured what better way to answer your questions than to just give away some of the shoes for you guys to try! Now, these shoes don’t even come out until March 15th, so the winners will be the lucky few who get to rock these shoes early! ๐Ÿ™‚

And here?s the best part: I?ll be giving away 3 women’s pairs, and Chris will be giving away 3 men’s pairs :). Yes. You read that right?that?s 6 pairs of shoes! Are you excited yet?!

Here’s how to win:

1. Since the goal of every Spartan Race is to test the mental and physical capacity of every competitor, ?leave a comment on this post telling us in 100 words or less?one thing you?re doing this year to test your own mental or physical capacity, and why you?re doing this one thing.

2. Follow both me?and Chris on social media and share this post. The more you share, the more chances to win!
Heidi: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest
Chris: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest
Be sure to include the hashtag #PowellReebokGiveaway so we can find you!

3. Enter by Sunday, February 23, 2014 @ 11:59 p.m. PST.

Six winners have been chosen on and notified through the social media channels posted in #2 above.

Get ready. Get set. Go!

And good luck! ๐Ÿ™‚

To learn more about these amazing shoes, read our reviews here:

Mine -?Did the Shoes Make the Cut??or find the shoes HERE!?

Chris’- Testing out the new Reebok All-Terrain Shoe!

CYMERA_20140212_164954HP All-Terrain Shoe Clean

1,588 Responses

  1. I am 5’5″ and weight 148 lbs with 28% BF. I am trying to get under 25% and I am going to try the carb cycling. My concern is the 1,200 on low carb days. I lift a and do cardio 5 days a week. Is 1,200 calories going to be enough for me to maintain my energy. I know it is not a one size fits all. How can we adjust the calories if needed? Thank you…

    1. The 1200 calories a day should be sufficient, but if you find that the cycle you’re following isn’t working for you, you might want to try the Fit Cycle. You can change cycles at any time, so the program is very flexible! You can do this!

  2. You guys are both so amazing. You affect so many lives every day. The last couple years my girlfriend and I have been running in mud races. We have now gotten our siblings and even parents involved for future events. We both want to keep challenging ourselves and others eventually completing a half Iron Man. We exercise regularly competing with each other, while trying to maintain a steady and healthy diet (influenced by you).

  3. I will be earning my Spartan Trifecta Medal this year. I ran my first Spartan in Tampa in February and I am running my second Spartan this weekend in Atlanta. I am also running my first half marathon next weekend.

  4. I lost 45lbs and 15% body fat in less than a year. Enjoyed Insanity, T25, Les Mils Combat, heavy lifting, HIIT, strength training and more. One of the more tougher runs is Spartan Race so I’ve signed up for Vegas Super and SoCal Beast. I’m starting training on hills and mountains, I could use some help and tips.

  5. A few years ago I weighed 267 pounds. I have been taking that weight off the last two years and have lost over 70. I have walked a few 5k, 5 mile races, but i have never run a race. I signed up for a race in Cleveland, Ohio (The Color Run), on May 10th. I am planning on running the whole 5k. No walking, just running. I started training a few weeks ago. I am nervous, but very excited!!! New shoes would be a great motivation for me!!!! Thanks for listening!!!!

  6. I rather recommend five finger shoes.
    More strenght in the feet, less injuries, using your toes again for what you got toes.
    Increase stability etc.

    Won’t happen with these kind of shoes.

  7. Hi Chris and Heidi,
    I have my own gym in the Netherlands for almost 2 years now and trying (and succeed) to train, coach and inspire a lot of my members to achieve their goals. I believe, just like you guys, that everybody can change with a lot of help. So within a few months I am going to release a huge program to help more people with overweight (kids, youth and adults)…so it’s not a goal for myself as a person, but to help other to achieve theirs.
    It’s really addictive to see people change and having fun and love themselves again.
    Keep up doing what you do best and enjoy life and giving this joy to anyone else who lost it…
    Thanks for reading and greetings from the Netherlands, Joelle

  8. I really need these shoes to use in preparation for Ranger School…I would like nothing more than to support/use Reebok as I make the greatest transformation of my life.

    Thank You… FOR GLORY AND HONOR!!!

  9. I know this is a day late…but this year I have started Crossfit and am beginning to compete in local competitions! Got 1st in my division last weekend so things are looking up! I’m also signed up for the ATL Spartan Race and would LOVE to be able to sport these awesome shoes to help me get the victory!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Love Reebok and would love to add these to my collection!

  10. Continuing to do CrossFit during my pregnancy so both baby and I are healthier in the end. I have had no morning sickness and while I’m gaining weight my confidence is high!

  11. I just started doing crossfit this year. I never thought in a million years that I’d be brave enough to walk into a crossfit place without my husband or just go at all. I hate when people watch me working out etc so it was kinda scary to walk in there but I did it anyway and now I love it. I have only been there for a few weeks and already had a few problems. Mostly from not having good form and being dehydrated. I pulled a neck and shoulder muscle,got shin splints and even rhabdomyolysis. Crazy to have only been there a few weeks and go through that but I’m not giving up.i have done stuff I’ve never thought I’d do and it feels amazing after I complete my wod ๐Ÿ™‚ that’s what I am doing good for myself this year!

  12. I am going to college to obtain my Registered Nurse degree, I just applied to the nursing program and interviewed for it, so everything else is grades and God. Fingers crossed I get in. As you might guess there is great mental exercise in such a degree! I have also joined Weight Watchers in the past two weeks and I am working to lose 40 to 50 pounds (I’d like 50, but would be happy with 40). I’ve been sticking with the WW program and doing some of the different exercises I find on Heidi and Chris’ websites and various other sites as well.

  13. This year I have made a commitment to be stronger. I have started to weight train with a wonderful trainer who is teaching me how to build the heavier weights into my workout. Last year I dropped 25lbs by eating healthier and moving more. I learned to love the gym again and remember how amazing it feels to be strong. This year my focus is on doing things that scare me, getting out of my comfort zone and trying the things I always said I wish I could. I have went tubing down a mountain, snow shoed,kayaked and scuba dived in the ocean. I am on my way to becoming stronger mentally and physically! Looking forward to a fabulous year!!!

  14. I work out at gym and have battle the eating disease for many yrs having gastric bypass still have to watch what i eat but try to get out and exercise and walk during summer months

  15. I run every single day for the past year(in any weather)I have 5 kids all under 5 years old!And I do because makes me feel free and even more happier! I just love it!God bless you!Thx Mia

  16. Fitness is a thing I think about every day. emphasis on “think’ This year I am exploring the area’s outside the box. I am joining a gym this week, I am trying new things this year. I started swimming three times a week, running for 30 minutes in the pool as well. I love running, it feels good, we have 15 acres of woods with a trail that runs throughout. In the spring I want to run the trail! And while there is still so much snow I am going snow shoeing. New things, new adventures, new me! From a couch potato to trying new things it is a stretch for my mental and physical capacities. Walking into a gym at my weight with all the glistening muscles is about as intimidating as it gets… but I will press on. I will try new things! Thanks! Cathy ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. My name is Jodi I am 41 yrs old and mother of a 21,13,and a 3 yr old and soon to be a grandmother.My whole life I have been active I didn’t start gaining weight til I got into my late 30’s and now I am 215 pounds and can’t seem to get it off I have ben having problms with shoes in th past because I have dancers feet and I ned good support ,I love walking and climbing so I hope to get a pair soon.

  18. I ran my first half marathon this year. Although I’m an active person I’ve never considered myself a “runner.” I wanted to break that mental block and prove to myself that I can achieve anything I want to. #PowellReebokGiveaway

  19. I began my journey to becoming healthy in July of last year, since then I’ve list 20 pounds and a total of 6 inches combined from different parts of my body. I still have about a hundred pounds to lose. I began running for the first time in my life about 3 weeks ago! My goal is to run my first 5k in May! I’m a mom of three beautiful little girls and want to be a good role model for them by getting healthy and fit. These shoes would be an amazing blessing because I’ve been wearing hand me downs that don’t really fit right, and I’ve heard that one important part of running is to have a good pair of shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ Chris and Heidi you are amazing people and a great inspiration with a wealth if knowledge! Thank you for all you do!

  20. J’aimerais bien gagner ces magnifiques chaussures pour ma fille St?phanie qui s’entra?ne tous les jours. Elle fait du crossfit, de l’entra?nement en salle et quelques Spartan races.

  21. I haven’t eaten ice cream since January 14th. I have also cut out a large portion of sugar I used to eat and upped my water intake… I LOVE ice cream. I haven’t lost a pound :(. I would love new shoes as my old nike frees are starting to fall apart. #reebokgiveawaysrock #missingmychocolatemarshmallow/mintchocolatechip

  22. I watch your show extreme weight loss all the time. I am obsessed with it I have lost 62lbs since July. I watch your shows while I am at the gym so it motivates me even more to keep pushing. I have had one major back surgery, and now I need another. I am going to keep fighting and pushing to lose this weight, in hopes that it will help my pain in some way. But you guys inspire me so much by the things you do with people.

  23. My husband and I are wanting to run our first 5k this year we are looking at our options and are starting to train I’m super excited about running one with him!

  24. This year I have run my first three half marathons and am registered for three more. I have only been running for 9-10 months. My journey began to run a half for my 40th, and I raised over $3000 for Give Kids the World as I trained for the first half marathon. My goal is to keep running, for myself, and for those who can’t. My next two half marathons are all terrain, after falling in love with the course I did all terrain for 10 miles back in December.

  25. My husband is an avid run/ walker. He literally wears his tennis shoes until they fall apart. He might go into shock to actually have two pair at one time. So I am trying to win them for him.

  26. I will love this shoes for my spartanrace in June!! I’m from Canada I’m a mother of a beautiful 4 years old girl , I’m going to the gym 5 or 6 time a week !! I want this shoes so bad !!!

  27. Hello, I am Fabio Imperatrice Italian Personal Trainer.
    I found out right away my passion for fitness and wellness, and having worked in both fields , I decided to combine the two sectors to introduce the concept of loving yourself, giving life to the brand I LOVE ME for Wellness & Fitness to make people understand how important it is to love yourself , and , to arouse interest in discovering what could be a good proper and continuous training for all ages and pathology.

    The training is not only take care of your body in terms of aesthetics as many think, but rather it prevent illnesses and lifestyle change for the better carrying physical and mental benefits .
    I am your fun and I hope to have your own success. compliments.
    April 26 for the first time we will be in Rome in the Italian spatan race where I will participate for the first time . I can not wait to challenge myself and get to the end of the trail head on. AROOOOO . Since this is the first time I hope to win your shoes . ๐Ÿ™‚ I apologize for my english and thanks

  28. Simply put, deciding to make a change in my life and be healthy, exercising regularly and keeping this regimen has been difficult both mentally and physically. I’m happy to say I have taken the first step and I’m excited and motivated to keep going. I have a long road ahead of me but I know I can accomplish anything I set my mind on.
    derezzed14 #powellreebokgiveaway

  29. Well I am planning on doing five spartan races alone this year. I am over 300 pounds and have been losing weight to do these races. I started in December at 386 and currently I am at 346 pounds. That is 40 pounds in two months. I am continuing my process but could really use a good pair of sneakers to endure theses challenges ahead of me. Thank You. Phil Cohen

  30. This year I have two very big goals other than bringing my body fat percentage below 10%.The one is the crossfit open that I have already registered for and the other is to complete a black ops warrior race.We live in South Africa by the way.These shoes would really, really help:)

  31. I have been overweight since my last child was born 6 years ago. I’ve managed to lose 30 pounds by changing some of my eating habits and running. I plan to take that a step further and sign up for races to keep the momentum going.

  32. I have always been a big fan of fitness!! I think about it everyday! What new lifts I should do? What my next PR will be? This year I’m going to participate in my first warrior dash!! I’m so excited! I am doing this because it sounds fun, it’s for a good cause, and helps me keep my goals in check because I want to be in shape for the race! Hopefully I can get a few friends to sign up and join me.
    [email protected] #powellreebokgiveaway

  33. My last post was too long here is my shorter one. Chris and Heidi I could really use the Reebok All-Terrain shoes for the Tough Mudder that I signed up for in April. Last April I was in the worst shape of my life and now I’m in the best shape of my life trying to challenge myself. I survived the az spartan sprint and I hope to one day be able to do the startan beast because I wanna prove to myself that I can be strong and I can overcome obstacles. I know now I’m the only one standing in my way and nothing can stop me. Thank you #PowellReebokGiveaway

  34. This year I will be running in the Chicago Marathon. I have always wanted to do a marathon but have always told myself that I am not fit enough. Now I am in training. This marathon will prove to myself that I am strong, physically and mentally (telling myself “I can” instead of “I can’t”). Plus, I can encourage others to challenge what they once thought was impossible!#PowellReebokGiveaway

  35. I have been walking 3 miles 1 hour 3 times a week to get prepared to lose at least 50 pound this year (more is needed but gotta start somewhere). I have signed up to walk the Neon Dash and plan signing up for the walking part of the Pat Tilman Run in April. Should could use a new pair of shoes that would help these shin splints I get the first 20 minutes of walking.

  36. My dream is to join the Air Force, this year I will be ready to apply! I’m losing weight, preparing myself for basic military training. BMT is not only going to test my mental but also my physical capacity.
    I’m really excited and encouraged about the good results I’m getting carb-cicyling. Thank you Chris and Heidi for changing my life, for good.

  37. Hello Chris and Heidi I think the new Reebok All-Terrain shoes look absolutely amazing and revolutionary. I would be extatic to win the shoes. I’ll start a couple years back explaining my journey. For many years now I had been increasing in weight at a rate of about 10 pounds a year. (I’m 25 now) I never thought twice about what I ate and never ever excercised. It finally hit me one day when I went to the doctor for a physical and was told I was 190 ponds!! (I’m 5’8) That day I signed up to Lifetime Fitness in Tempe Az. It’s been a challenge and I’ve had ups and downs but now I am in the best shape of my life. I still have a lot of work to do but I dared to sign up for the Spartan Sprint in Az per my wife’s request and I was able to complete it. I also signed up for the tough mudder coming up in April. I could really use the shoes for the tough mudder and for God willing future Spartan Races. I hope to one day be able to complete a Spartan Beast. Thank you

  38. I am the only one standing in my way!! that is my motto. After losing almost 200 pounds on my own, my journey continues since I have 150 to go. It has been a hard journey but I will not give up!!exercise is something I struggle with every single day however I refuse to give up. Perhaps this fitness shoes will help me continue on my journey to get my wings back!

  39. I am a wounded Veteran and signed up to do Tough Mudder in Las Vegas this April. If I survive I am doing the Spartan race in Utah in June. I currently use Reebok Zig Tech and would love to try this new shoe to hopefully finish the race. #PowellReebokGiveaway

  40. Chris & Heidi I would love to win these shoes because it would improve my workouts with my rehab clients and allow me the comfort of being on my feet in a gym setting for sometimes 15 hours. I’m sure the design & function would improve my joint pain which has been somewhat of a challenge. It would also aid me in my personal weight improvement goals along with being my personal running shoes for my very 1st 5k as a man over 225lbs.

  41. I was a single mom, my son’s entire life. When he went off to college, I said I’d have more time to focus on getting healthy. He’s now 22 & graduated from college! I have 3 businesses(hairstylist,skincare,and Scentsy. I turn 40 this year! My life has revolved around taking care of others. Time take care of me. I earned the trip to the Bahamas with Scentsy. Great motivation along with Chris’s new book. I made a carb cycling binder with workouts, recipes etc. I’m so focused. New shoes would go great with my new outlook on life!

  42. My goal is to put myself first. I spent 5 years caring for my mom with Alzheimer?s, have been a SAHM of 2 wonderful boys for the last 8 years, and am now caregiver for my husband who has rectal cancer. With him out of work for the last 5 months and into the unforeseeable future I have started working from home to try to support my family and still take care of them. I have been at the bottom of my list for so long I’m not sure how to change it. I am 70lbs overweight, have anxiety problems which cause a whole list of extra physical problems and have a sugar addiction/food intolerances. I have a copy of Choose More, Lose More for Life and Heidi and Chris have been a great inspiration and make me believe that I can get healthy and live a good life if I can just get started. I would love to take up running and a new pair of shoes that I otherwise would never be able to afford would be an awesome way to start.

  43. I love athletic shoes. I am an athlete who lost her way and is working towards losing the 80 pounds I have put on over the last 6 years. I enjoy being active. I completed a Sprint Tri in July in Carlsbad, CA. I did not train for it but used to do them so I went for it. I was almost the last person but I finished. I moved to CO in October and started at Orange Theory Fitness in December and I really enjoy it! I travel about 50% of the time for work which means I have to master working out on the road because this is how I got into this mess in the first place. I want to be the same person I am on the inside on the outside too. You guys are inspirational.

  44. years and years of struggling with my weight am finally winning the battle at 50 and have always been afraid to enter a challenge incase i fail winning a pair iof these aweome shoes might be just what i need to give me the confidence to take that next step in my journey and challenge myself to new heights .:)

  45. #PowellReebokGiveaway
    I recently started taking action towards my health by eating cleaner and healthier. These past 3 years I’ve seen a decline in my health and sometimes we wait until the situation gets serious before taking our health serious. I’m a 29 yr old female weighing 227ibs, I would like to see myself down to a healthy weight with over all better health, this is my challenge. By the way you guys are a great motivation to me, I love Chris’s show and the comments/tips and advice that you both post on FB. Thank you

  46. Hi, I’m Carol from southern Indiana. I’m 50 yrs old, 51 in June! Last September I joined our local gym and as of last Wednesday I have lost 41.2#!! I have 30-40 more to go! I am currently doing the C25k training and will attempt my first 5k this Saturday even tho our training isn’t complete. I sure could use a new pair of awesome shoes!!! Just wanted to say I adore you both and all you do to help people and your neat lil family!!!!

  47. My goal this years is to eat healthier, by healthier I mean more clean foods that are not processed and cooking mainly at home. I am also planning to challenge my self by training for a half ironman.

  48. Would love a pair to wear for training for my first spartan!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ just watched my good friend Ty take second in the atlas race last Saturday. It was so inspiring watching she n her teammates take 1st place. Now I am aiming to run a spartan race within the next year. Those ladies are tough and fast and mentally prepared because they spend hours and hours practicing. Ty has her own obstical coarse in her back yard and I plan on going to her trainings to get my butt kicked into better shape and be prepared mentally and physically. So spartan watch out!!

  49. I would love to have these shoes because I can barely get around and have been trying to walk a little bit at a time right now with my severe arthritis and am in a lot of pain for it. I have thought that maybe having a good shoe may help me get around a little better…

  50. I have been trying to find a new pair of shoes for a long time. The last pair bought is worn out from spin class. I want to get back into shape. My husband’s 40th birthday is next December we are planning a trip to Costa Rica and it would be awesome to have some new running and all terrain shoes to start off my return to a better body and a better me.

  51. Chris and Heidi I could really use these on my first Go Ruck challenge on May 5 after losing over 135lbs and quitting smoking I Wanted to find the toughest event to challenge my self and the Go Ruck is just that in and out of the water mud carry a 1500lb log and it all about team work and is about 8 hrs long . Please help me accomplish this Dream Goal !! This is what these shoes are made for !! #PowellReebokGiveaway

  52. As a mother of 5, you can imagine how difficult it is to take the time for myself. This year I have made the commitment to change this, my mental and physical health depend on it. Besides being a parent who juggles working, home schooling teens, preschool and a toddler and my volunteer positions in my community, this is a huge undertaking for myself and my family. I’m beginning by changing my lifestyle to much healthier choices as I am entering a local MUD RUN in a 6 months! This is kinda big for me as it’s 5KM’s and I am super out of shape but ready to start my training somewhere so why not with you two and Reebok! I know that the decision to commit to this run is just the beginning but I have always wanted to do a run and an obstetrical course so why not through in some good old mud to make it interesting. I have a lot to do to begin my training and prepare for the run. Today, I will redefine my life if not for me but my family whom I set an example for everyday.

  53. Wow, starting the New Year off right. These look like an awesome shoe to train in. I would love to win a pair. I am a big woman looking to make big changes this year. Thanks for all that you do for everyone! With God’s Blessings!

  54. I’m running my first half marathon in May. I’m so excited but nervous. I love shoes (just ask my husband!) and having a cute pair of shoes waiting in my bag makes me want to lace up and put some miles on them. When you’re a runner your shoes are your equipment so it’s important to love your shoes.

  55. This year my husband and I will be competing in our very first Super Spartan race. Why not try something not only physically challenging but mentally challanging as well. It’s good to always push yourself to the limits because i believe that is the only way we can find out how strong we can truly be both mentally and physically. We love doing races together it not only helps our relationship by committing to each other and pushing each other but helps us know our limits.

  56. 2014 is going to be the YEAR OF ME!! I’m already down 28lbs. My number 1 goal is LIVE!! Life is way too short to stay stuck on a couch and watch your life fly by you!! In this year of ME, I’m moving more, eating cleaner, PLAYING with my kids and will make it to ONEDERLAND!! THANK YOU Heidi and Chris for being mentors and an inspiration!!

  57. I am a CNA on my feet for 12 hours at a time. I would love to have a good pair of shoes to wirkout in. Thanks for the chance.

  58. For the past couple of years, I have been trying to build up my running distance. This year I am training for a 10-miler, but with hopes of doing a Spartan race one day!! I want to become much more fit, and to have fun doing it! ๐Ÿ™‚

  59. This year I am training my brain to push myself to consistently go to the gym – to get past the I’m not seeing results so why go mentality. To train my brain to push past the fatigue and continue pushing hard rather than letting the fatigue take over. I’m also trying to train my mind to healthier eating but this is something I struggle on due the inconsistent work schedule I maintain (7-3, 3-11 and 11-7 all in one week with no set pattern). Need to get in shape for a chance at a better career. Thank you!

  60. I’m doing the ms cycling challenge in mass. I need to jump back in the game and face my fears since I was hit by a car last year! Bring it on!

  61. Wow, starting the New Year off right. These look like an awesome shoe to train in. I would love to win a pair. I am a big woman looking to make big changes this year. Thanks for all that do for everyone! With God’s Blessings!

  62. Hi, 3 years ago I had 3 tumors removed from my foot along with the 3rd metatarsal shortened by my foot doctor. Being in the horrible pain I was in I did it immediately. Well, when I had a cast change 4 days after the foot looked good. When they put another one on I told them it hurt terribly and they said it was normal. I ended up calling the next day and their receptionist met me and sawed around to reduce the pressure, called monday, nothing, walked in Tuesday and his partner took the cast off and I had a blood clot on the outside on the bottom stitches of my foot, had to have it surgically removed. It’s important that you know this because I have been in physical therapy for 3 years because I developed CRPS that has spread to my hip. I bought good shoes then and I haven’t got any since. I saw these shoes on your website and went looking. I hope you look up crps. I have to different implanted devices to help control pain. If it weren’t for the great Doctor and Physical Therapist I have, I don’t think I would be walking. Oh, the surgery healing was 4 weeks, Thanks for your time and consideration. You have a beautiful family, Mary

  63. #PowellReebokGiveaway
    I started doing crossfit (HIIT) workouts this year to really challenge myself for the first time physically and mentally from a daily/weekly routine. My wife is pushing me and I am pushing her to get more fit. I am instructing my PE middle school kids HIIT workouts too. I have a student who?s lost 40 lbs this year! yeah!

  64. I’m just writing to see if i can get the shoes because I need them badly. I got in a car accident when I was sitting at a red light, I got lower back issues,neck pain, and headache pressure constantly through-out the day. I used to work 50 hr weeks ,play volleyball, and I love to golf, I have 3 kids, and have missed almost a yr of work, which has had me gain 30 lbs because of lack of movement. i have now changed my lifestyle and haave lost 20 lbs, would love to lose 60 more, im now 6 feet,260lbs. I also was the person who delivered a baby in the Tim hortons washroom as I was the manager there. Im still trying to settle with my ex-wife,and have now found an amawing woman who loves me dearly and i love her too. I have done the SPartan Race and the Warrior Dash,and the 40 km race in New-York, and now with not that much money because my new wife isnt working either, and her ex-husband winning a million dollars,the only that is in my favour is my wife Rhonda and my 3 kids,maybe u can help put a smile on my face,walking with new runners and losing 60 pounds. I just want to right a happy ending like Heidi and chris have. thanks. Aaron Hayes(#GolfinHazer…[email protected]).

  65. A year an a half ago I had my third child, I was seriously out of shape, had developed sciatica, migraines, and plantar fasciitis. Since day 1 I’ve lost 60 lbs. I have always said I was going to do a spartan race one day. For the last 2years Spartan has been on my dream board. Last year I fell short of being ready. This year, I’m already registered! Oct 25th 2014 will be the day that I prove to myself that I am strong and that I can anything! I’m challenging myself everyday to be ready!

  66. This year I am going to speak positve statements over my life and the lives of my family. I am going to believe in great things for us and push towards daily growth physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

  67. Please refer to Amanda lambright’s post! I like hiking because it’s a lot more interesting then normal plain old walking. Hiking in Sedona, AZ for the first time was a struggle due to the fact I only had my 4 year old new balance shoes. I would really appreciate a new pair of all terrain shoes and would love to start hiking back in WI!!

  68. My wife and I have 9 children finding time for ourselves to get fit is challenging this year we are training to do a triathlon thanks

  69. I work at a school about 30 hours a week and walk/jog my golden retrievers daily.(1.5 miles) I jog about 6 miles a week by myself. In the mornings, I lift weights while brushing my teeth and the squats and lunges. We eat healthy food and try to inspire others! My daughter and I will be doing a Color me Rad in April, and A Bark in the park. I would appreciate some new shoes to go with all this get up and go!

  70. Would love to have these shoes! I am testing my ability to stick to a new way of eating plan. I am trying to be a good role model for my daughters . Since January two of my daughters and I have been following a “life style change” in the way we eat. I want to support them and set a good example as they are also setting a good example for me too. I am proud of them for sticking to it so far and we are all seeing results! I would love for them to have a pair of these shoes.

  71. My goal is to put myself first. I spent 5 years caring for my mom with Alzheimer?s, have been a SAHM of 2 wonderful boys for the last 8 years, and am now caregiver for my husband who has rectal cancer. With him out of work for the last 5 months and into the unforeseeable future we have lost most of what we have so I have started working from home to try to support my family and still take care of them. I have been at the bottom of my list for so long I’m not sure how to change it. I am 70lbs overweight, have anxiety problems which cause a whole list of extra physical problems and have a sugar addiction/food intolerances. I have a copy of Choose More, Lose More for Life and Heidi and Chris have been a great inspiration and make me believe that I can get healthy and live a good life if I can just get started. I would love to take up running and a new pair of shoes that I otherwise would never be able to afford would be an awesome way to start. Sorry this ran long, but I’ve never told this story before. Thanks.

  72. I’m on a journey to better health! I’ve pushed myself thru an shoulder injury and not giving up on working out. I’ve got myself to gain the courage to test and push myself to do my very first Spartan in May! I can’t be any more prouder of myself for what I’ve accomplished on my own!

  73. On my first trip to AZ! My boyfriend and I visited his grandparents and we’ve hiked every day. We’ve both had so much fun hiking although it was a struggle. I now know why having the right shoes is important! Mine are my 5 year old, bald tennies. It made hiking very difficult! We are both 28, and know is getting more important to work out to be heart healthy. We’ve made our material list of equipment to acquire so we can continue to hike back in WI. Instagram: amanda_sassypants Thanks!

  74. I am a busy mom with two teenagers and finally taking time for me. Finally able to take care of me. Make me healthy. These new shoes would help me tremedously to help me be a healthy me.

  75. In order to test my physical and mental capability I’m honoring a promise I made after the death of a man like a father to me, I promised myself that I would take care of myself for those I love, because its not right to be so selfish you kill yourself by never working out or eating right. I also decided when I go to college I’m becoming a personal trainer or dietician and that I want to be a zumba instructor. I want to help those that have felt like I do so they know they are never alone as long as someone believes in them.

  76. I am pushing myself in so many ways this year, firstly by losing a minimum of 75lbs but more importantly making myself healthier by good food choices (carb cycling of course) I currently am a Zumbaholic! I have promised myself to run my first 5k as well as hiking camelback and at least one cross fit. So many goals, so little time…5k is in March at schlep a little scared but know. I can do it!

  77. I know this is longer than requested but I am writing for my husband and myself! I am a stay-at-home mom of 4 and a caregiver for my husband (he was injured in Iraq.) Over the past 10 months, I have lost 70#. I have 30 to go! I did my first 5k last Nov! I just started my love/hate relationship with crossfit! I am struggling with the last 30# and I desperatley want my husband to work out with me but he is in pain on an every day basis. Maybe winning these shoes for us both might give him the confidence to try knowing you guys believe in him too. He doesn’t like to workout because he can’t do all of the things he used to because of his injuries and he has put on about 40#. I just want him happy and healthy and I don’t know how to help him. We live in the phoenix area and LOVE your show and follow you both. Thank you for setting a standard for us all in family, love, compassion, strength, and health- just to name a few!

  78. This year I am re-training my brain on nutrition. I’m learning the right way to eat. What I need more of and what I need less of. My goal is to become a healthy eater. If I can commit to making better choices for a year…I know I can do it for a lifetime. I’m trying to introduce new veggies and fruits in my everyday meals. Along with exercising at least 30 minutes or more a day. Hopefully I’ll be on my way to a healthier and leaner me.

  79. I took charge of my health. I’m down 30pds. I’m pushing harder and feeling stronger everyday. I committed and driven and ready for my transformation. I’m pushing mentally because I have been over weight since 4th grade it’s a battle everyday physically and emotionally. I’m beyond proud this is my year. . For me my and my family were going all the way.

  80. I’m 41 and have applied on EWL Make Over to better my body. I’m all ready working hard on my transformation lost over 100 pounds in 10 months I now weight 320 pounds. I’m prepping my self for some 5k’s this year and one is in Az breast cancer awareness with my cousin who is a survivor I would love to also do the 3 day 60 mile challenge as well with her and you guys!

  81. I have the same running shoes for the last five years! A new pair would be awesome. Just had my third baby girl in August. Lost 13lbs and have another ten to go & spring just around the corner I would love to run some trails!! My goal for 2014 is to build a stronger body & mind. Be the best I can be for my husband and girls!

  82. Every month I am participating in at least one outdoor organized activity. My girlfriends and daughters do 5k, color runs, a bridge run, a ridiculous obstacle races, a 1/2 marathon and for my birthday, a Spartan sprint! Why? Because I can

  83. I work long hours, call, and overtime….all of which is 100% on my feet at a busy trauma center. The long hours are just to make ends meet, so not much left for nice things! I have been wearing the same pair of tennis shoes that my girlfriend got me 4 years ago & they barely have tread now. The bad thing is, I have to catch shoes on sale to get a new pair, and those never last long. I rent a place in the country so I’m always climbing the mountain behind the pond and going downhill to the field to cut the grass in the summer or to cut wood for a fire in the winter. I also love going to the gym for some raquet ball. That’s how I enjoy relieving stress! I appreciate you both helping people out that need a chance like this at times! Restores faith!

  84. I have been battling Lyme disease and gained quite a bit of weight. My friend got me into paddle boarding and I started to shed the weight. This year I plan on doing more to change my life and with her help, my life is changing for the better. She also brought much needed happiness into my life. It’s amazing what one friend can do.

  85. Increasing my flexibility! Tabata and insanity on Mondays, Pilates on tues, triple threat and yoga on Wed, thurs running, Friday body combat and insanity!! I have amazing instructors and they remind me to breath while stretching and working on flexibility. I have an 18m old and am a type 1 diabetic. Gotta lose this baby weight! Mentally I am better at cardio, but need flexibility and because I don’t love working on flexibility it is mentally harder for me!! Can’t quit though! I’m committed!

  86. This year I’m learning to love myself and get recovery for my disordered eating. As a young woman in the college world, there is a stereotype I feel the need to fit. Having graduating high school and losing 85 pounds I came to college with confidence that was easily influenced. Through the struggles of college I’ve let society rule my ideas of what healthy, fit and happiness are. This year I’m challenging myself to learn to love who I am and let out my emotions through exercise and faith, not emotional eating or self loathing! So I’m mentally, physically and emotional challenging myself to be the best overall healthy woman I want to me! I love both of you and the dedication you have to helping those that are ho

  87. I have worked over the past couple years to live a healthier lifestyle. I have lost a total of 65 pounds…going from 191 to 126 pounds. It was hard work but worth every minute. I made huge changes in me eating habits and found an amazing trainer. I work out at least 5 days a week and treat my body so much better. I also saw Chris speak at ASU this past year when the Sun Devil Fitness Center opened. Chris, you were so inspiring. I took away from your message that I should make promises to myself and keep them. I remember that every day! Thank you for your inspiration. Kim

  88. Would love new Reebox, but I have feet problems and they probably don’t come in ww. Just wanted to say good luck everyone, they are cool Reebox!

  89. I want you to choose my husband to win a pair of these awesome shoes. He has lost 135 pounds over the last year, ran his first half marathon last June And is training for his first go ruck challenge so these shoes would be amazing for him to have on his journey. He has overcome many things in his life and I am so proud of him. Choose Keith Christensen!

  90. This year I am doing instead of just saying. I want to LIVE and I am damn proud of myself for starting my journey to lose weight instead of just saying I want to. Im down 5 pounds in a week and I feel really good about reaching my goals. Im doing this not only for myself but mostly for my children. I need to be healthy so I can be a good role model for them and teach them how to be healthy as well.

  91. I am trying to lose 50 lbs this year and want to try to play beach volleyball this summer with my two sons that play there 26 and 21 and i am 55 so we will see what happens.

  92. I am an overweight woman and have been my entire life. That being said, I am very active, have confidence in myself, and care deeply about my family’s health. This year, we started eating clean and have never felt better. My goal is open peoples eyes to the fact that large does not equal unhealthy or unhappy! I am an actor and dance 5 days a week and don’t want to hear how “lightly” I move… (Considering). Considering what? I’m fat so I can’t dance?! Let’s break through these barriers and support each other!

  93. Hello! I’d love to win a pair of the all terrain shoes because I am trying to lose weight and become more of a runner before a 5k I want to do this April. The 5k is for veterans and I’ll be running in honor of my grandfather, my dad, and my brother. I’d like to add that you guys are huge inspiration to me and my new lifestyle!!

  94. Hi guys!!! My name is Fiona and I’m from Edmonton, Canada! This year my goal is to hike and camp through west coast trails it will be a 48km hike! I have just started training for a couple weeks but will continue until we go, this will not only help me achieve my ultimate fitness goal to become fit and happy loving a healthy lifestyle but also be one of my top achievements!
    Thank you!

  95. This year I am keeping a positive attitude. I am also becoming a healthy example for my 3 kids. Physically, I am not letting the scale determine my value but by my strength and how fit I’m becoming. I am doing one race event each month this year, either a 5k, 10k, obstacle race, 1/2 marathon, etc.

  96. A few weeks ago, doctors found multiple tumors in my uncle’s brain. For me, this is a call to action. I’ve found the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, a game-changing organization that creates life-saving drugs. They haven’t found a drug for my uncle, but I’ve committed to raising at least $5,000 for someone else’s uncle, mother, and brother. My journey is 140.6 miles, as I take on Ironman Lake Placid for this fundraiser. My uncle is an all-star, hall-of-fame athlete, and I need to put this medal around his neck. Training in NH (hello 9″ of snow) is not pretty, but it deepens my resolve to raise money for MMRF.

  97. I’m 23 years old and weighed 260lbs on my 23rd birthday (January 13th). That day I promised myself to lose the weight and get fit and healthy. I used to play all kinds of sports through out my childhood and somehow lost my way. Since my birthday I have lost almost 20lbs and am preparing to do a 5k color run next month. Many of the women in my family are overweight and I want to be the one to break that chain. I’ve joined dietbet and have decided to make the same small monthly goals till I get there!

  98. I am taking a bootcamp class to improve my health. I have a desk job and take the class on my lunch break. I am a single parent so it is my only time I can get in a class. It is a challenging class & I love it! My trainer is constantly pushing each of us in the class to do more than we did before. I’m realizing that I’m stronger than I thought & can lift heavier than I realized. I’m beginning to lose that fear that I can’t do something & am giving it my all. It is so great to get some exercise in midday & not sit down all day!

  99. I was recently able to talk to a friend about my miscarriage 2 years ago. I feel I can now try to move past that time in my life & start looking up so I can get out of this rut! I have gained at least 75-80 pounds since that time and I am finally determined and ready to get ‘ME’ back! I have joined the third decade of my life, now, as well as a gym…so, there’s no better time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Even if I’m not picked, it was nice to get all this out, and make it official! Y’all are very encouraging…thank you for that!

  100. I am 27 years old and I was diagnosed with PCOS about 5 years ago. I have struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. Having doctors tell you that you will probably not have kids if you don’t lose weight is the hardest thing a woman can hear. You would think that hearing this would flip a switch and immediately motivate you to lose the weight but it is so difficult. I’m trying not to give up. I’ve lost 20 pounds.. I have about 30 more to go. I need to stay motivated. Please help!

  101. Hello Heidi and Chris! I have always had a weight problem and am trying to do something about it! I currently have joint problems which we think to be arthritis, and I’m only 23! That’s when you know you have a problem that needs to be worked on! I haven’t been able to do much exercise, but maybe a nice new pair of shoes will help me get more motivated! I know I have to do it for myself but everybody needs a push now and then! So if you can help me out that would be great! Thank you for all your inspiration!

  102. I am a proud mom of three amazing kids and a stay at home wife
    Over the past two years of not working I have let myself go so this
    Year I decided would be my year, I have always focused 100% to my kids
    And husband and forgot to take care of myself and lost myself physically
    And mentally so I have been training 5/6 days a week and eating as healthy
    As I know how (I’m still learning) and I plan on running the 2014 Colorado Tough
    Mudder in September ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel that this journey so far has helped me become a better
    Wife and mother and when I’m don’t with Tough Mudder I plan on going on to get my Personal Trainer Certificate so that I can help other people better their lives my dream is by January 2015 that I am training over weight children. Thank You

  103. My dad (77) and I live together in a senior community. Besides weight loss goals, we have activity goals that we set weekly. Even just switching to walking 3 flights of stairs has made a world of change. It feels so good to feel so good!

  104. I’ve finally forgiven myself for “letting myself go” I’ve had some hard times and I did what I had to do for my children and me. Now I’m ready to start anew – can’t wait!!!

  105. It’s taken me about 5 years to finally drop that last stubborn weight I’ve been holding on to.
    I’ve been working out with an amazing bunch of women who have inspired me and kept me motivated; and I’m probably in the best shape of my life – so far. Last year we ran the spartan sprint together with a team of 30+. We’re going back to Spartan again this year and I my goal is to defeat the rope climb. It beat me last year; this year I plan to be ready!

  106. Dear Heidi and Chris,
    After three strokes and a medication that caused me to gain 150lbs, I NEED to reclaim my health and my life. I am 28 and want to start a family with my loving husband, but first I owe it to him and our future children to be the best me I can be. I have reduced my calories, eat small meals through out the day, and increased my activity. I need any help I can get. Thank you.

  107. I’ll be doing the Spartan Race in Utah on June 28th!! I would love these to help in the 13+ mile journey!

  108. I’ve lost over 43% of my original body weight and will be running my first marathon next week. I’ve never ran that distance so it will be a test of my mental/physical capacity. I’m doing this to help keep my weight off due to health issues being heavier.

  109. So far this year we as a family have decided to give up eating red meats, so far so good! We have chosen to eat clean and healthy and no more fast food. Which in today’s world is hard especially with 3 children at home! Today as well sat down for dinner to eat our grilled chicken avocado mango salad my 8 year old daughter said this is so much better than eating pizza mom! We have also started to exercise as a family and so far going great! Soon the whole family will be going gluten free with mommy!

  110. This year, I took a huge leap by applying to internships, one that is halfway across the country for me and I know if I get in, it will bring me one step closer to pursuing my career to the fullest. Mentally, I am preparing myself for potentially the greatest change of my life and being completely on my own for the first time. Further, I am adding to that by working on my physical health and building up my strength to make me feel more confident and better about myself. I know I am healthy but I want to push myself to go beyond that and build muscle and tone my body. If I go forward I want to not only be mentally strong but physically as well. And this is all for me so I can better myself. No self judgement. No self destruction. No negativity. Because life is a journey and I firmly believe every step I take is another step toward living a happy and fulfilled life. Nothing more I could ask.

  111. I ran the Austin Half Marathon for my mom and dad. My dad passed away on Jan 23 and my mom had a tumor removed on Feb 20. I continue to run for both of them to raise awareness of cancer. As of today, she is cancer free and I will run until we find a cure.

  112. I have foot problems and really need good supportive shoes. I am working on getting in shape. I still have around 85 pounds to go and want to prove to myself that I can do this and be healthy enough to do a 5K or more this year. Wish me luck!

  113. In my 40s and NEED to get healthy & get moving! That is my promise to myself is to keep moving. No shortcuts! Hope to make myself & my parents proud, set a good example for others. Thank you Powell Pack for sharing & inspiring us! ((Hugs))

  114. I want to first only you two thanks for all you do. Michelle and I have been working out for out 3 months now and been eating healthy for about two and it because of a family that works out together will maintain the strength to carry on. We have learned from you too to set reachable goals she started out at 185 now she’s at 171 and is doing awesome very proud of her . You two keep up the great work yall are doing to teach health and fitness

  115. Would love to win these for me and my husband. I live in Canada and he us stationed at Fort Bliss in Texas. When we get to see each other we love to train together! This would be so exiting for us. We love and cherish every second that we have together so winning these would be amazing. We also have a competitive nature so considering Canada just won the gold medal in hockey I think he actually needs these so he can try to redeem Americas standing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  116. I am starting a hiking/walking group at a local county park/hiking trails. I have foot problems and really need good supportive shoes. I am working on getting in shape. I still have around 85 pounds to go and want to prove to myself that I can do this and be healthy enough to do a 5K or more this year. Wish me luck!

  117. I am reclaiming my health by eating well and moving more! I never go to bed with less than ten thousand steps on my fitbit and do circuit training six days a week. I feel great!

  118. This year I was diagnosed with an immune issue and have battling staying active and healthy without much energy. My goal is to stay mentally tough and to believe I can still work out !

  119. 2014 for me is about change. I’m a 38 year old mother of 3 loving,fun, and draining kids! Though I am not severely overweight ( about 10 pounds over healthy weight) I am out of shape and on top of that a closet smoker. In April of 2013 my dad, the most important person in my life was diagnosed with lung cancer ( technically stage 2b high grade which is the worst). My best friend in the whole world is dying because he smoked. In Oct. I ran my first 5k for lung cancer and raised over 1000$! But my smoking prevents me from doing more which I desperately want to do. So This year I am going to challenge myself both physically and mentally by first stop smoking once and for all, then get my butt in gear loose the weight and train to run more races and hopefully marathons for my dad and all who suffer from cancer.

  120. I recently started doing CrossFit because I know I can be better in all aspects of my life and CrossFit can help me do that. I just needed to be introduced to the lifestyle changes that will get me to where I want to be. I am currently the most content I’ve ever been in my own skin and in my own life.

  121. I am registered to do my first fitathlon in Boston in April!! I?ve been training everyday!!! This will be a great achievement for me as I have AlWAYS wanted to try something like this but never felt I was mentally or physically prepared!! I am a 27 year old fitness fanatic and am constantly looking for new and fun ways to mix up my routine! The reebok all terrain shoes would be so much better than my current sneaks when I take my dog hiking!!! #PowellReebokGiveaway

  122. February 24th marks my 9 month( anniversary ) from having back surgery. I am pain free and thankful that I am able to workout with modifications. I have learned to accept what my body can do, which wasn’t easy at first. I’m building a strong core to help prevent further surgery. I love being outdoors! Core strengthening and walking are my Dr’s order. What better way to hit the trails than to have a pair of Reebok All Terrain shoes on my feet

  123. I was diagnosed with Diabetes in March and a Thyrioid condition as well. I chose to live! Also I lost my job and started to eat even worse than what I was. I walked , some strength, cardio, etc. I was 308 lbs and I have lost 135 lbs with another 30 to go! I have hit a plateau and need to push just a bit more! Having new shoes would be great for anyone to help with fitness! I appreciate the Powell Posse for encouragement and believing in all of us!

  124. This year I am challenging myself by running In a marathon relay team. I will be running 10.6 miles in the OKC memorial marathon. I have always used my asthma as an excuse as to why I could not run when I was growing up. In 2007, I reached my all time highest weight of over 200 lbs. I started exercising in 2008 and eating healthier foods. I am currently at 150 lbs and I want to now challenge myself to become a long distance runner. My goal is to ultimately run a full marathon and even compete in a triathlon. I also have a goal to become a certified personal trainer through the NSCA. I will take that exam on May 19th.

  125. I was dignoised with bipolar disorder when I was 19. The medications they put me one have caused me to gain over 70lbs. Now that I finally have a handle of my disease I want to lose(or at least maintain) my weight. I might be doing better.mentally but I’m very unhappy about how I look I’ve already made diet changes. But I want to start running. These shoes would help me so much. Not to mention I love bright colors. And who can not be happy in bright shoes? So not only would you be helping me lose weight but you’d be helping my mental health.

  126. 2014 is my year. I am commiting to a clean lifestyle and want more than ever for the first time in my life to be happy in my own skin. I am loving living clean and feeling amazing.

  127. I’ve started working out with Barrys Bootcamp and am looking forward to running the NYC half marathon next month! I have been struggling with weight issues for the majority of my life (I’m 29) and have found my outlet in working out and eating healthy. It continues to be a struggle everyday but I know that with each pound I lose it is totally worth it! I have lost 15 pounds in the past few months and will continue to shave off more as I continue to workout (and wear down all my sneakers!) and eat right. You have been such an inspiration! Love reading your posts/blog!

  128. I am registered to do my first fitathlon in Boston in April!! I’ve been training everyday!!! This will be a great achievement for me as I have AlWAYS wanted to try something like this but never felt I was mentally or physically prepared!! I am a 27 year old fitness fanatic and am constantly looking for new and fun ways to mix up my routine! The reebok all terrain shoes would be so much better than my current sneaks when I take my dog hiking!!!

  129. I am running the Broad Street Run in Philadelphia Pa and then my first marathon in the Fall in honor of my mother who has fought and beat leukemia. She is my hero and inspiration to keep healthy and fight disease. Love you mom, you are my everything.

  130. I am walking/jogging to Florida this year. I am going to walk 1200 miles ths year then vacation on the beach in Florida once i reach my goal. Adding up my mileage has helped me stay on track better this year. I am currently at 116 miles and am gettting into my clothes much better than before. Eating heathly had aslo helped as I am gettting in better physical shape my mood has helped my eating habits too. Love this feeling and can not wait to hit 120 miles tomorrow.

  131. I began my life changing journey 2 years ago at 260 lbs. Today I weigh 205 and have signed up for my first Half Marathon for next month.

  132. Hi Heidi and Chris, This year I am reclaiming my health and happiness. I have spent too long (45 years) sitting on the sidelines wishing I could do this or that. I have lost 80 pounds so far ( I have 60 to go) and in May I am testing myself by running in the Rugged Maniac with my family. I am already running 3 5Ks a week and have run several 10Ks. Thanks for the chance to win

  133. Hi my name is angel I use to way 210lbs I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today …but in may 2013 my mom pass way of cancer and it was hard …I know that I’ve gained a Lil weight but I’m determined to lose for my health and for my self I miss her so much but I know she would want me to continue on this journey that I am on …thx for being so wonderful y all are awesome. .!!

  134. After losing 120lbs with the help of my amazing trainer, I’ve become addicted to Spartan Races! Can’t wait to put these to good use at my next race!!!

  135. I want to win these shoes because they look awesome! I have recently had thyroid cancer and had surgery to remove it. I went back to the gym today and feel so good about it! My health journey has taken a new turn and I am going to be in control of it for a change!! I can’t wait to hit my first goal of going to the gym 3-4 days this week!

  136. Last year I did a few mud runs and felt amazing after! Over the winter I got caught up with the kids and things at home and let myself go. I already signed up to do the Spartan this year and these shoes could help me finish it! Thank you for your consideration.

  137. Well. . . What can I say? I have given up. I am currently 300 pounds and can barely walk. So really I dont need a pair of shoes to work out in. I thought it may be motivation but I am not sure any more. I don’t have a ling sob story as to how I got this way. I am fat. I hate everything about myself.

  138. I have lost 120 pounds so far and am participating in my first ever tough mudder in June!! I’ve lost the weight now it’s time to get stronger and compete with my new body!

  139. I want to win the new Reebok All Terrain Series Shoes. I have always tried to lose weight, now I am going to succeed by not dieting..I am changing to clean eating and a modified Paleo eating. My husband actually started all these changes and he has lost 30 lbs in a month. I am so excited about it and know that I feel so much better already! We are both exercising and getting fit! #PowellReebokGiveaway

  140. Just signed up for a 90 day P90x class at the gym with my 16-yr-old son. A new pair of shoes sure would make that 5 am start time more exciting!!

  141. I love you guys! I have been changing my life slowly to help me with a chronic disease. I have lost 50 pounds and I feel amazing!! Thanks!!

  142. I am planning on training for a Sprint Tri and overcoming my fear of open water swimming. This past year I had a panic attack in open water and decided to start taking some swimming classes to improve my breathing. Now getting some 10k training in.

  143. I am a mother of twin girls that are going to be 8. I am currently 197lbs. 2005 I was 135 and would like to get to that weight. All my husband asked for christmas was for me to be healthy and get to my weight. My mom currently signed me up for nutrisystem cause can not afford to do husband used his christmas tips for an elliptical. Use to be bulimic and need to do this not only for my family but for myself.i want to build my strength and energy and train to run something I was never able to do. please help.and would love to win any contest.

  144. There are so many comments on this blog already so i almost didn’t comment but, what the hey, life is about taking chances! I did my first warrior dash three years ago and now i have three warrior dashes, one spartan race (going for trifecta this year!), a half marathon, and about 50 different 5k/10k’s. I’m not a fast runner nor am i super strong for the obstacles of spartan races but i finish and give my 100%. I am a stay at home mom who teaches infant/toddler swim lessons twice a week. I am learning so much from my training groups i have joined to prepare for spartan races. and i am planning to go back to school as soon as possible for a degree in exercise science/nutrition. I would love to own a pair of those shoes for my trifecta efforts this year.

  145. I will be doing my first 1/2 iron man this year. My triathlon journey started almost 5 years. Every year I up the antie. This year I decided it’s time to become an iron man.

  146. I have made a decision this year to actually stick to a workout plan, I even started it the week before Christmas and have lost at least 10 lbs. Silly me didn’t weigh before I started. I have discovered that I love hiking and what to do much more of it this year. Excited for this new journey and to stop being a couch potato!

  147. I have lost 130lbs with the help of my awesome gym staff! I plan on losing another 40lbs and need these shoes to help me get the job done! I plan on doing a few 5k’s this year and would love to participate in a mud run and even one day a spartan race!

  148. A new year, a new beginning! What I have done is to share my weight bi monthly on FB! It requires me to be accountable, & provides support! When I went under 300lbs for the first time, the outpouring of support was amazing ๐Ÿ™‚

  149. July 2013 I was at an all time high in weight (over 300 pounds). I had rotator cuff surgery in July 2013 and then knee surgery in November 2013 for a torn cartilage. While recuperating I started a Paleo way of eating and have lost 50 pounds so far. I just got the go ahead to start slowly with Crossfit. These would be nice when I start Crossfit.

  150. This year my goal is to do the Skyline 3 way challenge for the Cincinnati Flying Pig. It is a 5k and 10k on Saturday and then a half Marathon on Sunday. Cincinnati has lots of hills along a scenic river route. The hills will be my big mental challenge, they can be very intimidating. I also plan to coach some new runners to do the 5k part of the race. Doing what I think can’t be done, by challenging myself and hopefully inspiring others is my ultimate goal.

  151. Last year I went to see a fellow teacher finish the Phoenix Half Marathon. As I watched all the people cross the finish line, I was thinking about how lazy I was standing there cheering them on. So, I registered and am ready to run the half marathon this Saturday!! I never thought I would be able to do it, and am amazed how much I enjoy my 8mile runs! And I have to thank you guys for the inspiration as well!

  152. Ever since 7th grade I’ve always dealt with weight issues. Now that I’m 23 I’ve learned a lot of knowledge and aim to put it all into action. I promise myself to hit the gym 3-4 times a week, increase my running distances and clean up my eating habits. With a wedding to my high school sweetheart coming up in June, I’m looking forward to being the leanest but most importantly healthiest, I’ve been for a long time. Not only for wedding, but for my entire life. I have 2 beautiful children and I want to show them the benefits of healthy eating and actions to enjoy a long life. I’m doing a marathon down the road and would love to do a Spartan race down the line. Everything I have my eyes set on won’t be easy but, I know all my mental and physical capabilities will help me achieve my short and long term goals.

  153. Love that you and Chris represent a healthy loving and loving marriage! So many marital benefits for being your best self for the person you love more than yourself! Keep blogging!

  154. Hello, I was a basketball player and very active in sports since I was a little girl. I was diagnose with diabetes2 few years ago and have a bad knee. The past year I haven’t excercise much and gain few pounds. So, tired to look at myself and be sorry, I started to walk 5 miles with my pup as often as I can, and I have signed up for 5km ColorVibe on March 1. It will be hard because my knee hurts quite a bit, but I miss myself & my body and it is my dream to get back in shape and healthy. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  155. I am preparing to tackle my food/sugar addiction. I know the steps to do this but it has always been a challenge for me. I ready to start this journey for a healthier me before I turn 40 in a year. Yikes

  156. My husband is in the Army and has deployed for a year. So I’m trying to get my pre baby body back while he and his unhealthy eating habits aren’t here to tempt me. I’m hoping this gives me a chance to establish a healthy menu now that I can stick to when he gets back. I would really love for him to eat better too and for he and I to find a fun workout we can do together. Wish me luck ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. My husband and I are teaming up in losing weight together; now I will be starting a running routine in which I hope to complete a 5k and then maybe a 10k. I am looking to make a better life for myself. Inside and out.

  158. It’s time for me to stop watching people on TV loose weight while I sit on my couch doing nothing. I have started to make the change by working out 5 times a week and I lost 10 pounds in 4 weeks. I have always wanted to run a marathon but since it has been years since I have run a mile, I have decided to start with training for a 5K. One step at a time, new shoes would be great for this new start in my life!

  159. My husband had a stroke 6 years ago, and it’s time to challenge his balance as well as my own. So our goal for this year is to hike some of the beautiful trails here in Oregon. I just bought “Choose More, Lose More”, and read it one night and have been following the program for 3 days. I’m ready to move and get my husband moving as well.

  160. This year, I have embarked on a weight loss journey which started 6 weeks ago. I’m down 23lbs and it feels good. I have a friend who is urging me to start running. I have signed up for my first 5k which seems so small, but to me, it’s huge. In 18 months, I want to be ready to do a triathlon with my friend as well. This year I am signed up for two 5ks and and I hope to be ready for a half marathon too. So many runners out there and I just want to be fit and healthy for my family. I still have about 80 lbs to lose.

  161. I am thinking to study some professional course like CIMA or CFA and with that I will start walking as I am 152 kg and want to lose wait. I have jokers but they are not too good. As few days back I walk for 1 hour and my feet becomes injured and it hurts. If I got these I will be able to walk more easily. Your fan from Pakistan <3

  162. I was, in a very abusive marriage and spent years hiding behind my weight. My only source of pleasure, joy or comfort came from food. I found myself at a whopping 265 lbs on my 5?9 frame.
    The birth of my daughter changed everything for me! I now had the most overwhelming source of joy and pride. I wanted to be able to do everything with and for her. I knew I wanted her to grow up with a healthy body image and that I couldn?t teach her this, if I was ashamed of my own. I took action to secure us a safe home and I was determined to make no excuses in my journey to being the best me I could be for my sweet girl. Through educating my self on how to make the best choices for a healthy life. I lost 110 lb in 10 months. I didn’t find the tight and firm body I had imagined, I was empowered, healthy and mentally and physically stronger. I intend to focus this next year transforming from skinny fat to a strong and firm momma, who can show her daughter that you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

  163. This year I turn 45 and have been heavy most my life. This year I have started a lifestyle change and have slowly started working exercise into it. I know you two are fitness gurus and I’m far from being fit. But I’m worming myself up to it. I’ve started a blog and I’m calling it. Getting fit and foxy at 44.

  164. My goal isn’t just a single event but a long term pursuit. My goal is to be able to get a clean and jerk at body weight and deadlift at least 1.5X BW by the end of the year. Numbers create mental blocks for me so my approach is to work closely with my coach so I can focus on form and feel rather than allowing the number on the bar define my success.

  165. This year, I am testing both my meantal and physical abilities by training for a 5K, 10k and ending the year with a half marathon. With two little kids, I’ve enlisted the support of my hubby to help me reach my goals. I haven’t been a “runner” in over 12 years, so this is big for me. The first race is in only 2 weeks and I’m feeling very good about it with all the training I’ve done!

  166. This year I am focusing on improving my mental health and body image through non-number fixated fitness. I’ve struggled with an eating disorder for almost a decade on and off, and I’m at the point where I see that I’m worth the effort of being healthy and fit. The episode with Alyssa Stommen really struck a chord with me?seeing her face it and be brave, along with Heidi?s words of encouragement, was that final push I needed. That, and Chris?s physical reaction to McDonalds! I am beyond excited to see what I can do!

  167. I am starting to train for 5k and hope to do a color run 5K! I turn 55 next week and want to start doing more adventurous things! I have been following your recipes and counting calories and have lost weight! This is my year!

  168. I buy, collect, and trade for books that I have yet to read. My resolution was to read every physical book that I possess and then donate these books to other people. Less really is more, and the decreased clutter of unread books will increase my knowledge about topics that are just sitting on my bookshelf.

  169. Three years ago I lost 130 pounds, which I felt wonderful. Then my mother got alzhimers and I was the only caregiver. I forgot to take care of myself and went back to not eating and not walking much and gained my weight back. My mother passed away 1 year ago January and I am ready to take care of myself again, and lose my weight again and keep it off. Could do with a beautiful pair of shoes, to wear during my journey…..thanks

  170. I am certainly trying my darndest to challenge and push myself…More than ever. You see, I am going to be 50years old on July 22nd. I walk/run at least 5 miles every day. On my days off, I workout at least 3.5 hours, usually 5. It seems my biggest problem/challenge is consuming ENOUGH calories. I just cannot wrap my head around it…But, I AM GETTING BETTER AND MORE CONSCIOUS OF IT. I am now eating 5-6mini meals a day. I am also going to quit smoking before my 50th. I do follow both of you and LOVE watching the TWO of you on EXTREME MAKEOVER. You are both so genuine. Oh, about my 50th, my goal on my 49th was to lose 50 lbs by the milestone birthday. I wasn’t serious enough about it, due to family stress&health issues. I did get serious about 6 weeks ago and have lost 15pounds. I want 50, but it could be too much. I am 5’7″, currently at 177. Anyway, enough about me. Best wished to the both of you.

  171. I have lost over 100 pounds- 30 more to go! This journey is wonderful and awful and humbling. I’m a mother of four including 4 yr old triplets – life has never been dull over the past flew years :). I would love some shoes for the next phase !

  172. I am pushing myself to be able to run a half marathon. I have already completed one but that was half walking and half running on an injured ankle and needing a shunt adjustment. I want to prove to myself that I am starting to get in the best shape I have ever been in after losing 140 lbs and having life saving brain surgery.

  173. I am the mom of a son in a NICU 45minutes away…I go back to work March 2 where I am on my feet 12 hours a day and then need to see my son and my 2 year old daughter at home. These would be great!

  174. I live in FL where there are no hills and so to train for Spartan Beast I am going up and down the stairs at work three times everytime I use the rest room- last thing I feel like doing at work but I’m pushing thru!

  175. I did my first OCR in 2013 as I was trying to get my life and health back on track after divorce. I’ve already lost close to 35 lbs with my new OCR lifestyle. This year I am pushing myself even harder with a goal of doing 20 OCRs in 2014 (may not be many to some, but to me it seems like a LOT!).

  176. I, only recently, have discovered that I am worth it! Simple, but true. I was diagnosed with type I Diabetes at the age of 12. I constantly heard how my life was going to be cut short because of this. So, I have lived life like there may be no tomorrow. Now, at the age of 36, the lifestyle of excess calories shows on the scale. I’ve joined weight watchers and during the second week, my leader said, before you eat, tell yourself that you are worth every choice you make. Then eat and feel that, nothing else. From this I feel strong and now have the confidence to start fitness training. Chris and Heidi reenforce all my positive choices. Now, I’m living!

  177. I was the ultimate couch potato! In October 2011 I started running and this year I want to push harder to decrease my run time for a 5k and step out of my comfort zone and do things that are more physically and mentally demanding! I am taking it all in one day at a time!

  178. Well this year my husband and I are making a plan to lose weight. We both love hiking and walking together. A few years ago we both started working new jobs with new shifts and lost track of each other. Everyone was eating late at night and we got lazy. No easy way to put it. We were tired and eating awful. We both have high blood pressure and decided we needed to quit talking and start acting. We are eating better. I stopped frying food and we dont eat out. We have started walking even in the snow with the dogs. Good way for us to connect as a couple while we are extending our life with some good exercise.

  179. Those are awesome shoes and needing a new pair. I have started to train for an End To end walk in Bermuda which is 21 miles. we plan on running/power walking it and a new pair of shoes would be fab.


  180. After trying to have kids for 7 years, doing IVF and having multiple miscarriages and finally having 2 kids, I needed to regain control over my weight that had me pushing 230 pounds on my 5’4″ frame….I have slowly been losing weight and I am pushing myself this year with monthly 5ks, penguin plunges, and trail running, as well as in September doing the diva dash in Boston. I am switching over our families eating to clean eating and teaching my three year old about the benefit of exercise and eating healthy. She is taking part in her first run at the end of march for the kids in newtown ct

  181. Last year I started my journey to get in shape for the first time in my entire life. I lost 40 pounds over 10 months. I started traveling for work and I am constantly looking for ways to eat healthy and get my workouts in while traveling. I still have 40 to 50 lbs more to go, my wife and I have joined a gym and we are going to train to run a 5K, 10K and more together to show our two girls how fitness is important in a marriage and in life.

  182. Chris and Heidi are my personal heroes! This year I am participating in TWO RunDisney Half Marathons in order to get a Coast to Coast Medal and Celebrate my 260 lbs. of Weight Loss and I am helping someone else participate in the Half Marathons too because #PayingItForward is how we honor where we have been.

  183. I am 61 years old and I am walking/running to build myself up for a 5K in September. The run is called “Born to Run”. This will help my capacity to at least finish the race in 43 minutes (hoping sooner). It will mentally help me with daily stress and help me rest at night. I am hoping it will help me reduce a few pounds too.

  184. Hey!!! start by saying you two are awesome!!! love what you stand for and what you do! this summer I’m doing the MS Ride where we will bike for 160+ kms in two days …. as well i love hiking in the rocky mountains these shoes would just be sweet!!! i do want to do a spatan and my husband keep talking about it but I’m trying to get pregnant right now so we will have to hold off till next year! but biking while pregnant will be great!!

  185. Love these shoes been having a hard time planning meals and losing weight I am the biggest i have ever been need help wish i could get Chris to take me on as a client my weight is 324 pounds the shoes would help

  186. This year I am tackling 20+ OCR races, including the World Championships in October. My goal is to place in the top 10. I am doing this to show my kids that anything can be done if you put your heart and soul into something.

  187. A year ago I decided that I was committing to losing weight. I have gained a total of 100 pounds since dating my now husband and having two children. It has been a struggle and I have lost 30 pounds over the last year. I have also been active in participating in 5Ks and a mud run and plan to do the same this year. I am ready to get to the best me I can be!

  188. My goal for a mental and physical challenge is to not just seek after fitness in the gym or typical sense as I have a 7.5 month old baby and will be trying for #2 mid/late summer. To get out and hike trails with my little one and show him fitness as an example from the beginning

  189. I started my weight loss journey last April and I’ve lost 60 pounds. I have 2 races to do in March and April. I am hoping to jog or run these. I also just started Crossfit and these would be perfect. I’m looking forward to the new me!

  190. Almost two years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and low blood sugar. I lost 31 pounds prior to being diagnosed and gained all that weight back, plus an extra 4 pounds. This year I am going to prove to myself and others that even with a thyroid disorder and heat densitivity, I can lose the weight again. First by watching what I eat and secondly by exercising regularly. Everything I have read or stories that I have heard say it is hard to lose weight with hypothyroidism, but I would like to prove that wrong. It took me 2 years the last time, so patience is definitely needed, along with motivation and dedication. I have never been a runner, but my goal is to at least run a mile(I hate running and I always have to walk part of the mile no matter what shape I’m in due to my breathing). I want to show my kids the healthy lifestyle so they to, can have a healthy role model and a healthy lifestyle.

  191. This year is my year to finally lose weight and get healthy. I am eating healthy and need to be exercising more. These shoes would be a great help for that purpose! I plan on pushing myself to the limit and by next summer I want to run a marathon for charity! My mother and mother-in-law both succumbed to cancer in the same year and I want to help raise money to find a cure!

  192. Three years ago I lost about 60 pounds by eating better and exercise. I started boxing and Crossfit. Depression has me in its grip again and I am struggling with eating too much. The Tough Mudder is my challenge this year. I will be participating in it in August even though I have trouble running but I am looking forward to a better me!

  193. Never saw my previous post so I’ll try again.
    Both Chris and Heidi have been a tremendous inspiration to me. In the past 6 mos. I have lost 100 lbs. Chris’ show really encouraged me to get fit and lose the pounds. My goal now, is to compete in an obstacle race like the Spartan. I never dreamed of being able to do something like this, but with my new found confidence and fitness, I know I’m more than ready. #PowellReebokGieaway

  194. Never saw my previous post so I’ll try again.
    Both Chris and Heidi have been a tremendous inspiration to me. In the past 6 mos. I have lost 100 lbs. Chris’ show really encouraged me to get fit and lose the pounds. My goal now, is to compete in an obstacle race like the Spartan. I never dreamed of being able to do something like this, but with my new found confidence and fitness, I know I’m more than ready.

  195. I am a Correctional Officer. I need to lose the weight. My husband and I decided 2014 would be the year we get up off our butts and get moving. We both have significant weight to lose.

  196. My goal, to stay focused and committed to my health/fitness goals. Last year, it was to run a 1/2 marathon. I ended up running 2, along with several other runs. Biggest challenge; Tough Mudder, Oct 2013. I did it! With no injuries! After, I fell off the workout wagon. I undid all the hardwork I put in that year. After a harsh realization, I’m back. Re-focused and working hard towards my goals. These shoes would be great for the muddy terrain we have on the trails here, in WA! You guys are both amazing and incredibly inspirational! Thanks so much for your time and dedication.

  197. I plan to be an example and remodel of physical health and healthier eating choices for my son. We’re already off to a great start over the past year, but I’d like to step it up a notch and sign us up in a 5k or 2 and maybe even get involved in a local sports club together. He’s 11 and the love of my life <3 I'd love a pair of these for my son & myself but wish the winner the best of luck!

  198. What a big year! I just turned the big 4-0. My goal for this year is to step out of the typical 40 is old mentality and overcome my fears. As a divorced mother it’s time for a change! Just 2 weeks after I turned 40 I had to have knee surgery. That can certainly put a damper in my motivation. Lucky for me my daughter is not having mom feeling sorry for herself. She signed us up for a 5k in just 5 weeks! I am up for it. It’s going to be a lot of work to get there but with her cheering me on I will be ready! It’s important to me as a mom to let her know that just because life happens you can’t give up or give in. Live hard, fight hard! Life is worth it.

  199. My goal this year is to help my family transform into healthy eating habits along with me. I have been a healthy eater for years, but for some reason I still buy my kids junk food and make fattening food for my husband. It is time for me to take better care of the ones I love — to encourage healthier habits at home.

  200. My goal for this year is to continue to help people to get back in their healthy life.
    Give them a chance to live as they always want. I helped a lot of people to get in shape, eat better and just be happy and I want to continue.

    – A french Canadian Coach ๐Ÿ™‚

  201. Dear Heidi and Chris, i am a fan to the both of you and youre wonderfull familie. You both inspired me tot learn to run ( i am 51 years old) and don’t let the pain get me down and give up. Now i am running 5 k 3 times a week and i enjoy it and i am so proud of myself. Every time when i see Chris ( and sometimes you) here in the Nethelands on tv i wish i had the chance to work with te both of you because the both of you are helping not only with te body but also with te braintransforming and that’s the most inportand thing by changing… Sorry for my English, i am from the Netherlands and i like to have a pair of youre All-terrain shoes so much because i only run on hard roads while there are a lot of parks and beaches enz. in the Netherlands to run are…. I dont know if someone from the Netherlands may compete with this give a way but if it may i like to win size 40 ( european size). Big hug to all of you and a ferry big hugg to youre adorrable kids ( i am melting by Ruby)
    Lots of love from Sandra van Luijk

  202. Would love to win these fancy schmansy Reebok’s! I plan on using them in a “GORUCK Light” challenge the “Warrior Dash” as well as many “Train Like A Savage” classes and a quite a few 5k’s this year. Hope to be a lucky winner ๐Ÿ™‚

  203. My biggest goal this year is to get my diabetes under control and in to the green zone I’m out of the red danger zone after a lot of hard work and patience and now I’m currently in Amber zone have four months to go until I see my specialist and would love to hear that I have achived this as it’s not been easy getting my blood sugars low and stable.

  204. My biggest goal this year is to sticking to my plan of getting healthier. I start strong and determine working out and eating healthier, but I always fail due to different factors of life. Either I get home to late from work and cqnt make the gym and end up eating the rice and beans my husband or someone el cooked for dinner. It’s so frustrating and disappointing. I just want to lose 55 pounds which are not much but it has become so difficult for me. I love how you two inspired so many people. I wish I can get that motivated. Love you both!!

  205. This year I got a gym membership and am training to run my first 5k in Nashville next month. This is something I have always wanted to do and in one month I will hopefully accomplish this! My husband and I have both changes out eating habits and could not be more thrilled! I have officially shed some baby weight and feel so much better. Thanks for your blog! I love reading everything you post & congrats on the new addition.

  206. I do alot of biking,walking, everyday, i bike to work too! i cannotvfind a good workout shoe that fits and are comfortable.i broke my leg when i was a baby,tore all the tendons and ligaments in my ankle a few years ago. so my foot is kinda messed up to the point i have a hard time finding a comfortable,please help me.

  207. I’ve been working on getting fit for over a year. I just entered my first triathlon. I find you both to be such an inspiration! Thank you!!

  208. my biggest goal this year is, to go back to my healthy way of life that i’ve forgotten because of a lot of things. i’m learning again how to take som “me time” and come back to my core ๐Ÿ˜€

  209. I am 59 years old and am retired from a career in the computer field. Exercise and fitness has always been a passion of mine, much more so than computers. This year, I plan to get my personal trainer certificate and start teaching older individuals how to get and stay fit. I’ve been doing it for myself for a long time. Now, it’s time to share it with others.

  210. I compete with a team, have successfully completed 3 spartan races in 12 months, and out of 8,040 racers at Spartan in November this year (40 in my age group – as I’m older than dirt) I came in 22nd. My goal is to beat my time from 2013.

    The Amesbury Spartan was the most difficult as it included mud, water, and fire.

    One thing that I’m doing this year to test my physical capacity is to work toward jumping over rather than into the fire at Spartan Amesbury in August.

    The sneakers look like they will help me to run faster and jump higher. Question is? how they in mud, water, and fire? I’d love to test them out ๐Ÿ™‚

  211. My new year resolution was to utilize my gym membership as much as I could. With my wife’s support, I am getting there. It is very encouraging to start seeing results in my overall shape.

  212. I am working out again. It is not always easy to find time because I work a lot, but I so want to lose about 20 lbs to stay healthy for my family.
    Have a great day!

  213. After a few health scare events, I am trying to transition myself to adopt a more vegan lifestyle. It takes a strong will power for a girl who loves her meat, but I am getting there! it is something I have wanted to try to see if it makes a difference for my health. Thanks

  214. One thing I am doing this year is completing a Spartan Race trifecta, running all three distances. I’ve found similar experience as as you’ve described. The races push me physically and force me to battle through obstacles that I might otherwise run around. Enforces the Spartan, stoic lifestyle in my everyday life that I am able to use as a husband, father, and son.

  215. Thanks for this giveaway! I am trying to stick to a work out routine on a daily basis, and it is so not easy! With my 4th baby boy being 6 months old, I am so busy and tired all the time, but I want to instill this discipline in myself, and it is now or never because I would always find an excuse to not do it!

  216. I am definitely testing my own endurance by eating a lot healthier this year! I have pretty much swore off fast food and soda and am cooking more organic food. I am not getting any younger, so I better take care of myself!

  217. My goal since last May was to lose 100 lbs. I completed a bridge series 2-10ks and 1 half marathon and a 5 k and dropped 58 lbs in 6 months. Just a few months to goal and I’m probably not going to hit 100, but I’m so much closer than I was last year! I plan on another 10k in March. And 1 1/2 before end if year(I need major foot surgery) My young boys are so excited and proud and want to join in! Thank you Chris- and Heidi – for being an inspiration to me!

  218. I started my life change in the fall of 2012 (mental/physical challenge). I was told to lose weight & get myself under control or be faced with many health issues. I have lost about 50lbs to date. On a whim I decided to try a triathlon last Nov. I did it & loved it! I’m currently training for my 1st half. I figured if I can do that then I can do anything! I love running, biking, & swimming like I didn’t know I could. Maybe I won’t win, but inspiring someone else would be just as good!

  219. I just signed up for Mudderella Detroit. Being the Woman of the house the health of my family is in my hands. I pick the food that enters the house and what meals are made. I want to lead my Family by example. I would use these shoes to help train for Mudderella and my healthy lifestyle.

  220. My husband left me and our 2 small children for another woman in September. And boy was that a blow to my self esteem. Once I picked the pieces up, I got on the treadmill. I have lost 30lbs so far and I have more to go, but my ultimate goal is to run a 5K this summer! And I want to be around for a long time for my kids!

  221. I will be challenging myself mentally this year by putting myself through sonography school, and I will challenge myself physically by running daily and taking kickboxing classes.

  222. Thank you for the preview. These shoes seem amazing. I cant wait to save the money to buy a pair. Theyre colorful like me and match my active lifestyle. Spring in indiana is almost here. Trail riding, hiking, geocaching, dogwalking, theyre all aroynd the corner hehehe

  223. I would love these shoes. They look and sound like they would be awesome for cross fit. My goal this year is to eat healthy and work out at least 5 times per week. My shoes I got for Christmas are already getting worn. Thanks for the chance!!

  224. I would love these shoes. They look and sound like they would be awesome for cross fit. My goal this year is to eat healthy and work out at least 5 times per week. My shoes I got for Christmas are already getting work . Thanks for the chance!!

  225. 30 square foot veggie garden, no powered tools. A diet and exercise plan in one. Also on a fun note, I’ve been teaching my dog how to follow along while I ride a bike. He loves it. When we had the big snow, I just busted out the cross country skis and took my dog out around the neighborhood. No more waiting for the right conditions.

  226. I would love nothing more than to win these shoes. I used to be the fat girl in school and picked last for everything. I’m happy to say that I am 156.6lbs down and just 30lbs away from my ultimate goal! I Crossfit now, and run. Boy do I love to run. I’m doing my first half marathon in May and these shoes could definitely help with my training! I’ve never done anything so wild and it will push me far beyond my limits, but I will cross that finish line!

  227. This year, I will challenge my mind by putting myself through sonography school, and I will physically challenge myself by sticking to my workouts and running every day!

  228. Actually, I could use these shoes because I’ve been running daily and they would become a great addition to my wardrobe because I don’t really have proper running shoes. I’ve also been considering insanity and thinking that it would be the perfect workout for me, I’m also going to start running marathons as well! There are many things that I intend to achieve this year and these shoes would really help!! good luck everybody!

  229. I think my major test mentally is kicking my emotional eating. The past couple of weeks have been stressful, but I’m managing to stay away from the things I want the most. Physically, it’s overcoming my back & knee issues. So even when they hurt so bad and I normally would be in bed all day…I’ve gotten up stretched and did some modified, low-impact exercises. Overcoming, figuring out I can do, these things even when hurting is a huge breakthrough for me!!

  230. I have dedicated the year of 2014 to better myself. I used to be an active runner when I was in my early 20’s. A new(stressful) job quickly changed that. Working longer hours and with kids is mentally and physically draining. Over the three years I have worked there I can see/feel myself loosing control over myself. 50 pounds later I am no longer the woman I used to be. I have recently moved and now live close to hiking/biking trails. I am excited for spring to get on these trails. Getting new shoes would encourage me to get out there and regain my life back mentally and physically. Who knows where it will go from there! Thank you for hope in 2014!

  231. Hi Chris and Heidi,
    My husband, son and myself are on our way to healthier weight and a healthier lifestyle. I am going to my first Spartan Race here in Montana in May. I would love a pair of shoes to go with my Tu-tu! We have learned how important it is to take care of our bodies a little later in life than some. We have watched our parents learn way later in life how to break life long bad habits. We want better for our kids so we are doing it now in hopes that they will know how to be healthy for generations after ours! Thank you so much for teaching us!
    Katy Fields

  232. I am a 47 year old who is fighting to get my life and body back. Being a past division 1 athlete, I know how awesome it felt to be fit, lean and healthy, but in the last 15 years have struggle with weight loss. One of the hardest things for me has been to stay mentally strong and not give up! I know what it is like to train hard and I know that it pays off…..and I have decided that this is where I need to go! I have recently entered a team contest at work for weight loss, started back in the gym, began to eat clean, and started to follow both of you for mental strength. I am planning to enter a 5k and half marathon as a challenge to myself and to strive to lose minimally 50 pounds. I have a long term goal to run a full marathon in honor of my father who passed from lung cancer…..and I AM going to accomplish this!! On top of this I am an huge fan of reebok shoes and have found them to be the only style that give me the support I need to reach my goals! I hope you would consider me for this opportunity…..I won’t stop until I reach my goals this year!!! Thanks for the motivation!

  233. I would love to win the Reebok all terrain shoes. I have been fully committed to my fitness for the past 4 months. I will be doing the JerseyGirlTriathalon in August, which will test my physical and mental limits. My commitment to change is so great. I want to become the best ME for myself and my family!! Thanks for all your amazing inspiration!!

  234. One thing I will do this year to test my own mental and physical capacity is to completely run a 5K. It might not sound like much, but for me, a woman who is 50 lbs overweight, it would be a huge accomplishment and a step in the right direction. I am currently walking, but my goal is to run because I want to be proud of myself and I want my kids to be proud of me too.

  235. I will be running the Warrior dash this year, as well as 2 other obstacle 5k’s: the Zombie Run and Insane Inflatable 5k. I hope to build more and more strength by doing these “fun runs” so that I build the physical and mental absolute to one day do a half marathon and then full marathon! Working up slowly as I’ve already had to have 2 tendon repair surgeries on left ankle :/

  236. I went to one of those stores that help you get shoes best for your feet. Well they said I needed special shoes with special inserts. I bought them. I used them. They hurt me so bad I couldnt walk. Id love to win a nice pair of running shoes that won’t kill me because I want to run.

  237. I love running and last July I ran my first half marathon. After running the half marathon my feet started to hurt really bad and I found out that I had plantar fasciitis. I got down and just completely stopped running even after I received my shoe inserts. I have recently started running longer distances again and I have signed up for 2 half marathons, one in July and another in September. I figured I can either stop running out of fear or run the half marathons and find out there is nothing to fear.

  238. This year I’m participating in a “biggest loser contest” locally and my teams biggest competition is our husbands. So my family is getting healthier in a fun little contest. These shoes would be great to give me the edge!

  239. I am doing for the first time in my life yoga. One year ago i became sick. I had PTTS. By practising yoga and EMDR therapie I became better and I am feeling better than ever. Best regard

    Irma Moor

  240. I am in a huge fight with my inner self and that my mental state has literally started to curmble. I am putting it all out there and going to start trying to get healthy physically and mentally and this time I hope to succeed. I would Iove to win these shoes as I M not really able to afford a decent pair of training shores. Wish me luck

  241. I am training right now for my first 1/2 marathon. I decided to push myself in honor of my aunt. The race I am doing benefits Parkinson’s. I enjoy the push of these races!!!! I have done two Tough Mudders and one Spartan stadium race.

  242. Wow! These would be Fantastic. I am down 230 pounds and my feet have shrunk. Just not ready to retire my brooks just yet but they are to big my foot slips around in them and it is kinda a neat feeling.
    This year I am newly single, picked up and moved to Florida to start this new chapter of my life. I am 47, my resolution for this year is to try at least one new thing every month January I got a bike and my longest ride so far is 10 miles. Next? Who no’s I am finding out if I just try all kinds of things happen.

  243. My husband and I are both running for our lives. He has lost around 70 lbs and I am down 30. We love to go camping and hit the trails for a nice hike. The paths are paved, gravel, ground, sand. These all terrain shoes would be perfect for our camping exercise. I sometimes used my shoes as an excuse, too muddy, or don’t wanna get my nice shoes dirty. This would help combat that problem!

  244. I have pushed myself to the outter limits and since july have lost 70 pounds I read ur post and follow you both where ever u r especially when I feel like giving up I have 150 more pounds to lose and I am determined to win my battle with my weight because mydream is to do a ccentury bike race this year …

  245. I’m in the progress of retraining myself of healthy eating habits & workout routines to get back to the old me. Both mentally, and physically healthy is my only goal. I’ve once dropped over 120 pounds,, and recently gained some back by getting off track. Time to put the train back in working order.

  246. I would love to win the reebok all terrain shoes! My husband plan to do our first mighty run in sept. I have been testing my mental and physical capacity my making exercise a priority. I made myself a challenge to exercise for 100 days in a row. I am on day 48 and LOVIN’ it!!!! I have been going to crossfit and am doing a fit to perform challenge there. We have 3 children and I love the encouragement you and Chris offer- thx!!

  247. I have never been athletic but after having my son who is now 2 things have changed in my life. My son was a born without a fibular bone which resulted in a amputation. In the state we live in Limbs for Life does a 5k every year to help adukts and child who cant afford prosthetic legs. Ive been loosing weight and working towards being able to run this 5k in honor of my son!

  248. I am 65 years old and for the last 6 years I have been challenging my body and spirit to do different physical and fun sports. Last year I did “The Mud Hero Challenge” and this year I have entered “The Run or Dye” event. Both of these are at Ski resorts(without the snow).Climbing these hills is very challenging and I would love a pair of these new “All-Terrain” shoes by Reebok. I am sure I would give them a good workout and they would improve my time.

  249. I would love to have a pair of Reeboks! I could really use a new pair of shoes and I would love for my first pair of Reeboks to be these All- Terrain shoes. Perfect for trail running!

  250. You and your husband are really doing gods work here on earth! Changing lives and inspiring people. I enjoy your blog and your show keep up the great work! I am back at the gym again but instead of just losing weight I am trying to become lean and fit instead of trying to be skinny. My goal this year is to hit the free weights on the “guys side of the gym” ๐Ÿ™‚ to not be intimidated by them and by the end of this year to be a toned and confident women!

  251. I turn 50 next month. Last year I saw your show and it inspired me to do something for myself. I trained for my first 5k. This January I signed up for a 10k. I’m so proud of myself! Thank you

  252. This year is going to be my year. With 100 lbs. to lose, weight loss is not my only journey. I’m a mother of 2 amazing children 7 and 9 that want to try new things. Down 25 lbs., we?ve already tackled new experiences. The path I am on has already proven to be the path I want to live. We went to a waterpark, my son and I went down the big slides for the 1st time. We also went XC Skiing for the 1st time yesterday. I would love some new all-terrain shoes for my new all-terrain life.

  253. I registered for my first ColorRun. The fun atmosphere will be a new way to way to keep my interest in physical fitness.

  254. When I went through a divorce in 2006, I channeled my negative energy into my first marathon. 26.2 miles of healing and I’ve been running ever since. When I turned 40 in 2009, I celebrated by doing my first 1/2 Ironman. This year I turn 45 so naturally, I am doing my first Ultra run. A 50k on the trails of Susquehanna State park in March. For me every new challenge allows me to see my own strengths, not just physically, but as a single mom, an employee, a friend.

  255. I have started doing 5k walks . My goal for 2014 is to do 14 5k/half marathon. My ultimate goal is to do a marathon abdul and triathlon . I have gone from 388 # to 245 pounds currently . Heidi and Chris thanks first the daily inspiration and motivation.

  256. My name is Tatiana, 21 years old and I am overweight by more than 100lbs (unfortunately). Being diagnosed with Chiari Malformation and severe anxiety and depression, it’s taken a toll on my weight, DRASTICALLY. I keep asking myself wether to fix my mental health first so then I can have a good mindset to get physically healthy, or if I should get my physical health in check so the mental health would instantly change as a result of feeling better physically. I realized that both affect eachother and I need to work on both at the same time. Living on my own with two jobs, college student, no car, I find it difficult to find the time to exercise or prep meals. I now know I need to MAKE the time because I NEED and want SO badly to be healthy and feel good. Some sturdy reliable shoes to help me feel motivated to get my mental and physical health would help GREATLY. Exercising daily even if it’s on my way to the bus stop while getting to work and school is how I’ve been making sure I get my exercise in. Even if I’m on the go, making better nutritional choices helps big time. I work at Chick fil A so a grilled market salad rather than my favorite spicy deluxe has been helping me, and lastly seeking professional help to get my mental health bak on track has a great influence on my physical health.
    Thank you for your time Heidi and Chris! -Tatiana

  257. I am running my first Spartan race (Albany) this year as well as my first half marathon (The Maple Leaf – Manchester, VT). Also two triathalons this year (annual family tri and another in The Hamptons)! I could really use some all terrain shoes! Do you think those will help me out? Please pick me! ๐Ÿ™‚ p.s. The Powell family rocks!

  258. Well…what I actually did last year was that I broke up and so I gained weight because of my homemade cake that I used to bake. Then I started to realize that “hey, you are now too big for your jeans” so I started to lose weight. I went to gym and start to do those lifting which was kinda hard but fun at the same time.

    Anyway I keep myself happy each time I hit the gym or go out to run in the morning. Felt a bit lonely but keep doing it as this was kinda a test for me as I was sad but now happy and think positively to be in shape and eat well.

  259. I was taken out at last years VT Tough Mudder after I was run over by a herd of wild bro’s. (Mud caused a man to slide into me, and knocked my knee cap to the left)
    I had hopped a wall. Run a muddy mile up a mountain, and taken out. I trained for a year for this, and to say I was disappointed is an understatement. I was heartbroken.
    I lost 115lbs and this was my reward? I felt cheated. So after 6 months of healing and PT I’m back training again, for NEXT years VT Tough Mudder. ๐Ÿ™‚ Me and that mountain have a score to settle.

  260. This year I am doing my 1st half marathon in Champaign and I have also signed up for my 1st Mud Run as well. Stepping away from my usual 5 and 10k’s to try something a little harder and out of my comfort zone!

  261. Training for my third marathon since I turned 50. Last years marathon was tough because of foot pain but I’m back now feeling good and ready to have a better marathon in May. Running keeps me motivated and relieves stress as a divorced mother of three teens. Times can be challenging but challenging my body helps keep me happy. I would love Reebok trail shoes because runs in the woods are so awesome!

  262. I have sore achy feet from standing 10 hrs a day at my job
    They hurt so bad that I don’t get to work out.. I need a new pair of shoes to help my feet. I want to work out!! I want to lose weight.. Help!!!!

  263. Last year I ran my first Spartan race in Toronto. And I LOVED it. So much that this year I signed up for the Spartan season’s pass so I can run all three races sprint, super & beast. I want the Trifecta medal. Last year I came in 26th place out of 3894 women. Not good enough. I want better. That is my goal this year. These new Reebok’s look amazing. The tread looks like it really grabs & that’s just what I need to help me get out there & shred the course. #aroo #PowellReebokGiveaway

  264. Love, love that you guys are Reebock supporters! I remember my Mom(she died from cancer 3 years ago)buying me my first pair in HS(30 years ago)! LOVED THEM! Now single mom of three, it would make my day & year to have another pair as a reminder of my mom saying to go out there & get what you want! No obstacles just go do it! You are worth it!!!!

  265. This year will be my very first attempt at doing an obstacle course and out of all the ones out there, I chose to do the Tough Mudder. I have been on my weightloss journey for about 3 years now and 2 years ago I chickened out when given the chance to do one. So, last year I told myself that 2014 will be the year. So here I go, about to complete my very first bucket list entry! Lawd help me!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  266. Been on my journey now sense Oct 2013, it is a slow process for me, I have ridden 30lbs. Have issues with my feet as others, arthritis and nerve problems but it will not stop me. Doing my first 5K this April with my oldest daughter. I will defiantly be looking for some good shoes for that day… I wish everyone peace in their journey.

  267. We all have our reasons and all have a story to tell and so many are beyond inspiring and I ask myself why should I win. Honestly why not ? I have always done for others and neglected myself , I’m a mom, wife , friend , employee , volunteer and so much more . I’ve finally decided I need to be Penny and be happy with myself inside and out. I’m taking time for me and working on my own transformation . I’d love to win these sneakers to reward myself for my efforts so far and inspiration to keep going . 2014 is finally about me! Good luck to everyone and thank you Powells for always being there for everyone. #PowellReebokGiveaway

  268. I have started a very mentally challenging new job, stated to mindfully eat better, and work-out to the best of my body’s ability. I’m 56 and about 25lbs overweight. My goal is to loss the weight, get moving and see what I’m capable of doing!

  269. Last year I started running , I did this for about 4 months before I started having knee problems , I was told by my dr to stop and that running wasn’t for me ๐Ÿ™ this made me very upset! I stopped running it’s been 4 months and I’m ready to try again! My goal is to complete my first 5k I’m determined to do it this year!

  270. Oh, March 15 for you I cannot wait…
    I need new shoes to help my gait.
    I yoga, hike, zumba, and fit in a walk,
    But entering a race is all my ‘talk’.
    I need a good challenge now at age fifty,
    To accomplish something new would be so nifty.
    My Meet Up Group keeps posting the Spartan Race.
    Just may be the thing to kick up my pace?
    Training plan calls for consistent and smart…
    And on my feet could be technical Reebok art!
    Oh, with those bright colors and super style,
    I’ll cross the finish with a super smile. : )

  271. I signed up for my 1st 5K. I’m training for it while hopefully getting back in shape. I would love a pair if these to help be train! #PowellReebokGiveaway

  272. I will be doing my FIRST half marathon on June 7th for Breast Cancer walking to support my HERO my sister who is a double bc survivor. Then on June 8th I will be doing a 5k for Cystic Fibrosis to support my 17 yr old son. These sneakers would be an inspiration for me knowing how they will help me get through this (I have had 8 knee surgeries) I always think about others before me, these sneakers will help me complete this great goal.

  273. I am registered for my first 5k on April 12th. I am down almost 90 pounds but still weigh close to 250. I start my training tomorrow to try and run the enter race.

  274. Fitness is the challenge in life that in the past have feared the most! I now understand that with the right “tools” prayer determination and consistency NOTHING is impossible. I now see how powerful some SHOES Can really be and that’s why I would love a pair for Me! ? willing to work for my health & new life MARIA ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. Before my husband deployed we made a bet with each other that whoever lost the most weight by the time he got home would win $600. I started doing r.i.p.p.e.d, training twice a week with a personal trainer and any class in between I.e insanity, yoga and zumba. With these shoes I wouldn’t need to switch out. Thank you. Jamie

  276. My mental and physical capacity are going to be tested this year by having a natural childbirth. I have to maintain my shape and trust my amazing body! It’s truly an incredible vehicle.

  277. I Have Had A Challenging Last Year…Now Its Time To Regroup And Work On Making My Negatives Into Positives…Nobody Is Holding Me Back.. Its Time To Break Out!!

  278. My goal is to finally lose weight. I will surround myself with my kids and wife to inspire me to succeed but internally I have to make it happen. I will use the cheers of my kids to inspire me. I will do it, I have to do it.


  279. This summer I will be working a part time job in northern Michigan and there are amazingly beautiful National Forests and recreational areas all over that I plan on hiking in my free time. I am almost exactly halfway through my weightloss goals at 70lbs and want to celebrate at the end of the summer when I am that much closer or at my goal by taking a weekend backpacking trip in the Porcupine Mountains.

  280. #PowellReebokGiveaway

    Believing in one’s self is hard to achieve in life. Friends, family, and significant others help in the process of belief that one can lose weight or whatever goal you are trying to achieve. Once you get to your point of belief, nothing can stop you from doing anything in life.

  281. You and your husband are just an inspiration to me. I started a bootcamp in July a and I love it. Trying to stay healthy and toned. I had a baby at 40 so staying healthy is very important to me. I want to see her grow up. Keep up the good work that y’all are doing.

  282. I am pushing my self to be a better me. I am obese and can’t do as much with my kids because of it and need to be a better me for me and them. I am going to push myself to start running (after the 4ft of snow melt, gotta love Michigan), and could use some good shoes to do it.

  283. I’m doing my second Warrior Dash in May, my second marathon in October, and I’m starting my first trail race in April! I would love to win a pair of these! Shoes are so expensive so winning a pair would be awesome! Thank you to both of you!!!

  284. I broke 3 bones in my foot last year & was couch ridden for almost 3 months. Luckily my foot healed perfectly and now as silly as it sounds, that accident made me take life more seriously. I find myself working harder everyday to be a better person inside and out, pushing myself to new limits in the process. I quit smoking almost 6 months ago, have been deathly afraid of heights my whole life and now I’m climbing Runyon Canyon. I’m so thankful just to be walking and more understanding towards other people. Something so small, so life changing. I will continue to climb mountains and if I win these shoes to help, that would be amazing too. I just want to thank you and your wife for being such amazing, understanding and inspiring people.

  285. This year I’m mentally pushing myself by doing a spartan and triathalon. Last year I lost 50 pounds at 23 years old and I’m trying to accomplish 25 fitness goals before I’m 25 because my life is forever changed. The shoes will obviously help me durin te spartan race and other mud runs.

  286. After three desperate ankle surgeries this momma coul really use a good pair of shoes to get fit in! I am almost fully recovered and on the prowl for not only a gym, a great program to get healthy, but I (obviously) need a great, supportive shoe to do it in. These sound amazing and would love a pair! Thanks for the opportunity and keep inspiring us to great things Powells!

  287. Last year I was training for my first marathon and I got up to 15 miles. At the end of an 11 mile run, I was limping and couldn’t walk anymore. I got Patella Femoral Syndrome. A year later I am still trying to figure out what I can do to keep my love of running alive. I want to train for a marathon, and a tough mudder!

  288. I don’t see my comment I posted yesterday so I’m trying again. I am completing the ?trifecta? a three race endurance challenge here on base, by myself. Which is a HUGE deal because I?m such a shy person, my husband is currently deployed and I have never done off road races like these,let alone with out him and I wanted to get over that anxiousness because I was missing out. I also wanted to test myself because I have a mild degree of cerebral palsy and was always told I could never do these kinds of activities. I completed the extreme endurance 10k and I have an engineer 5 mile and MARSOC mud run left to do, so these shoes would be a blessing,really.

  289. I would love to win a pair of these. I have to walk around a huge site every day for work. It is crushed rock and is very hard on my knees. Better sneakers would certainly work.

  290. I’ve registered for my first full marathon, the Wineglass Full in NY in October.

    In the past 2 years I’ve lost 95 lbs and have become a competitive distance runner! But one distance has intimidated me…the full marathon. So this year, I’m conquering it! I’m doing it to show myself that this is the new me and I can do whatever I set my mind to do!

  291. These would be fantastic to wear for The Barbarian Challenge, that I am running in June!! Pick me :):) love #powellpack #PowellReeboxGiveaway

  292. This year I’ve already started to test my physical limits by starting a weight training program (which I’ve never done in my life). After having surgery in 2012 I got really lazy :/. As the swim coach for the high school I teach at, I felt hypocritical being overweight and not doing anything about it. I’ve also started biking! All this just in time for my 30th birthday!

  293. I am a 48 year old woman who has been overweight for many years. I decided that I was going to get healthy this year. One thing I enjoy doing is walking and have lost 20 pounds so far. Good walking/running shoes would help me in accomplishing my goal. Thank you for all you do in helping those of us who didn’t think we could do it. You are a Blessing!

  294. I made this commitment to myself a healthy lifestyle. Not just in the way I eat also in the way I exercise. I feel great!

  295. Im supporting my twin sister this year by way of her MS she has in that we are both volunteering & signing up for several MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS events throughout 2014. First one is this march coming up. It will be a walk and other physical activities. These events are usually physical in support for this disease but it will also be a mental one for me since my twin Stephie has MS. BUT we will both triumph together. I look up to her so often as she struggles with MS- I will support her greatly! We will enjoy our time together.

  296. I have never exercised a day in my life and four months ago I started doing crossfit and Chris’s Carb Cycling method. Now I go to crossfit five days a week and I am sold on the carb cycling! I have gotten lots of my friends on it as well! I am getting so fit and I would love to win a pair! #PowellReebokGiveaway #lovecarbcycling

  297. I have lost 50 pounds since late August and I am working on losing 50 more. I am doing this by eating healthier and increasing my activity. I started going to the gym again and taking all kinds of challenging classes. I would love a new pair of shoes for this journey!

  298. Trying to get “me” back! These sneakers would be great motivation to help me get started knowing that someone took the time to see that I do count. It would help me to keep focused knowing that someone helped to share my goals with me. Please consider me, I promise they will go to good use!
    Thanks! <3 Kristen

  299. In August I lost my beautiful 7 week old son. He has been my main motivation to lose weight and live healthy. I want to live a life he would be proud of me for. Since September I have lost 62 pounds and feel great. So I have signed up for run or dye and I plan on also doing a tough mudder. These shoes would be perfect for both!

  300. I have suffered from severe anxiety since 2006, I gained a ton of weight due to the medication I have been on. After suffering 6 panic attacks a day i realised i had to do something. I could not carry on like this. Last year i had 18 sessions of Cognative Theropy, this really helped me. I am now slowly coming of my meds, 1 down, 1 to go….. I have lost 46 Ilbs in 1 year and need to lose another 42Lbs. My son is working away atm and last summer qualified as a Personal trainer. So when he comes home in October i want to be 42Lbs lighter and off all my meds. So my aim is to be Physically and mentaly better and cope with every day life as I used to. I also want to compete in a Car rally, I used to do this years ago. My husband has purchased me a Rally car (Not been in it yet).I want to have the confidence to take my car to the limit through a forest as i used too. So a pair of these lovely #PowellReebokGiveaway will help me to lose the weight and hit my goals x

  301. I chose to surrender to the greatest version of me that includes constant movement. I’ve realized losing a 100 pounds…(another 70) to go that this is more than just GETTING healthy, it’s LIVING healthy. No matter the fibro, scoliosis and sciatica, nothing can stop me. I get to choose. I plan to do the Spartan race next year…. FOR ME! Just put a fitbit on my wrist yesterday, cuz although the knees are hurting from a few recent injuries…I will not be stopped! Thank you for all the inspiration.

  302. With 200 pounds to lose I go through shoes very quickly. I buy a pair every couple of months as I exercise and try and shed this weight. One thing I’m doing this year is I’m preparing for my first 5K ever. It might not sound like much to some but to me it’s a huge feat and I’m proud that I’ll finally be doing one. And, I’d love to have a brand new pair of Reeboks to run that first race!

  303. Pleaseee ๐Ÿ˜€ i want this REEBOKS ! i run every day before go to my job !
    I need new one !for be confortable, and run better ๐Ÿ˜€

  304. This year in my race to health, part of the journey to the end of my weight loss (103 lbs so far). I have decided to do a community run 5k or a little more at the least every other month. These should would be great new set a wheels to accomplish the newest goal!

  305. I have tested my mental and physical capacities with p?le dance, since one year now! It has been really hard because I am not a dancer or a gymnast, so I need to do workout (running,abs, squat, stretching etc.) 3 times a week but now I’m stronger and.. I have my lateral split ๐Ÿ™‚
    (Sorry for my mistakes,I’m French)

  306. I just had my second child 1 month ago today. I am now trying to get in the best shape of my life after having her. Not only am I wanting to do this for myself to feel better but also for my family to keep up with my little ones. Also my husband is deployed and will be back in July so I’m working hard to lose weight and feel great before he returns. I would use these to be extremely active outdoors to get in shape and do walks/runs for causes coming this spring and summer!

  307. I’m a yo yo when it comes to diet. My heaviest was 320 and I’m only 5’3, with female health issues. I got down to 170. However, someone decided not to stop in traffic and reear ended me full speed . So I’m back to 200, I’m hoping to get my back taken care of soon to get back in the gym. So would love a new pair of shoes that I can start my new journey again. My dream was always to run a 5k. It’s hard to be hard core on yourself, a lot different with a trainer .. But, doing it just makes you feel so much better and such a great feeling to achieve the weight loss.

  308. I’m running the a 5k on April 19, 2014 to benefit Hailey Collins Foundation who is a supporter of Give Kids The World. I set a goal to get healthy last year for myself to be around for my kids and husband. I started March of 2013 and went GF due to being very ill. I have lost 50 pounds since then and I’m on a mission to keep losing. I will be running with my co-worker Sam from I walked a 5k October 2013 to benefit Breast Cancer for my aunt who is fighting and winning the battle now. This will be my first run ๐Ÿ™‚

  309. This is the year for me to finally focus on getting healthy! I started it of with P90X3 and have noticed a huge difference already! One of the main thing I have noticed is that you need the proper gear to do this. Whether it is the fuel you are using in your body,your equipment, or the clothes your wearing! It is all a mind set and you want to set yourself up for success! I compare it to Superman. He didnt fight crime in his everyday clothes, he changed into his suit to conquer whatever he came up against! I a m not a hero, but feel like I am on the path to save one life. MINE! I want to thank you guys for being the great motivators you are. Best Wishes!

  310. I always said if I ever had any kind of health scare I would absolutely change the way I think about food. I had a little heart scare a few weeks ago and for the past 3 weeks I have completely changed my life. I am eating 100% plant strong and clean. I have been walking a lot more, hiking some and looking at life totally differently. I am 45 years old and not at all ready to have any kind of health issues.

  311. This year I want to prove to myself that I am not a weak person, and the death of my mother doesn’t mean the death of who I am. Self-pity , sitting at home and waiting for a miracle can’t make your life better. We have to take life in our hands, overcome our weaknesses and take action ! I want to participate in the CrossFit Open .
    I’ve started live,for my mum ,and for myself.

  312. It’s my 8th year doing the 5K Race For Life in aid of cancer research and because of my weight and fitness level I’ve never been able to run it. Every year I come away saying I’m not going to walk it next year I’m going to run it. But the next year has always come around & I still can’t run! My target is to be able to run the whole of the race by June 29th 2014. I’ve been training in the gym but haven’t started running yet as I’ve been too self conscious, so I need to get out in the park to practice.

  313. My name is Chey. I’m 19 years old and I’ve been trying to lose weight all year. I’ve lost about 60 pounds total. With spring coming up I get to go back outside to do my morning run. I’d love to win a pair of these ๐Ÿ™‚ It would mean a lot considering my current life events ๐Ÿ™‚ I watch your show religiously and follow your Facebook and newsletter.

    Best of luck to you Heidi and the baby Chris ๐Ÿ™‚

  314. Those shoes are awesome, i would really love to win a pair of them! I’m prepairing myself for the Strong Viking Obstacle Run here in the Netherlands. On the 24th of may my goal is set on 13km with obstacles.
    With these shoes i’m gonna fly!!

    Best regards,
    Richard Verdegaal

  315. I live in the uk and follow you both as inspiration to keep active and be healthy. This year my partner and I have decided to do the lanzarote half ironman!! This will be my first long distance triathlon and what made me decide to do this was reading about you both training together and I want to do that with my boyfriend too! That way we can support each other and share in the success I hope! These shoes will help me train for the biggest challenge I have set myself ever in my life!!

  316. Just wanted to say Thanks to you and Chris for making me want to get off the coach. Started getting in shape, and feel much better. We took a 2 week trip with the main event was to get exercise, we hiked, biked, went caving, tubing…we did as much as we could. So Thanks, you and Chris have changed my live and my husband’s.

  317. Almost 20 years ago, when I was 21, I got hit by bonecancer in my back. As a result of that I gained a lot of weight, more than 40 kilo’s. I picked myself up when I turned 40, and until now I lost almost 25 kilo’s of that extra weight and since 3 months you can find me 4 to 5 days at the gym. I keep getting stronger every day, and my goal is to take a full bootcamp lesson in the outdoors so these shoes would be perfect for me when I reach that goal ๐Ÿ™‚

  318. Ik zou de schoenen graag uitproberen ,…wil me conditie graag nog beter krijgen,..en weet nog steeds niet op welke schoenen ik nou het beste kan lopen,…dus zodoende, gr marjon

  319. I found the strength and courage to start my own tea business. A dream of mine for years. I believe the only reason I had this mental strength is because I took up running! Something I always wanted to be good at and never was. 2 half marathons later I realised I can achieve anything I put my mind to. Now I have my tea business and still running x

  320. One thing I’m doing this year to get mentally and physically in shape is trying to get faster and better with zumba dancing moves.

  321. I’m a single mom with a very active daughter, and we both love the outdoors and nature. So, we both are testing our physical capabilities together as a family, by going on longer walks/hikes, like today, we did 6 miles. We chose this together, because we both want to be healthy for each other. My daughter already eats healthy as well as I, we want to be healthy from the inside out. We only have each other, so we have to stick together.

  322. I’m trying to get in shape to be able to run the Houston Marathon for the Epilepsy Foundation in honor of my daughter who battles epilepsy. I want to raise awareness for my little superhero and all the superheroes that have to deal with epilepsy.

  323. This year I am spending alot more time keeping motivated with sights like yours and other to keep me educated and focused. I am also at 42 years old pushing my cardio like never before. Social media and health fitness shows is the answer. Of course the stuff we learn has to be implemented in every day life.

  324. I really could use a pair of nice running shoes. I’ve lost over a a150 lbs over the last 3 years I enjoy running now that I can. Its an amazing feeling. Recently I shirt my foot by running in not so great shoes :/ Good luck everyone !

  325. I am trying to be a better version of me. I started this process about 2 1/2 yrs ago right after My son has his kidney transplant. He is 4 now and we have tried to stay active, take hikes and lead a healthy life for us and our son. Making fitness and eating healthy a lifestyle!

  326. I would love to try these our at the warrior dash this year. Last year the ground was slick and so was the vertical wall please choose me I live in Oregon and would love to see how these differ from my old go to pair.

  327. Taking the 2 year old on hikes! I love to be out in nature and I hope she will too. I’m sure I’ll get an extra calorie burn carrying her back lol ๐Ÿ™‚ cool shoes would lighten the load ๐Ÿ˜‰

  328. I love these shoes!! I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 months now, started Yoga 1 month ago and just started jogging! These shoes would go great with my year of being 30, the year for change!!

  329. Sometimes you play the lottery knowing the odds are not in your favor. Still there is hint of hope that the good guy will win ! It’s like god’s affirmation you are in the right play at the right time.

    It is with thought I write hoping (like the lottery ticket). I would be selected to wearReebox all Terrain shoes.

    It would be a proud reminder that anything is possible!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  330. Hello:) after a bike acsident ive was so broken and lie on the coach fore mounts. I gain weight. Now 4years later ive lost those pound/kg (-18kg) in one year. So now i have decidded to go on a boot camp in spain whit norways best personaly trainer;) i have bout vlose. But still no shoes! I can promise you ghat they will be used;) hope to win:D best regards from norway;)

  331. 2014 is my year to take control of my health before my health takes control over me. No more excuses. My reason? I have a wonderful family that I want to be with for as long as I can. Last October, I did my first Mud Run and loved it. This year I plan on training to do a couple of 5k that I have never done. It’s time! Those shoes look amazing, too for these runs!

  332. I started running! Lost 24 kgs last year by going to the gym 3 days a week and eat different, and still loosing weight! Signed up for the ladiesrun 5k for pink ribbon with 4 of my girlfriends!!! So could really use the shoes!!!

  333. This year I’ve decided to participate in the CrossFit Open. Honestly, the Open scares me. There are still a few skills that I don’t quite have down yet. But I’ve chosen to step out of my comfort zone, push fear of the unknown aside, and put myself to the test both mentally and physically. The Open is the perfect test against ourselves and will ultimately reveal our own personal strengths and weaknesses, which can only lead to personal improvement. I want to prove that I’m capable of much more than I think I am.

  334. I will swim or walk everyday. I do my floor exercises every morning. Even though my husband is very tired after working with kids all day I still encourage him to work out every day. When it’s cold we power walk through the Mall. On weekends find places to go dancing. I like to kick the soccer ball around with my niece and play baseball with my nephew. I think a variety of exercise is the key. Thanks for inspiring us all.

  335. I am focusing on my core needs to be a whole person. Finding what makes me the most alive, the best version of myself. I am examining each facet of lifestyle & asking what benefits me & what hinders me from becoming more of my true self.

  336. Chris and Heidi are different from any other trainer’s I know. Weightloss is not a game or just a goal to them; they take a true investment in people and their personal well-being: body, mind, and soul. I have started to look deeper into my heart and mind and found that I was also not living life to the full and challenging myself, especially physically. This year I have decided to stop making excuses and push my limits. I am training for a half-marthon to run in October and many 5k’s along the way. Thanks Chris and Heidi!

  337. I broke my ankle in June and still struggling with some pain and swelling. I was working on becoming a “runner” (at 55) and have not been running since then. Looking for some shoes that will help me get back to at least walking!

  338. I had surgery on one of my knees right when I had the mentality of doing one last half marathon. I know I have it in me to still run the way I would like to, so I have decided to test my physical and mental capability by doing a 60 mile challenge in 6 weeks. Forces me to run shorter distance but total large amount. If I complete that, or when I do, I will then try For one last half marathon.

  339. I’m trying to be brave enough to do my second tough mudder this year! All I can hear is “boom” from the shocks every time I think of it, but I have to prove myself. I am tough and can’t let that PTSD hold me back!!!!!!

  340. This year I will be studying and getting my G.E.D. I dropped out
    Of high school in the middle of 9th grade. I had to drop out
    to help my family. I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for about 3 years
    Now & just recently I’ve started lifting heavy weights and I
    Am hoping to transform my body ๐Ÿ™‚

  341. I am starting over! I have always been a jogger. Nothing special, but I have developed Osteonecrosis of my distal femur and will have to have a bone graft soon! This will hopefully will get the blood flowing back to the bone and eventually stop the pain. It’s not debilitating, but makes it painful to run and dance in my favorite class Zumba! I have to have the surgery or the bone will die. I want to run a half marathon and it has been my a goal to hike Mt. Tempanogas in Utah. I love to run on the trail by my house and will continue to until my surgery in a few months. I have three kids to run with and at 36 I hardly think my life is over! Nothing can stop me!

  342. I have let go of people I’ve known for 13 years, I am not keeping quiet anymore, and if I am no longer going to be used, I am going to test myself and start thinking about me, my health, my thoughts, my feelings.. Before it was all about making others happy, this year plus every year after that I am going to include me!.and that’s a challenge I am willing to accept.

  343. Those look like that’s be great for my half marathon in estates park, co this summer. Was wondering what would be good for that and I found it!!!!

  344. I would loveeeee to win these shoes! I am training this year to participate in my first Tough Mudder this fall and these shoes sound perfect for that and any other race I run in!!!!

  345. Being healthy is everything to me…The most important thing is to never give up! If you have one bad day it’s ok! There’s always tmrw :] I’m always trying to inspire others to better them selfs…living your life to the fullest is what life is all about <3 love you guys! You inspire and help so many people and help open thier eyes too see there's so much more in life.

  346. I am currently working on getting myself healthy, and I am training for the spartan race this year. I want to show all those who never thought I could do a spartan race or lose the weight that I can. Most of all I want to get healthy so I can doing things with my son.

  347. What I am doing this year! Well I don’t know where to start….let’s start with the color run with my mom in Nuremberg Germany, to say good bye to this adventure. Follow by a spartan in Colorado probably…we moving in July to fort Carson. Plus let’s not forget the everyday hard core training I do daily serving in the United States Army. So my adventures I just the beginning this year to get stronger, fitter and faster.

  348. I have started my own weightless journey and finally it’s for ME! Not anyone else, & I’m fighting with that mentally as well as physically. It’s hard to believe in yourself when u put yourself down for so long. These would be awesome to get me started and do some outdoor obstacle courses! Thanks for being such a great inspiration!

  349. I am running my first full marathon, at 50 yrs old, in Portland in October. Since I’ve only been running consistently for 8 months, this will challenge me physically. Additionally, the training pushes me mentally to perform every run harder, faster, or longer.

  350. We started carb cycling the beginning of this year and joined a gym, that just opened up in our town, that has a crossfit room, cardio, weights and classes all in one. So excited to change our lives for good. Got the body assessment done today as well. Our big goal for this year is to walk up Madera Canyon and then eventually down the Grand Canyon. I am doing this, because my blood pressure has gotten too bad and I need to take back control of my life.

  351. Work hard, play hard. But ya have to have some nice shoes to support ya! I’m making my way through paramedic school. And in and out of the gym. Really need the weightloss , because how can i help in health care , when my health is not being taken care of. I feel like a winner, choose me:)

  352. I been diagnosed with fibromyalgia/lupus/raynauds …my wish for my self is to become a runner…how do I do that? How do I build muscle strength? How can I condition myself to overcome my pain? Looking for answers

  353. I am doing the spartan, I have been told all my life I can’t do this or that. I am training for the Spartan now because I want to prove to myself and everyone that no matter who you are you can accomplish anything. I will succeed.

  354. I’m testing my mental and physical abilities this year by becoming the legal custodian of my 12 and 14 year old sisters after my dad died two years ago and my mom started abusing drugs. What better way to test my parenting skills than starting fresh at 28!? In addition to working a full time job, keeping up a marriage and trying to better our health at home!

  355. Wow, I could really use these shoes since I don’t have any good exercise shoes and my one thing to do this year is hire a personal trainer and get fit (and lose 50 pounds) by going to the gym and following Chris’s carb cycling. Good shoes would certainly make this easier since my budget will barely handle the gym and/or trainer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  356. What am I doing? I have always tried to get in shape for everyone else. It’s hard to lose weight that way because the weight always comes back.. THIS TIME.. I’m finally doing it for me. I want to be healthy! I’m doing a simple work out at home instead of the old long sessions at the gym. This always discourage me because I was too sore the next day or my work schedule went way to late and my I made an excuse to go to the gym because I was too tired. Im hoping these shoes work for people with wide feet. I always have to get a size bigger for them to work because they are too tight.

  357. To challenge myself mentally and physically this year I am trying to figure out why I am the way I am. On weight loss shows everyone has a reason for their unhealthiness. I don’t feel like I do. I just keep getting fatter and disliking myself a little more. So this year I am trying to find out why I do what I do and how to fix it into the person I can become!

  358. I’ve struggled my whole life fighting the negative words told by family..this year is a pinnacle yr for me I just feel it! I have begun to do a lot more strength training & challenge myself in taking part in more strenuous hikes & other fitness challenges negative words kept me from!! I know I am with it!

  359. I work in a corporate job that I feel isn’t making a difference in the world, and it makes me sad. So I am going to start volunteering at a local animal shelter to give back and help those that can’t help themselves. Hopefully I don’t cry from all the joy on the first day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  360. Hi Heidi,
    In the last 7 months I have lost 80.7 lbs, my hubby 120lbs. W/options of diet pills or major surgery we opted for lifestyle change of…get this…diet and exercise!! We watch your husband’s show as inspiration! Had to change our relationship with food. We are are playing tennis 3-4 days a week, kickboxing 3 days a week, and so much more! Doing my 3rd half-marathon this November…for the 1st time weighing under 200lbs. I would love to sport these shoes on race day! Thanks for your time, and your efforts to get people healthy!

  361. Im going to start my weight loss journey by changing my eating habits and would like to maintain a regular workout schedule, I don’t only want to feel healthy I want to be a better mom to my boys and last them for a long time, I want to feel good about myself inner and outside and I want it to show too.

  362. This year I’ve committed to a healthy lifestyle all around. I’m exercising daily, eating good food and feel fantastic! I’m excited for this life change and am always looking for ways to improve and push myself. I’d love to work up to a marathon soon!, which I never thought I’d want to do… But now I know I can! #powellreebokgiveaway

  363. I am registered for the 2014 Spartan Military Sprint at Fort Carson, CO this coming May. I did it last year and realized how unprepared I was so this year I am training smarter. I am hoping to finish with a quicker time.

  364. I am testing my mental and physical abilities in many ways this year. I am a single parent working on my bachelors in nursing, which is a huge test itself. The back and forth everyday for school and clinicals, plus coming home to study and homeschool can take its toll…I break down a lot…but I still keep going…somehow?!

  365. My goal this year is to complete the Melbourne Tough Mudder winter challenge because last year i was not at my best and did not complete the course and i want to prove to myself i can.
    This year i have been dedicated to training very hard and with the support of my partner and friends who will be doing the challenge with me, i will complete the challenge.

  366. Chris & Heidi,
    Thanks so much for making this contest available! I walk from my house to the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario Canada. It takes me 6 hours to walk the 25 km walk. I am training to be able to walk to Ottawa on December 24th, 2014. It will be a long journey of approximately 12-15 days.
    I am doing this to raise awareness with Autism.
    I am trying to get the Government to educate parents and children with disabilities.
    Thanks to you and Chris I feel like I can accomplish anything.
    Pick me because I’m a perfect tester & very hard on shoes.
    Thanks guys…

  367. I am a mother of three and we area blended family. I have decided to take time to focus on me cuss if mama is not healthy and happy noone is. I run and do cardio weekley but am stepping up my game this year. I hiked camelback for the first time and look forward to adding crossfit and more hiking to my workout regiment. I need new shoes and would be very grateful if I won these.#powellreebokgiveaway

  368. I made a goal this year to get fit because of the toll being a stay at home mom of 3 little ones pretty close together (the csections 18 mo apart) on my body but recently I am realizing that exercising can also help with my panic attacks and anxiety disorder which really hold me back from being who I want for my family. I need any help I can get. ๐Ÿ™‚

  369. This year for the first time I running in my very first races I am running a 5K a all women’s race in Germany that is 6.4 and then a 10K my ultimate goal is to run a 1/2 this fall. I have never been a runner and this year is my year and I’m changing all that I now enjoy running and can’t wait to see what the rest of the year holds!! Thank you for this opportunity!!

  370. Would love a pair for me and my Spartacus. I’m competing at my very first Spartan Race March 22 in SC. My husband’s completed many of these races (I.e., Rugged Maniac, Ultimate Challenge Mud Run). We’ve been training, and I’m a lil’ nervous, but “strong is the new skinny!” I’m excited to complete the Spartan race with my biggest fan!

  371. #PowellReebokGiveaway
    I started doing crossfit (HIIT) workouts this year to really challenge myself for the first time physically and mentally from a daily/weekly routine. My wife is pushing me and I am pushing her to get more fit. I am instructing my PE middle school kids HIIT workouts too. I have a student who’s lost 40 lbs this year! yeah!

  372. omg I would love to get these I need a good pair for exercise the one I have hurt after a bit. I was hoping they would have some shoes at the sports and fitness expo but dang none there . we just signed up for our fist run the color run here in salt lake anyhow me and my son Devryn are on our weightloss journey I love your show they are amazing inspiration thank you

  373. I would love these for my very first Medieval Mud Run, I am competing in this summer. I am so excited to say I am getting serious about getting healthy this year, not only for myself but for my daughter too. Thank you for all that you do.

  374. I looking forward to running my first triathlon in September. Two years ago, my husband and I did a sprint triathlon. Last summer I ran my first half marathon. This year we’re tackling the Olympic triathlon. New shoes for training would e a great blessing!

  375. The reason I am training for these races is to run them in honor of my grandmother who recently passed away from lung cancer just a couple of weeks ago. It never failed, she always called during my races or I went straight to visit her afterwards so any race from here on out will be run in her memory.

  376. I am doing the Alberta Ride to conquer cancer. It’s a two day, 200 km ride. I have had family and friend who had cancer. Some foes and some are survivors? I ride for them. The ride is in August from Calgary to the Rocky Mountains. This is my first ride.

  377. I am currently training for a 10k. After my 10k is over I will continue to train to run a half marathon. I will be needing new show but can not afford new ones!! New running shoes are usually my Christmas gift but this year I got Weight Watchers paid for 3 months instead to help with the eating portion of my change lifestyle.

  378. My goal is to get back to my pre-baby weight … And my babies are 19 and 16.5 years old. As i near my mid 40’s I want to make sure I take the best care of myself that I can to ensure I am healthy and around for many more years! I am hoping these shoes will give me the support I need to start running outside again…!! Other shoes seem to give me problems with my ankles and/or knees! Love you guys!

  379. I have been CrossFitting fit a year and a half in the same pair of shoes. I’ve signed up for the CrossFit Open, not because I think I am good enough for the games but because I want to show myself how far I’ve come in the last year. My life has changed so much. I’d just gotten out of an abusive relationship and I feel stronger than ever physically, mentally and emotionally. I plan to continue on this journey of strength

  380. Ok so I am taking a huge exam in May covering material I learned 23 years ago! I have decided to move away from Colorado and give Florida a try. I always use weather as an excuse for not getting outside and I am ready for warm weather year round so I can eliminate that excuse for not getting into shape. I hope to meet the love of my life when my fat stomach is gone and live happily ever after!

  381. I am going to complete the Spartan Trifecta- at 45 with a bad back- I can either let myself become debilitated with pain or push my body to the limits and live a life worth living #PowellReebokGiveaway

  382. I?m quickly approaching my 39th birthday in March. Realizing that this is my last full year in my 30?s I?ve decided to ?do more? this year. First, I?m not a runner and never have been however last week me and my BFF signed up for the Sabino Canyon Sunset run in April. That?s 7.5 miles!! Are you familiar with this run?? It?s in Tucson. Am I crazy?? This will be my ultimate physical and mental challenge. #PowellReebokGiveaway

  383. Heidi,
    You and Chris are such an amazing couple. You both beam with happiness, joy and love. My husband is a runner and I would love a new pair of running shoes to keep up with him!

  384. I have lost 40lbs this last year I was having to use insulin and now I do not thanks for the inspiration and I would love to try the new shoes out.

  385. I realize I went WAY over 100 words, re-do…

    I would love reebok shoes!
    I’ve decided to get in shape, I’m doing this for me and my family… For the healthy pregnancy, births and life that I want to have, I know I need to be in shape. I started going to the gym and eating healthy. Each week is to burn 2500cal with cardio, in addition I challenge myself weekly in the weight room. I’m now down 20lbs. I now have a new desire to be healthy, I actually love working out! You guys are great role models, I am so thankful you both do what you do.

  386. I’m a mom of three, 2 girls & 1 boy. I’m trying to get back in shape. This would be a great shoe for me to run around my neighborhood and threw the park next to my house with my kids. Michigan weather is great for these shoes cause it is unpredictable. You never know what to expect.

  387. After breast cancer and an end to a 14 year abusive marriage, I find myself a 41 year old mother at 215 lbs and desperate for change. I joined Orangetheory and I am excited to start my transformation on Monday. I live in Colorado, so these shoes would be PERFECT for my local hikes and trail walks.

  388. Well testing my limits seems to be what I do best so this year I’m actually going on an adventure tour in New Zealand…sure it may seem like nothing, but it will be the first time I will be sky diving and that to me is huge mainly because is their anything crazier you can do than willingly jump out of a plane with nothing thinner than a sheet to save you? In the mean time you guys are so lucky I would have killed for these shoes during my Spartan Race.

  389. My goal is not only to get fit and live a healthy life style, but I really want to set and meet the goal of running a half marathon. Every time I start running, my feet and legs kill me and I give up, but I’m not giving up this time! These shoes would be great to have!!

  390. To love more – to love my family & myself. My 13 month old daughter still doesn’t even come close to sleeping through the night leaving me exhausted most days. I continue to work out daily, even if it is only for 15 minutes. The goal is to keep motivated.

  391. On March 8 2014, i am going to the open interview for extreme weighloss. In Los Angeles. In the meantime, I started weight watchers

  392. Every year I raise money for the cure for Cancer and I run/walk 9 miles. May not seem like much, but some of it is uphill and this girl has chronic asthma and I am also an ovarian cancer survivor. I raise the money for not only a cure for my best friends mom who has stage 4 cancer, but also for those people I don’t know that have no family to help them through this debilitating disease. My grandmother recently passed away from cancer and my next run will be for her.

  393. Snow is EVERYWHERE these shoes just might make me believe it will eventually melt so I can SEE the terrain ๐Ÿ™‚ I totally <3 the Powell Pack

  394. Joining a gym for the first time in 20 years on Monday…turning 40 this year and want to become the person I know I have always been inside.
    My dad suffered 3 strokes in the past year, and I know I do not want to put my daughter through the grief of seeing her parent that way. It’s now or never…
    These shoes would be a great “go me” gift! ๐Ÿ™‚

  395. I have learned do much from the Powell’s!
    It would just be such a nice next “step” to be hikin’ with Reebok All Terrain shoes!
    It was a year ago that I weighed 48 lbs heavier wondering if I could get to that healthy lifestyle…. Now I can’t wait to see what’s next, a hike up a mountain maybe ? Isn’t the sky the limit:)

  396. AROO! I’ve lost over a hundred pounds. Twice. Meaning I did it once, gave up and had to do it all over again. My weight is a constant battle. And despite working out five days a week, over the past few months I’ve gained. I’ve come close to giving up again, but refuse to go down without a fight. I just completed the Tampa Spartan Sprint. It wasn’t pretty, but I finished. I’m signing up for the Tough Mudder in November and I want to do more than just finish, I want to kick it’s butt! And I would love to do it, in those new shoes!!! Please?

  397. I’m striving to get back into the shape I was before I got sidelined with a knee injury ‘& surgery! I am so wanting to run a half marathon. I just need to get out of my own way! Plus on February 26 it is my anniversary. That would be awesome!

  398. Sadly I have let myself get out of shape after my 4th baby, who was a big, but amazing surprise. There was a lot going on in our life at the time and it took its toll. So now he is 14 months old and I am using this year to refocus and get back into shape. I have already let go of 15 lbs and am still taking steps for more. My goal is to be happy with me. Plus it’s a lot of fun to keep in shape with running around with my beautiful kids. So I am testing my physical capacity by pushing it to the limits and being happy with me!

  399. I would love a pair of reebok shoes!
    This year I have decided to get in shape, I am doing this for me and my family. My husband and I would like to start growing our family, within the next 2yrs… For the healthy pregnancy, births and life that I want to have, I know I need to be in shape. So I am starting now! I am almost 25, newly married and since high school I have gained at least 65lbs. In January I started going to the gym and eating healthy. My goal each week is to burn 2500cal with cardio and in addition I challenge myself weekly in the weight room. So far I have lost 20lbs and I now have a new desire to be healthy, I actually love working out! Never though I’d say that in my life! I love watching extreme weight loss, Chris is so motivating and you can tell he truly cares about each person. I also loved seeing Heidi working out and staying healthy during her pregnancy. Which is so motivating to see, since my biggest motivation to get healthy is for my future children. You guys are great role models for the world and I am so thankful you both do what you do.

  400. I would love these shoes, because I have horrible problems with my feet. Everyday is a constant struggle to workout because of my feet hurt so bad. Unfortunately I have to get extremely painful cortisone shots in my feet just to function! I am not going to let it stop me from working out! A great sturdy shoe is exactly what I need to help me stay healthy and active so I can set a great example for my grand babies!

  401. After years of being the fat girl, I started a mental & physical journey to fitness in April 2013. To date I have lost 67#! Size 18 to size 4. I started running last fall & found I love it. I still have toning to do but I am on my way.

  402. 6 weeks out from my 3rd baby. I’m dying to lift heavy things and do yoga. Once I get back into it, I plan on working daily meditation into the mix. Thank you for the opportunity!

  403. I am coming off of an achilies injury after running the Wasatch Back series of the Ragnar races. I am excited to get to be out on the pavement again. I have enjoyed flcross training in the pool and would like to add in some trail running as I get stronger and the snow melts a little more. My goals for this year is a spartan race in August. And to start things off a 5k withy daughters soccer team in March and a half marathon in July. These shoes would be awesome!! Thanks for inspiring me everyday and for your positive thoughts and posts!!

  404. Starting my healthy living journey…learning about carb cycling, have an 11 mo old very active German Shepherd, began a zumba class. Have had extensive leg injuries/surgeries. Look forward to a shoe that will allow me to be active and more adventurous.

  405. This year I want to be a better role model for my kiddos, which includes so many things. Last year my oldest and I ran/walked 2 5ks an now running is our thing. I hope to continue that and teach them being healthy both with exercise and good eating choices. I know you only wanted one thing but I’m working on getting closer to God to after all if your not spiritually fit I don’t think you feel as complete just being physically fit.

  406. Meet you both at Disney and it was an honor. Keep being an inspiration to so many. Thanks for all you both do. #PowellReebokGiveaway

  407. These would be the best addition to my work on the loss of the 150 lbs I have to lose! I’ve lost 100 already but hit a slump and need a kick to get me going again!! PleaseET ME WIN!!!

  408. I would love to win these. My goal is to lose 70lbs. I am turning 40 this year and I am very determined. Four years, two months ago I chose, at 35, to begin my college career.I am beginning my clinical rotation, as a respiratory therapist in June, at the Oregon Institute of Technology . I am so ready to help people, but at the same time I feel I am not 100%. I have gained 40 lbs since I started this program. I think to my self at times,” how can I fully help patients, as an RT, when I have been neglecting my own body”? I want to make a change and my husband wants me to start hiking a local hill called, Hogsback with him, if I had a pair of these this would be an awesome motivator for me.

  409. I need these shoes NOW!!! I have lost over 140 pounds in the last three years.I still have about 60 more pounds to go. I work out 6 days a week. It hasn’t been easy, but so worth it. Five years ago I never thought I’d be able to walk to the end of the block, let alone just get inside my house. I actually drove an electric scooter for two years. I had two knee replacements, followed by four hip replacements due to multiple infections. This May I’m challenging myself to a 1/2 marathon. I’m so excited for the next part of my life, and look forward to each an every day. I can’t wait for all the new and exciting things I get to do. It would be great to have a new pair of shoes!!

  410. i’m from canada,in quebec..will be nice to have one of these and i go in a boot camp in mexique in april 2014…oh i reallly need them..excuse my english !

  411. I believe that in order to continue moving forward, I should do things that make me feel uncomfortable and are challenging. Last July I walked into Crossfit Triton and started eating Paleo along with Chris Powells carb cycling plan. I’ve lost 125 lbs and am continuing to lose more. This year I’m planning on doing a Tough Mudder. I am participating in other obstacle races to get ready for the big race in October. As much as I would love these shoes, please give them to someone who really needs the motivation. My Crossfit family (and my family and friends) have given me so much support and moivates me that I hope these shoes will motivate someone else. I wish that everyone on a similar journey could feel as empowered as I do.

  412. This year I have a few goals. The first being to complete my first spartan race! I have been doing the 30/30?s from the website. My second goal is to complete the michigan Susan g Komen 3day in michigan this year. I?m hoping to raise more than my $2300 minimum. The third goal I have is to help my brother in law figure out his success towards a healthier lighter him. I have been training to become personal trainer certified and hope to help impact many lives this year. The challenge for me comes from balancing all the training, school, fundraising, working full time, part time, and lastly not giving up when the going gets tough. So I hope you will consider me to win these shoes. I wear size 11 and can almost never find a good pair that fits me. This would greatly help me!#PowellReebokGiveaway

  413. For the last several years, every time I tried to exercise, I immediately ran out of breath. It got to the point that just making my bed left me gasping. After a near death experience in the ER and several specialists later, it was discovered that I had a 90% blockage in my airway by scar tissue. Three weeks ago I had laser and balloon dilution surgery.I finally have my life back. I celebrated by buying Chris’ new book that I just started…Would be so grateful to have these shoes to celebrate my life in style!

  414. This year I have a few goals. The first being to complete my first spartan race! I have been doing the 30/30’s from the website. My second goal is to complete the michigan Susan g Komen 3day in michigan this year. I’m hoping to raise more than my $2300 minimum. The third goal I have is to help my brother in law figure out his success towards a healthier lighter him. I have been training to become personal trainer certified and hope to help impact many lives this year. The challenge for me comes from balancing all the training, school, fundraising, working full time, part time, and lastly not giving up when the going gets tough. So I hope you will consider me to win these shoes. I wear size 11 and can almost never find a good pair that fits me. This would greatly help me!

  415. Hi Heidi and Chris, when I first met you both at A mountain on 8/11/12 I was at the beginning of my journey,since then I have dropped 327lbs with 55lbs to go. These shoes will be awesome for my training for spartan race 2015! AROO!

  416. My family and I have decide to commit this year to be more active and eat healthy. It’s been a struggle in the beginning of January but then as February moves on, we are getting the habit of moving. As a family we are doing mountain biking during weekends and eating more veggies and fruits in our diet and less meat. As for me, I had my first 5k already last year and this coming March I will have my 4th 5k. I want to improve to 10k and so forth. My new motto New year new me and No more excuses.

  417. Totally want to try these. We are a Spartan family and travel as far as Utah for races. We saw you both at this years Az Spartan Sprint. Be very careful you both will get hooked on gettin dirty! ๐Ÿ™‚

  418. I am on a great journey this year. I am already down 20 pounds following Chris’ plan. I feel great and am challenging myself every day to get off the couch and get moving. I have been doing Tae Bo 5 days a week and am proving to myself every day that I can do this and my body is amazing. I challenge myself mentally every day to get myself to believe I am worth it and that I can do anything I put my mind to. I am proud of myself and am learning to love myself in my body now and my future body. Thanks! Nan

  419. This year I am focusing on overcoming my fear of heights. Im scared of climbing ropes and, afraid my legs will die out on me while biking up long hills. These shoes would help motivate me in my journey.

  420. Been tring to figure out what to say for the past few hours, so here is some of what I have strived for first and most important to always give God the glory for what he does no matter the out come and it has not been easy I guess it’s a bucket list lol, ok I run and first 1/2 was last years pf Chang then a few 5ks and a 10k and just finished IMS 1/2 marathon again it was awesome , well the next thing I want to do is the pike peak in Colorado. So the shoes would be well used for that training! There is more that could be shared but not enough room, if you want to know I can share !!!

  421. Could really use these went threw cancer and 3 other surgery’s. Started working out again. These would be so AWESOME Thank You Love you guy’s you and your husband are awesome and your kids are Beautiful

  422. I, too, completed the Sprint in Az & am in the market for new shoes. The shoes i currently use are recommended for such races but the drainage is less than desired. My goal this year is to complete my trifecta with Spartan. I learn more about myself with each race I complete. I am challenging myself to be a healthier, stronger me in 2014. It would be a blessing to be chosen to use these shoes . #PowellReebokGiveaway

  423. This year I’m planning on entering a 6 mile race/obstacle course. I ran my first 5K race last September. I became a runner last year and started out slow, but I’ve learned to love it! These shoes would be so amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!

  424. I am 43 years young and slightly overweight and has been a constant battle. This year I am taking care of ME. I have signed up for my very first obstacle race ever in my life. I am currently training by way if a treadmill only for this race. I would love these shoes and can always use a new pair of “go fasters”.

  425. I am planning on running my first big race since having my second baby almost a year ago… A “hat trick” this year: running Runners world’s 5k 10k and half marathon all in one weekend!

  426. Awesome give away you both are great in all you do. Motivate me everyday to follow eating and exercise habit. Thank you both

  427. This year I am starting the beginning of a long journey to the career of my dreams – grad school! I will be getting my PhD in Clinical Psychology with the goal of researching and educating others on adolescent depression. I truly believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind and will be making fitness a priority this time around while in school!

  428. it all started on 2/7/13
    my one real goal was to lose 100 pounds in one year..
    i lost 96 :D! … i am not mad with myself i didnt hit my 100 pounds.. no, not at all..
    i am pleased with the hard work i self.. no one to help me..
    i did have my family whispering in my ear i can do it.. and i can, i did…
    i am really happy with this.. i am now 380 pounds!..i started at 479..
    i did my first 5k color walk/run for a birthday gift from my baby sister tiffany who did it with me!..
    last year and i did it in a hour and 30 mins..
    its another one coming this year.. and i am going do it.. and try to beat my time..i want under a hour!
    i think the new shoes would so help ๐Ÿ™‚

  429. I need a pair
    they are just awesome and i just want to walk with them and work out
    i have a specific objective for this year losing out weight and to gain strength. Im determined for it.

    i love working out and walking but its always hard to find a pair of shoes when you have knee and feet problems
    a pair of these would just be nice

  430. I am hoping to not only kick start my journey to a healthier life but to re-connect with my husband by doing the outside activities we once used to do. (Country running, trail hiking and bike riding)
    To a happy life and future endeavors !

  431. I started my get fit & lose the fluff journey on 5/31/12.
    I lost over 80 pounds in about 9 months, then hit a wall.
    Almost a year later my body is still ‘stuck’ decided in 2014 to change up my workout routine. Since taking up cycling last summer my goal in 2014 is to do the STP(Seattle to Portland) along with improving my half marathon time & Iron Girl Tri-Athlon time.
    Cycling has been a huge new focus & passion!

  432. Need a pair to get rid of this skinny fat problem im having…i think hiking could hrlp with thus symtom…

  433. just thinking today after kickboxing that i should invest in a new pair of shoes after sliding on the floor during stretching. would love to try some of these out for class and running ๐Ÿ™‚

  434. I have lost about 35 lbs, but need to lose about 60 more. This year, I’ve decided to push my exercise up a notch by participating in a ROC race…..very similar to the wipeout game show. I can’t wait!. The shoes would be perfect as I train for this race.!

  435. Need these!!! To keep up with my running pal Melissa Karkowski!! Here in good ol’ Shadyside Ohio!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you guys!!!!! Run On, and Get Dirty!!!!

  436. I would love these! I have a BIG goal to get in the best shape of my life before I hit 40. I plan to run the Northface Endurance Challenge in September which is 1/2 road race and 1/2 trail…these would be perfect! I can’t wait to see my kids cheering for me at the finish line!