Happy Birthday, Chris!

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Wishing the happiest birthday to a man that has truly changed the world…my best friend and husband, Chris. His selflessness, compassion, love, brilliance, kindness, and ability to dream big and act bigger has made such a lasting, positive imprint in humanity. I couldn’t be prouder of all he has accomplished, and feel so incredibly lucky to be on this journey with him. And I must say, a better father does not exist. He love our babies like nobody else could…it is no wonder they love him back so good :).


Thank you for loving our kids, for loving me, and for loving others the way you do. I love you and hope number 37 is the best one yet for you! Big things ahead!!!!


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  1. Ol? Chris, sempre que poss?vel assisto seu programa no Brasil, passa no Discovery, fico muito feliz em ver alguem que entende os muito pesados e v? a dificuldade que passamos, uma pessoa como vc e a Heidi merecem toda a luz que devolveram as vidas que recuperaram em dobro em suas vidas, Muita sa?de, paz e alegria no seu caminho. PS: pena que n?o posso me candidatar, voc? n?o viria me buscar para me acompanhar no Brasil. Snif
    in english:
    Hello Chris, whenever possible watch your program in Brazil, going on Discovery, I am very happy to see someone who understands very heavy and difficult to see that through, a person like you and Heidi deserve all the light returned the lives They recovered in twice in their lives, Much health, peace and joy in your way. PS: sorry that I can not apply me, you would not get me to accompany me in Brazil. sniff

    1. (Traduzido usando o Google Translate) Voc? pode encontrar todos os passos que voc? precisa para come?ar e terminar a sua jornada de transforma??o neste post sobre este blog: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Voc? consegue fazer isso!

  2. A happy birthday to u Mr Chris in arias. you are a great inspiration to me and watching u and wife touch lives on your reality show is a huge print on the sand of time that touches all those who care especially me. i have learnt so much knowing you online all the way from Nigeria, Lagos to be precise. Watching you transforming lives and help people deal with emotions over there only gets me to wish and pray a miracle like that would happen to my mum so she can get her life back and be confident. well thank you for touching my life and teaching me more as you touch others even from a distance. i pray for very many years ahead for you and all your loved ones.

  3. A big Happy Birthday to Chris from Norway!! I see watch the show everytime, and everytime I get amazed off the person Chris is!! His warmth and sincerly care just shines through! You both are a real inspiration! Keep on the good work and have a great birthday!!

  4. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope you had a great day! Two of the nicest people ever! Beautiful kids wonderful family!

  5. Happy Birthday Chris! Hope u had an awesome day with your family and friends thanks for all you do for others and me you are a person with a magnificent heart! Great singin Cashy!

  6. “The JACKHAMMER” (Ray) says Happy Birthday Chris! And thank you for all of your encouragement and support of those you help to transform their lives… Especially Kathie and Josh!

  7. Happy Birthday Chris, I hope that you have a wonderful birthday. I pray that the Lord Christ bless you and your family with health and happiness. I have greatly enjoyed watching you on Extreme Weight Loss and have taken your empowering words to heart. You will never know how much you help people. Enjoy your cake. Your Fan and Heidi’s too πŸ™‚ ? From Gaffney SC

  8. I knew there was ANOTHER reason to love Chris!!! He and my hubs share the same birthday! Happy Birthday to a man who is truly inspirational both in the fitness world and to our family as a role model! We look up to him and appreciate all that he has done to change the world and how we view “healthy” and “happy”. You ROCK! Have the happiest birthday – you deserve it!

  9. Happy Birthday CHRIS, I hope you have a blessed day & year ahead. For you truly are a blessing to those about you. The kindness you display in working with overweight people is truly amazing. You lead by example, which the best teacher of all. Thank you for all you do! Pam

  10. Happy Birthday Chris!! I hope you have a blessed day & year ahead. For you truly are a blessing to others. The kindness you show in helping direct people to lose weight and live a healthier life is truly amazing! I know how it feels to be overweight and I struggle daily with all that goes with it. You are a beautiful person & example for all to follow!! God Bless You. Pam

  11. Happy Birthday to you Chris .
    May this year bring you great heath, joy, happiness , and success in whatever you put your mind to.
    Have an AMAZING birthday you deserve it young man..

    From Boise , Idaho

  12. Happy Birthday to Chris! Heidi you and Chris are wonderful people and help so many! Thank you for being real and caring. You have a wonderful family which is such a Blessing from God! You forgot to share how old he is? Pray you have a wonderful day together and enjoy each other. God’s Blessings! Julie maxwell young

  13. Happy Birthday Chris. That’s is the best gift you could ever get. Cash is so dang cute. Thanks for all that you do.

  14. hoe u have wonderful day filled with lots love n happiness. u r an awesome man husband and father. hope all your dreams n wishes come true.

  15. happy birthday Chris, wish you and your family all the best!

    Wish you would come to the uk, we need your inspiration and dedication!

  16. Happy Birthday Chris…..what you do is amazing and the love between you and Heidi is a true blessing….i wish you many birthday blessings. And your family is adorable…great job Cash!!!

  17. Happy Birthday Chris! & THANK YOU both Chris and Heidi for being such an inspiration and for caring deeply for so many

  18. I just wanted to wish Chris a Happy Birthday. May God bless you with many more. Have a great day with your sweet loving family. You guys rock!!!

  19. Love it! Happy Birthday, Chris!! Thank you both for helping me finally lose weight! 80 pounds down and 118 more to go!!! This is also my dad’s birthday! I am taking this as a sign that this is my year to be on your show!! With your help I could go all the way to SEXY!!! πŸ˜‰ I have never known that feeling. I hope you have a great day!! And keep being such an inspiration!

  20. Happy Birthday Chris! You are such a blessed man and in turn, you are such a blessing to others! Keeping our fingers crossed and faith in action for #ewl6

  21. Wow! Cash you are a wonderful singer! Keep up the good work πŸ™‚

    Heidi, looks like Cash picked up his daddy’s musical abilities πŸ˜‰

    Happy Birthday Chris Powell!!!

  22. How can we do a party to an angel ? thanks so much to teach us , how to take care of others, and how to get fit in extreme conditions, i deeply hope that you have dozens of years with sucess and healthy life

  23. Happy birthday Chris, all the way from Ireland. Your an amazing person and a true gent. Keep up all your great work
    Love from Lynne
    Ireland x

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