A Weight Loss Win: It’s More Than That Number on the Scale

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10/24/15: The winner of our free DietBet game entry is…Lisa!!! And since I had several Lisas enter, the winning Lisa’s email address has something to do with stars. Lisa w/ stars, please check your inbox for instructions on how to claim your free entry. And for everyone else, thank you so much for entering! You have set some amazing goals for yourselves?you got this! πŸ™‚

Here?s a question I?m asked frequently: ?Heidi, I?m following my diet so carefully, working out hard five days a week, and the scale is not budging! What am I doing wrong??

My answer? Nothing…You?re very possibly not doing anything wrong! In fact, you?ve been doing so many things right. It?s kinda? sad how we let that dumb number on the scale make us feel either over-the-moon elated or like a total failure.

Here are seven ways you can tell that all your hard work and dedication are paying off?no matter what number is on that darn scale:

  • Do your clothes fit looser? If so, you’ve changed body fat into lean body mass (muscle) which will burn more fat. That?s a win!
  • Have you lost inches? If you haven?t taken your measurements yet, go do it right now! And retake your measurements each time you weigh. You might be surprised at the results. πŸ˜‰
  • Do you just feel better? Do you have more energy? These are sure signs of a healthier body.
  • Are you sleeping better? Again, another sign of a healthier body.
  • A small weight gain or no weight loss could be due to what you ate recently. Sodium and carbs (yes, even the healthy ones) can cause water retention, so keep that in mind.
  • Ladies, is it around that time of the month? Along with all the other ?lovely? things we get to experience during this time, temporary weight gain can be one of them. Remember, the key word here is temporary.
  • Only weigh yourself once a week. I know. It?s so tempting to step on that scale more often just to see…but…if that number on the scale is not what you’d hoped, it can be pretty disappointing and lead to making some not-so-great choices. Your weight naturally fluctuates from day to day, so why set yourself up for some totally unnecessary frustration? If you?re carb cycling, weigh yourself weekly on the morning of day 6 for most cycles (most number of days post Reward Day and after the most number of low-carb days).

And here’s a bonus tip: Chris and I are hosting another DietBet game?”Thanksgiving Slim Down”?that begins on October 27th, and I’m giving away one free entry right here! To enter, leave me a comment below telling me one thing you’re going to do to keep your transformation goals front and center during the holidays AND share this post on social media. And I want to be able to find you, so please tag me and use the hashtag #thanksgivingslimdown. You have until midnight, Friday, October 23, to enter, and one winner will be randomly chosen and announced right here on Saturday, October 24. And don’t forget to sign up for our game: DietBet.com/ChrisPowell.

So there you have it…my sure-fire tips for winning that battle with your scale. πŸ™‚



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186 Responses

  1. Help I am addicted to chocolate bad I do great during the day it is my night time is where I have the problem … I do workout 5 days a week thank god for that .. need to lose 10 pounds due to my addiction….Thanks Tammy

  2. I’m giving up soda. I know it sounds easy but I am completely addicted! I’m just taking it one day at a time and I know I’ll get there!

  3. Hi I have started my first slingshot week today, but have barely lost any weight during the first 3 weeks, like barely 2 pounds, while I would want to loose between 11 and 20 pounds:/
    I?m 25 and workout regularly 4/5 times a week, 2/3 of resistance training and 3 times LISS training. 3 years ago I screwed up my metabolism by eating 600kcal/day for 2 months, then I followed with very little carbs for a long long time, but its been more than a year now that I have gotten back on track eating 5 meals a days and carbs and all and am trying to gain the muscle I had lost/never had due tue the fact that my body was burning it instead of the carb I was not giving it but have never gotten results. I have always been very healthy and attent to what I eat but never got good results in loosing the kg I have had on since young?I have lost 4 kg over the past year, but nothing really worked for good ( mening I would follow a certain dietm but I wouldnt loose because of it, the weight just came off for no real reason in the past months.) so I was hoping to find an anwser in Carb cycling but so far I havnt seen much results.
    What should I dom keep on trying? Maybe its early to see changes ( even if in Chirs?s choose to lose he was talking about 13lb in 3 months and I don?t see me getting there) or should I change to another cycle or try some of the solutions in the book already?
    Tanks a lot, sorry for the super long message!!!

    1. Hi Elis: Thank you for your post! A couple of things: 1) Your weight loss rate can be slow in the beginning as your body gets used to a new way of doing things. And since you’ve been on several diets in the past, this can also slow your weight loss rate. 2) The fewer pounds you have to lose, the slower your rate of weight loss can be. Even a 1 lb a week loss can be awesome – the important thing is to continue to add in these healthy habits and incorporate them into your life for the rest of your life. 3) I’m not sure which cycle you’re following, but you can change cycles at any time. 4) No matter which cycle you’re following, be sure and follow the daily calorie recommendations for low- and high-carb days, drink all your water every day, watch those portion sizes, get in up to an hour of cardio/Shredders 5 days a week, do your 9-Minute Missions every morning, and stick to those promises you make to yourself. And remember, baby steps are the key to lifelong transformation! You can do this!

    2. Aww thanks for your anwser!!I’ve tried for a loong time, but this time I’m really hoping for results and I do see the potential in the whole plan! Just another things….I’m doing the classic one right now, I’ll give it a try for another couple of weeks, then,if I still don’t see any change, should I switch to the turbo one or adapt by cutting carbs for the last two meals of the HC days at Chris says in the book?
      About the 9min exercises, is it on the LC mornings or should it really be every morning?
      Thanks again!!

    3. You are so welcome! And if you need to make a change, you might try the Turbo Cycle before cutting carbs on HC days. The Turbo Cycle is awesome! As for the 9MM, you’ll do one every morning, Monday-Friday. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi. I purchased the book as an e-book. I find myself to be a visual person and would like to know if there is somewhere I can get copies of the Turbo Cycle worksheet.. I am not able to print them from my nook. Is that possible?


  5. Hi Heidi,
    I decided to do carb cycling back in June when I was on summer break ( I am a teacher) I was really successful and lost 10 pds. πŸ™‚ After my sling shot week I gained some weight and have been really struggling to get past it… I haven’t gained it all back but now that I am back at work its very difficult to eat every three hours and water intake ( a gallon is a challenge unless I go pee between every class)
    I need help and feel very discouraged… any advice!
    Thanks xoxoxo

    1. Hi Nicole: While eating every 3 hours can be tough on some work schedules, just do the best you can. Keep quick, ready-to-eat options handy, and space out your water intake throughout your day to lessen the frequency of your bathroom breaks. Your body should get more used to all the water, but if you need to, up your ounces gradually. You can do this!

  6. I am going to be more mindful of the types of carbs that I eat. I need to find my willpower and get some motivation. Having a difficult time staying on track. One day or two great then it all falls apart. I can do this.

  7. This year to stay focused on going to allow myself to have one treat and not feel guilty about it, then I’m going to stayon track, drink water and lots of veggies!

  8. Heidi, I’d like to win your diet bet giveaway to enter the challenge. I have a metabolic disorder called polycystic ovarian syndrome. This syndrome makes it very difficult to lose weight because of insulin resistance in the body. I figured out into thousand and seven how to trick my body into losing weight by eating six meals a day and combination of complex carbs and protein. As I get older, now nearing 40, My insulin resistance is getting worse especially with stress of work school and having children. I would like to give your program a try to see if it helps me!

  9. I am just finishing a 90 day workout challenge on 10/26, and built lots of great muscle. It’s time to take the commitment one step further and jump start the body fat loss! Put my money where my mouth is!

  10. I will be 29 a week before Thanksgiving. It’s time for THE change. I’m going to hit my goal to be under 180lbs. By my 30th birthday and do it the healthy way. I look forward to the challenges that are ahead and will not let anything stand in my way to the body I have always invisioned I could have with proper diet and rigourous exercise. (And I guess a gym membership if I can swing it)

  11. I’ve been in a funk for 4 years! Taking care of elder/Ill parents and now in the year since my Mom passed becoming worse. I’m usually so active and on the go and now I weigh 244 lbs. the heaviest I’ve been in my life … and I’m a yoga instructor starting to feel like a total fraud. I’m going to post my goals so that my friends will hold me accountable!! I’m going to wake up in the morning reminding myself there is still always time to be everything I always dreamed.

  12. I plan to use my 21 day fix containers and my Shaun T cize workout. But be diligent in following the plan. I list a bunch of weight and finally got under 300 lbs, but then the last couples months I’ve been really off the wagon and just binge eating like no other and I stepped on the scale and sadly the 300’s are back πŸ™ plus I may have signs of either pre diabetes or sleep apnea. Need to see my doctor to get out checked. I’m lacking serious motivation and willpower to stick to my plan. Hoping this helps. Thanks

  13. We already had our thanksgiving but I controlled my portion and did not over eat this year. I bought a fitbit hr to help me push harder so I can attain my fitness goals.

  14. I once was 155 lbs. Not fat, not skinny. Then I got really big into working out and went from a size 9 to a size 5. Unfortunately I twisted my ankle while working out and had to have surgery. It was about a year before I had surgery and a year since. Overall 2 years of physically unable to workout. I ended up gaining 30+. I’m since down about 10 but need some extra motivation to get back to that 155. Having you as a motivator would be one of the best birthday gifts for early November :))

  15. After losing 70 lbs since March I have hit a plateau. I am so ready to see the scale change, but I know if I just don’t quit it will! Thanks for the encouraging blog post! I’d love to try the DietBet. I plan to keep working out hard during the holidays and schedule cheat meals instead of full on weeks of feasts!

  16. Hi Heidi ~ I shared this on FB with #thanksgivingslimdown but can’t figure out for the life of me how to tag you.

    To help me stay accountable I bought a Charge HR & I’m starting a fitbit challenge group for those of us attending Weight Watchers meetings in my town. It’s a private group because even though I’m okay letting everyone see my activity to help me stay accountable most overweight people don’t want the whole world seeing what they’re doing. This is a start to help my towns Weight Watchers members all be more accountable to each other & to cheer each other on.

    I’m really liking my fitbit Charge HR because I can finally see the number of steps I take daily, my sleep patterns, & also my heart rate when I’m walking or doing any other exercise or hard work.

  17. Since last year i lost about 25kg. The doctors told me that i have to lose at least an other 30 kg. The only thing i will change at least try, is to increase my metabolism. Because the medicines i am taking, make me eat less than i should my metabolism works slower, so i haven’t lost any weight the last 3 months. I will keep exercise as much as i can (i exercise 6 days a week) and since it’s getting colder, so for me it’s even harder to lose weight, i will include sauna in my program, 2 times a week.

  18. I’m finally doing something for myself so that can feel amazing. I just want to play with my 3 beautiful children and not feel worn out after a few minutes.

  19. I would love to join you all on the next dietbet game! To keep me accountable and on track with my goals I plan to keep a food journal, walk/run with a buddy 5x/week, and tell all my friends about my goals. I’m going to weigh myself daily for my own motivation (I tend to lose more weight if I do this and visually picture my goal for each week) If I tell everyone what I’m doing I’ll be less likely to cheat and my walking buddy will be relying on me as well as me with her. I of course plan to hang pics of #heidipowell and #chrispowell in my house for inspiration and motivation! #thanksgivingslimdown

  20. As we’ve entered into the holidays of candys, cakes, and carbs(oh my!) I’m remembering what my grandmother preached. A little dab will do you. I don’t need a huge serving of potatoes or cranberry jelly or Halloween candy. A small serving, just a bite or two, gives me all the familiar flavors without all the calories and sugars I don’t need.

  21. To keep myself accountable on a daily basis I am writing down everything I put in my body! I am drinking a gallon of water a day and working out 5-6 days a week. My fianc? and are getting married next May and we started a crossfit gym together as well as we are doing 30 run races before I turn 30! Both of those goals will keep us accountable not only to ourselves but each other too!

  22. To keep my eye on the prize I’m making an accountability calender (something similar to what Bruce Pitcher made for himself). I’m going to put on there what my exercise is going to be for each and a diet box to make sure I stay within my goals. At the end of each day.. if I did good, I can check both diet and exercise off! I’m in my 3rd week of getting back into a fitness routine.. diet is the hardest! But I’m only learning from my mistakes. It will always be a struggle.

  23. I love the blog Heidi because I am so obsessed with that number on the scale. I work out regularly but my eating habits have not been the best. I have noticed that my clothes fit the same so my lean muscle mass is staying the same which is good. Everyone says that it is too hard to lose weight during the holidays but it can be done because I have done it before.
    I commit to continue with my exercise routine, start journaling again so I can better track what I’m putting in my mouth, menu plan and work really hard toward my big goal by breaking it down into smaller goals. I have always sabotaged myself when I get within that 5-10 pound range of my ultimate goal. Hopefully by posting and sharing will help me stay accountable and true to myself.

  24. Thank you for the reminder that weight loss is not just a number on the scale.

    One thing I will do to keep my transformation (not just weight loss) goals front and center during the holidays: Partner up with a friend or two to help support each other by being accountability buddies and help each other with meal planning/prep.

    After losing 50 pounds from late February through June, I have plateaued these last three months. Honestly, it is due to poor food choices. I have fallen off the wagon on my food prep/planning. I need to get back on board and I have a few friends that will join me on my journey.

  25. You and Chris are amazing. I keep saying I wish you would do a spin off of your EWL and do it with people in their natural environments that still have to work all day- start on a weekend, and show them how the two of you work, take care of family, work out and make good choices!

    I would love to earn the free spot on the transformation diet bet…. I know I need to drink more water and I need to stop giving up on before I see results. I quit so I don’t fail. SO I would actually stick with it for the entire time and give myself a chance to see success πŸ™‚

  26. One thing I’m going to do to keep my transformation goals front and center during the holidays is fix fun but healthy holiday foods. Drink PLENTY of water before and during my meals. And instead of after holiday feast nap, like the norm, I plan on walking.

    I really hope that these ‘plans’ become reality and I just don’t stop and think its too hard for me, like I have done on everything in the past. The scale keeps going up and I hope I can find a way to back that up. This contest winning a free entry will help me by putting me on the right foot forward. No backing down if I do start this. I don’t think I’ve ever finished a lot in my life. Which is sad and pathetic. With help from my friends, family, and the encouraging words with strangers maybe I too can become the once confident person I once was and dream of being again.

  27. I helped fund a Kickstarter campaign for a goal-driven planner called the Commit30 planner – the special thing about this planner is that it focuses on short-term goals to affect long-term change. You set 30-day goals and write lists and ways to attain them so that you see them front and center every time you open your planner (since seeing it in the mirror wasn’t enough, apparently!). We all know it takes about a month to establish new habits, so while I wait for my December ship date to arrive, I’ve printed out the pre-order copies and am working on getting my gallon-a-day of water in me. With that under my belt, I’ll be able to focus on a new 30-day-goal for December.

  28. My husband has diabetes and the the doctor has been on him for years to lose weight, but we couldn’t get it together. He finally came to the point of insulin, so we went on a diet program. He has lost 65 lbs and cut down on meds, and as I have to cook for him I have lost 25 lbs. we are still wanting to lose more and have kept eating smaller portions and better selections of foods. We haven’t had fast food in 3 months!

  29. To make it through the holidays I have decided to track my food and macros. I have started seeing a personal trainer 2 times per week and have found I love to box so now I’m even going in my own. My mom and I have been compiling healthy versions of our favorites and learning to substitute ingredients. I feel more ready to conquer this one day at a time even when I’m celebrating with family!!

  30. I am going to meal prep better. I am working out ok, but I struggle with prepping for the week and find myself grabbing bad stuff because I am not prepared. One other thing for this holiday season is that I am going to say no. There are so many parties, invited to activities and other things that I can get overwhelmed and forget to take care of me. I am limiting my yes answers to 5 this year.

  31. MEAL PREP!!!! I tried it for 2 weeks and it was one of the best things I have done. Being a mom and working 50 + hours a week it’s hard to make a meal when you are dos tired. So you eat bad because it easy. This week I didn’t do it and I’m so stressed to cook every day that either I don’t eat or eat bad. I’m also adding crossfit every morning. 5 am. Wow it tuff but so far results are good. Scale is not going down so I need to focus on my intake. I’m also doing a half marathon in 3 weeks. All of these factors I should be able to hit my goals of health lifestyle with looking like a hot momma!!!! ?

  32. I had pneumonia a couple weeks ago and was put on bedrest got a few days. I was doing ok until then. Not being able to get to the store or work out has really put a damper on my weight loss goals. I’m ready to get back on the horse!

  33. Lots and lots of meal prep. Of course the usual working out and eating healthy! I have found in the past if I don’t meal prep I am so much more tempted to eat like absolute crap! I also need to make sure my family and friends support me in this. Without support it is SO much harder. #thanksgivingslimdown

  34. I have had 2 brain surgeries and its left the right side of my body quite numb. It’s so hard to find a regiment that I can do. Medication leaves me bloated all the time, so frustrating! Maybe your plan can help me. I want to loose 6-7 pounds. Not a crazy goal but I’m so stuck, I feel gross and clothes are too tight! ?

  35. My eldest brother passed in an auto accident just a couple days before my birthday in July. I have basically been derailed since he passed. However over the past month I have made significant effort to get my “mojo” back. I have gone back to being Gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. Im now on day 5 (again) as Ive had a few slips previously. Back to working out. I battle pcos and hypothyroidism and its exceptionally hard for me to loose. I have planned out meals and make several meals on Sunday to keep me prepared during the week. My main goal is to never stop starting…so that if there is a slip, I dust myself off and get right back up!

  36. Honestly, just planning ahead will be key for me. It’s when I’m not prepared that I stray from good food choices.

  37. As I get back into the groove of things, it’s most helpful when I have healthy snacks on hand! Cucumbers, broccoli, carrots. These things are usually a lot better tasting, but a pain if theyre not ready to eat right away.
    Also – Im getting married next July! Yay! My future husband is a chef and always cooks nutritious meals. As I become a stepmom to an awesome 5 year old boy, and as we start our own family, I want to be healthy for them. Its time to start working on that now.

  38. I will keep getting my regular workouts in and be mindful of what I eat at parties. I will wear my fit bit and get 10,000 steps in daily!

  39. lowered took 18 kilos and still concentrated in the 20 that I still missing. is not easy, I am now unable to lose more. I try not to think about it and stay focused. lots of water, zero sugar and zero flour!

  40. Heidi,
    Both you abd Chris have been a great inspiration. We have had office 90 day challenges that we share with you when you come in. You are so sweet to always answer our questions! After reading your ladt book I made copies, stared the challenge and had everyone encouraged to carb cycle! The only problem was I was starving. Then you magically appeared and I said Heidi I’m starving. You felt bad, gave me the sweetest hug and said veggies have never made us fat-EAT up!!! That has stuck with me for two years!! I would love a chance to win a free bet spot! Thank you again. I now habe weekly challenges with our fitbits! Goals goals

  41. I am down 37lbs since February this year and I still have 23 to go to hit my goal. I am going to continue to work hard, gym 5 days a week and track my calories. My sister is getting married next July and as her Maid of Honor, I want to stand next to her, proud to be in the skin I’m in.

  42. Have more fruits and veggies on hand! And I’m not going to pig out on dessert! #thanksgivingslimdown

  43. Please pick me
    I’ve followed you everywhere and i think I’m doing everything right
    I am down 70 lbs in a year by just making healthy choices and working out
    But now I’m stuck at a plateau and wish to lose around 30 more lbs
    I’m sure with your help and guidance I can achieve my goals
    Would love to be a part of your group

  44. Walking a million steps between now and Christmas. Walking 2 miles 5 days a week and doing 2 days of lifting. Carb cycling for my diet.

  45. I plan on beginning a half marathon training program, interval training & continuing with intermittent fasting & having cheat days ONLY on the day of holiday. Also getting my husband involved to help keep me accountable. #thanksgivingslimdown

  46. I plan on beginning a half marathon training program, interval training & continuing with intermittent fasting & having cheat days ONLY on the day of holiday. Also getting my husband involved to help keep me accountable.

  47. I’ve done measurements At the start of the month with a plan to repeat them in six weeks, and for accountability, I’m posting my food tracker results online (where my trainer sees it too…eek) so that I have to stand by what I say I’m going to do.

  48. I have to be honest. I love both pictures of this lady. I am all about being fit, and I love this article, but I definitely think if you look like the woman on the left, your doing pretty dang good. For those who are more on the right, you too.

  49. anchoring myself to positivity! I recently was told that I could no longer lift weights or even do many bodyweight exercises due to female issues and have struggled to believe I can still achieve my goals without weights and lifting motions. But I am choosing to stay positive and trying new low impact activities like cycling and yoga – trying to find a new passion!!

  50. I’m going to food journal, only stock healthy food in house, hydrate, establish a regular activity routine/habit & get plenty of sleep. Reduce screen time!

  51. If I had to choose one thing to focus on it would be meal planning and prepping. Workouts are not my struggle, my nutrition has always been my big downfall. Fail to plan; plan to fail- story of my life- time to right a new chapter. I’ll still sign up even if I don’t get picked. I know I have been living way beneath my potential for a long time- it’s time to meet the real me!

  52. I am continuing my lifting while training for the Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving morning! My husband, little girl and myself ran it for the first time last year and I know I’m going to blow my time out of the water this year! While I have never considered myself a runner, I have definitely taken to it this past year. Thanks for all of your inspiration and motivation! πŸ˜€

  53. I have a beach trip next Labor Day weekend to celebrate my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary, and I am determined to be the best, healthiest me I can be before then. I have let myself go over the past several years, stressing about life and relationships, raising kids, and I just haven’t been taking care of me. It’s time to get me back on track! I am determined, so no matter what I will get there!! I have been using the my fitness pal app to keep track of my calories and keep me accountable. I will continue to use it, to eat right, and exercise to stay away from temptation during the holiday season.

  54. I’ve been doing the fertility roller coaster for the last year – recently turning my body over to science (or at least it feels like that, with the amount of blood drawn and exams undergone and the things they want to inject me with). The one thing I have come to realize, as month after month I am not pregnant is – I feel my body is a failure. I feel my body is letting me down. I hate my body, for what is isn’t doing for me. I know this isn’t right – and it’s sad and dangerous – and my goal is to focus, not on getting pregnant, but on learning to love my body, faults and all. Part of my hatred has been overeating and eating poorly, and I want to turn that around. To love my body, to feed it the things it needs to heal, to exercise and celebrate what it can do (not mourn what it cannot). I’ve already begun the process – slow, stop and start though it is.

  55. Hi Chris and Heidi…
    thank you for the inspiration that you give each and every day…

    I am getting married in 6 weeks
    I have lost 80 lbs but I have 7 lbs more and I am stuck….

    I am looking forward to the dietbet
    As an inspiration to stay in track… I am exercising and balancing my meals….

    Again thank you!!! #thanksgivingslimdown

  56. Well, I plan to get therapy to help address my stinkin’ thinkin’ so that I turn to more positive coping rather than eating!

  57. I have taken a break from the scale and it has been very liberating. I love that I am watching what I eat and don’t let the scale dictate how I feel about myself each day. I am wanting to be my best self- strong, confident and happy. Thank you for being a great example.

  58. I’m going to stick with the portion control rules I know help me lose weight! My grandmother once told me “the first bite tastes the same as the last” meaning, if you really love something, have it, but it’s not going to taste any better after the first bite so if it’s not beneficial to your body, have a small portion and move on πŸ™‚

  59. My birthday is the day you announce the winner. Exactly 2 yrs from that date I will turn 40. I would love to spend the second half of my life at a healthy weight. I have achieved so much in my time here on earth and I have so much more to do. I am not letting my weight interfere with my goals. #thanksgivingslimdown

  60. I’ve been I an rut the past 6 months and have started to see myself slip back into a place/ scale number I didn’t want to see again. After losing 50 pounds two years ago, I need motivation to lose what I gained back and move forward, the healthy way.

  61. I need to get back on track. I am a teacher and did fabulous this summer and beginning of the school year but have to get better at eating again!

  62. I need to exercise! In order to exercise, I need to stop making excuses for myself. My back has been bothering me and I think that if I lose weight the pain may go away or lessen. I have already lost a few pounds, but I need to lose about 45 more! I think the only way to do this is through exercise. Plus, if I lose the weight I have a great wardrobe waiting for me!

  63. Hi! Loving your tips! My 14 yr old & I have been trying to drink more water, eat more protein as well as work out at the gym more. I have been struggling with my weight fluctuating for years, I hate it!!

  64. I am planning on doing a triathmom next year. I have enlisted my daughter as my swim coach. It gets both of us more active and gives me a goal to work towards.

  65. I plan to plan! I have started planning meals, snacks and drinks! Drinking water, buying herbal tea instead of pop (yep, northern usa girl) buying healthy snacks that are not a bag of chocolate chips!

  66. I’m going to stick to my diet as close as possible with keeping sweets to a minimum (they’re my weekness) and not skip any workouts!! #thanksgivingslimdown

  67. I’m going to keep two pictures up everywhere I go. One of me when I was taking care of myself and was much healthier and one of my little boy. I want to make him proud of his mommy πŸ™‚

  68. You and Chris inspired me to do my first diet bet at the beginning of the year! I have been carb cycling since January.. I’ve hit somewhat of a plateau, but am determined to reach my goal by sometime next year! I feel great, and would love to do another diet bet with you guys!! I’m going to continue to carb cycle throughout the holidays and not overindulge too much on my chest days!

  69. I started losing weight 1/1/15. I’ve lost 75 pounds since then on my own. No gimmick just 6 days a week of exercise and calorie counting. I’ve had very little movement on the scales over the last 60 days and I’m getting frustrated. I have 25 more pounds to reach my goal weight.
    I’m going to buckle down on my eating and make some changes to my exercise routine to try and get the scales moving again.

  70. I’m awful at tracking my food and snacking while my 2 little ones are napping. I promised myself (starting today) I was going to track my food and do ab work/ free weights during their naps through the end of the year. I’d live to be down 25 lbs by Christmas. Eek! Here’s to big goals! I need a 30 day Powell Boat Camp/ Detox. Let me know if you ever do a mini weightloss makeover!

  71. Continue to track what I eat and go to my personal trainer twice a week, along with going to the Y 3 days a week.

  72. I’ve recently began to become more serious about my lifestyle – which includes losing about 175 pounds – 200 pounds (as Im unsure where I should be right now – other than lighter).

    I am turning 23 next month and know I want to lead a better adult life style πŸ™‚

    I started a new job and bring healthy lunches, which I am always complimented on. My co-workers actually motivate me by this, as they barely know me yet and always say positive things to me and ask me (the very overweight new girl) for tips on bringing better lunches!

    I’d love to find a way to be accountable the rest of the day now too!

    Thanks Heidi & Chris for the support !

  73. I have my wedding next September and my biggest fear is to not love what I look like when I’m about to walk down isle. I have been meal prepping, working out and always looking at motivation quotes. Also putting a $1 in the “workout” jar after every workout! I’m ready to push through the holidays and not have slip ups every weekend! I’m ready to start this new healthy lifestyle!

  74. I will be watching my diet, tracking my food, drinking my water and getting my exercise atleast 4 days a week! I have derailed on other diets time and time again! It’s time for me to take control of my weight and my life.

  75. Created a schedule and even got the family (mom) involved. We keep each other motivated and push each other to try harder. We joined our local YMCA and spin 3 times, work with interval training twice a week and started couch to 5K training and signed up for the turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning.

  76. I’m in Canada so we’ve already had our Thanksgiving, but what I did was I made individual little pies to help me keep track of portion control. I also did fill my plate to the top like I usually do and I grabbed more turkey than anything else. Since then I’ve also stopped drinking during the week, I work out 3-5 times a week and I bought a Christmas dress that’s 2 sizes smaller than I am now. I have 2 kids 2-4 and am trying to live by example. Thank you for all your blogs and words of inspiration. They’re working for me.

  77. Being in the beginning of my new, healthy lifestyle, the upcoming holidays are making me a little bit nervous. I have been all over the internet looking for healthy alternatives to my favorite foods. For example, I found a recipe for flourless brownies. I normally eat a bunch of sweets around the holidays but these are made with garbanzo beans! They make me feel like I am cheating, when really I am not. I am now researching healthy pumpkin snacks because my 1/4 pie slice of pumpkin pie with cool whip on top will not be on my menu this year. My main goal is to enjoy the holidays and enjoy the food but enjoy it in a healthy way. I think that using the tools and the knowledge that I have now, I am going to be set for a successful holiday season!

  78. I have struggled with meal planning lately! My failure to plan my meals leads to bad food choices! I want to have a game plan for the week, and possibly precook for the week.

  79. To keep going through the holidays I’m signing up for a yoga class and keeping my eye on the prize (a better healthier body & look amazing on my wedding day). I’m currently taking a water aerobics class 3x/week and walking daily (have to, I have 2 dogs haha). I’m tracking my food and staying active. I’m determined to lose weight over the holidays, not gain!

  80. My holiday transformation would consist of quitting smoking and loosing 20 pounds so my husband and I can begin a family!

    1. What a great goal. i quit smoking 5 months ago, it wasn’t easy but it was worth it….good luck to you!

  81. What I am going to do to keep focused is to remember I am important. I have spent most of my life helping others and while that is important to me, I cannot let me drag along by a thread. I must put my own oxygen mask on before helping others. Focusing on my health and fitness will benefit others as well.

  82. To keep my transformational goals front and center, I’m going to think long term and not worry about the daily or even weekly fluctuations! It’s taken me two months to lose 10 pounds, and I’m not done yet πŸ™‚ #thanksgivingslimdown

  83. With the business of the holidays I am going to be more delight about meal planning each week to have healthy food choices instead of falling into the fast food rut. I am also calenderizing my work outs so other obligations don’t distract my progress! #thanksgivingslimdown

  84. Just got a membership to the gym FINALLY! I’m so stoked! As soon as my sinus infection (which so graciously decided to creep up on me as soon as I signed up for the membership lol) goes away, I will be in there busting some rump! But in the mean time, oatmeal with a bit of cinnamon and stevia πŸ˜‰

  85. The sweets are a hugeee problem for me during the holidays. Therefore this year I am limiting 1 sweet per day of celebration. I am a graduate student in dietetics fighting self shaming and binge eating. I’ve recently decided to fight back (harder) and I have been following IIFYM and weight lifting 6 days a week along with cardiovascular 5-6 days a week since August. You and Chris Powell have been such a huge inspiration to me in my journey to become a registered dietitian and with my own personal lifestyle! Thank you for helping me in so many ways!

  86. #thanksgivingslimdown

    There are three things I would like to do for the challenge:
    1. More water intake
    2. Daily log of food consumed
    3. Start a different for of excercise (e.g. Zumba, hiking, roller skatting)

    So excited to get back on the right frame of mind. In the past 4 years I’ve lost a total of 75 lbs. I still have another 40 lbs to reach my goal weight. Need some motivation to finish the race!

  87. I have a two year old and a four month old and it can get difficult so I do my best at putting the kids to bed early and give myself a half an hour to do an at home crossfit workout and do a burpee challenge. I am not quite strong enough 4 month postpartum but I have a goal to be stronger and healthier by 6 months. We are going to the Bahamas this December and I want to feel and look good in a bathing suit. I have a picture hanging up to motivate me to look like what I used to before my beautiful kiddos.

  88. I am making a list of my goals and putting them on my board so I can stay focused on training for a half marathon and focusing on the positive in my life. thanks for always sharing, positive encouraging tips.

  89. I am going to make better food choices and ask myself if eating something is going to hurt or help my goals. I am also going to start working out again and make no excuses. My wedding is in 6 months and I still have a ways to go.

  90. My Dad was recently diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer at age 58. He was very active before the diagnosis, but has become less and less inclined to exercise since. His doctor told him that he HAS to exercise, and that his body can handle it.

    i am also trying to stay fit (I am a college professor and commute 1 1/2 hours to my school each way), so we made a deal that we both reach our 10,000 step goal/day on our Fitbits. We are also walking together each night after dinner for 15 minutes. My favorite activity during the holidays, though, is the Turkey Trot! We walk/run it together every Thanksgiving.

  91. Am a 22yr old final year student. Presently, am weighing 95kg that’s about 190LBS. I know I have a flaw with eating. Few times I am determind to loose weight n I start working on myself, dropping 10kg in a month, n later I just start adding weight again. I have problem of enduring to exercise. Pls I need ur help CHRIS and HEIDI POWELL

    1. Hi Francesca: Chris and Heidi wish they could personally help everyone, but that’s just not possible, as you can imagine. That’s why they’ve made all their transformation tools available for all of us to use, and you can find these in this blog post: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Be sure and look at all the links within the post too. Begin today – make that first promise, choose a cycle, and go! You can do this!

  92. We are going to make healthier versions of our favorite recipes and the ones that we can’t (pumpkin pie) we will eat smaller portions ??

  93. I am going to be aware of what I put on my plate. Veggies first, then protein then carbs. I will eat slower to feel the satisfaction of a meal before I desire a second plate. I ‘treat’ myself by going for a walk and buying a black coffee at the corner store.
    I want to become more aware of my cravings, and know that these too shall pass.

  94. I have a visual goal poster hanging up in my bathroom with milestones to hit. I also have a full marathon in January to keep me on track!

  95. Thanks for this post! I am going through this right now. In order to keep my goal front and center I am reflecting on how GREAT I feel after I exercise and make good choices! I feel phenomenal after going for a run, so reflecting on that motivates me to make good choices the next day.

  96. We are going to plan healthy versions of our favorites for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I am also going to eat before holiday parties so I can stay on track. #thanksgivingslimdown

  97. I am going to keep practicing mindfulness when eating! I will also continue to log my food to keep me on track… Every bite, lick, and taste!

  98. Hey Heidi ! I would like to start this with you cause you truly are inspiring ! I’m french and have already been so blessed by your husband and you only through tv… I’ve lost 90 pounds and need another 45 to be Healthier… I’m planning to stay comitted to my goals, to eat right and to allow one reward day each week… And above all, to stick to my sayings cause it’s now the harder for me cause as you said in this post, the number on the scale wasn’t dropping anymore and it lead me to some very bad choices ! This DietBet seems to be the kick in my ass i’m needing ! πŸ˜€ bye and kisses ! Blessings xoxo !

  99. Hi there, this is a great website I am very glad I found it!

    Will definitely get in action and follow your blogs!

    I find it hard to resist deli foods, fresh breads and cookies and all the yummy stuff that awakens the nose when walking past a bakery section! It is good to see that there are other people out there that also has the same issues when it comes to indulding. My problem definitely is not over indulging, its just that I do not make enough time for exercise. I am very shortly starting a new job with a gym literally just across the road! I am ooooober excited to get going there and to get my figure to where it should be! Thanks for your inspiration all!

  100. I’m going to focus on happiness. I get so upset with myself not looking a certain way, during the holidays I need to just slow down, try my hardest on obtaining my goal but not lose sight of the beautiful life I have and the people who love me. I want to be healthy for them and happy for me.

    And nothing is wrong with a little mash potato and gravy reward. πŸ˜‰

  101. I live in SE Asia where I work for a small non-profit organization. Living in a country full of people half my size is a constant reminder that I need to make my health a priority. Since everything is so different, food is totally my comfort when I’m missing home! The holidays are definitely the hardest time to be away but I logically know that making healthy choices helps me feel much better than eating comfort food. My plan is to make a habit of walking around town to run my errands (totally doable where I live) and keeping my fridge stocked with fresh fruit and veggies ready for snacking. Being part of the diet bet would definitely add to my motivation!

  102. I’m so excited to start the Thanksgiving Slimdown! I’ve had so much success so far with carb cycling, but reading this post was motivating because I had a bit of weight gain around my cycle (3 lbs), so I know having additional points to measure will be my focus moving forward.

  103. My 8 year old and I made “goal posters” with 3 goals we want to achieve by the end of the year and three steps on how we will stay on track for each goal. My goals are weight loss and fitness, whereas her goals are more along the lines of grades, etc. We hung them on the bathroom mirror so each morning we are reminded of what we are focusing on each day to meet our year end goals.

  104. I am a registered nurse in CT’s largest and most acute hospital. I am truly blessed to work on the organ transplant floor, which means I take care of patients (and their familes) after organ transplantation. Since I started working as a nurse I’ve gained 25lbs on my small 5′ 5″ frame.
    During the holidays familes bring in all sorts of goodies for us nurses and fellow staff members to enjoy as a thank you for all that we do for them. It’s so tough to resist temptation sometimes (especially when it’s crazy and I haven’t had time to eat breakfast OR lunch) but this year I am determined to stay on track. I’ve started packing healthy lunches and snacks to work, so on crazy days (which is most days) when I can’t make it down to the cafe, I know I have something to eat. I’m also going to set a goal of drinking 2 large bottles of water during my 12 hour shift. If I’m not starving and I’m hydrated I can resist the temptation to eat 5 cookies and 3 brownies.

  105. For the holidays, and really for whenever I’m tempted, I always like to tell myself that whatever it is that I want is not going away. There will be another Christmas and someone will make delicious Christmas cookies again and I can have one then. I do this a lot when I just want junk food and I tell myself Cheez-its isn’t going out of business I can have them again, I just don’t need them right now. I’m hoping I can use this same mentality to be on the nice list throughout the holiday season!

  106. Focus more on conversations with family at parties rather than hanging around the food tables.
    Track food daily and allow myself some treats on guilt free days!

  107. I am planning to stock to my workout schedule and healthy eating but on the actual holidays, I am going to allow myself to indulge a little but inly on the actual day and then I will be right back on track. I have lost 40 lbs since mid February with this mindset.

  108. I am on week 6 of working out at least 4 days a week. It’s the most consistent I’ve been since before my little girl came into the world over a year ago. To stick to my health goals over the holidays I’m signing up for two 5k races- one on Thanksgiving morning and the other in the middle of December. I am training now to be able to run each race. I also am in a challenge with friends to keep track of our fitness and nutrition. I would LOVE this opportunity!

  109. I am working toward weight loss for our January cruise vacation and for our upcoming wedding. I want to look better at 48 for my second wedding than I did at 20 for my first wedding πŸ™‚

  110. Workout 6 days a week lost over 120 pounds have 65 more to go! Not eating enough! sometimes not eating the right thing! weighing every day! My goal is to eat more and not weigh in every day! This would be a Awesome way to keep me on track! #thanksgivingslimdown.

  111. I am going to keep working out 5 days a week and I have set a goal to get 450 miles by New years either walking, biking, running, or hiking. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance to win an entry fot Dietbet i’m excited.

  112. my plan is to bring a favorite dish made “my way” to our thanksgiving dinner. That way I know what I’m eating. Turkey is prepared pretty healthy, so no problem with that. I’ll make my own dressing to bring as well.. Probably won’t eat pie, unless I make it too lol.. I have to know what I’m eating or it freaks me out lol. Dairy and Gluten free. I just can’t tell my family it’s prepared healthy cause they think it will taste bad! Have to wait till after they tell me how much they enjoyed it!

  113. I have recently started my health transformation. I was coming up on my 46th birthday and realized that I pit the weight on and only I could take it off. I had weighed myself and I was the same weight as when I was pregnant with my 2nd child 16 years ago. That is a huge wake up call.
    I have joined a crossfit gym and am actually liking it. I have also began to track my food. Never realized how powerful that was.
    I will continue to look to you and Chris for inspiration!
    Thank you!

  114. GM I have been exercising for three weeks and eating healthy and see no changes. My mentality has changed and is ready to make the change. I need help for my children. My 16 year old had thyroid cancer and is struggling with her weight. My 9 year old is also struggling with losing weight!!! Don’t know what to do!!!!

    1. Hi Elena: If you’re interested, check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program – it works! You can learn all about it here: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Be sure and follow all the links within the post – they lead to other helpful information for your transformation journey. You can do this!

    1. My focus is working out with the p90x 30 min dvd. I bought it when I was not able to do Crossfit anymore due to having 4 kids at 4 different schools. All my kids are invovled with school event and need drop off pick up all afternoons. I work for a special needs school full time. I need to get back into working out and doing something for me.

  115. To keep my transformation front and center, I will continue to wake up early ( even if late nights with the family) and get my workout in

  116. I plan on planning ahead and not giving in to the temptation of fast and convenient food. That always seems to be my problem area. Working, going to nursing school, taking care of a family and pets takes up ALOT of my time but I know I can plan better meals and snacks for all of us. Thank you ?

  117. My grandma passed away at the beginning of the month. I was not happy when I saw myself in family photos. Plus I’m getting married in January! If those two things aren’t motivation I don’t know what is!!!

  118. I paid for four weeks of a personal trainer. Just knowing that I’ve paid him and that he will be waiting for me is great motivation and will keep me accountable!

  119. I plan on continuing to workout at least 5 days a week, drinking lots of water and making good choices for my meals and snacks. I will stop when I am full! πŸ™‚

  120. I’m currently 28weeks pregnant. I’ve tried watching some of your past pregnant videos. It’s so hard for me to not want to eat a ton of sweets. With my first son I went from 117lbs to 175lbs. Dropped down to 134lbs and I’m at 146lbs right now. My goal would be able to enjoy the holiday foods but in November I would like to try and workout but I’m not sure what safe workouts I could do at the gym. I get out of breath so easily. I’m also living with my grandma so it’s hard to make food because it’s not my kitchen and it’s a lot of her stuff in the fridge.

  121. Well… I was wondering if pregnant girls can join the bet? Obviously not to lose weight but make sure to stay healthy and my my muscles strong to help me through!! I’ve always been average not extremely overweight and not skinny or fit. I work out 3-4 times a week and just need a bet or some type of motivation!! I need self esteem it hurts me and people around me!! I love finishing through and proving to myself I can do it!! I love everything about what you guys do!!

  122. I will be in TWO weddings this holiday season! At first I was nervous about looking fit and slim this time of year, but now I am focused and ready to take it on! I am going to be much more conscious of what I eat, paying attention to when I am really full. Stop eating when my tummy is full, not when it’s stuffed!

  123. I am going to schedule an hour of ‘me time’ each day for workouts and/or meditation. #thanksgivingslimdown

  124. During the Holiday season, I am going to continue going to the gym six days a week, control my portions of delicious holiday food, and stay away from the white potatoes and bread πŸ™‚

  125. I have 4 children under the age of 6 years old. two of my children are in school now, so when they leave I get my younger two ready and head out the door for about a 1 3/4 hr walk (6 miles). I have been walking with a friend just to keep my motivation. I have also now added some work outs with dumbbells to my morning routines. My next step is to start eating a lot better, I have started but really need to step it up now!

  126. During the holidays, I am going to continue to try and cut back on sugar… My Starbucks addiction is a little out of control!

  127. After having three kids in less than three years, suffering Postpartum depression and putting on 100 pounds I’m finally getting out of my rut and making the choices to get back a healthy body. The holiday season will be hard but I’m learning that being healthy and putting the right foods in my body doesn’t just help me physically but also mentally. So when I’m presented with a choice to eat something bad I’m starting to realize it’s not worth it for how it makes me feel afterwards. Eating healthy food is giving me the much needed energy I need to chase around and care for my 3 year old, 22 month old, and 7 month old! My kids having a healthy mom who is able to play with them is more important than that Halloween candy and thanksgiving desserts.

  128. I’ve always been an afternoon/evening workout person but found i was not getting them in anymore. I’ve now signed up for morning classes so my workout is done for the day & I can’t make excuses when life gets even busier around the holidays.

  129. One thing I’m doing to keep my goals front and center is a joined a Facebook group started by EWL castmember Kim Williams. It has already helped me lose 17 pounds in 3 weeks.

  130. I so want to write to you guys maybe this is my baby step – so many faults with weight that control my life BUT I am going to break this merry-go-round Im on. Working out every day maybe small but doing it.

  131. To keep my goals front and center I have been working out 4-5 days a week, including a couple days with my husband. I have also cut all bad carbs and been cooking every night. I have gotten my husband on track with me, there is no white flour foods in my house. It has been hard but saying no is ok and in the end I feel better. I gotta keep myself on track to keep my Lupus under control and that can be hard with less energy, but I am keeping myself accountable! #thanksgivingslimdown

  132. I will be pre planning my healthy weekly meals, to keep me and my time starved family energized and nourished πŸ™‚

  133. I am glad to read this blog. I have been working out consistantly for almost a year. and nothing has changed. Granted I have some health issues, I felt better but the scale wasnt going anywhere. I am totally fustrated. I am trying to get back on track. These things will help. Thank you.

  134. I need to menu plan like crazy! I have found it so easy to just come up with stuff on the fly, especially when life gets busy, as it does around the holidays. I do so much better with a menu plan though! Also I need to remember grace…grace for myself when I fall, to get back up on that horse. Overcoming perfection means I have to practice a lot of grace.

  135. Logging in everyday on MyFitness Pal and just stared T-Tap to help my back pain. Just had a baby right after back surgery so I gained a lot of weight this pregnancy.

  136. I went 4 years not eating any sweets every other month. The first year, I lost 10 pounds. The other years, I maintained. I started in Feb, since that is the shortest month. I found by doing this, I didn’t eat as many sweets during my “on months” as I did when I ate them all year round.

  137. I am going to continue follow my meal plans a nutritionist laid out for me to keep me on track. Right now I’m struggling and am feeling a bit fatigued and demotivated, but wI’ll pus through with support of my family. I am learning to track my macros and make healthier choices and substitutes. I’m still in progress, but eventually I can say okay to a cookie or a drink, but to keep in mind it is a TREAT and not part of my daily diet. Life happens and sometimes i may slip, but learning not to let it ruin my day.
    The holidays means everyone is busier and working out may not happen everyday, but making sure I get some sort of physical activity everyday, even if it’s just a walk. My husband and I are planning a 10 day vacation during December. Previously we’d ready out 2 times a day and have a few drinks each day and no exercise. I’m still trying to think of my best plan of action, but I plan to bring protein drinks, ostrim sticks, quest bars and purchase veggies. I’m hoping to utilize the gym at the hotel and bring an excerise dvd to use. Plus doing physical activities like hiking and snorkeling.

  138. I will continue journaling my 5 small meals every 3hrs and daily exercise. I’m also adding a few more veggie sides to holiday dinner and healthy snacks to have on hand.

  139. I’m being nice to myself ( not going to beat myself up for eating the wrong thing, will do better at the next meal). And I’m going to start exercising again!

  140. This post couldn’t have come at a better time. I was very disappointed looking at the scale this morning.

  141. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. This weeks weigh is was frustrating but this post motivated me to stay patient and keep working. Thank you for inspiring me and being a great role model for ladies like myself πŸ™‚

  142. I am focusing on keeping the indulgences just for cheat days. Easy to say no on the other days knowing I can have on cheat day.

  143. I am consistently attending BarraFit 4 days a week. I’ve never been consistent with exercise until I found this amazing class which incorporates self-defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and cardio strike.

  144. I’m making healthier food choices this holiday season by not indulging in every sweet treat that comes my way and replacing those with healthier options, like fruit.

  145. I’m going to keep pushing forward – not giving myself guilt when family stuff gets in the way – but also not give up easily and make time for working out.

  146. I’m keeping my fitness goals front and center during the holidays by making them front and center each day. I changed my schedule at work so that I don’t get there until later in the morning. It gives me time to workout in the morning and sets each day off right. Before, when I was trying to go to the gym after work, I often failed because I was exhausted after work. Now it’s the thing that gets my “first fruits” of each day.

  147. I’m in a boot camp class where my 2yr old and 8mo old are welcome and I’m encouraged to use them as weight. I’m ready to ditch the baby weight (I still have some left over from the 2yr old as well as the 9mo old).

  148. It’s all about how you think about things. Sometimes it’s SO hard to resist that decadent treat, which makes you feel like the reward in poundage results should match. But what we can’t see is our heart, liver, kidneys, and other parts of our system getting stronger and eliminating the fat that’s congesting everything.

  149. One thing I am doing to make sure I reach my goals is limiting my sugar intake. I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and I’m trying to limit myself to two sweets a week to start. Also, I’m trying so hard to avoid binges, which means I’m listening to my body and eating a healthy snack when I’m hungry. This dietbet would add additional motivation to reach my goals! #thanksgivingslimdown

  150. I’m learning that the word “no” is okay! This will be especially beneficial through the holiday’s when all the offers of those yummy foods are held under my nose!

  151. I bought a new planner to keep goals, progress, and workout plan written . I’m hoping that with a new baby, this will help me get back into a workout routine. πŸ™‚

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