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So I know many of you have questions and concerns after last night?s episode. To answer frankly, some people just aren?t ready for this process. Most often, people come to us thinking we have some kind of magic pixie dust?we sprinkle it on, and bam?they’re skinny and all of their problems are solved. Even if they think it takes work, and they realize we aren?t magic, many also have this thing I call ?lottery syndrome.???when I win (or hit my goal weight), I?ll be happy. All problems solved.?

WRONG. The process takes a ton of hard work that Chris and I just cannot do for ANY of them?no matter how badly we wish we could sometimes. The individuals that succeed may get our guidance, but gosh darn?they are the ones that choose to wake up every morning and put the effort in. They are also the ones that choose what to put in their mouths each day?we cannot control them. And we wouldn?t want to!! Permanent change, AKA, transformation, can ONLY happen when somebody wants it bad enough to do what they need to do whether we are there or not!!!

Kenny was ready. Christy was not. It?s as simple as that.

Regarding Christy, I really do wish her well. I know how much effort Chris and I (as well as the production and ABC team) put into trying to help her transform. I know how badly we wanted this for her…and I know she is battling things that I can’t help or fix…although I wish I could.

What you didn?t see in this episode, was that Kenny was originally not chosen by us. He went as far as he could go in the casting process, and was flat out denied?and totally heartbroken. He begged us for the plan?for the roadmap to his success, so we gave it to him. ON HIS OWN, Kenny started the journey. Week after week, we watched from afar as he did this for HIM, not for the show?asking for our guidance occasionally.

As luck would have it, a spot opened up for Kenny. We KNEW he deserved this opportunity more than anyone in the world. Not a day went by after we chose him that he didn?t prove he was deserving of the opportunity.

Now Kenny and his family are lifelong friends, and huge examples for the world. Since his year with us ended, Kenny has devoted his life to helping people transform their lives just like he did.??With the launch of his website KennyOneal.com, as well as a new career in motivational speaking/health coaching, Kenny sure is “paying it forward” and making us (and his family!) proud :). This guy is the epitome of transformation!!!

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  1. You are absolutely right if a person has not mentally committed to change no diet or exercise will keep the weight off. You will fall right back into steps that put in that situation. I love the work you and Chris do..keep it up and thank you for inspiration I get each week from you and people you help… myself included. .

    1. Since every breakfast is a high carb meal (protein, carb, veggies), you can have fruit for breakfast on a low carb day. But only for breakfast. The rest of your low carb meals for the day will be made up of a protein, a healthy fat, and veggies.

  2. Any chance you have a tone-ing work out for the park/ play ground. Hopefully for beginners. I saw your workout caring you sweet Ruby, but I am out of that stage. Any ideas would be great! Thanks for your inspiration.

  3. I am so proud of Kenny!! I know personally my self how hard the jouney is but yes it can be done on your own. I lost 125 on my own by eating right and exercise and what a change it has made. How i wish someone could pay for me to have weight loss surgery. wont happen since i am a single parent. I wish kristy could get how important it is and it takes lots of hard work to and life changes to lose weight.

  4. I was moved by the episode. I had hoped that there would be some more emphasis on the teachings in the kitchen etc. I would like to know what I can do to beg for the plan. I can not leave my family for three months. We cannot go without my income. I am so ready to begin my journey. So very ready!! Amazing work with Kenny!!!

  5. How touching it is to know Kenny started this on his own after the heartbreak of being turned down. You have once again managed to make me cry! Does that mean that he had already lost weight before his initial weigh in we saw on television?

  6. Hello,

    I purchased the Choose More book but wanted to know if I could have a fiber bar as my carb for my high carb days. It is this specific brand http://www.fiberlovebar.com/nutrition. I’ve been having a hard time getting enough fiber into my diet, especially on my low carb days.

    Thanks for your help. You guys are seriously my favorite TV couple!

  7. When will we see a show with an older person maybe with health issues? Or are we just left by the wayside because we’re too old ? Maybe a new show idea?
    I’m 60, 226 lb with BMI over 30. High blood pressure (on meds), bad knees (no doubt weight loss would help), Mitral cardio valve prolapse. There’s your challenge.
    I’ve ordered the book and do stationary cycling for now. I’m on my way. But seriously, there are a whole lot of viewers out there over 50 physically but mentally we’re still in our 20’s.
    Love the show……

    1. I’m right there with you! 55, 5’0″ tall, 265, mitral valve prolapse, Hashimoto’s, and AS! Because of my spine I have limitations on exercises but worse is the fear of having heart attack while exercising. I’ve gone from a 2 Petite to a 2X Plus since my mid-30’s!! I used to dance, Jazzercise, Zumba and keep up with people in their 20’s! I need help!!!!

    2. Hi Cindy: Chris and Heidi have made their carb cycling program, the same one they use on the show, available for all of us to use in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” It’s their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s awesome! As with any nutrition and exercise program, I’d suggest discussing it with your healthcare team first so any necessary modifications can be made to keep you safe and help you reach your goals!

    3. Kenny looked 20 years younger after his year! I also wanted to know if he was over 410 when he started since he started on his own and also what weight he is maintaining. He looks great! I think Judy (comment posted 8/20/14) had a great idea about selecting someone who is over 50 for the transformation and has some health issues. True challenge there!

      I would also like to see more on the show about the nutrition part. Nutrition is my struggle and even though I’m only 30 or so pounds overweight, I don’t eat enough. I work from home and still have a hard time eating right, although I eat “clean” 80% of the time if not more, I don’t eat often enough to keep my metabolism burning. I see a lot of people who post they would also like to see more of the nutrition portion of the show. (Maybe it is because of Rocco but I’ll never admit it. 😉 )

    4. The nutrition program Chris and Heidi use on the show is part of their carb cycling program, which they’ve made available for everyone to use in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” Their book will teach you everything you need to know and do (motivation, nutrition, and exercise) to reach your weight loss goals!

  8. I’ve said it on FB and I’ll say it on here. Kenny is amazing. The way he carried the guy during the marine challenge, it just shows his heart. I’m glad he’s continuing to do well.

  9. I wish the show aired in South Africa. Bit I am so happy that I can still be updated via IG and your blog Heidi.
    I actually am on a weightloss journey my IG is lushyjourney. I have just started but I aim at having my reveal a year from now…all the best wished and blessing to you and your husband and children. God has truly put you guys on this earth to touch and help transform lives.

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