Q&A with the Powells – Ep1 – Why do contestants weigh in shirtless?

You asked, I?m answering! I receive so many emails, messages, and comments each day with some wonderful questions from many of you that I WISH I could sit down and pen a response to! Sadly, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so I?m trying something a little new and super fun? I?ll be answering some of your most commonly asked questions right before your very eyes! And occasionally, I’ll have this incredibly sexy (and super knowledgeable and compassionate) co-host next to me ;). Click play and watch to see our answer to the first question in my new Q&A series. Stay tuned?there are so many more to come!

Is there a question you’ve been dying to ask me or Chris? If so, leave your question in a comment below…maybe I (or we!) will answer it on my next Q&A video!

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  1. I love your show. I’m finding it hard to eat 5 meals a day while working. Can a Quest bar be eaten as a replacement meal in the carb cycling plan.?

  2. Hi Heidi!
    I love this video and question because I was wondering the same thing. In fact, as I was watching and listening I got tears in my eyes just thinking about weighing shirtless in front of a group of people. I would be mortified to let anyone see me at this weight but the one thing that struck me is Chris saying we want to hide behind our clothing. I avoid mirrors at all cost and really do hide behind my clothing. I also like what you said about how its like winning the lottery. That is also true. I have put off doing so much stuff until I weigh a “certain weight” that I miss out on a lot of fun stuff. So, what I took away from your little video is to quit hiding and embrace who I am right now even if I am not at the “ideal weight”. Thanks for all that you and Chris do! You are both so inspiring!
    Jennifer Manos

  3. When you suggested that each of us weigh ourselves in front of someone who loves us with our ‘clothes’ off I got emotional. Just the thought of that about made me cry! Wow, that surprised me. I do agree that shame and hiding needs to be shed. Thank you for speaking truth to us. That is inspirational in itself, to be known.

  4. I LOVE your alls show!! Just found this blog and I’m so excited to start following this as well! You’re beautiful, Heidi, and definitely my role model!

  5. My Q for an A from you is how you do it Heidi? Between your support to your husband and the demands of his job, raising your children, working out yourself, cleaning house, making meals….do you have a schedule? routine? Do you ever get to the place of sheer exhaustion or are you just able to keep going strong?

  6. I love seeing the transformations. I was born with spina bifida and I was wondering do you ever work with people in wheelchairs? I would love some suggestions on things I can do to lose weight.

    1. Tonya, I too have spina bifida and have had the same question! It’s neat to come on sites like this and find people in the same situation as me!

  7. Hi , I love to see the transformations you all do BUT why do you all only work with people with 50% of there body weight to lose ? There are many of us with health issues that are heavy and need help and just don’t meet that criteria and need help just as badly !!

    1. I totally agree with you!!!!! I’m 5’3″ 215 lbs and only need to lose 90 pounds. It would be awesome if they could do a show almost like EWL but for people with less than 100# to lose or even 150#! I have asthma, diabeties, osteoarthritis in both knees, a bad back and a bad shoulder, so working out is really hard! HELP ME CHRIS AND HEIDI!!!

    2. I love how supportive the both of you are of each other and to everyone you encounter. I teach pilates classes and LOVE it. In the past few years i feel like i’ve finally been happy with my body, despite its flaws and since then, fitness has become something i live for. Unfortunately I had a few set backs with a serious knee surgery and months of rehab, but i would make the most of my PT sessions by making sure i did every exercise on both sides (no matter how easy it was on the non-injured leg) I was even able to get in some upper body and eventually core after the 1st month, but cardio still wasn’t feasible- or at least not the cardio i wanted to do/was doing prior to surgery. Still, i felt i was doing great, in great shape and had some incredible muscle mass in my legs now. Had i put on some weight? Definitely, but i was eating healthy and knew it was mostly muscle i was gaining and not fat that was increasing my lbs. I basically had leg day EVERY day. 2 hrs of physical therapy, 3 times a week, plus all the work i did at home and at the gym to build up the muscles around my knee.

      I’ve found in the past that men not in the fitness industry have NO IDEA what women weight b/c sadly, so many women feel the need to lie about their weight. I’m 5’10, with thick legs (super strong & sexy legs now thanks to PT!) and child bearing hips. I had always been happy in the 150’s, but when i told a guy friend that he didn’t believe i weighed ‘that much’. Now, like i said, i’m pretty confident and very happy with my body, but when i stepped on the scale in front of him and heard his reaction i was devastated. Not because it was 161.1 (with clothes on), I was okay with the number, but his reaction killed me. I know he was just joking, but this is one of my closest and oldest friends whose opinion i value greatly. I have tremendous respect for all contestants on EWL who have to go through the weigh in’s half naked for the world to see. Keep up the positive motivation!!! Love you guys!

    3. because it’s EXTREME weight loss. These people are morbidly obese and without making a change are putting their lives at risk everyday they continue to live their unhealthy lifestyle. There are TONS of great trainers and life coaches out there that you can hire to help you out, but Chris and Heidi can’t help everyone in America. If they did, they would have no time for that beautiful family of theirs. I hope you find someone to help you reach your goals and have the self motivation and determination to do so!

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