A Modern Day Father’s Day + Reebok Nano 4.0 Giveaway

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I just got word of the who the lucky winner is for a brand new, not-yet-released Nano 4.0?s! A Huge congrats to: Scott Johnson

?My father has been a shining example of how to live ones life. He gives until he literally has nothing left to give. He has taught me to never judge anyone by what they do or how they look. Everyone has their own cross to bear and we need to do what we can in helping them, is what I heard everyday growing up. He is an amazing man who has left is print on the world.?

Please email me at derek (at) chrispowell (dot) com so I can get? your information to get you your Nano 4.0’s. Thanks for everyone who took part. We loved reading the posts about the special fathers in your lives. Stay tuned for more fun giveaways!!?:)


Father?s Day is EXTRA special around our house because??.we have 2 dads we get to celebrate! While many may see our split family and feel sad for us, we all feel incredibly grateful to be a part of each other?s lives. And I am not exaggerating one little bit. Sure, it has been (and can be) tough at times?but what non-split family doesn?t have tough times too, ya know? What I can say is that there is more silver-lining to our situation than anything else ?. To name a few:

? While Chris is the biological dad of Cash and Ruby, and Derek is the biological dad of Matix and Marley, all 4 of them really do have two dads. Derek and Chris both love all 4 kids like they are their own. For those of you that know us, you have witnessed this and can attest to this truth!

? We all get 2 times as much support, care, and concern. Legit ? whether Chris is on the road or not, we all know and feel safe having Derek as our extra set of eyes on our family. No, he does not live with us (ha!) but he cares deeply about everyone in our home, and is our family?s second source of protection at all times.

? The kids get to bring 2 dads to school on Parent Career Day, and get 2 dads to help out during school holiday parties ?. It?s pretty amazing with all 3 of us there!

? And the kids? favorite thing: There are 2 dads to hug them, tease them, teach them, and love them ?.

Like these kiddos, I feel incredibly blessed to have both of these two dads in my kiddos? lives. It isn?t luck that got us here though?it?s hard work on all of our parts, especially those two men. It takes both of them (and me, of course) starting every single day by remembering what is most important in their lives?our kids. We all know that as long as we keep that in mind, put the kids first, and our disagreements second, it will all work out ?. Thanks to our hard work (especially the efforts from Chris and Derek), we are all not only an amazing, modern family?but also awesome friends ?.

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So what did we get these 2 amazing fathers for Father?s Day? Some pretty good stuff, I gotta admit! Taking a step back, none of this?and I mean none of this?would be possible without my amazingly talented helpers ? Tayla and Kalala (as Cash pronounces their names). Tayla and Kalala knew I wanted something heartfelt from the kiddos, and boy did they ever produce! Within about 5 hours of texting them my plea for help, they came up with these?

Father's Day Gift

Derek got one too?but I don?t have a pic of his ?. So cute though.

Now from Mom. I can?t tell you what I got Derek yet, because he hasn?t opened it (and he is going to help me post this blog ? I?d hate to spoil it!). But for Chris? Only the not-yet-released Nano 4.0?s ?. I?m not sure who what more excited about opening them?Cash or Chris? You tell me!

As a Happy Father’s Day to all you fathers out there, I am giving away?another pair of these yet-to-be-released Nano 4.0’s!! Use the Rafflecopter below to enter to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The blog post comment can be about your husband or father. πŸ™‚ The deadline is Monday night at 9:00pm (EST) and we’ll choose a winner at random who has completed all 5 steps.

Happy Father?s Day to all you fathers out there?modern or traditional!!


451 Responses

  1. My dad is great because he’s supportive when I need it and understands the things that are important to me. But he also is constantly trying to instill independence and responsibility in my sister and I.

  2. My father is amazing bc although he is my step-dad – from day 1 has supported me and loved me like I was his biological daughter – and his name is Chris too – must be in the name!

  3. My husband is a one of a kind father because he had a horrible role model for a father and yet has exceeded my expectations as a daddy to our 2 girls!

  4. I loved this post! My husband comes from a split family and sadly it’s not at all like this! I’m glad someone out there Is doing it right and trying to make it all work (even though it can be difficult).

  5. My husband is am awesome father to our 2 boys Declan and Jaxon. He works so very hard so that I am able to stay home with our boys. And on top of that he wakes up at 2am 5 days a week to go to the gym so that he doesn’t have to go after his shift and miss out on time with our boys. I truly couldnt have asked for a better husband and father for my children.

  6. My dad is 81 years old, he has had emphysema for 23 years, hospice wonders how he keeps going, yet every morning regardless of how he can barely breathe, oxygen tube and all he walks on his treadmill for 20 minutes each morning. He truly is an inspiration to me and I think of him on days I don’t feel like exercising… I have no excuses cuz of his example.

  7. My dad was not very involved in my life even though he and my mom are married. We just don’t have that close father/ daughter relationship. However, as I have gotten older I have made an effort to reach out more to him and make him be involved! πŸ™‚ He is more than making up for it with my children! He has been doing daycare for my three year old daughter since she was a baby! My dad and I are getting closer as the years go on! I really truly love him!

  8. My dad overcame a childhood in foster care, orphanages and delinquency to become an amazing father and change the family cycle for us. He is the best dad!’

  9. My husband is an amazing dad to our 5 year old son, Gavin. The past year has a big year of fitness for us and I’d love to be able to surprise him with this giveaway!

  10. nothing but tough love from my dad since the day I could remember, and for that, I am so very thankful for. I am the strong, independent, kind, strong-willed woman that I am today because of his influence and discipline.

  11. My father wasn’t the type of father I would like to remember so every day my husband and I strive to give our kids the childhood memories they deserve. Live, Laugh, Love <3

  12. As a father of three, I now know the true, Christlike, unconditional love my father had for me growing up; something you cannot fully appreciate until you have children of your own.

  13. As a mom in a “split family” who doesn’t have quite the same level of … support … from the ex, I congratulate all three of you for making this work for the sake of the children. I understand how difficult it can be but the reward is worth it. Thanks for being role models for what is possible if all three parties focus.

  14. My father and I have a bitter relationship after I came out to my family about 10 years ago despite all my efforts to prove him that I am still the same but I still love him and miss him when he is not around.
    I also have another father figure — the father of my boyfriend. He accepted me as a part of his family and supported me from day one. I am grateful to have him in my life!
    Happy father’s day to both of you!!!

  15. Grateful for a great husband who loves and supports me….. and splits all the chores of being a parent with me! Hes involved in everything and that makes him pretty incredible in my book

  16. My dad is one of a kind because he’s always been willing to teach me anything and he’s such a patient teacher. I love him for that.

  17. My dad is a total character – a very supportive and encouraging one! My husband, while not yet a father, is going to be great – so caring, nurturing, and engaged. I can’t wait! <3

  18. My Husband Chris is a wonderful dad to my son, his son, our son, and to our 2 adopted daughters. He has proven time and again that biology does not make you a dad it is your actions.

  19. My husband is a wonderful father and grandfather he has sacrificed so much for our family over the years.

  20. My dad has always been the quiet, non-threatening laid back guy. And he is one of a kind because I can not see him for months or talk for weeks, but we pick up right where we left off. It’s like old friends.

  21. My dad is the best because he taught us all to be strong and independent (which sometimes drives my husband crazy!)

  22. My dad is a big reason I am the person I am today! He has been my greatest friend, mentor, coach, teacher, and one of the best cheer leaders throughout my life. I love, admire, and respect him for all he has done, and continues to do for me.

  23. My hubby is a favorite Dad in my life. He is a great Daddy to our girls. He has been a great example to them with his unconditional love, caring and hardwork.

    His most recent example has been to start working out and taking care of his body physically. I am so proud that he has lost about 25 pounds and look great.

  24. Growing up on the farm here in MN my Dad always tried to make everything seem fun and make sure my brothers and I understood that anything can be accomplished through hard work, understanding, and learning to deal with set backs in a positive manner. I try to remember everything he taught me (he died when I was 17) and teach it to my own kids.

    On a sidenote I wish my ex-husband were understand that everything should be about the kids and not himself…

  25. My dad would take us fishing and camping as young kids. considering we had 8 of us it was a real challenge as my mom would never go.

  26. Your family is amazing. Not only are you fit and beautiful but you have it together mentally too! Keep teaching everyone what it’s really about! We love watching you and Chris transform people’s lives!

  27. He always put his love for God first and then his love for his children. And we are all the better for it.

  28. I would love to win these for my husband who not only works 80 hours a week to support our family but also is training to run a half marathon with me in October. These would be a lot better or him then his kicks from kohls. He is one amazing father to our four girls!

  29. My dad has a spirit of adventure. When we were little he flew planes, and was in the process of building a plane. He would talk the amusement park attendants into letting me on the rides, even though I was short! Now he rides a Harley. He always encourages me to be bold, work hard and live life to the fullest.

    1. sorry – my Dad is too cool to just use one sentence, so here is my one sentence for the contest!

  30. Big Daddy my hubby is an amazing Father to my two kids in my heart its as if he was their biological Dad. His love care thoughtfulness is amazing. Our kids learn life lessons from him each and everyday. We are Blessed.

  31. I am the oldest of my father’s 12 kids and the only one he doesn’t make an effort to talk to. 1999 was the first time I had heard from my dad in my 19 years of life and 2006 was the last time I had talked to my dad directly. The last thing he said was how much he loved me and was so proud of me. Yet he makes no effort to be in my life even a tiny bit… what a great father.

  32. My father is fantastic, because he did the come into my life until I was 16, but he treats me just like his biological children. He also a fabulous grandfather to my kids. I couldn’t ask for a better dad.

  33. My father is one of a kind for so many reasons, but one reason in particular is that growing up, he would pick me up from my Grammys house (who watched me after school) on the way home from work and would take me to a new playground each week to spend time with just me and him before going home to the rest of our family. I am the youngest of three, and my older sisters are 7 and 5 years older than me, and I think it was important for him to spend time with me alone and I am forever grateful for those memories. Happy Father’s Day to all those who are lucky enough to hold that title!

  34. My daddy has 10 kids,a wonderful wife and mother to all 10 children, and a bum hip and yet still finds time to show up at my house when the smoke alarm is going off due to a dead battery and I call him freaking out because I am convinced it’s the co2 monitor.

  35. I don’t have Twitter, so that kind of sucks.
    But I adore my husband. He sacrifices for our family, and is so good and honest. I love him like crazy

  36. Both of my dads (step dad and biological dad) are amazing, my dad works 16hrs or more almost 7 days a week somedays more then 16, and still makes time to talk to me on the phone when I call. Wish I had more time to spend with him. My stepdad has always been there for me raising me like his own son supporting me in my ventures and crazy ideas and always there when I need him. Both of my dads have done an awesome job raising me I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it wasn’t for them

  37. My step-dad, Cliff, has always treated my brother and I as though we were his own children. We love him lots!! He has never owned a cool pair of kicks and he’d really enjoy these!!

  38. My dad is one of a kind because I accidentally drove his car into our house as a teenager and he never once condemned me for it. Haha

  39. My father came to the US with nothing, he made a lot of sacrifices for my family. My husband is a great man as well and has always worked hard to support our family. Both my father and husband are hard working men that I love a lot.

  40. My dad is amazing because he is always supportive and there for me when I need him. Not many Dad’s are willing to stay up to talk to their daughter to make sure she makes it home safely! We are many miles apart but I know I can depend on him for anything!!

  41. My dad and I got a chance to bond over sports and I love how he puts up with my snark commentary while watching games. I also love how he has supported me and allowed me to pursue my crazy dreams.

  42. My dad is amazing! He worked his butt off as a single parent, and now he’s battling cancer. He’s determined to kick it’s butt too!

  43. It may have taken him to the age of 78, but my dad has finally embraced healthy living and is now down 160 pounds. I’m very proud of him.

  44. I just want to say how refreshingly nice it is to see a “broken” family come together you are so right is not how we feel as adults it is all about the children we are raising nothing more!!

  45. I don’t know much about my dad, but seeing my husband with my kids has taught me so much about what a great dad really is. πŸ™‚

  46. I have a wonderful Christian father and a wonderful Christian husband who is a wonderful father to our girls. I truly couldn’t be more blessed.

  47. My dad taught me how to work hard and responsible for my actions. Was always there for me no matter what. Most of all he taught me how to be a good father.

  48. My dad isn’t here anymore but I’m thankfuli get his legacy to share with my own children

  49. My dad is a big kid at heart, adventurous. I was blessed with the same gene, love him for that (and so many more reasons)!

  50. I’m thankful that my dad became a Christian and sober 16 years ago and completely turned away from a lifetime of alcoholism. I’m very thankful that he chose to be a father instead of an alcoholic and I’m thankful that we have a great relationship today! πŸ™‚

  51. My dad is tops because he showed me being a dad is a blessing not a burden. I have 3 young girls and trying to get in shape. I discovered crossfit and it has been the only fitness thing I enjoy. I’m hooked. Been doing it 7 months and so far down 30 lbs! Still doing work though!

  52. There are five children in my family. My dad worked two jobs to support us but he still had the time to make each one of us feel special.

  53. My dad is one of a kind because even when he doesn’t like for me to be away from him (thousands and thousands of miles away) he gives me his blessings and he supports my dreams.

  54. My dad is the best because he is a jack of all trades. There is not a think he cannot do in my mind!

  55. Getting healthier as we get older and maybe wiser cannot be done in a vacuum or such as “no man is an island” theory… for this I am thankful for all the blogs and posts that both Heidi Powell and Chris Powell share with all of us so lovingly. As my dad is now 71 he has 3 major health issues including Valley Fever – so eating better and exercising has to be a part of our lives. Thank you Powell family for opening up your family to ours… Thanks πŸ˜‰

  56. My dad & family always made Christmas a huge event so when my brother & I got older, my dad still wanted that child-like Christmas spirit so he became a mall Santa. Not just any mall santa but he has been voted best mall santa for 24yrs out of his 26 years! Hes had custom made leather boots made, blacksmith made santa belt, cloak & staff. He is beautiful. He also visits the local childrens hospital where we live in Ottawa Ontario Canada every year. It was great to see you posted a pic of Chris & Matix when they were here kn Ottawa on May 3rd in your fathers day blog. It was a dream come true to meet Chris.

  57. Where do I start? There’s a lot that makes my dad unique. Most of which you’d have to know him to appreciate. But the thing I love most about my dad is the way he makes me laugh whether he means to or not.

  58. I admire your family. You are an inspiration to so many people. I enjoy watching EWL and wish I could be chosen. I visit your website often but have yet to go there when applications are being accepted. I have lost about 55 lbs since 2009 and still have 100 lbs to go. I have a Disneyland trip planned with my best friend in May 2015 and hope to be 50 lbs lighter by then. Thank you again for all you do. May God continue to bless you and your beautiful family.

  59. You both are very inspiring! My dad has always been very quiet but.. His eyes say all that needs to be said in most situations! As a kid he could give you a look and you just knew what you were doing was wrong! Now I have 4 boys under 6 and I always feel like I’m always hollering about something! So I really appreciate the way my dad raised us I te quiet manner and I wish that I could be more that way! It inspires me each day! And I’m thankful that each morning is a new day to try to be more like my dad.

  60. My dad is always there to pick me up when i have fallen and he has always been in my life, no matter what’s going on.

  61. I actually don’t have much of a relationship wth my dad, but my HUSBAND is the absolute best dad ever! He loves and takes care of my kids better than I could have ever imagined!

  62. This year, I gained a father-in-law and am so excited to learn from him and have a new dad in my life!

  63. My hubby would love to upgrade from his old clearance rack kicks to these. He’s a hard worker and great dad and truly deserves something nice.

  64. My husband is the best father! In addition to all the usual good dad deeds, We all play together and he also supports me in my quest for weightloss and supports me in teaching our son what is healthy for our bodies and what isn’t and how much we should have and how often! Wonderful Dad!

  65. My dad is one of a kind because he is a lover of literature, drama and sports. he taught me to dream

  66. Happy Father’s Day Chris!!
    My dad passed away 5 years ago but I always remember how supportive he was in everything I did.
    Thanks dad!

  67. My husband is one of a kind because he not only loves our kids unconditionally, but also emotionally; not many men I have met our age shows the compassion he does.

  68. One thing I love about my father, which was perfectly explained in the card I got him is that he lifts weights, which in his mind make so him a “bad ass”!!!

  69. My Dad is the best. He had always believed in me no matter the topic. He is always proud of me and loves me even with my faults.

  70. My dad has always been there for me, through the good and hard times and know, he is an amazing grandfather to my kids and still an amazing dad to me. He’s gold.

  71. my dad is amazing because he loves me and always supports myself and my sisters despite our actions. He is always there to lend a hand, talk or just meet for dinner.

  72. Because I was lucky enough to have 2 dad’s…one who contributed to my development until the age of 12 until his passing and another one who took on the responsibility by choice by marrying my mom.
    Both have given me SOOO much!

  73. He’s one of a kind because he didn’t have to be.

    My step-dad stepped up and took over when my biological father couldn’t get a grip on his addiction. He is my knight in shining armor.

  74. How fabulous that you are such a strong complete family!! You are all so lucky to have each other! I am blessed to have adopted my husband’s two sons when they were very young, now 21 and 24 years old We are one amazing happy family!!

  75. My dad is the best because he works hard to provide for his family and is as tender hearted as they come!

  76. My father past away on February 4th of this year. He was so young, but had been the only dad I knew since I was 5. This man took my sister and I in and made us his own. He was my heart and the man I measured all men to. I am 46 and my dad was 64….but I will forever be a daddy’s girl!

  77. My dad is always there for me. Whether with tough love or the goofiest things, I couldn’t imagine my life without him.

  78. No one can read Hop on Pop or The Train to Timbuctoo quite like my husband does to our boys every night <3 …every. single. night…..the.same.exact.books. <3 <3 <3

  79. My mom was the breadmaker in the family, so she was hardly ever home. My dad was more like a single dad at the time, so most of my childhood revolved around him. Even though mom and he divorced, he never stopped showing me he cared even though he had moved on with his life. He’d still come visit me in school, write me letters, and until the day he died, he made sure mom know that he remembered me despites his other kids were surrounding his bed in the hospital. For that, I know my dad was the bestest dad I could ever ask for.

  80. My dad hasn’t always agreed with what I did, but has ALWAYS been supportive. And he continues that with my son.

  81. Without my Dad, I would not have become the man I am today. I owe everything to him. Because of him I accomplished many things, and those that have not been accomplished yet, ive learned to not give up and reach for each dream. From that I am lucky enough to have chased a beautiful girl for yearrs. With being rejected first and not giving up to now years later celebrating our 2 month wedding anniversary tuesday. Life is great from what hes taught. love you dad

  82. My dad has always been a loving and genuine man to all he meets. He has always shown character, strength, integrity, forgiveness, and grace even when faced with adversity. I’m so thankful to be his daughter!

  83. My Dad is an amazing..kind..decent man
    He not only took care of his 3 kids but is a father to my daughter as well. I owe him so much. I am so grateful.

  84. My father is one of the most selfless people I know; he puts others before himself and is constantly doing work for those who can’t do it themselves.

  85. My dad always made sure that my siblings and I knew that we were loved and that he was proud of us. His dad was incapacitated when my dad was young and he really dudn’ t have a male role model to learn from. My dad was a man of few words but we never doubted how he felt about us

  86. My Husband has been a stay at home dad and husband for the last 5 years, raising our two boys!!! He is AWESOME!!!!

  87. My favorite thing about my dad is he loved and accepted me even though we weren’t biologically connected. RIP Pa!

  88. Chris, Heidi, you are both true gems and perfect for each other. But Heidi, if you ever kick him to the curb, look out! I’ll take him!

  89. This is so heartfelt and inspiring! Those kids are blessed!

    My dad has always been my right hand man and best friend. I am an only child, so my dad did almost everything with me…take me to tennis practices, drive classmates to field trips, and was even the “Room Mom” during my elementary years! He has supported me in all I do, and was behind me every step of the way during my eating disorder recovery. Now, as a personal trainer and health and fitness nut, he goes to play tennis with me and wants to workout with me and is willing to try all my healthy treats I cook! He will always mean to the world to me! πŸ™‚

  90. This post was beautiful. Any child would be lucky to have two father figures in their life! so amazing xoxo

  91. I have the best dad around, he is always there for me when I need asomeone to talk to or when I need some advice. He has been in my life for 25 years and I don’t know what I would do without him. I hope to marry a guy half the man my dad is. I’m def a daddy’s girl always have been always will be!

  92. Happy Father’s Day! It’s really great that you make your blended family work. I really wished ours worked as well!

  93. I love our modern family, too! It does take a lot of work, but is absolutely worth it! I love being able to share big life moments with all of the kiddos all of the time. Plus, it’s nice to have extra parents in your corner…especially when they become teenagers!! πŸ™‚

  94. While my dad wasn’t too involved in my life, my girlfriends dad has done so much for us that he truly is a role model for me. Happy Father’s Day!

  95. my dad is the best – he’s 67 years old and recently lost over 75lbs! you’re never too old. happy father’s day!

  96. My mom was pregnant with me when she met my dad and she already had a 2yr old, my sister. Despite all of that my dad has been there from day one as my biggest cheerleader, my team coach, and the man who I admire. He is the epitome of an amazing father and I would be truly blessed if my future husband is even half the man that he is.

  97. My Dadala is the BEST! He taught me so much growing up, especially about being financially responsible! Love him!

  98. My dad is one of a kind because he is the hardest working man I’ve ever known! He started working when he was about 8 yrs old! He has told me stories of all the different jobs he has had throughout his years. I love to hear them and need to start documenting them for my grandkids! He is 78 yrs old and is just now beginning to slow down.

  99. I think its so great that both dad’s come together for the kids and make it work. It’s so awesome they have the support from both of them! My dad is one of a kind because he has always been there for me and taught me to never give up. There are ups and downs and life but you keep going. Even during those rough patches you always learn something from it and can carry it with you! I love him to pieces!! Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there!!

  100. My dad was never around growing up and he passed away when I was 14 and we were just starting to get close. I struggled a lot with that, but now watching my husband with our girls and my interaction with my father in law, I am starting to feel a little more complete. I still miss my dad, but my husband helps to make it easier.

  101. My dad is the most supportive person in the world, always pushing me to do my best and there for me when I need someone to talk to!

  102. My dad is home in heaven, i miss him so much! He was so loving and supportive always. A world without him is a world without 1 shining example of fatherhood??

  103. My dad is awesome. We may not get along all the time but, he is always there for me, whether that’s to help with homework (usually financial accounting ) or helping me and my other four siblings practice for all the different sports we grew up playing, or just to talk. We still go outside when I am on break from school and throw a softball or hit the cages.

  104. My dad has always treated me like a princess but taught me how to be strong and take care of myself when needed. I love my dad! πŸ™‚

  105. My father not only is a father to me but has fulfilled that figure mentally, physically, and spiritually to my children, and we are honored to have him in our lives.

  106. Beautiful story. My husband Aaron is a wonderful dad to our 2 year old daughter and is so excited for our second on the way. And my dad taught me so much about how to be a great person he’s a wonderful person to look up to. Thanks for sharing Heidi!

  107. My Dad makes sacrifices so all 3 of us daughters and his wife can chase every dream and he loves each one of us without reservation or expectation.

  108. My hubby is making his own health a priority so he can be around a long time for our three boys…as well as join me in modeling a healthy, fit life. 40 pounds down in the last year and more to come. So proud of him!

  109. My dad was one of a kind, unconditional love, always there for me, encouraged me to push myself as far as i could go, my best friend….biggest supporter. He is gone 17 years now….but is always on my mind…i often think to myself…”what would dad do or say about this?” and thats how i am lead to making some life changing decisions!

  110. My dad means more than words to me. Although he hasn’t always been there for me, he has taught me one thing: forgiveness. This life lesson has helped me forgive him, others, and myself to help strengthen relationships! Keep up the good work. You both are amazing and I hope to meet you someday.

  111. My dad and both of my grandfathers up in heaven. I’m so thankful for a wonderful family and my dad who is always so supportive and kind hearted. Love seeing how the Powell pack is doing!! Haha

  112. My Dad was the best. My sister and I were his entire world. Everything stopped when we were around. He always just focused on us. Miss you Dad!

  113. My husband is one of the best fathers I know, he is always there for our son and daughter. He is a very hard worker and on the days he doesn’t feel so good he still works hard. We are very lucky to still have him in our lives, two years ago he hard a heart attack at 35 years old, two months ago he had a pace maker put in. I am very proud of him that he has found a new respect for live, he goes to the gym every single day even if he feels bad. He is a great influence for our children and a greet dad and husband. Happy Fathers Day!

  114. My father stuck by my mother after she had a stroke with massive braun damage in 1977. He didn’t have to but he stayed with her and learned to live a new person and he worked his butt off his entire life to support me and my sister’s growing up.

  115. My dad is the definition of superman, who through his ambition and determination, has taught me that I am capable of anything I set my mind to and to always give 110% in every single thing you do.

  116. My dad is amazing. I’ve been a daddy’s girl since day one and at 35 still talk to him daily. He’s always been the best dad and now the best granddad.

  117. Such a beautiful and inspiring family. ?

    Why my father is one of the kindest: I’m 21, but my father still thinks to offer me chocolates to celebrate Easter day. It always brings me back all those foods I should not eat because “you’re beautiful” (but also good things to motivate me in my journey). And my daddy is ALWAYS there to support me. We do not have much money, but he does his best to give me everything I need. Dad, I love you.

  118. My husband is a patient and kind hearted father to both his kids…and to me too as I learned to be a step mom and now as we enter parenthood together.

  119. Diaper changer, ultra runner, trophy husband, team mate for life, and Reagan’s daddy – I love you Greg Grady! Me and u till the wheels fall off! πŸ™‚

  120. This Father’s Day is extra special because my husband is home to celebrate it with us. He is in the Navy and got deployed last March 2013 when our son was only 3 months old. He was gone for 8 months and as a surprise for him I lost 50lbs by living the healthy lifestyle! Now we workout together(mostly crossfit and power lifting) so winning this pair of shoes would be so amazing!!!

  121. My dad never has a bad or negative thing to say about or to anyone at anytime no matter what. He’s such a rock and one of the kindest and sweetest but at the same time strongest men alive.

  122. My dad is an amazing man. He left school in 8th grade to start working to help support his family. He has done hard labor his entire life and has seen a lot of bad things but he still smiles everyday. His faith is stronger than ever. And he would move heaven and earth to help anyone that needed it! Then I got a second dad when my mom remarried. He to is amazing. He is always there for me. Mostly I thankful that my mom has a loving wonderful guy in her life. He accepts me and loves me for who I am. So yes… Blended families are great, it’s twice as much love and support! Happy Father’s Day to my two dads!

  123. My dad always gives us $2 bills for everything special we do. Its a great memory I will always have

  124. I’ve had many people play the role of Father in my life and for that I am blessed. My daughter, Sierra, has made me the luckiest father ever. My wife, Tabitha, has made me the luckiest husband ever.

    I have found the one whom my soul loves – Song of Solomon 3:4

  125. This year is special because we just brought in our newest son to the world. I have the best father for our kids I could ever ask for!

  126. My dad is a one of a kind because he is actually my mom. My mom being both my mom & dad through all the struggles we’ve faced. Putting her kids first before anything and anyone. Happy Father’s Day, Mom.

  127. My dad is the best and I want those Nanos! My dad has been a hard worker and loved his family even more. He has been “CrossFit” since before it had a name. He is an historical interpreter and knows how to raise animal, plow a field with draft horses, move all kinds of heavy stuff on a working farm that is set from 1830-1890 (before we needed crossfit). He continues to work as he recovers from cancer. History has always been his passion and he passed it along! And now, I do CrossFit and try to make him proud each day!

  128. Hi Heidi, Chris and Powell Pack!

    My dad is always there for me and my brother when we need him! I love how much he tries to help us with day to day things. He is a great support and I can’t wait to go on summer adventures with him. Chris I just wanted to say how much of a positive influence and male role model you are in my life. I look up to you and Heidi so much! You and Heidi deserve the best. You all change so many lives! I can’t wait to tune in on Tuesday for your next Extreme Weight Loss episode!
    Catie Doris

  129. My dad is the smartest man I know! I love being able to go to him and learn about anything and he loves to teach others as well! Happy Fathers Day Dad’s! πŸ™‚

  130. My husband is one of the most caring, hard working men that I have ever know. He is the most supportive, caring father and grandfather to our kids, kids in law and grandkids.

  131. My dad is a was a widower at the age of 39 and had 6 kids aging from 2-14. His brave courage in facing the worst thing to happen to him has taught me how to hold strong to what I believe in. I am grateful for his love and example.

  132. My dad passed away a few years ago when I was in college. Even though I was not close with him I remember how much he liked to go on adventures.

  133. My Father, is the most amazing, giving, caring, compassionate, funny guy! He has been diagnosed with Dementia at an early age of 62, for the last 6 years, since his diagnosis every-time we get together (which is not often enough as we live in different states) He tells me “Someday if I forget who you or my grandchildren are when I see you all, please know that I love you ALL VERY MUCH” Brings tears to my eyes typing this, as it does hearing him say these words to me….But one thing is for CERTAIN I will ALWAYS know he LOVES us NO matter what life throws our way.
    I LOVE YOU DAD!!!! *Muah*

  134. Just like your family we are twice blessed with two dads. When my current husband met me in 2001, our sons were 5 and 7.My ex husband welcomed him into our family. Both men love my two sons equally and have supported us in so many ways. Nothing made me happier on our son’s college Parent’s Day than driving around with my “two husbands”. The dedication of both dads had made our family stronger!

  135. My father is not my biological, but he is the only dad I know and love. My biological father passed away before I could meet him. Onee gave me life and the other showed me how to live life. They are both amazing and loving.

  136. I want to encourage my husband to get healthier and your giveaway would be an excellent kick start!

  137. My dad… retired high school Teacher, farmer, pilot, furniture maker, college instructor, crop surveyor, stained glass creator, grandfather. At 62 a debilitating stroke left him dependent on a wheelchair. To this day he continues to defy every “cannot” laid in front of him. Even modifying his tractors with lifts to continue to farm. What a role model and a testimony to “you can do what you put your mind to!”

  138. I love reading about how some split families make it work. Both my husband and I grew up in a divided home and we did not want that for our children, however, at one point in time my husband and I seperated. One thing we NEVER fought about was our children and each of us being a part of their lives. With that kind of devotion to our 2 daughters, we were able to fix our relationship. There really is a blessing found in that kind of love. My daughters have 3 Grandpa’s because of the divorces but you would never know there was ever any grief amongst them. They get along to support the bigger picture- the little grand babies all 3 love so much and birthdays and holiday’s would not be the same without all of them. Happy Father’s Day to both Chris and Derek and may GOD continue to bless your beautiful family!

  139. So this Father’s Day has been different. Within one year and actually 9 months apart my husband and myself both lost our dads. Today was made special by thinking of them and having our 2 daughters give him a variety of gifts including a FitBit bands so that he can start working towards getting healthy again after dealing with us losing two wonder dads to heart conditions. Him getting the home made cards today made him remember that there are two great girls loving him and how life is so precious.
    I am thankful for having him and our dad’s give us so much love and wisdom.

  140. My dad and his dad always encouraged us to love our family. We, too, have step (parents, siblings etc) but don’t even use the word “step” because family is family. Love is unconditional. Thank you for being such great examples to your kids and people everywhere (because they are EVERYWHERE) who have “modern” families and need to remember what’s important. Family. The end.

  141. My dad taught me how to work and make the most of what we have. I never had a new bike, but my dad would find a bike frame, paint it whatever color we wanted and buy new accessories for it. It’s how he showed his love for us.

  142. My dad wasn’t always the dad I wanted and it’s not his fault. He didn’t have a dad to look up to, a dad to role model after. My dad was 8 when he lost his father. So my dad didn’t know that all we wanted was for him to be there at our games or school plays or concerts. My dad provided the best way he knew how. Now that I’m older and I am a father I use my dad as an example and take what I learned but I added to it. So thank you dad for paving the way and showing me what I should do but also what I can improve on!

  143. Happy Fathers day to my AMAZING hubby Peter. He has been the most loving,caring, giving husband and father I have ever met! Thank you for all of you patients, endless love, and sacrifice! Thank you for being my partner in crime and best friend! We love you most infinity!

  144. This is about my husband. I love him because of the way he loves our children, and so much more. He is amazing, sweet, loving, kind, and such a hard worker. He is currently deployed right now, but we are half way through this now, and we cannot wait until daddy-hubby is home. He is our hero and we are so proud of him.

  145. My husband is the most amazing father. We have 3 kids under 4 and the love and patience he shows them is incredible. He is daily found playing, wrestling, and tickling. On top of that he helps prepare meals, gets them dressed, and does anything I ask around the house. He is Active Duty in the Navy and spent half of the year last year deployed. Despite this he kept in contact with out girls and was able to be home for just 10 short days for the birth of our son. I truly don’t know what I would do without him.

  146. My dad has always been there for me as a father and a dad. My dad and I got real close when I joined the Army and even closer when I got Deployed. Love ya dad

  147. My dad is an amazing man! Now that I have grown up and become a father myself only now can I truly appreciate the hard work and sacrifice this man has made for his family. He has thought me many things but putting your kids first is the greatest thing I could ever learn.

  148. Happy Fathers Day! My boyfriend is a personal trainer and is busy so often but always makes time for his son who we have part time. He will stop by his school during the week just to give him a hug! He has his lunch time as an alarm on his phone just in case he has time to stop by πŸ™‚

  149. I had many dads I looked up to. My dad wasn’t home much because he drove a truck and was home 2-3 days a month. Hwe taught me to work hard and financially take care of family. I had many friends that I spent a lot of time with them and their dads who I consider dads to me that taught me many other things while my dad was on the road.

  150. After years of struggling to become parents, my husband has now been promoted to daddy. It has been incredible to see him through the adoption process and how much he loves our son. He has so much respect for our sons birth parents and always keeps them on the front of his mind. It’s not easy to have an open adoption, but beyond worth it. Happy Father’s Day Chad, Leo and I love you to the moon and back!

  151. I have two dads also and I’m am 34 years old and I still think what the heck would I do without both of them. And they are the best grandpa, papa to my little one. And I can’t wait to show my little one the way I was raised so he can tell me one day Ty for being a great mom. Happy Father’s Day Chris and Derek.

  152. My dad died 23.5 years ago from colon cancer, yet I miss him every day. In 1987, I didn’t have a car or the ability to buy one but he took me to work every morning and picked me up every night, even on the nights when I worked late. We took this time together to get to know each other better and I cherish the memories of those talks. Miss you, Dad, so very much.

  153. My father is one of a kind because he has always been there for me when I have needed him and knows how to cheer me up when I am down.

  154. We are also a blended family. And through the tough times between myself and my sons father, my fiance has been there for me in more ways than I can express! He recently became a daddy to a baby Girl and couldnt imagine life without her πŸ™‚

  155. Love the show. I didn’t know you guys were such a modern family. I’m a divorced dad with a new one on the way. I’ll certainly subscribe to read about your challenges. Wish me good luck on those nanos! !

  156. My dad raised me like his own when my biological dad left when I was 2 years old. He always tried to make Friday nights fun by parking the truck on the backyard and “camp” while listening to the Suns basketball game. Love him to pieces.

  157. My dad is one of a kind to me because he has worked hard all his life and taught me the value of hard work!!! It’s gotten me out of a jam or two over the years!!

  158. I absolutely love how your family’s all comes together and is so supportive!!! You guys are very Blessed!

  159. How can I describe how amazing my husband in one sentence? I will try.
    He is my soul mate, best friend, father of my child, ying to my yang, ultimate supporter, cheerleader, uplifter, the rock of our family, child at heart, playmate and teacher to our son, stay-at-home dad who tells us he loves us every day and proves it in his actions.
    I’d say that’s pretty amazing especially though all our hardships that we have endured.

  160. Happy Father’s Day! My dad worked 34 years at a nuclear power plant. He had to work swing shifts so he couldn’t always attended all over our extra curricular activities. Once he retired, he comes to visit my brother and I whenever he gets a chance. He is a loving, selfless man that really worked hard so we wouldn’t have to. πŸ™‚

  161. My dad was my hero. I was his only daughter and have 3 brothers. He kept me grounded and loved me unconditionally. He passed away 20+ years ago and there is never a day that goes by that I miss him. We have a blended family. My husband has always been there for my girls. I wish my dad was around to meet my husband because this time I got it right!

  162. Both my father and my husband are simply amazing the most important men in my life and true role models to myself and our daughter. Love them with all my heart and am so blessed to have them in my life always making me laugh.

  163. Having a blended family as well I get you about the work. Hard work! That goes into it daily. My late wife and I had 3 biological children and adopted one. We were in the process of adoption on the 2nd and she passed away with breast cancer. I adopted that chikd as well giving me 5 to raise alone. A couple years down the road I met cristal and she brought 2 more into the mix. Since then all “our children have grown up, moved out, and are now starting their own families or building their careers. Cristal got a little empty nest syndrome and cametc me asking if we could foster some kids. I agreed after some argument and we now have 5 more kids in the home. One of which is adopted, 2 more going to be adopted by September- October timeframe. And 2 more boys with us long term which we have assumed primary custody of. Yes that’s 12 kids. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks for sharing your story with us. And thanks for all the healthy tips. I gotta get healthy to take care of all these little ones . πŸ™‚

  164. My dad is a great example to me and my family. He loves his 3 grandchildren so much! He has also loved my husband like his own son. My husband is also a wonderful father to our children, he works sometimes 14 hour days and still plays with them when he gets home from work.

  165. I am married to a great man who is a wonderful father to our 4 beautiful children . He works so hard and sacrifices so much to give us what we need. So happy to celebrate him today!

  166. I have lost 2 dads while growing up, so we celebrate father’s day for my husband and remembering my dads.

  167. I love how supportive your non-traditional family unit is. I have a retired USAF dad who is so supportive of all that I do & don’t do. I am blessed and mostly because my children have grown up knowing him also.

  168. My dad wasn’t always there, but he was there for the big stuff and that means a lot. My husband, however, is a fantastic father. He slept in the hospital room with me while I was on bed rest for a month. He’s finishing school, working and still finds time to let me out of the house for an hour or two. He’s the best.

  169. My father is an amazing man his devotion to our family and caring for my mother and us kids and how he truly loves God he it’s my hero

  170. I have 2 amazing fathers My Dad and my step father. Even though I didn’t get to be with my dad most of my life other than 6weeks of the summer…He is my Dad and my first love…He is an amazing role model and a big supporter. My stepfather came into my life at 19yrs old when he married my mother. I had only met him once before he married mom..I hated him and I told him I had a dad I didn’t need another. Over the years realized he loves me as one of his own.

    My children don’t know their dad….He chose not be be in their lives. He is totally missing out on this. I am not worried though I have 2 amazing fathers, my brothers and friends who have been “fathers” to my children when they needed on.

    Happy Father’s Day Chris and to all the Fathers and single mothers doing the job of both.

  171. I love that kid! LoL. I’m really glad you guys are all making it work to raise a successful strong family. Keep at it. If I make it out to AZ, I would love to drop in and play with the kiddo’s! I guess I could play with the adults too, but mostly the kiddo’s πŸ™‚ And as I tell all the other kids in my life, you can do that of course, Uncle Frank can’t get in trouble so just tell them Uncle Frank said you could do it!

    Happy Fathers day to Derek and Chris. God Bless.

  172. Being a Dad is not only for human children as we are pet parents and my husband LOVES his “kids” to the moon and back…maybe even further!

  173. My father is an important role model for my children and now grandchildren, I am thankful for being able to have a relationship with him after many years of having a mother who tried everything in her power to keep us apart. I also have the best husband who is an amazing father to my daughter’s and our son! To now watch him be a “papa” with the grandchildren ? pure ?Love and Joy! These 2 men are very special to me and I wish them many more Father’s Day to come!

  174. My Dad has 10 children and 17 grandchildren, when we were growing up he worked 3 jobs to support us, there was nothing he could not fix around the house.

  175. I met my husband when I was 4 months pregnant. He had just turned 20. Even at such a young age, he never wavered in his commitment to my daughter and I, no matter how many “outs” I tried to give him. Almost five years later, he is the only daddy that my daughter has ever known, and he loves her, cares for her, and provides for her as his own.

  176. I have had 4 “one of a kind” father’ in my life. I love each of them. All but one has passed away, but I will forever treasure them.
    My biological dad, my step dad, my father – in- law, and my foster dad.

  177. My boys have a wonderful dad who is there for them no matter what…
    I really admire how your modern family always puts the kids first. It should be the norm but it is very special.

  178. Growing up I was always closest to my dad. I thought finding a husband that could be that wonderful of a dad to our kids would be impossible. However, I have the best of both worlds! Love our family!

  179. My dad was faithful and committed. I miss him so much he passed away two years ago around this time. I am thankful for great men who remind me of the goodness of dads.

    I also saw People Magazine with your family in it. I didn’t know Chris wasn’t the biological father of all 4 kids. I think its a wonderful compliment to both of you because you love and treat each kid the same.

    I say that because we are a blended family too, I don’t like the word step at all. I love our child and it is a great compliment to me when people tell me they didn’t know I wasn’t her biological mother, you couldn’t tell unless I informed you.

    God bless.

  180. My dad is always there for me. He drops everything when I’m in trouble. Love him to the moon and back πŸ™‚

  181. My kids have such an amazing dad. Whether he is serving over seas for the Army or at home working his civilian job. He is always there to help our kids. We are so blessed to have him.

  182. My father has been a shining example of how to live ones life. He gives until he literally has nothing left to give. He has taught me to never judge anyone by what they do or how they look. Everyone has their own cross to bear and we need to do what we can in helping them, is what I heard everyday growing up. He is an amazing man who has left is print on the world.

  183. I did not have a father or father figure growing up and it’s awesome seeing the interaction between my hubby and our daughter. He’s an amazing dad. Caring. . Kind. . Loving. . Playful everything kind of dad. He’s always there for our daughter.

  184. My dad always believes in my siblings and I, no matter what we do! It’s awesome to have someone like that in our lives!

  185. My dad passed away on Easter Sunday of this year, when we would whine about something we had to do my dad always said, “what doesn’t kill will make you stronger”

  186. My dad set the standard for all men in my life. He taught me that I am worthy of love, respect and kindness. Thanks to his example, I married a man who shares his character traits and is proving to be a great father for our children. Thank you Dad being a great father and thanks even more for being an amazing grandfather.

  187. my father was paralyzed at retirement.. but he still stays strong and enjoys life… that takes courage.

  188. My dad is one of my number one fans on and off the golf course! We have gone through some rough patches, but we always come out on top.

  189. I am posting for my amazing husband and the father to our 2 boys he is an amazing role model and playmate.

  190. I would like to give a shout out to my husband. He is the best father to our two kids. We feel blessed to call him dad/husband!

  191. While I didn’t have a great father figure growing up I know my husband will be a fanatic father to our yet-to-be-conceived children should we decide to have them. Thanks for awesome blogs and info & for all you do to help others!

  192. I love seeing my dad with his grandkids. This once grumpy father is a loving and kind grandfather.

  193. My dad is best dad a girl could ever ask for! My husband Is the best, he is always doing something to make my life and the girls life easier and happier.

  194. I loved my father, eventhough he was more of a distant authority type than a warm person. I have been blessed, like you, to have found a humane, warm man in my life to whom our two boys are everything and our family comes first. <3

  195. You guys are such an inspiration. It’s lovely to see how you can make a non-traditional family situation something positive.

  196. The father of my children is amazing because he loves me first. They have a perfect example of how a man should love and support his wife unconditionally. Secondly he is a man of his word. He is the most reliable person I know of and he learned this from his father and he will pass this on to our boys. He loves keeping us all in shape by his constant encouragement to be active and eat healthy while also allowing “fun foods” in moderation. I don’t know what I did right to deserve him, but I couldn’t hand pick a better man to raise my boys.

  197. Happy Father’s day to all the amazing father’s out there and especially to my dad and the wonderful man that my children get to call daddy

  198. My grandfather passed away almost three years ago. When he did, my father – his son in law – was devastated, as we all were. I remember at his funeral he said to me, “he taught me how to be a dad.”

    My dad is amazing. He’s understanding, encouraging, kind, and considerate. He’s everything my grandfather was and more. He’s an amazing dad, almost father in law, and grandfather. He’s working hard teaching the young men in his life how to be a dad and being a dad to kids who may not have one! He’s truly one of a kind and I am so blessed to have him!

  199. My dad passed away 5 years ago. He unfortunately lost is battle with cancer. This was the biggest lost of my life. He was a really strong man with wonderful values and I’m glad he transmitted them to me. When he died, I had the chinese sign “Strenght” tattooed because I thing that this is the most precious thing he gave me. πŸ™‚ I miss him so much !

  200. I did not grow up with my dad. I was in and out of foster homes from age 6 to 18. I did finally meet my dad. We really don’t have a really close relationship. I meet my dad when I was 21. I don’t call him dad because he was not in my life, instead I call him by his name. My father is a very nice man and I am great full that I have him my life. Last year he lost his wife to cancer. My husband and I were with him during that time. My father and husband always pick on each other, I can leave them alone cause they always get in trouble.

  201. My Dad has always been a huge support system for me–he’s never too busy to listen to me vent, and he always seems to know when to give advice and when to just be a shoulder to cry on. I love him so much!

  202. I loved my father very much. He was a good husband and supporting dad. He loved us so much and left a proud legacy when he died. I miss him still and look forward to seeing him again someday.

  203. My hubby is an amazing dad, he is loving supportive and loves his kids more than anything. Nanos would be a great help for his crossfit adventures!

  204. My husband is the greatest person I know! He is there for us when ever anyone needs anything. We are a split family and most of the time it’s not the greatest but he is there for us more than anyone ever has. He is an amazing dad and we could ask for better!

  205. My Husband is a teacher and a truly passionate about health and fitness. I’m so proud of how hard he works!

  206. My Dad has always been there for me. And even tho he lives a couple hours away he always makes time to come over and see the kids most weekends. He’s taught me so many things….too many to list πŸ™‚

  207. I don’t have contact with my Father. He hasn’t been in my life since I was 4 years old.
    What I can say though is that the level of integrity that your family shows is impeccable. It teaches me that I need to do whatever I can to get along with my ex for my kids sake. Even if I don’t always agree with the decisions he makes. It’s better to have the kids see us getting along then to be right. Thank you for the compassion that you are teaching the next generation.
    I know this isn’t the comment you asked for but it’s what inspires me since I don’t have a Father or Fatherly role in my life.
    God bless your family and continue spreading the love.

  208. Happy Fathers Day to both of those special men! I have so many good memories with my father.. The video of Chris opening the shoes reminded me of when we bought my dad shoes for Father’s Day! He was just as excited .. If not more! He is my absolute hero – Love him! ??

  209. I wish my Dad was here. My Dad passed away almost 26 years ago, and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about him. He taught me so much that I still use to this day…from repairing things around the house to fixing my car. I miss him more than words can say. Happy Fathers Day to you Dad, and Happy Father’s Day to Chris and Derek.

  210. To be honest my father has never wanted a relationship with me ,so as a kid I never had a relationship with him but over the years I have found many father figures in my life. My pastor Paul has shown me that the father I have desired for so long is God and through God I have been blessed with different types of fathers , my doctor Arthur has shown me support and listened to my problems and woes , my recent step father Syd has given me a roof over my head and a warm bed to sleep in. My pastor Paul has shown me that strength in God’s love and even though I have never had the relationship with my biological father I am grateful for my other fathers as they have helped me through the hard times.

  211. My husband is the greatest father ever to our almost 3 year old son. He has instilled the best qualities in our son but not only telling him but leading by example. He is trusting , honourable, honest, caring, funny and not to forget handsome. He deserves more than sneakers but those would brighten his day given that he is a Crossfit trainer at Crossfit pound. Our son and I love him very much!! Happy Father’s Day to Chris and Derek and to all other fathers as well

  212. I wish I could wish my father a wonderful happy Father’s Day, but he is protecting us from far above. I do get to wish my husband and most amazing father of our midgets a happy Father’s Day. We may not always agree in our parenting choices but we always come together to make the best decisions. Marriage with children isn’t just roses and champaign, it is hard work, dedication, agreements, and disagreements. As hard as it is at times, I would not want it any other way.

  213. I love that you all are one big happy family. Such an amazing group of people you all are. Love the show and following you guys on social media. Loved your review on your Ergobaby, I went and bought one for my 7 week old.

    1. Also, my husband is an amazing father to our 3 boys! He even wears the Ergobaby too!

  214. My father helped to create me and let me put make up on him when many / most would never do that. Being my dad has had its ups and downs I’m sure. I now have 2 Great kids who get to call my dad there Grandpa. Plus I have an Ex who is an amamazing Father to our kids and a S/Dad who adores my kids like his own and he would do anything for them. Happy Dads day to all the men in my life.

  215. My dad has always been am amazing role model to me. No matter what he’s doing weather it be being a scout leader or involved at church, he’s always telling me to do the right thing. I just hope I’m as great of a dad as he is!

  216. Well my dad is my mom she raised me an my brother she has always been there for me helping me thru when I found out my youngest has autism to when I got so sick that I almost didn’t make it she kept me going she always told me to keep my head up .to this day I still miss her but still hear when I’m messing up

  217. Happy Father’s Day x2! What lucky kids you have! Each of you is a great inspiration to live a wonderful life!

  218. My husband is an amazing father! He is patient, attentive and loving to our 2 girls. We love him dearly!

  219. My dad has always been a hardworking man who provided for 7 children and my mom. He has shown me what hard work is all about.

  220. I am as fortunate as your children to have 2 dads that love me. I would not be the woman I am today if it was not for my father and my other father and the love that they both showed me

  221. My dad is awesome! He took me in as a 3 year old, and my family of 3 girls (mom, me and sister) finally had a man to call Dad! He even was the man to walk me down the aisle πŸ™‚ happy Father’s Day to Derek and Chris!

  222. So grateful for my husband who is a wonderful father to our one year old daughter and takes good care of me while I’m pregnant with number two

  223. In our family we celebrate 3 amazing men! My Dad, My Husband, and My Ex-husband. My son is very blessed to have 2 Moms and 2 Dads. We work together to raise him right and teach him they sky is the limit. All 3 of these men were very patient and worked together and showed amazing patience when our Son Connor was diagnosed with Leukemia and had to undergo Chemo, Radiation, and a Bone Marrow Transplant. We work together very closely to help our kids live up to their full potential. Just wanted to share the amazing men in my life with you guys! <3 Happy Father's Day!

  224. My husband is one of a lind because he dedicates all that he is to our family. He works very hard every day on his feet for 8 hours and them comes home and continues to be a happy and loving man that supports me after a long day, takes interest in our son and his day at school and even makes us dinner. My husband is one of a kind because he is an amazing juggler and he makes me want to be a better person. Hea my better half.

  225. I have an amazing husband who works hard to care and support me and our 4 kids. He’s a dad, coach, scout leader, friend and so much more. 19 years ago he saw a picture of a single mom and a 3 year old and has been the best Dad ever since!!

  226. The older I get the more I can see how much my daddy truly loved all of us kids. He did the best that you could and we had a pretty amazing childhood. I only hope that my kiddo’s get half of the childhood I had with him and mom and I thank God everyday that he placed us with him! We are all biological sibling but adopted into the family. You would never know this if you did not know our story! Thank you for being the father we needed. Lots of love to my papa!

  227. My husband takes care of my daughter and I every day he loves us more than anything he works so hard day in and out and comes home and continues to work as the best father he puts us first and I would love for him to know how much we are grateful and beyond blessed for as hard he works. He reminds of me of Chris he does what he loves everyday and comes home and loves to come to us and just be with his family nothing else matters. Thank you I could go on and on. But he just deserves something that I can’t afford to give him. Thank you!

  228. Even after changing my major for the third time, my dad still is behind me trying to complete my goal of earning a four year degree in college. Something for me that I don’t think I can, but he has stuck by me from the beginning and believed in me.

  229. My dad may not have been there much when I was little, but I know he loves me. My step-dad has always been a great friend and always has the best advice.

  230. My husband is an amazing father who works very hard to support his family and train to be more fit and healthy so he can stick around for his family even longer!

  231. My dad has always been pretty laid back and let me make my own choices. He has always been proud of me no matter what. He has always let me know that he loves me and has such a caring heart. I love my daddy!

  232. One of my favorite memories was when we were first dating and my daughter and now husband were sitting together watching Wall-e. She was not feeling well and got sick all over him. He wasn’t even phased. I grabbed her and got her cleaned up and he had the mess all cleaned up before I even got back out. He adapted to the role of dad from day one and this is just a small example! We now have two wonderful children and he manages to balance his Army career and family life while finishing up his bachelors degree. He is pretty amazing!

  233. I love my dad! What a great example he is! Your family is blessed to have 2 dads present in your kids’ lives!

  234. When he comes home from work he plays with the kids by taking them to the park, on walks, and going to the mall on Saturdays. He’s been a foster dad to six kids and dad too four beautiful kids 3 adopted and 1 biological. we love our papa bear.

  235. My dad has been my mentor in many ways. He has taught us a strong work ethic by showing us the ropes of a family business. Anyone who works with family everyday know that it isn’t always easy in fact it’s probably more challenging in a lot of ways but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!

  236. We are a modern family too. We have 3 moms 4 dads and 8 kids in our mingled families. We are so blessed to have all that extra support. It isn’t always easy but like you we keep our eyes on the prize. Just because our romantic relationships didn’t work, doesn’t mean the kids should suffer.
    We joke if we got all the extended family together, we would need a family tree just so they would know how we’re all related.

  237. My dad pass away 2 years ago, but I celebrate fathers day because I’m a single mom playing double roles. I’m a mom and a dad and proud of it!

  238. I would like to thank my step dad for raising me to be who I am today. He came into my life when I was 5(I’m 28 now) and he has been the most awesome father a girl could have. Hes always supported me through everything and even now along my weight loss journey. I’ve lost 80 lbs with 150 more to go and it’s so great to have supporters like my dad. Love him! Thanks for the opportunity Heidi!

  239. My father passed away when I was 15 but he taught me so many things. He helped me be a well rounded woman who can cook and sing yet can also hunt and fix things. I love and miss you everyday dad.

  240. Love following both of you and the positive attitude you project. I didn’t have a dad growing up and appreciated my friend’s dads for always stepping in to be there for me. I’m very lucky to have found a supporting husband and father to my princess. He spoils us every day with the little things.

  241. My dad used to coach my soccer team and always encouraged me to follow my dreams. Now he does the same for my daughter.

  242. My dad was one of a kind because of his sense of humor. He could make anyone laugh about (almost) anything. He was a little boy in a grown mans body! Not a day goes by that I don’t miss him and his laugh!

  243. My daughters father and I are separated but because we are having difficulties does not mean she suffers one day! Her father is the best even through good and bad times and she has the best family support ever… At night I pray to continue to be grateful and lose sight of the big picture and that is family

  244. No matter what my dad has always been there to support me, even when we haven’t always seen eye to eye.

  245. My father is amazing because he has also supported me. Continues to pray for me and my family on a daily basis and has loved my mom well for 40 years of marriage.

  246. My father has taught me many things in my 35 years, but I appreciate most the lessons about love for family, country, and the land and animals we are entrusted with. Thanks to his passion and commitment, I become generation #5 to help maintain our ranch in Nebraska

  247. Thanks for the post! So grateful for awesome dads! I have an incredible father that has been a perfect example through thick and thin for me!

  248. My dad is one of a kind… b/c he’s always taken care of me. Even when I didn’t think I needed it, he’s been generous to a fault and picked me up when I made mistakes.

  249. He always puts his family first and I know I can always count on him whenever I’m in need of anything!

  250. My father was one of a kind because he was the only one I ever knew (my biological father abandoned me and my Mom before I was born) and he loved and accepted me as his own.

  251. My father is truly one of a kind; he was almost killed by a drunk driver in 1977, a year and a half before I was born. He never was able to drive, smell, work, but he was the best stay at home dad EVER!! My mom also was a stay at home so they both loved me unconditionally and took very good care of me. I’m an only child and if it wasn’t for my dad’s determination, I wouldn’t be the type of fighter I am today.

  252. Hi Heidi and Chris. Happy Father’s Day Chris! My father was an amazing man who taught me how to shoot a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun and picked me up when I didn’t listen to him about how hard it kicked, lol. He taught me how to flyfish at 6 years old but the most important things my dad taught me were compassion, kindness and tolerance for my fellow man/woman. I miss him every day. He was my best friend.

  253. We have a two dad family as well. I have my biological daughter and 4 step daughters. My husband has raised my daughter as we have raised all the girls. I believe it takes a village to raise children and the more people around them to show them love the better!

  254. I don’t have anyone to celebrate Father’s Day with, but that doesn’t make me glad for those who do.

    And what a wonderful blog entry! And how fortunate your children are to have two wonderful Dads in their lives. Way to make it work!!

  255. My husband is simply amazing hands down! We love him and joyfully follow his leadership. He is a great dad to our 3 children and I constantly stand in awe of who he is and how blessed we are by The Lord that he gave him to us!

  256. My father was my rock. He was my everything. He was kind to everyone and anyone. He understood me like no one else did. I didn’t even have to speak and he would know what I wanted. He understood my personality and my needs growing up. He was always patient and very kind, and always wanted the best for me. Even my smallest accomplishments were huge in his eyes. We would talk constantly every day after school. He was always so interested in hearing about my boring school days. I would talk to HIM (not my mom, lol!) about all of my crushes! I was a daddy’s girl from day 1. I grew up wanting nothing more than to please him and grow into someone who would make him proud. We had such an indescribable bond.

    He passed away when I was 12 and it tore me apart. I was only a kid and this was my first encounter with death. At first I didn’t understand it. I expected him to come home a week or a month later with a grin on his face going, “Just kidding!!” It was a childish hope, but that’s how I felt at the time. It wasn’t until later that it hit me that he was really gone. I became depressed, to the point of attempted suicide. I was in a very dark place for a very long time.

    I’m 24 now and I’ve gone through the stages of dealing with his death very, very slowly. I still miss my father, every single day. He was the greatest man I’ve ever known. I cherish all the moments I spent with him and all of the memories we made. I like to believe that he watches over me and that makes me feel safe, loved, and protected.

  257. My father is gone but never forgotten. We had hard times but once he stopped drinking we became close and he lived to see his first grandchildren born. Miss him everyday.

  258. My husband is a great dad and role model for our kids. CrossFit is a big part of our lives and we’re teaching them early the importance of physical fitness and overall health.

  259. My father always kept my childhood interesting by moving us frequently. I learned and saw so many things.

  260. My father is one of a kind because he raised 5 kids, spread out over most of his life. The oldest was in their late 20s when I (the youngest) was born. He’s worked countless jobs and endless hours like a lot of dads out there. He is also the best grandfather and great grandfather there is. <3 my dad.

  261. So lucky to have the man I do for a Dad. Hoping God blesses me with just as wonderful a man for me one day. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s out there!

  262. This is awesome! My parents are divorced and both remarried but live a block away from each other, work in the same church and still talk! I commend you!

  263. My father is the strongest man I have ever known. He has survived and is currently going through his second fight with Melanoma skin caner. You will never hear him complain about the constant doctor appointments or pain from procedures. Yet, he still is always there when I need and will keep from falling too hard when I make a mistake.

  264. Although my dad passed away when I was 18, he shared with my his morals, his sense of humour, and his love of music- in that way he lives on:)

  265. My husband has become such an amazing father to our 7 month old. He is supportive of everything we do as a family and I love him!

  266. My husband is celebrating his first fathers day- no matter what life has thrown at us, he always finds a way to make time for our son and be there for me! He is simply amazing!

  267. My husband and father to our three children (3 years and under) is absolutely amazing; he stays home with them during the week, is going back to nursing school and works weekend nights and never complains one bit, he is a ROCKSTAR!!!!

  268. my dad taught be to be comfortable whether i’m at the stock car races or the opera. best. dad. ever.

  269. My husband is a soon-to-be dad as we are blessed we are expecting our first baby! He is a crossfit trainer here in AZ and he would love the new nanos! It would be a great way to celebrate a first Father’s Day! He loves shoes especially reeboks! Thank you for the opportunity!

  270. I love how you’ve found a way to make it work – for the best of the children. The love of a father is so powerful! I’m so grateful for mine!

  271. My husband overcame his injuries from an IED in Iraq to become an competitive crossfitter, he is the perfect role model for our son who he shows everyday to use bumps in the road as a drive to do better.

  272. I can’t say enough about my dad and my husband. They are both amazing men. I’m so grateful to my dad for showing me love- showing that he loves my mom deeply and respecting all of us. I’m so grateful to my husband for him loving me and loving our 2 boys. He is a hardworking man who goes to work full time and does his grad school at night all while being there for all of us. He’ll finish this Dec!

  273. My husband is a soon to be dad and we are so beyond blessed that this is a reality now! I would love to give him these nanos as he is a crossfit trainer here in AZ! Plus he loves shoes! Thank you for the opportunity!

  274. Very touching! I am blessed to have an amazing dad in my life who leads by example with compassion and love. He is always by my side and helping me grow every day. I am the mom I am because of his influence.

  275. Not only did my dad raise my brother and I (doing a MIGHTY FINE job if I do say so myself) but once we were grown, he and my mom took on the task of adopting FIVE special needs kids, the youngest being only two months old when they got him. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a support when I need him (even if he wasn’t a fan of the decision but knew that stubborn me was going to do it anyway and that I NEEDED help). And he has worked tirelessly to help “the littles” as they call them to live the happiest and best lives they can, just like with us. He even just finished hand building a pirate ship playhouse in their backyard. No joke. A 20 foot tall, 30 foot long, 10 foot wide two story pirate ship! He is the best. I’m the luckiest daughter in the world. Sorry Marley and Ruby, I gotcha beat!

  276. It’s been 15 years without my dad but he was able to find his joy and happiness through bringing it to me and my mom. My husband and love of my life and I don’t have kids yet but will someday and I know he will be the exact same way.

  277. My dad has always been my superman. He loves me no matter what, he is a man of integrity, he works harder than anybody I know, and he can make me laugh until my stomach hurts.

  278. My father is the best because despite his physical disabilties, he never gives up and continues to stay as active as possible. He always says if you don’t use it you lose it and he inspires me to stay as active and fit as possible.

  279. My dad is the most amazing dad and grandfather. My dad has always been the man with all the answers. If ever I have a crisis in my life he listens and seems to always have the right answers for me. When I divorced 14 years ago and moved closer to my parents due to needing support. He stepped in as a role model to my children. Every year my daughter (16 now) gives my father her grandfather a Father’s Day gift. She is really the only father she knows. I couldn’t ask for a better man in the my life or the life of my children.

  280. I also have 2 dads and consider myself twice as lucky! And I need TWO sentences to say that I admire what you are doing with your family, and it will serve your child well their whole lives. xoxo

  281. he’s love for me and my sister, but also the love between my parents amazing role models. He is the quiete type but we know he’s always there.
    it’s a feeling

  282. My husband, father to our beautiful daughter is a outstanding father. He got out if the navy about 2 yeArs ago so he wouldn’t miss another birthday, holiday or any other special day we are given. He puts his family first and often goes without. A new pair of shoes would be awesome! He just threw away a pair of boots. This would be a wonderful gift!! Thank you!!

  283. My biological dad was killed the day I was conceived. But he left an angel disguised as my step father Joe to take care of me and my mom. Happy Father’s Day!! You mean the world to me!

  284. I would love to get these for my husband. He is awesome! He works 6 days a week for 10-12 hours a day to provide for our family. He is also very supportive of me while I am on my journey of going back to school. He provides financially and he backs me up when I need help with the kids.

  285. My Dad is one of a kind because he’s so much fun! He’s always been a kid at heart. He loves us unconditionally and he trusts us to make the right decisions in life. I love my daddy!

  286. I can’t even say how much I love this! We have a split family too but I consider my sons dad and his wife some of my dearest friends. Everyone always tells us how weird it is but I wish it was the norm! So grateful my boy has TWO amazing dads! Happy Fathers Day!

  287. My mom left my dad last Christmas, very unexpected, after 26 years of marriage. I’m very proud that he’s my dad, cause he’s the strongest and sweetest man i know! Love you dad!

  288. My dad is my rock, my back bone, the one who encourages me when I feel like giving up hope, my first love, my first friend, and the reason I am the mommy I am today.

  289. My husband is the best father! He loves my daughter as his own, and can’t forget that he has taken care of his son all on his own till we met! Love this man to the moon and back!

  290. My dad is also my running buddy. After I finished my first half marathon, my dad decided to take up running. He ran his first 5k race when I ran my 2nd half marathon, and he was hooked. Since then, he has surpassed me both in speed and in number of races, but he is my number one encourager, and it’s nice to share my obsession/passion with him especially since we never had any common interests until running.

  291. My father is one of a kind. He is the most amazing dad ever! Growing up, my parents were divorced and my brother and I would have to share weekends with my mom and “biological” father. In 1998, my mom got re-married to an amazing man…who I now call my father. In 2001, he adopted my brother and I because if anything were to ever happen to my mom he would have full custody of us. My brother and I both changed our last names to his last name and from that day forward I haven’t considered him anything less than my dad. I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be without him in my life. He is the reason I am who I am today and through all of his love, support, and encouragement, he has gotten me to where I am today. He has has helped me grow as a person and was the man who walked me down the isle. Three weeks ago, he helped my husband and I move across the country from NY to AZ so that we can fulfill our dreams. He is truly the best dad out there!!!!

  292. I want to give a shout out to my incredible dad!!! My biological dad left when I was 4 and my step dad came into my life at 7. I never really knew my biological dad but that didn’t matter because the man I call my dad today, is the only one who truly matters. At 13, my step dad adopted me and continued to support me throughout my life. My dad has a huge heart and I am beyond thankful to have him in my life. “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone incredible to be a dad”

  293. My husband is an amazing dad to our two kids in so many ways. But one of the best is he shows them the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and involves them in physical activities on a daily basis. He raising them to know how to take care of their bodies and live healthy, happy lives!

  294. My Dad has taught me never to give up and to always push yourself to be better than the day before. To love and protect your family and to always always be there for family!

  295. My dad molder me into the man I am today, which was a difficult task considering he was deployed for 18 years of my life, but he offered knowledge, wisdom, and love, even when he was several thousands of miles away from me.

  296. As I write this, my husband is biking to the store with our (almost 3 year old) daughter in the POD. He just came home from a mini bike adventure with our 4 year old son! He is a fun and loving father and can’t wait until the baby is old enough for adventures as well;)

  297. My Father is amazing because he has bandaged my cuts, comforted me when I had bad dreams, picked me up when my car broke down and loves my kids with all his heart. He is a great man, father and Pa Pa.

  298. One of the things that I love the most about my father is that he believes in me. He has taught me so much about life and every day I learn something new from him. Same thing with my grandfather. Both of these men are great influences in my life and they help me be a better version of myself

  299. My husband is amazing. He supports me in everything I do. He does many things around the house and never complains. He is always there for our son. He spends alot of quality time with our son, golfing, bowling and they have alot of the same interests as our son is 23 years old. Our son is the light of our lives.

  300. My dad was a single father until I was 13. He is my dad, grandpa, Softball coach, monster protector, spider catcher, chef, homework helper. I have the best dad in the world. I am a single mom myself so I am using all the things I learned from my dad and raising my son the best I can.

  301. I have a split family as well……Two daughters from a previous marriage and a son with my husband. We are not quite as close as you all seem to be but we share 50/50 custody, a love for the kids and seem to make it all work! Thanks for being so open about your family and sharing your story!

  302. I just wanna say Happy Father’s Day to my father, it’s been a broken relationship but trying to put the pieces back….

  303. My husband thought he would never have children. When we married earlier this year he was a widower. His late wife had passed 12 yrs previously, they never had children and now that he is 45 he thought that part of his life just wouldnt happen. Lets go back 3.5 yrs when we met. I have 5 children 3 adults and 2 still at home. Well we started dating and the next thing you know we are living together. Within months my then 11 and 8 yr olds started calling him Dad. Well in the last 3 years my husband and daughters have forged a relationship that you would never know only started not quite 4 yrs ago. Seriously……DNA rubs off………My almost 14 yr old is a funny sarcastic girl………..she has developed her Daddy’s sense of humor. My almost 11 yr old is even more loving and expresses it. We are a family. Its that simple. And when we married this past December my husband became a Grandfather……….to my wonderful granchildren. Yes, we are a #modernfamily and we too make it work. Why? Because LOVE is a beautiful thing!

  304. My husband has taught our 3 children to never give up, no matter what the situation, look at the inside of the person not the outside. He’s very loving, selfless, and kind!

  305. Lost my father in May – and Father’s day means soo much more now… enjoying honoring both him and my husband this year!!

  306. I find inspiration in both yours and chris’s social media posts everyday. Thank you for keeping me motivated and on track!

  307. My husband is the most amazing father to our 2 children. He’s in the army and is away from us a lot of the time, and it means so much that he loves us that much. To sacrifice time with us to be able to make sure that we’re all ok and provided for.

  308. My father passed away five years ago, and he taught me the invaluable quality of possessing a strong work ethic. Boy do I miss him.

  309. I had the best dad and step-dad ever. I was truly blessed. It is obvious that you and Chris are all about family and an inspiration to others.

  310. My husband is an amazing father. He works so I can stay home, yet, when he comes home, he does so much around the house and is so engaging with our son.

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