If there is any word to sum up our dear friend Sara, it has to be inspirational. Although it may have been a long road to get there, this remarkable lady proved to herself and to the world that absolutely nothing can hold you back from accomplishing your goals!

Sara’s journey was simply amazing and I am so excited to hear what she has to say about her stunning transformation!

Heidi: Sara, my friend!! I don’t even know where to begin. You overcame so much this year and completely exceeded everyone’s expectations – including Chris’ and mine! What was that journey like for you?

Sara: The journey was incredible. Really there are no words to describe this last year. I thought I was going just to lose weight, but I lost so much more. I lost what was holding me back for years. I never believed in myself and this was the year I started  to believe I was just as important as the next person and that I did matter.


H: You were met with so much adversity from the very beginning even with Chris questioning whether or not you could handle the challenges! How did it feel to prove everyone wrong?

S: I won’t lie, the challenges were hard. At first, I even questioned myself as to whether or not I could handle them. I think I saw this opportunity to prove myself wrong and so many other people. I learned that I held myself back from doing things for so many years. I didn’t want that anymore. I wanted to do things just like everyone else was doing. I may have to do some things a little differently than others, but I learned that I was still doing something. I was also doing more than the people that didn’t want to make any change at all.

We are all different and all have different obstacles every day that we just have to get out and overcome. It was great to do things and watch people’s reactions when I did them. I love telling people I ran a marathon and seeing their mouths drop. I hope people will realize, like I did, there is a way to overcome physical obstacles and it doesn’t matter that you have to do things differently. All that matters is that you are doing something to better yourself.


H: So very inspirational, Sara :). Like you said, a lot of people judged you and assumed your height would hold you back from making a full transformation, but it absolutely didn’t stop you one bit! What do you think your biggest obstacle really was?

S: Myself! I would feel bad when everyone was finishing and I still had a lot to do. Then I thought to myself, hey I’m doing it!! I figured out as the year went along, everybody has their strengths. Some things I found that I could do easier than other people such as squats and my favorite-burpees!! I also learned that the only one you should be in competition with is yourself. Just compare yourself to who you were the day before and that is all that should matter.


H: Okay Sara…spill it!! Tell us some of the greatest, and not-so-great moments during your transformation.

S: I will start with my least favorite…weigh-ins. I remember the nights before we weighed in were the worst. At times, it did get frustrating when my body was slow to lose the weight. However, you and Chris were always there to help me troubleshoot and support me in ways beyond what I imagined.

My favorite parts were getting to know the rest of the contestants from Season 4. We were together for 3 months during boot camp and we became family. We all support and want the best for each other. I am so blessed by the opportunity of going on the journey of transformation together with them. It was fun to get to know them and learn from all of them about their experiences and unique things each of us had to offer.

I also loved my 6 month challenge in Hawaii. It was the first time I had ever been on an island! It was so beautiful, and I was blessed with the opportunity of running my marathon there. Then…the marathon!! Crossing the finish line was unbelievable. I am so blessed that you and Chris believed in me enough to let me run the full marathon. Finishing the marathon is something that no one will ever be able to take from me and no one helped me do it except myself. You and Chris supported me and encouraged me and gave me the tools to help prepare myself, but I did it!!


H: Such a huge accomplishment!! I hope you know how truly proud we are of you! So what’s new in Sara’s world since the show ended?

S: I moved to Arizona and got a job at a university. I have stayed active doing Cross Fit, hikes, gym time, and different fun things with groups of people I have had the pleasure of meeting. I love to explore the different happenings in Arizona. I have been skydiving, fly boarding,  sight seeing, gone to movies, a couple dates, and I am loving being involved in yours and Chris’ organization Be Your Best AZ

 Oh my goodness, it sounds like you are just living life to the fullest!! I love it!! I am so happy for you, Sara, and so grateful for the inspiration you have been to so many…myself included!