Q&A : What’s the hardest part about being a trainer?

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There?s no doubt about it, Chris and I absolutely love what we do. It truly is our driving force in life and inspires us to work harder, be better, and make a difference day in and day out. We are blessed to do what we love, and love what we do, but even with such a passion for our profession, there are a few pitfalls too. Check out the video below to see what we think the hardest part of our job is!

As with any career, our job has it setbacks, but I can assure you, the positives far outweigh any possible negatives, and we are so grateful for all of our amazing opportunities every single day. Now, if we could just find a bit more balance?adding that to the 2015 resolutions list ;)!



18 Responses

  1. was wondering if the low and high carb cyclying was good for a type 2 diabetic that I am.dr caught it early,an dr said it was reversible.

  2. I was wondering if you could tell me what carb cycle is used for maintaining weight while continuing to build strength and endurance? Or is carb cycling only for losing weight? Thanks! You two inspire me!

  3. I absolutely love the two of you together and the way you approach and help the world. I envy how strong the two of you are. The hardest part about being a trainer(NASM) for me was the competitiveness in the industry, I loved helping all the people I did with weight and injury struggles. I helped real people with real problems with just my knowledge, time, and actual ability to help. But it was not also a challenge being a much thicker girl, but my big box gym only cared about how many clients I had, what I was wearing, and how original/badass my workouts were. I’m so happy that you see so much positive and don’t even look at the negative. You continue to help all the people you can, and NEVER judge in the process. Seriously never stop what you’re doing. 🙂

  4. I love your honesty. My Boyfriend (of 16 yrs) have the awesome ability to work from home. When we work at home at the same time, however, I feel like we need to get away – from each other at the end of the day.

    I would love to see you all work with some folks that aren’t necissarily morbidly obese, but maybe have health concerns that keep them from working out at a high intensity. How do we go about that? IE: I had a brain tumor (removed from St Josephs though, so I’m all good ;-)) But I’m left with just one jugular vein and if my heart rate goes too high I will have an excutiating headache for days. I also have chronic hives so I can’t take NSAIDS so I try really hard to not get a headache that lasts for days. I’ve done OK with diet, walks, etc, but am still overweight as I’ve just not been able to work out as I did pre-kid/pre-brain tumor. So, how do those people who physically can’t work high intensity get in touch with that fitness that will prolong our lives? That would make a great show.

    1. Hi Holly: While a new show isn’t in the works, anyone-with any amount of weight to lose-can use the same program Chris and Heidi use on the show. You can find their carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn all about it here: https://heidipowell.net/9060/how-to-begin-your-transformation-journey-step-by-step/. With your health issues, we’d suggest you and your healthcare team work together to make any modifications to Chris and Heidi’s program so you can reach your health and fitness goals. We wish you the best!

  5. loved the video and love you guys. This would be a great opportunity to help your fellow trainers help you reach all those people. You to put a very human face on personal training and how wonderful it can be and how transformative it can be for peoples lives. There’s a lot of us out here who share your passion for transforming lives. Maybe a nod in our direction would help us reach all those people.

  6. I would love your advice/guidance. I’m a mom of a very sweet 9 month old baby girl! Im obsessed with her and am having a hard time working full time and finding time to work out. I would also love your advice about good eating advice for kiddos. I’m focusing on non-processed, organic foods, but what about carbs? I used to be paleo, so it’s hard to know for her what’s best. Just want a healthy outlook on food for her and us. Thanks for all you do!

    1. Congratulations on the new baby girl – that’s so exciting! Heidi and Chris recommend kids get a well-rounded diet full of lean proteins, carbs (fruits, veggies, whole grains, legumes, etc.), and healthy fats. Here’s a post that talks about family nutrition – hope it helps! https://heidipowell.net/7986/funwithfood/.

  7. Ok Chris’s words made me cry! Thank you so much to both of you for what you do! I’ve loved following you both on facebook and have learned so much! So THANKS!! 🙂

    1. wow you 2 are amazing helping all these people i really wish my husband would lose the weight just for health reasons and to live a long happy marriage and we are always together 24 hours a day love it

  8. So Inspired by the two of you!
    I’m a physiotherapist and my man is a personal trainer and a firefighter and we discovered the two of you thanks to the Bode-program two years ago. Inspired by you guys we now work as a team, here in Sweden, helping Swedish people to a healthier lifestyle. So even if you guys feel you only can help a few, I think there are many people like myself that have started to help others thanks to the two of you!
    If you ever need help with anything don’t hesitate to email me, we would love to help in anyway we can! Hopefully we can take the spot as Swedens answer to “Chris and Heidi” 🙂
    Last but not least! (In Swedish)
    Ta hand om varann

  9. Remember to always try (I know it’s hard) to make time for Chris and Heidi!!! Because shows end, kids grow up, life happens and at the end of the day, it will eventually come back to just Chris and Heidi. Don’t lose the love and respect for each other while trying to help the world.

  10. Please be at peace that you are reaching and helping transform the masses! I read the comments on your diet bet and you are helping and inspiring not just me and my sister but thousands of people!! Keep up the great work and be at peace that you two are indeed making a difference!! I feel like you guys are personal friends!

  11. You guys are Awesome. This video also helped my husband and I because we work together too. And yes we have to separate business from personal when we’re with or kids too. We love you guys. Thank you for inspiring us to be better and healthier. My daughter and I are still working out

  12. Great honest response. I love love love my husband but he gets two weeks off for Christmas every year and by the end I am excited for him and kids to go back to their routine. Lol
    it is a testament to your love and dedication for the bigger picture. Great job! We keep up with yall and love the inspiration you put out for those of us struggling.
    Love from Texas!

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