Q&A with the Powells – Ep1 – Why do contestants weigh in shirtless?

You asked, I?m answering! I receive so many emails, messages, and comments each day with some wonderful questions from many of you that I WISH I could sit down and pen a response to! Sadly, there just aren’t enough hours in the day, so I?m trying something a little new and super fun? I?ll be answering some of your most commonly asked questions right before your very eyes! And occasionally, I’ll have this incredibly sexy (and super knowledgeable and compassionate) co-host next to me ;). Click play and watch to see our answer to the first question in my new Q&A series. Stay tuned?there are so many more to come!

Is there a question you’ve been dying to ask me or Chris? If so, leave your question in a comment below…maybe I (or we!) will answer it on my next Q&A video!

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  1. Love you both heidei and chris
    I would like to see you both one day
    My questions why not you come to middle east to give support to those suffering from overweight Egypt for example .

    I would like to lose 25 kilos to rich my ideal body weight so how many days I need to lose these kilos and how many hours per day I need to work out ? Please answer me. am 28 years old and I have a problem with pregnancy so I have to lose weight before next January as my operation

  2. Do you guys ever have nights where you can’t sleep? When that happens, do you get hungry? Do you eat or…? How does that impact metabolism?

  3. I love the show and it is motivating to watch the great work you do in transforming people’s lives. Not just the food issues, but life issues.
    I was going to ask the same question I noticed several others have posted. A show with average people, who struggle to lose 20-30 pounds would be great. I have Hashimotos disease, and weight loss is a struggle. I have several friends with thyroid issues who have the same problem. Any advice?

  4. Thanks Heidi and Chris for answering this question! I’ve always wondered the answer to this question and honestly, the whole process of taking your shirt off for the weigh in made me not want to try out for Extreme Weight Loss. But after hearing what you guys had to say, it makes complete sense on why you have to do it. Heidi’s answer made me cry the most though because she speaks the honest truth about the “lottery” syndrome. I’m trying really hard to lose weight and I always think that I will love myself when I loose 200 pounds or so. I guess I have to work on the inside first while also working on the outside. Thank you Heidi for your insight and inspiration! You and Chris are such a wonderful couple! Do you have any tips for a woman like me who is trying to lose weight? My problem is my work schedule. I work from 3pm-11:30pm. Any tips on dieting and exercising for that kind of schedule? Any little tid bit that will help, I will gladly appreciate it! Thank you!

  5. Wow. I felt overwhelmingly sad when you suggested we weigh in in front of someone who loves and cares for us not matter what. I don’t think I have a person like that.

    1. That is really sad, Heather. Just know that I am saying a prayer for you tonight that God will bring someone into your life to love you unconditionally and that you would allow someone like that in, because you are so valuable in His eyes and hold more worth than you’ll ever know. He always loves us and sees beauty even when we can’t see it in ourselves.

  6. I would love it if y’all would work with me but I don’t want to be on tv. I watch every episode n wish that was me. You both work miracles with others n I think y’all are amazing people. Keep on keeping on! Help!

  7. I love The show I will ride my spin bike or do I have a bag while watching the show. I was always told not to lose more than 10 pounds a month and I notice that he has people losing hundred pounds in three months. So my question is it safe to lose more then 10 a month. If I eat my Bmr and exercise and burn 1000 calories and my Bmr is 1790 then my net calories would only 790. Is that safe if I ate the Bmr in the first plan. Nov 11 I was 315 it took about 17 months to get to 195. Now I’m maintaining the my weight lose

    Thank you both all you do.

  8. Hi there. I heard your answer about why you make the constentants take their shirts off when they weigh in. My question is why dont you show them with their shirts off after skin surgery? Why not let them show off how amazing they look?

  9. Hi Heidi,
    I just started with the Vemma Bode products. It will be I week Wednesday. So far so good. I need a change I love watching you guys and how hard you work to help people. I hope that this will be the time I really conquer my weight.

  10. I’d love to see an episode of you working with someone who has 75-100lbs. to lose and battles with fibromyalgia or Lupus which affect the intensity and type of workout they can begin with or keep up. Now, how do I form that into a question for your blog Heidi LOL!
    I guess it’s not really a question but more a suggestion. So many of your viewers fall into this category. We are “obese” because a health issue has altered our body– which starts a cycle of emotional eating and inactivity. I think if you could do an episode that addresses auto immune diseases, you would inspire so many of us that feel lost. I honestly believe that if I could get my weight under control again, I could reverse some of these auto immune issues. I’d love to be your guinea pig. Wouldn’t you love working with a 44 yr. old stay at home mom in Michigan who has a busy 4 yr. old (blessed by adoption after 18 yr. ‘wait’). I mean that story has Emmy excitement all over it! *Insert sarcasm LOL! And Team Powell, I have the book. It is great. I actually know how to eat when it’s not 10pm my brain shuts off….thanks 🙂

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