Friday Favorites: Valentine’s Day Gift Guide!


Every Valentine’s Day it feels like Chris and I play the same game – “I won’t you get anything if you don’t get me anything! Deal!?” And then, alas, we both get hit with some last minute guilt (or maybe it’s panic) that the other might have indulged in some V-day gift buying, and it’s a mad dash to grab something he or I *might* like. Ah! Not this year though, I am coming prepared! I’ve made my list, bought my gifts, and sent some not-so-subtle hints Chris’ way for what I’d like to unwrap this holiday.

1.?Reebok Pineapple Sports Bra?- Is there anything more Valentines-y than gifting a bra?! Even if it is a sports bra ;). I love this pineapple print, so cute, and has me totally pining for warmer weather and beach runs. {Update: This bra is no longer available, find a similar one here.}

2.?Men’s Crossfit Hoodie?- Baby, it’s (still) cold outside! Bundle your man up in the warmest, most functional workout hoodie ever this holiday! The inside is fleece lined – perfect for sneaking your hands inside to warm-up ;).

3.?Cuisinart Grill Set?- Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to prepare your meat… and let’s face it, working the grill makes men feel masculine. Give your hubby the gift of healthy eating and a little testosterone boost with this wood handled grill set!

4.?Reebok Coral Shorts?- It may be a tad early to be busting out the summer gear, but a girl can dream, right?! The print on these is so fun, I don’t think I’ll be able to limit wearing these to workouts only.

5.?Men’s Workout Z1G Watch?- Everyone deserves a little jewelry on V-day, right? This watch looks good, AND is good for you! It has a stopwatch, timer, and is water/sweat proof! Perfect to keep your man on track with his fitness goals in 2015! {Update: This watch is no longer available, find a similar one here.}

6.?Dear Valentine Mad Libs?- I love anything that disguises learning as fun! These Mad Libs are not only absolutely hilarious, but they work on writing skills and sentence structure too. My older kiddos have a blast filling these out and they don’t even know they’re learning! Love ’em, and at only $3 each, they’re cheap enough to get both kids their own.

7.?Melissa & Doug Ice Cream Scoop Set?- With all of the Valentine’s treats our kiddos haul home from school, I always try to find a fun, non-food item I can give them. This ice cream scoop set is the best! The pieces are big enough Cash and Ruby can use them, but still fun enough for Marley to work her imagination too! The perfect (not so) sweet treat!

What are your Valentine’s plans this year? Send me your fun holiday ideas in the comments below!




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  1. Hi, Heidi!

    This year, we’re opting to stay home and make dinner for one another. He’s making homemade garlic pasta with rice flour, tomato sauce, turkey meatballs, and salad. I’m still deciding on desert.
    We do have a sitter for our daughter so we’re can catch a movie later. Really looking forward to it!

    P.S. those shorts are CUTE!

  2. We stay home
    On valentines and I make a fancy candlelight dinner for my husband and kids. We make pretend menus and my kids help
    Serve their dad. They even give him a fake check and fake money at the end to pay. It’s pretty awesome and pretty dang fun to let the kids pretend and it beats having to deal with all of the crowds on valentines!

  3. I love to have fun with my grandsons, helping them to make home made valentines for family members,, they get to show their artistic side and use their imagination. at the young tender age of 4 and 8 I want them to know it is the simple things in life!!

    loving the watch idea for him

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