Q&A with the Powells – Ep1 – Why do contestants weigh in shirtless?

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You asked, I?m answering! I receive so many emails, messages, and comments each day with some wonderful questions from many of you that I WISH I could sit down and pen a response to! Sadly, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so I?m trying something a little new and super fun? I?ll be answering some of your most commonly asked questions right before your very eyes! And occasionally, I’ll have this incredibly sexy (and super knowledgeable and compassionate) co-host next to me ;). Click play and watch to see our answer to the first question in my new Q&A series. Stay tuned?there are so many more to come!

Is there a question you’ve been dying to ask me or Chris? If so, leave your question in a comment below…maybe I (or we!) will answer it on my next Q&A video!

80 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I saw your show for the first time last night. Typically, I’m not a fan of “reality TV”, but your program was the exception. Loved it! And kudos to you both, I didn’t know until I looked you up on line that you were married to one another. Clearly, you were polite and warm toward one another and worked beautifully together, but your marital status did not in any way intrude on the theme or purpose of the show. It was about Mitzi, not the two of you. I was especially struck by your compassion, POSITIVE (rather than punitive) feedback, and what seemed like genuine good will for your client. So often fitness experts seem intimidating and shaming and don’t always embrace the psychological principals that are known to help humans change our behavior for good. Not so for the two of you. On a second note, I was glad to catch the video clip above and hear both your rationales for removing the shirt and shoes at weigh-in’s. The shirt removal was a little confusing to me as it doesn’t add nearly the weight that keeping on a pair of shoes would. I gleaned that it must be for mental and emotional reasons. Your explanations make total sense. Like another poster here, I too would like to see consistency (if it fits the model). It was a little surprising that Mitzi’s final two weigh-in’s were fully dressed. I say this because it came across to me as, “fit bodies are deserving of more modesty than overweight bodies”. Having seen how kind and accepting you both are through the 2-hour program, I knew that that must not be the reason, but I couldn’t help perceive it as, “the good version of the body gets to have its privacy while the not good-version didn’t. You can stay covered up now that there’s nothing to be embarrassed of”. I DO understand that having someone disrobe from their dress clothes on stage, in front of a huge audience during the last weigh-in makes no sense and seems socially inappropriate. But, for the penultimate weigh-in, Mitzi had 2 shirts on! Just one perspective….Keep up the kind, hard meaningful work you’re doing. Love the premise of having people “transform” rather than simply get thin.

  2. Heidi, do you ever crave brownies, drink wine, and eat chips and salsa? Sometimes I don’t know what my life means without these things occasionally. Heidi, any brownies? Brownies!

  3. My Dear Chris & Hiedi
    First of all what a beautiful family you have.
    I stumbled on some of your videos last night and watched 3 of the most amazing work you and the wonderful couples that changed their lives by devoting to the extream goals and challenges you helped them through. ‘The twins, the married couple and the father and daughter was what I watched last night. My results of all three shows so far besides me cheering for them, crying and being excited of their 3, 6, 9 & final weight results and watching how Chris reacted when when they accomplished their goals and you as well Hiedi in one of the shows you were in πŸ™‚ was my thoughts of OMG if these people can do this then what am I doing. When I watched how you followed the father and daughter and caught them in the lies they told you to your face was emotional for me for
    I was really interested in Dad cause I have his symptoms only not as heavy but still my inspiration to get my goals achieved knowing if he can do it I most certainly can. I thank you both for giving him a second chance cause he showed me my life too can changetoo, they all did. I’m turning 50 years old tomorrow and as a mom of 5, a grandma of 1 and a wife I can and will change my life thanks to both of you, all the extreme weight loss individuals and the video’s. Our grandchild is 6 yrs old and a challenge for my wife and I she suffers from high hyperactive ness and possibly other mentle disorders that will be discovered in April this year when she recieves her mentle evailuation. We had her for 3 yrs now and will be adopting her as soon as possible. The stress of not having time for ourselfs, dealing with her break downs and emotions her changes of medications that I don’t believe in have taken a toll on us both. We have gained weight, live with little to no sleep and beyond stressed out, & we both hold a full time job. I’m not sure about my wife Kate but as for me I believe what you have done and continue to do to help people and by continuing to get inspire by watching your video’s I can do this. I’m about 5’5 and my weight is approx. 230lbs. I will be writing back and giving you my weight in 3 months. Love you both so much Jackie xx
    PS with all my heart Thank You so much for you both of you & thank for your inspiring gift to all of us πŸ™‚

  4. my Dear Chris & Hiedi
    First of all what a beautiful family you have.
    I stumbled on some of your videos last night and watched 3 of the most amazing work you and the wonderful couples that changed their lives by devoting to the extream goals and challenges you helped them through. ‘The twins, the married couple and the father and daughter was what I watched last night. My results of all three shows so far besides me cheering for them, crying and being excited of their 3, 6, 9 & final weight results and watching how Chris reacted when when they accomplished their goals and you as well Hiedi in one of the shows you were in πŸ™‚ was my thoughts of OMG if these people can do this then what am I doing. When I watched how you followed the father and daughter and caught them in the lies they told you to your face was emotional for me for
    I was really interested in Dad cause I have his symptoms only not as heavy but still my inspiration to get my goals achieved knowing if he can do it I most certainly can. I thank you both for giving him a second chance cause he showed me my life too can change, they all did. I’m turning 50 years tomorrow and as a mom a grandma and a wife I can and will change my life thanks to both of you, all the extreme weight loss individuals and the video’s. Our grandchild is 6 yrs old and a challenge for my wife and I she suffers from high hyperactive ness. We have had her for 3 yrs now and will adopting her

  5. Hi guys,

    I love this video and the idea that you will be answering ‘Some” of the million questions fans have.
    My question that I always wanted to know is usually when the episode starts you see the contestant being asked several questions I believe the producer is the one talking to the contestant but when Chris gets to surprise the Contestant and tell them they are the chosen one how is it a surprise for them if they know cameras are filming them while doing whatever theyre in middle of? I sometimes wonder if the reaction from the contestants are staged but it cant be bec they all look soo shocked! So if you I would be delighted if you can answer this one question.

    Love you guys and hope to meet you someday!


  6. Good !

    but please say to the cameraman to take a tripod and stop playing with zoom πŸ™‚

    Great persons you are Powell’s family ! Hugs from french fan.

  7. Hello Heidi and Chris!

    I love both of your opinions of why you like contestants to take off their clothes during weigh in. Loving and owning yourself in the now is SOOO important. If you can’t love yourself, how can you love anything else? And being that beacon of courage for other people is so empowering! I have the opposite effect. I do like weighing myself with my clothes off. It sheds a few oz on the scale (you will never catch me weighing with my clothes on).. lol! BUT.. I feel the most empowered when I measure around my waist. It tells me most accurately if I am on track because I am at a point in my physical transformation where I am gaining beautiful muscle (which as we all know weighs more than fat). So, if my waist line stays nice and trim (in accordance to my measurements) then I am a happy campier. I have a few more inches to go until I am at my target measurement. And I can use all the help that I can get so I opt to take my clothes off when I measure/weigh. =)

    You guys are SOOO AMAZING!!~!

    xoxo-maggie =)

  8. Thank you so much for your continued on line support. You walk your talk and I appreciate it so much.
    I started your carb cycle just 10 days ago and I am doing well. I have a goal of losing 65-70 lbs by Sept. 2015. I do struggle to get the 5 meals in but am trying to work on that. I had my best friend take pictures of me yesterday with only my work out pants and just my bra. It was a very hard step for me but my friend was/is so proud and supportive of me. I’m glad I did it not only so I can see the difference at the end of my journey but because it forced me to look at myself as others see me, in the mirror I don’t see myself the same way as a photo so again thank you both for being such sincere coaches.

  9. I would just like to see consistency. I understand that there are reasons to weigh in without a shirt. I just think that if your first weigh in is without a shirt then your last weigh in should be too. Whatever, you wear on the first weigh in – nothing, gym clothes, shorts, baggy shirt, fitted shirt, etc. That should be the last weigh in too. Just my opinion

  10. First thank you for all that you both do. From this site to just simple tweets to keep us encouraged. My question is that I am someone (female 44) who has about 200 to lose. How do you suggest and accomplish the point of beginning from hardly being able to move to being able to say climb all those steps. I really want to someday be a runner. It’s in me somewhere, I just am having trouble finding her. Again, thank you and thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask questions.

  11. Hey guys!!!
    I think you guys are amazing!!!
    I just want to know I recently joined the gym I’m overweight and really want to lose the weight it’s so hard! I’ve been told I have hypothyroidism and pcos and something else anyway my question is have you guys used the reAct machine? Is it a good machine to use at the gym as a workout tool??

  12. So how do you love and accept who you are where you are at? I am finding this very hard to do and I want to be able to do this so that I can have success in my weight loss journey.

  13. Hello Heidi
    I wanted to ask you
    What makes you get up every morning and want so much to help people
    Where did you get all this energy?

    I wish you and all your family a happy and wonderful life
    Love always, Joey

  14. Hi Heidi and Chris, I’m Heloisa from Brazil and I just wanted to tell you how much I love your show. It’s so inspiring to watch you both changing people’s lives.

    I have struggled with my weight and body image since I was 15 years old. My teenage years consisted of ups and downs. I suffered from bulimia, then ended up becoming obese (BMI of 30). I had therapy and it was great, but I still didn’t feel my relationship with food was a healthy one. It was time for me to decide what to study in University, and I believe that due to my history, I chose nutrition as my major. It was such a blessing to learn about my body and to change my habits and my relationship with food. I graduated 4 years ago and even though I followed a different career path, what I learned in University was priceless. I lost those 20 pounds gradually, changing my eating and exercising habits, and now I have a BMI of 24. I’m not completely satisfied with my body, and it’s so hard to lose those last pounds! I still have about 15 to go and it just seems impossible. I feel as if I got stuck in phase 3 and never finished my transformation. It makes me feel so powerless about myself, but every time I watch your show it gives me hope. If they can do it, I certainly can too! Thank you for being so awesome!

    Lots of love,

  15. Thanks guys i truly enjoy listen to you and it all makes sense I am new at this left a email for Chris and he suggested asking the doc what i can do. But instead a great lady names Tracee is showing me the ropes and i feel that I might just beable to do this.
    Grant it is will not do alot of the exercies that most do but modification works for me..I am joining a guy a no threat gym No huge bodybuilders and all. So i am excited about that. Also I thought i might try ice skating again Its only $6.00 for like two or three hours.
    I KNOW I CAN DO THIS……..My word of the day get outta here fibromyalgia and Lupus, hour not welcome here..

  16. You both have helped so many in the US. Do you ever think you would help others worldwide? Would you ever consider doing a Extreme Makeover World edition and help people worldwide. I think that would be amazing, you could use this to help so many focusing on different challenges in there specific culture and lifestyle in which ever country they live in. Money wise it may be a little more expensive flying further and things but who says you have to do the programme exactly the way it is now it could be done some other way. If you ever did this I can be your pick from New Zealand I need some help losing weight. I know how much you love New Zealand to ;0).

  17. The two of you are so awesome and inspirational for so many people. I just want to say thank you first. Now for my question, I have weak ankles that like to give out on me. I would love to get into running because its so freeing but the fear of my ankles letting me down impairs me. How would you recommend someone start so that they can build that strength to be able to run?

  18. Basically my question is what do you look for when you are looking for your next “clients” for the show? Is there something specific you look for? Like for the open casting calls do you have a say in who they call back or how does it all work? Thank you and I seriously love you guys!!!!!

  19. I’m just wondering what you guys think about bodybuilding / figure contests? The process can be really hard on the body especially before the show when you have to drink a lot of water and basically dehydrate yourself. I’m thinking it can’t be good but I’m no expert! πŸ™‚

  20. I was just wondering why the contestants have their skin surgery so soon after losing their weight, Her e in Canada you have to maintain your weight at least 1 year prior to surgery.

  21. assisto sempre o kilo por kilo e adoraria ser uma as escolhidas,mas estar no Brasil ? mais um problema al?m de n?o falar ingl?s n?o sou t?o enorme como os participantes,mas j? estou quase e queria poder mudar agora.Amo o Chris e meu sonho era ser transformada por ele,assim n?o sofreria mais humilha??es.

  22. I was watching your show and one of the contestants was loosing muscles and not body fat. How do you know if someone is loosing muscles vs body fat ? Do they have to see a Dr. to fined out? I’m trying to educate my self. I thought it was really interesting for me when I heard that you can loos muscle and not body fat. I love you guys! You two rock!!

    1. You can figure out how much muscle you have based on your body fat %. They had done that with all the tests in the beginning… you basically calculate how many lbs your body fat % amounts to be and subtract that from your overall weight and then the rest would be muscle and water (and skin toward the end).

  23. Hey Guys! I am a 16 and a skinny and fit girl. I have wanted to work up to long distance running for the longest time but I continually fail. I feel as though it should be easier since I am in shape. Every time I try I can’t go very far and I loose my ability to breathe quickly. What advise do you have for me?

    1. From someone who is a long distance runner and has been where you are, my advice is it use the Couch to 5k program to get started and also to find a running club in your area to help keep you motivated and help through the tough times. Good luck!

    2. For what it’s worth, my older sister has been having this trouble for years and she was just recently diagnosed with asthma. I don’t know that she had any other trouble in normal life with her breathing – but it was most apparent when she would try to fun.

    3. I agree with Wendi. I have had the same problem (with becoming out of breath when running — or any strenuous aerobic activity) for my whole life. It wasn’t until I was in my 20s that I discovered I have asthma. You might have exercised-induced asthma (not triggered by allergies). Read this article on WebMD: http://www.webmd.com/asthma/guide/exercise-induced-asthma. I use an albuterol inhaler before I exercise and it helps tremendously. It also helps if I start slow and warm up thoroughly. Jumping straight into vigorous activity kick-starts my asthma. Before you do anything else, though, go see a doctor and be evaluated! Don’t start messing around with treatments until you know what the actual diagnosis is. Good luck!

  24. I am wondering if you don’t count your cals and carbs how do you know you are eating the right amount of food in a day?

  25. I am wondering if you don’t your cals and carbs how do you know you are eating the right amount of food in a day?

  26. I would like to know how the contestants or anyone really can work out so intensely from the get go and be able to walk the next day, or raise their arms, not to mention work out again?

    Going from being sedentary one day to running a mile (or trying to) and then an extreme work out would leave me completely useless for the next week. How do they do it?

  27. Would you ever consider a text version along w/ the videos? I cant stand taking the time for videos buffering etc. Would love the option!
    Thank you…

  28. hi Chris and Heidi,

    You are both a real inspiration , you give me hope that I can still do this! I have a ton of health problems, have had two strokes already, and I am only 32. I am just under 300 pounds, and I am trying ,trying to eat right, trying to exercise and lose weight. The symptoms from all the issues I have make it really hard sometimes, but I keep going. I just keep focusing all the the positive that I can still walk and talk, and work through the pain. I understand what you are saying about loving yourself as you are first, I do , I feel like I am I lager version of my sexy self lol, but really need to get the weight of for my health , so that I can continue being me, just trying day by day. Don’t really have a question, just want to let you guys know you are inspiring! It would be so awesome to ever get a chance to meet you.

    1. Actually came up with a question , if it is a low carb day, does the mean you shouldn’t eat any fruit that day?

  29. Chris and Heidi, I have fibromyalgia, which causes severe pain in my muscles and joints. The medication that my doctor has me taking for the pain caused me to gain 30 lbs. Because of the pain, it is impossible to work out. I can follow your nutritional plan, but what would you suggest I do about exercise?

    1. Also, have you been properly tested for food allergies/intolerances? There are so many additives in food, on top of whear/celiac, dairy, sugar for sure! And most commonly is artificial sweeteners. If you eat any form of an “American diet” id definitely ask for a proper blood work panel. <3

      I'm a massage therapist and I deal w fibromyalgia patients all the time. And in almost half, they were eating artificial sweeteners. Once that was cut out? Over half of their symptoms go away.

      Oh! And have you ever looked into the "nightshades"? Its an assortment of vegetables that can make arthritic patients feel even worse. I've been told it can effect fibro also.

      Something to look into πŸ™‚ best of luck!!

  30. I just turned 50 two days ago and I am ready to start my weight loss journey. My problem is that I have a BMI of 39.8, am an asmatic and have a herniated disc at L4-5. Pulmonologist said no aerobic exercise and Spine Doc. said no impact exercise. Where do I start? My weight came on because of years of steroid (prednisone) use. I develope Cushing’s Syndrome every time unfortunately it causes me to gain a lot of weight in my mid section and my rear end. I’m so over this. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I think that you,your wife and team do a fantastic job and I admire the wonderful things that you do for others. God bless you.

    1. Nicole, I am 55 and weighed 198 a yr ago. I also have asthma and I had back surgery on L 3-5. The fusion didn’t take so vigorous exercise was out! I followed Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling and now weigh 140. You can do this.

  31. So not exactly show related, but do your kids eat the same meal plan as you and Chris? How do you encourage your kids to eat healthy when surrounded by peers who don’t and often share their snacks? Since you and Chris work out all the time do you get more cheat meals or do you stick to Sunday fun day only?

  32. Hi! Question: what were you drinking on the video? (There is a bottle with red refreshment) Is it a crystal light type of drink? What do you recommend to drink other than just water? – Monica from Costa Rica (mom of a 2yo and 6mo with 10 extra lbs to loose from pregnancy, 4’10” height)

  33. Hi Chris and Heidi,

    First of all, I love watching EWL and I think you guys are inspiring not only to those who want to lose weight but also to those who just soak up your motivTion so that they can move towards their next goal. So thank you for that!

    My question (as someone who works professionally in mental healthcare) is whether or not your EWL clients regularly get counseling or psychotherapy during the process of transformation. I ask because it seems like most people start off by feeling very shameful, guilty, and depressed. More importantly, food addiction is often brought to the forefront. So I just thought I’d ask if any mental health supports are part of the process!

    Thanks again for your tireless work in getting people up and moving and staying healthy!

  34. I have always been confused and overwhelmed with all the different things out there to lose weight or keep healthy. Don’t weigh yourself because muscle weighs more than fat. Go by the way your body looks. …. A couple examples:
    1. Eat small portions all day instead of three meals / but then it’s bad for your kidneys?
    2. You have to exercise a certain way to make sure you actually burn calories… is it not enough to go for a run?
    It’s so hard to know what to do…

  35. How do u start loving ur self First? I find that very hard to do!! And have I’m having a really hard time with food! I don’t wanna count calories because I feel like I do that all day and feels like I can’t eat anything.. Also I’m scared to give up everything all at once I’ve done that and binged on weekends then I would try to add a little treat each day then that leads to me over eat it and then I feel really bad about myself .. Idk y but seems harder this time around cuz the scale isn’t moving so stopped weighing myself but losing inches ? I feel a Lil lost and don’t known what to do

  36. I am just wondering if this program has been tried with someone during menopause. I have always been able to keep my weight down with diet and exercise. However,(menopause beginning) this year it doesn’t seem to matter how many calories i eat or how much I exercise. The weight just won’t budge. Any suggestions? I have already had my thyroid tested and it is good. I am planning on buying your new book tomorrow.
    Thanks Gail

  37. I wanted to know if you are able to help people with disabilities too? I was in a terrible car accident 9 years ago that left my left leg pretty torn up. I have endured more than 20 surgeries to fix a multitude of problems. My Dr.s have recommended that I have weight loss surgery. I really don’t want to go that route. I am not sure where or how to start. I have a lot of weight to lose. I would love any insight or advice on how to start a new chapter in my life. Thanks so much, you both are amazing! !

  38. I’ve always wondered do you weigh the contestants before the filmed finale in less attire before they step on the scale in their full makeover outfit (without them seeing the number)? I feel like some of their outfits with shoes and such could be a few pounds and could skew the results of hitting goals

    1. Oh, I’ve always wanted to know that!!! Because there’s definetely a difference to weigh in without clothes, and at the finale they’re all dress up! Please answer this one! πŸ™‚

  39. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. I am struggling with loosing weight. I started the Turbo Carb cycling plan. You would think that I would’ve lost weight but I didn’t . I’m really frustrated. I’ve been researching. I lost almost 40 pounds before and I was eating healthy and exercising but I was also taking metformin. I talked to a pharmacist and she said that I need to take that again to loose weight. I’ve been changing everything I eat and etc. I just got engaged and I really want to loose weight. Any suggestions? There maybe stuff that I need to do for my body. Idk though. I’ve gained like 15 lbs or so just since the end of July but I’ve not had that medicine. I also believe that I’ve gained some due to stress, too. I really wish I knew what to do. It’s really frustrating. I was doing carb cycling and working out too. I lost weight before by eating healthy along with the meds and I worked out doing dance and zumba classes. Doing dance type exercises really helped. Any suggestions would be helpful. I truly want to loose 80 or more pounds. Thanks!!

    1. I wasn’t on carb cycling when I lost weight before. I’ve been with my Fiance’ for three years this coming year. I had lost almost 40 pounds when we met. I got to comfortable after we hit it off and I stopped doing everything. Before then, I was taking my medicine, eating healthy, and going to the gym. I was walking and running slightly on the treadmill. I was also doing dance and zumba classes. The dance and zumba classes helped the best grouped with eating healthy and exercising. I currently don’t have insurance but I’ve been trying to find a doctor to go to. I just want rid of this weight. Thanks for your advice.

  40. Guys you are such an inspiration and thank you is really not enough.
    I do have two questions and hopefully with your busy schedules you will be able to answer.
    1. Did you ever think to try American Ninja Warrior?
    2. We need fitness TV channel on TV and who could be better inspiration to people than Family Powell?

  41. Hi Chris & Heidi. Just wanna say Thank you both for all the encouragement. I have your books, and app. I have you both on my FB. I’m looking daily for you guys encouragement, recipes, and motivation. Hopefully maybe you’ll could do a cookbook with sweet treats, and nutritional meals. Love you both lot’s. Thank you for being so kind and real to people who really need help.

  42. Love you both heidei and chris
    I would like to see you both one day
    My questions why not you come to middle east to give support to those suffering from overweight Egypt for example .

    I would like to lose 25 kilos to rich my ideal body weight so how many days I need to lose these kilos and how many hours per day I need to work out ? Please answer me. am 28 years old and I have a problem with pregnancy so I have to lose weight before next January as my operation

  43. Do you guys ever have nights where you can’t sleep? When that happens, do you get hungry? Do you eat or…? How does that impact metabolism?

  44. I love the show and it is motivating to watch the great work you do in transforming people’s lives. Not just the food issues, but life issues.
    I was going to ask the same question I noticed several others have posted. A show with average people, who struggle to lose 20-30 pounds would be great. I have Hashimotos disease, and weight loss is a struggle. I have several friends with thyroid issues who have the same problem. Any advice?

  45. Thanks Heidi and Chris for answering this question! I’ve always wondered the answer to this question and honestly, the whole process of taking your shirt off for the weigh in made me not want to try out for Extreme Weight Loss. But after hearing what you guys had to say, it makes complete sense on why you have to do it. Heidi’s answer made me cry the most though because she speaks the honest truth about the “lottery” syndrome. I’m trying really hard to lose weight and I always think that I will love myself when I loose 200 pounds or so. I guess I have to work on the inside first while also working on the outside. Thank you Heidi for your insight and inspiration! You and Chris are such a wonderful couple! Do you have any tips for a woman like me who is trying to lose weight? My problem is my work schedule. I work from 3pm-11:30pm. Any tips on dieting and exercising for that kind of schedule? Any little tid bit that will help, I will gladly appreciate it! Thank you!

  46. Wow. I felt overwhelmingly sad when you suggested we weigh in in front of someone who loves and cares for us not matter what. I don’t think I have a person like that.

    1. That is really sad, Heather. Just know that I am saying a prayer for you tonight that God will bring someone into your life to love you unconditionally and that you would allow someone like that in, because you are so valuable in His eyes and hold more worth than you’ll ever know. He always loves us and sees beauty even when we can’t see it in ourselves.

  47. I would love it if y’all would work with me but I don’t want to be on tv. I watch every episode n wish that was me. You both work miracles with others n I think y’all are amazing people. Keep on keeping on! Help!

  48. I love The show I will ride my spin bike or do I have a bag while watching the show. I was always told not to lose more than 10 pounds a month and I notice that he has people losing hundred pounds in three months. So my question is it safe to lose more then 10 a month. If I eat my Bmr and exercise and burn 1000 calories and my Bmr is 1790 then my net calories would only 790. Is that safe if I ate the Bmr in the first plan. Nov 11 I was 315 it took about 17 months to get to 195. Now I’m maintaining the my weight lose

    Thank you both all you do.

  49. Hi there. I heard your answer about why you make the constentants take their shirts off when they weigh in. My question is why dont you show them with their shirts off after skin surgery? Why not let them show off how amazing they look?

  50. Hi Heidi,
    I just started with the Vemma Bode products. It will be I week Wednesday. So far so good. I need a change I love watching you guys and how hard you work to help people. I hope that this will be the time I really conquer my weight.

  51. I’d love to see an episode of you working with someone who has 75-100lbs. to lose and battles with fibromyalgia or Lupus which affect the intensity and type of workout they can begin with or keep up. Now, how do I form that into a question for your blog Heidi LOL!
    I guess it’s not really a question but more a suggestion. So many of your viewers fall into this category. We are “obese” because a health issue has altered our body– which starts a cycle of emotional eating and inactivity. I think if you could do an episode that addresses auto immune diseases, you would inspire so many of us that feel lost. I honestly believe that if I could get my weight under control again, I could reverse some of these auto immune issues. I’d love to be your guinea pig. Wouldn’t you love working with a 44 yr. old stay at home mom in Michigan who has a busy 4 yr. old (blessed by adoption after 18 yr. ‘wait’). I mean that story has Emmy excitement all over it! *Insert sarcasm LOL! And Team Powell, I have the book. It is great. I actually know how to eat when it’s not 10pm my brain shuts off….thanks πŸ™‚

  52. I love your show. I’m finding it hard to eat 5 meals a day while working. Can a Quest bar be eaten as a replacement meal in the carb cycling plan.?

  53. Hi Heidi!
    I love this video and question because I was wondering the same thing. In fact, as I was watching and listening I got tears in my eyes just thinking about weighing shirtless in front of a group of people. I would be mortified to let anyone see me at this weight but the one thing that struck me is Chris saying we want to hide behind our clothing. I avoid mirrors at all cost and really do hide behind my clothing. I also like what you said about how its like winning the lottery. That is also true. I have put off doing so much stuff until I weigh a “certain weight” that I miss out on a lot of fun stuff. So, what I took away from your little video is to quit hiding and embrace who I am right now even if I am not at the “ideal weight”. Thanks for all that you and Chris do! You are both so inspiring!
    Jennifer Manos

  54. When you suggested that each of us weigh ourselves in front of someone who loves us with our ‘clothes’ off I got emotional. Just the thought of that about made me cry! Wow, that surprised me. I do agree that shame and hiding needs to be shed. Thank you for speaking truth to us. That is inspirational in itself, to be known.

  55. I LOVE your alls show!! Just found this blog and I’m so excited to start following this as well! You’re beautiful, Heidi, and definitely my role model!

  56. My Q for an A from you is how you do it Heidi? Between your support to your husband and the demands of his job, raising your children, working out yourself, cleaning house, making meals….do you have a schedule? routine? Do you ever get to the place of sheer exhaustion or are you just able to keep going strong?

  57. I love seeing the transformations. I was born with spina bifida and I was wondering do you ever work with people in wheelchairs? I would love some suggestions on things I can do to lose weight.

    1. Tonya, I too have spina bifida and have had the same question! It’s neat to come on sites like this and find people in the same situation as me!

  58. Hi , I love to see the transformations you all do BUT why do you all only work with people with 50% of there body weight to lose ? There are many of us with health issues that are heavy and need help and just don’t meet that criteria and need help just as badly !!

    1. I totally agree with you!!!!! I’m 5’3″ 215 lbs and only need to lose 90 pounds. It would be awesome if they could do a show almost like EWL but for people with less than 100# to lose or even 150#! I have asthma, diabeties, osteoarthritis in both knees, a bad back and a bad shoulder, so working out is really hard! HELP ME CHRIS AND HEIDI!!!

    2. I love how supportive the both of you are of each other and to everyone you encounter. I teach pilates classes and LOVE it. In the past few years i feel like i’ve finally been happy with my body, despite its flaws and since then, fitness has become something i live for. Unfortunately I had a few set backs with a serious knee surgery and months of rehab, but i would make the most of my PT sessions by making sure i did every exercise on both sides (no matter how easy it was on the non-injured leg) I was even able to get in some upper body and eventually core after the 1st month, but cardio still wasn’t feasible- or at least not the cardio i wanted to do/was doing prior to surgery. Still, i felt i was doing great, in great shape and had some incredible muscle mass in my legs now. Had i put on some weight? Definitely, but i was eating healthy and knew it was mostly muscle i was gaining and not fat that was increasing my lbs. I basically had leg day EVERY day. 2 hrs of physical therapy, 3 times a week, plus all the work i did at home and at the gym to build up the muscles around my knee.

      I’ve found in the past that men not in the fitness industry have NO IDEA what women weight b/c sadly, so many women feel the need to lie about their weight. I’m 5’10, with thick legs (super strong & sexy legs now thanks to PT!) and child bearing hips. I had always been happy in the 150’s, but when i told a guy friend that he didn’t believe i weighed ‘that much’. Now, like i said, i’m pretty confident and very happy with my body, but when i stepped on the scale in front of him and heard his reaction i was devastated. Not because it was 161.1 (with clothes on), I was okay with the number, but his reaction killed me. I know he was just joking, but this is one of my closest and oldest friends whose opinion i value greatly. I have tremendous respect for all contestants on EWL who have to go through the weigh in’s half naked for the world to see. Keep up the positive motivation!!! Love you guys!

    3. because it’s EXTREME weight loss. These people are morbidly obese and without making a change are putting their lives at risk everyday they continue to live their unhealthy lifestyle. There are TONS of great trainers and life coaches out there that you can hire to help you out, but Chris and Heidi can’t help everyone in America. If they did, they would have no time for that beautiful family of theirs. I hope you find someone to help you reach your goals and have the self motivation and determination to do so!

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