May 27 – Top Travel Tips on “The List”

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Tune in Tuesday, May 27, to “The List” for Chris and my top ideas for traveling – just in time for the summer! 6:30pm in Phoenix. Check your local ABC listings.

8 Responses

  1. Hi ,
    Am priscilla from Ghana .I love ur show and u guys are my roll model.I never miss ur programs on tv.Am 21 yrs living with my husband,we love to be on ur show and that’s our dream we both weigh over 100 pounds or more we feel so shy to go out and it very hard to transform our selfs .I am allergic to vegetables (i ve never tasted them since I was born)and some kind of fruits .I Want to loose weight for our relationship to grow strong we need ur help plz

  2. F?licitation! pour le b?b? nouvellement venus dans votre famillle
    Je suis une admiratrice inconditionnelle, cependant Jai besoin d’aide pour perdre du poids.
    SVP aidez-moi!Comment puis-je vous rencontrer…en fran?ais si possible

    1. Hi Chantal: (Convertis en utilisant Google Translate) Aide est sur le chemin! D?couvrez le programme cyclisme en glucides Chris et Heidi dans leur livre, “Choisissez Plus, Lose Plus pour la vie.” Le livre contient leur programme de nutrition et l’exercice complet, et ce est le m?me que celui qu’ils utilisent sur le spectacle. Il vous apprendra tout ce que vous devez savoir et faire pour atteindre votre propre transformation! Pour tout savoir sur ici: Vous pouvez le faire!

  3. I am looking for a great personal trainer for my daughter in the Atlanta, Georgia area. She wants this as a gift for her Birthday. Do you know of anyone in this area?

    Thanks and I love your Show,

    1. I’m so sorry, but I don’t have that type of resource. I’d check the site of some of the top personal training organizations (NASM, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, and others), and often they’ll have a directory of certified personal trainers. Good luck! 🙂

  4. I missed this episode, is there anything written about this somewhere else. I love you guys and what you do. You are amazing!

  5. I take thyroid meds @ 5am and I am not supposed to eat or take any other meds for 2 hours. Can I still do this even though I have to wait for two hours after awakening?

    1. With any medication, it’s best to follow your doctor’s instructions and work your eating schedule around your medications. You’ll be totally fine! 🙂

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